The Man with 1000 Kids (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[gentle music plays]
[woman 1] The average couple
has 2.3 children in their lifetime.
But the record that one couple have had
is thought to be over 40.
[babies crying]
[woman 1] But what if I were to tell you
that there is a man alive today
who may have fathered
over a thousand children.
And is still going.
What kind of man would do that?
[dramatic music plays]
[woman 2] I got to know him
on the Internet.
When you look at his video,
he has beautiful blond hair
with a big smile,
and I'm ready to have beautiful babies.
He said, "I'm willing
to help five families." He lied.
[man] There weren't four or five families.
There were already hundreds.
[reporter] Overseas, a Dutch man
is facing legal action
for allegedly fathering
at least 550 children.
Holy sh [beep]
Why are you putting so many children
on this earth? Why?
It's become an addiction for him.
He actually can't stop himself.
[dramatic music intensifies]
[woman 1] He wants to have
the most children in history.
[woman 3] I know he traveled
to a lot of countries in the world.
And the question is, how big is this?
How many kids are there?
- [heartbeat]
- [baby cries]
[woman 4] What happens,
psychologically, to these children
that have seven, eight hundred,
nine hundred brothers and sisters?
We were determined to stop him.
This man has really fucked with
the wrong women.
["Be My Baby" plays]
The night we met I knew I ♪
[Natalie] I always knew
that I wanted to be a mom.
I wanted to have
the baby growing in my belly.
I'd never let you go ♪
[Natalie] I want to have the same
experience my mother and grandmother did.
Say you love me ♪
I was 28, and I was living in Rotterdam
with my ex ex-girlfriend.
- We don't talk about the ex.
- No.
Don't get me fucking started.
- No. No.
- Whoo.
Be my baby ♪
[Natalie] And we wanted to have children.
You felt ready.
Yeah, there's an expression, um, in Dutch
that je eierstokken rammelen.
That means your ovaries
are starting to to wiggle.
I'll make you happy, baby ♪
Just wait and see ♪
[Natalie] Everywhere I looked,
I saw babies.
Women getting pregnant.
Babies, babies, babies.
If you want to have a baby,
everywhere you see people with babies.
Oh, since the day I saw you ♪
[Vanessa] From a very young age,
I always wanted to be a mom.
It's difficult to describe.
It's just something that is
It's just there.
So won't you, please ♪
Be my be my baby ♪
Be my little baby ♪
[Vanessa] I didn't find a man
that would have kids with me,
and the older I got, the desire
to have kids became very strong.
What went on in my mind,
it's just crazy. [chuckles]
[John] I had three kids
from a previous marriage,
and I had a vasectomy
after the third child.
And then, of course, I married
a wife that's younger than I am.
And then we went back to the doctor to see
if I could have my vasectomy undone,
and that turned out that was impossible.
When you're a lesbian, you're not Yeah.
It's not like
you're gonna have sex someday,
and then you're gonna get pregnant.
And I'm not, not, not, not
gonna have sex with with a guy.
There are the sperm banks you can go to,
but you can't meet
the sperm donor in person.
I want to look the sperm donor in the eye
and see if this personality
also fits with my personality
because a sperm donor
is making up 50% of your child.
There are websites online with donors
who are willing to provide in private,
not to go through sperm banks,
but going privately to a house
and donating there.
And I found a website
called Verlangen naar een Kind.
Longing for a Child.
And when I opened it, I saw sperm.
Everywhere was sperm.
[dramatic music plays]
There were many, many, many profiles.
You couldn't see pictures,
but you could see
just a little description.
I was like, "Wow, there are so many guys
here who are willing to donate sperm."
[keyboarding clicking]
I hit enter and then
[makes whooshing noise]
All of a sudden, in your mind
you you start creating a profile,
a real image.
It's like, um, when you go
to an ice-cream seller,
and you want to buy an ice cream,
and you see
all the different types of flavors,
and you can choose from it.
At the bottom, you see an email address,
and you can email the person directly,
and I found it perfect.
Then I, uh, write some of the donors.
uh, an email, uh, with our, uh, story.
There are weird people out there
who wanted to make the baby,
uh, at a natural way.
So not with a cup, but only natural.
- Just actually have sex.
- To have sex. To have sex.
So I was like, "No, thanks.
I have a husband and I, uh
I have enough, so" [laughs]
[Natalie] The first donor we found
was Leon.
He was 35 with a good set of brains,
and that he had, um, a job
as a financial advisor at a big bank,
and that he is sympathetic and kind.
He suggested that we should meet.
First time, he sent me pictures of him
when he was a child.
So I ask him right away,
"Can I have a recent picture of you?"
Because if you are going
on a "date" with somebody,
you want the picture
of the guy or the girl.
He sent me a picture of him
with half of his face on it,
and I found that a bit sketchy.
But I was like, "Okay, let's go ahead.
Let's meet him."
And when I met him, I was horrified.
He didn't look like a banker.
He didn't look like somebody
who has a good set of brains.
He didn't have any hair on his whole body.
And then he had a scar from his left ear
to his right ear on the back of his head.
So I I I saw the scar, and I was like,
"What is wrong with this guy?"
And I thought, "No, not with you,
not with your genes."
"You're not gonna procreate with my genes.
No, no, no, we're not gonna do that."
"But there probably is another guy."
[dramatic music plays]
[Nicolette] If you're gay,
you're not able to have a child
with another woman, of course,
so I used the website
Verlangen naar een Kind,
Longing for a Child.
It's really weird. It's like a shop.
[Natalie] So I went online,
and I found another guy.
Twenty-nine, good-looking,
good set of hair, good set of brains.
A teacher.
And I thought, "Okay, it's worth
to message this guy again."
And the next one,
uh, called himself Maarten.
[angelic music plays]
[Natalie] In the first email,
he sent pictures of himself.
Not baby pictures, but actual pictures
of how he looked just now.
With his
with his hair all curled up and pretty
and nice and looked in the camera.
And it was like a day-and-night difference
between the first one and that one.
He made a connection with you.
[Nicolette] Maarten was attracting
because he was an artist.
He likes music,
playing music, making music.
He had curly hair. That was very nice.
Um, yeah, they were points
that I really liked.
And then I responded on his, uh, profile.
[Natalie] He put it in brackets
that his name was an alias.
[Nicolette] After two emails, he said,
"I use Maarten as an alias,
and my real name is Jonathan."
[Vanessa] The person that spoke to me
was Walter.
Then he replied to me with Jacob.
I phoned him, and, uh,
all of a sudden I heard another name.
And that was Jonathan, and that was weird.
Because first time he was Walter,
and then it was Jacob,
and then it was Jonathan.
He explained that Jonathan
was his first name
and Jacob was his second name,
and Walter was just a fictive name.
Because of his sperm-donor life
and his personal life,
he wanted to keep them separate.
It made total sense.
We texted. He was so easy to talk to.
Just the guy next door
and, like, he could be a friend.
I wasn't looking for looks.
I wanted to have a donor who had
the best interest for the donor child.
So it felt really good.
[Natalie] Of course, I googled him.
I looked him up,
and I saw his YouTube channel.
[soft rock plays on guitar]
[Joyce] Jonathan has a YouTube channel,
and he's posting, uh, videos,
maybe two a week,
about his lifestyle and about his way
of living, uh, and music.
He is just posting from beautiful places
and beautiful hotels.
And he was very confident and happy
in those videos.
Say hi to my, uh, video blog.
For the people
that haven't seen my blogs before,
they're mostly about food, sports,
educating yourself, learning new things.
We did think it was a little
a little bit peculiar.
He had a few videos about eating raw meat.
Today I'm eating raw beef.
We did joke about it afterwards,
that he had some very weird habits,
but I guess you have to be
a little bit unique to do this.
[classical music on piano plays]
[Natalie] We arrived first.
And we were sitting,
and we were waiting there,
and there was a concert pianist
who was playing on on a piano.
[curious music plays]
[Vanessa] I was watching
people coming and going,
and every man that came around the corner,
I was asking myself, "Well, is that him?"
And, "Yes, that's him."
"Okay, that's a good-looking guy. Jeez."
"Well, yeah, he could be the the
the the father of my child." [chuckles]
[Natalie] Jonathan came,
and we introduced ourselves.
He looked exactly like he did
in the pictures.
I thought he was an attractive guy.
He had curly hair.
He had bright blue eyes.
Good set of teeth.
He looked good.
[John] We were there early,
so we'd already sat down
and ordered something to drink,
and then he walked in.
Over the dinner or lunch,
you you talk everything through,
um, to see
if there's also this, uh, connection.
[man] What did you notice about him?
- His hair.
- His hair. [laughs]
We really hoped that our kids
have his hair.
Because he has a beautiful head of curls.
[Nicolette] He told me he was not going
to the hairdresser from that point,
and he was planning to let it grow.
And he did. Yeah, his hair is amazing.
Hi. Thank you for watching
a new video blog.
If you want healthy hair,
if you want strong hair,
if you don't want to lose your hair,
if you want to stop balding,
reverse balding,
you have to get out and get some sun.
People that do this,
you expect them to have
a little bit of an alternative lifestyle
and way of thinking.
He was quite proud of that. [chuckles]
Hi. Thank you for watching
a new video blog.
This summer,
I spent weeks and weeks in the forest.
He has a very big range of subjects
to talk about. He knows a lot.
[Vanessa] He seems very believable,
and he can really draw you in.
I wanted to talk about
how to learn a language
in only 15 minutes every day.
Today I wanted to talk about
hedonism and nihilism as a lifestyle.
Today I will explain
how to make a low-carb pancake.
He was talking about being a teacher,
that he loved that.
And I was like, "Okay, that's nice."
Because I come from a family of teachers,
and we have a connection about that.
And he told me
that he was building orphanages
for for the children in Kenya.
[bell dings]
[Jonathan] I befriended a guy in college,
and he told me that he was infertile.
It made a huge impact on me.
And I was just imagining, well,
what would it be if I became, uh, a donor?
Uh, they really help
building these families,
to make a dream come true.
[dramatic music plays]
[Natalie] He wants to help.
He wants to donate,
but he didn't like the sperm banks at all,
because the sperm banks
were making money out of it,
and he didn't want
to make money out of it.
He wanted to be more, uh, philanthropic.
In the Netherlands,
when you have a child from a clinic,
you have to wait for 16 years
to know who your donor is
and to have contact with him.
And I really want to have contact
from the beginning.
I see the children
a few times in the year.
That's, I think, for all, most optimal.
But I'm totally fine.
I totally accept
that parents choose to do something else,
choose what they prefer.
It's about them. It's not about me.
He was very willing to be in our lives,
to have contact.
Yeah, I thought
I'd found the perfect match.
He told me he had helped two families,
and I was the third
and the third child at that time.
[baby giggles]
[baby coos]
[Natalie] I asked him,
"How many people are you willing to help?"
And he said,
"I'm willing to help five families."
"I'm, like, one of the five people
you are willing to help?"
Ker-ching! And every
And the dollar bills are flying in.
No, so I thought I was very lucky
at that moment.
A hallelujah moment, I guess.
Aha ♪
Found someone!
[suspenseful music plays]
[Natalie] When you're ovulating,
the window you can conceive a child
is, like, three days.
So it's a really tight window.
[engine starts]
[Natalie] He said maybe we could drive up
to collect the sperm
and then drive back again to our house
and then do the insemination.
Plan was, I'm going to put the cup
between my legs to keep it warm,
and I drive home as fast as I can.
That was the plan.
And then he came outside.
He was walking to the car.
"Here. Success! Success!"
And I was like,
"Oh, yes, thank you." Yeah. [laughs]
It is gross, you know? It's so gross.
[Natalie] Keeping the sperm warm
is very important
because you know if you are not at home
at a certain time,
the semen is already dead.
The semen was in this cup, yeah?
So I have to be fast.
[brakes screech]
[John] And then she got lost.
[line ringing]
[John] So I was looking on the map
where she was, telling her where to go.
We have no time for this because the semen
is dying between my legs.
I thought, "Okay,
this is not gonna happen this month."
And then I was like, "Okay,
I'll I'll park my car in a in a street."
And I was like,
"Okay, there's nobody here. Okay."
[Natalie] You're going upstairs,
and then you get the syringe, fill it up,
you put your legs up, you squeeze it out,
and then it can go through the process
of getting through to the egg.
[Joyce] So I do
the insemination in my car
[train whistle blows]
sitting behind the wheel. [laughs]
So we tried it a couple of times,
but it didn't work.
So I suggested to him,
maybe you can come to our house
and donate there.
And he was willing to do that.
I travel most of the times
to the recipients to donate
at their place, in their bathroom.
[dramatic music plays]
[Joyce laughs]
I gave him a towel, and I asked him
- And a cup.
- And a cup.
[Nicolette] I had a little basket
to keep it warm. [laughs]
The moment came
that he went to do his thing.
And he went upstairs.
[Natalie] He goes up to the bathroom.
He jerks himself off.
[John] Took forever as well.
[Joyce] Yes. You sit there on the couch
- [John] Waiting for him to donate.
- Waiting and waiting.
And knowing what he's doing
in your bathroom,
which is very, very awkward.
It was the longest 45 minutes of my life.
Then he left it in my bathroom.
[angelic music plays]
[Nicolette] And then, uh, I just found it,
like an Easter egg. [laughs]
Sorry. [laughs]
He told me
he looked at my Facebook account.
[keyboard clacking]
And he told me I look nice
and just some flattering things.
"You look beautiful. You look amazing."
He was very flirty,
almost like seducing you.
I don't see myself
as pretty or or anything.
But it's nice when someone
gives you compliments on how you look.
[doorbell rings]
When he came to my place to, uh
to donate, um,
he offered me the opportunity to, um,
conceive the natural way, by having sex.
When we talked about it, it made sense
that it would be
the most effective way to conceive.
And he he told me, um, "It's okay,"
that he wouldn't tell anyone else,
and it's just, um, between us,
and that's it.
And then, finally, I indeed decided
to try it in, uh, um, natural way.
[somber music plays]
[charming music plays]
[Nicolette] Found out I was pregnant
the first time.
Unfortunately, uh, it broke down.
We went for a second try
after two or three weeks.
[Nicolette] And then the second time,
I was pregnant.
[camera clicks]
- [man] Straight away?
- [Nicolette] Yeah.
Super sperm.
- [camera clicks]
- [Joyce] Two weeks later, I was nauseous.
I'm pregnant.
"Oh my God! Oh my God!
Oh my God! Oh my God!"
"I'm pregnant."
"What do I do?"
[camera clicks]
[Natalie] The second time,
I knew when he drove away.
I felt, like, a butterfly or something
going up in my in my in my body.
And I was like, "This one.
This one is gonna stick."
[Natalie] Nine months later,
I had a baby boy.
The loveliest baby in the world,
and I was so, so, so, so, so happy.
[Joyce] Nine months later,
we get a beautiful daughter.
She's perfect.
[Vanessa] It was such a beautiful moment
to have your little baby
in your arms and to look at it.
And then I broke out in tears.
"Oh, she's really mine," and, "I did it."
And, yeah, wonderful.
[camera clicks]
[Nicolette] I was very thankful.
He gave me
the most precious thing in my life.
[camera clicking]
[Nicolette] It was perfect, at that time.
Yeah, it it Maybe it was too perfect.
[mysterious music plays]
I'm Max Curfs.
I'm a clinical embryologist.
I'm part of a team
that is helping women and couples
that are trying to conceive.
We have a sperm bank.
We freeze sperm from sperm donors.
We start with a written agreement
that a donor will not be active
for other clinics or for other women.
The donor will only donate in our clinic
because we still had the guideline
that a sperm donor was not allowed to have
more than 25 children in the Netherlands.
But we found out there was a sperm donor
who had deceived us.
[mysterious music continues]
[Max] I was at my work,
and I received an anonymous email.
The message was hard to believe.
"Dear fertility doctor,
there's a sperm donor
active on the internet
who probably has more than 150 children
in the Netherlands."
"He goes under several aliases."
"The donor indicates
to prospective wish parents
that he wants to be a donor
a maximum of five times."
"Most of his children
were conceived via self-insemination
at the homes of intended mothers."
"However, he has also been a sperm donor
at many clinics in the Netherlands."
I was shocked, really shocked.
The reason why we have a guideline
that a sperm donor could not have
more children than 25
is to reduce the risk of consanguinity.
That's half-siblings who are not aware
that they are half-siblings
are attracted to each other
and will have children together.
If the story was true, what will it mean
in the future for the children?
[children chattering]
[Nicolette] I work at a preschool,
as a teacher,
and my colleague used a donor as well.
And, um, she asked me, uh,
"Do you know who your donor is?"
And I said, "Yes, of course I know
who my donor is." And, um, um
"Oh. Where does he come from?"
"Well, he's coming from Den Hague." Uh
And then I saw her face,
like, going, "Oh."
And I say I ask, "Oh? What do you mean?"
"Well, my donor's coming
from Den Hague as well."
She said, "What is his name?"
And I said, "Jonathan."
And then we were like
in the hallway at work.
I think we laughed.
And I remember her telling me,
"Well, in that case,
our kids will know each other,
and they will grow up
as siblings, half-siblings."
We were like, "Well, that would be great.
A little family."
[somber music plays]
[Nicolette] Couple of years later,
I found out that another colleague,
who had a daughter,
she said, "Hey,
I think the girls look alike."
The children are blonde,
and you see, uh, the eyebrows are the same
and the nose and the ears.
That's the point we found out
we'd both used Jonathan as well.
It's also a classmate of my niece
who called me a few years later
telling me she has a son.
It was also a friend of my first boyfriend
who's telling me she has a son.
It's also somebody from my birth town
who says she has a child.
And then you think,
"If there are so many connections
in my direct environment, uh,
how many are there?"
- Sorry.
- [man] Oh, hello.
- Hi.
- Just in time for a sound bite. Thank you.
[Natalie chuckles]
[Natalie in Dutch] Sweet dreams.
Did you have a nice dinner?
What did you have?
[boy] Uh, Grandpa's cucumber salad.
Didn't you have that yesterday as well?
- [Suzanne] Bye, sweetie. Sweet dreams.
- Sweet dreams.
- Sleep well.
- [Suzanne] Sleep well.
- [camera clicks]
- [gentle music plays]
[Natalie in English] We started talking
about having another family member.
And I said to to Natalie,
"I only only want a kid
if it's from that donor."
"Maybe we could ask Jonathan again
if he is willing to donate."
I made a text. Okay. "Hi, Jonathan."
Uh, "We want a second child.
Do you want to help us again?"
So it was, um, so exciting
when he just, like,
replied quickly, quite fast, um,
that he wants to come over.
[mysterious music plays]
[Suzanne] We discussed
a little bit of politics,
um, and, yeah, we also discussed,
um, the donations.
- You asked him the question.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
"How many?"
"How many children do you have now?"
- And he was telling me 25.
- [Suzanne] Yeah.
And I was like, "Oh, that's a lot."
[Suzanne] I was shocked, actually,
when he when he said the number.
It was really right in my face.
He explained it.
He said, "Okay,
but it's the the length of the time,
and there are a couple of women
who have seconds or sometimes thirds."
And I was like, "Okay, if you do the math,
then it it it isn't that bad."
So, um we
- Yeah, we accepted it.
- Yeah. We went ahead.
[Suzanne] And after a while,
we noticed that it still didn't work.
[Natalie] Yeah. I was 36,
so the window of opportunity
is rapidly closing.
[Vanessa] He told me,
"Well, I will be there
when your cycle is there."
And then for three months in a row,
he wasn't.
And finally, um, I got ahold of him,
and then he told me
he had to go to, uh to Mexico for work.
[woman] Cabin attendant
[Natalie] And the next round came,
and he was really difficult
to get ahold of.
Jonathan makes these, uh, YouTube videos,
and we we got the impression
from watching those videos
that he was traveling, uh, around.
Hi. Thank you for watching my video blog.
Today I'm in Rome,
and behind me is the Colosseum.
At the time, he created videos
talking about crypto and about investing.
He needed to travel, uh, because of,
uh, the partners he worked with,
and, um, um, yeah, he needed to meet them.
[mysterious music plays]
Hi. Thank you for watching
my new video blog.
Today I'm in Switzerland, in Zurich,
and I wanted to talk about
why I think Bitcoin will be very big
and very important in the future.
It gives the impression
that he's maybe a bit too busy to help us.
- It's frustrating.
- Yeah, it was so frustrating.
You don't wanna complain,
because you're dependent on him.
Yeah, because if you complain,
maybe he will back off.
[keyboard clicking]
[Natalie] So the next month came.
Then he said he wanted to meet
at one of the biggest shopping malls
here in the Netherlands.
He told me
that he was doing a job close by.
[mysterious music plays]
[Natalie] And then he went to a restroom.
I was like, "What are you going to do?"
"I'm gonna do the donation here."
I was like, "What the hell?
What is he going to do there?"
He was actually jerking off
in a public bathroom
where there are other guys
standing next to him
taking a piss or taking a dump.
It was felt like
- Yeah, filthy.
- You're very graphic.
Yeah, but but you need to be graphic
because it's it's it's weird.
It's actually disgusting.
[mysterious music continues]
- We still inseminated it.
- We did that, yeah.
But we said, "No more."
- No, we just gave up.
- Yeah.
With pain in our hearts.
[John] We drove to his house again.
Nine months later,
we had a lovely baby boy.
[mysterious music continues]
[Max] The sperm banks in the Netherlands,
they came in contact with each other.
It was found out
that he was indeed active in 11 clinics,
and as a result,
this donor had 102 children
only in the sperm banks
in the Netherlands.
Hard to imagine.
[mysterious music continues]
[Max] We needed to inform every patient
who was ever treated with donor sperm.
Everybody had to be informed.
We came to the hospital,
and we started calling patients.
Of course, patients were shocked,
were angry, were sad, were crying.
That was the moment
when I received an email.
The newspaper is going to publish now.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Nicolette] It was 2017,
and I was sitting in the car
with my mom and my daughter.
And there was a news item on the radio
of a man who donated
in 11 clinics in the Netherlands
and that he had 102 children.
And I was just making fun
to my mom, saying,
"Oh, I wouldn't be surprised
if that if that would be Jonathan."
And ten minutes later,
I was called by the colleague
saying that it was about Jonathan.
[suspenseful music continues]
The moment I heard
there were already 102 from the clinic,
I was just starting to ask myself,
"I am from a private donation."
"How many private donations did he do?
And how many more children are there?"
Like on every Saturday,
I picked up the newspaper.
I stumbled upon this article
about a mass donor,
and it sounded like Jonathan.
- It was a shock. It was really a shock.
- Yeah.
[Suzanne] And the first thing I did
was actually call Natalie.
[phone ringing]
[suspenseful music continues]
[Suzanne] "Darling, I think
that you need to come home."
"There's nothing nothing urgent,
but we we need to discuss something."
I drove quickly to our house,
parked the car,
came in, and asked, "What is going on?"
And she said,
"You need to sit down,
and you need to read this."
And I picked up the newspaper,
and I read the article
from start till end.
And I was like, "My God,
what the actual fuck is going on?"
"What has he done? Why has he done this?"
[suspenseful music continues]
[Vanessa] My daughter wasn't his eighth.
She wasn't his twenty-fifth.
She was his over 100th
donor child in the Netherlands.
And, um
that hit me like a ton of bricks.
[mysterious music plays]
I wanted to find other moms.
We had to stop him.
[keyboard clacking]
[Nicolette] I found out that there was
a Facebook group with more parents.
When I joined the Facebook, uh, group,
I got in contact with Nicolette,
and she shared a picture of her daughter,
and my daughter
is just the spitting image of hers.
If they are the same age,
they could be twins. It's just crazy.
[Natalie] The group grew
and grew and grew,
and every week another mother
was let into the group.
And another mother and another mother.
First time we talked to Nicolette,
it was the first time we talked to someone
in the same situation.
Um, I asked him
how many kids he already had,
and he said, uh, uh,
I was I was going to be the third.
And he told me
that he only donated to three women.
He said there were three.
Three. My daughter was the "fourth."
My child would have been the third.
He is lying and still lying.
He's drowning in his in his
in his own lies.
And we all believed him
when he said three it was three.
You try, as a mom you try to protect
your children from everything.
And this was something
I could not protect them.
[keyboard clacking]
[John] There was also the story
about the three children in Almere
that were in the same area
and even in the same school.
They were in the same day camp.
And then we thought about, "Oh fuck.
What if these children meet each other
and maybe have a connection
or fall in love,
and they don't know they're related?"
And that's when the
when the real panic started.
That's when that's when we saw
the real danger in this.
Maybe there's another child
in your street, you know?
Every blond kid, I was like,
"Is that a Jonathan kid?"
I was obsessed with it.
My mother said ♪
Child, when you're older
You'll be so much taller ♪
[Nicolette] So many connections.
It's, like, immense.
And you know it's getting bigger
because you hear it.
But you don't wanna hear it and know it,
because you don't want to be
in that situation.
I think it's like blocking your emotions
or blocking the truth.
It's like a horror situation.
You don't wanna be in there.
My mother said ♪
Child, when you're older
You'll be so much ♪
Something snapped. I was angry. I was mad.
I was like, "What did he do?"
"And why did he do this?"
I tried
I tried so hard to find a reason in it,
but I still can't find a reason.
I can't I can't understand
why are you so willingly
putting so many children on this earth?
The next day, I contacted Jonathan.
I, uh I said, "I know about the numbers."
I said, "I'm going to hang you
by your balls
from the highest tree."
I would grab him by the balls
and turn him inside out.
Don't mess with a mom.
Then we realize that every YouTube movie
was in another country.
And the question is, did he donate
in all those countries as well?
Today I'm in Canada, and behind me
are the Niagara waterfalls.
Was he actually
doing something with with with crypto?
- Crypto, yeah.
- Or not?
Today I'm in Thailand, in Bangkok.
Egypt, in Hurghada.
Sweden, in Malmö.
Stuttgart. Nuremberg.
Prague. Vienna.
[Nicolette] It's terrifying
to see him pop up
in all of those countries
on his YouTube channel,
like he doesn't care about what's going on
while our world crumbles.
And you start thinking, "How big is this?"
"How many kids are there? Hundreds?
Thousands? I don't know."
Hi. Thank you for watching my video blog.
Today I'm in Toronto in Canada.
Today I'm in Hong Kong.
Today I'm in New York,
on the Brooklyn Bridge.
[adventurous music plays]
[Nicolette] With every country on YouTube,
it felt like
the earth under my feet went away.
Today I'm down under in Australia.
- Hi.
- Hi, I'm Kate.
And I'm Laura.
We're from Sydney, Australia.
And we have two beautiful sons.
[dramatic music plays]
[dramatic music continues]
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