The Magicians (2016) s04e09 Episode Script

The Serpent

1 Previously on "The Magicians.
" I need your help.
Those who go into the Mirror World rarely find their way out.
- Who's in the Mirror World? - My daughter.
What you need to do is pull her out.
I might have something.
It turns an ordinary object into sort of a beacon.
Thank you, Alice.
There was some fallout from your tracker coins.
Several hedges died.
Today we learned the true danger we're in.
What about Penny? He still, uh, sweating you? He's not sweating me.
I was a goddess and now I'm just your friendly neighborhood bulletproof vest.
It would be best for you that you make this state you find yourself in temporary.
Have any advice on how I do that? You must seek the Binder.
A monster possessed you and is inhabiting your body.
What? There's a door hidden deep in a forgotten remembrance.
Q, it's me.
It's Eliot.
I'm alive in here.
Tell me my destiny.
A moment will come to protect the future of Fillory.
A moment to stand beside the High King and then dethrone her.
Take her crown then.
Even if that means drenching it in her blood.
Hedge witches of the world, this is your wake up call.
The Library has turned the flow of ambient magic down to a trickle.
We fight for scraps.
It's time to cull the herd.
Defend yourself.
Go on.
Throw something at me.
Cast anything, this is what the worm does.
Try to remove it, same effect.
We will find you.
We will infect you.
You've been warned.
Stop doing magic.
It's not for you.
Fuckers call themselves Serpent.
Branding's a B minus but they are very much for real.
Wards are no help.
Last guy was attacked in broad daylight in his own kitchen.
Kady, it's Alice.
Can you let me in? I'm just here to talk.
Oh, good.
So, you don't need the Crowbar.
Go to hell.
- Bye.
- Wait, no, I'm coming in.
So hit me or hear me out.
You're trying to fight the Library.
Yeah, no, I'm not.
Well, they're calling you the new Marina.
Actually, they are calling you that.
Mostly even in good terms.
We're not trying to step on the foot of big government.
We're just trying to, you know, not die.
But you are doing something.
And I was inside the Library, okay? I can help.
Look, I've been on an apology tour.
Would you like to hear my speech? No.
Why do you want to help? None of us went on that quest so good people would have to be slaves for the Library just to get a little magic.
I wanna fix it.
At least help.
I feel better.
So, we're having a crisis.
You can help, you can stay.
Hi, my name's Pete, by the way.
I had no idea hedges were taking it this far.
So the Library turned down the ambient.
Is that how this started? They did more than that.
Mandatory cards, bans, meters in houses I've seen those.
What's your plan? Well, we know this will keep happening if everyone's starving.
Well, I helped open a pipe in Modesto, but we can't get anywhere near that right now.
That was you? Do you have any i What I we didn't blow anything up, and we definitely didn't know anybody else would.
But you're right.
You can't just open one.
You have to open 50, 100.
You need a You need a map of the entire system.
We're listening.
Junction boxes.
Drop a tracer.
Follow the pipe.
Map the system.
Look for weak spots.
Spots with the most magic.
Great, how do we find a box? Well, the one person I knew who could help us, the Library took her.
Okay, so we need another way to get at a box.
We need a mole.
Recruit a mole inside the most powerful institution in the multiverse? Sure, why not? Stop doing magic.
It's not for you.
Is this even a Library matter? Hedges murdering each other in the streets is a security concern.
Can we use the tracker deweys? They stopped using those.
They're not idiots.
Just psychopaths, then.
So we continue to do nothing till what? They start putting blood worms in card-carrying magicians? We need a middle ground solution.
Temporary cure.
Reed's Mark.
I fail to see how hedges will interpret such as empathetic.
They might feel we're taking away their defenses.
Well, get a blood worm and cast, you boil alive.
So there's that.
Reed's Mark would prevent them from triggering the parasite, even accidentally.
I'm barely aware half the time I cast little things.
Still, they'd never submit to it.
It would be voluntary.
For those already infected, and those living in fear.
No paperwork, no questions asked.
Then once this Serpent group have been dealt with, the mark is removed free of charge.
I second.
Those opposed? Motion passed.
Reed's Mark it is.
Anyone can be turned with the right leverage.
Well, it'll have to be someone high up in the Library.
Everyone's got a weak spot.
Mom, what's wrong? What do you mean, inside? Text me a picture.
Guys? What the fuck is going on? What is she saying? What? What do you mean, you're in pieces? Guys, I think we have our leverage.
How is it possible? - Is it shards? - No.
It'll add up to the real her.
The beacon summoned the true Harriet.
It's just she's been in the Mirror World so long.
It's a crazy place.
Something must have happened to her and shattered her into three pieces.
And you, your mother, and I, we were the ones that made the beacon, so a part of her came to each of us.
So, what do you want? The nearest pipe junction box.
Why would I ever after Modesto Because you want your daughter.
Look, we are trying to stop what's happening out here.
More magic will lower the body count, or this situation you created blows up into a full-on war.
You put more out there for anyone Hedges have always self-policed.
I consider it my full-time responsibility.
You have my word.
Your proposal is very risky.
So is putting Harriet back together.
But I can do it.
Can you? I can fix her.
If you give Kady the box.
Fine, we have a deal.
A moment? It's urgent.
We'll give you a moment.
Alice, walk with me.
A few details.
An entire safe house? In ten minutes, everybody was infected.
Half of them are dead.
We have to find that guy in that stupid mask.
Okay, start some locators.
Uh, casting spells in the current socio-political climate is, uh I much prefer option B which is this guy gets Reed's Mark and waits until this mushroom cloud dissipates.
You can't be serious.
I can't believe you're not.
Look, I got your back, but I would prefer to do that in one solid non-crispy piece.
Give me a day.
That's hot, that's hot, that's hot.
So, we're looking for what, exactly? Any reference to the annoyingly vague message the dragon sent me.
"Seek the Binder.
" I hate riddles.
But if it could jumper cable her, then Well, in "D&D", a Binder's, like, a low class level of - Announcement.
- Damn it.
The stone from your dragon person is 100% god piece.
That is good news.
The good news is I can feel how many pieces are still missing.
Any guesses? The answer is one.
Only Enyalius stands between me and anatomical perfection.
Find him and bring me the final piece.
Cheesy puffs? I, uh, I guess we switch tracks to find Enyalius.
It's not gonna be easy.
He knows we're looking.
A lot of gods kind of have signatures.
Um, ways to look for them, whether they mean to or not.
So we research and, while we're there, we solve this Binder shit.
Are we taking our snacky friend? Since I have no other way to motivate you than this meat sack, know if you take too long, I'm going ice cave climbing with no clothes until this body freezes forever.
Stop changing the subject.
The Napster? It's odd.
Not only is the Great Snow 100 years early, but when it sings, it's in soprano.
Can you tell me what the cat lady said about my destiny lizard? Well, the message was very unclear.
You were mind melding for 12 hours.
Oh, she's very mercurial.
Josh, hello! Hi.
Glad you're back.
Talking points up the waz.
Here's number one.
Eliot! Alive.
What? Yeah, Q sent a troop of these cuties to exposit.
Eliot's alive, albeit in mind-prison while the Monster controls the joystick.
Talking point dos.
Thank you.
A wild Fillorian clock tree has sprouted up, leaving a village stuck in time.
It's been a total clockster fuck.
No? Nothing? Okay, anyway, with the ambient being so low, that's the latest on the magical weirdness list, - which is getting long.
- We should call the council.
Step ahead of you, sister.
In my official capacity as pinch-hitter and fill-in crown-wearer, I planned a state dinner.
Nothing brings peeps closer together to solve a global catastrophe like good eats.
Margo, you're gonna wanna see the guest list.
Q is positive he's alive in there? Yeah.
I'll just go now.
- Oh, that was the most - Thorough sex I've ever had.
So, I'll see you when I get back.
Uh, but the royals are arriving.
- And I have to go save Eliot.
- How? Or, is the idea to be a friend by dying? Uh-huh, don't make a sorry dumb gesture.
Will you just stay for the feast? I invited the Foremost.
Foremost what? He leads a nomadic tribe that according to my apricot guy who's tight with their agave trader was once ravaged by body-possessing demonic spirits.
And? And in act three of the movie, the Foremost saved them with special weapons that expel possession.
You're shitting me.
Nope, that's the one thing we didn't just do.
They call them ice axes, and I'm assuming that's poetic license.
So we might have a chance to save Eliot.
Keep it up, Josh.
I'm gonna go get dressed for the banquet.
"Keep it up, Josh.
" Okay, fine.
I'll bite.
- What's the paper? - Perhaps you've heard.
There's a wave of hedge witch terrorism.
Is it a wave? Depends on who you ask.
Certainly the librarian who requested a list of rejected students had an opinion.
They asked for a watch list? Of potential hedges, yes.
Everyone has a line, Alice.
Apparently, mine is turning over a list to what's starting to feel like a goddamn totalitarian regime.
Who knew? I have to resign.
Well, since you've grown morals apparently, I have an alternative.
Set myself on fire? Tempting.
Sack up and stay here where you can do an ounce of good - and protect the list.
- I'm old.
I'm tired.
- I have no way to protect it.
- Had no way.
Zelda is outside and she needs your lab and a whole lot of magic.
And most importantly, your secrecy.
Why should that come cheap? Go talk to her while I research.
Binders of various types.
The word Binder's in a ton of actual titles, huh? I mean, Google "The Binder.
" 120 million hits.
You think that dragon's trolling me? Anything new on Enyalius? 'Cause I got a fresh take on that.
Let's find him, get his rock, destroy it before the Monster comes back.
Wow, I love it.
Except for the part where it doesn't save Eliot.
We'll figure something out.
We always do.
No, bro.
Take it from someone from a timeline where you did not figure it out.
We'll find Enyalius first.
I'm not talking about this now.
But no one made it out of that expedition alive.
Have you ever wondered about your past lives? If you have long lost loves or suppressed memories? Memories.
Search no further.
Thank God for priority overnight.
I'll send your mom some chocolates.
She'll like that If they're made of wine.
Traveler's blood? Once it starts, I'll have to seal the lab and you'll both have to wait outside.
Bjorn's Electromagnetic is unstable.
Good thing I'm a phosphoromancer.
Okay, we're about ready.
Oh, one thing.
The Harriet that came to me was exaggerated.
It seems when she fragmented, so did her personality.
Just be aware.
But I'm more concerned with getting them out quickly to the same place so we can reunite them at all, so Now out, both of you.
Just don't fuck yourself up too much, okay? You punched me in the face.
Don't die.
Shit, it overloaded! Wh I have to fix the prism.
What are you doing? No, we don't have any time.
We're running out of ambient.
I don't understand you.
Look, I have to do this now.
You fucked that one up.
Interesting application.
But I can improve on this.
Okay, but we have to fix this now! - No, we have time.
- No, we don't.
Don't be such a scaredy bitch.
- I'm not.
- Ah.
That's what you are.
You're the mouse inside me.
I get you promised to fix her, but honestly I don't see the point in putting us back together.
You're absolutely worthless.
You can go now.
Give that back to me right now! No.
I wanna play with it.
- Give it back.
- Uh-uh.
Give it back, you arrogant bitch! Oh, my God, your stupid face.
You're gonna destroy everything again! She's dangerous.
I had to.
I need to.
Just wait.
Move! Move! That bitch.
Hello? Hello! Goddamn it.
Margo will want those by the throne.
And you go to the wine cellar.
Oh, hi.
- You must be looking for the - Fen.
My name is Ru.
Queen of West Loria.
I'd like a private word.
Leave us.
What was your Creature? There's no sense in denying it.
The thing told me its sister visited you.
My prophecy was concise.
For the health of my land, I must aid you in dethroning the High King, violently if necessary.
I see yours lines right up.
Look, Margo has a reputation, but Gods, don't tell me you're friends.
No, no.
But I've thought about this and realized my our job here is indeed to do what's best for our lands, and that's just not necessarily You're about to speechify on fighting one's destiny? No, no, no, no.
Um, on listening to one's guts.
I'm willing to forge a peace with Fillory Once you take the throne.
Then and only then.
Wow, okay.
I'm just saying there are so many paths During the feast, you will order the castle doors open whereupon my men will enter - and chop off her head.
- Enjoy the desert course.
Did you really think I was gonna say that? Hoped.
A ruler never walks away of their own accord.
They must be crushed.
Now I don't relish this, but we are responsible for our own kingdoms.
There is but one alternative.
Everlasting banishment.
But that's a form of death.
You have until dinner to decide.
Or I'll be forced to see to it that your head joins hers in the basket.
Whatever your name is.
I have the most perfect idea.
Um, who is that? Is this a a game, or Are you aware that there's big money for psychics who are in actuality big, giant fakers? I had to try 19 before I found a real one.
Allan, you're going to help me so much.
Help you with what, exactly? Remembering my past life.
Could you guys make me a snack? We'd like some privacy.
Is that gonna be okay? This guy's mind better be strong as hell, 'cause 'cause if it gets too hot in there Oh, boy.
Attention, customers.
Clean up in the baby food aisle.
You forgot the chips.
There's no pulse.
It's fine.
- I'll get another one.
- No, it won't work.
- You're too strong.
- Fine, I'll get a strong one.
You're upset.
I'll get this gross corpse out of your sight.
See you when I find a new psychic friend.
I can help.
I know a psychic with a real strong mind.
- Penny, don't.
- Who? Me.
Just you say no, and then no? Cute you wanna make this about me being bossy, but we both just saw that guy die.
I'm not that guy.
I studied this.
I had the Beast in my head.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm glad that you care.
Ha, ha, but I actually do.
Ha, ha, but I actually get that.
And I'm being serious.
So, how about this? If I don't die, I can take you out for a drink.
What, are you kidding? That's something that regular people do.
Yeah, fuck it.
Okay, try this.
Live, and you can buy me dinner.
That was fun.
It took a lot of rocks to sink the body.
Ready to get started, Percy? Okay.
So, why are we here? It's important.
Not sure why.
That's okay.
This field, was there a house or anything else here? No.
An altar.
And some bowls.
Think about the bowls.
Anything inside them? Stones.
The stones.
The ones they put part of me into.
But not yet.
They're still empty.
- Uh - And rope.
Lots of rope.
Nothing here can hurt you.
They said they were scared of me.
Who? Bacchus.
But they needed Enyalius.
They couldn't do it without him.
I know what they did for Enyalius to make him come.
There is a girl.
Near death.
She was a sacrifice.
Stop him.
Stop him.
- Stop him.
- I can't.
Everything that is happening has already happened.
He called me monster, but look at him.
He loved it.
The scent of a dying girl.
Some god of war.
He only liked them when they were too weak to fight.
You're not strong, Enyalius.
You're a sad, perverse little Why is this making me so upset? Ma Maybe there's more here.
Keep watching.
He's bleeding.
Should we No.
He said to wait as long as possible.
One more minute.
Thank God you saw the door.
- No.
- It's me, it's me.
It's the real me.
It's Eliot, okay? This is a mind palace situation and we don't have a lot of time, and I have some extremely major shit to tell you.
Maybe there's more.
Maybe there's more.
Maybe there's more.
What is it? What is it? Traveler.
But it is only a matter of time before he remembers it, too, okay? So you have to Percy? Percy 23? - Shit.
- Go, go, go, go.
Percy 23.
Percy 23.
- Percy 23.
- Right Right here.
Where were you? - I was just exploring.
- What did you see? Nothing.
There's nothing else here.
If you are lying to me, I will have you flayed.
Oh, shit.
Penny! That was helpful.
Tell him I said thanks.
I know just who to find exactly to Enyalius's tastes.
We're going to find him and I'm going to be whole again.
This is a great day.
Would you care for a pipe? We're a lot alike, you and I.
My mother was a hedge witch, too.
She died.
I was ten.
I didn't know you were a hedge.
Oh, yes.
My mentor, Everett, found me sounds dramatic in an alley.
Gave me shelter, education, believed in me.
I will never need to do those things again, but My choices now seem worse.
That's why I agreed to give you the location of the pipe junction.
'Cause someone gets hurt regardless.
Because I know you'll work to keep things fair.
And you know this how? Because we both had shitty moms? Because you have the capacity to sit with the woman who caused the death of the man you love.
To try and understand her.
So, I have faith you'll make choices that hurt the fewest people.
Okay, look, you can fix a prism with Strand's Vitrum.
Right, but do we need to dress the refraction angle for a break, or I don't understand sign language! Okay.
You have to adjust, of course.
We need to cut a new prism.
I don't know what you're saying! No! You don't know! She destroyed my life with her crazy ideas and her insane confidence.
Goddamn it.
Hi again, bitch.
Oh, what do I do? What do I do? - I I do Strand's Vitrum.
- Cut a new prism.
Combine Gentileschi.
Doesn't matter, though, because you're - I'm not.
- You're frozen.
You move one hand to fix it, and you freeze.
You need to let me out of here.
- But what you wanna do - What you actually deserve.
Maybe I do.
Maybe I'm just too much to live.
But the fact of the matter is if you throw one tiny piece of magic in here, it bounces, and we both vaporize.
Yeah, well, don't be so sure I hate that idea.
You can't.
See? You need me.
You You're an egomaniac.
- You only care about yourself.
- Well, someone had to.
No one else gave a shit.
Because you alienated them all.
- Our IQ did that.
- Your arrogance.
Oh, I'm so smart.
Look at me.
Oh, love me, love me.
I won't exist unless you love me.
I'm so sorry I'm smart.
It's not you, it's me.
I'm so sorry.
That's exactly why you destroyed the keys, because you're such a goddamn genius.
I didn't do that.
You did.
- That's bullshit! - Mm.
My arrogance didn't destroy the stupid keys.
Fear did.
You did.
You ruined my life.
We did that together.
You're right.
I can't fix the prism.
Because it's a big swing and it might blow up, and that's my thing? Do you wanna know what the biggest swing there is? Us agreeing.
Self destruction would be a sad waste of both of us.
'Cause we still have no idea what we're actually capable of.
That scares me, too.
Does it scare you so much you'd just rather never know? Just leave me in here to die? And you go live your ordinary waste of a life? Well, that's not weird at all.
Does that say "Binder"? - Isn't Julia looking for - But we shouldn't.
Clearly it wants us to.
Let's not get precious about it.
All right, let's fix this fucker.
Okay, are you ready to pull yourself together? Red alert.
So there is a palace coup underway.
Fen is planning to defenestrate you.
It's a destiny thing.
That balsa-toed bitch.
I'd like to see her try.
Where's the Foremost? Not here yet, I guess.
Hold off the traitor till I talk to him.
- Then let her come.
- Okay.
Stand here so Fen can't see me.
She's trying to overthrow me.
It's a long story and I'm handling it.
Where is the Foremost? Leader of the Southern Nomads? Wandering in the south, I imagine.
He and his axes are supposed to be here, Tick.
But he'd never come to this.
Oceans of apology, Majesty, but the Foremost is a sworn enemy of Fillory and will not interact with her citizens.
- Much less High King.
- You're joking.
But this whole I need him, Tick.
For Eliot.
Oh, I see.
How can I assist? Would you like me to travel to the South and use false Lorian papers to seek an audience? The Pickwicks are a notoriously thirsty people, making them ill-suited for the desert, and I have a violent allergy to the sand.
And of course, I'm not a magician.
But if it helps, it would be an honor I get it.
It's a job for a tough bitch.
So it has to be me.
Oh, thank you.
I would have died.
Oh, please.
You by any chance seen Margo? Oh, my semi-girlfriend who saved my life and is also a great King? No.
Why? No reason.
Just, uh Oh, actually, uh, I have to go sneeze.
- Um, can we talk? - Do it.
Excuse me? Fen.
Do it.
I don't understand.
Overthrow me right the fuck now, Fen.
- I never should have - Or I will never forgive you.
And neither will Eliot if you keep me from getting the one thing that can save him.
Excuse me.
I need a word with the guard.
By order of High King Fen, Margo of tribe Hansen is forever banished, never again to step upon the soil of Fillory, never again to breathe - its air or feel its magic.
- Oh, get on with it.
Son of a pig fucker.
Perfect words to remember you by.
Wait! I curse Fen's name.
But if I were you, I'd listen to her! And wait! Be nice to her! Your grandkids' grandkids will fear me! Margo, wait! Five seconds.
Look, I should go with you.
Josh, I can handle my shit.
What I can't handle is Fillory blowing up, so please just help Fen.
Okay? Okay.
For your journey.
Just a few simple fig apricot saffron cardamom vanilla plum danishes.
They'll keep.
So oh, and a new map.
Very helpful.
Oh, also, fully charged.
When the going gets tough, tough listens to pop anthems - from the '80s.
- Josh Just a thought.
Never mind.
- You're a good man.
- Oh.
Okay, I'm gonna try and live through this 'cause it's feeling like we got some more banging to do.
It does, right? But don't wait for me, Hoberman.
Let's be realistic.
I'm probably going to wait for you, though, so sorry.
Don't be a fool, Josh.
We belong to the thunder We've both fallen under It's been far too long.
I think we should go in.
Alice, you okay? All in one piece, but a little shaky.
Let's, uh, get you several snacks, huh? Thank you.
Consider the list misplaced indefinitely.
There's nothing we can do while he just goes out there and looks for someone to kill.
Oh, we have to do something.
Yeah, I know.
But what? Whoa, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Whoa, dude, sit down.
- Oh.
- You just had a seizure.
- Where's the Monster? He's looking for a girl for Enyalius.
I saw Eliot in there.
- Is he - Alive.
And poking around like a pro.
The Monster, everything he can't remember, it's in there.
All of it.
- Wait, Eliot saw this? - He saw something.
In the Monster's memories, buried.
We've been wrong about everything.
He's not trying to rebuild his body.
That's not what the stones are.
That's not what they're for.
It's so much worse than that.