The Mallorca Files (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Number One Fan

Senorita?! ? When the moonlight shines ? Down on the sea ? And you think that you got ? Better set me free ? You gotta set me free ? I'll surrender ? Surrender.
? A new case.
Anything interesting? Just some crazy people who live in the hills.
One of them, a fashion model, has gone missing.
Probably just attention seeking.
Not exactly high profile, then.
Which is why I'm giving it to you.
OK, please don't take this the wrong way, Ines, but you can't just palm off the cases that you don't want your team to do.
I am the chief of police.
I think you'll find I can.
You know, Max and I have a specific remit that we The crazies are German, so get on with it.
Where's your boyfriend? OK, Max isn't my Morning! How's my favourite lady today? Buenos dias, Ines.
Buenos dias.
When did she get such a kick out of winding me up? I just don't understand why she dislikes me so much.
Well, you can be quite rude, you don't like taking orders, you drink very weak coffee.
And Ines can't bear anyone who drinks weak coffee.
You rarely show any human emotion, and there's that look that you give when you're really pissed Yes.
It's her birthday tomorrow.
Extend the hand of friendship, buy her a present.
There's no time for shopping.
We've got a missing person to find.
A Valentina Caligari, some model.
It's not just some model.
It's the highest-paid model in Germany.
Oh, yeah, and it's just Valentina.
She's famous enough to be known by only one name.
Well, if she's so famous, then why has nobody spotted her? Come on.
Did you know that morning sunshine increases serotonin levels? Yeah, I don't care about happy hormones, Max.
I care about being prepared when we get to Otto Caligari's house.
That man is the most sought-after interior designer in Berlin.
You'll never guess what he uses for his signature feature wall.
It's his missing sister we need to focus on.
All right.
So Valentina took the train to Palma yesterday morning, and hasn't come back? Mm-hm.
She does have a reputation for hedonism.
Maybe she was partying too hard and is somewhere, having a chillax? OK, you're too old to use the word chillax.
Clearly, these people value their privacy.
Palma Police.
Open Sesame.
Ines called the Caligaris crazy people who live in the hills.
Yeah, that's because Ines has no time for the avant-garde.
Finally, something we agree on.
Where would we find Otto Caligari? Are you a model? Excuse me? I could use a few more girls like you on my books.
I mean, the vanilla look is so hot right now.
People are bored of the glowing, beautiful girls.
Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry.
My mistake.
Yes, it was.
Otto Caligari? I see you met my sister's agent.
Oh, class, such verve.
That's one word for it.
Your reputation precedes you, Mr Caligari.
I read all about your feature wall.
It's genius.
Genius for some, I suppose.
I just go where my instinct leads me, detective.
So the last time you saw your sister was when? Yesterday morning.
She left at 10 to take the Soller train into Palma.
No-one has seen her since.
Hey, hey, hey! She just disappeared into thin air.
I mean, how is that possible? It's not.
But what is possible is that she could have got sidetracked, maybe? Gone to party somewhere in Palma? Of course, I've thought of that, detective.
But how can no-one have seen her? She spends her life dealing with adoring fans and the paparazzi.
We'll need a photo.
My sister is the most recognised face in German fashion industry.
This will do.
What?! Custom-made Kurt Holtz sunglasses? Ah.
It was a gift from me to Valentina.
Holtz is a personal friend of mine.
Whatever I ask, he gives.
You know, aren't cultural differences fascinating? Because in the UK, having your initials on your accessories is seen as being extremely unsophisticated.
You're here about Valentina? These are detectives Winter and Blake.
Azra is my sister's girlfriend.
We're having a baby and she just disappears.
It's OK.
The police will find her.
Have you any idea where Valentina might have gone? My girlfriend is a very complicated woman.
Two hearts become one? She's staying to my end.
Who is that? My sister's fashion designer, Hades Jaffar.
He knows how to have a good time! No, I'm talking about the waiter.
Richard Webb, best chef on the island.
We need a complete list of all the names of your guests and staff, Mr Caligari.
And who was the last person to see Valentina? Valentina was my very best friend.
We used to share a flat when we first started out.
Who knew then the dizzy heights we'd reach in our careers? Folk call me the most influential fashion icon in Europe.
Well, I'm not one for flattery.
Oh, it's the latest facial treatment.
Snail slime? These are organically-fed snails.
Their mucus contains amazing antioxidants.
I must try it.
So you spoke to Valentina before she left on Monday? Mm-hm.
And did she tell you anything about her plans for that day? Yeah, she said she was going to Palma for some shopping.
Oh, how she loved shopping.
I mean, who doesn't? But for me, going out in public is becoming a problem, you know? My legion of fans.
In fact, the Vogue article lauding my influence We know Valentina left the villa at 10.
So what time did this conversation take place with her? Your hair is magnificent, Ms Olsen.
Had it done yesterday in a top salon in Soller.
Didn't charge me, obviously, such good publicity.
You should go in.
Mention my name.
As you said, it was ten in the morning when I last spoke to Valentina, before she went to Palma.
Are you sure about that? Absolutely.
Well, that was very, very helpful.
Thank you so much for your time, Miss Olsen.
Snails left a little something brown on your cheek.
I don't think it's an antioxidant.
Well, that's an hour of my life I'll never get back.
I thought it was a very interesting way to spend the morning.
The world would be a very dull place without the avant-garde.
I've never met such egotistical, arrogant people in my life.
Thank God you were there.
Whoa! Two compliments in one day.
If it's money you're after, I don't have any.
I meant because you speak their language and I don't mean German.
Are you referring to my knowledge of contemporary culture or my ability to gain rapport and get the best out of people? If you think having "rapport" with a woman who puts snails on her face is something to be proud of, then You just don't like Miss Olsen because she insulted your hair.
Blake! Ow! One minute she was there, the next gone.
She can't have just vanished in a puff of smoke.
There's no sign of her getting off at Palma.
You don't think she was with anyone? Not that I could see.
We'll get a copy of the footage, see if forensics can zoom in on the details of the commuters.
Where the hell is she? So Valentina got on the train in Soller, but never got off at Palma.
It's totally illogical.
There has to be an explanation.
What are you thinking? How good this ice cream tastes.
Want a lick? OK, never ask me that again.
Just it sounds wrong.
The last time the ticket inspector saw Valentina, they were in a tunnel and he followed her to the end of the train.
But she was gone.
So then what? Jumped? Who jumps off a train that's going full speed? Someone suicidal? Or maybe she was pushed.
There's only one way to find out.
We need to check the tunnel.
Is that a problem? So are you going to tell me what's wrong? No, cos there's nothing wrong.
I'm fine.
In that case, shall we get on with it, then? I'll take that as a no.
You sure you're OK? I said I'm fine.
And I know what you're thinking.
Yeah, that the line is only closed for an hour and that we need to get on with the search.
You think that I've got claustrophobia? Well, I do now.
But I haven't.
In fact, I will lead the search.
Vamanos! So this claustrophobia that you don't have when did you start not having it? Shut up, Max.
You sure you're OK? How you feeling, little explorer? Yeah.
Much better.
Yeah? Must have been a bug or something.
A bug? That lasts 17 minutes? That's one for the Guinness Book of Records.
All right, Blake.
We all have fears.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
I don't want to talk about it.
It's what makes us human.
I said I don't want to talk about it.
Just because I don't go around wearing my heart on my sleeve and being overly tactile and thinking every stranger's just a friend I haven't met yet doesn't make me inhuman, repressed or antisocial.
OK? Yeah.
Got it.
Just to confirm you were describing me, right? Yeah.
So what did you find? Custom-made Kurt Holtz sunglasses.
They're Valentina's.
Anything? According to the Interpol database, practically every guest at that villa has a criminal record.
Most involving some kind of narcotic.
Of course they take drugs.
They're artists.
And so far, that sleazy model agent is the winner.
He has a record as long as your arm.
Tax evasion, fraud, kerb crawling.
Want to sign Ines' card? Yes.
I love signing birthday cards.
Brings out my inner comedian.
Feliz cumpleanos.
That's really funny, isn't it? Not really.
Bingo! Richard Webb has harassment orders from two British models.
Another chef.
Maybe Valentina was his latest obsession.
Well, let's have a chat with our little stalker and find out.
I want to stop off en route.
There's something I want to check out first.
What about Ines' birthday card? Come on.
"Detective Blake.
" That's all you're going to put? It's better than what Max wrote.
Yeah, it's funny in German.
Doubt it.
Well Yeah, it is.
And? Mila Olsen is lying.
She did have a hair appointment on Monday morning, but it was at 9:15.
Valentina left the villa at 10 so Mila couldn't have spoken to her.
Which means all the stuff about talking to Valentina is rubbish.
So Valentina's best friend's a liar and the chef's a stalker.
Looks like we have two suspects.
And it's not even lunchtime.
Didn't take long for the media circus to sniff out a story.
We'll post an escort down to Palma police station if you do that again.
I'll take Princess Charming.
You find Webb.
You got a moment, Miss Olsen? Not really.
May not look like it, but I'm meditating.
Well, you might like to meditate on this.
You were at the hairdresser's when Valentina left the villa on Monday morning.
You lied to us.
You never spoke to her.
Perjury's a criminal offence, Miss Olson.
I could have you arrested.
Mr Webb.
Ah! Can I have a word? We had a big row the night before.
We all had too much to drink, especially Valentina.
She was boasting about being more successful than me.
She always liked to put me in my place.
OK, but why did you lie? Because the last thing I said was that I hated her and wanted her to die.
So I was terrified that she'd gone off the next day and done something stupid to herself.
And you didn't want that on your conscience.
Would be terrible publicity for me.
Model of the Year's next month in Berlin.
She's won it so many times.
Might be my moment.
Did you see Valentina on the morning she disappeared? No.
It was the night before.
I was serving cocktails around the pool.
Valentina, Miss Olson and the others, they partied late into the night.
But I was dismissed and allowed to go to bed at 11:30.
How long have you worked here? Five months and three weeks.
There's not much more I can tell you.
I didn't know Valentina that well.
Yet you were on first-name terms.
That's how she liked it.
Let's cut the crap, shall we? I know two British models pressed charges against you for stalking.
That was a long time ago.
Two years.
It's not so long, Mr Webb.
I was going through a difficult time, but I'm back on track now.
I was collecting glasses around the villa and I found this.
It belongs to Hades Jaffar.
It's him you want to talk to, not me.
Hades Jaffar He's a friend of Valentina's.
Her fashion designer.
Skinny guy, moustache.
Oh, yeah.
Had the pleasure of seeing Mr Jaffar dance.
That man has an unhealthy obsession with Valentina.
Thank you for the information.
But I still need to take a full statement from you, Mr Webb.
Not at the villa, please.
I'll come by the station after work.
All right.
But if you don't, I'll come and get you in front of your employers - understood? All right.
Are we done? I'm feeling a little light-headed.
I would like to lie down.
We're done, for now.
Is there any more news? I'm just following up on some questions, Mr Caligari.
But, yes, there's been a development.
We found Valentina's sunglasses in one of the train tunnels.
What does that mean? Someone pushed her off the train? Is she dead? We don't know that yet.
But it's a possibility.
You'll have to excuse Azra.
We've just come from having a scan at the hospital.
These are really important moments.
Someone has to be there.
She's extremely upset that Valentina wasn't there to share the moment.
My sister could be selfish, but I had no idea she could be this selfish.
What do you mean? I don't believe she was pushed off some train.
I think she's planned this whole charade.
She's gone of her own volition? I think she wants to be free.
The fame, the fortune, the responsibility of the baby.
And if that's the case and she doesn't want to be found then you won't find her, detective.
She always gets her own way and to hell with the rest of us.
Watch this.
How do you like that? Don't get too cocky.
You're going down, Steiner.
Mr Jaffar? Can I have a word? Can you explain that sketch to me, please? That is private property.
I demand to speak to your superiors.
We can go down to the police station right now, if you like.
Yeah, I know what it looks like, but you're wrong, detective.
Valentina's one of my dearest friends and like all friendships, sometimes you have little fallings-out.
So this is what - just a little fantasy of how you'd like to kill her? No.
It is just a silly sketch.
Just tell the truth, Jaffar.
He's still in love with Valentina, but she dumped him for the make-up artist.
And I'm happy for her.
I like Azra.
Oh, yeah.
If anyone is involved in Valentina's disappearance, it's him.
Don't bring me into this, you little weasel.
Valentina sacked him as her agent and now his agency's gone bust.
He's so hard up, Otto had to buy his boat from him.
Is that true, Mr Steiner? So what if it is? That boat's too small anyway.
Soon as I'm back on my feet I'm going to get a bigger one.
Biggest in the harbour.
I meant about Valentina sacking you as her agent.
Well, that doesn't mean anything.
We're still friends.
Oh-ho-ho! Now who's the liar? The night before she disappeared, I heard you begging her to stay with you, but she refused.
You're finished in the industry, Steiner.
You're a loser.
Say that again and I will kill you.
You mediocre, pointless, little parasite.
You are the loser! Game over.
Both Jaffer and Steiner have motives.
An ex-lover and an ex-agent, both dumped by Valentina.
Well, you can add to that a jealous BFF who'd love nothing better than Valentina out of the way.
The lab have sent through the stills from the Soller station's CCTV.
There was someone else on the train that day.
I'll take that.
Thank you.
Mr Webb? Can we have a word, please? Oh! I'm so sorry.
Let's go.
Shall I help you? All right.
Max! What the hell? Palma police! It's Palma police! It's Palma police.
Come on! We've got him.
Todos tranquilos.
We've got him.
Miranda, move! Come on! Stop! You really need to get some help with your claustrophobia.
It's nothing to do with claustrophobia.
The door was stuck.
Again, for the young.
I haven't done anything wrong.
Which I'm guessing is what you said when you were issued with your past harassment orders.
I already told you that was a bad time for me.
But I've got my life together now.
Valentina's just another one of your obsessions, isn't she? Mr Webb.
No, I really loved her.
That's why I took the job at her brother's villa.
There were so many weirdoes out there that Valentina needs my protection.
That's why I gave you the sketchbook.
It should be Hades Jaffar in here, not me.
You had Valentina's necklace.
You were also on the train the day she disappeared.
I found the necklace on the kitchen floor.
And you think we're going to believe that? It's the truth.
It was on the morning Valentina disappeared.
I found a necklace lodged under a cupboard in the kitchen.
I went to give it to her, but she'd already gone out.
So I decided to return it to her later.
It was my day off, so I decided to go into Palma.
Couldn't believe my luck when I saw Valentina on the train.
There's no luck involved here.
You followed her, didn't you? Mr Webb.
Richard? It's much better for you if you tell us the truth now.
I did find the necklace in the kitchen.
You're right.
I followed her.
I was going to be her hero and reunite her with her love heart.
I was going to sit next to her for the entire journey, spend a whole hour with the woman of my dreams.
At least she'd get to know me, get to like me, for me.
But then the lights cut off.
When they came back on, she'd left her seat.
Next thing I knew, she'd gone.
Something bad has happened to her.
I just know it.
She'd never miss Model of the Year.
She's won it five times.
You couldn't have found Valentina's necklace that morning because she was wearing it when she got on the train.
That can't be true.
What have you done with her? Nothing.
I would never hurt Valentina.
Is she alive? I don't know.
Look, I swear, I don't know.
"Police baffled over missing German supermodel.
" Do you have any idea where this woman is or if she's even alive? We've got the prime suspect, but he's not talking.
A night in a cell should help loosen his tongue.
We cannot afford this bad publicity.
I knew I should have put my team on this.
Funny that, but I seem to recall that this case was perfect for me and Max - just some crazy people in the hills, attention seeking, wasn't it? Until they started hitting the headlines.
Make this go away.
Oh, by the way Happy birthday, Ines.
You don't look a day over forty two? If you keep winding up like this, you'll never fit in here.
Buy her that birthday present.
It's a big one, so make it expensive.
A big birthday? Yes.
It pains me to say it, but she looks good for 50.
Then tell her that when you give her the present.
Oil the cogs with a little charm, Miranda.
She's the boss.
And it'll make our job a lot easier.
What's the point? She hates us.
Just you.
Looks like Ines is just reading your birthday message and she's laughing.
Is she? No.
You're a real comedian, Federico.
No, I'm not.
And clearly, neither are you, my friend.
Now I'm in trouble with Ines and I make it my business not to be in trouble with Ines.
I've got a feeling it's not you who's going to be in trouble.
Happy birthday, Ines.
I'm not 50, Detective Blake.
I thought you were a better detective than that.
You did that on purpose.
It was you who assumed it was a 50.
Because you said, "big birthday".
Every birthday is big.
In Germany.
Besides, that She's fine.
She didn't care.
You know, for a man who prides himself on his emotional intelligence, you're an absolute idiot.
Don't kill the messenger.
It's "don't shoot the messenger", Max, that is exactly what I'd like to do.
? Happy birthday ? .
birthday to you.
? Happy birthday to you ? Happy birthday, dear Ines? ? Happy birthday to you.
? Make a wish? Hmm The yin and the yang.
What is it? Richard Webb was telling the truth.
Webb had the right side of the love heart, the side that Valentina always wore, and when Valentina boarded the train, she was wearing the left side of the love heart, Azra's side.
So it's the same necklace that Azra was wearing when we interviewed her yesterday.
So Azra must have seen Valentina since she disappeared.
She's been lying to us.
Otto and Azra.
Please be careful with my car.
It's a family heirloom.
Maybe I should drive.
No way.
You're drunk.
I'm not drunk.
Victor? No sign at all? OK.
Stay there.
Thank you.
That was uniform.
They just arrived at the house.
No sign of Azra or Otto and none of the house guests know where they've gone.
Damn it! I might be wrong It does happen occasionally but I think I know where they might be.
Head to the harbour.
Why? Because Abe Steiner sold Otto his boat.
Whoa! Whoa, your driving is making me nauseous.
That's because you're drunk.
I'm not drunk.
Only a drunk person says that.
You're not going anywhere, Mr Caligari.
She's right.
You're not.
No wonder you've been playing the attentive partner.
You're the father of the baby.
My sperm was a gift from me to her and Valentina so they could have their own baby with the best possible genes.
But as our baby grew, so did mine and Otto's love for each other.
But when Valentina found out, you killed her? No.
It was self-defence.
The night before she supposedly disappeared, we had a big party at the villa.
Everyone had gone to bed, and I thought Valentina had gone too, so I arranged to meet Azra in the kitchen.
And Valentina found you? She flew at Azra.
I had to protect her and our baby.
But when I pulled Valentina away, she slipped and cracked her head on the tiles.
We knew we couldn't call the police if we wanted any kind of future for us and our baby.
We had to get rid of her body ourselves.
That day I bought Abe's boat off him.
So I drove Valentina down the harbour and disposed of her body out at sea.
Abe Steiner said you were a make-up artist, Azra.
You turned Otto into Valentina, didn't you? It was Otto on the train.
It wasn't difficult.
Otto is so like his sister.
Same complexion, same cheekbones.
It was like looking at Valentina.
But you'd forgotten Valentina's necklace.
You thought you'd buried her with it on.
You didn't realise that it'd come off during the fight in the kitchen.
So I put my necklace on Otto.
It was better than nothing.
Valentina never took that heart off.
So Otto becomes Valentina, gets on a train to Palma to disappear, never to be seen again.
But you didn't bargain for Richard Webb to be on that train too.
I had no choice but to jump off.
But when you found Valentina's sunglasses in the tunnel, we knew the noose was tightening.
And when we heard Webb had got her necklace, we knew we had to leave.
Good work.
Thanks, boss.
Just in time for tomorrow's papers.
Let me guess.
"Case solved by the Palma police"? You are part of my police force, are you not, Detective Blake? Right.
I'm going to get back to my birthday party.
My 45th birthday party.
What? You deliberately lied to me, didn't you? OK.
I admit it.
I am drunk.
I'm talking about Ines and her birthday.
We're not still on that, are we? It was a joke.
I'm sorry.
And now it's your turn to make a confession.
About what? About your claustrophobia.
You want to know what I think? Not really, no.
I think you want to tell me, but you're too afraid to let your guard down.
Let me in, Miranda.
I don't want to let anyone in.
Least of all you.
OK, fine.
When I was a little girl, I was playing hide and seek with the kids next door and I hid in one of their wardrobes and they locked me in and I banged and I banged on that door.
I was trapped in total darkness and it was probably just half an hour, but it felt like an absolute lifetime.
And now you're a big girl playing hide and seek.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh What are you doing? I call it the hug of friendship.
See, doesn't it feel good to open up? No.
But I would like your help.
Give me your hand.
Oh Ready? All right.
Take a nice deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.
Keep your eyes on me.
And again, a nice deep breath in.
Right down to your belly.
See? That wasn't as bad as I thought.
You can let go of my hand now.
I actually feel surprisingly OK.
Please let go of my hand In fact, more than OK.
Feeling pretty good.
Ah! Thank you! Oh On the way back to the office, we may need a little detour to the hospital.
But I feel fine.
Yeah, but I don't.
You may have broken my metacarpal.
Possibly two.
? We got time on our side ? Never too late ? If you want me now ? It's going to have to wait?