The Lying Game s01e18 Episode Script

Not Guilty As Charged

EMMA: A few months ago, I discovered I had a twin sister.
And then she she asked me to take her place, keep the secret, find our real mother and try to stay alive.
Put yourself in my shoes.
How long could you keep up the lying game? You keep surprising me.
JUSTIN: Hey, Laurel.
LAUREL: I'm betraying my whole family by staying with you.
So we're breaking up? Yeah.
Yeah, I was there the night that Derek got killed.
The guy I saw, he's the District Attorney.
Alec Rybak.
The night Derek died, you two had a date.
And you were there all evening? Yeah.
I want to know what's going on with you and Rebecca.
Nothing is going on.
I want you to stay away from my family.
Stay away from Sutton! EMMA: Sutton is with Ethan right now.
No idea where.
But I trust Ethan.
I'm just wondering if you can trust Sutton.
I love you.
I always have.
FBI! Freeze! OFFICER: Ethan Whitehorse, you're under arrest for the murder of Derek Rogers.
(siren whooping) (crowd murmuring) Ethan? Ethan.
Ethan, we're going to get you out, I promise.
I love you.
(reporters clamoring, camera shutters clicking) Uh, uh-uh Uh, uh-uh-uh, uh Watch out for this girl She's got a gun for a tongue.
When the time has come for my soul to take If I confess my sins It would be too late, oh Look away, look away, look away, oh, God When the truth ain't said, but the lie is told No.
I want to call Sutton Mercer.
Could I have a minute with him, please? Come on, you know it's against regulation.
Yes, I know that, but he's a minor, and I'm his guardian.
Two minutes.
Don't worry.
We're going to get you through this, all right? Thanks, man.
Just be careful, keep your head down, and watch that temper.
How's Sutton holding up? Actually, Ethan, I had her all wrong.
She's been a rock.
ALEC: We're going to ask for a juvenile waiver, so we can try the suspect as an adult.
Crimes don't come any more grown-up than murder.
There's no reason to put on kid gloves now.
I'll take a couple of questions.
Chris, what do you got? Will you be handling this case yourself? Oh, that's a big no can do.
I don't think it's any secret that the victim who died so senselessly was a friend of mine.
Because of this relationship, I'll have to recuse myself from the trial.
However, my office will continue to make this a top priority.
We will not rest until justice is served.
What kind of bail will you ask for? Bail? I have a problem with bail on this one, seeing as how the suspect's already run once.
What do they say? "Fool me twice, shame on me"? All right, guys.
Thanks for your time.
(reporters clamoring) Okay, people are staring at me.
It's probably that "A" you got on your history final.
Or, you know, the fact that your boyfriend just got arrested for murder.
It's definitely one of the two.
Ethan did not kill anyone.
It was all a misunderstanding.
Hey, I know that.
But good luck convincing Mom and Dad.
They're in "concerned parent" overdrive.
I'll try to cover for you, but no promises.
I saw you talking with your sister.
Is she doing okay? I think so.
Um Thanks for asking.
What about you? I know it's always a drag after a breakup.
I'm okay.
Mercer girls are tough.
Well, hey, listen, if you feel like clearing your head or anything, we're gonna be working on a couple new songs later.
Yeah, I don't know if now is, like, such a great time.
It's just that we just got some really amazing news today.
So share.
That demo that we sent out Well, some people at Coachella really dug it, and they want us to play at the festival.
Wait, we're playing Coachella? I mean, technically, we'd be alternates.
At the Oasis Dome, which is, like, the smallest venue there, and of course we could get bumped if, like, Modest Mouse shows up.
Oh, my God, Baz! No, that is amazing! I have an uncle in Palm Springs who said that we could stay with him.
He can call your parents Damn it.
Who am I kidding? No, they would never let me go.
Especially now.
They're not exactly in a permissive mood.
But just think about it, okay? 'Cause this a mad cool opportunity.
You deserve it.
So brace yourself.
I just talked to Thayer.
He's on his way to get Sutton and bring her back from the ranch.
Great timing.
I'm not thrilled, either.
Sorry, I don't mean to be petty.
It's just that this separation has been so hard, and it's the longest Ethan and I have been apart since we met.
And then to know that she was there, with him Well, maybe she's changed.
Yes, I realized how ridiculous that sounded the second I said it.
Hey, it's her life.
I'm not surprised that she wants it back.
(birds singing) (horse whinnies) Hey, thank you for the coffee.
It really hits the spot.
It was already made.
Well, I appreciate it.
(rooster crows) It's a beautiful country out here.
Compared to what? Well, it's just nice, that's all.
I took some pictures to remember our visit.
Here, take a look.
I watched my son dragged off in handcuffs.
For murder.
I think I'll remember the visit.
I will just get my stuff, then.
Listen, I don't know what you've heard or imagined, but Ethan's innocent.
Let me ask you something.
Does an innocent man run? Well, he had no choice; he was going to be framed.
I taught him to stand and fight his battles.
This time, he ran.
Maybe I don't know my son at all.
Or maybe I'm as naive as his girlfriend out there.
Girlfriend? Are you talking about Sutton? That's that's not his girlfriend.
(chuckles) Well, I'm not as naive as you.
I left the bedding in the laundry shed.
(sighs heavily) Everything okay? Better get on the road if you want to beat traffic.
SUTTON: Okay Thank you.
Tell Ethan to be strong.
And, when he gets through this, he's welcome here.
Tell him to come back.
You, too.
Too bad you're a little late.
You just missed a hell of a show.
Target practice? Really? The chief prefers we practice on our own time rather than on the job.
I thought you'd maybe be doing something a little bit more important, like I don't know, finding your brother an attorney? I'm not careful, I could be looking for one myself.
I told Ethan to skip town; I gave him money to do it.
Well, you were protecting your brother.
Or aiding and abetting a fugitive from justice.
It's one of those, uh tomato-tomahto things.
You can't give up on him now.
He needs you.
He has a court-appointed attorney.
I don't know what else I can do for him.
I have seen those court-appointed attorneys in action.
They barely read the case, and half the time, they just tell their client to take a plea just so they can lessen their workload.
How do you know so much about that? I Look, Mads told me that Alec assigned his star prosecutor to this case.
Ethan needs a legal genius to beat these charges.
Well, legal geniuses don't work for free.
And I just checked under my couch cushions, and I happen to be a little light.
Unless Ted and Kristin are gonna pony up for a retainer.
God, this is so unfair.
You got that right.
(sniffs) (sighs) Look There might be one person I can call.
Hey, can you hand me the lug wrench? You know I have no idea what that is.
That thing right there.
So, anyway, Emma freaked when Mads told her about what my dad said.
That they've assigned Ethan's case to this pit bull.
- Emma's working on finding a better defense attorney.
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, they could've just given him a court-appointed lawyer, but Emma said that she's seen these people work in foster care trials, and they can be super lame.
Emma said that sometimes, it depends on who And eleven.
What? Oh, I was just counting the amount of times you began a sentence with "Emma.
" You hit double digits.
Why don't you just give her a break? All she's tried to do is help.
Oh, 'cause that's what she does, is it? Just helps everybody? You seem to have gotten pretty cozy with her.
The minute Ethan left town.
I I'm just in a weird mood.
Are you? Just, up at the ranch, you're just so far away, and you reexamine everything in your life I don't know.
It's just kind of hard to go back.
Really? So what exactly happened? Why, did Ethan say anything? No.
I mean, it's not like we could talk to him, but you know.
I-I shouldn't say anything.
Well, no, it's fine, you can.
I mean, if you want to.
Well, it's just you know, when you're away from all the BS, you I just saw a side of Ethan that I don't think any of us have ever seen.
What is this, casual Fridays at the Scottsdale PD? No.
It happens to be my day off, and I thought that you might like this look.
It brings out my rugged yet soulful masculinity, yeah? (laughs) I think you look good in just about anything.
Always bugged the crap out of me.
You don't look so awful yourself.
I, uh I really appreciate you coming down here.
Well, I figured it must be pretty important for you to pick up the phone and call me for the first time in what, seven years? Seven years, five months, and roughly, a couple of weeks, but (laughs) who's counting, right? Right.
So tell me, why does Alec Rybak's protégé-slash-whipping boy find himself in the need of an A-list defense attorney? Alec is actually part of the problem here.
Alec? I'm stunned.
Oh, gosh, here we go with the lecture again.
No, I mean, if only someone would have warned you to break away from him when you graduated the academy with that superhot girlfriend.
I mean, whatever happened to her, anyway? She got even hotter.
All right, here's the deal.
I assume that you're familiar with the Derek Rogers murder? Yeah, the high school kid; drug dealer.
Sounds like they caught the killer.
Some classmate, right? They got the wrong guy.
And Alec is trying to railroad the thing through.
He's trying to get a quick conviction, looking tough on crime.
Never mind that an innocent kid is going down.
Innocent kids go down all the time, Dan.
System's not perfect.
Wh-Why is this one so important? This kid's my brother.
Not Ethan? Only one I got.
Oh, my God, the last time I saw him, he was he was in Little League.
Well, he's in the big leagues now, that's for damn sure.
(sighs) Explain to me why I have to stay here, again.
Oh, come on, it's not that bad.
It's just until we find a good time to make that switch with Emma.
There's, uh, extra blankets in the other room.
Well, you two catch up.
Sutton, try to get some rest, okay? (door opens) How's school? And there's food and soda in the fridge.
Okay, you're obviously mad at me, so let's just have it out.
Is this because of the Ryan thing? If you're asking me, am I still mad at you for hitting on him, yeah, still am.
Oh, come on, I was doing you a favor-- vetting him, he passed, so moving on.
Is this because I didn't tell you I had a twin? Do you seriously have to ask me that? I was going to tell you eventually.
I was just waiting for the right moment.
How about any of those hundreds of moments when I was feeling like a fool for not understanding why my best friend was shutting me out? I said I was sorry.
You did? When? 'Cause I must have missed it.
And you know what I feel really bad about? The times that I got mad at stuff that you did and I ended up taking it out on Emma, who's been nothing but kind to me since I've known her.
Which has been what, like, a few weeks? Well, long enough to know that Emma's a friend for life, which might be more than I can say for you.
(door closes) KRISTIN: Sutton! Where have you been? We've been starting to worry.
I thought you'd be in bed.
As I told them they should be, since you were probably at the library.
I was at the jail trying to see Ethan.
See, now, that I wouldn't have guessed.
TED: Well, I can't say that I'm surprised.
I saw you on TV this morning; a lot of folks did.
I was just trying to support him.
He's totally alone.
SUTTON: Do you have any idea what it's like to be dragged in there in handcuffs in front of all those news cameras? Well, having never been arrested for murder, no, I can't say that I do.
Okay, well, none of my friends think that Ethan could've murdered someone.
TED: Laurel, honey, I think it's time for you to turn in-- this is between Sutton and us.
Love you, sis.
Hang in there.
- Thank you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
KRISTIN: Okay, I think the one thing we can all agree on is, the trial could be all-consuming.
TED: And very public.
Everyone will be watching this.
I think we need - to come up with some ground rules that we can all agree - Yeah, like not hanging around the city jail half the night, huh? Sutton, we're just trying to protect you.
The police have already brought you in for questioning.
I think maybe you do need to distance yourself.
I know you don't like him.
This isn't a question of us It's not about that disapproving of a boyfriend.
He is a murder suspect! Then isn't he entitled to a fair trial? Oh People are innocent until proven guilty.
Sutton, listen to me No, I'm sorry, I just, I need to go to bed.
Oh, what, so now this is my fault? I was trying to reason with her like an adult, and you kept She's not an adult.
That's the point.
interrupting and lashing out! You are the one that is gonna drive her away! Oh, is that so? Okay.
Is that so? So I just can't seem to do anything right around here, then, huh? That is not what I am saying.
Well, that's what it feels like.
TED: You know that? You're second-guessing me left and right.
I mean, sometimes it feels like I'm the one on trial! - So, when you and Thayer arrived at the body shop - No.
Thayer wasn't there.
Are you sure? I could've sworn that I saw Thayer's name.
So Thayer was with you when you went to Derek's house.
Thayer, house, Sutton, body shop.
I'll just, I'll come up with a mnemonic or something.
Uh, now, how long have you and Mr.
Rogers been acquainted? (keys jingling, gate unlocking) Theresa Lopez.
I don't believe it.
I'll be taking your case now.
(clears throat) I beg your pardon? Uh, who do you think that I am, then? The guy my client was just about to fire.
(laughs softly) Well, often they'll wait a few days before the arraignment so that the suspect can get an idea of what prison would be like.
That's awful.
THERESA (chuckles): Yeah, but it works.
Especially if the kid is nervous and scared; by the time he gets in front of the judge he's ready to cop a plea.
That's not Ethan.
Well, good, because that's not me, either.
Listen, I'm sure you don't hear this often, but we should probably wrap this up, - or your crack legal team here is gonna miss first period.
- All right, look, I've been over the evidence-- their case is weak.
They don't have a murder weapon, and it's hard to get a conviction without one.
Okay, so what should we all be doing? Well, right now I'm looking at Ethan as a person of interest, so we need to think of other persons of interest.
Who else would've wanted this kid dead? (sighs) Not this again.
Mads, you think this is easy for me? I hate this.
Then don't do it.
Hey, come on, now, don't keep things from me.
I'm on your side here.
There was this frat guy.
He went to buy weed from Derek that night and saw someone there.
In silhouette, from a distance, and it was dark.
THAYER: Apparently it wasn't that dark.
We tracked the guy down at this frat house party and asked him about that night.
Once again, the night that he was out buying drugs.
Yeah, so what if he was, Mads? He definitely saw who was there.
He was a hundred percent certain.
That's huge! That's great! EMMA: I'm not so sure.
The guy he saw was Alec Rybak.
EMMA: It was just, like, one minute we were all working on the case together, and then the second I mentioned his name, she just lost all of her confidence and got scared.
She said that it was too dangerous and that we should back off.
Okay, because of Alec? (laughs) Tell me you're joking.
You know, we shouldn't even be talking about this.
S-Sutton, he is family.
In fact, I think Mom and Dad even signed some guardianship agreement that, like, they get killed in a car crash, Alec would raise us.
And now, what, you think he killed Derek? I mean, that's just kind of insane.
I'm just telling you what she said.
She said, "Let this go.
I know this guy.
" Be very, very careful.
" LAUREL: Uh-huh.
Oh, looks like I'm not the only one with some mystery in my life.
No, it's just a joke.
A joke that made you blush.
You were talking about Alec.
Are you gonna confront him or what? No, not directly.
I already tried, and it didn't really work.
But I may have a way in.
I went to the frat, and I talked to that kid and I heard his story, and I know that he isn't lying.
But how, how do you know? I mean, for all we know, this kid could be brought up on charges and trying to lessen his sentence by making outlandish claims.
I just feel it in my gut.
And the truth is, I (sighs): Never mind.
It's nothing.
Sutton I'm not gonna say anything to anyone, and I want you to feel safe saying what's on your mind.
There's just something about Alec that I don't trust.
I get this feeling when I'm around him, and I've had it for a while now.
But is it enough? You come out in the open with this, you could ruin his reputation, his career.
You could destroy his life.
And what about Ethan's life? Does nobody care what happens to him? You really love this Ethan, huh? More than anything in the whole world.
I'm gonna help you, Sutton.
Alec-- leave him to me.
I promise it'll work out.
You'll see.
Obviously, you two didn't get the note that this is a very bad idea.
What, potentially implicating my father in a murder charge? Trust me, I know what a bad idea it is.
Here's my dad's cell phone records for the last two months.
There's also a written description from Jesse, the frat guy, about what my dad was wearing that night.
It matches.
What, no surveillance videos? I'm gonna be honest.
If I would've known that the only way to get this guy off is to somehow bring down the district attorney, I might have run the other way from this case.
Maybe Ethan needs a better lawyer, then.
There isn't one.
But we're dealing with a powerful guy here, and if he finds out that I'm snooping around his personal life with-with his own kids? This could get ugly.
We're not backing down until Ethan's set free.
Sutton, do you have a sec? I-I have a message for you.
Ethan wanted me to tell you that he's okay, and that he's counting down the minutes until he sees you.
God, it's unbearable.
I know exactly how you feel.
I don't think you do.
Trust me.
I used to call him Danny back then.
You're not the first girl to fall under the Whitehorse spell.
If I could just see him for, like, a minute.
Let me see what I can do.
Delicious, hon.
You've really outdone yourself.
It's really good.
I wish Sutton were here.
She loves salmon.
I think she said something about a tennis meeting, that it might run late.
I think I can guess where she is.
KRISTIN: Ted, please, let's not Oh, like it's a secret.
Come on.
We all saw her throwing herself at the kid on the news.
We expect her to show up for family dinners? Not when you lay into her when she finally does show up.
What am I supposed to I do, coddle her? Buy her a pony? I'm sure she'll be home soon.
And you need to stop covering for her, okay? It does her no good.
Okay, okay.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to snap.
It's a tough time for everyone.
We haven't even asked you about your day.
How was, you know, school? How's the band? How is that going? Well, we got this amazing opportunity to play at this huge music festival in California.
It's one of the most prestigious festivals in the country.
It's, like, three days and nights of nonstop music from all over the world.
Yeah, I think I've heard of it.
It's called Parents Worst Nightmare-apalooza.
Actually, it's really well-organized, and Baz's uncle has a place right there that we could stay.
You're not actually thinking about this, are you? You're 16 years old.
It's just a weekend.
KRISTIN: I think it is a long time to go unchaperoned.
TED: Yeah, you're not kidding.
Look, sweetie, you guys are great.
You keep at it, you will get something great.
Something local.
I'm sure you will.
That's what I thought.
And we're gonna have a verdict by the end of the month, and that's good.
(clears throat): It's great for the district, you know.
People want safe streets.
I know.
I read the polls.
This could be a stepping stone, you know.
Lot of bigger blue-chip political careers have been launched with far less fanfare.
Aren't you just a little concerned that you might have an innocent man? Ethan Whitehorse is a bad egg.
He's always been a bad egg.
You look up "bad egg" in the dictionary, there's a picture of Ethan Whitehorse.
Yeah, but that doesn't make him a murderer.
WAITER: I'm sorry to disturb you.
It seems someone has left a message for you with our hostess.
Okay, thanks.
That's odd.
No one knows I'm here.
What is it? (sighs) (laughing) That's just silly.
That doesn't upset you? Nope.
But if it makes you feel better, I'll go try and find out who left it.
Whoever sent it is probably long gone by now.
Look, I pissed somebody off, that's all.
(sighs) Now they're trying to intimidate me with a scary note.
It's not gonna work.
Who would want to do this to you? A lot of people.
That's a long list.
I work with the dregs of society.
I lock 'em up and hope they lose the key.
Doesn't exactly endear me to a lot of people.
I've got a whole steamer trunk full of hate mail I Look, why don't we just let it go? (sighs) How do you know this has nothing to do with Derek Roger's case? I'm not sure I follow your line of questioning.
Well, I'm-I'm just saying.
I mean, that's the case that you're working on right now, right? What? What if somebody knows something? What are you trying to say? Well, I could see how you could be so quick to accuse Ethan.
Tell you what.
We both had a little bit to drink.
(clears throat) Maybe I should just get the check.
That way, neither one us might say something we'll regret later.
I'm telling you, it's like a minefield back there.
Ted and Kristin are so freaked out by this trial.
Sounds like someone is trying to keep me from taking my life back.
Hey, if you think you're up for it, be my guest.
It's just not gonna be easy for you.
They don't know how to deal with it.
The other night, they got in a huge fight about me.
You-You know.
Really? I'm just saying, if you say the wrong thing, you might get shipped off to boarding school.
Ugh! Uniforms.
Well, I guess you can keep being me until the trial is over.
I mean, I need to decompress after the ranch Right.
I'm sorry.
That was insensitive.
But if it's any consolation, Ethan was talking about you the whole time we were there.
Really? Oh, yeah.
We would go on these really long rides-- you know, to exercise the horses-- and he just kept going on and on about how much you would love it there.
Sounds amazing.
It's just like a whole other world out there.
It's just so beautiful and spiritual.
I don't know.
Compared to Phoenix, it's just so much more real.
You'll get there someday.
(phone ringing) Well, okay, I have to fly, because that was a parental warning call.
Ugh, they need to get a life.
They care about you.
I know, I know.
I have to confess, I'm a little envious that you got to spend so much time with Ethan at the ranch.
Meet his father.
Oh, you would love Ben.
(phone chirps) Uh, he and Ethan have a very rough relationship.
Although, I have to say, I think I may have actually brought them closer together.
I don't know, Emma.
I think you're rubbing off on me.
Well, I'm glad to hear that.
Now maybe you can help me repair my friendship with Mads.
I'm sure it'll be fine.
It'll just take some time.
Okay, be safe.
Hey! Don't forget your phone.
(sighs) Hi.
Sorry I'm late.
It's okay.
I was starting to think you were gonna stand me up.
So unlike you, and so like Sutton.
Okay, she's not entirely bad.
You should have seen her with me, pretending she had no idea why I'd be furious with her.
Well, sometimes she just acts that way.
If it helps, she did say she feels awful about what happened with you guys.
Really? Yes.
In fact, she asked me if I would help make things right.
I don't know.
Things are just crazy for everyone right now.
And how are you holding up? Well, Theresa said she would text me about getting in to see Ethan, but I haven't heard from her.
Guess it just didn't work out.
THERESA: Sutton? You ready? Yes.
Let's do this.
(baton clanking on bars) You have five minutes.
(clears throat) Oh.
I don't believe this.
I left a file in my car.
It's in the lot right across the street, Yeah, okay.
Make it snappy.
You, stand behind the yellow line.
Romeo, keep your hands inside.
(exhales) I missed you.
Is everything okay? There's something I have to tell you.
When I was on my dad's ranch with Sutton, something happened.
Mm, it almost happened.
It was stupid.
Well, I understand.
I mean, you and Sutton have a have a past.
It-it was a mistake.
Okay, I regretted it the second it happened, and I felt sick about it ever since.
Are you sure that's how you feel? Emma, you have to believe me.
Sutton means nothing to me.
I see.
You know, there's something that I have to tell you.
When I When you were away, I was scared.
And lonely, and Thayer was there for me.
And neither of us meant for it to happen, but we couldn't Thayer and I slept together.
I just think when it seems like we're not on the same page, it sends a confusing message.
I understand, I get it.
Am I interrupting? No.
No, no, come sit.
What do you know? She still lives here.
I guess I lost that bet.
(chuckles) I'm kidding.
Can I make you some breakfast, like an omelet, egg whites? No, thank you.
I just want to apologize for not checking in with you guys.
Well, yeah, we do We do need to know where you are, but we also appreciate that That you understand that that's an expectation.
No, I do.
But the other night, I overheard you arguing, and I felt really bad.
Sutton, it's o it's okay for couples to have disagreements.
This was worse than that.
You guys were fighting, and you never fight.
And I know it was because of me and this trial, and I don't want to do that to you.
Honey, that-that wasn't your fault.
Your mother's right.
Look, we should be apologizing to you for the other night.
I mean, we came on way too strong; I did, especially.
We both did, and we know how hard this it for you, and mostly, we just we want you to be happy.
That's all we've ever wanted.
We understand your heart is with Ethan, and honestly, you were right, we should have presumed he was innocent; he deserves that.
If you want us to be with you at court, we will be there.
Wow, thank you.
That means a lot.
But you don't have to go to court.
I just I really, really love Ethan.
And if we could have a relationship as strong as yours, how great would that be? I can't believe they're okay with it.
I know, they were so cool.
They even offered to go to Ethan's arraignment with me.
I know, but it was nice that they offered.
That's so weird, though.
They were acting so 1950s strict the other night.
Who knows? Maybe they knew I wasn't gonna back down on this and thought it wasn't worth the battle.
LAUREL: Baz, wait up.
So, guess who's gonna be joining the band at Coachella 2012? Get out.
Oh, I'm totally stoked! How did the elders finally come around? Maybe they knew I was not gonna back down on this.
Wasn't worth the battle.
I like it.
And by the way, if you have any nervousness about the travel or, like, accommodations or whatever, you can relax.
I have no intention of taking advantage of your newly- broken-up status.
No intention of taking advantage how exactly? Oh, you know.
Like the old movie-theater yawn turns into an arm around you.
Or the "I'm-late- for-class, see you" suddenly becomes a little gratuitous peck on the cheek.
Like so.
Well, I am late for class.
See ya.
REBECCA: Thank you for the breakfast invitation.
ALEC: Hey, I'm glad we were able to clear things up before the arraignment today.
I'm sorry that I doubted you last night.
It's all right.
It's totally understandable.
It's pretty crazy stuff.
Important thing to learn is not to panic.
Well, I feel a lot better about things now.
I'm glad to hear it.
(phone chirps) What's up? Nothing.
It's just a shoe sale or something; I'm on some list.
Shoe sale? I could use a new pair of wing tips.
Okay, clearly, it's a prank.
It's a setup; it's got to be.
Why would they send it to you? How should I know? Why aren't we calling the police? Do that reverse dial thing you do, will you? Do that again.
I've done it like five times.
It's disconnected; there's no point.
Well, clearly, somebody's playing me.
But who? It can't be Dan; he's not smart enough.
Why didn't you tell me that you were at the scene of the crime that night? You never asked.
Look, I didn't want to muddy the investigation.
That's it.
It's muddy now.
I was there.
Derek Rogers had left me five or six text messages that afternoon, saying it was a life-and-death emergency.
He had to see me.
I went down there to talk to him about it, he denied ever sending any text at all.
He started getting all shaky.
He said that Ethan Whitehorse had attacked him that afternoon.
I grabbed him by the shirt, and I told him to knock it off.
Keep me out of it.
But that was it.
So, why are you holding the tire iron? Am I on trial here? I told you what happened.
He said that Ethan came down there and had attacked him.
Now, when I got down there, I saw him with the tire iron in his hand, and I took it away from him; I disarmed him.
When Ethan came back, he must have picked it up and used it to bash Derek's head in.
You're so sure of everything.
But how would they know? Know what? About the murder weapon.
We haven't released that information to the public.
So, how would they know? We're not calling the police, Why? 'Cause the arraignment's today.
Baby, we can't risk this.
Your prints are probably all over that thing.
You know, if-if this if this gets out Damn it.
I'm sorry, I-I have to ask you this, and and I promise I'll never bring it up again, but I I need you to be honest with me.
Did you kill Derek Rogers? Nervous? Oh, terrified.
What if he gets denied bail and is thrown in jail indefinitely? These things have a way of working themselves out.
Sometimes, you just have to be patient.
Wait long enough, and your day will come.
Come on.
JUDGE: Are you certain this is how you want to proceed, Mr.
District Attorney? Ms.
Lopez? Will the defendant please stand? In the matter of People v.
Whitehorse, the case is dismissed for insufficient evidence.
(gallery gasps) Bailiff, release the defendant.
Well, Mr.
Whitehorse, looks like you're free to go.
(gavel bangs) Thank you.
You're welcome.
You did it; I don't know how, but you did it.
Thank you.
Not so sure about that, Danny.
I'm not so sure at all.
What did I tell you? Sometimes an older person knows best.
Can you give me a ride home? Yeah.
What was that about? Well, maybe Ethan was overwhelmed by the moment, and that's why he was distant.
Sweetie, I'm so sorry.
I'm here if you need me.
(sighs) Hey, sis.
What are you doing here? Well I heard how weird Ethan was to you at the courthouse, and I think I know why.
I was really hoping Ethan and I could put this behind us, but obviously (sighing): Oh, man, this is hard.
Just say it.
I don't know why it happened but one night, we lit a fire, and got cozy.
And we were talking, and one thing led to another, and Ethan and I slept together.
I know.
Ouch, right? I was really hoping that we could get past this.
I mean, after all, we're sisters.