The Lying Game s02e04 Episode Script

A Kiss Before Lying

A few months ago, I discovered I had a twin sister.
And then she she asked me to take her place, keep the secret, find our real mother and try to stay alive.
Put yourself in my shoes.
How long could you keep up the lying game? - I'm not interested.
- Oh, is that right? You said it was fine, so I slept with him.
It was a mistake, Sutton.
Ted, about the therapy session on Monday, I'll be there.
I'm so happy for you.
What's going on here? I was just thanking her - for tutoring me.
- You know what? It doesn't matter.
Care to make things interesting? You want to switch back? Whoever loses has to stay in the cabin.
That phone I found exonerated him.
I can't beat him.
The only mistake I made was taking your bastard ass in.
Hey, hey! There is nothing left for me here anymore.
What about me? Tough break, but a deal's a deal.
I left some clean towels for you at the cabin.
I've gotten the feeling that he might blame me for his arrest.
Hey, baby, I'm home.
Good morning, sunshine.
Uh, what are you doing? Just watching you sleep.
I missed that.
Well, isn't that romantic? I've been in prison for a while.
I can't believe I'm actually here with you.
Well was it worth the wait? You tell me.
So, your first day as a free man.
What are your plans? I was thinking maybe we could take that honeymoon we've been putting off.
Oh, well, that sounds great, but where are we gonna go on such short notice? As it turns out, I got a little spot I know about.
- A little bed and breakfast? - Hmm.
A five-star resort and spa? Ah, now, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, would it? Oh, well, come on, just a little hint.
Please tell me.
Let's just say that this weekend my bride finally gets everything she deserves.
This is Thayer.
You know what to do.
Hey, it's me again.
answer, so I'm trying you here.
I tried your cell and you didn't that you're okay.
I just want to know I hate the way we left things.
Please call me.
Thayer? Nope, it's me.
I wanted to see how your night at the cabin was.
You're checking on me? Well, of course, you're my sister.
Plus, I know how lonely it can get there.
Yeah, I can't argue with that.
But it's just for a few days, right? We're switching back after tennis regionals.
That was the deal.
Anyway, I'm calling because I wanted to make sure you're not mad at me for what I told you the other day about, you know.
About you sleeping with Ethan? I told you, it's fine.
Really? Yes, sleep with whomever you want.
Just promise me you won't do anything to rock the boat with Ted and Kristin.
If you haven't noticed, they're getting along better now.
I get it, Emma.
You have my word.
And, in fact, I think you'll find that I am going to be a sweeter, nicer version of myself than you.
Do you have a sec? You have nothing to worry about.
I have to go.
What's up? I wanted to talk to you about what happened last night.
What happened last night? When I saw Jordan kissing Mads outside? Oh, right, yeah, that that was rough.
I thought things were going so well between me and Jordan, and then Mads just totally goes behind my back Okay, look, Laurel.
What you need to remember is that Jordan Lyle is a worldly, older, dangerously sexy guy who, let's face it, is way out of your league.
If I remember correctly, uh, the other day, you said he'd be lucky to have me.
And clearly you blew it, so I think you should move on.
I mean, go for some lower hanging fruit like a sophomore.
Or one of those guys in the clubs in the back of the yearbook.
I I don't get it.
I know, I know.
Love it's very confusing.
I'm hungry for breakfast, though.
I'm thinking tofu scramble? Hi, Dad.
What are you doing here? Hi, kiddo.
Your father has some news.
What is it? Well, remember all that pro bono work I was doing at the burn clinic last summer? Turns out I was just named Phoenix Surgical Humanitarian of the Year.
That's awesome.
Is there, like, some kind of ceremony or something? Yeah, the banquet's tomorrow.
Originally I was gonna go myself, but then, since they're giving me this award, I was kind of hoping Well, of course, we'll be there.
There's one more thing.
They usually ask the recipient's significant other to say a few words before the presentation.
So I guess the committee doesn't know about our situation? Actually, I was going to mention it, but then I thought things were going pretty well between us, so I know it's a lot to spring on you.
Maybe we can discuss it during family therapy tomorrow.
I'll see you then.
Bye, Dad.
Bye, hon.
Well, that was awkward.
We are going, right, Mom? Of course, of course.
But, I mean, for me to be giving a speech is Mom, please, it would mean so much to him.
And you guys have been doing better.
Well, yes, in the sense that we can be in the same room without fighting.
But for me to stand up in front of an audience and pretend that we're a happy couple No, why don't Laurel and I do it? Really? Mm-hmm.
I mean, sure, yeah, we can do it.
Sweetie, it's short notice.
Do you have time to prepare a speech? For a bunch of nerdy doctors? Yeah.
Plus, I already know what I'm going to say.
Mads, I wasn't expecting you.
Uh, because I'm not here to see you.
Hey, is this about last night? 'Cause until Laurel had her little meltdown, you and I were getting pretty hot and I'm not here to discuss that.
Okay, why are you here? Maddie? Hi, honey.
Oh, I'm so glad to see you.
Me, too.
- You good? - Yes.
Rybak, we didn't get a chance to meet last night.
- I'm Jordan Lyle.
- Jordan.
- Rebecca's stepson.
- Yes, sir.
- You can call me Alec.
- All right.
- I see you two have already met? - Barely.
We've bumped into each other a couple times, yeah.
Hmm, well, glad you're acquainted.
Maddie, since I've moved in here with Rebecca, I was kind of hoping you might think about doing the same.
Really? That's an interesting idea, sir.
We'll see.
It's good to see that everybody's getting to know each other.
Honey, did you tell them about our honeymoon plans? Honeymoon? Um, yeah Sutton? What are you doing here? Well, the door was open, so So you just walked in? Well, my godfather is back and I was just so excited to see him.
Well, you're kind of interrupting a family moment.
So let me show you out.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I didn't realize I was walking into the Bizarro family reunion back there.
Why are you freaking out? I'm not freaking out.
You were being careless.
Fine, I screwed up, but I'm just really excited to tell you - what happened this morning.
- What? My dad's getting this award - What award? - I don't know.
I wasn't really listening.
Maybe for giving homeless people free boob jobs or something? Anyway, he asked Kristin to introduce him at the ceremony.
She said no.
Guess who offered to speak instead.
- Excellent.
- Mm-hmm, and get this: - we're going to family therapy.
- Mm-hmm.
And don't worry, I already know what I'm going to say.
Okay, even so, I want you to run it by me first.
Our plan is moving to the next phase, and I don't want to leave anything to chance.
Okay? Call me later.
Look, if you want to take a break, we No, let's just keep going.
We have a ton of chemistry to do left.
Emma, I just want you to know that I, I appreciate you still tutoring me.
'Cause I know you're probably going through a lot with Thayer leaving.
Ethan, let's not do this.
What? I'm I'm just trying to be a friend here.
You're not my friend.
And I may be helping you study here, but I don't want to discuss Thayer any more than I want to talk about what happened with you and Sutton.
Of course.
She told you that we slept together after Jordan's party.
It's not my business.
Then, why are you acting like it is? Because I used to think you were better than that.
What are they doing here? Oh, crap.
Alec, I know you wanted to surprise me, but this place? What are we, hillbillies? Hurry, grab everything.
They can't know we were here.
All right.
- Is this yours? - Doesn't matter, just take it.
Damn it.
Hang on, uh, here, give me a towel, quick.
Uh Here, take this.
Oh, hurry, hurry, hurry.
Your keys.
Got it.
Got it.
What? I'm sorry.
I'm a little rusty.
- Oh.
- Come here.
I had no idea you were so old-fashioned.
Oh, well, there's more surprises where that came from.
That sounds good.
Look, flat screen.
Are they on their honeymoon? I guess.
Oh, my God, what if they start getting naked? Ted bought this place when they were still in diapers.
Now you couldn't pay 'em to come up here.
Oh, well, I'm sure I will come to love it.
After all, you brought me up here for some reason.
I'm sure I'll figure out what that is.
Why don't I give you - the grand tour? - Oh.
She saw us.
- No, she didn't.
- Yes, she did.
She looked right at me.
Wait, w wait, slow down, cowboy.
I'm not done with you in this room.
We have to go.
Let's go.
There's a window.
Laurel, come on, I want to apologize for last night, all right? I I don't want it to be weird between us.
Hmm, think it's late for that, don't you? Well, it doesn't have to be.
When you invited me to the club the other night, I didn't know that was a date.
All right, that's my bad.
Look, you're very pretty, all right? I'm pretty? Yeah.
Okay, look, Jordan, any misguided feelings I might have briefly had for you are definitely over, so you can save your patronizing compliments.
That's fair enough.
Anything else? All right, let me tell you what.
Let's go grab some breakfast, and you can yell at me all you want.
What do you say? I say, have fun kissing your stepsister, creep.
Well, I didn't see that one coming.
Yeah, Alec honeymooning at the cabin.
I kind of figured him for a Turks and Caicos kind of guy.
You gonna be okay here? Yeah.
This is the hotel that Sutton stayed when her car went into the lake.
You want me to come inside with you? No.
I'm fine.
So this means tutoring is out, I guess? No.
Believe it or not, I don't want to see you go back to juvie.
So just meet me back here later.
We'll finish our session.
Emma? Thanks.
Hi, I need a room, please.
It's you.
I'm sorry? You owe me money.
I do owe you money from the last time I was here.
What was the bill again? You know, this isn't about the bill.
I did you a favor.
When that guy came in asking questions, you paid me to lie and say you were in that room alone.
Alone, well, I I was with that woman.
That woman.
You mean women.
- What? - Wow.
You really did take a knock on the head that night.
Girly, there were two women with you in that room.
- Two women? - Yeah, two.
So, where's my 80 bucks? I got to say, this crappy motel room isn't exactly the ideal place for studying Faulkner.
Maybe if we talk louder, the hookers next door will learn something.
Hey, maybe that's them now.
Sutton, what are you doing here? What does it look like I'm doing here? Ethan gave me a little hint about your cram session.
So I thought I'd hit the books.
Really? You're here to study? Well, yeah, thanks to you, Sutton Mercer has a hefty GPA to maintain, so and studying is all that's going on here, right? What do you think? Anyway, you know, I figured you'd be pretty busy working on your speech.
What speech? Oh, it's nothing.
Just some stupid awards thing for my dad.
Being here brings back so many memories, which is surprising, considering I had a head wound last time I was here.
Yeah, funny you should say that, because when I was checking in, the desk clerk said something kind of weird to me.
Well, he's weird.
What did he say? He said that when you were here, Annie wasn't the only person with you.
Someone else was here.
Did he now? Well, he was so busy hitting on me that night that he couldn't have possibly noticed who I was with.
Who did he think he saw? He didn't say.
But anyway, you're right.
He creeped me out, too.
This is nice.
Cloth napkins, candlelight.
Le poulet en croûte.
It's from Celine, your favorite spot.
Well, you really did think of everything.
It's a very special wine.
I've been saving it for a very special occasion.
I think tonight might just be that night.
Let's celebrate like tonight is our last night on Earth.
You know, one of the things we never talked about is what you did the whole time I was gone.
I mean, that must have been tough for you, having your new husband locked up.
It was.
They were the hardest days of my life.
I'll bet.
Did you ever wonder if I was ever getting out of there? Now, why would I? You're an innocent man.
I have faith in the system.
Although there was this one moment.
Oh, it's nothing.
We were both under a lot of stress.
There was this one time that I went to see you in jail, and I could have thought that you thought that I was somehow behind framing you for Derek's murder.
That's crazy talk.
And we both know you were my rock, you know, through the whole thing.
- Of course.
- Plus, if I thought you were framing me about anything, I don't think we'd be sitting here drinking an $800 bottle of wine.
I'd be outside, burying you in the woods.
Not if I buried you first.
Hey, girlie, hold up.
Can I help you? Actually, I was thinking I could help you.
You know how earlier you couldn't remember how there were two ladies with you that night you were here? Yes.
My mind was blank, but yes.
So, to jog your memory, I, uh, put together a couple sketches of the women you were with.
So what do you think? I think you're a very talented artist, Carl.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't our deal that, if I won our tennis match, you stay hidden until after regionals? Actually, the deal was that I stay in the cabin, which is now full of middle-aged honeymooners.
What is this? It's a speech.
I was thinking about Ted's awards banquet, and I just thought I'd help.
That's really sweet of you, Emma, but I have it covered.
Thank you.
Are you sure? Because this is huge, Sutton.
I mean, the family is going to be together, and Ted and Kristin are in such a precarious place.
I said no.
Sutton? Laurel, wait! What's going on? Look who finally decided to do her hair today.
What are you doing? What do you want? Okay, I can't believe I'm actually about to say this, but I wanted to thank you for the advice you gave me about Jordan.
Seriously? Yeah.
I mean, I don't buy the whole out-of-my-league thing, but you were right about him being wrong for me.
Well, you're welcome.
I'll show you to Actually, no.
Uh, so, after I told off Jordan, which was incredibly fun, by the way, I got to wondering.
What's wrong with us? Why do the Mercer sisters keep picking the wrong guys? Justin, Jordan, Ethan? Is this you giving me love advice? I'm just asking.
Why are you wasting your time tutoring Ethan, the guy who broke your heart, when you have someone like Thayer? Oh, yeah, Thayer.
Of course, he's just so sweet and kind and loyal as a puppy dog.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
He cares about you.
And for a while there, I thought you cared about him, too.
Damn it! Alec? Alec?! What happened to the power? Alec? Are you there? Alec, where are you? Alec? Is this a joke? That was quite a spill you took.
Get away.
You did that on purpose.
- What? - I know what you're doing.
This whole honeymoon, the little looks, the cryptic comments.
You're, you're screwing with my head! I know those lights didn't go off by themselves.
Yes, they did.
That's exactly what happened, honey.
I went outside to check the breakers, and the box was locked.
I had to come back in and get the key.
I changed it.
You're lying.
Why don't you just cut this whole loving husband act and tell me why you brought me up here? Do you really think I framed you? Sweetheart, we've been through this.
If I still thought that, then where are the divorce papers? What are we doing up here on our honeymoon? Why would I move into your house and ask my daughter to do the exact same thing? How could I possibly make love to you? Sweetheart, if I thought you betrayed me and yet did all those things, what kind of man would that make me? Come here.
Why do I get the feeling you're not just running late? I'm sorry.
I would have called earlier, but something really important came up.
Sound like you're on the road.
I'm on a bus to L.
Of course you are.
I care about him, Ethan.
And we both know you're better off being tutored by somebody else anyway.
You're right.
Tell Thayer hey.
I'm really sorry.
So am I.
Thought Sutton was coming over to help you study.
It's a change of plans.
You pissed her off, didn't you? Yes, I did.
Anything else? Ethan, the way I see it, you can either sit here and feel sorry for yourself, or you can go find Sutton and beg for forgiveness.
Because I'm telling you, her help is the only thing that is standing between you and a trip back to juvie right now.
It's a good speech, Dan.
Just a little too late.
Look, nobody wants these two back together more than I do, but, I mean, one day, they're fighting in public, and the next day we're in counseling trying to work things out.
Meanwhile, everyone's miserable.
Honey, it's a process.
Your mother and I are both working very hard to try When does it end? I'm sorry, I know this is going to sound terrible, but sometimes I look around me and see how this is affecting everybody, and I just think maybe the two of you are better off What are you saying, Sutton? You want Mom and Dad to get a divorce just because it's too hard for you to watch them work things out? I'm saying that they need to make a decision and stick with it.
Do you have any idea how selfish you sound right now? Oh, really, Laurel? And what if Mom actually wants a divorce? Okay, I think maybe everyone needs to take a little time-out.
Who asked you? - Laurel! - That's okay.
Actually, I think I think I understand what Sutton is saying.
And in her own way, she's, she's just trying to look out for me.
Why do you think that? Well, Sutton's always been strong-willed, and while it hasn't made it easy being her mom, I've always just admired that strength.
You know, when she was a baby, the night Sutton came home to live with us was the happiest of my life, but I was terrified.
I mean, the adoption it happened so quickly.
I felt so unprepared.
What if I did something wrong? What if you cried, and I couldn't comfort you? I stayed with you in the nursery all night just holding you.
And you know what? You didn't cry at all.
You were so calm, just looking around, taking everything in.
I know this sounds crazy, but it was almost it's almost like you were being strong for me.
It's great that you intercepted that drawing of me, but it is just a reminder that we are running out of time.
I think it's time we step things up.
Well, what does that mean exactly? Because we're doing everything that we can.
Well, are we? I mean, I hate to say it, Sutton, but it sounds like family therapy was kind of a bust.
Okay, look, I know it didn't go as well as I had planned, but I'm working on this speech for the banquet, and trust me I am covering everything: the lies, the infidelity, the fights between Ted and Kristin.
Well, that's good, um, but I think we need to take things a little bit further.
Well, how much further? I mean, when you take that stage with Kristin sitting in the front row, that's when you tell everybody the truth; that Dr.
Ted Mercer is your biological father.
- You're kidding.
- Not at all.
But are you sure? I mean, look, I know that that's huge, But don't you think it's a little much? Plus, people will know that you're my mother if I say that.
I know And no one will be more shocked than I.
After all, who knew that you were the daughter I was forced to give up 17 years ago? Well, what about Alec? What's he gonna say when all of this comes out? Don't worry about that.
You just work on the speech, and when the time comes, I'll take care of Alec Rybak.
What's with the suitcase? I mean, I know we've been kind of been avoiding each other, but you're moving out? You're right, I have been avoiding you, but that's not why I'm leaving.
Um my dad is staying at Rebecca's now and wants me to move in with him tomorrow.
Rebecca's where Jordan lives.
You know, if you liked him, you could have just told me.
Well, the thing is, I don't.
And now I'm just really sorry that this whole stupid incident came between us.
Yeah, me, too.
We're friends? Yeah, friends.
Well, then, as your friend and I know you say you're not interested but I'm totally over Jordan, so if you're thinking of kissing him again, go for it.
Thank you, but there are a million reasons why that's never gonna happen, including the fact that we are practically related.
And you're sure about that? Positive.
Hi! Thayer, thank God.
Why didn't you call me back? Did you get my message about the desk clerk telling me that there were two women at the motel? Okay, slow down.
What? I thought you'd be happy to see me.
You asked me to come here, and here I am.
Yeah, I am, but I asked you to come with me two days ago.
I didn't realize there was an expiration date.
Oh, hey! Who's this? Uh uh No one.
Emma Emma, could you stop for a second? That girl you saw is just What? Payback? Look, maybe I should have said yes and come with you out here.
But you need to get past the stupid idea that I have feelings for Ethan! Okay, listen, I really don't want to talk about this right now, okay? Right now or ever? Listen, stop.
Can I at least give you a ride to the bus station? Don't bother.
You don't want to keep your blonde waiting.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Big day, huh? Yeah.
It could end up being a lot bigger than people realize.
What are you talking about? Nothing.
Just nervous for my speech.
Still I'm not quite sure what I'm going to say.
Yeah, well, before she left, Emma seemed kind of worried about that, too.
Big surprise.
She always expects the worst of me.
Well, maybe this is your chance to prove her wrong.
Oh, hey, sweetheart.
Oh, you look beautiful.
Thank you.
You, too.
You feeling nervous about your speech? Little more than I thought I would.
It's gonna be fine.
Um hey, Mom, that story you told yesterday at therapy about my first night at home? How come you never told me that before? Well, honey, I'm I'm sure I did.
Maybe it's just the first time you listened.
Oh, my.
Hey there.
Moving in already? No, not until tomorrow.
- I'm just dropping off a few things.
- Why don't you drop your bags and hang out for a minute? No, thank you.
Well, why don't you let me help you? Unpack later.
What the hell was that? Stop smiling.
'Cause whatever you think is about to happen really isn't.
Oh, is that right? Yeah.
What's really going on here, Mads? And don't say dropping the sweaters off and stuff, 'cause you could do that tomorrow.
I promised myself I wouldn't.
Well, then, I guess you lied.
The biggest gift my father has given me is the example he's set by donating his time and talents to others in need.
That's why we're here today, and it's why I'm proud to call him my dad.
So I had written a speech about my dad um, bunch of clichés about how great of a doctor he is, how great of a humanitarian, and don't get me wrong, that's very true.
But today I want to talk about another truth.
Something you don't know about Ted Mercer.
And that and that is that his greatest accomplishment and the smartest thing he has ever done was to marry my mom Kristin Mercer.
Because she is the one who makes this family work.
And together, she and my dad have built a life that any child would be so lucky to be a part of.
Even an ungrateful daughter who hasn't always paid attention enough to notice.
Honey, that was Ladies and gentlemen, Phoenix Surgical Humanitarian of the Year, Dr.
Ted Mercer.
Hey, Sutton.
Ethan, not right now, please.
W what? That was great.
No, it wasn't.
You don't understand.
It wasn't great.
Are you kidding me? You were real up there.
Okay, so many times you've talked about how you've changed, but that was from the heart.
All right, that was the that was the Sutton Mercer from the ranch that night.
Well, wonderful.
I gave a sappy speech about my parents in front of a bunch of doctors.
What is that going to get me? This.
Home sweet home.
So quiet.
I think I hear him out by the pool.
All right, well, will you say hi for me? - I'm gonna go upstairs and take a bath.
- Sure.
Bye, baby.
How was the, uh, how was the honeymoon? It was memorable.
You're doing laps at this hour, huh? Yeah.
You haven't seen Mads, have you? She was going to stop by here and drop some stuff off.
No, I haven't seen her.
She might have been here earlier while I was gone, though.
Don't know.
Good night.
I thought you said you weren't going to do that anymore.
Well, I thought so, too.
And now we're living under the same roof.
So, things went pretty bad with Thayer, huh? Yeah.
Should have known it wouldn't work out, though, when he didn't return any of my phone calls.
Oh, well, when are you coming back? Soon.
The last bus out last night was canceled, so I had to sleep here at the station, and it was just Shower's free if you want it.
Who are you talking to? - Sutton.
- Oh, great.
Hey, I didn't realize you'd left already, but I just wanted to say good luck at regionals and reiterate how completely genius that speech was last night.
Thank you.
Love you.
Anyways, um, I guess I will just check in on you later, okay? Wait, Mads, no, don't, tell me what Sutton, I thought you were on your Running late, so do you mind moving? I can get a yogurt.
Thank you.
Saguaro Bus Lines 237 to Riverside, San Bernardino, and Phoenix, now boarding.
Thank you.
Let's see You missed this.
What are you doing here? Oh, I checked the bus schedule, figured I still might be able to catch you.
Listen, Emma, that girl you saw at my apartment is just a friend.
We surf together, but that's it.
Well, why didn't you just tell me that? Because I can be hardheaded sometimes.
But I also don't want to be one of those guys That lets pride get in the way of what he really wants.
And what do you really want? One question: those messages you left about Sutton and the second woman at the motel did you come here because you want my help or because you want me? Both.
Thayer, when you left, I I Are you crazy? What are you doing? What the hell happened at the banquet? I don't know, I You had a golden opportunity and you folded.
Are you going soft on me? No Look, I just realized that my feelings for Kristin are a little bit more complicated than I had thought.
And I know she's not my mother, but I But maybe you prefer her to be.
I was just up on that stage, and and to humiliate her in front of everybody I'm just not as okay with it as you are.
Well, I'm very sorry to hear that, sweetheart, because now you've forced me to do something I was hoping I could avoid.
What is this? It's a journal, handwritten by Kristin Mercer.
Read it and you'll see, when you were a baby, that this "wonderful mother" that you spoke so glowingly about wanted to give you away.