The Loudest Voice (2019) s01e03 Episode Script


OBAMA: a Selma bridge for freedom's cause.
So it has been for every generation that faced down the greatest challenges and the most improbable odds to leave their children a world that's better and kinder - and more just.
And so it must be for us.
- America, this is - ZAC: Dad? - Can you help me with - ROGER: Be quiet.
This is our time, our time to turn the page on the policies of the past.
And our planet began to heal.
This was the moment, this was the time when we came together to remake this great nation so that it may always reflect our very best selves and our highest ideals.
Thank you, Minnesota.
God bless you.
God bless the United States of America.
ROGER: I had my first job at your age.
I think it's time you took some responsibility.
So every morning, you're gonna hoist the flag, and every evening, you're gonna take it down.
Most importantly, respect the flag and never let it touch the ground.
BETH: Hi, boys! Mom.
BETH: Did you know "Hello, Dolly!" - was filmed here in Garrison? - ROGER: Mm-hmm.
Streisand and Matthau took over the whole town.
They shot here for a month.
There's a local historical society.
I'm thinking about joining.
- Are you even listening? - Dolly.
- Hmm.
- Jesus Christ.
The Democrats have nominated an African socialist who wants to redistribute the country's wealth, and the biggest news around here? - Potlucks and yard sales.
- Well, it's a community paper, Roger.
- What do you expect? - News in the newspaper.
Actual news.
Annual invite from Warren, Ohio.
The Veterans' Memorial Association - inviting you to speak.
- Annual rejection.
- What? - We should accept.
Go back to Warren, show Zac where you're from.
It'd be good for him.
You haven't been back in over 20 years.
One day.
MCCAIN: so the old me first, country second Washington crowd: - change is coming.
- Fox News/Opinion Dynamics polls are out, and they have Democrat Barack Obama out in front of Republican John McCain by three percentage points.
All right, so where are we? In "The Obama Chronicles" segment O'Reilly added .
3 in the demo - last night.
Best in weeks.
- ROGER: Of course he did.
What is Obama's strongest foreign policy? He's got a new book coming out, so he's not just phoning it in.
We should be charging the fucker a commission.
- The American people aren't stupid.
What does this all mean for November? Was Obama doing everything right, or is McCain doing something wrong? Where are we in the race? Gallup's got McCain down by six, and even Rasmussen has it outside - the margin of error.
- Look, I understand that.
I like John a lot.
He's a goddamn war hero.
But his message, it's about as limp as Liberace's handshake.
Carry on.
ROGER: It's not his only problem.
They got George Soros and all of his hard left media buddies.
They've decided they're gonna put an affirmative action hire into the White House.
Now, we got to be on top of that.
Where are we with Obama's Islamic education? WOMAN: The madrassa? Still nothing confirmed.
You got to keep digging.
He 100% was raised in a Muslim school.
I have that on very, very good authority.
Where are we with the Michelle Obama tape? Oh, my guy's still chasing it down.
He swears he's heard the audio.
Michelle saying, "I hate whitey.
Come on, that's solid gold.
- It really is.
- I mean, it won't be sourced.
Well, it doesn't matter.
You just frame it as a question.
"Does a new tape reveal that Michelle Obama hates white people?" - That's one way to do it.
- Yeah.
Roger, that's - that's pushing it.
- No, it's not pushing it.
Barack Obama has managed to trick the entire media, except for us, into getting behind him and his socialist ideas and manifestos.
The last two guys who did that? Hitler and Stalin.
Okay? That man is a danger to this country, and it is on us to make sure the voters know.
All right.
Let's just make sure we're at our very best.
- All good? - Yeah.
Roger, why hasn't O'Reilly's deal closed? I don't know where you're getting that from.
His agent responded to the counter and agreed to $45 million - over four years.
- Oh, good.
I just wanted to make sure we're on track.
You know, I'm out of town for a bit, um, but I'll see you at the Fox Business launch.
Rupert just asked me about O'Reilly's contract negotiations.
That means somebody's pissing outside the tent.
Find out who that is.
This is off the fucking record.
We clear? There's gonna be layoffs.
Yeah, I'm gonna give a fucking reporter names? What am I, Santa Claus? Well, but you know what? This just might be your lucky day.
Marty Dibari in legal.
Check him out.
You remember this: I am not your source.
All right? You fuck me on this, and I swear to God, I will fuck you back so hard you'll be coughing up my dick.
ROGER: Everything ready for the FBN party? LAURIE: I sent the final guest list Venue and vendors all confirmed.
There can't be any complications.
Nothing short of excellence.
Rupert's been riding my ass to launch this business network for two years.
I told him there's no room in the market.
Nobody in the goddamn world - wants another CNBC.
Hey, Beth.
No, I'm in a meeting.
How much? Jesus.
Well, it's the Garrison Historical Society.
It's not the Smithsonian.
Well, if it means that much, we can write a check.
Okay, I got to go.
I think about her sometimes - Don't.
- I feel guilty.
- You know, she loves you.
- Laurie.
- I just don't you ever think - I'm a multifaceted man, my family is only one part of me.
Go and get your uniform.
LAURIE: Catering? WOMAN: Ready to go.
LAURIE: Music? WOMAN: He's setting up now.
- Do they have Roger's music choices? - Yes.
So, what's Roger like? I hear he's kind of scary.
LAURIE: Roger is He's brilliant.
- Brilliant.
- Yeah, yeah, I know, but people say he can be brutal.
You know, 20 years ago, Roger Ailes told me that he would change the world.
And he did.
The man is a genius.
People kill to work at Fox.
You should remember that.
ZAC: Damn it.
Marty, what am I doing here? I got a party to go to.
I just got a call from the Daily News asking me to comment on a story about me being fired.
Okay, calm down.
Just tell me what the reporter said.
Just that I'm about to be laid off.
What am I supposed to tell my wife? She's gonna kill me.
Fuck! I can't get fired, not now.
I need this job! Look, sometimes reporters get bad information.
So I'm not being fired? Well, not yet.
But, um leak again, and you will be.
Brian, I didn't leak.
I would never.
You didn't leak? You didn't go down to Langan's and get drunk? You didn't tell that secretary in corporate you're trying to bang about O'Reilly's stalled contract? - You didn't do that? - She works with us.
She works for News Corp, not Fox.
Just because Murdoch signs all the paychecks doesn't mean we jerk each other off in the shower.
Anyone outside Fox is the enemy.
And we do not talk about what we do.
I understand.
Lighten up there, buddy.
It's a nice night.
He has black eyes, which I love.
Roger, Beth, uh, welcome, welcome.
Wendi's just telling us about Diller's fund-raiser for Obama in East Hampton.
What a surprise, Beth, we weren't invited.
WENDI: And Michelle.
So beautiful.
Like Jackie, but black.
She asked me to lunch next time she's in Manhattan.
MURDOCH: Roger, Prince Al-Waleed, our second biggest shareholder.
Ailes, it's a pleasure.
His Highness flew in from Riyadh just for tonight.
Well, I'm just glad you didn't hit any buildings on the way in.
Oh, Roger.
What a sense of humor you have.
ROGER: I'll be back in a minute.
How many years have you worked for me now? How many years have you known I do not like to walk into a room and get surprised by guests I wasn't expecting to see? They were Wendi's guests.
People I've not approved, people I've not invited.
This is my party, my room, my guest list.
Let me know if there's anything else I need to remind you about, Laurie, 'cause I wouldn't want to see you fail so abysmally again.
Just let me know if you need any fucking help.
You know, little Miss America here is gonna be the queen of morning television on Fox & Friends.
I got to break a couple legs at CBS to get her, but it was worth it.
So, McCain's coming on Fox & Friends next week.
Doocy's had the last three interviews.
I want this one.
Gretchen, I'm quite sure you should be speaking to your E.
I don't do the bookings.
I have.
And you thought it was okay to just go over her head and talk to me directly? Well, I think we should give you a shot.
Thank you, Roger.
You won't regret it.
Oh, I better not.
You know I've fucked two Miss Americas? - Not that one yet.
- By the way, you can sleep tonight.
I plugged the leak.
You should have seen him, too.
He was shitting himself.
He was like, "Oh, my God, what am I gonna do? "My wife is gonna kill me.
Why am I such a simpering asshole?" It was beautiful.
- Brian fucking Lewis.
Well done.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
BETH: I caught Jenna Lee on Happening Now yesterday.
I thought she was just phenomenal.
Really popped.
I agree.
I've been telling Roger the same thing.
Telling Roger what? Oh, we were just talking Jenna Lee.
Beth thinks she's a talent.
I agree.
I Ah, you got to watch this one.
She's got a good eye.
You see what she's done with the house? - Yeah.
- Fantastic.
There's Judy.
I need you to keep an eye on Laurie Luhn.
How close? Siamese twins close.
Telephone, e-mail, everything? Consider it done.
Thank you all for coming.
This is a big night for News Corp.
After revolutionizing news, we are now taking a bold step into financial news and information with Fox Business Network.
We live in an interconnected world and we need to embrace this openness as true global citizens.
I'd like to thank everyone who made this evening possible.
Most importantly, there's one person to whom I owe the success of this evening.
My wife Wendi.
ROGER: Sycophants.
Ass-lickers, parasites.
ROGER: Did you see them? Just lapping up every word that Rupert and his concubine said, like they're some kind of robber baron power couple with the keys to the kingdom.
Enjoy the night, and thank you for coming.
BETH: Well, unfortunately, they sort of are, aren't they? You heard what he said, right? - "Global citizens.
" - Yeah.
What does that even mean? What, to just let the immigrants invade? We'll all just stand down and watch while every jihadi gets to decide whether he wants to live in Pittsburgh or Peoria? Scary.
That's what it is.
I was wrong about Warren.
We should go.
We should show Zac the real America.
Yes, we should.
NEWSMAN: With America wondering just what this new presidential candidate needs to say in order to make markets recover, Barack Obama, still ahead in the polls, today blamed Wall Street for the financial crash.
With markets in turmoil, some experts wonder if Democratic candidate Barack Obama will issue a call to break up the banks.
With unemployment now at six and a half percent, and 240,000 Americans newly unemployed - MARK: Control room.
- Mark.
NEWSMAN: was going to say anything decisive His name is Barack Hussein Obama.
Always use his middle name.
MARK: We don't have to worry about pushback? No, it's respectful.
It's like Martin Luther King.
Okay, you got it.
- Or John Wayne Gacy.
Killed it in the overnights.
Beat CNN by 300K in the demo.
I'm telling you, Obama is great for ratings.
Yeah, says you, the Democrat.
NEWSMAN: Market fell almost 120 points just on Thursday and Friday alone.
- There goes my 401K.
- You wait.
See what happens with the markets if he wins.
He wants to share the wealth.
That old chestnut.
Take from the rich, give to the poor.
He's a fucking communist.
I need us to look into somebody.
I'll call Dietl.
Who is it? I think she's fucking around on him.
BRIAN: Okay, look, Rog, let's think fir She's pushing him to the left.
Bad for business, fucking dangerous.
See all his new celebrity friends and his hair dye.
She controls everything he eats, everything he drinks.
But it's not about his health.
Mind control.
I agree with Brian.
This is an unnecessary risk.
I don't care about the risk.
I will not have her undermining the work we do here.
For all we know, she already works for fucking Obama.
Or the Chinese government.
- be the great unifier.
Barack Hussein Obama [SLOW, SOMBER MUSIC.]
MARTHA: Everyone loved your presentation.
An entire evening based on "Hello, Dolly!" How original.
Oh, thank you, Martha.
I can't wait to get started.
Oh, thank you, Beth.
We're excited to have some new blood in the society.
And please thank your husband for his generous contribution.
Of course.
It was our pleasure.
BETH: Excuse me.
- RECEPTIONIST: May I help you? - I'd like to speak with the editor.
He's out.
Okay, then the publisher.
Our publisher is the editor.
We have a lean staff, as you can see.
Well, I'd like him to know that his employees are making blatant political statements with their bumper stickers.
It's a breach of journalistic integrity, it shows bias, and it's wrong.
? Ailes.
Roger Ailes.
Ailes, we don't take political positions at the paper.
We invite all viewpoints to be shared on the letters to the editor page.
So feel free to write a letter, and we'll consider it for next issue.
You have no idea who I am, do you? Not a clue.
NEWSMAN: Good evening, and I welcome you to the first of the 2008 presidential debates.
NEWSMAN 2: The campaign taking an ugly tone.
OBAMA: People suggest that I pal around with terrorists.
MCCAIN: You launched your political campaign - in Mr.
Ayers' living room.
- That's absolutely not true.
PALIN: He was a domestic terrorist.
NEWSMAN 3: This is desperate, it's dishonorable WOMAN: I can't trust Obama.
He's an Arab.
No, ma'am.
OBAMA: I think tax policy's a major difference between - Senator McCain and myself.
- MCCAIN: I've got a plan for cutting spending, for keeping taxes low, for, uh, making sure that people can keep stay in their homes, and a long-term plan.
But to show leadership there's 35 days left till this election, and undoubtedly this entire thing's gonna come down to the economy so to show leadership, Senator, what will you do? MCCAIN: I am confident we will have a bill, and it will rescue the American economy.
But remember, all it's gonna do is stop the bleeding.
We've got a long way to go to get our economy and our prosperity going again, which we can and will.
Sounds like a winning message to me.
Well, we have to leave it there.
Thank you, Senator McCain.
We'll be right back.
- MAN: And we're out.
- Back in two.
- ANNOUNCER: Fox is where the news is.
VANESSA: You killed it.
I'm telling you, girl, keep that up and the big man's gonna make you prime time, honey.
NEWSWOMAN: A fist bump? A pound? - A terrorist fist jab? - [LAUGHTER.]
The gesture everyone seems to interpret differently.
We'll show you some interesting body communication - and find out what it - That's beautiful, isn't it? Axelrod's on line two.
David, how's life on the road? Take a deep breath.
I honestly, I don't know what a terrorist fist jab is, either.
No, I'm not gonna retract it.
It's a series of questions.
Come on.
We let the viewer decide.
You know Hmm? Fine.
Have the campaign contact my office.
Obama would like a sit-down.
Well should we watch it again? - Oh, cue it up.
- Let's watch it again.
NEWSWOMAN: A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab? The gesture [MUTTERING.]
Warren is America in microcosm.
Nobody says "microcosm" in Ohio.
- Warren is a symbol - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Obama got you on CP time? [STATIC.]
Seriously? I've been sitting here for 45 minutes.
It'll just be a few more minutes.
You know how it is in the heat of a campaign.
Yeah, I know a bullshit power play when I see one.
The donor breakfast ran long.
It screwed the entire day.
Or maybe you're making me wait as payback for the Paul Simon-Lynn Martin race.
It's 30 years ago, man.
- Get over it.
- You called my guy a weenie at a live press conference.
- He was a weenie.
- And Martin was hands down the worst candidate I've seen.
No wonder you quit politics when she lost.
She was batshit crazy.
You know, I have to say, I was surprised about the Biden decision.
You know, lovely man, but Joe is as dumb as an ashtray.
He-he plays well for us where we need him to.
- Uh-huh.
- Uh, Catholics, union guys, - military.
- With white people.
Plays well with the whites.
Doesn't hurt.
Yeah? Okay.
Your wait is over.
Rog, good you could join us.
I see.
I'm impressed.
You wait till the real meeting is over, then you trot me out - like I'm the crazy uncle.
- That's not - what this is, Roger.
- Really? Then why have I been waiting outside with my dick in my hand - for the last hour? - I just thought it would be productive if we could all get on the same page.
- And what page is that? - AXELROD: Cut the shit, Roger.
What you're doing at Fox is dangerous.
We're reporting the news.
Both sides of the story.
You're stirring up racial hysteria.
Fanning conspiracy theories.
Calling Obama some kind of Muslim - Manchurian candidate.
- Don't be so dramatic.
If your candidate doesn't like his coverage, tell him he can come on Fox.
That's enough, Roger.
We need to come to some sort of understanding.
I told Barack there'll be no more of this Hussein business.
From now on, Fox will cover his campaign fairly and respectfully.
He may well be the next president.
We better start treating him as one.
Okay? Dianne? Tell Brian to get going on the Wendi file.
Don't argue with me, just get it done.
PALIN: not only their country but the world of violent Islamic terrorists.
COURIC: You've cited Alaska's proximity to Russia as part of your foreign policy experience.
What did you mean by that? As Putin rears his head and-and, uh, comes into the airspace of the United States - of America, where-where do they go? - Jesus Christ.
It-It's Alaska.
It's just right over the border.
It is from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept - on this very powerful nation - Oh, Jesus.
Russia, because they are right there.
This is not an interview, it's an assassination.
McCain's team of morons, they've given him an Achilles' heel.
Now, she is supposed to make McCain look young and vital.
She's just making him look like he's hard of hearing.
If Sarah Palin was the Hail Mary, the race is over, McCain's done.
Rupert is telling me to stand down.
From my own network.
I built Fox News.
Not him.
He's crossed a line and he expects me to just sit there and take it.
Can you imagine how that feels? [TENSE, AMBIENT MUSIC.]
I got to get back to work.
Get my shoes.
Yeah, uh BETH: Oh, it's beautiful upstate, but Garrison can feel so - isolating.
- Hmm.
There's nothing like the energy of the city.
Sometimes I'm jealous of you.
Did you know that? Working every day.
A place to be and be seen and Well, aren't you spearheading the Historical Society Gala? Yes.
Yes, it's "Hello, Dolly!" It's very exciting, of course, but but Garrison is so small.
Well, you always said you wanted to bring Zac up in a small town.
That's true.
And now that he's in school, I feel like my talents are being wasted.
I I was thinking about asking Roger if he needs any help down here at Fox.
Help doing what? Programming, maybe.
You know, with Chet gone, Roger needs someone, and Shine's nice, but does he really have an eye? [STATIC.]
ROGER: No fucking way.
So they're not gonna run it? BRIAN: [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
Gawker's hard to get a read on.
I mean, sometimes they slap shit up right away.
Sometimes they sit on their asses.
Half of what they run is just some no-name putz getting his knob polished.
We've given them a Wendi Deng-Rupert Murdoch sex scandal.
Should be fucking gold.
We're the source.
They're the journalist.
We can't control when they publish what we want them to.
Come on, Brian, for fuck's sake.
You telling me how journalists work? Anything else? No.
You'd think they'd fucking run that shit, right? Beck's agent sent this over.
Fucking armadillo with a hairpiece.
Can't argue with the ratings.
I mean, he took a black hole at CNN and turned it to $600K in the demo.
I mean And he hates Obama.
Set up a meeting.
I had lunch with Mrs.
And? She needs a project.
NEWSMAN: Hundreds of thousands of people gathering for what will be either a Barack Obama victory speech or concession.
NEWSMAN 2: Uh, we are watching key counties NEWSMAN 3: What a tough road John McCain has to follow.
NEWSMAN 4: I don't see how John McCain can win without Ohio.
It is a great bellwether and microcosm of America.
NEWSMAN 5: We project John McCain in the state of Kentucky.
NEWSMAN 6: Barack Obama will carry Virginia.
CARVILLE: The Republican Party is getting a drubbing tonight.
NEWSMAN 7: If he loses Ohio, he'll not only need to sweep the rest of these states NEWSMAN 8: I've just received word that the state of Ohio has gone for Barack Obama.
We're about to tell you something that you may recognize as inevitable NEWSMAN 9: Barack Obama will become the president-elect of the United States.
NEWSMAN 10: It's incomprehensible.
Even a year ago, I wouldn't have thought this possible.
OBAMA: This is our moment.
This is our time to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids, to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace, to reclaim the American dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth that out of many we are one.
That while we breathe, we hope.
And where we are met with cynicism and doubts and those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: Yes, we can.
- Thank you.
God bless you.
And may God bless the United States of America.
Everyone's waiting upstairs.
EXEC: He's getting me two tickets to the inaugural ball.
My wife's gonna lose her mind when I tell her.
You're late to the party.
It's not my party.
Sorry the night didn't go your way.
You mean America's way.
Roger, we need to be pragmatic.
We need allies in Washington.
This man is not an ally.
His presence in the White House undermines the Constitution.
We need to be vigilant, Rupert.
- Vigilant.
I am, Roger.
I am.
A drink? Yeah.
NEWSMAN: running for president since Eisenhower in 1952.
JUDY: Hello, Beth.
Roger asked me to tell you that he'll be late tonight.
I don't know, but late.
Turn around.
Dance for me, Laurie.
Come on.
Come closer.
You never tell anyone about this, do you, Laurie? Ever.
It's just our little secret.
Our little secret.
Who protects you, Laurie? - You do, Roger.
- Yeah.
Who's always protected you? You have.
Are you a good girl, Laurie? Hmm? Yes.
What time is it? Uh, it's late.
Jim just dropped me back.
I just don't know what's going on with this country.
And no one seems to see the danger in Washington.
Rupert only listens to Wendi now.
It's like I'm the last one left standing to fight.
It's just terrible that he won.
It's not just Washington.
I mean, it's everywhere.
They won't even let us put a Christ child on the lawn at Christmas.
Come on.
They got all this fucking - Kwanzaa stuff everywhere - Ah.
And Hanukkah shit.
You know what this paper needs? Good, solid local journalism, bread and butter stuff.
We should buy this paper.
That can be your project.
We can remind Garrison who they really are.
You can, Beth.
You can remind them.
Is it even for sale? Yeah, well, I met the owner.
He's pushing on in years.
For the right price.
We both want Zac to grow up in a town that has American values.
That respects the flag, family, and God.
That's what you had growing up in Warren.
We can make that here.
You always said it was a war.
Rupert needs to understand.
Garrison needs to understand.
You'll have Fox.
I'll have the paper.
And we will fight.
Now I'm, uh I'm pleased.
It's Rupert, I need a minute.
Oh, Roger.
Gents, could you give us moment? Excuse us.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Rog, you need an appointment.
Get on the schedule.
Obama's victory is on you.
And you have made yourself a target for manipulation.
This guy's not a president.
He's a community organizer, which makes him a communist.
He has no blood understanding of this country.
And that's something Fox was in the middle of exposing before you tied my hands.
There is nothing to expose.
Besides, I endorsed McCain.
Way too late, Rupert, way too late.
Your coverage was irresponsible.
Do I come in here and tell you how to do your job? No.
Do I come in here with my problems? Well, you're here now.
Twelve years I've been loyal to you.
And I have delivered to you the number one news network in this country.
No one else could have done that.
And I value your contributions.
My contributions, which are roughly around $500 million dollars a year in profit based off my ideas, my formats, and my editorial decisions.
I know you and your wife think I'm some kind of paranoid, right-wing nutjob - Roger, Wendi and I - I'm the same paranoid nutjob who's lining your pockets.
You should just let me keep doing that.
No interference, nobody looking over my shoulder.
I need complete editorial control of Fox News.
And if you can't make me that promise, you're forcing me to quit and go work for someone else who can.
You should think about that.
ROGER: I'm telling you, Zac, you can really feel the difference in a place like Warren.
You're gonna love it in Ohio.
Heartland of the country, here we come! [DOORBELL RINGS.]
Can I help you? My name is Roger Ailes.
I'm the chairman of Fox News.
I grew up in this house.
This is my family home.
Do you want to come in or? W-Would that be okay? [INDISTINCT VOICES ON TV.]
Our car's bigger than this room.
Caleb, put your toys away.
It's always a little crazy around here.
No, no.
It's us who should be apologizing for intruding.
BETH: We know how hard it is having - young children.
- FRANK: Yeah.
It's been tough since I lost my job at the plant.
They moved the last of the jobs to Mexico.
Country's going to hell.
Well I'm just hoping Obama can turn it around.
Do you think I could show my boy upstairs? Um, sure.
Why not? ROGER: Come on, come on.
My brother and I shared this.
We had a bunk bed over here in the corner.
What do you think? Which one did you get? The top one.
It was about that high.
I used to love playing up there, because I could imagine I could look down on everyone.
You know, my dad came in here one day when I was playing.
I would've been a little younger than you are now.
But he stood right where you are, and he said, "Jump into my arms.
" Were you scared? I was terrified.
But, you know, I loved my dad.
Didn't want to disappoint him.
So I bucked up.
I scooched over to the edge of the bed.
I made sure I didn't look down.
I took a big, deep breath, and I leapt into his arms.
But my dad didn't catch me.
He just stepped back.
And I hit the floor.
Right there.
I don't understand.
He stood over me, and he said, "Son, "remember that.
You can't trust anyone.
" I never forgot that.
He was right.
In your life, you can never depend on anyone.
Let's go.
LAURIE: No, Mom.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
LAURIE'S MOM: I worry about you, honey, you know that.
I'm just exhausted, and I wanted to come and see you for a few days.
Well, it'll be nice to have you home for a minute, that's for sure.
- What kind of pie should I make? - [CLICKING.]
Laurie, honey? Did you hear that? Hear what? I I don't hear anything.
I'll see you tonight.
Yeah, the same spot.
Outside, right? By the car rental stand.
Well, I'll see you tonight, sweetie.
Ailes, thank you for coming.
- My wife Elizabeth.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- My son Zachary.
- Hi.
It's their first time in Warren.
So, what do you think of our city? Any town that made Roger Ailes is great in my book.
- Excuse me.
- Oh, of course.
Who was that? Rupert blinked.
I have full editorial control.
I knew it.
There is no Fox without you.
SHINE: Laurie.
- Laurie, hold up.
- Oh, Bill, I-I-I'm late, I-I got to go.
You're not gonna be able to go to Dallas this weekend.
How do you know where I'm going? [STATIC.]
SUZANNE: Roger wants you to review the contributor list.
He needs it Monday, first thing.
SHINE: Tell your mom.
Come home another time.
Come on.
ROGER: My friends, I am a simple man.
To the extent I've had any success in my life it is because I never forgot the values I learned growing up right here in Warren, Ohio.
When I grew up, Warren was a symbol.
A symbol of American strength, American prosperity, and American opportunity.
My father spent his whole life here.
He didn't go to college, but he had a good job at the Packard plant and he lived out his days on his pension.
But today those jobs are gone.
- That's true.
- MAN: That's right.
The elites have taken them away.
- For years, they have shipped your good-paying jobs overseas, while importing foreign immigrants who will work for less.
We don't need 'em here.
And it's not just Warren.
All over the country, towns are being stripped of their wealth and their identities by so-called Americans who are trying to dismantle the greatest country on Earth by erasing the things that made us great: God, country, family, and manufacturing.
The war our fathers fought was won on the beaches of Normandy and in the skies and waters of the South Pacific.
The war of our time, for American families and American values, will be fought right here, in small towns across America.
In Garrison, New York and Warren, Ohio.
- Yes! - And we must band together and stand together and vote together and take our country back, block by block, town by town, city by city.
Together, we can win this war.
Together, we can make America great again! [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.]