The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House (2023) s01e06 Episode Script


- [girls talking]
- [Kiyo] Yeah, that's right.
Depending on how much stuff you buy,
you get a ticket,
and you can try to get a prize.
The prize I want is a bread machine.
[Yoshino] Oh? A bread machine?
Yes! If we have one,
I could bake all sorts of bread
for the yakata, right?
- Like strawberry bread, and curry bread.
- Thank you.
And you can win one
from the food market raffle?
- Mm-hmm.
- [Tsuru] The machine is the first prize?
Yes. Ten tickets get you a spin,
and so far I've had no luck at all,
even though I tried spinning the wheel
three times already
And they're only giving tickets out
until the day after tomorrow.
- [Tsuru] Oh no!
- [Koto] So how many do you have now?
Right now
Two tickets so far.
- [Kiku] What?
- [Koto] Oh no. Not even close to ten.
And I don't really need
to buy anything either.
[gasps] There's no chance.
If you want it so badly, why don't
you ask Mother Azusa for one?
- Hmm, you're right.
- Why not just use that money to buy bread?
- [Yoshino laughs]
- [Kiku] She's got a point.
You said that about the umeboshi.
But you ended up
eating most of it, didn't ya?
- [Kiku] Oh that's right!
- Wrong. That was Miss Yoshino.
- Oh, probably.
- [Yoshino] Mm-mm-mm-mm!
- What was that?
- Mmm!
Kikuno was the one who said it,
didn't you?
Hey! You know that pudding
that someone ate?
It was Sister Yoshino.
She ate all of them.
- [Tsuru] What? Is that true?
- [Kiku] Mm-hmm.
- Mm-mm-mm!
- [Tsuru] No, no, no, Sister Yoshino.
I won't let that slide. No way.
Don't try to distract me.
Ah! Don't distract me!
Hey! I won't let that slide! [scoffs]
- [Kiyo] Leave it, I'll take it.
- [Tsuru] You knew all along?
- [Sumire] Ōkini.
- Well, yeah.
- I didn't say anything for your sake.
- [Tsuru] Come on!
- You should've told me.
- [man] Hello! Delivery!
- [Kiyo] Coming!
- [Koto] Mmm! Coming!
- [Kiyo] Huh?
- She's fast.
- Oh, I'm sorry, Ryoko!
- [laughing] Don't trip!
- [man] Hi! Thank you.
- [Koto] Hello!
- [man] Excuse me.
- [Koto giggles]
- Here you go. All right.
- [Koto] Thank you.
Let me see. It's from Aomori, actually.
- Oh! It's from Grandma!
- [Tsuru] For Kiyo?
- I wonder what it is.
- Oh! It must be apples! It's a lot!
- [Ryoko] There's still some left.
- [Koto] I'll sign.
- Thanks.
- See? Right here!
If you can't eat them all, I'll take them.
- [Kiyo] Sure, sounds good!
- [man] Okay.
[Yoshino] Wow! Look at that!
[all talking quietly]
Ōkini. So, uh does anyone here say
Takakeisho when they refer to me?
Yes. You're very famous here.
- [Kiku] Yeah! Maybe we should
- [chuckles] All right. Thank you.
- [door closes]
- [Yoshino] Mmm!
- [running footsteps]
- [Kiku] She could mix it up
- [Yoshino laughing]
- [Kiku] This too
- Oh. I don't use this door.
- [Kiku] She could make apple cider!
- Yeah!
- [Tsuru] Oh, that would be nice!
- [Sumire] Okay, I'll be off now!
- Take care, good luck.
- [Kiku] Have a good day.
- [Koto] Bye, Sister.
- [Koto] So, he came back
- [Yoshino] You're a little too obvious.
Once I'm at the ochaya,
I'll ask the Mother for you
if they happen to have any tickets.
Ah, thanks!
- [Koto] He doesn't notice
- All right.
[Sumire] I'll see you later.
Sumire, see you later!
- [laughing]
- [Tsuru] What will you do?
- Anyway All right.
- Sumire She called her Sumire
- Did you hear?
- [Yoshino] I'll pour you some tea. There.
[Tsuru] Kiyo. Kiyo!
- Starting today, her name isn't Sumire.
- What do you say?
- It's Momohana.
- Where's my "Ōkini"?
That's right. [laughs]
- Right.
- [Tsuru] Hmm.
But, well, you know,
I'm worried for Momohana
She has to get used to the maiko hair.
She probably won't get any sleep!
- Not for a while
- Mm-hmm.
- [Tsuru] That's right.
- [all chuckle]
[woman humming]
[gentle music plays]
[Kiyo] The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House.
Hey, you look really nervous.
- I am.
- [chuckles]
Well, now on, you'll do this frequently.
- Did you bring your kanzashi?
- Oh.
That's not the right one.
The maki-kanzashi
is the one you wear during the summer.
- Mother Azusa told me to bring that one.
- [sighs]
I'm sorry.
You don't have to apologize for that.
In the winter, you wear this one,
the tsumami-kanzashi.
Use it with care.
Here, Momohana, eat up.
[Sumire] Oh.
What? Are you not hungry?
Actually, I said I wouldn't,
so I promised I'd wait
to eat the small sandwiches
until I had become a maiko.
It's Kiyo.
I think you won't eat the sandwiches
unless Kiyo's the one to make them.
It is. I gave her my word, okay?
[mimics gently] "I gave her
my word, okay?"
How cute are you, Momohana?
It's like you're trying to make me
like you even more. So sweet!
[both giggle]
Mmm. [chuckles]
- Mmm
- [door slides open]
- [Sumire] Mother Azusa, I'm back!
- Hmm!
Ah! Hmm.
Sumire! I'm in here!
I'm just getting back from doing my hair.
- It looks great!
- [chuckles]
Ah. So, uh
According to Sister Momoko,
it's the wrong season.
- [Azusa] Hmm?
- That was for summer.
It's the tsumami-kanzashi now,
right, Mother Azusa?
Ah, that's right, that's right.
Well, it was a bit warm this morning, but
Oh my, how could I, of all people?
- Oh! [laughs]
- Well, here.
Starting today,
you're an apprentice maiko.
Make sure you learn
everything you can from Momoko
until you become a full-fledged maiko.
Yes, I shall. Ōkini.
I'm grateful to be here with you.
- [Kiyo] I'm home!
- [door closes]
What? Is that you? Sumire?
Sumire? So pretty! Hold on.
Oh goodness, you're so pretty! Let me see!
[laughing] Hey. Hey!
You look great. Let me look at you.
- I'm too embarrassed
- Let me look at you, okay?
Oh, come on. Meanie.
So you are the makanai. Kiyo, is it?
Miss Momoko. Yes.
[sighing] I see
Nice to see you Kiyo.
So, to clear it up,
you are my rival, aren't ya?
[muffled] Your rival?
I won't lose, okay?
- Uh, Miss Momoko
- What?
May I please prepare lunch now?
- Well, yeah, of course.
- Thank you so much.
Okay. [sighs]
Ah Oh yeah.
You can totally stay
and join us if you'd like.
What will you make?
It's white stew.
- Okay, then.
- [giggles]
[jaunty music plays]
[Kiyo] All right. Looks good.
Enjoy. [chuckles]
- Thank you for the meal.
- Mmm.
Not enough.
You mean the flavor?
No, the portion.
Seconds are allowed!
Ah! Well, then.
As for seconds,
I could add rice, and then cheese
[gasps] And turn it into doria!
- Sounds great.
- [both chuckle]
All right!
[turns burner on]
[Momoko] You seem
like you're having so much fun.
Even though you cook the makanai
for the girls every single day.
Don't you get tired?
No, I don't, actually.
While collecting ingredients,
I decide whether to make it
a bit lighter or a bit heavier,
depending on how the girls feel.
- Oh?
- Mmm.
Also, even if I return to a store
to get unagi or vegetables,
it can change depending on the season,
completely changing the taste of it.
And so, even if I use
the usual amount of seasoning,
it'll, uh, still taste different
than what we might expect.
- Oh?
- Yeah. [chuckles]
So that's
why I say to the food,
"Hello there, and thanks."
"It's nice to see you again."
I've never thought about it like that.
"It's nice to see you again."
Oh no.
Oh Oh shoot!
I forgot, I totally forgot
I need to buy strawberries! [gasps]
Ah, that's right!
I completely forgot.
You know, maybe
you're actually my rival, my friend.
- [Kiku] Who will you choose, Tsurukoma?
- [Tsuru] Hm?
I'm gonna choose the same.
Classic choice again this year. Ebizo.
- [Kiku] Oh!
- [Tsuru] All about Mr. Ebizo.
Hey, how about you, Kotono?
[Koto] I can't tell who's who
when they have white makeup on.
Hmm. I see.
Well, if you're saying that,
then I guess that goes for all of us too.
- You're right.
- Check this out.
I'm going to choose
Senjaku Nakamura the Third this time.
- His father is Tojuro Sakata the Fourth.
- Do you know what she's talking about?
- The famous Tojuro died recently.
- Are my eyes crossed?
- They're crossed.
- Hold on!
- How long are you gonna stare at yourself?
- Take a picture of me!
- I don't have a phone.
- Sister Yoshino!
- Take my picture?
- You look nice.
- Why?
- Please take a picture!
- It'll help me.
- Okay, fine. Sure.
- I should hold this, right?
- Okay. Look at me.
- [whirring]
- Wait, isn't he Tamao Nakamura's brother?
- You got enough photos?
- He is.
"I'm Tamao Nakamura, nice to meet ya."
- [Kiku] Oh!
- [Tsuru] Wow!
- That's a great impersonation!
- Right?
"There is great fortune in a merry home."
[Tsuru] Whoa! Impressive.
Okay, let me try.
[gruffly] "There is great fortune
in a merry home."
That's okay. Not great, though. Ah!
- [Tsuru] Huh?
- That's right.
Did you know that Mother secretly kept
her maneki-kanzashi from back in the day?
- What?
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
- [Tsuru] I wanna see it!
Do you know whose autograph is on it?
Hm? Well, just ask Mother.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- [laughs]
- Let's see who
- Right? Is she here right now?
- Shall we go check?
- Yeah, go and ask, go and ask.
[bird calling]
[Chiyo] Ah.
It's this right here.
I haven't seen it in a while.
Ah, I hope there's no mold growing on it.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
[all gasping]
Wait a second. I don't see an autograph.
[Chiyo] That's right. There is none.
Why do you think that is?
I don't know. Why?
There's a little
love story I haven't shared.
Do you girls want to hear it?
- Ah!
- Mm-hmm!
[sighs] Okay, so
This is a story
regarding my very first crush on an actor.
- [all gasp]
- [Sumire] Crush on an actor?
- [Kiku] Hmm
- [Sumire] Oh
[Koto] Looks good.
Ahh let's see. Momohana,
try it a little bit more to your right.
- Right.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
- Yes.
- Anyway, my goodness! I was tearing up.
- You're doing well.
When Mother was
telling us about her first love.
I know, right?
- It's a well-known story around here.
- Oh. Really?
- Yajuro Bando, who we mentioned?
- He's amazing.
He's a childhood friend of now late
Mr. Kanzaburo Nakamura's.
- He's great, right?
- Yes, he's great.
- He's the tallest kabuki out there.
- You got it!
- Oh!
- Did you know his centimeter count is 183?
- Aww!
- Hmm?
She really kept her maneki-kanzashi
for over 60 years, right?
- Ohh Chiyo is so adorable.
- [Yoshino chuckles]
- Yes, she is.
- Right?
But 60 years? She's so strange.
No, she isn't!
Don't say that about her. Rude!
In any case
she has an empty maneki-kanzashi.
It should be signed.
[traditional music and singing]
[song speeds up]
- [Tsuru laughs]
- [woman 1] Hey, wait!
- [Tsuru] Aww!
- [man 1] It is brilliant.
- That's a fact!
- [Tsuru] I lost.
[woman 2] Who'd like to go next?
Miss Momohana, your mai was very nice.
Professor Tanabe, ōkini.
[chuckles] You're gonna perform
different mais too, right?
- Yes. I'm grateful to be here with you.
- [man 2] That's the thing
- Ōkini, Professor.
- [Tsuru] All right! Next up.
- Hmm.
- Professor Tanabe and Momohana!
- What? Um Are you sure?
- [man 2] Good idea!
- Well
- [man 2] It's your turn.
- [man 3] Please, come on!
- I'm not
Uh Hmm
The loser usually drinks,
and I shouldn't do that.
- [Tsuru] Yeah! She's so
- Hmm, aah
Well how about if we, uh, get the loser
to do something different, instead?
Not alcohol related.
Well, how about instead,
the winner receives a prize or something?
- Mmm. A prize works, Sister Momoko.
- Aah! Great, then.
- That's so generous of you, isn't it?
- [both chuckle]
Lucky you, Momohana.
Choose your prize wisely.
- [Tanabe] All right!
- [man 3] Oh!
- [Tanabe sighs]
- [chuckles]
- How are you doing, sir?
- Again?
[Tanabe] Oh!
- Aah.
- [Tsuru] So
- Hm?
- [Tsuru] Oh, yes
Where'd that come from?
- [Tsuru] Give it a try?
- [Tanabe] Hmm.
- [man 1] Yeah. Yeah.
- [Tsuru] Is Is that
I know what I want for a prize, Professor.
- [Tanabe] Hmm?
- [man 1] Delicious, really
- I'm grateful to be here with you!
- [Tsuru] I know!
- [Tanabe] Hmm.
- [woman 1] One more.
- [Tanabe] Yes, likewise.
- [woman 1] Come on.
- [Tsuru] I thought that.
- [Koto] The switch.
- [Tsuru] Turn it off.
- [Kiku] Off or up?
- [Tsuru] Good.
- [Koto] How high?
- [Kiku] Should I turn it up?
- [Tsuru] Turn it more.
- Sisters, I took a bath before you.
- [all] Oh!
- You did?
- Did your hair get in the way at all?
Luckily, I kept it intact.
- [all] Ooh!
- [Koto] Good, good!
- It's a milestone!
- Oh! That's right.
- Oh, yeah.
- Ta-da!
- We have to give you this. Here.
- [Sumire] Oh!
Listen. Try your best tonight, hmm?
- Oh yeah. It's about endurance.
- [Kiku] Mm-hmm.
Remember, everyone has to go through this.
[Kiku] Mm-hmm.
- Ōkini.
- [Kiku] Oh!
[Tsuru chuckles] Hmm?
[clock ticking]
[groans softly]
- Huh? Kiyo?
- [laughs]
You're here. [chuckles]
All right.
[turns burner on]
I heard no one can catch
any sleep on the first day,
so I thought I'd make this.
- It's amazake.
- [both chuckle]
I thought maybe you'd be
able to sleep with a warm belly.
That's so sweet of you, Kiyo.
[both giggle]
- Is this good?
- [Sumire] Mmm!
[Kiyo] Okay There you go.
- Here, enjoy.
- Ōkini.
- [Kiyo chuckles]
- Wow! It's warm!
[Kiyo sighs]
- Thank you for making this.
- Uh-huh.
It's hot.
[chuckles] Easy!
- Mm-hmm. It warms me up.
- [chuckles] Glad to hear it.
Hmm Oh yeah.
I meant to give this to you
this morning, actually.
- Here!
- [gasps] What?
- Thanks! Yay!
- [laughs]
Ōkini, ōkini!
What's the total so far?
[Kiyo] Right now?
Let's see, with these, six.
- Six?
- Yes.
Only two days left, huh?
So, tomorrow, there is an ozashiki
and then my debut, so, uh
- Minami-za? You'll be there too?
- Mm-hmm.
- They said that I get to join.
- Oh! Really? That's exciting.
- Uh-huh!
- [laughs]
- I just wish Mother could attend also.
- Oh?
Because her
first love is the actor
performing this time.
[both laugh]
- Okay.
- Ōkini.
That'll be 800 yen.
- Uh, actually, sir
- Mm-hmm?
Do you happen to have fresh cream here?
Ah, unfortunately we don't.
That bigger supermarket
over there probably does.
- Oh
- Ah. Oh, you're collecting tickets.
- Yeah, that's right.
- Thank you.
I didn't think anyone would be willing
to collect these raffle tickets at all.
I guess it should be worth a try, huh?
- [Kiyo] Thank you so much.
- [shopkeeper] Thank you!
- All right, hope you win.
- Spin, good luck.
- Better luck next time!
- You won a Christmas prize!
- Here, tissues.
- Which one would you like?
- That one!
- Hi, hello.
- All right.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you so much for shopping with us.
- Yay! That's so cool, thank you.
- [employee 1] All right, here we go.
- There it is.
- The bread machine.
- [employee 1] A level two prize.
Good win, right? Congratulations.
- A premium vegetable slicer.
- One, two, three, four, five
- Don't forget to use this, okay?
- Six.
That thing will cut through
your nails like butter!
Dangerous! Ah, that's a bummer.
- I need two more.
- [employee 1] Maybe next time.
- Thank you for shopping with us.
- [employee 2] Winner!
- Welcome. Let's go for another spin!
- [sighs]
[Christmas music]
[girl] It's almost my turn,
it's almost my turn!
Mom, can we
- We're so close!
- Yes, we are.
You like this book?
- [girl] car or something?
- [mother] Yes.
[girl] That'd be cool!
[squeals] We're next, we're next!
- I did it, Daddy!
- All right?
- She did it!
- Good for you!
It was so fun. Tell your dad.
[girl] Yes, it was.
[father] Did you like
your gift from Santa?
- [girl] Yeah, I'm so happy I got it.
- [father laughs]
- [girl] I love chocolate, it's my
- Miss Ryoko? Hi there.
[mother] Good girl!
[girl] I don't understand
why he didn't give me all of it.
- Hm, well?
- [girl] They had three of them.
- But they gave it to some other kid.
- [father] We share
You know those folks?
- Mm-hmm.
- [father] Oh, that's right. He likes
Yeah. He's my dad.
[girl] I want to be a bird!
Oh, honey, that's so great.
- All right! Shall we be on our way?
- Yes.
Aren't you gonna go and say hello, then?
No, I won't.
[mother] Come on. Go on.
- [father] No peeking until we get home.
- [mother] Mm-hmm.
- You can't look inside we get home, okay?
- [squeals] I can't wait! What's in it?
Hey, Ren, have you ever
loved someone who doesn't love you?
Well, of course I have.
Is it tough?
Well, I guess it is.
But come to think of it,
it's very likely that
there's someone out there
who loves me and doesn't get
to be loved in return also.
I try to think of it that way.
That's how life goes, I guess.
In the big picture, I like to think that,
if you put everything into account,
it evens out in the end.
[both chuckle]
That's a, um good way to see it.
[Ren] It is, right?
[laughs] No loss or gain.
- You come out even. [laughs]
- [Ryoko] Right.
[bird chirping]
Bear with me. Just for today.
[door sliding open]
Ah, Ryoko, are you okay? What's going on?
What's going on with you, Chiyo?
You're all dolled up.
Well, no matter how old a woman gets,
she still gets to have days like this.
So, what do you think
of my recent favorite?
Oh! I know that guy. Uhm Tae-woong, right?
No, it's Lee Je-hoon.
Really? Who's that?
So it's not Uhm Tae-woong, then?
- [chuckles]
- [sighs]
No, it's not him. You seem distracted.
I'm just focused on something else.
[both chuckle]
You liked him that much? Yanjiro?
You can say that.
He was very precious to me indeed.
Hmm. Why didn't you marry him, then?
Listen, Ryoko
Getting married isn't the only way
for a person to cherish someone they love.
And when you fall deeply in love one day
with someone yourself,
you will understand.
But isn't it tough?
Well, sure it is.
But you know,
it's far better than not having
someone to think about, right?
[Chiyo chuckles gently]
[kabuki actors performing]
[drum beating]
- [bells jingle]
- [all gasp]
[drum continues beating]
[actor performing]
- [maiko chatting]
- Hi!
Brother, you did great
on stage tonight. [laughs]
- [maiko] Aah.
- [actor] I'll stop again soon.
- Hello.
- You were great, congratulations.
- Hello, Brother Kyounosuke.
- [actor] Do you want
- Excuse me. May I sit here?
- [maiko] Are you finished?
- Could you please sign my kanzashi?
- [actor] Yes
The last time someone asked me this
was over 20 years ago.
- [actor] Hello.
- [maiko] Ōkini.
Sister, good morning.
Good morning. If you'll excuse me.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.
- Good morning to you.
- Yes, come in.
- Aren't you an apprentice maiko?
- Yes.
At which yakata?
Saku House.
Saku? You mean
- Miss Chiyo's Saku?
- Yes.
Isn't she, uh
You know, your first love, Mr. Yaji?
- [laughs] Uh No, no, no, no.
- Uh, then who is she?
[both men laughing]
- Um
- Uh-huh?
I brought this.
It's her kanzashi.
The one from 60 years ago.
Is that so?
Tell me now is she good?
Yes. She's doing great.
- Give me a second.
- [chuckles]
Thank you for waiting.
Your Zombeavers.
- [grumbles]
- [men chatting indistinctly]
Enough, already.
'Cause this is not a low-end bar
you'd find in Shinjuku, all right?
This isn't the place to go and complain
on some drunken tangent, understood?
If you have any disputes,
for the time being,
you leave that outside,
before you step in here at all.
That goes for me, the other customers,
and even Ren, right?
Yes. I, uh I was just in the back
wiping some tears right before this.
There, see? That is what you call
a functional adult man.
- [door slides open]
- You get it?
- Good evening.
- [Yoshino] Oh!
- So, welcome, please come in.
- Oh, well, thank you for having me.
- [Ren] Welcome.
- It's a small place, but please, come in.
See that? Oh my God!
It's Chiyo's first love!
- [Tanabe] Yajuro Bando
- All right. I'll go get Mother.
- Ah. Yes, please do that.
- [Yoshino] Welcome!
[Yajuro] Great to be here.
[Tanabe] I'm so excited.
- Oh, Sister.
- [Kiku] Yes?
- [Tsuru] Huh?
- Do you know where Mother Chiyo is?
- Oh, she was in her room just now.
- [Kiku] Mm-hmm.
- Ōkini.
- [Tsuru] Mm-hmm.
- [gasps] Hey, hey!
- What is it?
- That's Mother's first love.
- Oh?
Ah! That one? Over there?
- No, that's Mr. Mitani.
- Oh!
Look over there. Over here.
- Oh!
- That's Yajuro.
That's who it is? [laughs]
Well, what are we having tonight?
- I'd like a highball, please.
- Yes.
- I'll do my best to make one for you.
- [laughs]
And for you, sir?
Can you make
a Pink Lady's Motion Picture, Mr. Ren?
- What?
- Ah, leave it to me.
- That so?
- Yes.
- Kei version?
- Mie.
- Okay, got it.
- What?
- He knows it!
- Good, huh?
- Well.
- [Yajuro] Oh.
Oh, my [gasps]
It's been a while, Miss Chiyo.
[Chiyo] It really has, Mr. Hisao.
- I'm happy to see that you're doing well.
- Ah, thank you.
- How did the two of you meet?
- Well
- [Yajuro] Oh
- There's not a lot to the story, really.
- We've never even held hands, right?
- Right.
[both chuckle]
- Just an actor and a geiko, you know?
- [laughing]
Oh, it's hot.
[all laughing]
- [gasps]
- Huh?
[Chiyo] What is it?
Oh, what? This?
Do you want it?
Is that okay?
- [giggling]
- Yes. It's yours.
- Ōkini!
- [laughs]
Oh my, Santa Claus has come to town early.
Good for you, Sister.
Save it so you don't lose it.
- Right.
- Here.
This girl here is the one who suggested
that I give this to you personally.
- Wait I I didn't
- [laughs]
Miss Chiyo. This is for you.
Oh [gasps]
Oh my.
- [gasps] So nice of you.
- [chuckles]
- [Chiyo] Mmm!
- [Sumire chuckles]
Excuse me, uh, sir
Hi. May I get a photo of the two of you?
- Ooh!
- Yes, why not?
[exclaiming and laughter]
- Come over here, Sumire.
- Okay.
- [Tsuru] Excuse me, Mr. Mitani.
- Oh boy.
- I feel embarrassed.
- Mr. Mitani, excuse me?
- [Kiku] Mr. Mitani?
- Oh, sorry. Were you calling me?
[Tsuru] Can we show you something?
- [Kiku] We'd like to play a guessing game.
- A game? All right.
The person is always addressed
as "Master" and has a severe cat allergy.
Akashiya Sanma's episode
of Furuhata Ninzaburō.
- You're right!
- You're so good!
- Good!
- Isn't she good?
- No, you're good.
- You knew it!
- [laughing]
- I closed my eyes. Can we do one more?
Do you think I could,
uh, act in your TV series?
- Hmm?
- You want to? Do you?
- It'd be an honor.
- Uh
- Why not?
- Can I, as well?
- Say cheese.
- You also do? Do you?
- [all laughing]
- [Tsuru] Yes!
- Why not?
- [Tsuru] Can you imagine us together?
- I guess I'll be going. Anyone else?
- I don't have any say though.
- Oh
- Oh, we probably should, right?
- [Yoshino] I should go too.
- Good night. Yes.
- [Kiku] Let's go somewhere else.
- [Tsuru] Sure.
- Where are they all going?
- Mr. Mitani, come with us.
- Shall we?
- Yes.
- But have another drink with my friend
- [all talking]
- [Tsuru] Ōkini.
- [Seino] Excuse me.
[Sumire] Very nice to meet you.
- Ōkini.
- Come with us.
- Ōkini.
- Goodbye.
Mr. Mitani. Please come by
whenever you'd like, okay?
Next time,
I should write a story about this town.
Oh, please do. I'm looking forward to it.
- I'll do my best.
- [all continue chatting]
- [laughing]
- Ōkini.
Have a good night.
[Chiyo chuckles]
Oh gosh, they didn't have to
leave us alone like this.
[Yajuro laughs]
[Chiyo sighs]
Isn't this the first time
we've ever been alone?
I think you're right.
It's crazy to think about how,
back then, we were just kids.
It's great that we're able
to meet here like this.
You know, if we had met a little earlier,
maybe, you know,
we would've been together.
Oh! Stop joking, Yajuro.
You and your wife met
in elementary school, didn't you?
In that case, mmm
I'd have to meet you in preschool. Hmm?
Oh, wait Chiyo, you're right!
[both laughing]
[Tanabe] It was a nice night.
[Azusa] It sure was.
[Tanabe chuckles]
I've never seen Mother
act like that before.
It was like she was young again.
- Yes. No doubt about it. Hmm.
- [chuckles]
I think they're only able
to meet like this, 60 years later,
because it was a pure relationship
back in the day.
So wholesome.
You really think that?
You don't believe so?
If that's the case,
then I shouldn't wait for 60 years
to meet you,
like Mother Chiyo with that kabuki actor.
In 60 years,
you couldn't meet with me at all.
- I'll be 100 years old by then.
- Aah.
- You're right, huh?
- [laughs]
We're here.
This should be good, right?
Good night.
See you tomorrow.
The moon is beautiful, isn't it?
Oh, um, well, this is actually
Sōseki's, uh, you know
I remember his work.
Oh, yes. Of course that's right. Huh.
Good night.
The moon is
beautiful indeed.
[upbeat music plays]
[Sumire] Wow!
This is practically cake, Kiyo!
- [Kiyo giggles]
- [Sumire] You're amazing, Kiyo.
[Kiyo] Really? And finally
Okay. So
[chuckles] All right!
- It's done!
- Oh!
- [laughing]
- So nice! It looks delicious.
It's a little Christmas present.
[both giggling]
- [Sumire] Welcome back.
- [Kiyo] Ryoko, wanna try it?
[sighs] Try what?
Fake Christmas cake, see?
I don't want anything fake.
Oh, hey, come on, now. Don't be like that.
You should have some.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
- [gasps] Oh yeah. The kanzashi?
- Hmm?
How did the reunion end?
- Perfect. [laughs]
- Nice! Glad to hear.
I think it's so cute,
the love they have for each other.
A forgotten, unrequited love story
between an actor and our Mother
[Ryoko] Unrequited love is so powerful.
It can really hurt you.
It's intense.
Actually, by chance,
I got you a present too, Kiyo.
What? Yay! This is the ninth ticket!
Thanks, Sumire! [laughs]
- Only nine?
- Uh-huh.
Today's the last day, right? If I recall?
Huh? Oh my goodness, you're right!
- [both groan]
- You only needed one more ticket!
- Oh gosh, Sumire, it's okay!
- Aww!
Thank you.
I just bought a notebook.
From a real crappy store, actually.
Are you sure?
Mmm I just happened
to need a notebook anyway.
Maybe you could
bake me croissants in return.
Croissants, or even chocolate croissants,
you know, anything anything you want!
- That's so great!
- Whoo!
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you, thank you!
Now I just have to roll up my sleeves
and spin the wheel! Hmm! [laughs]
Christmas is here, right?
Yes, it's official!
- Great.
- [both laughing]
- Let's have some cake!
- Let's have some cake!
Merry Christmas.
[Kiyo chuckles]
[in unison] Merry Christmas!
[both laughing]
[Kiyo] Grandma! Merry Christmas.
- Right over here.
- Which one would you like?
This year, I'd say Santa came to visit me.
- All right, next in line, please.
- Unfortunate, ma'am. Sorry about that.
[Kiyo] More than once, in fact.
- Spin the wheel.
- Have a good one.
Thank you for shopping with us.
- Hi. Ten tickets here.
- Oh, hey, Kiyo.
Today's the last day,
so it's your last chance. Good luck!
- All right, give it a spin.
- Here it goes.
Wow, you won! Nice!
Ha-ha! Oh my goodness, Kiyo!
You got third!
- [laughs]
- She got red, that's the third prize.
This is it, right here.
Aomori red apples. A whole case of it!
Nice. They're really sweet right now.
- Today's your lucky day, Kiyo!
- Congrats!
- Thank you very much.
- Can you carry it?
- I'll be okay.
- Take care now.
- Yep.
- All right!
[groans] All right.
Apple pie it is, then.
[Kiyo] After Christmas ends,
the New Year's
just around the corner, isn't it?
The year went by so quickly.
Well, then,
I hope you have a Happy New Year!
Oof Ah, it's heavy.
[gentle music plays]
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