The Lying Game s02e09 Episode Script

The Grave Truth

A few months ago, I discovered I had a twin sister, and then she asked me to take her place, keep the secret, find our real mother, and try to stay alive.
Put yourself in my shoes.
How long could you keep up the lying game? - There's still no sign of Theresa.
- I'm sure she's okay.
We are not going to be having a wedding today.
- She got too close.
- What are you talking about? Derek's killer.
Theresa finds out about the blackmail money, and then disappears a few days later? That doesn't look good for Ted.
- If Ted is responsible for this - I just need time.
Give me one night.
Look, Rebecca told me to spy on you, and your dad told me to spy on Rebecca.
I'm doing all of this for you, Mads.
I dropped my hospital keycard somewhere.
Do you guys know where it is? You're going to a hotel with Alec? That's none of your business.
Are you spying on me? - Get out now, before I call the police.
- I'm sorry.
- So where is she? - I don't know.
But when I find the person who took her from me, I'm gonna kill him.
Looking for this? Sutton, what are you doing here? I think the more important question is what are you doing here? Why is this here? Honey, it's not how it looks.
I No You're really afraid of me? No No, I I just want to understand.
Look, I've done things, Sutton, I've made mistakes, but always to protect my family.
You, Laurel, your mother I would I could never hurt you.
What about other people? Wh Did you hurt Theresa? God, no.
You've known me your entire life.
Is that the kind of man you think I am? I just need to hear it from you, and I I just I need to know what is going on.
Can you just tell me? I don't know where to begin.
Well, maybe you should start by telling me why you're at Derek Roger's grave.
Derek stumbled across some information, and was using it to blackmail me.
What kind of information? It's something I never told you, and it's something I selfishly hoped that you'd never find out.
Honey Rebecca Sewell is your birth mother.
I know.
What? You know? How do you know that? It doesn't matter.
Who is my birth father? Please.
Just say it.
It's me.
Sutton, I'm I'm your dad.
Uh Uh, uh-uh Uh, uh-uh-uh, uh Watch out for this girl She's got a gun for a tongue.
So when Alec told me that Rebecca was placing you for adoption, I panicked.
I knew if your mother found out about the affair, she'd leave me, but then I also knew I couldn't I couldn't lose you.
So Alec knew everything? Alec, he he's the one that arranged your whole adoption.
Under the table, of course, and I know that was wrong, but how could I regret that? It gave me you.
I just I never thought we'd end up here.
I just want you to promise me that you've told me everything.
I swear to God.
How did Derek know that you were my birth father? I don't know.
I know Alec mentored him at one point, so I just figured he overheard something.
I figured I'd just pay him a few hundred bucks and he'd go away, but then he just kept coming back, every week, and he would ask for more.
I mean, at the end, I had paid him $20,000? Yes.
And I was about to go to the cops when I saw on the news that somebody killed him.
And I told myself that had nothing to do with me, that Derek had just pushed the wrong guy too far.
And there was a part of me that was relieved.
But then I started thinking, he's just a kid.
He's the same age as you.
That's why you were leaving flowers at his grave.
That's where I ran into Theresa, and she asked so many questions last night, I thought for sure I was going to be arrested today.
She must have disappeared right after that.
Why didn't you say anything to anybody? I don't know.
I've been keeping secrets for so long, I just I've stopped thinking clearly.
But I swear tomorrow morning, first thing, I will go to Dan.
I will tell him everything.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What time is it? It's late.
What's Mads doing here? She said that, uh, there was some weird stuff going on with Jordan, so she spent the night.
We fell asleep waiting for you.
Where have you been? I was with Dad.
At the club? At the cemetery.
Okay, already hating this story.
No, no, no, no, it's great.
It's, um I asked him if he was my birth father, and he said yes.
You're kidding.
I mean we suspected it, but I know, but he confirmed it, Laurel.
We're sisters.
What? We're related by blood.
Oh, just hearing it It's 3:00 a.
Why are people hugging? What's Thayer doing here? Um I don't know.
Go back to sleep.
What are you doing here? I was worried.
Your dad freaks out, then you run out in the middle of the night looking for him? I'm sorry.
I should have called you.
I It was really sweet of you to worry.
So are you going to tell me what happened? Late night? Yeah, I stayed over at the Mercer's.
- You got my message, right? - Mm-hmm.
Do me a favor, honey.
Next time, call.
Don't text.
Got it.
Look, Dad, I actually wanted to ask you something.
Well, I talked to Jordan.
He told me what you have him doing with Rebecca.
Spying? He's not much of a spy, is he? Can't seem to keep his mouth shut.
He knows about the twins.
You don't seem surprised.
I'm not.
Rebecca told him, I'm sure.
Okay, Dad, what is going on? Because if Rebecca is really that dangerous, then what are we doing living in her house? You have to trust me.
I've never do anything to put you in danger, you know that.
The safest place you can be is with me.
- Ethan, hi.
Look - So you asked me for one night, and I gave it to you.
- Did you talk to Ted? - I did.
- And? - He didn't do it.
He came clean about everything.
About how Derek blackmailed him, Alec and the adoption, how Okay, he did see Theresa at Derek's grave.
Wait, what? But but he just talked to her, and then she left.
He didn't hurt anybody, I swear.
Oh, really? Is that what he said? I I trusted you with this.
Okay? I gave you that time, and now, for all I know, Theresa could be dead because of it.
- Wait, where are you going? - Where do you think? To talk to Dan.
Ted said he was going directly to Dan first thing this morning.
- He's innocent, Ethan.
- He better be.
Should I be calling a lawyer? Why? Just two guys talking, here.
Right? Yeah.
Besides I'd really like to hear your story again.
I already told you everything I know, Dan.
Well, maybe a little repetition will jog your memory? Okay.
Um well, like I said, I was at the cemetery leaving flowers.
What time were you at the cemetery? Time? I I don't know if I can remember the exact time.
Well, you better damn well start remembering really quickly.
I want to know everything that happened that night.
I want to know the route that you took, I want to know what kind of flowers you left there, I want to know what they smelled like! - Dan - I want to shut your mouth.
I want to know the exact time that Theresa got there, and every damn thing that happened after that.
- Do you understand me? - I have told you everything, Dan.
You have told me nothing! - Dan, I didn't - Tell me where she is, or I will rip your throat right out of your neck right now.
- Tell me where she is.
- I didn't hurt her! Every second you spend Hey.
What are you doing here, Alec? I'm saving you from making a terrible mistake, it looks like.
Step away from the good doctor, Dan.
- This doesn't involve you.
- The hell it doesn't.
I'm still the District Attorney around here.
Besides, you're barking up the wrong tree.
He didn't do it.
How do you know? Look at him.
We've known each other since we were nine years old.
He's got lots of flaws, but he's not a killer.
Then why does nothing about this man's story seem to add up to me? He's telling me that he's being blackmailed because he's Sutton's - biological father.
- He is.
And you're saying to me that someone cares enough about that to kill someone.
Who? Unfortunately, my my wife.
R Rebecca? She's fallen in love with Ted.
Isn't that right? She found out that Derek was trying to blackmail him, and she took care of it.
I think, if I'm not mistaken, she's got something to do with Theresa's disappearance, too.
What proof do you have? Not enough.
Not yet.
I'm getting there.
Why don't you apologize to Ted? Offer to give him a ride home.
Maybe he won't press charges.
Now, you find your own damn way home.
So he just blurted out those words: "I'm your father"? Yeah, pretty much.
I've waited and when it finally happens I'm not even there.
I'm really sorry, Sutton.
I'm sure he'll say it again, especially if he ever finds out we're twins.
And you're sure Dad doesn't know about that.
Well, then Alec must've just split us up on his own.
Wait wait Alec split us up? Why would he do that? No offense, guys.
But at some point, you're going to have to stop being surprised by things that man did in the mid -'90s.
More importantly, we need to prove that Rebecca was the one who took Theresa.
You're right.
Well, look at my big sisters agreeing with each other.
So, maybe you two should, I don't know, work together? Well, that's what I said, but this one didn't want to.
Because I didn't want to tell you about Ted, - but now I - Then I think you two should hug and make it official.
Laurel, I Come on.
Go on.
Well, let's I mean, let's just Okay, that's great.
Okay, not great.
- We'll work on it.
- Well, what do we do now? Well, I think one of us needs to talk to Rebecca and try and get her to spill.
And I think we both know which one of us it should be.
Kristin, do you have a second? Actually I'm kind of late for class.
Can it wait? No, it it can't wait.
Are you having an affair with my husband? No, I'm not, and where do you, of all people, get off accusing me of infidelity? Princess Kristin, so high and mighty, what does it feel like to be just as dirty as the rest of us, huh? Ladies! Oh, Alec.
- Yeah.
- Just in time.
I was about to tell Kristin how I saw you kissing the other day.
Yeah, that.
Sweetheart, look, I mean, it meant nothing.
It was inappropriate.
Kristin and I are old friends.
It was a moment that got carried away.
Alec's right, Rebecca.
It meant nothing.
Excuse me.
Well, I guess we cleared that up.
So, do we know what happened with Theresa? I have my theories.
You should probably get that.
Tell Ted I said hello.
Thank you.
Hey, Dan, what's going on? Did you find something on Theresa? No hard evidence at the moment, but Alec thinks that Rebecca is involved.
So we're now looking into that.
Um I heard Ted was coming by to talk to you today.
Oh, yeah.
He stopped by.
Apparently, he did see Theresa before she disappeared.
How did you know he came by? Sutton told me.
And? Ethan.
How long have you known? I didn't know until this morning that Ted was at the cemetery.
But Oh, yeah? But what? What? Ted didn't come home the night Theresa disappeared, and and Sutton was worried it was gonna make him look guilty, and I told her I'd give her just until today to sort everything out.
And you chose her over me? I don't think he did anything, man.
That is not a call for you to make.
You are my brother, and I asked you if you knew anything and you lied right to my face.
I know.
I'm sorry.
You get the hell out of my office.
And when I get home tonight, you better not be there.
So, Ethan never told his brother? No, and fortunately it bought me enough time to talk to my dad.
Well, I got to hand it to him.
He really had your back.
Just like you have a million times.
Would you mind getting that, please? Yup.
Is Emma here? Yeah, she is.
Hey! What's going on? Dan found out that I didn't tell him about Ted, so he threw me out.
Hey, Ethan.
Is everything okay? Dan kicked him out.
Oh, my God.
What what happened? Um, as you can imagine, things have just been really chaotic over there lately.
Of course, I'm so I'm so sorry.
Well, look, you're always welcome to stay on the couch.
Um if it's okay with Sutton.
Well, I got to say, Sutton, I was a little surprised to hear that you wanted to see me, considering how things were left the other day.
Well, I felt really bad about that, uh Of course we're family.
Sweetheart, you really shouldn't leave your valuables laying around that's how things disappear.
Let me help you.
Can you get your hair? You know what? I'll just do it.
Speaking of family I have to ask you something.
Remember the other day when I said whoever Derek was blackmailing is probably the person who killed him? Not this again.
Well, I just I need to know.
I asked you if it was my dad you were protecting.
You said you were joking about that.
But what if I wasn't? What if I'm actually worried? That your father is a killer? No.
Not him.
Well so you think that I had something to do with Derek's death, or Theresa's disappearance? All I'm saying is that if if you did you can tell me.
I'm your daughter.
I know.
That's what makes it so heartbreaking.
I know it's kind of awkward, but it shouldn't be.
I'm with you.
Yeah, yeah, and I know Ethan's going through a lot right now, but why doesn't he just stay with me at the club? After the way you guys were beating each other up the other day, I don' think so.
Thayer, can you please just be okay with this? It's just for a couple of days.
Fine, you're right.
Thank you.
I'll see you later.
Hey, for what it's worth, you don't have anything to worry about.
Touch her and you will.
Ted? It's Rebecca.
I got your call.
They said at the desk that you were here.
Ted? You seemed pretty upset when I came by yesterday.
Are you okay? Ted? Can't sleep? I was just making some tea.
You want some? No, thanks.
Emma, I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you letting me stay here.
Yeah, it's okay.
I feel so responsible for everything that happened with Dan.
Ethan, it was, it was really wrong of me to ask you to not tell him about Ted.
I did what I did because I wanted to help you.
Why? You said it yourself.
Emma, even though we're not together anymore, what we had meant everything to me.
In some ways it still does.
I I wish things could go back to the way they were.
You know, like, before Theresa disappeared, and Ethan Oh! Ooh! Ah! Oh! He hey.
- You okay? - Mm-hmm.
No, it's just really hot.
- Let me get it.
- No.
It's, I'm fine.
You sure? Yeah, I'm gonna go back, I'm gonna go back to bed.
So I talked to Rebecca.
Okay, well, how did it go? Mm, not great.
I basically accused her of everything: Derek's murder, Theresa's disappearance.
She totally stonewalled.
That's it? She didn't, like, threaten you or anything? No, she just acted really disappointed, which, believe me, is way creepier.
Suffice it to say she's never gonna trust me again.
Not to change the subject, how long has Ethan been staying with you? Uh! What, did you see his bike outside? No, I saw him through the window.
Gotta say, shirtless-in-the-moonlight really works for some people.
Dan kicked him out.
It was my fault.
Well, he could have just come to the cabin with me.
You guys aren't, like? I'm with Thayer.
You know that.
Look, there's something I gotta say Please.
We're all ears.
It can wait.
Thayer, hi.
Hey, I just came by to see if Sutton was here.
Actually, she left a few minutes ago with Laurel and Ethan.
Was she expecting you? No, I I guess not.
Uh, it's okay.
I'll just call her back.
Thayer, wait! Yeah? I know this is none of my business, but I know how much you care for Sutton, and I know how important you are to her, too.
But? You're just so young to be so serious.
Maybe this isn't the right time.
Are you telling me to back off? Did Sutton put you up to this? No.
Thayer, I just What happened? You had so much going on in your life.
You graduated, you started a business.
What, what happened in California? Mrs.
Mercer, my whole life I've watched people give up on each other.
My mom, Alec, you and Dr.
So no offense, but I think I'm gonna stick around.
You tell her I stopped by.
Okay, the question is, how are we going to prove that Rebecca was involved - with Theresa's disappearance? - Well, we can rule out asking her politely, that's for sure.
Look, I don't care how we do it, but we gotta hurry.
If Theresa's still alive out there we're running out of time.
Hey, you guys.
So, I think I may have brought someone who can help.
Seriously? Well, my dad trusts him, and so do I.
Emma, Sutton.
So, you know, then, about the twins? Oh, you would be surprised at how much he knows.
What does that mean? Let's just say I have Rebecca's trust, maybe even more than you do.
Okay, well, believe me, that's an understatement.
So, last night, I saw Rebecca in her bedroom locking this box in a cabinet.
What kind of box? It's where she used to hide things she didn't want my dad to see.
Mostly pictures of you guys.
So she's got dinner tonight, and I figure it might be my chance to see what's in the box.
Okay, well, that's a good plan.
In the meantime, I have one of my own.
What is it? Well, Emma, desperate times call for desperate measures.
Finishing late, huh? I admire the work ethic.
What now? Nothing.
I just came by to see how you're doing.
See if you'd given any thought to what we talked about the other day.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
You mean your speech about how you've been this overbearing jerk to me my whole life, but somehow it's okay because you love me? That one? T, T, come on, man.
I know you're angry with me and it may be hard to believe, but even when it looked like I was trying to run you out of town, I had a reason, you know? California.
Let me guess, you think I should've stayed there, right? No.
I'm glad you're here.
You're my son and I love you.
I do wish you'd trust me, though.
Yeah, I wish you'd get it out of your head that I'm some sort of criminal 'cause I'm not.
What do your friends say? I I don't know.
They think Rebecca did it.
So why don't you listen to them? Son, I know a huge part of you wants me to be guilty for some reason, but the fact is, I'm not.
It's Rebecca that needs to go down for this, for everything, not me.
And if you're gonna stick around anyway, why don't you do us both a favor, help me get that done? Sutton, hon.
What's going on? Hi.
Sorry, I know it's late.
I just wanted to meet somewhere where no one could hear us.
Yeah, of course.
I understand.
So I was thinking about our talk the other night, and how huge it was hearing you say that you were my real dad.
Well, you were there.
It was huge for me, too.
So and I hope this isn't too weird but I was wondering if you would be willing to maybe say it again? Of course, I will say it as many times as you want me to say it, hon.
Sutton, I'm your dad.
Oh! Oh, sweetie.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I know I'm not usually like this.
Honey Just, growing up and wondering who Sweetie, I only wish I'd told you sooner.
But if this is the only reason you asked me to come out here, then I'm glad I came.
There was one more thing.
What? Hi, Dad.
Oh, my God.
My name's Emma.
How is it possible? Alec split us up.
When he sent me to Phoenix to be with you guys, he sent Emma to Beverly Hills to be with another family.
It was a lot less glamorous than it sounds.
All those years, I thought I was the only one keeping a secret.
What was Alec thinking? And Rebecca? She didn't know Alec split us up.
Yeah, but she has known for a while.
She was hoping to keep it secret just until she finished splitting you and Mom up.
Okay, yes, and I was on board with the plan for a while.
Problem is, we think Rebecca's plan involved killing Derek and taking Theresa.
Yeah, that's, that's what Alec said.
If he's right, we need to do something fast.
And I tried to talk to Rebecca and get something out of her, but it didn't go anywhere.
Now I think you're the only one she trusts.
Then I'll handle it.
I can't believe what I'm seeing.
Good night.
Ted? What's going on, buddy? What do you think? I think you look like hell.
Yeah? Maybe that's because I just had a conversation with my daughters.
Sutton Emma.
And here we are.
You separated them? Who the hell does something like that? I'm your oldest friend, Ted.
My oldest friend! Why? Why'd you do it? Do you really hate me that much? No.
Come on.
You remember what it was like? The fertility treatments you went through? The strain that put on your marriage? Not to mention the financial crisis you were in.
Which, yes, I got you out of.
You were in no condition to be saddled with the burden of twins, man, okay? So you just take one? Yeah.
You put it like that, at the time, it did seem, it seemed like the right thing to do.
Yeah, well, I never needed your help.
Maybe I wasn't doing it for you.
Kristin? You just stay the hell away from her, you got it? Everything that has happened has made me realize what I have to do to get my family back.
And until I do that, if I see you around them, I may not have killed Derek Rogers, but I will sure as hell kill you.
Mads! - Are you okay? - Yeah, I think so.
- Did you see their face? - No.
I just found the box in the file cabinet, but someone got to it first.
Which means this just got a lot more complicated.
Hey, what are you still doing here? Everyone else left, so I thought I'd stay a little while longer.
We used to come here all the time just the four of us.
Yeah, that was a long time ago.
It was good times, though.
Were they? I mean, I know that they were important for me, but But what? I guess ever since you took off for California without telling me, leaving a complete stranger in your place, I just want, I just want to ask: did you ever give a crap about being my sister? About our family? Of course I did.
What kind of question is that? A pretty good one, I think.
You had everything: two parents who loved you, a little sister who wanted to be like you, and still, you sided with Rebecca.
You tried to destroy your own family.
Why would you do that? Because I made a mistake, okay? I trusted Rebecca, and I did some things that I am not proud of.
But I told myself that it was okay because she, she's my birth mother, and we, we shared flesh and blood.
You mean kind of like you and me? Yeah.
I've lived with you for 16 years, and I've never needed shared DNA as a reason to love you.
Oh, God.
Laurel, I'm, I'm sorry for the way I've treated you these last few years.
I'm, I'm sorry.
Oh, my God.
What? Who is it? It's Theresa.
Theresa? Hello? Hello? So, you got a call but there was no one on the other end? No.
I heard someone breathing.
Dan's still not picking up.
I left him another message.
So you can find her, right? Hopefully.
Most phones have GPS, like Theresa's.
There you are.
I was calling you for an hour.
Where is she? It's tracking right now.
That can't be right.
You know, I was worried about you.
I came by earlier to see how you were.
Hmm? I was probably on the driving range.
So what was it you wanted to tell me? I don't really know how to bring this up except just to bring it up.
Well, it's like I said before, you can trust me with anything.
I know that Sutton is ours.
Oh, wow.
She told you? Yeah.
I was afraid of that.
It's okay.
No, it I really wanted to tell you myself.
I was just waiting for the right time.
And What else did she tell you? What else could there be? Hey.
Alec, it's late.
I know.
This is just gonna take a second, okay? I want to apologize for what happened at the club today.
I don't want to discuss it.
When I told Rebecca that that kiss between us meant nothing, I was Come on.
I lied.
I didn't mean to What, humiliate me in front of all those people? No.
Well, I'm glad it happened.
I reminded me that you're still married.
Just for a little bit longer.
I've got some information that's gonna put Rebecca away for a really long time.
Then we can finally be together.
What makes you think that's what I want? I kissed you.
Good night.
Alec split them up.
As soon as they were born, he sent Sutton to you and our other daughter to another family.
I just found all this out recently.
And she's here.
She's here, too, Ted, in Phoenix.
I came here for the three of you.
So you would do anything to protect me, wouldn't you? Anything.
And that is why you killed Derek and Theresa.
I just want to know where I stand.
What if don't know how to answer that? Emma, there's only one way to answer that: the truth.
What's going on? I need everybody to spread out.
We've located the cell phone.
It was in a planter by the back entrance.
All right, great, you found the cell phone.
Where is she? - Hey.
- I'll leave you two alone.
I got a call from Theresa's cell phone.
The cops traced it back here.
Oh, my God.
What are we gonna do? One of us needs to be here for Ethan.
It's okay.
I saw you two in the kitchen.
I think we both know who it should be.
You sure? If I wasn't, I wouldn't have offered.
Turn around.
You know the drill.
Ted, I never meant Not now.
Dan, we need you over here! Can we get some lights on out here? What is it? Theresa!