The Madame Blanc Mysteries (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Of course, it is your property.
You just need to sign Oh.
Thank you.
Looks like she's going to get away
with it.
I know it was her.
# Do you remember the first time
# That my eyes set on you
# Your smile came from nowhere
# For some time never
# Or some time soon
# The road is a long one
# I was only passing through
# I was only passing through. #
Well, thank you for the lift.
You're welcome.
Hey, hey.
Are you still cooking me
dinner tonight?
Oh, I suppose I can rustle you
something up.
You promised me pudding and chips.
Do you realise how hard it is to
get mushy peas in San Victoire?
Yeah, I bet you didn't have any
problem getting hold of a hairnet
though, did you?
Hairnet? I thought you were joking.
No, no.
Honestly, my gran used to soak her
mushy peas in a hairnet.
You got used to the aftertaste
of hairspray, really.
I think that's how they prepare them
in The Ivy.
See, it's the only way.
See you at seven.
Proper looking forward to it.
See you later.
See you.
Look at us, eh? Going
all high-tech.
Hi, David, how are you?
Have you, em, have you lost a bit
of weight?
Oh, I doubt it.
There's this cheese shop.
It's like an addiction.
Well, there are worse things
you could be shoving down your gob,
How's your Tom?
Oh, don't.
He's getting on my bloody nerves!
That rash is back again, isn't it?
And he won't go and see the doctor.
Do you know what he's doing?
He's slathered in Aloe Vera all
over his thighs,
and then he's waving a rose quartz
crystal over them.
I said to him, "Tom, that rash would
have been cleared up weeks ago
"if you'd have to put a bit of
antibiotic cream on.
"So don't come crying to me when
we're in Majorca
"and you can't wear your khaki
shorts because they chafe."
Are you going back to
Majorca again?
Our Shannon's bought a flat out
there, mm?
She calls it the apartment, but you
couldn't swing a cat in it.
You're staying with her?
You out of your mind? With
their kids?
That little one's evil, pure evil.
I bet it's got 666 tattooed on its
scabby little head
if you cared to look.
No, no, we're staying in a very
nice hotel.
Anyway, what can I do for you,
my love?
Did you get the photos on the email
I sent you?
I did.
What do you think?
Well, it's hard to tell unless I see
it in the flesh.
Well, the saturations vivid enough.
Have you measured the carat?
I have.
It's 12 millimetres by 14.
Eight carats!
Are you sure?
No. No, I'm not.
That's why I need your expertise.
Well, well, the crimson flame, that
was 15 carats
and sold for $1.2 million per carat.
Well, it really glows in the
sunshine, almost fluorescent.
That's what made me think Burmese.
And it's got a slight purple hue.
I mean
It's the chromium content, you know,
that gives it that fluorescence.
It's impossible to tell with the
naked eye, Jean.
And if it were pigeon's blood?
Wildest dreams, millions.
Not so wildest dreams.
Hundreds of thousands.
Even the cheaper version is
worth thousands.
Jane, listen to me.
I don't want to scare you, but that
is an extremely valuable
piece of jewellery,
even if it isn't as rare as
we've guessed.
You keep a tight hold of her.
I will.
Are you all right?
David, can I call you back?
Yeah, sure.
Come on, let's put your leash on.
Douglas, no, no, no, come back!
Douglas! Come here!
Come back, Douglas!
Oh, no.
It's a bit blue.
What do you mean Douglas has
gone missing?
The thing is, I'm just getting
ready to
Come on, Dad. It's Douglas.
You know what she's like.
Well, all right, I'll be there
as soon as.
And whereabouts are you?
OK, see you in a minute.
All right, shall we go with this
one then?
Oh. Slow down.
Hi, Jean.
Listen, Douglas has gone missing,
so I'm just giving Gloria a hand
to find him, and then I'll be
right there.
How did he get away?
I was about to put his lead back
on him, he just ran off.
All right, calm down.
We'll find him.
Yeah, of course we will.
What if he's been stolen?
Hiya, can I come in?
It's just that
..well, did you find Douglas?
Yeah, he's at home.
Oh, great.
Jean. Gloria, it's just,
I'm actually expecting someone.
I know. Dom.
I'm really sorry.
His wife's back.
His wife?
I thought she was dead.
Very absent
but very much alive.
Does she do this a lot then?
Just show up?
Well, it's been a while.
She does have a habit of coming back
just as they're getting used to her
being away.
I think the youth call it ghosting.
Claudette must be pleased.
It's her mum.
..what happened between you
two, then?
I thought you were best mates.
We were.
Getting ready for a night out with
her once years ago,
she called to say she'd be late and
I didn't see her for five years.
Did she explain?
So, why did she go away this
time, then?
Apparently her tour kept
getting extended.
She's an actress.
Oh, he must really love her to put
up with that.
He does.
Oh, great.
Another viewing.
Oh, brilliant.
Oh, I can't wait to go home and
seeing all my mates.
Oh, thanks. You know what I mean.
We'll keep in touch.
Of course, we will.
Right, better get back to Houdini.
I hope he's not escaped
that kitchen.
See you, love.
See you.
Oh, oh, you don't mind, do you?
As usual, I don't seem to get
a choice.
Oh, thank you.
So where have you been this
time, Mum?
Oh, darling, I've missed you
so much,
but they just kept extending
the tour.
For two years.
Well, I didn't want to bother you.
You're a grown woman.
You have your own life
Mum. This is the most contactable
age in human history
and all I got from you was a
few postcards.
Oh darling, you know what I'm like
with technology.
No, Dad, sit down.
Right, we need to sort this.
This is the cushion of truth.
Whoever holds the cushion needs to
tell their version of the truth.
She reads one book on mindfulness
And not interrupt the holder of the
cushion, Dad.
Right, Mum, you go first.
Oh, OK.
well, the job was just so consuming.
I didn't mean to be away for
so long.
Claudia, I have to tell you
the truth.
Georgina, don't.
Dad, you can't speak unless you have
the cushion.
..I met someone else.
That's why I was away for so long.
Well, that makes sense.
Oh, darling, I knew
you'd understand.
Are you still with him?
Look, I'm not expecting much, but
we're a family and we should look
after each other.
Do I get to speak now?
Yeah, of course, Dad.
So, you're back then, are you?
How long for this time?
Oh, come on.
Sorry, Claudette, but I have heard
all this before.
If we're going to move on as
a family,
then we need to listen to
each other.
How can we move on as a family
after everything that's happened in
the past?
Why are you so obsessed with what
has happened?
The only thing we have complete
control over is here and now.
Right, I'm going to leave you two
to talk.
Have we finished?
I'm not interested.
I've got nothing left to say.
Well, then you can sit and listen.
I tried to make it work with Jack.
But the truth is, Dom, he could
never be you.
No, of course he could never be me,
cos he was 24-years-old.
I meant, well, he didn't have
your empathy,
your laughter.
This is not going to work
anymore, Georgina.
And he never watched Star Wars.
I'm not on my own, you know.
Oh, who have you got with you?
Oh, Barbara.
Oh, I'm sorry, Jean, did I
startle you?
Oh, Barbara. Thank God it's you.
Are you all right, Jean?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You're looking a bit peaky.
I didn't sleep very well last night.
So, who have you got with you?
You said you weren't on your own.
Oh, no, I just said that in case you
were a murderer.
Well, I did try to call, but I
couldn't get hold of you.
I just came in to do some
measuring up.
Measuring up?
A cash buyer is very,
very interested.
He's ready to move as quickly
as possible.
Oh, that is brilliant news.
Thank you, Barbara.
Oh, that's lovely.
Yeah, isn't it?
Worth a bit?
Well, that's just it.
I don't know yet.
One of the reasons I need to get
home to find out.
Well, as I said, the cash buyer is
ready to move
as quickly as possible.
Oh, oh, Barbara.
Is there any way that we could sell
this furnished?
Oh, great.
I wanted you to have these
before I leave.
I'm flying home tomorrow.
That's a bit quick.
I'm getting the last flight
to Manchester.
Now, they are not original, but they
are lovely copies.
Georgian firing glasses.
They're flange footed and modelled
on Semla circa 18th century.
Did you just say flange?
No, they're called firing glasses
because when you take a drink
and then slam it on the table,
they make a gunshot sound.
Oh, thanks, Gina.
How are you feeling?
Well, I think it's time to go home,
to be honest.
I say, are they what I think
they are?
No, they're reproductions, actually.
Masonic, right?
Oh, right.
Dominic, darling!
Oh, Georgina, you look wonderful.
Hello, Judith.
Oh, this is my mate, Jean.
Should we grab a table?
Don't run off with it.
Well, I think it's only right we
fill these empty glasses up
with something friendly!
Absinthe all round!
Not for me. I've got a bit more
packing to do, actually.
I'll see you all later.
You OK, love?
Yeah, great.
I'm going to miss her.
She's going back to
Manchester tomorrow.
Back to the north of England?
But why would anyone do that?
We should throw her a little party
tomorrow, huh?
Say goodbye.
That's a good idea.
We could all bring a contribution.
Hey, Dom, we just heard Jean's
going back to Manchester tomorrow,
so we're going to throw a little
party beforehand.
You in?
Yeah. Yes.
It's a great idea. Yeah.
You were five,
and me and your dad had just got
married and were buying furniture
for our first home when he got so
excited because he bought
a sideboard for 99p on eBay.
And it wasn't just any
old sideboard.
It was a mid-century design classic.
Don't speak like that.
I mean, he arranged for his friend
to come
and help take it off the truck,
but there was no need because when
it arrived, it was this size.
He'd ordered a piece of doll's house
That's nothing to be ashamed of.
Loads of people have done that.
Bloke I know did it with some
teacups that were that small
they could only be used by
the burrowers.
We were skint back then,
weren't we?
Remember when we tried to sell all
our wedding presents on eBay?
Yeah, all accept that awful
paperweight from Auntie Flo.
Nobody wanted that.
No, you're wrong about that
paperweight, actually.
Oh, really?Yeah.
A friend of mine, she's a bit of
an expert.
She said it's worth a good few
thousand euro.
Good few thousand euro?
Well, you must have sold
it by now, then.
No, I haven't, actually.
Keeping it for a rainy day.
Who would pay thousands of euro
for a lizard being suffocated
in a ball of crystal?
Wow. Well, that's the thing.
She says that's what shows how
exquisite the lamp working is
because it looks so real.
Excuse me.
Mm? I'm a little lizard!
It's a salamander.
I'm a little salamander!
OK, Claudie, listen,
before I forget, can you sort those
invoices out in the morning?
Oh, me and Mum are going to do a bit
of shopping tomorrow.
Oh, OK.
Well, when you get a minute.
Right, I've got an airport run, so,
I'll see you later.
A glass of wine?
Have you lost something?
Oh, my phone.
And Dad's drank the last bottle
of red,
so I'm just going to pop out and get
some more.
OK, well, don't take too long.
I won't.
Hello, darling.
I think I found a way to get us out
of trouble, so hold tight.
I love you.
Celine says you're off
home tomorrow.
Yeah, I've got a buyer for
the house.
Your wife is back.
Georgina, isn't it?
Yep, yep.
Yeah, it's quite the shock.
Must be nice for Claudette, though.
We know how much she missed her
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, she's over the moon.
Oh, I bought your record back.
Oh, so did you listen to it?
I did.
Do you still think it's a
girls' album?
I do. Yes. Yes, very much so.
But it's a very good one.
So, favourite track?
Three, two, one.
All I Want.All I Want.
Yes. Good choice.
Least favourite track?
Case of You.
Oh, rubbish.
Shocking. Shocking.
Celine rung earlier, actually.
Her and Niall are throwing a little
leaving party for me tomorrow.
Can you make it?
I know about it. Yeah. I will
be there.
Well, I hope it all works out.
Yeah, yeah.
So do I.
I mean, like you said, you know, she
is so happy to have her mum back,
you know.
I mean, for you and Georgina.
Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So did I. Yeah.
Well Yeah
Bye then, Dom.
Bye, Jean.
I didn't even know there were that
many clothes shops in San Victoire.
Oh, no.
What is wrong with you?
I'm going to have to sharpen
your shopping skills, young lady.
You didn't do badly.
You made me buy three dresses I
can't afford.
Oh, don't be such a grump.
Go and try them on.
What? All three?
Yes, go on.
You look almost as good as I did at
your age.
Apart from your dad's legs.
Oh, I can't be bothered, Mum.
Oh darling, you've changed.
You used to love dressing up.
Yes, I've changed. I'm 24.
Hold on to your youth and beauty.
Believe me, they don't last forever.
I used to be so proud to show
you off.
I used to get so embarrassed when
you made me sing at parties.
It was good for you, gave
you confidence.
Do you remember at my Holy Communion
when you made me stand on a chair
and sing Amazing Grace?
The shame!
You were brilliant.
Do you remember the Rapunzel wig I
bought you when you were little,
came all the way down to your
ankles!And it glowed in the dark!
You wouldn't take it off.
Oh, that's dad's favourite photo
of me, you know?
Me as Rapunzel.
He keeps it on his desk.
Oh, right.
Next to the suffocating
lizard paperweight!
Does he?
Right. Go on, then.
I'll try one of the dresses on.
Ta da!
I made them myself!
Something typically British!
They reminded me of Jean.
Bravo, darling.
Thank you, darling.
Why don't you have a drink at the
bar? On the house?
That's very kind of you. Lovely!
So, what do you think?
Like mother, like daughter, eh?
Yes, you look very nice, too.
So do you.
Right? Well, I'll see you both
at the party.
I'm off to meet Xav first.
Oh, yeah. Do you need a lift?
No, it's OK. Xav's new boy's
taking us.
Xav's new boy?
Yeah, he came out the other week.
You look great, Dom.
Don't start, Georgina.
Not starting anything. I'm just
saying that you look great.
No, no, you're doing the eyes.
I don't know what you mean.
George, I've known you long enough
to know when you're doing the eyes.
We did all right with her,
didn't we?
Although you might have been a
little bit more hands-on than me.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Anyway, I'd better get on it.
Large Sauv Blanc and a small dry
sherry, please.
So, what lodge are you with
then, eh?
Oh, what am I like?
That's all right, brother.
I understand.
Me too, bro.
Here, darling.
Hi, Mum.
I'm on the late flight, will you
be in?
It looks like I'm not going to have
to stay longer than a few days.
I've got a meeting about a flat
over the weekend.
Oh, well, can you leave the key
under the mat?
Thanks, Mum.
I'll see you later.
Oh, hello.
Is everything all right with
the sale?
Oh, yeah.
I just thought you might need this
for the trip.
Oh, thank you.
That is so kind!
Are those my glasses?
Oh, you inspired me.
We have the same taste!
In houses and glasses, at least.
Well, thank you, Barbara.
You're very welcome.
So what are you up to next then?
Well, back to Manchester.
I'm thinking of buying my shop back.
That's going to cost quite a lot.
My husband left me a present, which
hopefully should cover it.
Maybe he wasn't all bad.
How sweet.
Hello. Hello.
Mum, this is Xav's new
boyfriend, Sammy.
Hello, Sammy.
Well, actually, I was just off to
the pub,
some friends want to say goodbye.
Would you like to come?
How lovely.
I know.
I was really touched,
if I'm honest.
Now, you can create your own story.
Your own happy ending.
Well, all the problems I've had
since I've been over here
I've dealt with.
So, quite proud of myself, actually.
Maybe you're the problem?
Well, if all you've had are problems
around you,
then you must be the problem.
Oh, Jean, I'm only joking,
you're great!
You just need to stop taking
everything I say so seriously.
I know what you're thinking.
Do you?
You were thinking
..that I'm like your
fairy godmother.
I guess I am, yes.
Some people are just destined to
meet, aren't they?
See, if you knew how to
listen properly,
then maybe none of this would have
happened to you.
I'm sorry, Barbara, but you're just
not making much sense.
That's because you're not listening.
Sometimes what you're looking for
can be right in front
of your face.
You're the other woman.
Au contraire.
I am Mrs Rory White.
You're not as fat as he used to say
you were.
It's locked.
You bought him this for Christmas,
didn't you?
Do you remember?
The one where he couldn't get back
because of the snow?
Oh, we had such a lovely time.
He loved your present so much!
I treated him to some of the highest
quality bullets.
They're called radically
invasive projectiles.
He was quite the lover, wasn't he?
Although I suspect you were always
on receipt of my
Glo? Glo?
Is Jean on her way over?
Oh, I've gone and forgotten
Jean's present.
Yeah, Claudette chose to share a
little Bon Voyage Gift.
Oh, that's very kind of you.
Back in five.
I think you need to say thank you.
I'm going to let you be
together forever.
Please come and help her!
I think I've killed her!
Caron! Caron! I had no choice!
She had a gun at me!
It was me or her!
I had no choice!
I had no choice
She came at me with a gun! It was me
or her!
Please, Jean. Just calm down.
The ambulance is on its way.
She came at me with a gun!
It was, it was the other woman.
Rory! It was her! It was her!
Come with me, and we will sort
this out.
It can't be.
I shot her. There was blood.
You've got to believe me.
Did you see where she was shot?
Forgive me.
I mean, where she was shot on
her person.
It all happened so fast.
There was blood.
Maybe the shot was not as fatal as
you thought.
Sometimes in heightened situation,
our mind's eye
can exaggerate the images our naked
eye sees.
I know what I saw.
Jean, why don't we go down to the
station and make a statement?
Then everything that you think
you saw happen is on record?
A statement about what?
There's nothing there?
I'm frightened.
I want to go home.
Your friends are waiting for you
at La Couronne.
Shall I take you there to
say goodbye?
No, no.
I want to go home.
Could you give me a lift to
the airport, please?
Whatever you wish, Madame White.
Thank you.
I can deal with this later.
Hey, hey.
Oh, sorry.
Have you come as Lady Diana?
I'm Simon Le Bon.
Oh, gorgeous.
Now, I really will miss the quality
of the red.
Anything else you'll miss?
Thank you.
Madame White. I'm so sorry, it all
had to end like this.
I'm sure there will be
some explanation.
Thank you, Caron.
You're a good man.
Darling, Jack, please don't go.
I have the money.
Great, so you will be there
to meet me?
Oh, I love you.
INTERCOM:Ladies and gentlemen,
apologies for the delay.
We're waiting for the arrival of
the final passenger.
We will be taking off shortly.
Right on!
Bravo! Bravo!
You made it.
Looks like it.
I'm glad.
Are you?
Where's Georgina?
She texted.
She's off on her travels again.
Oh, I'm sorry.
How does Claudette feel about that?
She doesn't know yet.
Every time I tell her it gets a
little bit harder, you know?
Oh, I'm so sorry, Dom.
Don't be.
It's good in a way.
Do you want a drink?
Oh, yeah, yeah, a large glass of
white wine, please.
Coming up.
Oh, and a pastiche chaser.
I'm playing catch up.
Over here, love!
Where are you?
Darling Jean.
That didn't quite go to plan.
I wasn't the one who was supposed to
be shot.
This is not over, Jean.
This will never be over.
I will be watching you.
I don't know how you did
it, Barbara.
But I'm not scared of you.
Not anymore.
Are you here, Barbara?
Are you watching me?
I hope you can see Rory's ruby glow
purple in the light.
It looks so beautiful on his
wife's hand.
Goodbye, Barbara.
# We're petrified to lead
# A simple life
# Where everything's for free. #
Come on inside.
Judy's made a cake, you ought to see
the state of it.
# Whenever you feel lonely
# Just let it go
# Let the bad feelings show
# Cos in our hearts
# We're petrified to lead
# A simple life
# Where everything's for free
# And if you want
# The world to come to you.
# You know belief is all
# You'll ever need to do. #
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