The Man in the High Castle (2015) s04e03 Episode Script

The Box

1 (CAR ENGINE ROARING) For some reason, I keep thinking about your wedding.
You in Mom's dress.
John in his uniform.
Back then, I thought the world of him.
The world changed.
(RAIN PATTERING) (DOG BARKS IN DISTANCE) (DOG BARKS, THUNDER ROLLS) (EXHALES) (DOGS BARKING) (ANNOUNCEMENT PLAYING OVER PA) (FILM PROJECTOR WHIRRING, CLICKING) Edelweiss Edelweiss Small and white Clean and bright Blossom of snow May you bloom And grow Bloom and grow Forever Edelweiss Edelweiss Bless my homeland Forever.
- (DOOR SLAMS) What's going on? Nothing.
Just hold on a second, okay? Someone calls me up asking me to borrow a gun I got to ask a couple questions.
What happened, Julia? Nothing happened.
Nothing happened.
Look, uh I don't want to get into your business.
- I appreciate that.
- But this is a small town.
The sheriff and I go hunting together.
Not long after you showed up shot, he told me he looked into you.
And yeah, there was a Juliana Crain from San Francisco, but she died in that car crash right alongside her parents.
I don't know your story and I don't need to know.
I like you, mysteries and all.
And I want to help, but you got to tell me what you're up against.
Nazis from another universe.
Well, one pistol's not gonna do it.
(CHUCKLING): I'm afraid not.
Listen, I'm sorry I called you, I, um I'll figure it out.
I'm sure there's a pawn shop where I can find one.
Those pawn shop guns are apt to blow up in your hand.
JULIANA: Not unless the barrel's plugged.
Careful; it's loaded.
Thank you.
Looks like you know how it works.
I do, yeah.
(EXHALES) Just promise me you'll call if there's every any real trouble.
Thank you.
(DOOR OPENS) (SEAGULLS SQUAWKING) KIDO: Mingus Jones had an alibi.
Dead men do not have alibis.
According to his travel records, he was not in San Francisco the night of the Tagomi assassination.
These kokujin radicals know how to forge documents.
Chief Inspector, you already have your killer.
With respect, I do not think we do.
Close the case now.
I know I have no reason to doubt your commitment.
You have my absolute loyalty, General.
WYATT: Pablo, give us the exits again.
Front door, back door, three side doors.
Seven windows in the first floor.
- Kent, stations? - KENT: Station one.
Back wall of the main room during the auction.
Two, firearms in the basement.
Three, position for flanking maneuver on interior guards.
Four, Elijah and his team cover us during retreat.
Till then, we are humble servers.
Right? Respectful, low profile.
And any of you fuckers forget to bow, I'll kick your teeth in.
(WYATT CHUCKLES) WYATT: Ah, this is a tough one.
Four targets, dozen guards, surrounded by a hundred civilians.
I got a box.
For any operation like this, I open it up.
Everything that happens inside this mansion tonight, it all goes in the fucking box.
You understand? And when it's over I close the box.
(GUARDS SPEAKING JAPANESE) And I don't open it again until the next time.
What happens when the box is all full up? (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) (GUARD GRUNTS) WYATT: Hey, everybody pass up their papers.
(GUARD SPEAKING JAPANESE) I want you to move me Like rubble Falls down, you see Yes, move me, darling Like rubble rolls down to sea Well, I Hello, soldier.
(MAN LAUGHING) (WOMAN LAUGHING) (ECHOING): I would do anything for a war hero.
Oh, I missed you, too.
- Hi.
Hello, Mrs.
- Welcome back.
- Thank you, Bridget.
AMY: Mom, the Fuhrer's coming for dinner tomorrow night.
- At our house.
- Is he? SMITH: Amy, um uh, your mother and I would like a moment.
Come on, girls.
- Let me help you.
- I'm fine.
So, you must be exhausted.
Listen, uh thought maybe I'd take the girls to a movie tonight.
Give you some time alone.
Himmler's coming tomorrow? I've hired caterers; you don't need to be here.
Will Margarete be here? I believe so, yes.
Well, then, I'd like to be here.
She and I have always gotten along well.
We'll talk later.
I'm gonna get changed.
- Come on in, it's - Why'd you come back? I had to.
- No, you didn't.
You were free.
- No, I I had to be here - for you and Amy.
- I didn't ask you to do that.
You didn't have to.
My baby.
One day, when you have kids of your own, I hope that you understand the choices I've made.
"Kids of my own"? (CHUCKLES): I know.
I hated when my mom used to say that to me.
But now I hear myself say it to you and I hear her voice, and I miss her.
I don't want to stay here.
- Jennifer - I could go live with Uncle Hank on my own.
- We've been out there before, we know where it is.
- Stop it, stop it.
You can't talk like that anymore, not even in this house.
Why not? Who's listening? Someday, I'm going to get out of here.
I'm gonna live my own life.
Someday, I'll help you.
JULIANA: "Wei Chi.
" "Fire over water.
" What's not complete? (GUN CLICKS) ALT-THOMAS: Juliana? Thomas.
Just a just a second.
Your lesson.
It's Thursday, isn't it? - Guess you forgot? - I'm sorry.
- Here, come in.
- Oh, if you're busy, - I it's no real problem.
- No, no, no.
- Come on.
- I may not be around for much longer, anyway.
Not gonna be around? Where are you going? Well, a group of us guys have been talking about joining the Marines.
You know, they've been stepping up their enlistment since the attack in the Tonkin Gulf.
My recruiter says he can get me into boot camp right away.
I might even see some action in ten weeks.
Why don't you put that down? Come and sit with me for a second.
You know, there's a lot of people here who love you and care about you.
Have you talked to your parents about this? (EXHALES) Well, my dad doesn't like to talk about the war.
And I already know what my mother will say.
But somebody's got to push back against the Reds.
You know that every young man thinks he's the one who's gonna come back from war.
Yeah, well, my dad came back from war.
Thomas, there are very few things in this world worth dying for, even fewer worth killing for.
You do understand that? - Yeah.
- Those things do exist.
But when there's something truly worth fighting for, you're gonna know it.
Trust me.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) We got eyes on him coming off the plane.
Is everybody ready? LEON: Let's go butcher us a Butcher.
Everybody, bring it in, gather round.
Bell? (CLEARS THROAT) BELL: "If we must die, "let it not be like hogs, "hunted and penned in an inglorious spot, "while round us bark the mad and hungry dogs, "making their mock at our accursed lot.
"If we must die " oh, let us nobly die, "so that our precious blood may not be shed in vain; "then even the monsters we defy "shall be constrained "to honor us though dead.
"What though before us lies the open grave? "Like men, we'll face the murderous, cowardly pack " pressed to the wall, dying but fighting back.
" - Masuda's here.
- Roger that.
- You know, I could take him out right now.
- Mm-mm.
BELL: We need all four of them.
Masuda Taishoh.
General Masuda, what an honor.
We've heard so much about your decisive work in China.
Has Colonel Kido arrived? Uh not yet, no.
We expect him shortly.
Uh, please enjoy the authentic American music and cuisine, and, uh, feel free to examine the auction (PHONE RINGING) - Moshi moshi.
- OFFICER: I have a call for you, sir.
Take a note, Officer.
I am already late for an event.
It's the yakuza boss, sir.
- Okami? - Yes, sir.
Put him through.
This man attacked him? OKAMI: No.
He merely asked him to leave.
You son responded like a rabid dog.
After he did this, he sat down and poured another drink.
At first, we did not know he was your son.
The only reason he is still alive is the uniform he wore, and the medal on his chest.
The Kinshi Kunsho.
I would not kill a war hero.
Okay, well, have fun at the movies, girls.
Bridget, no later than 9:00 p.
- Bye.
- Behave.
Bye, Dad.
I think you and me need to have a very frank conversation.
So do I.
I don't think you should be at the dinner tomorrow night.
The Fuhrer will know I'm back.
- He'll wonder where I am.
- I can handle him.
I'm sure you could, but my absence will raise questions.
The evening is too important to leave anything to chance, Helen.
You and I both know if it were up to you, the evening wouldn't be happening at all, John.
You don't have a choice.
A lot has changed for me in the last year.
But I'm clear now.
- I know what matters.
- And what matters? - My daughters.
- Well, they've come back with some very dangerous ideas, Helen.
I know, and I've spoken with Jennifer.
I think it's gonna take a little more than that.
And then there's us.
You tell me your feelings have changed.
You think you're the only one? No.
So why pretend? I'm not pretending.
I don't know if there's anything left in this marriage, John, but one thing has always been true of us.
We don't lie to each other.
So believe me now.
I won't be coming as your wife tomorrow night, I will be coming as your ally.
And trust me, you will need one.
(BIRDS SINGING) BELL: Shimura, check.
Nagasaki, check.
CHILDAN: Shimura-sama, Nagasaki-sama.
(ACOUSTIC GUITAR PLAYING) Drifting along with the tumbling Tumbleweeds Shimura, sir.
Nagasaki, sir.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.
Thank you very much.
Please enjoy the event.
Thank you.
Wait! You! You.
Taste everything.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) We got eight guards out front.
Three more in the communications tent.
Another seven, maybe eight more stationed out back and in the house.
BELL: That's more than we thought.
Yeah, but we'll be all right.
BELL: Snipers in position.
R1 in position.
- R2 in position.
- R3 in position.
No sign of Kido.
(GRUNTS) There will be no report.
The incident will be forgotten, but it cannot happen again.
(PANTING) I can't forget.
I can't forget what I've done.
What? What have you done? What my unit did in Manchuria.
To the villagers.
It was war.
It is in the past.
I can still hear their voices.
You did those things for your country.
You have no reason to be ashamed.
It is not shame that I feel.
Something more than shame.
We must look forward now, and draw our strength from the Empire.
The Empire.
The Empire is not strong.
The Empire is losing.
Losing? In China.
The TV says we are winning there, but it is a lie.
- Enough.
- We believe what we're told.
We don't ask questions.
I was not a soldier.
You are not a detective.
We are both puppets.
I will not be spoken to this way.
We are bound to our duty.
Duty? And what of your duty to your family? You left us.
No! No! (GRUNTS) Get out of this house.
(PANTING) - Stand up.
- (GRUNTS) You are not my son.
(APPLAUSE) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) And now for our first item of the evening (TRANSLATES INTO JAPANESE) this white ten-gallon hat worn by Gene Autry in the film Melody Ranch.
(YUKIKO TRANSLATING) CHILDAN: Miss Uedo will start the bidding at 20,000 yen.
- Sold! - Congratulations, Takaki-sama.
- (GRUNTING) - (NECK CRACKS) Got the signal.
Kido still isn't here.
Forget him.
We're going in now.
(YUKIKO TRANSLATING IN DISTANCE) (YUKIKO CONTINUES TRANSLATING IN DISTANCE) (MUFFLED VOICES FROM OTHER ROOM) (APPLAUSE, CHEERS IN DISTANCE) CHILDAN; This is an authentic headdress owned and worn by American Horse (YUKIKO TRANSLATING) (LOW, INDISTINCT CHATTER) CHILDAN: the fierce and noble Indian, famous for his role in the Great Sioux War of 1876.
(YUKIKO TRANSLATING) CHILDAN: One can imagine him wearing this stunning item while charging across the Black Hills of South Dakota.
(YUKIKO TRANSLATING) CHILDAN: Truly a treasure to value for decades to come.
Miss Uedo will start the bidding at 20,000 yen.
Thank you very much.
Will anyone bid 20,000? Mr.
Yamaguchi, thank you very much.
Will anyone pay 30,000? Mr.
Miyagawa, thank you very much.
We have 40,000? Mr.
Yamaguchi, thank you very much.
Chief Inspector.
I have the incident report you requested.
The dead body behind the Bamboo Palace.
I also brought the transcript of a interview we conducted this afternoon with the gaijin informant.
We have reached 60,000 yen.
- (PEOPLE GASP) - General Masuda.
80,000 yen.
Thank you very much.
The gaijin informant claims to have seen Lemuel Washington back in San Francisco.
Perhaps he is connected to the BCR.
When? (SIGHS) Two nights ago, leaving a house at the intersection of Clayton and Parnassus.
He was with someone.
Caucasian male.
Same age.
Irish accent.
The caterers are Resistance.
Will anyone pay 90,000? Emergency! Emergency! Stop the auction! Those gaijin caterers are resistance! Kempeitai vehicles are on the way! - (SILENCED GUNSHOTS) - Those gaijin caterers are resistance! 90,000 yen.
Anyone? We're blown.
Kempeitai know about the caterers.
They're on their way.
Abort the mission.
Get out of the van now.
How's Wyatt getting out? It's too late for that.
We need to split.
- Get our people out fast.
- Shit.
We can't leave them.
Snipers, engage.
BELL: Take the shot.
Bell, don't go out there, all right? Bell! Don't go out there! (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) (SIRENS APPROACHING) (SIRENS STOP) (RADIO CHATTER IN JAPANESE) We lost him.
- You okay? - Yeah.
I told you to fall back.
What the hell happened? Did y'all get the targets, or what? I took out the ministers.
- And Masuda? - I got him.
- You got him? - He was hit.
I finished him off.
You were our cover to get out.
- You fucking left us.
- The Kempeitai done made you.
I ain't gonna risk my men on account of you getting burnt.
We held up our end, you ran away.
Yeah? How the fuck they even know who you are, O'Sullivan? - Three of my men are dead! - Don't you put that one me.
- This kid died trying to get out! - That's on you! - You fucked up.
What? - And where are my guns? - Where are my fucking guns? - Why would we give you guns when we had to finish - the job for you? - Fuck off.
- Hey, okay.
- ELIJAH: Bell, just don't.
WYATT: I'd listen to her if I were you.
She's the only one of you with any integrity.
ELIJAH: Integrity, huh? That's your bag? - 'Cause I could show you integrity - A lot of talk from a coward.
- BELL: Don't start this right now.
- ELIJAH: Man, take your ass - back to Dublin.
- (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) No, no, no, no.
God no Easy, okay, okay.
- Hey! - BELL: Shut your mouth Get off me, man.
(GUN CLICKS) - Okay - WYATT: Childan? You bastard.
You murderers.
Uh wait, wait, hold hold on a minute.
He's seen our faces.
- Yeah, she's right.
- ELIJAH: No gunshots, though.
Got your knife on you? - Yeah.
- CHILDAN: No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
You don't want to do this.
LEON: And why the hell not? Okay, wait, wait.
You want the Japanese gone, right? So I understand killing Masuda, sure, he's terrifying, but the ministers? - Shimura and Nagasaki? - What about them? They they're advocates for withdrawal.
You're killing the wrong people.
Man, he jive-talking.
Take him out of here.
Withdrawal? (PANTING) The crown princess, she she called them here for a summit to explore pulling the troops out of the JPS.
- How do you know all this? - Palace intrigue, court gossip, that that's my business.
I I serve the ruling class.
I can get a message.
I can get a message to the crown princess.
Just Let me serve you.
(INSECTS TRILLING) JULIANA (WHISPERS): Tagomi What's not complete? ALT-SMITH (OVER PHONE): Hello? Hi, John, it's Juliana.
Is everything okay? Uh, yeah.
I I wondered if you and I could meet to continue our conversation.
How you doing? - You caught me just before I left town.
- Yeah? My, uh, sales territory is Virginia and the Carolinas.
I like to drive at night.
The roads are clear, I can think.
- Makes sense.
- Can you, uh, fill that up with the rocket fuel? I have a long drive ahead of me.
Okay, I'm sorry that I I took off like that the other night.
No, it's I I shouldn't have pushed it.
It was stupid of me.
After everything you and Helen have done for me, I think you've got a right to ask.
It's it's just hard to talk about.
I know.
I know.
Look, this man who shot me, uh, is extremely powerful.
So what I'm trying to do, I guess, in a way, is is prepare.
And better understand what what I'm up against, since I'm gonna have to face him.
Well, listen, you don't have to face anything alone, Juliana.
There's folks here who can help.
You know? Well, that's why I asked you here.
In hopes that maybe you could help.
Well, I'll do what I can.
I've been thinking about what you said the other night, about wanting to be like your father, and the war getting in the way.
What did you mean by that? (SIGHS): Uh Do you know what a battlefield promotion is? Yeah, well, that's what happened to me.
My unit was stationed in, uh, Mindanao.
Philippines, and, uh, my CO got, uh, killed in action.
I didn't want the job, but, uh, but it turned out I was pretty good at it.
Good with the the power, I guess, like my dad was good with it.
But, uh we we did things, you know? We, uh We did things there that, uh, that I I, I wouldn't be able to tell my wife or my son about.
You know? And I feel like, uh, if I'd stayed, then that job would have would have grown into me.
Well, anyway, the war ended, and I came back here.
And I just knew I did not want a job that made me feel like that again.
So here I am.
How any of that can help you, I have no idea.
Well This, uh, this man was in the war, too.
Your generation.
- Uh-huh.
- Only he just kept on advancing long after the war was over, and I just (SCOFFS) I just don't know how you beat someone with that much power.
Well, listen, Juliana.
I don't know who this man is, but but that's all he is.
He's just a man.
(CHUCKLES) That's all I got.
Well, that's enough.
Before I go, um - Thomas.
- Mm-hmm.
You know he's he's thinking of enlisting, - right? - Yeah.
I don't know how to get through to him.
You know those things that you did in the Philippines that you could never tell your wife and son about? Maybe it's time you tell your son about them.
Maybe you're right.
(GRUNTING) Reichsmarschall Smith sends his regards.