The Mantis (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Where is she? In her room.
Why the special treatment? We found your correspondence with Séverin.
You created this copycat.
You used him to find out about me, and encouraged him to kill to get out of prison.
Why would I have put you on his trail? For fun.
You sacrificed Séverin because he means nothing to you.
You have a wild imagination, my boy.
He was the one who contacted me.
A warden slipped me an email address.
I know who Séverin is, but I didn't tell him to kill.
Stern, take care of the transfer.
The Mantis is sleeping at QHS tonight and she won't ever leave.
It's time the blood spoke.
Séverin's last message.
"It's time the blood spoke.
" What do you think it means? I don't feel like playing games.
Séverin's birth was anonymous.
It might refer to someone in his family.
Like his biological mother.
I don't get it.
How can you still trust her? She's jerking us around.
She's just trying to buy time.
She might have said that to confuse us.
I'm sorry, but accomplice or not, she knows Séverin, and that could help us find him.
We continue as planned.
Yeah? I'm having a hard time with Séverin's second computer.
I haven't cracked the e-codes.
I did manage to break two identical codes, but his combinations are never in the same order and are separated by symbols.
There are over 150,000 possibilities.
I'll let my PC work, I'm going home, I'm beat.
I understand.
Go on.
I'll let you know.
See you tomorrow, Achille.
You should do the same.
Go home, get some rest.
We won't figure out your mother's intentions tonight.
I hope that brute stays calm tonight.
Yeah right, let's hope so.
The police have a suspect, a man named Baptiste Séverin.
He is 44 years old, six feet tall, of heavy build.
If you see this individual, call the number on the screen.
Do not try to apprehend the man.
He is extremely dangerous and may be armed.
THE MANTIS EPISODE 2 What's wrong? Sorry, I'm not in the mood right now.
What did you dream about last night? I don't remember, I told you.
I heard you You called for your mother.
Sometimes I see her, as if in a dream, but it's a nightmare.
She left so suddenly.
You never talk about her.
Neither does your grandfather It might do you good.
Until you've dealt with this, until you've grieved you'll never want a child.
So what's going on? I finally hacked Séverin's computer.
I found something sketchy.
There are photos of him as a father.
Isn't he single? Yes.
Who are these people? I have no idea.
Hi, kids.
Hi, honey.
Daddy's home.
I brought croissants.
He doctored all these photos.
In each one, he replaced the father with his image.
If he has something against the father, he'll try to drown him, like the Mantis did.
Try to get an address from the license plate.
I'll tell Ferracci.
Aren't you hungry, kids? - Where's my dad? - It's me, Laura.
I'm your daddy.
Eh, honey? - It's time the blood spoke - What? What if Jeanne was right? Maybe there's a link between this family and Séverin's biological mother.
Abandonment complex, victimization fantasy Can we identify Séverin's biological mother? I can try to contact the records office.
It won't be easy.
Thomas, tell your sister to eat.
- Eat.
- No, I'm not hungry.
Honey, did you pee your pants? At your age, Thomas I'll take care of it.
I'm going to run a bath.
Don't move.
They're not picking up.
Print his file.
Printer's in the hall.
And tell Damien.
So? The owner of the car is Arnaud Duquesne, 40, a researcher, married to Laurence Duquesne.
They have two children, Thomas and Laura, seven and nine.
Do you have an address? Yes, 24 Impasse du Marais, Asnières.
The best is yet to come Police, put down your gun.
Put the gun down and turn around.
Put the gun down! Put the fucking gun down! Put it down or I'll shoot! Lie flat on your stomach.
Hands behind your back.
Where have you put the husband? Where is Duquesne? Stop moving.
It's okay for me.
Let's go.
Move it.
No sign of the husband in the house.
- No sign of the father? - No.
Did you get anything out of Mrs.
Duquesne? No, she was anesthetized in her sleep.
- She doesn't remember anything.
- The kids? Séverin locked the kids up, but he didn't hurt them.
None of them had ever seen him before.
And yet, Séverin knew them.
He staked the place out, spent weeks working on the photos.
Doesn't matter if he knows them or not.
I want to know if Duquesne is alive.
Séverin refuses to talk.
He hasn't said a single word.
Excuse me.
Yes? What? Yes, yes.
Just a minute, please.
How long? Yes.
And that's been confirmed? Perfect, thank you.
That was the national records office.
Séverin's biological mother's name was Marie Duquesne.
- Arnaud Duquesne's mother.
- Yes.
She died six months ago.
She had Séverin young and abandoned him before having Arnaud with another man.
His murderous fantasy is built around his half-brother.
Get that asshole to talk.
I don't want Duquesne's photo on the wall.
Get moving! It's a good imitation, isn't it? The Mantis must be pleased.
Do you know her? Why are you doing this? Why kill these people? Deficient males.
No, actually, we didn't find anything like that.
You didn't look hard enough.
What did your half-brother Arnaud Duquesne do? Without him, my mother and I could have been happy.
He's not the reason you were abandoned.
If he hadn't been born, my mother would have taken me back.
I know it.
He stole my life.
So you steal his, is that it? Stop playing around! Arnaud Duquesne Did you kill him or not? Did you drown him in a car like the Mantis's fourth victim? Where's the car? Where is it? Did you talk to you husband like that? No wonder he left.
What did you say? Say it again! I understand why he left.
I feel bad for your son.
- You're not the cuddly type.
- How do you know my son? How do you know I have a son? - He's 12, right? - You crazy bastard! Szofia, stop! Calm down.
Crazy bastard! - Calm down! - Let go of me.
Let him go! Stop, Szofia.
Get out! One learns a lot working at the registrar.
What did you do with Duquesne? Be patient.
You'll find it soon.
Is he still alive? I'm sure the Mantis was a good mother.
The separation must have been hard on her.
What are you afraid of? That I'll talk? I'll keep the secret for her.
- Hi! - Hi.
You look like shit today.
I didn't sleep well.
Because of the baby? - Or is that not happening? - I'd like to, but given his mood It's his case.
I don't think so.
The door! Go on.
- I think it's about his mother.
- His mother? Didn't she die in a plane crash? Yes, he was ten Seems like he never got over it.
It doesn't help that he won't talk about it.
I thought I heard him talking about her with his grandfather.
What were they saying? Something like "Until now, your mother didn't exist" - Something like that.
- That's it? That's all I heard while I closed the window.
You're not very curious.
I would have kept listening.
I would have, but they saw me.
- So? - He says Duquesne is still alive.
- He wants his lawyer.
- What? Are you kidding? He's killed three people.
He was going to kill a mother and her kids.
He mocks us and brings up my son? I have to wait for his lawyer to question him? And hitting him is going to help? - Enough.
- You want to break procedure? Enough! Okay.
When we find his body, you can tell Mrs.
Duquesne her husband is dead.
You'll see what it's like.
Didn't have that in narcotics, did you? Séverin knows who I am.
He knows about my mother.
She used him to get to me.
I don't get it.
Why would she tell him she's your mother? - She tried so hard to protect you.
- To protect me? By killing eight people? If you hadn't changed her name, I'd still be the monster's son.
Damien, it wasn't me who asked that her identity be changed.
She demanded it.
In exchange for her confession to the seven crimes.
I was screwed, I only had evidence for the last one.
Believe me, it was all her.
The only thing she cared about was sparing you.
I think I know how to get Séverin to talk.
Hello, Baptiste.
What are you doing here? Why are you here? I didn't know you knew about Damien.
I figured it out while researching when you asked me to find him.
I wanted to know why he was so important to you.
But it wasn't simple.
Your secret is well guarded.
It must stay that way.
You must never reveal my son's identity.
- You have my word.
- Good.
So you're my copycat.
Are you proud of me? I killed the first three like you.
I never asked you to do that.
I wanted to please you.
You helped me sate my urges.
Come here.
What did you feel as you watched them die? What did they do? Did they speak to you? Did they beg you to let them live? What did you use to cut their flesh? Did you like the blood splattering on your face when you decapitated the last one after emasculating him? Tell me, Baptiste.
I want to know.
Tell me, Baptiste.
I thought of you before they died.
It gave me courage.
You're weak.
You disgust me.
You wanted to have a family by stealing one from your brother? His wife and children hate you, they want to see you dead.
In nature, creatures like you are sacrificed, thrown out of the nest or pack.
Your mother was right to leave you.
Why feed a useless mouth? You're not my copycat.
You're incapable of killing.
I don't know how to kill.
That shitbag Arnaud has to die.
I'll kill him.
He's alive! Where is he? - Where everything started.
- What does that mean? Your brother isn't responsible for your mother's actions.
You can redeem yourself.
You could still join that family, by saving him.
Talk, Baptiste.
Go on, my boy.
Tell me where he is.
- Talk! - No! He has to die! He's going to pay! You just used me to find out where he is You're working with the cops! You're a bad mother, too! You want to redeem yourself because you abandoned Damien too! When Arnaud dies, I'll tell everyone who you are! You and your son! Hear me? Everything! I'll tell the whole world! - Everything! - He's losing it.
We have to stop this.
Let me out! Open this door! I'll show you who I am.
What are you doing? - I did what you asked.
- What do I do now? What if he talks? I can take care of him if you like.
When? Great.
I took care of it.
You can transfer Séverin to UMD, put him in isolation.
He won't talk there.
- Where everything started.
- What does that mean? - Where everything started.
- What does that mean? - Hello! - Hi, Szofia.
Can you tell me where Séverin was born? - Hold on.
- What? Where was Séverin born? - Er Clamart.
- In Clamart.
What's the main maternity ward there? Maternity ward? - Antoine Bléclère Hospital.
- Everyone meet there! - Why? - Séverin plans to kill his brother in the hospital where his mother abandoned him.
- How do you know? - I'll explain later.
Get the word out.
Look for the victim anywhere there's water.
Pools, tanks, spas Anything you could drown someone in.
See you in a bit.
We've got an operation in Clamart! - Damien thinks Duquesne is there.
- How does he know that? I don't know, you can ask him! I'll keep you posted.
Gear up, guys.
Help! Help me! Yeah? Yeah, I'm coming.
Hey, please! I'm in here! Tell us why we're here.
To the right.
So? We're looking.
I'm listening.
No one in the pool.
Okay, got it.
Nothing in the physiotherapy pool.
Got it.
Stop! That guy.
It's him.
- Retrace his route.
- Here.
All clear.
Got it.
BASEMEN I can't go any further.
The elevator's out of range in the basement.
- What's down there? - Heater, generator, laundry room.
Go back again.
He shoved Duquesne in the cart.
Let's go! Out of the way please! Turn off the machines! Fuck! Oh shit, he's here.
Shit, it's jammed! Call a doctor! We need something to pry it off with.
Sir! Hurry! Out of the way! Come on, come on, come on! Careful.
- Put him down.
- Let the doctor through.
Sir, can you hear me? Squeeze my hands if you can hear me.
I'm going to do CPR.
We found him.
They're doing CPR.
and six and seven and eight.
There we go, there we go.
That's it.
Go on, sir, spit.
There you go.
That's it, breathe.
EXI Mrs.
Duquesne, we have a few questions for you.
It's for television.
Did you see - his face? - Get out of here.
It'll be okay.
Let's go.
Wait Turn it off! How is he? He's in shock, but he'll be okay.
Duquesne is here.
ROOM 0253 Nice one about the maternity ward.
How did you know? What? I tricked Séverin, to try to get him to talk.
He backtracked on his first confessions.
He lost it with Duquesne.
Considering his unhealthy obsession with his half-brother, I figured there was something more.
A huge bluff.
Where is he now? He had a breakdown.
Ferracci put him in isolation.
We're getting somewhere.
You are, anyway.
You think we're making progress? If Séverin isn't lying, the killer is still out there.
Gallieni, go with her.
Bertrand, make sure the journalists leave her alone.
The situation on the ground is still chaotic.
Police stormed the hospital.
We still don't know if the victim How do they find out so quickly? Today, anything can be bought or sold.
What do you think? I don't believe Séverin is the killer we're looking for.
He used the media storm to take credit for the murders.
He craves attention.
We have to look elsewhere.
And his mental status? He deteriorated rapidly.
He's confined, on medication and straightjacketed.
If he snaps out of it, and he talks about our charming collaborator, they'll go at each other.
It won't be good for anyone.
Make sure Séverin stays far away and don't let him talk if he comes to.
- Yes, commissioner.
- What about the Mantis? You have to admit, she was very helpful.
We should keep her in place.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Duquesne is alive.
Thanks in part to you.
Even though I know life holds no importance to you.
Are you thanking me? You're mixing everything up.
Duquesne didn't deserve to die.
Come here.
Let me touch you.
Just once, please.
Did you kill my father? I confessed to my crimes 25 years ago.
What was he like? A youthful mistake, a no good alcoholic, violent The best thing he did was disappear.
Hello? Hey, buddy, how are you? I heard on the news you arrested someone.
Listen, I can't really talk about the case.
He's not the guy.
That's not why I called.
I wanted to know about my father.
- I wanted to know if - If what? We've talked about it a hundred times.
He disappeared without a trace.
He left, or he died? I don't know what happened to him, Damien.
Why are you asking me? Because I need to know, Charles.
Listen, catch this sicko, close your case.
Your mother will go back to prison and things will go back to normal.
- Hi, Damien! - Back already? - Did you have a good day? - Yes.
We have a field trip next month.
We're allowed to bring our parents.
- Yes.
- Will you come? - Why are you crying? - I'm not.
- I have something in my eye.
- Both eyes? Yes, in both eyes.
- So can you come? - I'll do my best, honey.
Cool! It's homework time, honey.
What's going on? Listen, I I'm listening.
You're not going to like this.
I don't want to lose you.
I want a life with you.
But I don't want a child.
Damien, can you help me with my homework? - I don't understand anything.
- Coming.
Why are you so hard on yourself? You're the most wonderful person I know.
You're a good guy.
A new development in the case unfolding in Ile de France.
Baptiste Séverin, the main suspect, has retracted his confession.
The man he kidnapped was found alive in a hospital in Clamart, thanks to a crime squad operation.
Laura Piedelièvre and Stéphane Binch report.
A creepy scene.
Locked up in a washing machine filled with water for several hours, the victim was saved at the last minute by the police.
A massive security setup has been deployed around the hospital.
Patients are in shock.
The commissioner has declared the suspect has retracted his confession - Yes? - Good evening.
It's the police.
Your neighbour called in a burglary.
What? The suspect fled through your backyard.
- Can we take a look? - Of course.
Subtitle translation by Evaldo Medeiros