The Mandalorian (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Chapter 1

I have credits.
Take them.
He says you spilled his drink.
It's fine.
It's on me.
Thank you! Thank you very much! You have my heartfelt gratitude.
You know what? Here.
You take my credits.
Buy yourself a drink.
Is that a bounty puck? Is that me? Look Uh, there must be some mistake.
I can get you more credits.
I can bring you in warm Or I can bring you in cold.
I need passage to the yards.
No droids.
Where to? You know what he's looking for? You're looking for Ravinaks, right? It's clear right now.
But be careful near the port.
Everyone dumps their Gray Holds out.
They think the whole entire planet is their own personal stink pit.
Here you are.
- You're kidding me, right? - Get out.
I'll hire us a Livery Cruiser.
No big deal.
It won't come out of your end.
I'll pay for it.
I'm just trying to make it pleasant.
Hey, it's time to go, so let's settle up.
I'd stay off the ice if I were you.
You think there's really something to worry about? Open the hatch! Open the hatch! Dank farrik, that was close! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
"Stay off the ice.
" That's the understatement of the millennium.
It's taking us down.
What're you doing? It's got us.
It's gonna take us under.
Where you going? You gotta do something! We gotta get out of here! Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
All right.
I like your ship.
She's a classic.
Razor Crest, am I right? Pre-Empire? I have a lot of credits, by the way.
That's why I offered to hail a Cruiser.
How much are they paying you? Is it true that you guys never take off your helmets? Boy.
I think I have to use the vacc tube.
I mean I can do it here, but if you've never seen a Fledgling Mythrol evacuate their thorax, you're a lucky guy, trust me.
Clearly, there's nowhere for me to go.
So, uh I'm gonna look for that vacc tube if it's all the same to you? Great.
Found it! Thanks.
It might take a while.
I'm molting.
Oh, this feels a lot better.
I haven't evacuated since the solstice.
I was hoping to be free for Life Day.
Maybe even, uh Get home to the family.
But I guess that's not gonna happen this year.
Probably not.
Ah, that was fast.
Did you catch them all? Good.
I'll begin the off-load.
These are Imperial Credits.
They still spend.
I don't know if you heard, but the Empire is gone.
It's all I've got.
Save the theatrics.
Fine, I'll I can do Calamari Flan But I can only pay half.
I have a bail jumper A bail jumper, another bail jumper, a wanted smuggler.
I'll take them all.
Hold on.
There are other members of the Guild, and this is all I have.
Why so slow? It's not slow at all, actually.
Very busy.
They just don't want to pay Guild rates.
They don't mind if things get sloppy.
- What's your highest bounty? - Not much.
Five thousand.
That won't even cover fuel these days.
There is one job.
Let's see the puck.
No puck.
Face to face.
Direct commission.
Deep pocket.
Underworld? All I know is no chain code.
Do you want the chit or not? Greef Karga said you were coming.
What else did he say? He said you were the best in the parsec.
- Freeze! - No! Drop your weapons! No, no, no, no.
Uh, sorry.
I didn't mean to alarm.
This is Doctor Pershing.
Please excuse his lack of decorum.
His enthusiasm outweighs his discretion.
Please lower your blaster.
Have them lower theirs first.
We have you four to one.
I like those odds.
He also said you were expensive.
Very expensive.
Please sit.
Beskar? Go ahead.
It's real.
This is only a down payment.
I have a camtono of Beskar waiting for you upon delivery of the asset.
Although, I acknowledge that bounty hunting is a complicated profession.
This being the case, proof of termination is also acceptable for a lower fee.
That is not what we agreed upon.
I'm simply being pragmatic.
Let's see the puck.
I'm afraid discretion dictates a less traditional agreement.
We can only offer you a tracking fob.
What's the chain code? We can only provide the last four digits.
Their age? That's all you can give me? Yes.
They're 50 years old.
We can also give you last reported positional data.
Between that and the fob, a man of your skill should make short work of this.
The Beskar belongs back into the hands of a Mandalorian.
It is good to restore the natural order of things after a period of such disarray, don't you agree? This was gathered in the Great Purge.
It is good it is back with the Tribe.
A pauldron would be in order.
- Has your signet been revealed? - Not yet.
This is extremely generous.
The excess will sponsor many Foundlings.
That's good.
I was once a Foundling.
I know.
Thank you.
You are a bounty hunter.
I will help you.
I have spoken.
Many have passed through.
They seek the same one as you.
Did you help them? Yes.
They died.
Well, then I don't know if I want your help.
You do.
I can show you to the encampment.
What's your cut? Half.
Half the bounty to guide? Seems steep.
Half of the blurrg you helped capture.
The blurrg? You can keep them both.
No, you will need one.
To ride.
The way is impossible to pass without a blurrg mount.
I don't know how to ride blurrg.
I have spoken.
Perhaps if you removed your helmet.
Perhaps he remembers I tried to roast him.
This is a female.
The males are all eaten during mating.
I don't have time for this.
Do you have a Landspeeder or Speeder bike that I could hire? You are Mandalorian! Your ancestors rode the great Mythosaur.
Surely you can ride this young foal.
Now, all right.
Settle down.
Whoa! Settle.
That's good.
That's good.
That's good.
All right.
Oh! That is where you'll find your quarry.
You deserve this.
Since these ones arrived, this territory has been an endless stream of mercenaries seeking reward and bringing destruction.
Then why did you guide me? They do not belong here.
Those that live here come to seek peace.
There will be no peace until they're gone.
Then why do you help? I have never met a Mandalorian.
I've only read the stories.
If they are true, you will make quick work of it.
Then there will again be peace.
I have spoken.
Oh, no.
Bounty Droid.
Subparagraph 16 of the Bondsman Guild protocol waiver compels you to immediately produce said asset.
Subparagraph 16 of the Bondsman Guild protocol waiver compels you to immediately produce said asset.
IG Unit! Stand down.
I'm in the Guild! You are a Guild member? I thought I was the only one on assignment.
That makes two of us.
So much for the element of surprise.
Sadly, I must ask for your fob.
I have already issued the writ of seizure.
The bounty is mine.
Unless I'm mistaken, you are, as of yet, empty-handed.
This is true.
- I have a suggestion.
- Proceed.
We split the reward.
This is acceptable.
Now let's regroup, out of harm's way, and form a plan.
I will of course receive the reputation merits associated with the mission.
Can we talk about this later? I require an answer if I am to proceed Oh, no.
Oh! Let's go! He's in there! Affirmative.
Up top! It appears we are trapped.
I will initiate self-destruct sequencing.
Whoa, you're what? Manufacturers Protocol dictates I cannot be captured.
- I must self-destruct.
- Do not self-destruct.
Cover me! Go! Go! Go! There's too many! They got us pinned.
I will initiate self-destruct.
Do not self-destruct! We're shooting our way out.
New plan! Beginning self-destruct countdown.
No! Stop it! Draw their fire, I'll take it out.
- Acceptable.
- Go! Well done.
I will disengage self-destruct initiative.
You know, you're not so bad.
- For a droid.
- Agreed.
That blaster hit looks nasty.
You okay? Running a quick diagnostic.
It has missed my central wiring harness.
Is that good? Yes.
Well, now we just need to get the door open.
Anyone else? The tracking fob is still active.
My sensors indicate that there is a life form present.
They said 50 years old.
Species age differently.
Perhaps it could live many centuries.
Sadly, we'll never know.
We'll bring it in alive.
The commission was quite specific.
The asset was to be terminated.