The Loudest Voice (2019) s01e05 Episode Script


Hey, Roger.
I was just, uh, getting ready to come see you.
Yeah, well, I thought I'd come and see you first.
What did you want to talk about? Well, uh I was thinking I'd like to branch out a little.
You know, polish the brand.
I feel like I could do better.
What does that mean? - Well, I-I don't mean better - You know, Fox & Friends is the golden ring of breakfast television.
You should be very, very grateful - you got a hand on that cocktail.
- Oh, I am.
You see, it's just, um The View called me.
The View called me.
- Hmm.
- Asked if I'd like to guest host, so [INHALES DEEPLY.]
Let's not be naive about this.
That's how they audition for new people, right? Well, I-I don't want another job, Roger, just a chance to build my profile.
Are you happy here, Gretchen? Yeah.
Of course I am.
Do The View.
- All right? - Okay.
- That make you happy? - Mm.
At the very least, you know, we'll learn something.
You know, it could well be you fit in better over there.
I have a lot of people saying to me all the time, they say, "Gretchen, she's not really a Fox girl.
" She's a little too smarty pants, and you know.
" I mean, I've always believed in you.
But they might be right.
I don't know.
Well, I could try harder to connect.
Your voice.
I can help you with that.
You know, help you keep it in a more attractive tonal range.
You know I was a Broadway producer, right? Hot L Baltimore.
That was my show.
It was a big deal at the time.
It was a big success.
I learned a lot about breath control.
And I have helped actors and political candidates harness that power, you know? Hey.
Come on, let's you and me talk breathing techniques.
Oh, come on, Roger.
- Get up.
Come on.
- I know I know how to breathe.
- This is gonna be great.
That's what they all say till they meet an expert.
- Yeah.
Now Oh Just breathe into my hands.
- Come on.
- Roger Right where my hands are.
Just breathe into my hands.
- Uh [SIGHS.]
- Come on, I want to feel it.
- And again.
- Breathe into my hands.
Now what we have to work on is rhythm, relaxation and control.
- Breathe into my hands.
- Roger, I - Breathe into my hands.
You know, in television, the audience, they want you to be their friend, their mother and their lover, all at the same time.
You've got to give all of that.
You know, I think we should spend more time together, you and me.
You need some one-on-one mentoring, maybe over a bottle of wine.
You know, I know how busy you are.
- I wouldn't want to take up your time.
- No, no, no.
Come on, it's no trouble.
Anything for my people.
Judy'll make the arrangements.
BRIAN: Yeah, that situation is no longer a situation.
Yeah, I blew a Scud up his ass.
Oh, hang on.
So, Gabe, what can I do for you? [STATIC.]
I'm doing a book about Fox News.
A book? Isn't that something.
I'd really love the opportunity to interview Roger.
I'll call you back.
Gabe, I know your work.
We both know you're not exactly a fan of what we do here.
I want this to be well rounded.
The rise of Fox, from fighting underdog to cable behemoth.
Tell it from all sides, all perspectives.
Hence Roger it's not Fox's story without Roger's story.
You know how many people want to write about Roger and Fox? Look, I'm not a hack, Brian.
I'm gonna do a real book, and a real book is good for both of us.
Gabe, we both know there is no book without Roger.
That's why I'm here.
There would have to be ground rules.
Of course.
But you can't vet it.
I write what I write.
All right, let me talk to Roger, see what I can do.
I'd really appreciate that.
- Well, you should.
Thank you.
All right.
BRIAN: So I'm talking to Gabe Sherman over at New York Magazine.
He wants to write a book about Fox.
Well, I think we should control the story.
I think you should sit down with him, off the record, charm him, push the narrative we want.
I'd rather go down on a five-dollar whore.
Roger, we have to get ahead of these kinds of things.
This is I don't want anybody poking around.
You talk to Gretchen lately? [SCOFFS.]
Not if I don't have to.
She's gonna guest host The View.
- I didn't know that.
- Exactly.
I think she's getting too big for her britches.
She doesn't appreciate what I've given her.
You want me to call over there? Work some magic? Already did that.
Called the EP.
I said just make sure he allows extra time for makeup, use the calmest wardrobe person you have, expect lateness, and don't make things too complicated because she doesn't respond well to that.
- Perfect.
- Put a little stink - on that pretty face.
LAURIE: Roger was thrilling.
From the moment that I introduced myself to him on the Bush campaign in '88, he he listened to me, gave me advice.
He got me a job at Fox.
It was exciting.
I was at the center of everything.
It was a great opportunity for me.
Well, sounds like he was your mentor.
That's what I wanted him to be.
You know, I-I shouldn't be talking about any of this.
None of it.
That's what therapy is for.
To talk about it.
That would [SIGHS.]
That would make Roger very, very angry.
- Roger's not here.
- You don't know that.
You do not know that.
What about this, write it down.
Like a, like a letter to Roger.
All the things you feel you can't say out loud, just write it down.
The point is to bring all that darkness out into the light.
Where's your bread? Top left.
- Top left.
- Oh, yeah.
You know, Beth says I should only eat at mealtimes, but a man's got to eat when a man's hungry.
I like that, uh, editorial you did on Romney.
- Liked it a lot.
- Thanks.
But I think it's time to back off, you know? He's our guy now.
Our guy? You hate Romney.
You called him a blow-dried Mormon cult leader.
Well he is.
He is.
He's our only chance of getting that Muslim out of the White House, so let's not make perfection the enemy of the good, Joe.
Oh, come on, eat.
- Come on.
- You know - You want me to cut it? Okay.
- No.
You know, I-I've been working 24/7.
I was thinking about taking some time off, going to see my sister.
That's a great idea.
Family is the most important thing.
You know.
The absolute foundation of our society.
- Mm.
- Mm.
Why don't you invite her to come stay here? Beth and I would love to meet her.
It's a much better idea.
Thank you for that.
Good night.
Good night.
Hello? - Hello? - [RINGING CONTINUES.]
BETH: Let them quit.
We don't need them if they can't support what we're doing.
We will hire new staff.
I guess so, right? BETH: People will betray you, Joe.
They will work against you.
They will fight to keep a status quo.
Roger and I are prepared for that fight.
We have to be.
You can't let moments like this bring you down.
And you must always, truly prepare for the worst.
Come with me.
I have something I want to show you.
Come on.
This way.
You see? We're prepared for whatever happens.
Natural disaster, political turmoil, terrorism.
We need to be protected, we need to be safe.
So you're just gonna hide out here and wait? Of course not.
There's a tunnel that leads straight to the Hudson.
Quick getaway.
Roger has enemies, Joe.
People hate him.
Al-Qaeda targeted him for assassination, did you know that? Our CIA source told him.
Well sure there are people who don't like Roger and what he does, but isn't this a bit much? I mean, they're not gonna come at the house with fire and pitchforks.
They're out to get us, Joe.
You see that.
Um, liberals, welfare cheats, jihadists, they want what we have, and one day they're gonna try and take it.
And, until then, we need your help to reclaim this country for the real Americans.
Don't you want that, too? Of-of course.
Roger believes in you.
And so do I.
And when he's gone you're gonna have some awfully big shoes to fill, Joe.
Kids are out.
It's just you and me.
Oh, you got to stop watching that.
I know how much you wanted it.
My agent talked to every outlet in town, and nothing.
Gretchen, you can't go there.
Roger made me toxic.
Poisoned the well.
Babe, you got to let it go.
You're on the highest rated morning show on cable.
You make great money.
You are a success.
At Fox, and only at Fox.
- Honey - You're a success right here.
- I'm gonna head back up.
- Okay.
KAT: Are you sure there's nothing - I can do to help? - BETH: That's sweet of you, but we're almost ready.
Young lady, why don't you tell us a story about when Joe was a young man.
Oh, something we don't know.
- I don't think there's - Shh.
Um Oh! In high school, Joe broke the state record in the mile, - close to four minutes.
- I was a runner, too.
- Joe, that's amazing.
- Well, not really.
- ROGER: Joe.
Don't denigrate yourself.
Celebrate your accomplishments.
Be proud.
You won, that's the important thing.
JOE: Honestly, I wasn't the best runner.
I could just tolerate more pain.
Join the club, son.
Join the club.
- JOE: Okay BETH: Bless us, oh Lord, and these, thy gifts which we are about to receive through Christ, our Lord.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Let's eat.
Joe, did you see the polls? Two weeks out and Romney is ahead by a point.
- Good news.
- ROGER: Good? It's great.
Four more years of this anti-American socialist, unthinkable.
We'll just have to wait and see.
No, no, Kat, that's not what we do, we don't wait and see.
Every single day is a battle between good and evil.
KAT: I can't say that Obama is evil.
He's a good family man, loves his wife, his daughters.
Well, he may well love his family, but he sure don't love this country.
He's not even from this country.
He was born in Hawaii.
Joe, I thought you told me your sister was smart.
JOE: Roger, she's on our side.
Yeah? Could've fooled me.
You could've fooled me.
You know, this is exactly the problem in this country, the so-called conservatives have no idea the danger the country is in.
It's just ignorant.
Plain ignorant.
Uh, Mr.
Ailes, I It's okay, you don't have to apologize.
It's fine.
I wasn't going to.
You know, I'm surprised that you can sit here at my table and propound these kind of views.
Did you vote for Obama? Did you fall for the sob story? The poor, white mommy and the missing black daddy? Welfare hustlers, all of them.
You know there's gonna be a revolution.
Armed IRS goons kicking down doors.
Tell her, Joe.
It's-it's a dangerous time.
ROGER: You have any idea what four more years of this Kenyan means? It's gonna be a disaster, It's gonna be a disaster, but you're okay with it because he loves his wife.
You know, Hitler, he loved Eva Braun.
Didn't do much for the Jews, did it now? Am I right, Joe? - Yes, Roger, you're right.
- Goddamn right I'm right.
You think about it, young lady.
You're either part of the solution, or you're part of the problem.
Hear, hear.
JOE: You don't have to leave.
You've got to be kidding me.
After that? JOE: Just used to being the boss, - being listened to.
- I was talking about you.
You live with him, you agree with everything he says, you even look like him now.
It's like you're in a cult.
ROGER: I'm sorry about that, Joe.
When family disappoints, I know it's hard.
Sometimes you just got to cut the apron strings.
I think I'm gonna turn in.
Good night, son.
that loyal Americans must vote.
You either respect America or you don't.
NEWSMAN: When they see President Obama vulnerable with national polls showing him below 50% NEWSMAN 2: Pennsylvania is now in play for the Republicans.
NEWSMAN 3: It's all about the economy.
Pushing his vision of lower taxes and cutting spending.
The math doesn't work, but he continues to claim that he's gonna do it.
He then wants to spend another $2 trillion dollars [STATIC.]
And we're on in five, four Welcome back to Fox & Friends.
Let's talk a little about President Obama's campaign slogan, "Hope and Change.
" We decided to take a look back at the president's first term to see if it lived up to "Hope and Change.
" OBAMA: When you decide it's time for change to happen, guess what? Change happens.
Roger would like to see you after the show.
must be our number one focus.
REPORTER 1: Instead of concentrating on job creation, President Obama is concentrated on growing government.
REPORTER 2: We are becoming a society that makes poverty more comfortable.
We can't just drill our way to lower gas.
The price of gas is going up.
That's the change we seek.
Instant pushback, White House and all the networks are calling it - Republican propaganda.
- Surprise, surprise.
Brian's drafting a release: upper management didn't know.
Blames it on a rogue, low-level producer - who didn't clear it with us.
- Good.
You know what matters? It aired.
- Yeah? Roger, I have Gretchen.
ROGER: Thank you, Suzanne.
Gretchen, come in.
Come in, sit down.
Bill Shine, you're a patriot.
- You're not wrong.
Sit down, come on.
I watched you on The View.
You looked right at home with those ladies.
And it got me thinking, you know, maybe you're right.
Maybe you're ready for your own show.
You're right.
I've been ready.
You are gonna shine at two o'clock in the afternoon.
- An afternoon show? - Mm-hmm.
Now, some would say it's a graveyard shift, but you can work your magic, and everyone who has ever become big in their own right, here at Fox, they all proved their value in the afternoon.
A little "thank you" is always nice.
- Thank you, Roger.
Now, we've got a lot to do to get you ready.
Your, uh, audience connection still needs work.
You got to find a way of giving them more of you.
But this is an opportunity to build your own thing, very different from having Doocy and Kilmeade on the couch there to temper you.
But I tell you what, nobody's gonna tune in to watch an ice queen all alone.
You happy? It's what you wanted, right? - Yeah.
- Your own thing.
- Are you happy? - Yeah.
Are you happy, little Gretchen? - Yeah, Roger.
- That's nice, that's nice.
We're closing in on the first results in the battle for the White House.
It is gonna be an exciting night and how close it will be.
REPORTER 1: Ohio and Wisconsin, President Obama leading in those states REPORTER 2: The Obama team have built a real machine to try to get out their vote.
OBAMA: We feel confident.
We've got the votes to win.
And I expect that, uh, we'll have a good night.
How do you think it got this tight? Demographics are changing.
It's not a traditional America anymore.
The white establishment is now the minority.
JOE: Um, Roger, hi.
I know you're getting ready for the election party, so I just wanted to say I'm not sure what I'm doing here.
I don't know what the paper's doing, what I'm doing.
I just feel like I need some time, some space.
So I'm taking some time off to think about it, to pray about what the best thing for me to do [PHONE RINGS.]
Joe? Allied Security? No, I'm-I'm not there at the moment.
What? All right.
Where's Beth? - She went home? - Zac's parent-teacher night.
Get me the Putnam County Sheriff's Department.
Roger? I got your message.
JOE: I-I know, I'm sorry, I ju I just, I-I need some I just wanted to Something's gone wrong at the house.
I think somebody tried to break in.
I need you to get over there and check it out for me.
What Roger, I'm on the road.
- I, uh - Joe, this is an emergency.
I need you to go and check out the house.
SHINE: Pennsylvania went blue, Romney carried North Carolina and, uh, CNN is waiting on Ohio to call.
What did Rove say? Ohio could go either way.
So we wait.
We wait.
If Mitt Romney loses in Ohio, the president is reelected.
- Freeze! - Hands in the air! - Who are you? - I'm telling you, I'm family! - Family reported there was a break-in.
- Said no one was home! Who are you?! Joe.
I'm Joe Lindsley.
Listen, the decision desk wants to call it for Obama.
Not until we're sure.
They're sure.
This is happening.
Tell them to go make some lemonade.
Get Megyn to interview the decision desk.
Tell Rove to stall.
- Roger - I just need a fucking minute! I just need a fucking minute.
JOE: I need time, Roger, to think about my future.
What, so, you You're gonna go to church and pray, and you're gonna ask God what to do next? Yes.
Well, God's not home, Joe.
He doesn't have time for your problems.
What did you say? If you're looking for someone powerful, who can change your life or send you straight to hell, you're talking to him.
I treated you like a son.
I gave you everything.
Everything you asked for.
You will find your salvation in me, boy.
All right.
Call it for Obama.
This disaster is on us.
Next time, I'm picking the fucking candidate! We need someone who can win.
NEWSWOMAN: projecting that Barack Obama has been reelected as president of the United States.
It's been my long game, Roger.
You know this.
But Donald's noncommittal? He doesn't like to lose.
ROGER: Come on.
Who's out there? Rubio? Bush three? If he commits, and you put the right team around him, he can win the nomination.
So I've said.
He doesn't like his odds.
You just let him know Fox News has his back.
So you'll push him? Or just give him equal airtime? If he gets serious, he will have the full support of Fox News.
Fucking in the White House.
He'll like that idea.
Yeah, but who is he gonna be fucking? That's the question.
- Anyone but his wife.
Just keep me posted.
You know that you can count on me.
Always have, Roger.
BETH: The headline isn't punchy enough.
STAFFER: What should I change? BETH: Make it punchier.
How can I help you? Hi.
Ailes, uh, my name's Gabe Sherman.
I'm a journalist and I'm doing a book about your husband and the building of Fox News.
I wondered if you would have - a minute to speak with me.
- No.
No, no.
- No, no, no.
Get him out of here.
- Mrs.
Get him out of here.
I will call the police if you don't get out.
- Mrs.
- Get him out of here.
- Sir, you need to leave.
- All right.
Thank you.
- You fucked up, big time.
- What? You keep poking into Roger's personal life, and I will rip off your head and shit down your neck.
- You got me? - I'm-I'm a reporter, - Brian, I'm following a story.
- Roger's not a story, okay? Abusive father, overbearing mother and hemophiliac who spent his childhood in and out of hospitals? - That-That's a story.
- I'm just telling you, you keep digging down this rabbit hole, and things are not gonna go well for you.
Is that a threat? BRIAN: All I'm saying is, if you keep talking to unreliable sources, if you keep writing biased stories, it's only gonna get messier for you, I promise.
- Yeah? - You go after Roger, and there's gonna be hell to pay.
I'm not going after anyone, I'm reporting.
You have an anti-Fox, anti-Roger agenda, and you know it.
No, the truth is my only agenda.
You're reporting on his demeanor in meetings, you're reporting on his temper.
I'm reporting what I'm hearing from credible witnesses - to Ailes's abusive behavior.
- These-these are two-faced insiders with an axe to grind, okay? You're not gonna get the truth from disgruntled employees.
Why don't you tell me who you're talking to? Oh, Jesus, you know I'm not giving up my sources, Brian.
All right.
But if you're gonna get personal, - we're gonna get personal, too.
- Wait a minute, you're going to? - Yeah.
- I I thought it was bad enough someone's been following me the last two days.
Follow what are you You-you're paranoid No, I'm not.
I'm not paranoid.
And what is, what is with the online smear shit? Hannity tweeting is not a smear.
No, no.
What is this? What is that? This This I have no idea who's behind this.
People with nothing to hide don't push back this hard.
- Whoa.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
17? Yeah.
BRIAN: I talked to Gabe.
He's not gonna be a problem anymore.
I hope you're right this time.
You're not running anything on him, are you? - No.
- Anything online? Guys on him? No.
You'd know if we were.
- Of course.
- Sorry.
Got to meet Roger.
ROGER: How the fuck is Laurie Luhn even conscious enough to be writing me a letter? PETER: Well, I told you she was unstable, Roger.
ROGER: Like a fucking two-legged table.
Now this has just got to stop.
- Now.
- Okay.
Roger, are you running an op on Gabe Sherman that I don't know about? What op? The smear sites.
I've seen them.
I don't know what you're talking about, Brian.
- I saw the 14th floor.
- ROGER: Yeah? Well, they tell me that the demolition is coming along.
We should be able to move up there soon.
- That's not what I mean.
- Yeah? Well, what do you mean? I'm talking about the office up there, with a team working on the smear sites against Gabe.
I saw them.
- You know what he's talking about? - No, no.
What you're gonna lie to my face now, too? You didn't stop Sherman.
Somebody had to.
And you can tell your little Saturday boy if he writes his book, I'm gonna fucking bury it, and I'll fucking bury him.
My Saturday Roger, he's not my anything.
Just because you didn't pay for his breakfast tab doesn't mean you're not working together! You're having me followed? PETER: Did you or did you not just meet with Gabe Sherman? I am the head of media relations.
It is my job to relate to the media.
Who the fuck are you to tell me how to do my job, Peter? You were supposed to make the book go away.
You go after this guy and he is gonna be on - a fucking crusade against you.
- He already is! He's a Soros shill.
Roger, you made that up! For God's sake, be smart about this.
Get in front of it Look, just sit down with him.
All right? You can dismantle these guys better than anyone.
Sit down with the guy? What are you, fucking crazy? He'll probably wear a suicide vest.
Why won't you trust me? Have I ever let you down? In all the years that we've worked together? Or have you really lost your fucking mind? I would've hit you.
If I wanted to hit you, I would've fucking hit you.
Just make Luhn an offer that shuts her the fuck up and gets her out of my life! [SIREN WAILING.]
ATTORNEY: The NDA means that you can never talk publicly about your time at Fox.
Or about anyone you knew at Fox.
You waive the right to sue, the right to testify to law enforcement.
Do you understand? LAURIE: Yes.
I'll keep quiet.
But they are not allowed to talk about me, either, right? Not Diane, not Suzanne.
Not Bill Shine.
Not Roger.
Especially not Roger.
ROGER: How much is she getting? PETER: 3.
15 million.
Could've locked it down for a lot less than that.
That's Rupert's money.
What do you care? ROGER: Ah, you're right.
What are we gonna do about Brian? Brian is a loose end, Roger.
He understands how we do what we do.
And why we do what we do.
I can't really imagine Fox without him.
It's up to you.
It always is.
PETER: Roger's upset about the way things went the other day.
I mean, we both know he's not the same as he once was, - but, uh - [DOOR CLOSES.]
he's still Roger.
- Is he? - Of course.
We're the sons he never had.
But he does have a son.
You know what I mean.
Anyway, he wants to see us.
Yeah? You forgot the plastic tarp.
You know, so you can catch the mess when you blow my brains out.
It's a good deal, Brian.
One year's salary and a lifetime NDA.
Are you fucking kidding me? After I gave you 17 years of my life.
Did you forget, Roger? I know everything.
I got five bombs that can blow up in your fucking face.
Extortion, phone tapping, payoffs, slush funds.
And the women.
Oh, my God, can't forget the women, can we? You think you can just get rid of me like some fucking two-bit whore? I know where all your fucking skeletons are, you cocksucker.
I will ruin you.
I will bring you down, - I will talk.
- No, you won't.
Because I have eight million reasons for you to keep your mouth shut.
You won't talk to anyone about Fox News or me, ever.
You're Brian fucking Lewis.
I know you'll make the right move.
Really, Roger? Brian? I have to admit, you're the best I ever saw.
But I'm still better.
You got me? [DOOR CLOSES.]
BRIAN: Gabe, it's Brian Lewis.
Listen, I was wrong about the smear sites.
It is Fox.
It's Roger.
I think you should be careful.
You should be very careful.
Also Roger's going to destroy your book.
There's no one to talk sense into him now.
ROGER: Go on and write about something you know, - you little asshole.
- That's right.
"There are so many citations of 'author interview "with a person familiar with the matter "that The Loudest Voice in the Room may set a record for blind items and the untrustworthiness they engender.
" SHINE: You give Janet Maslin the bullet points or did you just dictate the whole review, Pete? [LAUGHTER.]
I was nervous to appear without makeup on the show today.
I'm the first host to do so.
But I thought there was no better way to celebrate International Day of the Girl To show that what matters isn't how women look, but the way they live their lives.
We'll see you tomorrow.
ROGER: What kind of a horseshit stunt was that? What did you think you were doing? I'm broadening my audience, trying to appeal to a bigger demographic.
I hired you because you're a beauty queen.
This no-makeup, Feminazi shit? You want to go around looking like a lesbian Teamster, do it on your own time.
This is my job, Roger.
I'm a journalist.
And a woman.
And that is what a woman looks like.
Oh, no, that's not what they look like on Fox News air.
- Uh - No, it's not.
I'm using my public platform to empower girls, like my daughter, so they have a chance Save the speeches for the ladies' Junior League luncheon.
This is not about your daughter.
You don't care about your daughter.
- Oh, really? - You're using her.
- No.
Roger, if you don't mind - You're using You're using her to bring attention to you.
And I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.
I groom you, I train you, I give you your own show.
This is what you do with it? This is how you repay me? So you're just gonna pretend? I'm gonna what? What are we talking about? That you're not intentionally trying to undercut me.
Using Megyn to get at me? Moving me to that shitty office? Moving me to the afternoo, 2 p.
show, Roger! Do you think I fucking want to do that?! Do not talk to me like that, missy! Since you brought her up Megyn Kelly Yeah, smashed the fuck out of this time slot.
Smashed it out of the park! Made herself a franchise player.
It's time you took a little responsibility, Gretchen.
Is it my fault that your ratings are not as good as they could be? No, it's not.
Is it my fault you walk around here with a stick up your ass, thinking you're better than everyone? No, it's not.
You think of yourself as a victim in this life, you will become a victim.
You want the network to support you? Then you support the network, support me, every fucking day! Are you done? Am I done? Fuck off.
You okay? Nope.
It's Roger.
We had a a blowup.
What happened? He's a fucking asshole.
That's what happened.
What else is new? Yeah, well, it's getting worse.
It's just so fucking humiliating.
Now you see, Gretchen, everything works so much better when we're on the same team.
Okay, Roger.
Look, babe, I know Roger is Roger.
But it's your job.
Either you go along to get along Or? I can't help it, you know.
That ass of yours.
Or maybe it's time to leave Fox.
- It's a hand magnet.
- I suppose I'll take that - as a compliment.
- Well, you should.
And do what? No one else'll hire me.
ROGER: You should very much take it as a compliment.
That's how it's intended.
So let Roger have the win.
Right? And just move on.
It's not worth it.
- No fucking way he wins.
- Hey.
ROGER: Sure you got to go? Ah.
ROGER: You see, Gretchen, everything works so much better when we're on the same team.
GRETCHEN: Okay, Roger.
ROGER: I can't help it.
That ass of yours it's a hand magnet.