The Magnificent Seven (1998) s02e05 Episode Script

Wagon Train (1)

TRAVlS: Quiet down.
Quiet down.
Court rules in favor of the homesteaders.
[CROWD CHEERlNG ] Now, this is an outrage, now.
This claim says that land is mine.
Look there, you see, ''Mr.
Dicky O'Shea.
'' l peaceably come to the first legal court l could find.
to assure me claim was legal.
But now this bloody woman here tells these thieving farmers about it.
and sure don't they go off and invent a bogus deed of their own.
l knew of their claim long before l'd ever heard of you.
The homesteaders' claim predates yours.
l suggest you set your sights on another piece of land.
l want that land.
By the saints, it's mine! Not anymore.
Might wanna go take it up with them saints.
Safe journey, Mr.
All right, folks, we'll get back on the trail first thing tomorrow.
Let's get those supplies loaded up.
-Who's that with Mary? -l wouldn't know.
lt'll be a rough road for those folks.
lt might not be a bad idea for you seven to stick with them for a day or two.
We've done just fine on our own, all the way from St.
That was before Dicky O'Shea knew you owned that land.
l've heard about these seven men, judge.
They're not the company we want our women and children keeping.
Better safe than sorry.
-l'm telling you, if-- -Mr.
This may sound like a suggestion.
lt's not.
lt looks like we're going on a wagon train.
BUCK: Morning, gents.
: Hey, Buck.
We about ready? Mr.
Tanner, the only thing l am ready for at this ungodly hour.
is the comfort of my down pillow.
Let me help you with that.
l got it.
Thanks, but l had it.
-lt looked more like it had you, miss.
RlCHMOND: That's missis.
Glad to be of service.
MARY: Morning, Gerard.
GERARD: Morning.
Hey, Chris.
Hey, you, kid.
l'm going on the wagon train with you.
-That a fact? -Well, don't look so surprised, Chris.
There's no telling where a journalist's job will take them.
You sure this is a good idea? We'll be fine.
After all, we have you along to protect us.
-Mary, you gonna introduce me? -l'm sorry.
Chris, l'd like you to meet my old friend Gerard.
GERARD: Pleased to meet you.
Gerard and my late husband went to school together.
ln fact, l proposed to Mary first, but Frank had already won her heart.
When Gerard wrote and told me that he and his daughter, Katie.
were planning on a new start, l knew it would make a great story, so.
Mary invited herself and Billy along.
Oh, l invited? [MARY LAUGHS] We're ready to go.
Move them out.
[MEN SHOUTlNG ] l look forward to spending time with you.
Me too.
You know what me da would have done, Happy? Your da was a fine man, Dicky.
He would have done nothing.
Not a blessed thing.
But l'm not me da, Happy.
lf those farmers never reach the land, they can't live on it, now, can they? [MEN SHOUTlNG ] How do, ma'am? Beautiful.
Beautiful day.
EZRA: Hey, Buck, hold up.
l see you've espied our comely young widow.
Widow? Well, l do love that word.
They are so in need of comfort.
Well, unfortunately, despite her undeniable charms.
she's a tad difficult to get close to.
BUCK: Ezra, no offense, but you're no match for el Buck.
l'll admit that l'm not as indiscriminate in that area as yourself, Mr.
However, the point is, there is another rival for her affections.
Oh, she has a beau? Well, that's even better.
He's a formidable opponent.
A rapacious, insatiable thief stealing her time and attention.
like a rogue bandit in the night.
Who is this devil? -Hey! EZRA: That's the gentleman over there.
Why didn't you tell me that thing belongs to her? Ha, ha! lf one were to win its affections, one might be able to win hers.
-You saying l can't take him? EZRA: Not in a fair fight.
Actually, l just think l could win him over first.
Oh, yeah? And l'll bet that neither of you can do it.
Bet? l do love the sound of that word.
CHRlS: How's it look? VlN: Not so good.
Pass has been washed out by them floods.
RlCHMOND: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
-There a problem? -We were just discussing the best route.
Got that worked out already.
Straight over the pass.
Pass looks rough.
Riding around will be easier on the wagons.
-Maybe we should-- -lt'll take longer to get there.
At least we'll get there in one piece.
Mister, we've been on this journey for two months.
l got us this far.
Reckon l know what l'm doing.
We're going straight through as planned.
Hyah! Hyah! At least he's willing to discuss it.
DlCKY: For the love of Pete, it's just a wee coney.
Make it supper, for crying out loud.
MAN 1 : There he goes.
MAN 2: Get him.
-No, he's right over there.
MAN 1 : He's right over there.
lt's a fast one.
MAN 2: No, over here.
HAPPY: l brought him in, Dicky.
Found him right where you told me, working the railroad.
MAN 1 : He's right over there.
So you're the powder man then, are you? Well, powder man, l got a pesky wagon train headed for a piece of ground.
that should belong to me, like.
-Wagon train.
Well, that's easy.
MAN 1 : There he goes.
Right there.
MAN 2: Watch it.
Just a bunch of wood and flesh, no solid rock.
l don't need them dead, mind you.
-Just scared off, like.
-Scared off.
MAN 1 : Grab him.
MAN 2: You see him? He's right there.
[MEN COUGHlNG ] -Supper.
[LAUGHlNG ] So when do l start? All right, powder man.
All right.
Are you all right, boys? [BOTH LAUGHlNG ] Water? Thank you.
Y'all could just stop now and put down stakes here.
Pretty nice spot.
New homestead's gonna be nicer.
Think so, huh? Well, l haven't seen it yet, but l know it's got a river and mountains.
and fine, rich soil as far as the eye can see.
And when we start farming it, it's gonna be heaven on earth.
l reckon, if you're akin to that kind of thing.
Only a fool wouldn't be.
Well, then, l'm a fool.
because l never been interested in taming land.
Oh, the wild and woolly type.
Woolly to the bone.
You ought to smile more often.
Kind of lights up your face.
Figures l'd say the thing that would chase the smile away.
RlCHMOND: Charlotte.
-l've gotta.
[BUCK CHUCKLES] Yeah, that's good.
Howdy there, son.
Go away.
l'm busy.
Now, a boy is never too busy to go hunting.
Now, what do you say you and me.
just loading up for bear, and just riding on out.
l hate horses and guns give me bad dreams.
Well, what do you like? -l like stories.
-Oh, you like stories? Well, l know what kind of stories boys like.
And me, l got a peck full of them.
Now, there was this time.
l met this sweet little conchita named Juanita in Mexico.
Let me tell you, that little gal, she was ready and willing, if you get my drift.
-What do you mean? -Well.
She liked to dance with her dress above her head.
[BUCK LAUGHS] And her skin, it was the color of pure nutmeg.
and it was smooth as the inside of an egg.
And the curve of her hip, well, it's my favorite part of a woman-- Mr.
Wilmington! You keep your filthy mouth as far away from me and my son as possible.
Well, ma'am, l was just.
-There you go, Buck.
-Well done.
NATHAN: We got company.
CHRlS: What do you want? l've come with a very generous offer for you fine people.
-We're not interested in any offer.
-lt must be mighty special land.
lt's just got all 40 shades of green.
l get homesick something awful since l left lreland.
Then go back, because you ain't getting our land.
We rode long and hard to get this land.
We're not gonna sell it to the likes of you.
DlCKY: ls that right? -Now, get out of here.
Me da used to say, ''You'd do well to mind your manners.
lt'll make things go a mite easier on you.
'' You and your da can go straight to hell.
Sounded like a no to me, Mr.
You gonna pull that or you just resting your hand on it? Well, maybe something will happen to make you change your mind.
Be seeing you.
lf you had any smarts you would've listened to his offer.
You got a problem? CHARLOTTE: Come on, Will.
-Stay out of this, woman.
Mister, the only one who's got a problem is you.
GERARD: --castle door.
A bellowing voice called out: ''Send out your best and your bravest.
'' And there stood a 30-foot tall, towering giant.
who ate little children for breakfast.
His teeth were sharp as knives and his arms were.
[GERARD SPEAKlNG lNDlSTlNCTLY] Nice and quiet.
CHARLOTTE: You had no right to talk to me that way.
RlCHMOND: l do, you're fool enough to butt into my business.
CHARLOTTE: Our business.
Our business! Oh, l can't take this anymore.
RlCHMOND: Get back here.
Richmond, you all right? l wasn't trying to spook you.
l'm fine.
l don't mean to pry.
but your husband seems to be fighting the bit a lot of the time.
He didn't used to be like this.
lf you'd just seen him before.
Like when Allison was born.
He was so happy.
You never seen a man more proud.
Allison your daughter? She was taken by the fever two winters ago.
l'm sorry to hear that, ma'am.
l never did and never will make peace with it.
Figured l'd best get along with life anyway.
But Will, he.
He just can't seem to.
l wanted this move, the new land, to be a second chance for us, but.
lt's all right.
There's still time for second chances.
MAN 1 : Look out.
MAN 2: Hey, grab a blanket.
l can't see.
Get my kit.
Get my kit.
VlN: l got it.
Hurry up.
Hurry up! VlN: Nathan, where is it? -Hold on there, Jack.
Hold on.
WOMAN: No! -lt hurts.
lt hurts.
-Hold on.
Stay with me.
: lt's gonna be all right.
Nathan's got him.
NATHAN: Stay with me, Jack.
-Come on, Jack, stay.
JACK: lt hurts.
NANCY: Stay.
JOSlAH: He has out-soared the shadow of our night.
Envy and calumny and hate and pain.
and that unrest which men miscall delight.
can touch him not and torture not again.
He is secure and now can never mourn a heart grown cold.
a head grown gray in vain.
He lives, he wakes.
'Tis death is dead, not he.
O'Shea's pretty serious about that land.
Must be something special if it's worth killing for.
Couple of men riding straight through could reach it in a day or so.
, come here.
You did what you could, Nathan.
lt wasn't enough, was it? Chris wants two of us to go take a gander at that new homestead.
Yeah, l'll ride.
l ain't doing much good here.
GERARD: Under the circumstances.
you think we should send the women and children back? -Be stronger if we all stick together.
RlCHMOND: We'll stick together.
-But you men, your job is done here.
-Will, please.
Nobody died until they showed up to protect us.
Didn't know what we were up against.
Now we do.
People like O' Shea make a game of going against hired guns like you.
These men aren't what O'Shea is after.
Richmond, l got two young children with me.
And l want as many men as possible between them and Dicky O'Shea.
We all feel that way, Mr.
We all do.
Where's Mary? She's over there.
She wanted to be alone.
Think it's safe? You think she'd listen to us if we told her to stay in the wagon? l don't mean to pry.
but l noticed that you and she have something of a friendship.
Sure, you could say that.
Anything else to it? What are you asking? Forgive me, that was unfair.
My competitive nature sometimes overwhelms my manners.
Then again, a man would have to be blind not to notice her charms.
Well, l ain't blind.
VlN: O'Shea's keeping his distance.
Probably hoping we'll leave the wagons to hunt him down.
l hate to say it, but it might be best just to wait for his next move.
All right.
Let's be ready for him.
[FlDDLE PLAYlNG ] These folks are sadder than an old woodpecker in a stone forest.
What we need is a little divine inspiration.
Well, come along, fiddler.
Render us a more jovial tune.
BUCK: Yeah, that's more like it.
Well, come on, folks, what more do you need? Your very own pied piper.
BUCK: Come on, get up.
Get up.
[BUCK WHOOPS] [BUCK SHOUTlNG ] Good evening, young sir.
Now, now, l would not describe that as a long face.
but you are obviously in a dour mood due to our limited resources.
Feeling a bit peckish, are we? Fear not, my friend.
Uncle Ezra's middle name is ''resource full.
'' And that is not all.
l have brought you a veritable cornucopia of goodies.
Beef jerky.
Slow down, son.
You're liable to asphyxiate yourself.
[GRUNTlNG ] Good God, boy, you'd think we were the Donner Party.
Here, take a little sip of this here and wash it down.
There we go.
A sip.
A sip, not a guzzle, you little lush.
Now, give me that.
Give me-- You're welcome.
Lovely child.
[BURPS] Let's dance.
lt'll be nice.
Oh, Will.
[PEOPLE WHOOPlNG AND SHOUTlNG ] Care to dance, Mr.
Tanner? Only if you call me Vin.
Well, all right, Vin.
Seems a shame to interrupt an lrish wake.
-You about ready? -lt's all about precision and timing.
Sure, it is.
Only last time, your timing was precisely wrong.
People get in the way on occasion.
Well, you put me in a tight spot, now, haven't you? -Brought a murder down on my head.
-lt won't be the first one we've done.
lt's the first one with witnesses, you idiot.
-Get it right this time, friend.
You follow? POWDER MAN: Yeah, l follow.
DlCKY: Let's get out of here, Happy.
VlN: Yee-ha.
l don't feel so good.
Son, the whale that swallowed Jonah doesn't eat like you.
-Now, next time, listen to me when-- WOMAN: There you are, Eugene.
EZRA: Hello.
My tummy hurts.
Now, now.
A gentleman never complains.
He'll be fine.
Eugene, sweetie? What's the matter? [VOMlTS] Oh, honey.
Oh, my.
ls that mine? You know, someone must've stolen that from me.
When l catch the blackguard who-- lf you come near my baby again, l swear, l will find a rifle and l will use it.
Come on, baby.
[EUGENE GROANS] VlN: l can make that turn.
Come on, now.
RlCHMOND: Get away from her.
VlN: Whoa.
[MUSlC STOPS] -That's my wife you're dancing with.
JOSlAH: All right.
-We're trying to have a good time.
JOSlAH: All right.
A little dance never hurt nobody.
He comes near my wife again, l will hurt him.
-Will, you're hurting me.
Vin, Vin.
Now, leave it be.
Leave it be.
Leave it be.
[POWDER MAN SlNGlNG ''CAMPTOWN RACES''] [PEOPLE SCREAMlNG ] -lt's coming from over that ridge.
VlN: Everybody back.
Get down.
CHRlS: Get to the horses! -Ezra, Josiah, get in here.
BUCK: Move.
Move! You all right? MARY: l think so.
JOSlAH: Everybody all right? -That's pretty fancy artillery.
-Couldn't have gotten far.
Spread out and let's figure out which way they're headed.
-Stay calm.
We'll take care of it.
RlCHMOND: Charlotte? Charlotte? Charlotte? They took Charlotte.
l wouldn't sign over the land deed.
Now, they want it by sundown tomorrow or they're-- Oh, God.
What have l done? NATHAN: This is it.
: Awful nice spot.
NATHAN: Worth killing for? J.
: Take a look at this.
Some old mining equipment.
Seems like someone's been gold-mining the homesteader's river.
Yeah, it looks fairly recent too.
Ah! Ah! [J.
GASPlNG ] You think the old guy struck gold? Yep.
Probably got killed for it.
That deed O'Shea was waving around probably came off this old bastard.
Nothing makes men kill each other faster than gold.
Come on, let's go.
l'm going with you, damn it.
Nathan and J.
won't be back for a day or two.
That leaves you and Josiah to keep these wagons moving.
She's my wife, and l want her back.
So bad you wouldn't trade a bunch of dirt for her.
The deed wasn't mine to trade.
You're not coming with us.
We'll bring her back.
l swear it.
Josiah, keep it moving.
Along with heaven and earth if l got to.
[MEN CHATTERlNG ] VlN: There she is.
BUCK: The only way in is through the front.
l suggest we agree to Mr.
O'Shea's demands.
-Give him his ransom.
-We ain't got the deed, remember? Well, fortunately, l had the foresight to bring it along.
Let me take a look at that.
You don't mind, do you? Let's see here.
''Dear Mother.
can you believe these fools have me babysitting a wagon train, of all things?'' lt goes on to say what a delightful time l'm having.
Looks like a deed to me.
Dicky! Hey, Dicky! Got your deed.
Send the girl out.
Come on.
DlCKY: Mighty Christian of you to ride all the way here to bring it to us, gunfighter.
Now, why don't you be a good man and bring it here? Why don't you come on up here and get it? No, l think not.
Hey! [MEN SHOUTlNG ] MAN: Get her.
l'll guard you.
DlCKY: Damn you, there on the ridge.
Up on the ridge there, boy.
-Damn your eyes! CHARLOTTE: Oh! Hey, Vin, l'll meet you back at camp.
We'll hold them down.
Get going.
They'll find her, Mr.
l should have just given him the deed right then and there.
To hell with everybody else.
-But l got my back all up and-- -What's done is done.
lf l lose her too.
l don't know what l'll do.
Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah.
Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah.
MARY: Eugene.
Eugene, please.
-You familiar with the Bible, son? There's a place called hell.
l'm gonna tell you all about it.
EUGENE: Hell? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What happened? You're damn near falling off from exhaustion.
l guess you ain't had much to eat lately.
-Oh, l'll be all right.
-Well, we're gonna stop.
see if l can scare us up some supper Why don't you sit down there on that rock and get some rest? There you go.
l didn't realize how hungry l was.
What you been through could work up a heck of an appetite.
Suppose we should be going.
Your husband's probably on the worry.
Vin, thank you for saving my life.
Well, you're worth a hell of a lot more than a land deed.
Don't blame him for this.
You don't understand.
That land is everything.
Giving it over would have been too much to lose.
-That deed doesn't belong to him alone.
-And neither do you.
We still got a ways to go.
Charlotte, there's no excuse for what he did.
What kind of man wouldn't give everything to keep you? -Vin, please.
-lf you were mine, l'd never let you go.
l'd thank God every day for putting you on this earth.
Has he been up all night waiting on Vin? Might have run into some trouble.
He got into trouble, all right.
Riders coming! J.
: lt's gold O'Shea's after.
CHRlS: You found gold? NATHAN: We found a dead miner.
-There's gold on the new homestead? -Dicky O'Shea thinks so.
We might have bought ourselves a gold mine.
Hold on, folks.
Don't get too excited, now.
We don't know for sure.
CHRlS: Gonna strike it rich, huh, kid? J.
: Wouldn't tell you if l did.
Stop it! l'll kill you, you son of a bitch! Think after, you'll ask if your wife's all right? That's enough.
-Will, we just stopped for food and rest.
-She was damn near passed out.
RlCHMOND: l can't fight all your friends.
But tomorrow, we'll reach my land.
You step one foot on it, mister, l'll shoot you where you stand.
You coming? DlCKY: Nice piece of land.
Don't blow it up too much.
POWDER MAN: Gently, very gently.
Careful! -Happy.
Take a ride down to Lennox.
See McDowell.
Tell him l'm in need of men.
Tell them there's more gold if they can get here tomorrow.
Won't need no extra men with what l got planned.
l'll take no more chances with these dirty farmers or their seven hooligans.
Vin, how long are you gonna wait.
until you spill the beans about a certain married lady? Oh, for shame, Mr.
You know a gentleman never tells.
Which is why l was hoping Vin might.
lt's a long, lonely trail, Vin.
Can't you just throw a couple old hungry dogs a bone? After all, the lady in question is quite lovely.
and what could be more tantalizing than an illicit affair? l ain't in the mood.
Whoa, now, Vin.
We didn't mean any harm by it.
A little touchy, aren't we, Mr.
Tanner? No offense.
l didn't realize it had gone that far.
-What? l found some really neat rocks.
Wanna come and see them? Not just now, Eugene.
EUGENE: Josiah, can l ride with you? You're the best rider ever.
JOSlAH: l'm not sure, Eugene.
Then perhaps, maybe Josiah would agree to ride in the wagon with us, Eugene.
EUGENE: Would you? Would you? Please? WOMAN: That is, if you'd care to, Josiah.
Why, ma'am, what a charming offer.
l'd be delighted.
Come on, baby.
He's down at the other end.
-l'll be leaving tomorrow.
once we get to the new land.
Maybe it's for the best.
Charlotte, l know it ain't right.
but l can't pretend that there's nothing between us.
There is nothing between us.
Do you hear me? -There's nothing.
-You know there is.
We both know it.
RlCHMOND: Charlotte? Where are you? -lt doesn't matter.
lt doesn't matter.
Just go away, Vin.
Just, please.
Please, just stay away from me.
She may have a point.
You taking to following me around? lt's getting out of hand.
Now, l ain't judging you.
but this ain't the time nor the place for it.
One more person sticks their nose in and l'm gonna do something l regret.
So l'm telling you now, Chris, you stay out of this.
[PEOPLE CHEERlNG AND SHOUTlNG ] CHARLOTTE: Oh, Will, isn't it beautiful? Let's get this wagon unpacked.
Got a lot of work to do.
CHRlS: Scout the perimeter.
Make sure O'Shea's not lurking.
BUCK: You got it.
CHRlS: Teams of two.
: l'll ride with Buck.
MAN: By golly, we made it, Nathan.
[MARY LAUGHS] MARY: l used to be better at that.
Any sign of O'Shea? Not yet.
Maybe he finally understands that these people aren't willing to give this up.
l know l wouldn't if it were mine.
Sounds like you wish it were.
Oh, no, it's just.
Gerard asked me to marry him.
Well, l haven't accepted yet.
l mean, l still have to talk to Billy about it.
After all, it's his life too.
Somehow, l never pictured you plowing fields.
Well, starting over out here, it would be a challenge.
Oh, it would be challenging, all right.
Milking cows.
Churning butter.
There's a lot of things in my life l never pictured.
But when l see Billy and Katie together, and what a great father Gerard is.
Sounds like you'd be foolish to turn him down.
lt does, doesn't it? l wish you the best of luck.
l want him gone.
He knows.
Vin, we'll see you back in town.
We're gonna stick around a couple days in case O'Shea shows.
Don't leave until you're sure they're safe.
All right.
Watch your back.
Remember, now, there's got to be at least one man.
with a good arm left alive to sign over that deed.
-Timing and precision-- -Oh, spare me.
lt's results l'm looking for.
l hope you're watching, Da.
You're gonna see an O'Shea do the taking.
Just like they done to us back home.
-They're coming, Dicky.
-l thought they would.
-How many guns that little bag buy? -Enough to trouble those seven men.