The Lying Game s01e11 Episode Script

O Twin, Where Art Thou?

A few months ago, I discovered I had a twin sister.
And then she asked me to take her place, keep the secret, find our real mother, and try to stay alive.
Put yourself in my shoes how long could you keep up the lying game? Previously on The Lying Game: You're not Sutton.
When Sutton gets back, you know what happens.
Sutton is staying with Thayer in L.
, and I think they're sleeping together.
It was my mom's.
I'm never taking this off.
What happened to her? Annie Sewell Who knows? I think she pretty much fell off the grid.
I want you.
Oh, my God.
Sutton All it takes is a kiss, right, Emma? She took your spoiled, selfish life, and turned it around! You're finished here.
We saw her.
Now, I'm pretty sure she's coming here to drop her last bomb.
I don't get it.
Why isn't she here? She left before us.
Annie? My God! Annie? This is just so odd.
We were We were just talking about you, Ted and I.
I can't imagine why.
And who is this? This is my daughter Sutton.
Sutton, this is Annie Sewell, Phyllis's sister.
Actually, it's Rebecca now.
I go by my middle name.
I I dropped "Annie", as soon as I left town.
Anyway, it feels like I'm crashing, but I'm really not.
I spoke to Char, and she invited me.
Yes, of course.
That'd be great.
Actually, Sutton, I saw you blowing out candles.
I guess a "happy birthday" is in order.
Thank you.
Yeah, and I caught a little of your speech.
It was it was very stirring.
It's a little confusing, but We can talk about it when we have a chance.
Who was that? Well, I thought it was Sutton, that's why I stopped my speech and it turns out that it's Annie I mean, Rebecca Sewell, Char's aunt.
Am I nuts, or didn't you guys think She was our biological mother yes.
But that was Annie Hobbs.
And still nothing from Sutton? Not a word.
It doesn't make sense.
She was pissed.
Coming straight here.
I know.
What? Part of me wishes that she would just show up, so all of this can just be out in the open, and then the other part hopes that She'll never show up.
Emma no matter what happens, whether she does or she doesn't, I'm not gonna let anything come between us.
Ever, okay? Felt like you were going to spill the whole thing back there.
I almost did.
Preemptive strike.
I like it.
So, when are you guys gonna tell me what happened at the cabin? Doesn't matter.
Things were said.
Sutton went off on us.
Why don't we just call her find out where she is? May I borrow your phone, please? Thank you.
You thinking what I'm thinking? I really hope not.
Straight to voicemail.
Sutton, hi.
It's Emma and Ethan and Thayer.
Listen, I didn't leave town and I came to the party.
Call me, please.
I'm worried.
THE LYING GAME - EPISODE 11 Look what the storm just blew in.
What happens now? That's up to her, isn't it? Let's just see how it plays out.
Starting now.
I mean, I can't say that the divorce was exactly amicable, but you know is there even such a thing? And it could've been harder if we had kids.
Well it seems like the idea of moving back makes perfect sense.
I think so.
Annie Sewell.
Barely recognized you.
Hello, Ted.
Actually, it's Rebecca now.
And it's great news.
She's moving back to Phoenix.
Look who's here.
So, this is what all the calls to Char were about? And did Kristin just say you're moving back? Phyllis, how are you? Really we don't need all that.
Oh, Rebecca! You got here! I wasn't sure.
Let me see you.
You're so beautiful! And all grown up! I'm sorry I stayed away.
I just couldn't find the right time and I would hardly call now the right time, bitch.
She's just in shock.
Don't do this! Don't just run away! You invited my sister here, and you didn't even tell me? I just wanted everything to be okay.
Well, it isn't.
Mom Look, I really need to know what happened at that cabin, okay? I get Sutton being angry and jealous.
I saw plenty of it when we were together in L.
She tried to seduce Ethan by pretending to be me.
She put on the dress that I was supposed to wear, and lured Ethan there Why is this necessary? I'm just trying to figure out her state of mind.
I told you pissed, okay? As pissed as a person can get.
As pissed as you are right now? Guys, this isn't helping.
Look, I know how she thinks, okay? After a fight like that, she'll regroup.
She'll plan something some kind of revenge.
Revenge for what? We didn't do anything.
Yeah, you did.
You fell in love.
It's remarkable how much you've changed.
You, too.
Is your hair thinning, Ted? I remember that mop in high school.
About those years Mostly forgotten until now.
Let's keep it in the past, right? Isn't that what you were going to suggest? No.
But I like the sound of it.
Listen, Ted I just want you to know I don't want anything, if that's what you're thinking.
And, please, tell Alec the same thing.
Everything that happened, happened years ago, and you've changed, and I've changed we've all changed.
All right? I think we all know that once Sutton gets something in her head, she never gives up.
You're hoping for another shot at her, aren't you? What, you really think I'm gonna answer that? You want to presume things about us, I'll presume things about you.
You guys Char is a mess.
You better come.
I'll be right back.
I'm really beginning to get it.
The Mercers, my sister, Char you've all become family, her life And maybe she actually cares about them more than Sutton ever did.
What do I do, Sutton? She just left and she's driving, she's so drunk.
It's not always up to you to make it right.
Sometimes, with relatives, it gets crazy.
Especially with sisters.
Right, Sutton? Mm-hmm.
Your whole family's getting along, and mine's totally messed up.
What's going on? Phyllis took off.
Look, just stay here, Char.
Just stay with your aunt.
No, I gotta go.
My mom needs me.
Okay, I'll come with you.
We all will.
No, Sutton.
It's your party, you've gotta stay.
Yeah, it's okay.
I've got this one.
Just tell my aunt I'll call her.
My gosh, look at what Char's going through.
I mean, I can't even imagine, you know? Attention, everyone, D.
: It's time for the last dance.
I think I'm going to stop complaining so much about our parents.
They just called last dance.
See you in a bit.
You okay? Give my dad some time.
Give him a chance.
If that's what you want.
I just I just want him to love you as much as I love you.
So, Laurel said she'd be out in a sec, and Sutton wanted a little more time with Ethan.
It was good, right? I think everyone had a ball.
Hey, do you need some help with that? Oh, no! But thanks.
A great evening.
Oh, I just had such It was wonderful to see everyone again.
I'm so sorry about Phyllis, though, getting upset like that and Yeah, me, too.
We'll be fine.
It's just really Char that I'm worried about.
Mom! Dad! Oh, look, here's Laurel.
Don't suppose there's any way I could stay No, you, in the car.
Uh, this is Laurel.
Char's aunt, right? Nice to meet you, Ms.
Nice to me you.
I guess we should be going.
Bye, Rebecca.
Bye, Ted.
Hello, Rebecca.
Ted told me about the new moniker.
And that you've decided to move back into town.
What else did Ted tell you? You want to keep the past in the past.
Do you think that's possible? Personally, I'd like nothing better.
But you're still suspicious.
I don't have a suspicious bone in my body.
Oh, some things never change.
But you have.
Yes, I have.
I've had enough drama in my life.
I don't really want to go digging around for more.
Red Mercedes is here.
This is me.
Good night, Alec.
You too, Annie.
+ It was our extra car.
I mean, way back when the nanny used it.
Since then, a housekeeper or two.
I hauled some fertilizer in it a couple weeks ago.
All right, well I'm going to need the names of everyone who had access.
You said you had a key hidden around here somewhere? In a paint can on the shelf.
Well, we were hoping you might know.
You were the last one here last night.
Someone took the extra car.
Uh, I didn't notice anything when I left.
I'm That door was closed.
I'm pretty sure of it.
Let me get you that cup of coffee, Dan, and those names and numbers, though I'm sure none of them would have taken it.
I'm going to walk Ethan out.
Okay, so now we know how Sutton was getting around town.
Did you see her car at the cabin? No.
She would have hidden it, probably around back.
Sutton was here first.
Intercepted the video chat with me, then she took the car.
And now the police are looking for it.
Is that a good thing? I don't know.
Meanwhile, I'm gonna get out there, see what I can find at the cabin.
I'll sleep at the cabin tonight in case she turns up.
Are you going to be okay? Yeah.
Happy birthday.
All right.
Be careful.
I will.
Only one thing could explain the current look on your face.
You swiped the extra car.
You did always used to borrow it before you had your actual license.
Joy rides, meeting boyfriends, trips to the reservoir.
Remember how Dad could never figure out why he was always filling it up? I did not take the car, okay? You know, Sutton, you used to be a much better liar.
What were you doing last night? Get the Mercer car stripped down, get all the parts sold? What were you doing last night? Waiting for me to come home? I worked the graveyard.
It was a slow night.
Mercer car was your biggest case, huh? No murders? No bodies? I don't know what happened to the car.
And I don't have to tell you where I was last night.
So have a nice day, and all that.
Look, I know you're way into this Mercer girl, all right? The closer you get to her, the more I worry about you.
Last night, I got a feeling.
It was more about her than you.
You just can't trust anyone with money.
I just don't want to see you get burned, okay? Because if anyone gets dragged down in all this, it's gonna be you, not her; that's just the way it works, man.
Just because you won't let anyone into your life, don't be pissed at me for letting somebody into mine.
It's just so much fun to see someone you haven't seen since high school and Rebecca, she's so different.
You know, I don't know.
I didn't even really talk to her.
It was more like you were avoiding her.
All that crazy stuff you and Alec did in high school.
Wonder how many other people you drove out of town.
We didn't drive anybody out of town, okay? I'm kidding.
I mean, she is just so confident now.
Even after what sounded like this messy divorce.
It's just so funny not too long ago do you remember this? You and I were talking about her.
You said she'd fallen off the grid.
I said I'd heard she'd fallen off the grid.
Somebody overslept.
Have you heard anything about the car? No.
It'll turn up.
Don't worry.
We should have gotten rid of the clunker long ago.
Worst gas mileage ever in that guzzler.
I am late, so I am off to work.
Wait, we need to talk about what happened last night.
You made that whole speech.
Said something about the last few months.
And then you just rushed out.
Yeah, big windup, no delivery.
I just should have thought something through beforehand.
I'll write something down next time.
Char's mom got a DUI.
I have to go.
How are you holding up, Char? Good.
I called my dad.
He's coming back.
Aunt Rebecca's been a huge help.
I'm just sorry for the way my mom talks to you.
Don't even think about it.
Well, what can we do? Just tell them at school that I can't make it.
I'm going with Aunt Rebecca to see my mom's lawyer.
We can handle that.
We'll stop by later.
Thank you guys.
You're welcome.
I'm gonna go grab my bag.
It just breaks my heart.
How long has this been going on? Oh, I mean, kind of forever.
We do the best we can.
Be here for her and that sort of thing.
Yeah, I'm sure you are.
And now that I'm here, I can help out.
In fact, I think I've got a good idea how.
Nice to meet you.
Sutton, always a pleasure.
Who knew fairy godmothers could be so cool? Then Justin does his whole yes, sir, no, sir thing.
Which is totally sincere, by the way.
Oh, my gosh.
What? Forgot my bracelet.
The one Justin gave me.
His mother's, actually.
Well, you don't have to wear it every day.
But I told him I would, and I have.
Can we talk later? Thanks.
So I tried to retrace her steps from the cabin to the country club.
But there's no sign of the Mercer car.
Here's another idea.
We come forward.
It's an old idea.
Ethan, don't you see what's happening? The car's missing, Sutton is missing.
Why can't you see that this makes sense? They're going to blame us.
What? Thayer's already going there.
My brother's not going to be far behind.
We had a fight at the cabin.
And then she disappeared.
And And? You're impersonating her, Emma.
It could look like you didn't want her to have her life back, so So what, I took it? Ethan, that's crazy.
I wouldn't do that.
I know you wouldn't.
I'm talking about what it might look like.
Oh, my God, do you think it's possible that she's? + What was with you today, Sutton? You lost in straight sets.
Yeah, I was just a little distracted.
I will see you guys later.
So have you heard from Char? I was going to run over there.
Oh, already did.
Rebecca was there again.
Like, she and Char have already gotten really close.
I was just about to go get an iced tea.
Do you want one? Yeah.
Thank you.
I spent the day looking for Sutton.
Hotels, hangouts, hospitals.
Yeah, called Lexi in Vegas.
She said she'd keep an eye out.
I get off in ten minutes.
We can leave then.
Where you going? You know what, Thayer, we really appreciate your help, but this is really our problem.
Oh, really? So I'm not allowed to give a damn where she is? My brother.
They found the Mercer car.
You know, it's not the first time that Phyllis has been popped for drunk driving.
No, I know.
Apparently my sister's drinking problem is rather serious.
And since her parents are separated, Char's been taking care of her own mother.
My office really has no choice here.
I mean, I got her out last night, but the number of repeats and the seriousness of the offense, means my hands are tied.
It's not good.
I know, I know.
I have an idea.
I hope it's rehab.
I know Phyllis can afford it.
It's just my understanding that she's checked herself out after a couple of days of rehab and then gone home and started drinking again, so That's what people do.
Unless I propose a mandatory sentence, there's Actually, yes, that's exactly what I want you to do.
Well, okay, you, uh You pick the place, I'll sign the papers.
Really? Absolutely.
Just so surprised about your divorce from Caroline.
I figured you two to be lifers.
Anything else on your mind? Well, it's just so nice to see that you and Ted are still so close after all this time.
I mean, it doesn't always work out that way.
I can't imagine it any other way.
Guess we'll be in touch.
Thanks, Alec.
Hughes, Alec Rybak.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
An Annie showed up in Phoenix.
But it's not Annie Hobbs.
That's far enough right there.
This your family's car, Sutton? Yeah, that's it.
Open it up, Harry.
Let's see what's inside.
Is this purse and phone yours? Yeah.
Then, obviously, you took the car, then, didn't you? You want to tell me what happened here? Well, it it's complicated.
I We N-no.
Dan, I took the car, okay? It was her birthday, and she wanted to do something crazy and exciting.
She used to take the car all the time to sneak out and see me.
I-I lost control of it, and it ended up in the lake.
I see.
That how it went down, Sutton? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I I was nostalgic.
No, I well, with a big birthday coming up, I just wanted to relive the wildness.
I know.
I I just didn't want to move on, I guess.
You were about to tell me something else before Ethan interrupted.
No? No, that was it.
That's that's what happened.
We should have said something last night, but my dad was just so great about the party, and I I didn't want to disappoint him.
And we didn't think you'd find the car.
Of course.
Well, let's go, you two.
Prank, game, crazy trip down nostalgia lane, I really don't care.
I'm taking you in.
Let's go.
Is good to know Bye.
Who was that? Hey.
She really stepped in on the Phyllis thing.
This will be good for Char.
I mean, no kid should have to shoulder something like that alone.
You know, when this is over, I'm going to ask her to lunch.
Have either of you guys seen my bracelet? No.
I've looked everywhere, and I thought I might have left it on my nightstand or the bathroom, but it's disappeared.
Well, it's a vintage bracelet.
It couldn't have cost you much.
Justin gave it to me.
And it was his mother's, and it was a really special gift, so I'm really screwed if I don't find it.
So please keep an eye out.
I know.
I don't like that she lied, either, but Maybe it was too intimate a gift and she didn't want to alert us.
Yeah, that's probably the reason.
I'm just wondering whose idea it was to keep it from us.
I mean, well, why would it be Justin's? Right.
Hello? Well, Dan, who found the car? Some fisherman.
And all we got was Sutton's purse and her cell phone.
Dan, like I said, you know, uh, for heaven sakes, Sutton Mercer's my goddaughter.
Ethan's your brother.
I'm aware of that.
I was just following procedure.
We both were.
Sir, we know these are friends of yours, but Dan did do the right thing.
I mean, they were acting super strange.
Super strange? Is that a new police term I'm not familiar with? Just seeing Sutton's purse and her phone in there God, Ethan, it completely freaked me out.
I she's she had to have been in that car.
Hey, guys.
Stealing cars, joyriding? Let me ask you a question.
How many cars do you own between the two of you? Told my brother a second ago we were just out reliving the glory days.
Before I had my license and my own car.
Well, what do you guys think we should do? Well, you you can just let us go.
Seeing as how I am your favorite goddaughter.
Um, okay.
What do we do with James Dean here? You just do what you have to.
I'm sorry, Dr.
Mercer, but this looks like a big step backwards for Sutton.
Yes, it does seem that way.
But, Dan, you you know in your heart Sutton is a good kid.
He knows that.
We all do.
Alec, thanks for stopping by.
Uh, look, we would like to take care of this at home, in the family, if that's all right.
We're not pressing charges.
Coincidentally, neither am I.
Dan, let them go.
Just fill out that accident report so Dr.
Mercer can file it with his insurance company, okay? Thank you.
No problem.
You should have just let me confess that there's twins and the whole thing.
You know, it's not too late.
I know.
I know.
I'll look guilty.
You think she's dead, don't you? I don't know.
Well I guess this is where you throw the book at me.
Well, we're having a little trouble believing any of it.
Well, Alec believed us.
I'm told it's a pretty scary thing to crash a car into a lake.
You come to a party, and you don't mention it to us? Honey, you could have been seriously hurt.
Your dad and I are really worried about you.
We have no choice you're grounded.
School, tennis, home that's it.
Nothing in between, no late nights.
It's not only that I mean, yes, and I would like to know, why is this happening? Why now, after everything that's gone on? I don't know.
Well, you have to have some kind of reason.
I can't explain it.
It's just as much a mystery to me as it is to you.
Crashed into a lake? That is just so awesome.
I mean it like, truly epic.
Can we just save the adulation for tomorrow, Laurel? This has been insane.
Good night.
Thayer, why didn't you use the front door? Well, I didn't think your parents would be allowing visitors right now.
So they actually bought the whole joyriding story? Well, my parents certainly didn't.
And it is not Ethan's fault.
He had a second to come up with the story.
Keeping you from a complete and detailed confession of the twins.
You don't think it's weird? You and Ethan have a fight with Sutton at the cabin.
She storms off, all pissed and full of threats.
You both realized she was about to blow your lives out of the water.
I don't want to talk about this.
This back and forth, being two people it's exhausting.
I'm going to lose it.
What? After the fight at the cabin, you needed to stop her.
And maybe one or both of you did.
That is insane.
I went to the bus station, and then I went to the party.
What about Ethan? You already know where he was he was at the party.
Yeah, to stop her.
What if he'd already stopped her? Thayer, I am warning you.
Just just think about it.
Why else would he keep you from saying anything about Sutton? Hmm? I'll tell you why.
Because, then, the entire world would be looking for her.
I love him.
He loves me.
Which just might explain everything.
+ I don't want to hear it.
Yeah, well, you're gonna hear it.
It was stupid.
I know.
No, stupid was that story you came up with.
Come on.
Tell me how that car really got in the lake, Ethan.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
You don't know, do you? You made up that story to protect Sutton.
She was the one who took the car, and somehow it ended up in the lake.
You were rescuing her with that lie, weren't you? Come on.
Get out of my face.
Yeah, or what? What are you gonna do? It's been my experience that behind every punk, behind every slacker delinquent is a pretty face.
Sure, man, sure, you can you can rescue her day after day after day if you want it don't matter.
Should ask yourself one question.
When things get really, really bad, think she'll be there for you? Come on, it was some kind of a lying game, right? Like sophomore summer, before you got your license? You used to take that car out every Saturday, and then we'd siphon gas from your mom's car.
And we even gave it that name, Sylvia, after your last housekeeper.
Wow, Mads, you have a good memory.
Hey, Mads.
I just saw Char inside.
Oh, I know.
She wanted to meet before class.
I'd better get going.
We need to talk.
I called you three times.
I was busy with the family and And what? And could you please let go of my arm? I'm sorry.
What happened after the cabin? With Sutton? The cabin? The fight.
I told you I went to the party to look for Sutton.
You think I did something? You just jumped in so quickly at the lake, and Who put this in your head? Doesn't matter.
It couldn't have been Dan.
He hasn't had the chance.
It wasn't your parents.
Thayer? I have to go to class.
Come on, was it? Was it Thayer? It's my dad's car.
He'll be right out.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you.
You got a second? That kind of depends.
You've got a second.
Come on.
What'd you say to her? Nothing.
I just posited a theory, that's all.
Posit it to my face, why don't you? Do you really think I did something to Sutton? Yeah, well you had the strongest motive.
You had to stop her before she got to that party any way you could.
You're out of line right now, man.
All right, boys.
That's enough.
What seems to be the problem? Nothing, we're just talking.
Okay, well, there's a big queue of members lining up over there waiting for their cars.
Maybe you ought to get back to your station.
That wasn't about Sutton, was it? No.
It wasn't.
Little piece of advice to you, if you can take it.
Sutton's a road you never want to go down.
Okay? Okay.
All right.
If you'd help me with this paper, I could get it done a lot faster.
What's the subject? Long Day's Journey Into Night.
Yeah, kind of like this day.
You're thinking about Sutton again? Dude, she has a boyfriend that she's crazy about.
You had your fling, now get it out of your head.
It's not just about that.
Sure, it is.
You just can't accept it.
She's in love with him, not you.
And there's nothing you can do to get her back.
What? There is something you can do? Mads, I've got something on Ethan.
And I think I'm nuts if I don't come forward.
I know what Thayer said to you, okay? I know what he's got you thinking.
Come on, Emma, just open it.
Look we're all worried about Sutton, all right? We're all thinking weird things at this point.
I didn't let you confess at the lake for one reason.
I knew if you said anything if you told them who you really are all of this would fall apart.
What would fall apart? Me and you.
Because of the lies, the family would turn against you.
Ethan, we knew that was coming.
Well I just can't risk losing you.
You won't.
I promise.
+ All that trouble Sutton was in and I thought we were finally through it.
Now she's applying to colleges.
She gets one black mark on her record, I don't know if there's a way you can take that back.
I hear you loud and clear, hon.
What've you got there? Found it.
It's Laurel's, right? Thank goodness.
She'll be thrilled.
Okay, look, I can't keep this a secret any longer, and I am the best at keeping secrets but I swear, I feel like I'm going to burst.
Slow down, Laurel.
Just breathe.
No, don't stop me.
I might chicken out.
I lost the bracelet.
See, you're mad.
I knew you'd be mad.
I'm-I'm not.
I'm Irritated? Angry? Disappointed? Because I can see all that and a lot more in those gorgeous blue eyes.
God, Justin, I am so, so sorry.
I've looked everywhere for it.
It was the best gift ever, and I know it was your mother's It's-It's okay, Laurel.
No, it's not.
I'm gonna keep looking for it; I've even got the whole family on the case.
You told them that it was my mother's? That's okay, right? She was wearing it the day that she died.
I'm in the hospital, and they come out and all I see is this plastic bag.
A doctor's holding it.
And inside I can see the bracelet.
A whole life it fits into a plastic bag.
I'm so sorry she had to die.
And now I've lived my life just wanting to make it all right.
But you can't.
I can't.
Put the bad guys away, that's what we do.
And nobody does it better.
In fact, Vince, you know what we should do on the next election put that on the lawn signs.
"Nobody does it better.
" You guys know where the valet is? All right.
- I'll meet you out there.
- Appreciate the dinner, Alec.
- See you tomorrow, Alec.
- Good work today.
- Hey, thanks again, Alec.
- Have a good night.
Dad? I'm sorry to bother you.
No, we had we had a great day in court; we were just celebrating.
What's up? Well, this is about the whole Sutton thing, with the car Thayer, let that go.
Let the Mercer family deal with it, okay? And as for Ethan, you know, he's just about out of lives.
Will you excuse me for just one second? Yeah.
Rebecca, you called and you wanted to see me? Where're you going? Well, it's just, I saw you with your son.
I thought this wasn't a good time.
Oh, no, he'll wait.
You said you wanted to wanted to talk to me about something? I just assume it was about Phyllis, is that right? Oh, actually no.
It's about Ted.
Of course it is.
I got here as fast as I could.
Is it Ethan? What's he done? Nothing.
That's the point.
No, the point is, I need both you guys.
So, whatever this is we need to start trusting each other and working together.
I honestly believe it's the only way we're going to find Sutton.
I know Ethan had nothing to do with this.
Thayer, come on, you need to realize that.
Okay, well one of us needs to be on Sutton's side.
And neither of you are.
Sutton? Hey.
I just found this on the back walk.
Someone must've dropped it when we were bringing the presents in.
I'll just put it with the others.
Sutton, your dad and I are really concerned about you.
We need to talk about your future, college Okay.
Yeah, we can.
I'm just kinda tired right now, so I love you, sweetie.
Love you, too.
Okay, where were we? - Working together.
- Figuring this thing out.
Thayer, what're you doing? White paper, black bow No card.
I think you should open this.
Okay, well, I will No, now.
All right.
That's Sutton's dress.
Keep on being sutton or your'e next.