The Man in the High Castle (2015) s04e08 Episode Script

Hitler Has Only Got One Ball

1 We expect that our treaty with the Reich will be honored as we withdraw from this territory.
We have no plans to interfere.
Tell me, Admiral, this new Negro government will they be taking control of any part of the JPS's nuclear arsenal? The Empire does not recognize the Black Communist Rebellion.
Our weapons will return to Japan.
So the BCR has no alliance, no protectorate.
The Empire is concerned only with the flow of oil.
If the Reich can guarantee it at favorable prices, then what happens here after we are gone is of no concern to us.
I'm sure a price can be arranged.
These two empires that we fight for, they are little more than sandcastles.
Only the tides are forever.
Well, even so.
Mind if I ask you a question? Hmm.
This, uh, BCR, I'm sure you have extensive intelligence files on them.
- Personnel.
- All destroyed now.
Well goodbye, Colonel.
- Goodbye, Reichsmarschall.
- Good luck.
All Japanese citizens must register for evacuation.
Please make your way to the docks.
The final ships will depart in 72 hours.
We repeat, all Japanese citizens must make Attention.
Any news? Colonel Kido.
No, sir.
Your son has not registered for evacuation, yet.
Keep searching.
You're off the drugs, I'm told.
How long? Two days.
Not long.
I've come to settle my debts.
Drugs cost money.
You ran up a great debt these past weeks.
If there is a debt to be paid, I will pay it myself.
And how do you plan to do that? If you need me to do something, I will do it.
If you need me if you need me to kill someone, I will do it.
I know you can kill.
But I already have men who can kill.
Your services have no value to me.
But your father does.
He can help you.
If you brought him to me No! I can afford to be patient.
You see, you are my collateral.
Two days.
Not too long at all.
You know, you always have good credit with us.
Hmm? Teitoku.
We have set up a marine cordon around the docks to oversee the evacuation.
The last ships are leaving for the homeland.
Your men must be aboard them.
Bands of gaijin vigilantes are out in the streets looking for revenge on innocent Japanese.
I've heard.
My men are keeping the peace.
It is our city and our duty.
In a few days it will be our city no longer.
There will be more vigilantes here than Kempeitai.
I will be on one of those ships.
I expect you on one, too.
Tell me a story, Hawthorne.
What kind of story would you like to hear? Tell me a story about another world.
I only know what I've seen through my little Moviola.
Tell me what you've seen, then.
In all those films you've watched over the years.
Were we in any of them? Only this one.
Well, then that just makes our love here very rare.
I always thought so.
Maybe we've yet to meet each other in those other worlds.
Where would I find you? At the Odeon, of course.
You bought me that popcorn.
How was I to know you hated popcorn? I didn't have the heart to tell you for for years.
I'll see you at the movies.
You saw what just happened in the JPS.
Baby, I think you've just had enough to drink.
Oh, one day, an empire.
The next Ugh, I get nervous when you talk like this.
Oh, these Negroes blow up a couple of tankers - and pipelines.
- Oh, shh, shh, shh.
It all collapses just like a house of cards.
You think it can't happen here? - Thousand-Year Reich, my ass.
- All right, turn it off.
- I get the idea.
- Nothing lasts forever.
He drinks.
For a commanding officer, it's no excuse.
We'll take care of him.
But there are dozens more tapes just like this.
From banking.
The picture business.
- Newspapers.
- No, I don't need to hear 'em.
I believe you.
This, uh, upheaval on the West Coast, it presents an opportunity to us, but it gives people ideas.
You're right, Reichsmarschall.
There's a feeling in the air.
A kind of nostalgia.
- For a past that never was.
- Hey, you got to understand that, uh, some of these generals, they remember what it was like to fight under the Stars and Stripes.
They're soldiers.
A generation has grown up without the memory of the Depression or the war.
What the Reich has provided them, they take for granted.
This Americanism is a weed.
- If we let it take root - What do you need, Edgar? Surveillance.
Universal surveillance.
- Don't you have that? - We're only able to track suspected subversives, informants.
We need to be able to monitor every Reich citizen 24 hours a day.
I admire your ambition.
A new agency with the power to blanket the nation's phone lines with wiretaps.
Special cameras and microphones mounted in public and private places.
Nothing goes unseen.
Even Berlin doesn't have that.
We'll lead the way.
It's gonna cost.
Show me a plan.
Heil Himmler.
Damn fool.
Wife and twins.
Just glad we found him before Berlin did.
If, uh, any more like that turn up, I want to know about them before Hoover, all right? Understood.
Eyes only.
Smith's suit has arrived, but it needs a bit of tailoring.
- Martha, please.
- One moment, Amy.
- When will it be ready? - 10:00 a.
tomorrow morning.
She'll be here to try it on, so no later than that.
Please, Martha? May I try it on? That dirndl would look absolutely adorable on you.
Maybe we should talk to your mother about it.
Perhaps the salesgirl will hold onto it for us? Be happy to.
Can I at least try it on first? Of course.
See if they have it in your size.
Stay with the girl.
I'll be right back.
Are you a little girl? What? Are you a little girl? I don't underst Because if you're not, there's only one reason that I can think of for you to be in the girls' department.
Lady, you got me all wrong.
You've been following us around all morning.
- I'm shopping for my niece.
- Can your niece vouch for you? Well, she's in the hospital, so Stop lying, pervert.
I wasn't gonna hurt anybody.
God, please don't hurt me.
If I ever catch you peeping at little girls again I will take that eye.
Well? Fix me a drink, will you? What happened with Helen Smith? She wasn't there, but she's got a dress fitting.
10:00 a.
- Well done.
- Mm.
She's got extra security.
Some dame switchblade artist.
I took her for a nanny.
It was sloppy of me.
All right, can you flag her for us? Mm-mm.
I don't ever want to set foot in that store again.
Can you flag her? Yeah, I can flag her.
All right, well, I'll be waiting for you out here in the alleyway.
I'll keep the car running.
Bellows, Richie and Irwin will regroup and meet back here.
It's a plan, then.
10:00 a.
Just one more detail left.
Bite down hard on the capsule.
That way, they can't make you puke it up.
It's quick.
No pain.
Another round, bartender.
For tomorrow, we may die.
Hitler has only got One ball Goring Has two, but very small Himmler Is rather sim'lar But poor old Goebbels Has no balls at all Hitler has only got one ball - The other is in - Come on.
The Albert Hall His mother, that dirty grubber Cut it off when he was small She threw it into the concord tree It fell into the deep blue sea The fishes got out the dishes And had scallops and bollocks for tea Hitler has only got one ball Goring has two, but very small Himmler is rather sim'lar But poor old Goebbels has no balls - At all! - No balls at all.
Get a gurney in here.
Get Dr.
Holtz in here as soon as possible.
Get over here.
Quick, quick.
We got to get him back.
I need help with this.
Let's go.
Hurry up.
Caroline! Carol ! No! No! No! Kanpai.
I look around at all your young faces.
Well, some not so young anymore.
So many young men have come through this department.
Not all of them will be going home to Japan today.
I was a hard boss.
I know.
I demanded everything of my men.
I rarely gave praise.
There were young men who died at my command trying to please me.
And even as they died in my arms, I offered no kind word.
So, I will say it now.
You make me proud.
Each one of you.
Now go to the docks and sail back home.
Your families miss you terribly.
Do not keep them waiting.
Who was at the door? What? Every time someone knocks, I fear it is vigilantes.
Crown Princess.
That's a letter of transit.
For me.
To Japan.
As a thank-you.
Would you really leave? Everything you've built, your business It's all ruined anyway.
Everything's falling apart here.
You know, it it's gonna be gone.
We could go.
- Together? - Yes.
Now, listen.
I'll be inferior there.
I mean, even more than here.
I'll be untouchable.
Are you sure you want to be seen with me? I'm a peasant, Childan.
My people work the fields.
No, Yukiko.
You are a queen.
You make me laugh.
Wait a minute.
Hold on.
- What? - Hold on.
I'm not going anywhere.
This will just take a second.
Come on, where is it? Aha-ha-ha-ha.
This is a 1908 two-karat, square-cut, filigreed art nouveau ring.
Put it back in the safe, Childan.
Someone will steal it.
I'm asking you to marry me.
This isn't our custom.
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
All right, I I got carried away.
I know it's wrong I would be honored to be your bride, Robert Childan.
Can I, uh You may kiss me.
Here, here.
When? Tonight.
Think you can find a priest? I knew I'd get your call eventually, Kido Taisa.
Tell me.
I take no pleasure in reporting this.
Toru was seen in the opium dens of the floating world.
I know what you're saying.
This cannot be my son.
I do not deny it.
Well, then I think I can be of service to both of you.
After all, we have a history, you and I.
What is your price? You always have one.
Meet me at the Bamboo Palace, and we'll talk.
Well, he's coming around now.
Let's get him up on his feet.
Who are you? Grab the rope.
You know, you never gave anyone their last words.
Their last meal.
- No.
- Well, this is how it ends for you.
Haul him up.
Everybody, down on the ground.
Hands behind your heads.
You, with the pistol.
Push it off real slow.
You're outgunned.
What's going on here? This a lynching? We claim these premises in the name of the Black Communist Rebellion.
Ain't gonna be no lynchings on our watch.
You might want to find out who that is first.
It might change your mind.
Who are you? I am Chief Inspector Takeshi Kido.
He's so busted up I didn't even recognize him.
Not on our watch.
Cut the son of a bitch loose.
Let's find someplace to put him.
We are married.
It's just down here.
Right this way.
I got a question for you.
Morning of October 2, 1952, a man named Lonnie Robinson was arrested on some trumped-up nonsense charges.
Nonsense? Loitering.
Creating a disturbance.
Disappeared into this here building and ain't been heard from since.
What did he look like? Looked like me.
He was my father.
I do not know.
- There have been so many.
- Must be a record.
- File or something.
- Destroyed them.
Where would he be at, then? Huh? The truth? - You - Here it is, Elijah.
Solid-core door, locks itself.
It's perfect.
What's this room for? The dressing room is clear.
Take the far door.
Stay with her.
I'll take him.
- Julia Mills.
- Helen.
Thomas is alive.
What? And your husband knows where he is.
- How dare you.
- Everything I'm telling you is true.
And we believe he's visited your son.
That is not possible.
Helen, he's deceiving you.
Hey, lady, what's the big idea? And there may even be evidence.
Films, inside your home.
At his office.
Stop! Talk to me.
Talk to me.
What unit do you belong to? Spit it out! Where are the others? Talk to me, or you'll die blind.
Why are you telling me this? If you want to know more What makes you think that I wouldn't turn you over to my husband? I think you're ready for the truth.
Resistance is in the building.
Let's get her to safety.
Seal and sweep now.
Did anybody approach you? What are you what are you talking about? - Why are you manhandling me? - There's a dead body on the stairs.
Get SS in here to check the prints against their records.
Where's Erwin? What? Was he taken? Erwin was a good soldier.
- He knew what to do.
- They called in a morgue truck on the police band.
He's gone.
Everything just got harder.
You know that.
Yeah, I know that.
Is this where you tell me to cut my losses? There's nothing to cut, 'cause we haven't lost yet.
She just made contact.
Whatever that's worth.
Helen could've screamed for help in the store.
She didn't.
Was it worth it? 'Cause that's all I want to know.
We may never fucking know.
No, we'll know.
When it's over.
I'm sorry, John.
I wish I could've been more helpful.
If I'd seen anything, I No, you told them everything you could.
That's that's good for now.
The Staatspolizei can return any time, if you remember anything.
I should head downstairs and finish up with them.
Our family thanks you, Agent Stroud.
That's what we train for, sir.
All in the service of the Reich.
Well, I'm just just glad you were there.
That's all.
The additional security, it was worth it.
Thank you, John.
You must be exhausted.
I am.
They're pretty thorough.
Once they've identified the body, we should know more.
I think I'm gonna go and lie down.
Agent Campbell, what have you got? Your son's training is nearly complete.
The 3rd Marine Division is expected to leave for Da Nang soon.
When I was in the Signal Corps, combat units were given three days R & R before shipping out.
He'll get the same, sir.
I need to know the moment he gets that leave.
Yes, sir.
I will return to the alt-world this evening and maintain close observation.
- What is it? - Hawthorne Abendsen, sir.
How was this allowed to happen? He broke the glass plate on his Moviola, - smuggled it back to his cell.
- And his wife? She sharpened a spoon into a blade.
- He's been sedated.
- Used it to cut her throat.
You're dismissed.
I'm sorry this happened, Abendsen.
You're the reason it happened, John.
She knew there was no other way to escape a life sentence.
It didn't have to be a life sentence.
If you just cooperated, you could've had your freedom.
What the hell do you know about freedom? Come on.
What's it gonna take to kill me, John? What do I have to do? Oh, I'm not gonna let you die.
We'll see about that.
You keep coming to me for answers, well, here's the last answer you're ever getting from me: you're cursed.
John Smith, you're damned.
You fucked with the Fates, and they don't like that.
You'll never know peace, John.
You'll wander forever between the worlds lost! Lost! You don't understand.
They're like my family.
No, Bridget.
They're not.
You have your own family, don't you? Devious little fucker's flown in from Berlin.
Well, this is unexpected.
What brings you here? Fuhrer has called an emergency conference in Berlin.
To discuss the future of the West Coast.
Surely, the Fuhrer didn't send an SS general all the way here just to invite me to Berlin.
You haven't been invited, Reichsmarschall.
You've been summoned.
I see.
And I'm here to make sure you don't get lost along the way.
Our plane departs at dawn.
A car will be sent round for you.
Oh, tell me, Reichsmarschall, do you consider yourself a lucky man? I don't believe in luck.
Neither do I.
Everything I have, I've taken by strategy.
You know what? We never did have that drink.
I'm a man of my word.
Straight up or on the rocks? Straight up.
And, um what shall we drink to? To the Fuhrer, of course.
Do you hear that? What's that music? A glimpse of stocking Was looked on as something shocking But now God knows Anything goes All clear.
Just think of those shocks you've got And those knocks you've got and those blues you've got From those news you've got One two three.
So Mrs.
with all her trimmings Behind the desk.
Can broadcast abed from Simmons 'Cause Franklin knows Anything goes.
Who are you? My name is Okami.
BCR has claimed this place in the name of the people of San Francisco.
You'd do well to be on the next ship out of here.
We're not going anywhere.
"We"? The services we provide are always in demand.
No matter who occupies the throne.
You have no place in San Francisco anymore.
You're going to need us.
To restore electricity.
The oil pipeline.
It's one thing to overthrow a government.
It's another thing to be the government.
We've come this far.
We don't need you.
You know how to find us.
I need a word.
Uh, in private.
Is that the only listening device in this room? Has it been swept recently? What is it? It's Hoover.
Jennifer said crazy things sometimes.
Like what, Henry? Crazy how? Uh, she said she used to stay up all night long in the Neutral Zone listening to something called Resistance Radio.
Jennifer said the DJs talked about Negroes and Jews.
Crazy conspiracy stories, really.
What stories, Henry? Stories about what happened to them.
What happened to them, Henry? All right, shut it off.
She said they were There's more, John.
Your housekeeper your wife's friends, your old neighbors.
If you had a dog, he would be informing on you.
I don't have to tell you they mean to use all this against you in Berlin.
There's, um another way.
What's that? You know I'm loyal to you above all.
All right, it's been 25 years Just say it, Bill.
We have 103 nukes in silos across the country.
On our own we are a superpower.
We could go our own way, John.
Our military will fall in behind you.
We tear up that flag, there's nothing Berlin can do about it.
Unless they wanted World War III.
You realize you could be shot for saying that? I'm willing to take that chance.
Look, I'll follow you wherever you go.
I have to go to Berlin, Bill.
If anything should happen to me, then, uh Helen and the girls need to be taken to safety without delay.
Of course.
I've made detailed plans for their well-being.
They're in my safe.
This is the key.
You don't have to do this, John.
I think we both know that's not true.