The Mentalist s01e04 Episode Script

Ladies in Red

Mind running it for us, inspector? Not sure why you all were called in.
We could handle it.
Place belongs to Jason Sands.
Big-ass political contributor.
Been missing since last night.
That's why we're here.
Attorney general likes to stay on top of these kind of things.
Sands' wife, Jennifer, arrived home last night with their daughter about 9:00.
She found her husband gone and this.
Thanks, guys.
There's been no ransom demand yet, but I expect we'll get something soon.
If you want our tech guys to set taps, I gotta let them know.
That's okay.
We can handle it.
Do you know where his family is? With friends.
Sands thought it would be best for the little girl and we agreed.
- Any sign of forced entry? - No.
Must have been a front-door job.
Someone posing as a courier or what have you.
He's still here.
Not unless he's invisible he's not, Agent Jane.
He's not an agent.
He's a consultant.
No badge, no gun.
They don't even give me dental.
Oh, yeah.
You're the one they were telling me about, the psychic.
Sorry, Gandalf.
In our bumbling way we did look around pretty good.
He's not here.
He's here.
And there's no such thing as psychics.
He was tortured in this chair.
To give them a pass-code.
Pass-code to what? Could you humor me, inspector? Could you try and pick up that sheet of paper? - All right.
- Thanks.
That's That's it.
Uh The bookcase must have moved.
After these papers were spread all over the floor? It's a door.
To a safe? - Or a safe room.
- Yes.
The intruder must have been distracted by something.
Left Sands alone for a moment.
Sands punches in the code.
Before they can stop him, he goes in and shuts the door behind him.
Which will open if you press the buttons a lot? I'm entering the top 10 pass-code choices.
But if it is a safe room wouldn't it have a silent alarm connected to a security company? Not if you're the paranoid secretive type.
You make a safe room only you know about.
I guess we need a locksmith.
Hang on a minute.
I don't see anyone who could torture a man to death with pliers and a lit cigar.
Picture them naked and ravenously hungry.
Strictly speaking, he wasn't tortured to death.
He bled to death on his own in his hidey hole.
- Kind of has himself to blame then, huh? - Mm, kind of.
How does the widow check out? She and her daughter were at a concert, Peter and the Wolf.
- She have stubs? - Yup.
Who's the suit hovering around her? It's Michael Claymore Bennett III, Sands' lawyer.
What about him? The widow's scared of him or Or? Or, uh, he's reassuring her of something else that she's scared of.
- Which is it? - I don't know.
Could be both.
Well, we can't question them here.
Let's get started on Sands' computer files.
- You guys stay here until this thing's over.
- Yes, boss.
You never know, somebody might confess.
Van Pelt, you're killing me.
- Can I ask you a personal question? - No.
Have you told her how you feel? She's a co-worker, it's against the rules.
- That's how I feel.
- That's not how you feel.
I sent out the vibes, I got none back.
So I'm leaving it alone.
Really? Vibes? That's where he stares at the back of her neck.
- Women love that.
- Oh, shut up, Cho.
You gotta go get her, man.
You gotta seduce her.
Seduction's not my strong point.
Seduction's easy once you know the basic principles.
- There's nothing to it.
- Oh, really? I don't see a crowd of women following you around.
Why would I want a crowd of women following me? - Okay, I'll bite.
What's the basic principle? - Cost you a dollar.
- For what? - So you'll pay attention.
- Love and affection.
- What? Love and affection.
Give me my dollar back.
When you're seducing someone, what are you offering them? Love and affection.
Who doesn't want love and affection? It's simple.
- Give me my dollar back.
- Let me demonstrate.
I will bet you 100 more of these dollars that I can seduce any woman here.
The widow.
Wait a minute, what are you? Ja Jane.
Good job.
Hello, sweetheart.
Sands, my name is Patrick Jane, CBI.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Up close, you're really very beautiful.
- That's totally inappropriate and - Listen to me, Jennifer.
I don't know what kind of hold this man has over you - Excuse me.
- Back up.
And I'm not exactly sure what kind of trouble you're in but I'm confident that I can help you.
Call me and I'll come.
- Excuse me, sir.
You have to leave.
- Hey.
No problem.
- Sorry about that.
Come on.
Come on.
- I'm so sorry.
Looks like you owe me 100 bucks.
Early days, Rigsby.
Early days.
I'm disappointed.
L I'm very disappointed.
And I'm embarrassed.
How could you do this to me? I told the mayor of San Francisco that I was putting my best people on this.
Oh, holy mother.
Who takes off the freaking labels? I mean, what is that? Is this real? Or is that decaf? How am I to know which is which? Mix them both half and half and drink twice as much.
What kind of idiot drinks decaf anyway? What is the point? And what were you thinking leaving this man alone at an event like that? No excuses.
I mistakenly treated him as a responsible adult.
I do have a plan.
- Which is? - First win the widow's confidence Aside from her lawyer making an official complaint to the attorney general how is that going for you? - She's playing hard to get.
Jane, you close cases.
You close like a fiend.
So I tolerate you and I protect you and I let you make Lisbon's life a misery.
But the There is a line.
There is a line, and when you cross it, I will protect myself and this unit and I will throw you to the wolves.
- Okay.
Long as we're clear.
It's the A.
's office.
Sands is willing to drop the matter if Jane will apologize to her.
- Great.
I'll make the call.
- She wants to hear it in person.
- At her house.
- Ah.
Ha, ha.
Do you want to see my trolls? I'd love to.
This one's a boy.
His name's Woody Sands.
- A very nice room.
- Thank you.
My daddy made it for me.
This one's a girl.
Her name's Wanda Sands.
- This one's a girl too.
Her name is - Whoa, whoa.
I bet I can guess her name.
- Warren Moon.
- No.
- Wiley Post? - No.
- Wendy Sands.
- Yes.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Thank you.
- Are you married, Mr.
Jane? - Was.
- She's dead.
- I'm sorry.
- What happened? - Doesn't matter.
You have a very strange way about you, Mr.
Do I? After the memorial service, I don't know why I simply don't have you fired.
Are you usually so forthright? What's on your mind, Mrs.
Sands? Why am I here? You know why.
I want an apology.
No, you don't.
You told me if I ever need your help I should call you.
- And here I am.
- You were right.
Bennett did upset me at the service.
- He told me the truth about Jason.
- Which is? His investment business was a sham.
It went broke ages ago.
Our bank accounts are empty.
He left me and Julie with nothing but massive debts.
We're gonna have to sell the house and And everything else we own.
I'm so sorry.
The IRS and the SEC and I don't know who else were investigating him for fraud.
- He told you nothing? - Nothing.
Turns out our marriage was a lie.
Our whole life together was a lie.
Perhaps he was ashamed of his failure.
Ashamed, Jason? No.
I always knew he had a secretive, mistrustful side, but this? Every couple has secrets.
There are rooms in this house I didn't even know were there.
Sands, you asked me to help you.
- Yes.
- How can I do that? If I know Jason, there's something left.
He would have hid a nest egg somewhere.
- Don't you think it's possible? - Whoever killed him certainly thought so.
Sheriff's Department.
- What is this? Who are you? - Asset seizure.
No trouble.
- Start upstairs, boys.
- CBI, Department of Justice.
Hang on a second.
Yeah, this is in order, but, uh, where's your lethal-toxins immunization papers? Excuse me? Did they not tell you the score here? Did you get your shots? - Shots? What are you talking about? - Shots.
There was a murder here.
- Yeah, I know.
- Excuse me a minute.
Suspected poisoning.
Come on.
Let's, uh Let's go, guys.
Get your shots.
We'll talk.
Shots? Forget it.
Looks like Sands was bust all right.
He used to be huge, but he made some really bad calls in IT.
Over the past five years, his business has dwindled down to almost nothing.
No clients.
No income.
There were indictments and injunctions and the whole nightmare coming down the road.
Strange thing is, until a couple of weeks ago there was $ 10 million in his personal accounts in cash.
Most of it deposited over the last year.
His business is dead.
Where did he get 10 million from? - Where is it now? - That's what his killers wanted to know.
Are you sure the widow doesn't know where it is? No.
She's genuinely broke and genuinely scared.
- You're not soft on her are you? - No.
Maybe a little.
- We need to talk to the lawyer - Bennett.
We need to talk to him.
You need to stay well away.
Did you say maybe a little? She's a gorgeous grieving widow.
Of course maybe a little.
Don't worry, it's not gonna affect my work.
I'm a law-enforcement professional.
My sincere apologies for our operative Jane, by the way.
Supervising Agent Minelli gave him a severe reprimand.
Well, think nothing of it.
I can't tell you how sad I am about all this.
How can I help? I'll try and be brief.
You were Sands' lawyer.
You had to have known he was in ruinous debt.
Yeah, I knew there were difficulties, but I had no idea how deep he was in it.
I don't deal in his business affairs.
I'm his family lawyer, so I look after his personal financial matters which until recently, were in good shape.
Yeah, two weeks ago, he converted a $ 10 million pension account into cash.
- It's pretty much all he had.
- Which is his right.
I learned about it after the fact from his accountants.
It's a huge withdrawal, but of course I figured he had much more in reserve.
Did you ask him what he was doing with the money? I did.
He told me he needed it to surprise his wife.
- He did that all right.
- Yeah.
I believed him.
- What do you believe now? - He was looking at jail time.
He grabbed as much cash as he could and was gonna run away.
Thanks for your help, counselor.
We'll be in touch.
Whatever you need, I'm at your service.
We found out where that money was coming from.
Sands owns an office supply company that supplies this Happy Landings Entertainment with copy paper.
Over the last two years, Who owns Happy Landings Entertainment? A shell company hidden in a Swiss trust wrapped in a dummy corporation.
It'll take a while to untangle.
But Sands' company? The only one of his businesses under a separate address.
- In Sausalito? - Odd, huh? - Nice work.
- We gonna have a look? We are.
You're gonna stay here and keep digging.
Who owns Happy Landings Entertainment? Huh.
- Doesn't look like a copy-paper business.
- Uh, no.
This is it.
Coming aboard? Why not? Sand's lied about this, what else do you cover up? The place is trashed.
I'm just gonna wait out on the jetty.
Who are you? Patrick Jane, CBI.
Don't shoot.
- What's that, CBI? - Police.
Lay the gun down.
- Show me the badge.
- Put the gun down.
Police? I make no trouble.
No problem.
- Who did you think we were? - Nobody.
- What are you looking for? - This is my boat.
I can do what I like.
Yeah, it's very nice.
Very put-together.
This boat belongs to Jason Sands.
Yes, and Jason Sands is my fiancé.
Adrianna, we can charge you right now with burglary, vandalism assault with a deadly weapon.
That's 10 to 15 right there.
Wouldn't you rather talk about your situation? From you, I buy cookies.
I don't talk about situation.
Listen, we have enough to The handsome one.
Gay, yes? This is a murder investigation.
You've got no alibi for the time frame in question.
We're looking at you as a suspect.
You should take this a little more seriously.
When I was this big? I was in a detention camp for two years.
- You understand? - I underst No.
You don't.
That was serious.
This, no.
- What do you do for a living? - I dance.
- Is that a good living? - What's good? How long were you and Jason Sands lovers? Two years.
We were more than lovers.
We were engaged to be married.
- He was already married.
- No, he was divorcing her.
- She doesn't know that.
- Sure she does.
Why would she tell you? It's embarrassing.
He doesn't want her anymore.
It is embarrassing.
What were you looking for? - We loved each other.
- You loved each other.
We hear that.
What were you looking for on the boat? Jason bought $ 10 million of diamonds, for when we would run away.
I was looking for them.
When did he buy them? A month ago.
Once he showed me them.
They are beautiful.
Ha, ha.
Then he hid them.
I don't know where.
- You were gonna run away? - Jason knew it was end of the road here.
He was going to jail or going to get killed.
So we make a plan.
We are going to, uh, run away on the sailboat.
You and him, on a sailboat? Yeah, he was a good sailor.
He teach me.
Lf, um, those bastards didn't kill him maybe me and him and Julie would be in Tahiti.
Instead of here.
With you.
- You were gonna take Julie? - Eh.
What bastards? You know who killed him? Yeah, sure I know.
- Tell us.
- Lf I tell you, I leave here now.
You drop this burglary stupidness.
I don't testify.
I give you names, that's it.
These, um, scum-pigs run nightclubs.
Jason cleans their, uh, drug and, um, girl money for them.
It's this money he uses to buy the diamonds.
A company called Happy Landings Entertainment out of Oakland? I don't know.
They live in Oakland.
These people have names? Dieter Webb and Carter Lewis.
Dieter and Carter.
Started out as college DJs.
Nightlife impresarios is what they say they are.
They own clubs, restaurants, boutique hotels up and down West Coast.
Drugs started as a sideline, then became their core business.
- Did we find them? - These guys glide under radar.
According to official records, they own no property and live nowhere.
Their only address is a P.
Working with Oakland P.
As we speak.
- You're letting her go? - She gave us Dieter and Carter.
I could charge her with waving a gun at Jane, but what for? I don't know, boss.
If ever I saw a woman who could use pliers on a man, that's her.
Miss Jonovic, a moment.
Jane, tell her not to leave town.
You said you and Jason were planning on leaving with Julie.
- Yes.
- You didn't mind taking the kid? - No, me and her are good friends.
- Take her away from her own mother? - Yes.
That seems a cruel thing to do.
She is a cold person, Jennifer.
She doesn't care so much about Julie.
She pretends, but she doesn't really.
Tell me something.
Do you think, uh, Jennifer has my diamonds? I don't know.
Did you ask her? Don't leave town.
As you like.
- So, love and affection, huh? - That's it.
- Where you going? - To speak to the widow.
Oh, yeah? I want to know if she knows about the mistress.
This is delicious, thank you so much.
You have children, Patrick? No.
- They're the greatest gift.
- Yes, they are.
Hey, it's been bothering the hell out of me.
Peter and the Wolf is the duck a flute or a bassoon? I cannot remember.
Oh, um.
- A bassoon, I think.
- Never mind.
Listen, I have good news and I have bad news.
Dieter Webb's grandmother is 93.
Lives in a seniors' assisted living center in Tucson.
Has for a decade, but Let me guess.
She's leasing a high-end vehicle and recently bought a nice house in Oakland? - You're good.
- Get Rigsby and Van Pelt on it.
Ten million dollars? Yes.
Just as you suspected, a very healthy nest egg.
- Oh, that's wonderful.
We have to find it.
- Wouldn't be a bad idea.
Where shall we start? I don't know.
You found the safe room in a moment.
You must be terribly clever at that kind of thing, finding things.
I can try.
But, Jennifer, that was the good news.
Bad news? We talked to a woman who appears to have been Jason's mistress.
I knew it.
I knew it.
I knew it.
I'm sorry.
- You didn't know about her? - No.
- What's she like? How old is she? - Mid-20s.
Eastern European.
Good-Iooking? Not bad.
- Does she have the money? - Strong possibility.
It's so complicated.
Patrick? Will you hold me? I need someone to hold me, please.
I'm sorry, Jennifer.
I wish I could.
Where's the entry team? They were supposed to be here.
Guys like these probably aren't even out of bed yet.
Could be up from the night before.
Maybe went out for some breakfast.
We can deal with them.
- Suddenly she's Steve McQueen.
- Ha.
They're on the move.
Come on, let's take them.
- Police.
Get out of the car! - Hands up! - Get out of the car.
- Get out! - Whoa, whoa.
- Take it easy, man.
Come on.
Nice and easy.
Up against the car.
Up against the car.
Freeze! Hands behind your head.
Give me your hands.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
You don't want to talk to me, Dieter? I've got nothing to say.
Call my lawyer.
- What do you know about Jason Sands? - I know he's dead.
- How much did he take from you? - How much what? We estimate he stole around $ 10 million from you.
Is that right? Me and my partner, we host parties.
I'm doing good, but not that good.
Ten million dollars? Jason didn't steal anything from me.
You and Carter broke into his house and tortured him to death.
Dude, I know people that know how to do that stuff, you know? If it was us that tortured him we'd have the money and he'd have his life.
- I wouldn't kill him.
- What money? Oh, you caught me there.
The imaginary money you said he stole from us.
- Somebody got there before us.
- An imaginary somebody.
You want my opinion? Now, this isn't snitching, it's just an opinion.
Adrianna Jonovic.
A crazy Armenian dancer that Jason was tapping.
- Why? - She's a mercenary bitch.
She made Jason's life misery and made him like it.
She used to work for us, so I know where of I speak.
- You should check her out.
- The other one, Lewis, has the same line.
There were Class A drugs all over his house, so we can hold them.
And Jonovic? I think she's clean on this, but we can bring her back in.
Well, don't let up on them.
We need a result here.
Patrick, she's gone.
She's gone.
They took her.
My baby is gone! It's okay.
It's okay.
We'll be right there.
So the guys from Oakland are behind this? Because they're in custody doesn't mean they couldn't have arranged it.
You said the men were behind bars.
- They are.
- Well, if they didn't do this, who did? I assure you, we're doing everything we can to find Julie.
The note said you knew what they wanted.
The money.
We have to find the money.
I have to give them what they want.
- Why would they think you have it? - I don't I don't know.
- You have to find my baby.
- We're trying, Mrs.
CBI is working in conjunction with federal agents I don't care about any of that.
Look, you have to find my little girl.
What are you talking about, steal a kid? I've been locked up.
You have friends, remember? So you think that I'd be ass enough to hire somebody to do it while I'm in here? Dieter has a point.
He and Carter are bad guys, but they're not Mafia.
- They don't have that kind of reach.
- Or those stones.
We're up.
The kidnappers just IM'd Jennifer's cell phone.
Say yes.
Say yes and tell them I'll bring it to them.
- What? No.
- I know where the money is.
Say yes.
- Still awake? - Wide.
Jane, be careful.
Don't try and get them to say anything or stop them.
All we need is their phone.
Send us the number.
We'll track the address.
- Here comes someone.
- Jane, do your mind games and get out of there, okay? Don't worry, Mom.
This better not be a trap.
I will kill you.
Give me the diamonds.
Oh, Adrianna.
You're going down the wrong road.
- Kidnapping is just - I'm not a kidnapper.
You think I want to do this? I have to do this.
I don't want Julie to die.
Tell me what's going on.
I can help you.
I don't know you.
I don't trust you.
- Just give me the diamonds.
- Okay.
- Where's Julie? - I call a number tell them I have the diamonds, they give Julie.
Call them.
- How do I know those are real diamonds? - They look real to me.
Here, why don't you have a look? You've seen them before.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
The scam's working.
No, this This - This is not the diamonds.
What? - No, plastic.
- Forwarding the last number dialed.
- Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You son of a whore.
Signal is coming from an apartment building in the Presidio.
All units move in.
They will kill Julie now.
- Who is they? - I don't know.
They call me.
They send pictures to my phone of Julie tied up.
They say I must give them Jason's money or she dies.
I don't have Jason's money.
Did they ask for Jason's money or did they ask for diamonds? - For money.
- Then they're not gonna hurt Julie.
- Lf you're telling me the truth.
- No if.
I am telling the truth.
- Get back.
- Police! Police! Freeze! Drop the gun.
Bennett, don't do it.
- Drop the weapon! - Drop the gun or you're dead! - Put it down.
- Drop your weapon.
- Drop the gun! - Drop it right now! - Put down the weapon! - Drop the weapon! Watch the kid.
So far what I know is you guys shot and grievously wounded a prominent and very well-liked member of the San Francisco Bar.
What's going on? In simple declarative sentences.
Bennett's our man.
He killed Jason Sands for $ 10 million in diamonds.
Kidnapped Julie Sands for the same reason.
Either the widow or the mistress acted as his accomplice.
- Which one? - We're trying to nail that down now.
If Bennett makes it, he could tell us.
It doesn't look like he will, so we need a confession from his accomplice.
So, um What? Jane has an idea.
If we generate complaints as to how we go about this you've got our backs, right? - Well, that depends, obviously.
We need a win here, but I won't sanction anything underhanded or actionable.
That's kind of vague.
The whole point of this unit is subtlety and discretion and judgment.
I expect you to do what's right without dragging me into it.
Really? Yes, yes, Lisbon.
Of course if I'm forced to it, I have your back.
I'm insulted you need to ask.
- Where is she? Is she okay? - Yes, a little in shock, but physically fine.
Not a scratch.
Doctors just wanna make sure.
Hello, Jennifer.
This is a surprise.
What's she doing here? Shouldn't she be in jail? Uh, out on bond, ma'am.
So quickly? I screw better lawyers than you.
You've obviously led a very sad and difficult life to be so twisted.
Truly, Adrianna, you have my sympathy.
Cho, let's move.
- Oh, hey, what was that name again? - What name? The one that Jane thought was so important? - Wendy.
- Right, Wendy.
Either of you know a woman named Wendy? - No.
- No? - Shame.
She'd be worth knowing.
- Cho.
- What? - Excuse his levity, ma'am.
This Wendy person, she has the diamonds? - It's a possibility.
- Diamonds? By the way, Mr.
Bennett is coming along nicely.
We'll be talking to him.
If there's anything that you wanna pass along But other police said that he was a dead man.
- Yeah, they said he was dying.
- No.
No, he'll live.
- How'd it go? - I think we sold it.
You kidding? We killed.
Jane says give it a moment.
Let it play itself out.
It's empty.
They're both gone.
Really? Both? Jane, nobody's there.
Come on.
It's okay, baby.
Everything going to be good now.
Everything's good.
Where have you been? Damn.
Damn! What are you looking for? You know what I'm looking for.
I'm pretty certain Wendy Sands had purple hair.
- You may want to call a lawyer now.
- Why? What for? Don't make this difficult.
Bennett told us everything.
Nicely done.
You made me think Adrianna had the money and you made her think I had the money.
- Clever.
- Thank you.
Coming from a fine actress like yourself, I'm flattered.
Is it really in diamonds or is that just part of the trick? No trick.
- Do you know where? - I do.
- Tell me.
- Tell me what happened and I'll tell you where they are.
This whole time, you were just playing me.
Not the whole time.
That's so sad.
I thought we had a real connection.
We did.
- We can again.
- No, we can't.
You know, I never meant for this to happen.
I know.
It was Bennett.
He forced me into this.
He planned the whole thing.
Bennett is an idiot that thinks he's in control.
But you played him like a violin with those big eyes and those trembling lips.
It's a dynamite act.
You had me buying it.
If only you'd told me the duck was an oboe I would have told you where the diamonds were and we likely never would have solved this one.
- The duck was an oboe? - Yeah.
Peter and The Wolf.
The duck is played by the oboe.
The wolf is a bassoon.
The flute is the songbird.
Anyone who'd seen it knows that.
But you didn't.
You didn't go to Peter and the Wolf.
You stayed home and tortured your husband to make him give you his running-away money.
Running away with my daughter and $ 10 million and that dirty whore.
And leave me with nothing? I don't think so.
How do you think it feels that my daughter prefers her father's whore over me? That she loves her more than her own mother? How do you think that feels? I'm sure it hurts.
I always knew that there was a safe in that room.
But he would never tell me where or what the combination was.
And I had a real breakthrough insight.
I realized that was our whole marriage.
Withholding, withholding, always withholding.
Whatever it was that I needed most from Jason that's what he refused to give me.
Tell me.
Where are they? The diamonds? - A very nice room.
- My daddy made it for me.
When did you first suspect it was her? - I had an idea at the funeral service.
- You did not.
I did.
I did.
She, uh She was looking way too good.
No wife should glow at her husband's funeral.
So you made that bet, that you could seduce her with the intention of snaring her? I wanted to win the bet too.
I couldn't.
Just because I lost doesn't mean you shouldn't take my advice.
- Yeah, yeah.
- I'm serious, man.
Go for it.
What's he talking about? Nothing.

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