The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006) s01e14 Episode Script

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya VI

Something wasn't right.
For some reason, that's how I felt.
On TV, there was a match between two teams that I had never heard of before,
but for some odd reason, I felt compelled to cheer for the losing team.
And, again for some odd reason, I had the feeling that Haruhi was about to cause a commotion again.
Kyon-kun, the phone.
You don't have to tell me. I know.
You're free today, right?
We're all meeting in front of the station at exactly 2 o'clock.
Make sure you come!
I didn't even get to say a thing.
Kyon-kun, the phone.
I know.
I forgot to tell you what to bring.
Bring your swimming gear and lots of money!
Also, make sure you go there on a bike. Over!
I have this feeling that I knew exactly what Haruhi was going to say.
No, that's not right.
To be accurate, it feels more like the exact same thing has happened before.
Is this what you call deja vu?
You're late, Kyon!
You need to show more enthusiasm!
Yeah, yeah.
Sorry for making you guys wait.
I just got here too.
Since everyone's here, let's go!
To where?
To the public pool, of course!
Well, I guess we would be
Since it's summer, we should have summer activities like what people do in the summer!
We're never going to get back the time we lose, you know.
That's why we're doing this now!
This is our once-in-a-lifetime freshman summer vacation!
By the way, we're going to the pool by bike.
You guys brought yours too?
You and I are the only ones who brought bikes.
Okay. Ready?
How could I possibly be ready?
Kyon, you can't lose to Koizumi-kun.
Now, commence take off!
Damn it.
We came here to have fun, so what are you so unenthusiastic about anyway?
You're such a lazy person.
Just whose fault is this anyway? Whose fault is it!?
Ah, the smell of chlorine! This is what it's all about!
All right, let's swim!
It's a race!
Can't she see this?
Sign: No Diving
Hurry up and get in!
The water is nice and warm!
It looks like fun.
It's quite a pleasant scene.
Don't you think Suzumiya-san may have found a normal way of enjoying things?
Seeing her having so much fun, there shouldn't be anything happening that will endanger the world.
If only that were true
What's wrong?
Nothing. It's probably just my imagination.
We've been through all sorts of things since spring.
I think I might have become a little neurotic.
Now, let's go swim as well.
There, there!
Wait up!
Man, it'd be more appropriate to call this place a "pool for the masses" than a "pool for the public".
This feeling
I feel like I've seen this somewhere before.
For some reason, Nagato seems to be bored.
And then-
That's right. Then Haruhi said something like
These two are my brigade members.
They'll listen to everything I say.
So ask them anything!
Come on, let's go have fun!
We're going to play water soccer! Come with me!
Well, I guess deja vu happens all the time.
Here I come, Mikuru-chan!
What's this?
I came up with an action plan for the rest of the summer.
It's our plan of how to spend what little remains of the summer!
There are only two more weeks of summer vacation left, huh?
It just feels like there's still so much to do.
In the end, we don't have any time left.
Got it? We're going all out from now on!
Mikuru-chan, do you have anything you want to do?
Umm, I would like to scoop up goldfish.
OK. Goldfish scooping it is.
Excuse me.
Hey, I wonder if there's an Obon festival being held near here?
A fireworks festival would be nice too.
I'll go and find out.
Don't forget the goldfish scooping!
It's Mikuru-chan's one passionate desire, after all.
All right Kyon, we start tomorrow!
The next morning.
The call that stole away my indolence was, once again, from Haruhi.
"We've found an Obon festival. Tonight at the public sports ground,"
But Mikuru-chan and Yuki don't have yukatas.
So now we're going to go buy yukatas for tonight.
I don't have one either, so I found a place that sells complete sets for a cheap price.
You come along too!
Haruhi led us into a bulk clothing store,
personally chose Asahina-san and Nagato's yukatas,
and then immediately proceeded to drag them into the changing rooms.
After making us wait for nearly an hour,
- anyone would be yawning -
the three of them finally showed up.
You girls look great.
Of course! I picked them out, after all.
Especially Mikuru-chan!
It's so cute! Just what I'd expect from myself!
Asahina-san, it's great! Asahina-san!
There really is a lot of people here.
Huh? I'm getting this feeling again.
It should be my first time in a while.
Why do I get the feeling that I've just been here?
That stage
That food stall
What's going on?
They have the goldfish scooping that you wanted to do over here!
Come here! Come here!
Oh. Okay.
Shall we do the same?
I'll pass.
You're interested in these things?
Which one do you want? I'll buy it for you.
It's all right.
For some odd reason, I feel like she's been looking after me, so paying for that would've been fine, but
Man, we had a huge catch today! Huge!
Thirteen fish!
But since we didn't need them all, we just kept one fish each.
Oh, Yuki, what's with the mask?
I bought it.
Oh, really.
Let me borrow your back.
Come on, just turn the other way.
Okay! Next is fireworks! Fireworks!
Let's do that to finish today off!
Haven't you ever heard of the saying "Don't bite off more than you can chew"?
When it's summer, there's summer vacation.
So if I could have, I'd rather have forgotten about it, but there was one thing bothering me.
All right, everyone!
We'll go bug catching tomorrow.
It will be the SOS Brigade Cicada Hunt!
The person who catches the most will be Brigade Chief for one day!
Haruhi, having fun is great and all, but have you finished your homework?
What are you talking about?
Homework like that only takes three days!
Finish off all that tedious stuff so you can actually enjoy yourself.
That's the right way to enjoy summer vacation!
Why is this person so smart?
The next day, we got what you could call a ridiculously nice day.
And on that day, we had the SOS Brigade Cicada Hunt.
Everyone seemed to be putting up a fight but
For some familiar reason or another, the winner was Haruhi.
The next day, we were gathered for some random reason,
given a bunch of random frog costumes,
and ended up handing out balloons in front of a supermarket as a small part-time job.
Are you all right?
Man, I thought I was going to die.
Actually, I'm dead.
Thanks for your work everyone!
You guys were great even in that heat!
The manager was really grateful!
I don't need the old man's gratitude.
Where's our pay?
This is it.
I've wanted this for a while now!
Thanks to Mikuru-chan, I was able to get the manager to give it to me as payment!
You made us do all that work just for the sake of getting that?
Mikuru-chan, you can wear it whenever you feel like it.
I give you permission!
That night.
My slumber was again stolen away by none other than a phone call.
Damn it.
Don't tell me this is Asahina-san?
Yes, it's me.
Something bad has
If this goes on I'll
Hello. It's me, Koizumi.
Why are you together with Asahina-san?
A slight problem has occurred.
Do you think you could come right now?
Hell yeah!
I'm on my way right now!
Asahina-san, what exactly happened?
I can't go back to the future anymore!
Can't go back?
Um, "can't go back" as in
In short, that's what happened.
We're currently looping through the same time period over and over again.
We're currently looping through the same time period over and over again.
We're currently looping-
Hey, do you have any idea what you're saying?
I do.
There is nothing more to it.
I was talking to Asahina-san just now.
Call me up too!
As a result, I happened to notice that the flow of time has felt strange lately.
I guess you can say Asahina-san was the one that discovered it.
Thanks to that, I was able to confirm something.
Confirm what?
We're experiencing the same eternally repeating time period.
For a while now, it's been continuing to repeat over and over again.
You told me that already.
To be precise, the loop occurs from August 11th to August 31st.
We're caged up in an endless summer vacation.
Yeah. "Caged up" would be the right term.
This is an absolutely never ending, endless summer.
The world now has lost all time past September 1st.
That's the reason why Asahina-san is unable to return to the future.
I guess it's only natural that you can't go back to a future that doesn't exist.
Cut the crap.
What part of that nonsense is natural anyway?
Who the hell would believe that?
I was hoping that at least you would believe it.
Um, I'll give you an explanation too
Well, I use classified information to communicate with the future,
and do things dealing with classified information.
For a week, I've had no classified information, so I thought: "That is strange"
And then classified information.
I was really surprised,
so I did a classified information.
Asahina-san, are you just using the term "classified information" as a replacement for censoring words?
but it was completely classified information
Are we shut inside something similar to an enclosed space?
No, that's not the case.
One part of the time continuum has just been cut up.
When we reach August 31st, everything will be reset at exactly 2400 hours,
and we will return to August 11th again. That's the process.
So what about our no, the memories belonging to the entire human race?
That too gets reset.
Everything starts over from the beginning again.
And then time replays itself again, huh?
Well, I get the feeling that this can't be helped.
No. This one has nothing to do with Asahina-san.
So who's behind this?
She might be unaware of it,
but a part of her might not want summer vacation to end.
Does she have some sort of regret?
I believe so.
It may very well be the fact that she feels like she still has something she needs to do during summer vacation.
Way to blow some meaningless, small issue into galactic proportions.
I was wondering but,
you're having fun, aren't you?
I've finally managed to solve the riddle of the deja vu.
Now that I think about it,
I've come to understand that the imprints are the remains of a memory reset.
You've felt it too, right?
Don't tell me everyone in the world feels it too.
You and I are special cases.
Just by being people who are close to Suzumiya-san,
we've become the only people who are able to feel this.
What about Haruhi?
Isn't she at least aware of this herself?
It doesn't look like it at all.
It would probably be a lot more complicated if she did.
It's just that, with the deja vu,
I'm thinking that there must be someone who has retained all of his or her memories of the repeated time.
And who would that someone be?
I think you'll know.
Nagato, is it true?
Do you remember everything?
So how many times has that repeating thing happened?
This is the fifteen thousand, four hundred and ninety-ninth time we have met.
Fifteen thousand, four hundred and ninety-ninth?
What do you mean by 15,499?
Nagato, what are you talking about?
Are you being serious?
So for that number of times, did we do the exact same thing over and over again?
That is not necessarily the case.
In the last 15499 iterations,
in regards to going to the Obon festival,
we did not go 2,391 times and 11,054 times we went twice.
Also, Obon minus the goldfish scooping occurred 437 times.
Part-time work has been conducted a total of 9,026 times.
Within that, there have been six variations.
Besides distributing balloons,
we stocked shelves, worked as cashiers, distributed flyers, answered calls
I get it, that's enough.
15,499 times. That's what Nagato said.
Times the 2 weeks is uhh, about 594 years.
Was she simply enduring all that time alone, living it over and over again while retaining her memories?
Nagato, just how does it feel to have lived through all of this?
I heard something ridiculous again.
The next day was stargazing.
The venue was the rooftop of Nagato's apartment.
Koizumi prepared the telescope.
I'm bored.
Let's look for UFOs.
Haruhi, stop it!
Hey! Stop! It's going to break!
What exactly does she want to do, anyway?
Now, I wonder about that.
Once we find that out, this problem will be relatively straightforward to solve.
Why don't we try this out for starters?
Suddenly hug Suzumiya-san from behind,
and whisper into her ear the words: "I love you".
And just who would be doing that?
There's no one more suitable than you.
I exercise my right to veto!
Shall I do it then?
I'm just kidding.
I'm not qualified for that role.
I would only put Suzumiya-san into an unnecessary state of confusion.
The queue of vigorous summer vacation events continued.
We went to the batting center
And we went to a real fireworks show.
We even took part in a fishing event.
Other activities included a test of courage,
going to the theater,
swimming in the sea,
and karaoke.
None of us were exempted from singing.
Of course, I knew that this still wouldn't leave Haruhi satisfied,
so I didn't make any effort to do anything.
Just like that, I ended up just passing through those days being miserable.
Meanwhile, that critical day drew ever closer August 31st.
With that we've pretty much completed our summer plans.
I wonder if it's okay like this?
But I guess that's it.
Hey, do any of you want to do anything else?
We've already done so much this summer, so it's probably enough.
No it's not, Haruhi.
You aren't supposed to be satisfied yet.
Well, let's call it a day then.
I'll let you have tomorrow off to prepare for school.
Let's meet in the clubroom in two days.
W-Wait, Haruhi!
This again!
Deja vu!
And this feels stronger than before.
I can't let Haruhi go home like this!
If I let her go home,
all those ten thousand something weeks will just end up being repeated again!
But what should I do?
What should I say?
There should be hints in Haruhi's words!
But what are they?
What did she say until now?!
I don't know.
I can't remember
August 31st.
Homework: unfinished.
I don't care anymore
It doesn't matter anyway.
If everything really repeats again, doing this homework would be meaningless.
Will tomorrow come or not?
Well, I'll just have to leave it to myself to figure it out later.
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