The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House (2023) s01e04 Episode Script


[Tsuru] Huh? This is
the lucky clover card from Yasaka Taxi!
I'm impressed, Sumire!
- These are super rare!
- [Sumire] Yeah, I know, but
- There's one for every 12 cars, right?
- No, it's four.
- To be precise, one for every 325 taxis.
- Did you look, Kotono?
Since Kyoto has only four
of these cards going around.
- Hmm
- Well, aren't you knowledgeable?
- I'm cultured.
- Mmm. Cultured.
- Cultured.
- What's the difference?
[Kiku] They're like Seiji Chihara
and Chihara Junior.
[Koto] They're that different?
- Hm?
- This belongs to Sister Momoko, actually.
- I'm just holding onto it.
- [Tsuru] You find happiness on it.
She was so drunk last night
when she got to the bar, you know?
I know. She was lucky to run into one.
But she said, "This is superstitious.
It's silly and I hate it." So
- Mm
- [giggles]
What are you all excited about
this morning?
[all laughing]
Sumire happened to ride
on the lucky clover taxi.
- Mm-mm! It wasn't me.
- Impressive, isn't it?
No way! The odds are, like,
one out of 10,000!
- The exact odds are one out of 325
- [Yoshino] Good morning!
- Sounds like you're having fun in here.
- What?
- [all] Sister Yoshino, good morning.
- This is so great!
- Oh!
- Yeah, yeah, stop, stop, stop.
Kiyo, Kiyo! Could I get some food as well?
- [Kiyo] Yes, right away.
- Oh!
- You're so lucky!
- Oh my! Give it.
This is the lucky clover card
from Yasaka Taxi!
- Aah!
- Whose card is this?
- It belongs to Sumire.
- No, it's not mine
I catch Yasaka Taxis all the time,
but I've never seen this.
I guess the taxi driver gave it to you
because he thought you were a cute girl.
Hey, wait, wait, wait.
What's that supposed to mean?
If I waited for the lucky clover taxi
when I don't know when it's coming,
I'd turn into an old lady!
It's just like
- Life is short, fall in love ♪
- [Yoshino] What the heck is that?
- [Kiku] Told you.
- Girls ♪
- If I had one like this?
- Hey!
- Kokono! I was holding it!
- I'd wish my skin stayed young forever.
- I want to appear in a historical drama.
- Gimme thatI
- Yoshino!
- I wish for the Hiroshima Carps to win!
- A very good wish, Kotono.
- I don't want you to lose this.
- So I'll just hold on to it for you.
- [all] What?
- Mm-hm, mm-hm.
- Hold on, hold on. Just for now
[gasps] Uh
- Why don't we keep it on the home shrine?
- [gasps] Great idea!
- Go ahead. Put it up there.
- The home shrine, huh?
- Luck will find its way to everyone!
- That's great.
- Yeah!
- Okay, come on, everybody. Let's clap!
Make our wishes come true.
- [inhaling]
- Now what?
Hey, Kiyo. Bring me my food.
- You got it.
- Looks good.
- Miso soup Where's the miso soup?
- See? Your skin looks wonderful!
[woman humming]
[gentle music plays]
[Kiyo] The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House.
[Kiyo] Initial apprentices get two days
off every month. Today is one.
Sumire, where do you wanna go today?
- Today I want
- Mm-hm?
- Where's that?
- [both laughing]
Where do you wanna go?
- [Kiyo giggles]
- Where's that?
Hey, wait, wait, wait!
My name doesn't go over there.
Look, it has to go right next to Momoko,
over here. Got it?
Uh-You want me to take
all of them off to do that?
Of course I do.
- Okay
- Okay, then.
Hang on. Who are you?
- I'm Hiroshi.
- Hiroshi, huh?
You're like that one comedian
that has only, like, one good joke.
- I'm Takeshi's
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're his son.
You're, uh
his little snotty grade schooler, yeah?
- Not really snotty though.
- I see! [laughs]
So, you're taking over, huh?
I, uh I haven't decided yet
Oh, no you're half-hearted. Ugh.
Get it together, will you?
Oh, Kiyo and Sumire!
Have fun!
- [both] Thank you so much.
- [laughing] Yeah.
Okay, come on. Let's redo this.
Hmm. Where's the ladder?
Oh You don't have your own?
I'll lend you one.
Do some stretching in the meantime.
- [Kiyo] It's huge.
- [Sumire] Yeah.
[Kiyo] Yeah.
I'm amazed, Kiyo, really.
What for?
You're always thinking
about Grandma and Kenta.
I just happened to see this place on TV.
Really random, actually.
I'm only thinking about myself
most of the time.
- It's over there. Look. Over there.
- Ah.
[girl 1] Riko, you only need
to spin it once.
They say that if you spin it a lot,
the reward is even greater.
- [girl 2] There are people behind you.
- [girl 1] You're hogging it. Not nice.
- A little more!
- Enough!
- So you know, it's fortune, not profit.
- Sorry about that.
[grasshoppers chirping loudly]
Kenta, I want you to go to Koshien.
Me too.
It's Kenta, he will.
- Ready?
- Shall we?
- Uh-huh.
- All right.
[both laugh]
[both] Ready?
- Ready?
- Ready?
[both laughing]
- [Sumire gasps] Kiyo, it's coming!
- [Kiyo gasps]
- [Sumire] Oh, it's here!
- Thank you so much for your patience.
- [both] Ooh!
- Perfect, so here are the pancakes.
I've been wanting to eat these pancakes
with you for a while, Kiyo.
- [Kiyo] They look so good!
- Excuse me.
[both] Aah! So cute!
[server] Two lattes as well.
- [Kiyo] Look, it's a bear!
- [Sumire] So cute.
[Kiyo] Ta-da!
- [server] Girls, enjoy!
- [Sumire] A rabbit.
[both] Thank you so much!
[both] This is so great!
[Kiyo] Uh
[Sumire] Mmm! [giggling]
- Mmm!
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
If Kenta hears about this, he'll get mad.
- [chuckles]
- Kenta is pretty crazy about sweets.
Mm. Remember that bread crust rusk?
- You'd always cook that for him.
- [giggles]
Maybe I should send some along.
Can I help you with that?
- Of course you can. Oh!
- [chuckles]
What if we make something more elaborate?
- Mm-hm?
- Mm-hm.
- What should we do?
- What would he like?
- [Kiyo] I want to go eat sushi, don't you?
- [Sumire] Yeah, me too!
- We need to save up our allowance.
- [both laugh]
[Kiyo] I wanna eat sushi!
[breeze gently rustling leaves]
[Tanabe] Well, I put my left sock on first
no matter what.
[Azusa] Why do you do that?
Oh, actually it's just a habit.
It has nothing to do
with any kind of faith
[both chuckle]
Well, but actually,
I put my left tabi on first too.
- Oh!
- [chuckles]
I'm sure you do a lot more than that,
Miss Azusa.
You're right. From morning to night,
every day. I never miss.
- I like to put up amulets.
- Oh.
And also lucky charms
all around the yakata.
- Oh, huh.
- [laughs]
Well, that kinda sounds like
a lot of trouble for you.
Not at all. It feels like someone's
protecting me, so it's no trouble.
Let's see, how can I put this?
Uh It's not my ancestors, exactly,
it's more like, uh
Maybe it's the history of Kyoto?
Or is it for
It doesn't just go up and down,
it goes sideways too.
And the amulets even go diagonally,
you know?
- Uh
- I wonder which has the most protection.
Ohhh! Huh. Well, I'm intrigued.
Oh, may I write that down on my notepad?
So, um Mr. Tanabe?
Can you say "Eeh" for me, please? Uh
Hm. Uh [chuckles]
- Eeeh
- Oh! [giggles]
- Right there. You've got food.
- Yes?
- On your teeth.
- Oh
- It's the tokoroten, you know?
- [both laugh]
[Azusa laughing]
- Ahh ahh
- That's okay, that's okay, that's okay.
- A little more?
- Just a little.
- There.
- Are you watching? That was too much!
- What?
- Easy!
- Yes, Teacher!
- [both giggling]
Look from here. Closer.
- [Sumire] Ready?
- [Kiyo] Mm-hm.
- [Sumire] How long do I do this for?
- [Kiyo] Just a little longer
Hey, let's switch!
- So fluffy!
- [both laughing]
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
- Keep going! Keep going! Keep going!
- [gasps]
- [strains]
- [laughs]
Is this okay?
- Very close.
- Very close.
Just add whatever's left in your ladle.
Do this and they're done!
[Sumire] Tap, tap.
[Kiyo] Kenta's gonna be so happy.
[Sumire] Yeah!
- [man 1] Watch it.
- [man 2] Keep that in!
- Go for it!
- [man 3] Appeal! 2
- [man 2] Game.
- [man 3] You gotta catch that better!
- Come on!
- [man 2] Nice!
[man 3] Kenta is definitely quick.
- You got this.
- [man 2] Good game!
[Momoko] Go, go, go, go!
Go, go, go, go, go! Go, go, go, go, go!
Go, go, go, go, go! Go, go, go, go, go!
Go, go, go, go! Crush it!
Ahhh! Crush it!
- All right!
- [sighs]
[Momoko] I won, I won! [laughing]
- Hey, Mao
- Aaah Huh?
- There's a wedding hall.
- Hm?
in Tokyo, the Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan,
built by an architect
named Frank Lloyd Wright
Oh, yeah, I know him. Mr. Lloyd, right?
He wears glasses like this.
Uh uh-huh.
And the one who co-designed that building,
Arata Endo, is my master's master
[Momoko] Mmm.
- Uh
- [sighs]
Hey, Mao
Shall we check it out sometime?
The Myonichikan?
It's really beautiful
when it's all lit up at night.
what do you like about me?
- [sighs] You're lying.
- No, I'm not!
You don't know everything about me.
How can you say that when
you've never even seen me perform the mai?
Well, that's, uh
because I can't afford the ozashiki,
you know that.
Why did you suddenly decide
to go back to Tokyo?
[Iwai] Because
[Momoko] Hm?
Mao, I
I was under the impression
you wanted to quit being geiko.
How could you think that?
Truth is, I think
of this job as my calling.
Well, I see.
I'm sorry.
I just thought that
It's like you bought it from a store.
Just delicious.
- [Chiyo] Right?
- Mm-hm.
Aah. Well, I guess everyone's really
got their own talents, yes?
Also, you have to say
that my intuition was right.
Well, your intuition must be your talent,
after all, don't you think?
If that's the case, I guess I had talent
when I decided that you shouldn't
continue as a geiko anymore,
and that you should take over
the yakata, right?
Well, it's all thanks to you.
Yes, that's right. But, you know,
you don't have to keep doing this.
What? Of course I should.
I understand that
I was the one who asked you to do this.
However, still, I'll say that
if you decide to leave this place,
things will work out.
So, you know, it's about time
that you think about your own happiness.
But I'm, um
Right now, I am fulfilled.
Look at you,
acting really, really stubborn again.
- [doorbell rings]
- [Azusa] Mm!
- Yes, coming!
- Hm?
- [man] After thinking about it further
- [Kiyo] This is bad.
Sumire's dad is visiting from Aomori.
She's never lived in a place like this,
sharing such a small room with strangers.
How is she supposed to adapt
to this entertainment business?
Well, I understand that
that some people might see this
as just some "entertainment business"
when they don't know us.
But we are driven to foster our maiko
in this house
as bearers of our traditions
and leaders of a historic performance art,
in a similar fashion as kabuki actors.
- Huh?
- Go. Let's go, let's go.
- [father] Actors don't entertain guests.
- Oh no!
The lucky clover card
isn't doing its job at all.
This situation is the worst thing ever.
But doesn't it make you jealous?
Sumire's dad is a prominent doctor.
- She'll inherit all of it!
- But I was
- She's pretty much set for life!
- Mmm What?
I would be happy to marry
into their family, if I could.
- [all] Yumi?
- [Tsuru] Huh?
- [Koto] Huh?
- How did
- [Kiku] But how
- [Tsuru] How did you get in?
[laughs] I just did.
- [Tsuru] What do you mean, you just did?
- [Koto] Uh, what?
What? Do you think her dad is a burglar?
Hey, Kiyo. Sumire might get
sent back to Aomori at this rate.
- You know that, right?
- Right? This is awful, huh?
[Koto] Mm-hm.
[all sighing]
- [Kiku] How does it look?
- [Tsuru grumbles]
He seemed upset, like this.
What should we do?
Oh, and by the way, you're letting
underaged girls serve alcohol here.
- It's ridiculous.
- [Azusa] Uh Not at all.
We don't let the maiko serve alcohol.
Even if you don't,
there's gonna be guests that'll try.
What if they get drunk
and try to hold hands with the girls,
or or touch them right here too?
That's the reason there is
the "no entry without introduction" rule.
It's an effort to care for and protect
the maiko who are housed here
and prevent these types of customers
from coming to town.
Protect my Sumire?
[sighs] You barely even know her.
Plus, what makes you think you can
do it better than how I've done it?
Sir, I've told you my intention.
May I? Before you say anything,
I would like for you
to observe them doing the lessons.
Because I believe
that is the right thing, yes?
To watch before you judge.
- [sighs]
- [footsteps]
- Sumire.
- What are you doing here, Dad?
Well, uh I'm here because your mother
wanted me to see how you were doing.
Just go. Now.
Sumire, how could you talk
to your father like that?
That's not like you at all.
I'm sorry.
[Azusa] It's time for you to head
to your lesson, isn't it?
[Sumire] Yes.
[Azusa] You'll have more time
to talk to your father later.
[Kiyo] Sumire
I'll get going now.
[Kiyo] See you later.
- [traditional music playing]
- [Sakurai] Yes.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
Make sure you follow the firefly
with your eyes.
Yes, from the tip of your finger.
Yes, yes, look quickly.
Wait, and okay. Okay.
There, and look.
There, now it got away.
Pull back.
You have to show them the firefly,
they can't see it.
Okay, sit down.
Okay, from the front.
Okay. Ahh. Don't be too tense.
Okay, stand up!
- Stop the music.
- [stops tape]
Miss Sumire, focus.
What's going on?
You seem distracted today.
That's very unlike you.
I apologize.
[Sakurai] Well, then, let's do it again.
Come on. Mmm.
- [music starts]
- Okay.
All right.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
Make sure you follow it with your eyes.
Look quickly.
Yes! Yes!
[woman] Kiyo!
She's a beauty, isn't she?
Kamo eggplant.
They're in season right now.
How many of you are there
at Saku right now?
- Let's see, so
- You should count them.
There's Sumire, there's Mother Chiyo,
there's Mother Azusa.
- Also Miss Tsurukoma.
- Wow, what a crowd.
- Miss Kikuno, Miss Kotono and Ryoko.
- Well, you know what?
During the fall season,
regular eggplants are plenty good too.
I'll take four Kamo eggplants, please!
Sure! Ōkini!
[distant tapping]
[tapping repeats]
Mm Mmm.
Ah, Kiyo.
- Something smells really nice.
- [chuckles]
Would you like to taste it
with me, Mother?
- Yes.
- Great.
Mmm What is this flavor?
Oh, this is This makes me feel nostalgia.
Really? It does?
Maybe I'll remember
if I'm eating another one, please?
- [both laughing]
- Okay.
- [driver] Here we are.
- [Sumire] Ōkini!
- Sister.
- [Momoko] Huh?
- [Sumire] We're here.
- [Momoko groans]
- [Sumire] We're here.
- [Momoko moaning]
I don't want to go home.
- [Sumire] Ōkini!
- [Momoko whimpers]
Hey, you! Right there!
- Why is it the three-leaf clover today?
- No, Sister! Please don't!
- [Momoko] Not the lucky one?
- [Sumire] Sister!
- [Momoko] Hey! You underestimating me?
- [Sumire] Sorry! Mr. Driver, you can go!
- Huh? Hey! I'll draw another.
- Sister! Don't do that!
- I'll draw another another leaf on it.
- Don't do that, Sister!
- Sister! Please stop!
- I'll make it a lucky clover!
Um Can I ask you a question?
What? You rarely ask me anything
Sister Momoko, do you
do you believe in God?
Why do you ask?
You got the card,
the rare lucky clover card yesterday,
but you didn't hesitate to give it to me.
You saw me, didn't you?
What did I see?
Praying at the shrine.
Uh, why did you go there that day to pray?
Is it not obvious to you?
To end all wars.
Like I said,
it's my biggest wish in life. It's
[Yoshino] Okay, okay, okay, okay.
We heard you, all right?
- You want Sumire to become a doctor.
- [laughter]
Come on, it's the third time
you've told us that.
- I told you?
- Yeah!
- Really?
- Mm-hm.
- Right here?
- Oh gosh.
- To you?
- Yes.
- Who are you again?
- What?
- [laughter]
- Could I get a ginger ale?
[Yoshino] You're in the wrong for thinking
you can force your daughter
to do what you want.
Especially nowadays, you know what I mean?
- Well, I can understand that guy.
- [Yoshino] Some may say domestic violence.
- I guess, but as a daughter, I don't know.
- [father] Domestic violence?
- Chasing her this far is a bit much.
- [Yoshino] Yup.
- Wouldn't you be happy?
- To Sumire?
- What? Would I be happy?
- [father] Don't make me laugh.
- Well, wouldn't it feel suffocating?
- [father] How could I do that?
- I wouldn't do anything to hurt her!
- Hmm Would I feel suffocated?
- [father] Never laid a hand on her!
- Which is it?
[Yoshino] She's precious, right?
- He just wants everything in his control.
- [father] Nothing's more precious to me.
- She's my treasure!
- [Yoshino] Aww. [laughs]
- Well, who knows?
- [Furutachi] I don't understand it at all.
[Seino] I can't say anything.
- [father groans]
- Sure, I hear you.
But by the way, I have a daughter too,
and it doesn't always go
the way us parents want it to go.
Sumire's not just like any other girl.
She's special, you know?
"Any other girl"?
- My daughter is also
- Stop, stop, stop that.
Dealing with kids? It's a give and take.
Just like when you're in love.
If you chase them, then they run.
- What to do is a strategic withdrawal.
- [Tsuru] Take notes. I have to take notes.
- [laughs]
- A strategic withdrawal?
That's right.
Could you elaborate
on that subject a little more?
It'll cost you. Be patient, all right?
Drink up, will ya?
- Good evening.
- Go ahead, do it.
- [laughs]
- [father] Kiyo
Oh! They make you work this late at night?
Here, try this if you'd like.
[Yoshino] Oh!
You made this yourself, Kiyo?
[Kiyo] Yes. [laughs]
[Ren] Sir, isn't it delicious?
- How can I put this?
- Mm-hm.
It tastes nostalgic to me.
I even asked for seconds earlier.
[women laugh]
- I did too.
- [sobbing]
- [Seino] What's he eating?
- Huh?
[Tsuru] Oh, it's stewed eggplant.
- Oh, oh!
- [laughing]
- Oh my. Wait, what's this?
- [Furutachi] What? He's crying?
- Ooh, let's see.
- [Ren] Hey!
- [Seino] Stewed eggplant made him cry?
- [Yoshino] Mmm!
- It's so good!
- [Seino] I see
- It's so good, Miss Kiyo.
- [Yoshino] Mmm.
Thanks so much.
- [Ren] Right?
- [Yoshino] Yeah. See?
[Azusa] The zebra ones are long.
[Seino] It was melt-in-your-mouth
delicious. Seriously.
- [all exclaiming]
- [Seino] It melts in your mouth.
[Yoshino] Aah! How nice.
[father] Aomori's matsutake
is even more delicious.
- [Azusa] Does Aomori have eggplant too?
- [father] Aomori's matsutake is even more
- He's still here, huh? My dad.
- [father] That saying?
- Don't let your wife eat eggplant in fall?
- He's the worst when he's drunk.
- [Azusa] I'm so glad you
- He was arguing left and right.
- With who?
- Yoshino.
- [Furutachi] How awful.
- [Yoshino] I would like to have some more.
- Sounded like he was crying too.
- [Furutachi] It's so good that
He always does.
It really drives me crazy.
[Seino] I heard it makes your body cold.
- [Azusa] What was that?
- [Seino] It makes your body cold.
- [Azusa] Oh, that's a good reason.
- [Yoshino] Yeah.
He just wants everything to go his way.
- [laughter]
- [Seino] Yeah! You know
Right? It's not good
to make your body cold.
- [Tsuru] Mr. Seino, you're right!
- [Furutachi] over and over again
[Azusa] You're right, you're right.
- [Seino] I know.
- [Furutachi] Yeah!
- [Tsuru] I see.
- [Seino] Speaking of eggplants
- You can grill it with ham on top.
- He's a good father.
- [Yoshino] Ham?
- [Furutachi] The other day
He traveled all this way
because he was worried about you.
[Seino] A white one?
[Ryoko] If I were you, I would just get
a man who'll marry into the family.
[Furutachi] I only grilled it,
and it was delicious.
- [Seino] You can prepare them with miso.
- [Yoshino] So fun.
- [Seino] Like dengaku.
- [Furutachi] Oh yes.
I'm sure that's delicious too.
- Here.
- I just grilled it and dipped it in ponzu.
You should hold onto it instead.
[Seino] Ponzu? Oh, that's right.
- Those long eggplants?
- I don't want it.
- [Azusa] Long eggplants?
- You decide what you're gonna do with it.
- [Seino] Everything
- [Azusa] Zebra ones?
- [Seino] Yeah.
- [Yoshino] Striped?
- [Seino] Zebra, yeah.
- [Yoshino] Oh! I see.
- [Seino] I didn't know they were white.
- [Furutachi] What is a zebra
[conversation continuing in bar]
Mother, uh, um the airhead one.
[chuckles] She's a very nice lady. Hmm.
Miss Chiyo too
[sighs] So I guess I don't have
to protect you anymore
I'm 16 already.
[father] Dummy. You're still 16.
This is good. I'll come visit.
A good luck charm.
When you hold on to it,
it makes your wish come true.
You sure that you want
that wish to come true?
Give it to Kiyo. And thank her.
It's for the eggplant.
Wait, Dad!
I will become the number one maiko
in this whole province.
[breathing unsteadily]
Come visit me again, then?
You don't have to be number one.
Don't strain yourself.
You have a tendency to do that.
[Azusa] Ōkini, have a good night.
- [Ren] Good night.
- [bell tinkles]
- [Azusa] You're still here?
- [Kiyo] Mmm.
[chuckles] I'm almost done.
Kiyo, you sure love
when things are clean, huh?
[Kiyo] Mmm.
Everything looks like
it's pretty brand new here.
[Kiyo laughs]
This area has to be!
Are you positive
you like cooking here for us?
[sighs heavily]
Would you like some coffee, Mother?
This late?
Yes. The one with plenty of milk.
Sure, then
Please. A small glass.
[chuckles] Enjoy.
- Ōkini!
- [laughs]
Hey, Kiyo
What would you wish for
if you got a lucky clover?
I guess, uh,
for Sumire to become a maiko soon.
Oh, I see. [chuckles]
- That shall be exciting.
- Yeah.
[both giggle]
- How about you?
- Me?
Well, I wonder
[both chuckle]
[Kiyo humming "Kassai"]
[continues humming]
[Kiyo] Grandma.
What is your wish, Grandma?
Seems like Sumire, Ryoko,
and everyone else, really
have a few things in mind,
and I feel a little jealous of that.
[gentle music plays]
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