The Mandalorian (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Chapter 4: Sanctuary

Such a large bounty for such a small package.
My armor has lost its integrity.
I may need to begin again.
I must warn you.
It will draw many eyes.
They all hate you, Mando.
Now, how can I show my gratitude to my most valuable partner? What are they doing with it? I didn't ask.
It's against the Guild Code.
Step aside.
I'm going to my ship.
You put the bounty down and perhaps I'll let you pass.
How many of them had tracking fobs? All of them.
All of them! I'm gonna get you.
- Go, go, go! - They're back! - Go! - Run for cover.
- Get inside! - Mama! Mama! - Mama! - Go! - Mama! - Winta! Mama! Come on.
Stop touching things.
Let's see.
Looks like there's no star port, no industrial centers, no population density.
Real backwater skug hole.
Which means it's perfect for us.
You ready to lay low and stretch your legs for a couple of months, you little womp rat? Nobody's gonna find us here.
I'm gonna go out there and I'm gonna look around.
It shouldn't take too long.
Now, don't touch anything.
I'll find us some lodging, then I'll come back for you.
You stay right here.
You stay.
Don't move.
You understand? Great.
Oh, what the hell? Come on.
Welcome, travelers.
Can I interest you in anything? Bone broth, for the little one.
Oh, well, you're in luck.
I just took down a grinjer, so there's plenty.
Can I interest you in a porringer of broth as well? - Just the one.
- Very well.
That one over there.
When did she arrive? I've seen her here for the last week or so.
- What's her business here? - Business? Oh, well, there's not much business in Sorgan, so I can't say.
She doesn't strike me as a log runner.
Well, thank you, sir.
I will get that broth to you as soon as possible, and I will throw in a flagon of spotchka just for good measure.
I will be right back with that.
Keep an eye on the kid.
Yes, sir.
You want some soup? Saw most of my action mopping up after Endor.
Mostly Ex-Imperial Warlords.
They wanted it fast and quiet.
They'd send us in on the drop ships.
No support, just us.
Then when the Imps were gone, the politics started.
We were peacekeepers, protecting delegates, suppressing riots.
Not what I signed up for.
How'd you end up here? Let's just call it an early retirement.
Look, I knew you were Guild.
I figured you had a fob on me.
That's why I came at you so hard.
Yeah, that's what I figured.
Well, this has been a real treat, but unless you wanna go another round, one of us is gonna have to move on, and I was here first.
Well, looks like this planet's taken.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, sir.
There something I can help you with? Uh, yeah.
We have money.
So, you think I'm some kinda mercenary? You are a Mandalorian, right? Or at least wearing Mandalorian armor.
That is Mandalorian armor, right? - It is.
- See? I told him.
Sir, I've read a lot about your people Tribe.
- If half of what I read is true - We have money.
- How much? - Everything we have, sir.
- Our whole harvest was stolen.
- Krill.
We're krill farmers.
We brew spotchka.
Our whole village chipped in.
It's not enough.
Are you sure? You don't even know what the job is.
I know it's not enough.
Good luck.
This is everything we have.
We'll give you more after the next harvest.
Come on.
Let's head back.
Took us the whole day to get here.
Now we have to ride back with no protection to the middle of nowhere.
Where do you live? On a farm.
Weren't you listening? We're farmers.
In the middle of nowhere? Yes.
You have lodging? Yeah.
Come up and help.
I'm gonna need one more thing.
Give me those credits.
Ready for round two? So, we're basically running off a band of Raiders for lunch money? They're quartering us in the middle of nowhere.
Last I checked, that's a pretty square deal for somebody in your position.
Worst case scenario, you tune up your blaster.
Best case, we're a deterrent.
I can't imagine there's anything living in these trees that an ex-shock trooper couldn't handle.
Everyone, they're here! Come on.
Well, looks like they're happy to see us.
Looks like.
- Hi.
- He's so cute.
Aw! Please come in.
I hope this is comfortable for you.
Sorry that all we have is the barn.
This will do fine.
I stacked some blankets over here.
Thank you.
That's very kind.
This is my daughter, Winta.
We don't get a lot of visitors around here.
She's not used to strangers.
This nice man is going to help protect us from the bad ones.
Thank you.
Come on, Winta.
Let's give our guests some room.
Knock, knock.
Come in.
Can I feed him? Sure.
Are you hungry? Can I play with him? Sure.
Come on.
- I don't think - They'll be fine.
- I don't - They'll be fine.
I brought you some food.
I noticed you didn't eat out there.
I'll leave it here for when I go.
That's very thoughtful of you.
Do you mind if ask you something? Go ahead.
How long has it been since you've taken that off? Yesterday.
I mean, in front of someone else.
I wasn't much older than they are.
You haven't shown your face to anyone since you were a kid? No.
I was happy that they took me in.
My parents were killed and the Mandalorians took care of me.
I'm sorry.
This is the Way.
Let us know if there's anything you need.
Thank you.
About 15 or 20 of them came through here on foot.
And something big sheared off those branches.
Imperial walker.
What's it doing here? I don't know.
But this is more than I signed up for.
Bad news.
You can't live here anymore.
- What? - Why? Nice bedside manner.
You think you can do better? Can't do much worse.
I know this is not the news you wanted to hear, but there are no other options.
- You took the job.
- Yeah.
That was before we knew about the AT-ST.
What is that? The armored walker with two enormous guns that you knew about and didn't tell us.
- Help us.
- Please.
- You're supposed to help us.
- But we hired you.
- Please.
- We have nowhere to go.
Sure you do.
This is a big planet.
I mean, I've seen a lot smaller.
My grandparents seeded these ponds.
- It took generations.
- Yeah.
I understand.
I do.
But there are only two of us.
No, there's not.
There's at least 20 here.
- Yeah.
- I mean fighters.
Be realistic.
- We can learn.
- We can.
- Give us a chance.
- Please.
I've seen that thing take out entire companies of soldiers in a matter of minutes.
We're not leaving.
You cannot fight that thing.
Unless we show them how.
Show us.
Yeah, we can do this.
You got two problems here.
You got the bandits, and you got the mech.
We'll handle the AT-ST, but you gotta protect us when they come out of the woods.
And I don't have to tell you how dangerous they are.
Cara Dune here was a veteran.
She was a drop soldier for the Rebellion, and she's gonna lay out a plan for you, so listen carefully.
Now, there's nothing on this planet that can damage the legs on this thing, so we're gonna build a trap.
We're gonna need to dig real deep, right here, so that when it steps in, it drops.
The two of us will hit their camp.
Provoke them.
That'll bring the fight out of the woods and down here to us.
I'm gonna need you to cut down trees and build barricades along these edges.
I need it high enough so that they can't get over, and strong enough so that it can't break through.
Who knows how to shoot? Ready, one.
Move your leg out.
Get ready.
- Get into it.
- Fire.
The sun is about to set, and we'll be leaving soon.
When we return, we're coming in hot.
We'll be ready.
Come on.
I'll cover you.
I hope the plan worked.
Go! It's okay.
This is it.
Once that thing steps into the pond, it's goin' down.
Weapons ready.
Just a few more steps.
It stopped.
Get down.
Get down.
Stay there.
Hold your positions.
Open fire.
We gotta get that thing to step forward.
I'm thinking.
Stay back, stay back! New plan.
What do you have in mind? Give me the pulse rifle.
I'll cover you.
Come on, you got this.
Come to Mama.
This is it.
It's now or never.
Caben, Stoke, get out there.
Take the bait, you hunk of junk.
Was that the plan? Somethin' like that.
Ew! Thank you.
Can I set you something in the house? Uh, thank you.
Maybe later.
He's very happy here.
He is.
Fits right in.
So, what happens if you take that thing off? They come after you and kill you? No.
You just can't ever put it back on again.
That's it? So you can slip off the helmet, and settle down with that beautiful young widow, and raise your kid sitting here, sipping spotchka? You know, we raised some hell here a few weeks back.
It's too much action for a backwater town like this.
Word travels fast.
We might wanna cycle the charts and move on.
Would not wanna be the one who's gotta tell him.
I'm leaving him here.
Traveling with me, that's no life for a kid.
I did my job, he's safe.
Better chance at a life.
Come on.
Come on.
It's gonna break his little heart.
He'll get over it.
We all do.
Excuse me.
Can I have a word? Of course.
It's very nice here.
I think it's clear he's He's happy here.
What about you? Me? Are you happy here? We want you to stay.
The community's grateful.
You can pack all this away in case there's ever trouble.
You and your boy could have a good life.
He could be a child for a while.
Wouldn't that be nice? It would.
I don't belong here.
But he does.
I understand.
I will look after him as one of my own.
Go get the kids.
Who's he tracking? The kid.
They know he's here.
Then they'll keep coming.
Are you sure you don't want an escort? I appreciate the offer, but we're gonna bypass the town and head right to the Razor Crest.
Well then, until our paths cross.
Until our paths cross.
I'm gonna miss you so much.
Thank you.