The Magnificent Seven (1998) s02e13 Episode Script


[HORSES WHlNNYlNG ] MAN: Come on! Well, the good doctor here thinks my toes are a welcome mat.
[BOTH LAUGH] At least if l break them, l can fix them too.
That's true.
[PEOPLE SCREAMlNG ] Hold! MAN: Hold it, hold it.
Ella Gaines! l can kill you, or l can marry you, makes no difference to me.
One way or another, l'll have your land.
Well you might as well kill me then, Jack, because l promised my late husband that l would never sell, and l sure as hell ain't gonna marry a skunk like you.
Well, you got one week to change your mind.
JACK: Come on, boys, let's ride.
Miss Ella, l'll wire the blue coats if need be, but that fella, Jack Averal, must be stopped.
l know how to take care of this.
[CROWD WHOOPlNG ] [GROANS] You lost, hombre.
Come on.
[SlNGlNG SWEETLY lN SPANlSH] [CHRlS SlGHS] [MAN SlNGlNG DRUNKENLY lN SPANlSH] Shut up! [MAN CONTlNUES SlNGlNG ] Quiet! MAN: What is wrong, señor? [GRUNTS] Señor Chris, what am l to do with you? Come on, give me another drink.
Better l put your head in a bucket of ice.
Do you drink to forget? Or to remember? l don't know.
Tell me your troubles.
l fix them all.
Can you bring back my wife and son? Can you fix that? They are in God's hands now.
What kind of a god lets an innocent boy and his mother burn to death? Huh?! Their killer's out there enjoying himself! [DOOR CREAKS] Show yourself.
Oh! Don't point that thing at me, stud.
lt's me Buck and J.
Buck? What the hell are you doing here? We're here to haul you back to town.
CHRlS: Like hell you are! Rich lady's putting up 50 bucks each to bring you home.
Please-- l ain't talking to you.
Now both of you, get out.
CHRlS: What? Don't worry, he'll thank me come morning.
-l hope you've done that before.
-Oh, once or twice.
Rise and shine.
Smell the coffee.
Good morning, bet you got a headache the size of a horse.
-Hey, yo, come on.
-Shut up.
[GROANS] Oh, what'd l do? After you tore down all the hitching posts and got the good citizen's teeth to a gnashing? Yeah.
[CHRlS GROANS] Jaw hurts, huh? Well, l did you a favor.
Now, come on, wake up.
You got a woman who's come to visit.
What woman? [BUCK CLEARS THROAT] - Ma'am.
[ELLA LAUGHS] You haven't changed one bit.
Still courting trouble, l see.
[LAUGHlNG ] And still the handsomest drunk l ever knew.
And you're still the prettiest liar l ever met.
[BOTH LAUGH] lt's been a lot of years, Ella.
Last l heard, you got married and took up farming, and l thought.
why hitch a stallion to a plow? But it looks like you've quit.
My family was murdered.
My God, Chris.
Three years ago yesterday.
Always makes me a little woolly.
l am so sorry.
My Joseph died not too long ago.
l know how you feel.
lt's tough.
So, what are you doing here, Ella? l need your help.
There's a man by the name of Handsome Jack Averal.
He's trying to steal my land for the Culpepper Mining Company.
Your six friends have already signed on for a month's wages.
Well, you can count me in.
ELLA: Handsome Jack has already burned out half the ranchers in the valley.
Of course.
never had to tangle with the likes of you boys.
Well, here's to the demise of Not-So-Handsome Jack.
You know, Miss Ella, l was considering adopting Mr.
Averal's sobriquet for myself.
Handsome Ezra has a ring to it, don't you think? Windbag is more like it.
How about Lightning J.
Dunne, on account of my quick-draw abilities? BUCK: How about Peach Fuzz Dunne? EZRA: What about you, Mr.
Larabee? What moniker would you choose? Bareback Larabee.
That's what l called him.
-Go on, Miss Ella.
-She will not.
ELLA: The rain was fierce.
Chris wore only boots, a hat and his birthday suit.
[ALL LAUGH] l had only an umbrella as we rode off.
EZRA: Oh, the picture.
BUCK: Yeah.
Well, here's to Bareback Larabee.
Long may he ride.
-Morning, Mrs.
Any idea how long you'll be gone? Oh, it'll probably just be a day or two.
You'll be all right.
l'll have them back in no time.
Except for Chris.
Chris, would you like to ride in the carriage? We could reminisce about.
old times.
While you're eating meat, we're eating dust.
That's right.
Oh, hey! lt's Kentucky mash.
You won't find that in your little burg.
You always did know your spirits.
l ran a successful liquor business after you left.
CHRlS: Ahhh.
Drowned my sorrows in my work.
We had some good times, didn't we, Ella? ELLA: Mm.
l'll say this, you were one wild little girl.
Well, the way l remember it, you were the crazy one.
Rowdy and ready to fight.
Bar scrapes every night.
Calling out any man who would even look my way.
And you enjoyed every bit of it.
[LAUGHS] Yes, l did.
ls that why you didn't come looking for me? After your wife died, l mean.
Well, after she died, it took everything l had just to get out of bed in the morning.
Then l went after her killer.
l didn't think about anything else.
Ever find him? Name of Fowler.
Still looking for the man who hired him.
But l'll find him.
lf l can help any, you just ask.
ELLA: My husband left it to me.
What do you think, Chris? -A little bit of heaven? -That looks like a whole lot of heaven.
Finally come up with a place that suits you.
Louis, take us home.
[DOOR OPENS] ELLA: Come on in.
Help yourself to the food, boys.
There's plenty more where that came from.
Thank you, ma'am.
EZRA: My, my.
BUCK: Come on, boys.
Eat fast, Josiah.
You and Vin got first watch.
Chris, why don't you come on upstairs? l'll show you your room.
Don't shoot the doctor, Josiah, while you're on your watch.
lf you'd prefer the bunkhouse, Chris, l'll take the featherbed.
That's the sort of good-hearted person l am.
Look over yonder at those two, J.
Now, that buxom beauty playing the piano.
That woman will make a man out of you.
Tell you what.
l'll distract her friend so you can make your move.
-Don't do me any many favors, Buck.
-Can't judge a book by its cover.
-You big stud.
-What do you call this, doc? -Folks over in Scotland play this.
lt's called golf.
Give it a try.
Love to.
Now you're hooked.
WOMAN: One, two, three, four.
-One, two, three.
[BUCK CLEARS THROAT] A beautiful lady like you could charm the sting off a bee.
l'm teaching her to play piano.
l could teach you.
-Oh, well.
-Well, it'd be my pleasure, truly.
l'm Ella's husband's niece, Hildegard.
My friends call me Hilda.
[HlLDA GlGGLES] -Buck.
Nice to meet you.
ELLA: These belonged to the late Mr.
But they should be.
just your size.
l'm not one for suits.
No, gunslingers don't wear suits.
Gunslingers live poor as church mice and die in the prime of life.
ls that your ambition? l haven't given it much thought.
l have.
BUCK: Whoo.
Bareback Larabee gets the goose down.
We get this little slice of heaven.
l think l'll sleep under the stars.
EZRA: Oh, the indignity.
Courage, Ezra.
This is good land, Chris.
A man could raise a fine herd of horses on land this good.
Did that once.
Never figured on doing it again.
Don't you see, though? This is.
This is the place we've always dreamed about.
l feel like l'm a step or two behind you, Ella.
Then catch up to me.
Doc! What happened? Doc? He's been shot.
Handsome Jack says hired guns don't matter.
You still got 48 hours, then he's coming after you.
DOC: Help me get him inside.
NATHAN: Let's get him down.
NATHAN: Come on.
Easy, easy, easy.
Where do l find this Handsome Jack? He keeps company over at a saloon in Red Fork.
NATHAN: What's that you're giving him? DOC: Tincture of laudanum.
He won't know a moment's pain.
Go boil some water, would you? And lots of it.
What's that for? Um.
Relaxes the muscles, helps me locate the bullet.
You might find it under that rear fold.
-Are you a physician? -No, not hardly, sir.
l'm just experienced in battlefield gunshot wounds-- Well, as we say in the medical profession, go give your hands a scouring.
All right.
What are you, about a hundred pounds of stupid? You're wearing my hat.
l'll wear any hat l wanna wear.
Where can l find Jack Averal? He's expecting you.
Ask around.
l'm the quickest draw in these parts.
Just because you can bark, don't mean you can bite.
Looks like your family tree weren't no bigger than a little shrub.
Well, l guess we were expected.
l trust you received my invitation.
You shot Louis just to get us here? And here you are.
Now, as you know, l've already offered Ella Gaines more than a fair price for her land.
She has refused.
Well, there's the hitch.
She don't wanna sell it.
lt's a shame, really.
l've even offered her my hand in marriage.
Can't imagine how she could turn that down.
Maybe she preferred a more manly type.
Well, l would advise her to reconsider.
Because the value of her holdings will be dropping daily.
A man can get roasted for making threats like that.
Well, that's why you were invited here, Mr.
Whatever Ella's paying you l'll pay you twice as much to join the winning side.
[BUCK CLEARS THROAT] JACK: Hold it, hold it, hold up, gentlemen.
Larabee was just expressing his loyalty to Ella Gaines.
JACK: Gotta respect that.
Next time, l put a bullet in your heart.
[ROOSTER CROWS] You did first-rate work in there for a man with no training.
l didn't kill him.
That's the best l can say for myself.
No, you were good as any surgeon.
l could use a man of your abilities.
ls that right? l always wished l could learn from a proper doctor.
l must've stored up about a million questions.
ls scarlet fever always contagious? Yes, yes, it is.
How can you tell the difference between influenza and pneumonia? Nathan, not until after breakfast, huh? BUCK: Horses and women, l love them both.
: They're nice-looking, huh? ELLA: Chris, how'd it go with Averal? lf it's a fight he's looking for, now he knows we'll give him one.
l'm sure he'll come to his senses rather than mess with you.
l wouldn't count on it.
ELLA: These aren't just saddle horses, you know.
Look at their confirmation.
They've been bred.
One look tells you that.
Wow, they're something.
ELLA: How'd you like to break him for me? Heh.
After all, that is why l bought him.
All right.
: He thinks he's fast? He don't know what fast is.
lt's not how quick you draw, it's how deadly you shoot.
Yeah, well, you can't shoot deadly, if your gun's still holstered.
Kid, stay clear of trouble.
l don't wanna put you to bed with a shovel.
HlLDA: Buck! Oh, God! Hilda.
Uh, stall her for me, okay? Tell her l'm out of town.
: Hey, stay clear of trouble yourself there, Buck, before she puts you to bed.
HlLDA: Buck? -Hey, Buck.
-What? Tripped over it yesterday.
lt leads to the root cellar.
-Wait, wait, wait, my head.
-There she is.
Hello, Buck.
Where's Buck? [WHlNNYlNG ] Whoa.
Whoa, easy.
Easy, boy.
Whoa, boy.
Whoa, boy.
Easy, son.
Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Whoa, easy.
Come on.
Yeah, attaboy.
Come on, come on.
l've had suitors from San Francisco, you know.
Even had a rich Romeo come all the way from New York City.
lt doesn't surprise me.
You're a beautiful woman, Ella.
time can be cruel.
Not to you.
Even if those men come all the way from Paris or China.
they couldn't give me what you can.
All those years.
Did you ever think about me at night, sometimes.
the way l thought about you? l'm thinking about you now.
l could scrub your back if you like.
l got a better idea.
lt seems time's been good to both of us.
This is our time now, Chris.
We could still have the life we dreamed of.
The land, the horses, even kids, if you want.
ls that what you want? l want you.
That's all l've ever wanted.
When this is over, will you stay on here with me? Here they come.
MAN: Hyah! Giddup! Get it over here, boys.
JACK: Ella Gaines! Time's up.
l come for your answer.
Probably putting her makeup on, boys.
Wants to look her best for me.
Not likely.
lt's up to you, Jack.
Hey, hey, put them down, boys.
JACK: Next moron who goes for his weapon, l'll shoot you myself.
Now, you ride out of here, tell that mining company forget about this land.
-l'll miss you, Ella.
-You're a big boy.
You'll get over it.
We rattled that kid and his bunch out of here, huh? -Scared them off, like l knew you would.
BUCK: Yep.
l ain't convinced.
He knew we was here, yet he rode straight into a trap.
Well, all of Jack's courage is in his mouth.
He won't be back.
l can't thank you enough for that.
Maybe, but we better keep our lookouts.
All the same to you, l'll ride over to Red Fork later.
-See if he's still around.
-All right.
You should all know, after this job's finished.
l'll be staying on here.
Good luck to you.
l know it must be difficult for you to part with your friends.
l appreciate that.
They're gonna stay until it's safe.
l'd like to throw a little party tonight to say thank you.
But l am looking forward to being alone with you.
Where do you think you're going? Hyah.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Ho, ho, ho.
Come here.
He's gentling down real good.
Gonna be a nice horse.
You're next.
[BUCK LAUGHS] Yeah, right.
You know, a man could get cozy with all this.
A man could.
Now, when we first met, you had just parted ways with Ella, remember that? And you said that being with her was like walking on the edge of a sharp knife.
Sooner or later, you're bound to bleed.
Well, seems like back then, we were trying to kill ourselves.
Guess you don't feel that way now.
Hell, no.
-l'm too told for that.
-Besides, she's changed.
You know, Buck, there's more to life than drinking and fighting.
[LAUGHlNG ] Yeah.
[LAUGHlNG ] Well, you know what? Sarah thought that.
Yeah, she did.
She taught me the pleasures of home, family.
You're gonna take that life up with Ella now? l'm not certain of it.
But l'll tell you, Buck, she's an exciting woman.
So it's love that's got you leaving us, is it? Hello, Buck.
Want a blackberry? Hilda, how many times have l told you, you don't go sneaking up on a man.
You're bound to get yourself shot.
[HlLDA GlGGLES] One day, Mr.
Wilmington, you will come to appreciate my qualities.
You can run, stud, but you can't hide.
Damn! Well, Mr.
Larabee appears to be seizing the day, as well he should.
A man surely must keep moving, or die.
l thought that was a shark.
That's the lesson of this game.
Well, you appear to have mastered it.
[SlGHS] -Thank you.
l know some men like their women underfed, even scrawny.
And, well, l'm big as an ox.
No, you're not.
Well, you'll find l got a heart to match.
Uh, my momma, she's a big woman too.
She used to pick Uncle Joseph clean up off his feet.
-Of course, he's kind of small.
-Your uncle was a small man? Well, next to you.
-l could show you a photograph.
-l'd like that.
BUCK: Ella's husband was a head shorter than you.
Suits don't belong to Joseph.
So what? So nothing, just why'd she say they did? l don't know.
lt's none of your damn business.
All right.
ELLA: l have something special l'd like you to wear for me tonight.
This is for bankers and carnival barkers.
And gentlemen too.
Well, you should know better than anyone, l ain't no gentleman.
Just this once.
Please? All right.
-This belong to your husband too? -No.
l bought it for you.
When did you have time--? CHRlS: Mm.
ELLA: You.
better get dressed.
All right.
May l keep that razor, please? You can have one of Joseph's pearl-handled ones.
l just like to keep souvenirs of special times.
Ella? Did you know they played golf on the estate where l grew up? How's your swing? Humbling.
lt's the kind of game you play with your worst enemy, which.
turns out to be yourself.
l was on my way across the room, and l just fell into your eyes.
This game is strictly cash only.
No wagering of horses, nor your Aunt Sadie's necklace.
Oh, alas, poor Aunt Sadie.
l lost her to a pair of jacks in Kansas.
[LAUGHS] ELLA: Well, hello, everyone.
[GASPS] Ella, you look wonderful.
[APPLAUSE] Ella, you look so nice.
Hilda, you look lovely too.
Where you been? Ain't no way to make this sound good, so l'll just spill it.
Ella owns Culpepper Mining.
[SCOFFS] Where'd you get that? County clerk over in Red Fork.
Which means Handsome Jack works for her.
Who told you to go digging into her business? She lied to you, up and down the line.
The woman's no good, Chris.
l'm gonna forget you said that.
Come sunrise, then, l'll be going.
DOC: Three carats of genuine diamonds.
Worth more than 1 0 times the entire pot.
A bequest from a patient.
l take it the patient did not survive your ministrations.
Three jacks.
Three lovely ladies.
Cherchez Ia femme.
Thank you.
[SlNGlNG ''l DREAM OF JEANNlE''] l've always loved you, Chris.
And now you know just how much.
What are you doing with my wife's locket? Where'd you get my wife's locket? Fowler brought it to me after the fire.
Fowler? l-- l don't understand.
[SCOFFS] Well, l couldn't let her take you away from me.
You hired him? l did what l had to do, so that we could be together.
[GRUNTS] ELLA: Jack was just an excuse to get you here.
Excuse to get you here.
Get you here.
Was just an excuse.
Just an excuse to get you here.
Because l'm the woman that you love.
[CHRlS YELLlNG ] JACK: They're in the bunkhouse, boys.
-What did you do? -l'll kill anyone who comes between us.
Chris? Chris! BUCK: Everybody, down in the root cellar.
, get that rider coming in.
: l got him! BUCK: Get down in the root cellar! When you come up, spread out and stay low.
BUCK: Come on, let's go! BUCK: Spread out, boys.
: Nathan, on your right.
-Ezra, you hit? -l've.
Nathan, cover us.
EZRA: l've been cheated.
Cut down in my prime.
-No blood.
-The best years of my life.
JOSlAH: Hit the diamond.
My diamond.
My diamond! The hell are you doing? You lost your senses? Worse, l lost my diamond! Ain't gonna do you no good in the hereafter.
Hey! Hey! BUCK: On your right, J.
Warned you not to wear that hat.
lt ain't how quick you draw.
it's how deadly you shoot.
Buck? l'm coming for you, Buck.
Hilda, no! Get back inside! No! VlN: Nathan, Hilda's been shot.
BUCK: Nathan, get to her! BUCK: Cover him! Cover him! -Help, help.
-Hold on, Hilda! -Give her laudanum for the pain.
-You gotta get that bullet out.
-l can't.
-What are you talking about? -Get that bullet out.
-l'm telling you l don't know how.
You're a doctor, ain't you? No, l'm not.
-Not a real one, anyway.
-My God.
Excuse me.
BUCK: Get down, Larabee! -Chris.
CHRlS [GRUNTS] : Did you get her? No, missed her.
ls she gonna be all right? [HlLDA GASPlNG ] lt's me, Buck.
Can you hear me? -Yeah.
-Huh? There's something that l have to tell you.
There is a beauty inside of you, the likes of which l have never seen.
lt sneaks up on a man at first, then it just hits him in his heart.
There's just no two ways about it now.
l am stuck on you.
And l always will be.
So wherever it is that you're going.
just know that little part of me is going there with you.
She's gone.
l know.
VlN: Nathan! Nathan! [WHlNNlES] l have a letter for you.
ELLA: I forgive you for not appreciating what I did for you, for us.
But I couId not aIIow the jeaIous and the weak of heart to destroy the great Iove we share.
If we have the courage of our true hearts, we wiII do whatever is needed to find our way back to each other, and the rest of the worId be damned.
UntiI that day, I remain faithfuIIy, IovingIy, yours.
EIIa Gaines Larabee.
She leaked out of the landscape.
We covered every town between here and Red Fork.
Sorry you didn't shoot her when you had the chance.
Next time.