The Mentalist s01e21 Episode Script

Miss Red

What do we got? Jim Gulbrand, CEO and founder of the software company Gaia Matrix was reported missing by his live-in brother yesterday.
Local P.
But they didn't check the boat until this morning.
They found blood on the deck, but no sign of a body.
Why is it ours? The marina is privately owned, on lease by the city of Sausalito.
It was local P.
's decision whether to take the case.
High-profile missing-persons case? Wonder why they wouldn't take that.
- You coming? - He's not feeling well.
I'm fine.
You get me sick, I'm gonna put you on stake out for a month.
Yes, boss.
- This is it? - Yeah.
- No sign of a struggle? No weapon? - Nothing.
What else do we know? Jim Gulbrand is 33 years old.
He lives here in Sausalito.
Has an estimated net worth of $ 100 million.
- He's rich.
- Very rich.
He was also recently divorced from one Kathryn Stubbs-Gulbrand.
Did the victim have a criminal record? No.
The company he founded, Gaia Matrix was under investigation by the SEC for securities violations.
We're getting the paperwork now, but, apparently he was facing heavy fines and federal prison time.
Oh, hey, do you need my help with? Never mind.
Maybe it's all just an elaborate hoax.
That would explain why there's no body.
You take a boat out, everybody assumes you're at the bottom of the ocean.
Your body and your killer are never to be found.
That would make perfect sense.
This one? No.
How about this one? Sorry.
- What? - No use in being anchored when you're tied up at the dock.
Ah, after you.
When did you notice your brother was missing? Jim and I talked every day.
He didn't come home.
You live here with your brother, Keith? For a few months.
Jim wanted company during his divorce.
After you, bro.
Tell us about your brother.
Who he associated with, what drove him.
Well, Jim's life was Gaia Matrix, yeah.
That's the company he started with Rick.
Green platform software.
Don't ask me what that is.
Rick being Rick Bregman? Rick and Jim are best friends from grade school.
And they built a whole empire out of our parent's garage.
At the At the time, I was totally bummed, you know because I'm like, "Dude, where do I set up my drum kit now?" Well.
Little did I know.
What about his personal life? Was he dating anyone? Brooke Harper.
Cool woman.
For a psychiatrist.
- She's a psychiatrist? - Yeah.
Works at the Sausalito Rehab Center.
I was in there for a - Refresher course and that's how they first met, when Jim came to visit.
Did your brother and Brooke have any arguments lately? No.
Jim was crazy about her.
He said she's the only woman that could figure him out.
I think he was gonna propose to her.
Your brother was recently divorced, right? From a Kathryn Stubbs-Gulbrand? Best thing he ever did.
That woman was a nightmare.
How so? She was just a giant greed head.
I mean, all she wanted was a bigger house, bigger boat, more jewelry.
Do you play all these instruments? Keyboards and bass, mostly.
Is it a sort of a new-age rock fusion? Yeah.
Kind of Yeah.
You know, with an edge.
How did you know, man? Wild guess.
Make much money playing the keyboards? No, but I'm not in it for the money.
You know, music's a It's a spiritual thing.
Yeah, it is.
So is money.
Everything that exists has a spiritual essence.
Or not at all.
So, what happens to all this? Who gets it? A portion of the estate will go to the charities that Jim supported and the rest will go to me.
Ah, motive.
- Chill, man.
- Oh, I'm just playing.
- Where were you Friday night? - I was in bed with a lady friend.
Gretchen something Number? Thank you.
- What do you reckon? - Possible.
- You? - Not sure.
Cho, write down this number.
- Got it.
- Gretchen.
No last name.
It's the brother's alibi for last Friday night.
Have Van Pelt check it.
You and Rigsby go and talk to Gulbrand's partner Rick Bregman.
- He should be at Gaia Matrix.
- All right.
Will do, boss.
What? Never mind.
Agent Cho.
This is Agent Van Pelt.
Stuart Hansen.
I'll take you to Rick.
- Right.
- What's your job here, Mr.
Hansen? Jim hates labels and pigeonholes.
I'm kind of the security chief, but that sounds so fascistic, doesn't it? What I am, really, is the firewalls and encryptions and off-the-wall ideas guy.
Rick's been in the conference room all morning dealing with the fallout.
He's pretty broken up.
We all are.
Jim meant so much to this company.
To all of us.
The company is co-owned by you and Jim, is that right? - Yes.
- How did that relationship work? Jim was the creative brain behind Gaia Matrix.
He was the visionary.
I handled the business side.
We made a good team.
He was a genius, but he wasn't aggressive.
Me, I'm a jock.
I like to win.
Make no apologies for it.
Is that what got you into trouble with the SEC? My lawyers warned me this line of questioning might come up.
This is all I'm prepared to say on that subject at the moment: I am currently under investigation by the SEC for securities violations due to my role here at Gaia Matrix.
- Doesn't sound like you said anything.
You understand why I can't comment any further.
Did the investigation cause any animosity between you and Jim? No.
Not at all.
We were like brothers.
- Where were you the night of his murder? - Home.
Look, you're not getting this.
Jim was the creative genius behind Gaia Matrix.
Without him, this company is in grave jeopardy.
I had nothing to gain and everything to lose by his death.
Harper, how long had you been dating Jim Gulbrand? It was just after I transferred here from Boston, so seven months ago now.
His An acquaintance of his was staying here - We hit it off right away.
- Can you think of anyone who Excuse me.
Might want him dead? I've thought about that a lot this morning and I can't think of anyone.
Jim was a kind, gentle, generous, brilliant man.
I can't imagine anyone being capable of doing something so awful to him.
Really? You're a psychiatrist and you can't imagine that? To be more precise, I can't imagine a rational reason for wishing him dead.
It's standard procedure to ask.
Where were you on the night of the murder? I was here, finishing up some work.
I can have the admin nurse send over the paperwork documenting my hours.
Yeah, that would be helpful, thank you.
Do you have any leads on the investigation so far? Oh, I'm sorry.
We don't discuss our process, ma'am.
When exactly did you learn of your boyfriend's murder? You want to know why I'm at work the day my boyfriend is found dead.
- Why don't you just ask me? - Okay.
Why are you at work the same day your boyfriend is found dead? I have patients who need me.
And if I had to sit at home and actually think about Jim being gone I'd lose it.
Being here, whether it looks good to you or not is the only way I know how to cope.
Are you all right? - Yeah, I'm okay.
- No, he's been quite sick.
- Well, let me have a look at you.
- I'm fine.
- Nausea, coughing? - Oh, yeah.
I'm not really supposed to do this, but if you want I can write a prescription for an antiviral.
Have this filled and you will feel better in no time.
Thank you.
Any word from Gulbrand's partner? Not much in the way of motive, but he doesn't have an alibi.
Gulbrand's brother checked out.
Gretchen says he was with her the night of the murder.
Roommate backs up the story.
- Are you still sick? - Mm.
- Man, go see a doctor.
- I did.
The dead guy's girlfriend wrote me a prescription.
- So go fill it.
- By the time I take it, I'll be better.
What did she give you, anyway? "Oseltamivir phosphate.
" May I see that? Thank you.
Anything about this strike you as odd? What's odd about it? "Oseltamivir phosphate.
" Exactly.
When was the last time you saw a doctor's handwriting you could read? So she's precise.
Is that what you're implying? Yes, and the possibility that Dr.
Brooke Harper is not a doctor.
Because she has penmanship skills? And she doesn't have that cold, creepy doctor-y vibe they all have.
Be fair.
Not all doctors are cold and creepy.
First day of school, they get books and a dead human being.
That, I'm afraid, will change you.
Brooke Harper was warm and emotional.
You like her, so she can't be a doctor? Pretty much.
The AMA and Boston General both have records of a Brooke Harper.
See? But it says here that she's 64 years old.
Wow, she looks pretty good.
Is there a word for uncanny, yet irritating? Jeff, I'm going to be leaving the clinic shortly so this is going to be our last session together.
Oh Oh, no, no, no.
I need you, Dr.
How will I manage without you? I'm sorry, Jeff.
I have enjoyed our sessions together.
I'm sure the clinic will provide you with the best care possible.
But should you ever need to speak with me personally here's my private number.
I'm sorry to interrupt, Dr.
Harper, but the CBI are here again.
And they need to speak with you.
Tell them I'll be with them in 10 minutes.
They say they need to speak with you now.
This moment.
And they are most insistent.
All right, tell them I'll be right out, Maggie.
Thank you.
I mean, I just I feel like I'm on the verge of a real breakthrough.
I'm starting to open myself up again to people in a real way.
My inner child is finally emerg Dr.
Harper? Dr.
Harper? - Hey.
- Stop.
You can't go in there.
Damn it.
Let's go.
Um All I was able to find at Dr.
Brooke Harper's apartment.
Bank account emptied.
Credit cards maxed out.
She must have been packed and ready to leave days ago.
Her social security number and medical license are fakes too.
- We have no idea who this woman is.
- Well, we know that she's smart.
She posed as a doctor for seven months, managed to elude you and Rigsby.
Well, she had a head start.
She didn't elude us.
All right, she eluded us.
She's a professional con woman.
I mean, she probably specializes in the seduction of rich and successful, socially-awkward men.
- You think she's done this before? - Oh, yes.
Many times.
Why kill Jim Gulbrand? What's her motive? - Maybe he found out the truth.
- Why not just vanish? - Morning.
- Morning.
I've been going through Gulbrand's financial records and found something.
Last year, Gulbrand made a series of cash withdrawals from various accounts totaling $ 10 million.
- What did he spend the money on? - That's it.
He didn't deposit it.
Doesn't look like he spent it.
So either he paid somebody off or he hid the money.
A cash nest egg, either from his ex-wife or the SEC.
Maybe that's what Brooke was after.
If only we knew who she was or where she was.
Well, we know that she's cool.
She's fearless.
She's systematic.
She went back to the clinic for an extra day to try and hook another sucker.
She's a planner.
Can we get a copy of her last credit-card statement? I can get it.
And they had the nerve to send me a gold Mercedes instead of a black one and so I sent it back.
Kathryn Gulbrand? Kathryn Stubbs-Gulbrand and you're interrupting.
Ma'am, we have a few questions regarding your ex-husband's death.
You wanna talk to me now? Well, we could talk to you at the station, if you'd prefer.
- Fine.
- Thank you.
Thank you, ladies.
How long had you and Jim Gulbrand been divorced? Fourteen months.
That's when I moved out.
- The divorce was final a year ago.
- Were you angry? Of course I was angry.
That's why people get divorced.
Court documents indicate that you sued your ex-husband.
You bet your ass I did.
Jim tried to claim that the money he had in stock wasn't his, but part of the company's capital.
I disagreed, and I won.
I got everything I wanted and more.
We believe that your ex-husband may have hidden money from you during the divorce proceedings.
What? He made $ 10 million in cash withdrawals last year.
- You weren't aware of that? - That son of a bitch.
I knew it.
I knew he was holding out.
- That wasn't a damn gym-Iocker key.
- What key? Last year, he started wearing this key around his neck.
I asked him what it was.
He said it was his gym-Iocker key but I knew it wasn't.
I knew it.
- How perceptive.
- What was that? - Nothing, ma'am.
- So you didn't know about the money? If I did, it would be mine right now.
- Where is it? - We don't know.
Half that money is legally mine.
I don't want Jim's brother getting his hands on it.
I'm sure a judge will take care of it.
Last Friday, the night of your ex-husband's murder where were you from 7 through 10 p.
M? I was at a wine tasting in Napa.
Can anyone confirm that? Can you people charge me with any crime? - No, but - No.
You can't.
When you can, maybe I'll tell you the details of my personal life.
Until then, mind your own business.
I just got off the phone with our liaison at the SEC.
Turns out Jim Gulbrand was cooperating with their investigation.
Rick Bregman never mentioned it.
Well, make sure you mention it to him.
What's this? Brooke Harper only used the credit card twice in the last two weeks.
This is what she bought in one day of shopping, nine days ago and this is what she bought yesterday.
Now, what do these things tell us? That's a wig, by the way.
- What's that in the bottom right? - A bandage.
- Doesn't look like a bandage.
- It's a bandage.
- What do these things tell you? - Brooke wanted to pose as a man? - Right.
- But why? What's that other stuff? Well, that's the puzzle.
That Kathryn Stubbs? She's She's an unhappy person.
- Where's Rigsby? - He went to get his prescription filled.
I think that Kathryn woman made him worse.
She's hiding something too.
Wouldn't say who she was with the night of the murder.
- Keep an eye on her.
- Interesting.
She did tell us Gulbrand wore a key around his neck that he said was for his gym locker.
Only there wasn't a key found on the body, was there? - No.
- Aha.
She took his key.
That's why she dressed as a man.
So that she could get into his locker in the changing room at the gym.
But if she had found Jim's millions, she would have simply vanished.
- Why stick around? - The money wasn't in the locker.
She's now trying to get inside somewhere else.
Thank you.
Good afternoon.
May I help you? I'm Jim Gulbrand.
I'm a member here.
Sir, I know Mr.
Gulbrand well and you are not he.
- What are you doing? I'm confirming that Jim Gulbrand is a member.
Why not just ask? - Go ahead, ask him.
- Is Jim Gulbrand a member here? I'm sorry, we don't divulge membership details.
- See? - This is a murder investigation.
Gulbrand is dead.
- Oh, I'm very sorry to hear that.
- Well, thanks for your help.
Sir, this a private club.
What I'm learning is that one can't just wander in here and hang out.
One needs a plan.
Eh? - We're gonna take a look around.
- That's not our policy, sir.
If we obtain a warrant, we're gonna take every computer and piece of paper.
Then we're gonna have a sit-down chat with each one of your members.
Welcome to the backgammon club.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I don't get it.
What is she doing? I don't know.
Maybe she likes the water.
- You feeling better? - Yeah.
It's weird.
I know Brooke Harper's not a real doctor but whatever she gave me really worked.
I was getting worried about you.
- I've been thinking that maybe - Here we go.
Rick Bregman.
- Hmm.
- The best friend and business partner.
And lover of the ex-wife.
Double? No, you win.
Outrageous luck you have.
You are a monster.
- What is it now? - What is it? - Twenty thousand dollars.
- Twenty thousand dollars.
- I must have my revenge.
- Well, if you insist.
- Jane.
- What? - Want me to spell it? - We're just having fun.
- Absolutely.
- First prince I've ever met.
- How sweet.
- Thank you.
There she blows.
Prince, can I be excused from this game? My date just arrived.
Of course.
- Maybe that's lucky for me, yeah? - Probably.
- Twenty thousand? - Mm-hm.
Better enjoy.
- Hey, listen.
Just forget about it, okay? - Certainly not.
- You won fair and square.
- Well, actually, I cheated.
I controlled the dice.
It's in the wrist.
Just in the wrist.
I would have taken your money and given it to a worthy cause but my friend here is a moralist of childish simplicity.
Nice to meet you.
- Hello, gorgeous.
- Beat it, creep.
I'd call you by your real name, but I don't know what it is.
- Hello, Mr.
- Hi.
- I'm impressed.
Well done.
- Oh, for finding you? Wasn't that difficult.
- Would you have a cigar? - Thank you, no.
I hear they're not so good for your health.
- Well, who wants to live forever? - It'd be horrible, wouldn't it? Immortality.
Imagine the boredom.
My friend Cho here will now take you by the wrist so as not to let you escape us again.
- Hi.
- Warm hands.
I bet you say that to all your arresting officers.
Who are you, Brooke? - How did you find me? - Well, let's make a deal.
I'll tell you how we found you if you tell us who you are.
My name is Angela Dalibar and I'm from Birmingham by way of Hong Kong.
- How did you find me? - I planted a GPS tracking device on you.
Outstanding technology No bigger than a stick of gum.
Tell us more about yourself, Angela.
How long have you been a con woman? All my life, I suppose.
And I confess my name's not really Angela.
And I didn't plant a GPS tracking device on you.
How, then? Well, maybe you're not as enigmatic and elusive as you think you are.
- I wouldn't be so sure of that.
- No? You manipulate people because you take pleasure in it.
You enjoy being the smartest person in the room.
You're interested in money, of course but only so far as it allows you to continue conning people.
You allow yourself one indulgence.
Not men, obviously.
Not drinking, or drugs because you fear that they will impair your abilities.
You move around too much to have a pet so my guess: Chocolate.
You're good.
So why do you do this, Brooke? Neglected as a child? Is this your way of getting attention? - Or is it something a little darker? - Just a genuine mystery, I suppose.
We have your prints.
We'll know who you are soon.
Do you think one can ever truly know another person? I doubt it.
- How do you have Jim Gulbrand's key? - He gave it to me.
- Didn't tell you what it would unlock? - It wasn't given as a key.
It was symbol.
Of our love.
It's the key to his heart.
You said "our love" with conviction.
Are you trying to tell us you loved him too? Yes.
To my great surprise.
I did come to love him, in a way.
- He was a good, kind man.
- So sweet.
Yes, it is.
Yes, this is also the key to a locker that holds $ 10 million.
Really? I thought it was for cigars.
- I love a good cigar.
- Nope.
- Ten million dollars.
- But that's just silly.
Why would Jim keep $ 10 million in a locker? - She's good.
- Yeah, she is.
- What are you doing here? - Duh, looking for the money.
Rick figured maybe there were secret compartments on the boat.
How long have you been seeing Rick Bregman? About a year.
You were divorced from Jim Gulbrand a year ago.
Were you and Rick involved while you were still married? Involved? Were you having sexual intercourse with him? - No.
Rick would never do that to Jim.
- But you would.
I have needs just like anybody else.
I refuse to be ashamed of my needs.
Why did you lie to us about your relationship? I knew how it would look.
Knew it would make you look guilty of murder? No.
It's just It wasn't just that.
Gaia Matrix's stock has been falling for months.
This market has hurt even the best of companies.
Last thing I need is some Page Six sex scandal to make things worse.
So you misled us in order to protect your money? I misled you to protect the company Jim and I built from the ground up.
Were you aware Jim was cooperating with SEC investigators? - Jim would never go behind my back.
- Well, he would and he did.
The question is if you found out, what would you do to stop him? This conversation is over.
When did you find out about the $ 10 million he was hiding? Over.
Ten million dollars? - That's a lot of money.
- Oh, yeah.
Jim trusted you with the security of his company.
He valued your outside-the-box thinking.
You advised him on what to do with the money, didn't you? Didn't you? We don't care if hiding the money was illegal or unethical.
- Our focus is the homicide investigation.
- No, it's not that.
It's just I absolutely promised Jim I wouldn't say anything.
We found out Jim's girlfriend, Brooke Harper, is a con woman.
We think she was after the money and might have murdered Jim to get it.
We found her along with this key trying to open Gulbrand's cabinet at the backgammon club.
Key didn't work.
Evidently she took it from Jim but doesn't know where the money is.
- That's some lady.
- Oh, yeah.
If you help us find the money, we can prove Brooke was looking for it and establish a motive for murder.
- So Stuart? - Do you know where the money is? - No.
Not exactly, anyway.
Jim did come to me for some out-of-the-box security advice like you said.
He wanted to hide the money from his ex-wife.
I told him safety-deposit boxes and offshore accounts could be traced easily.
- They wouldn't be of any use.
- Where'd you tell him to hide? Off the grid.
Out of the financial institutions.
Any place a trail couldn't be established.
Like a home safe? No.
Anything on his property is subject to search.
It had to be secure, obviously, hence the key.
More importantly, it had to be a place no one would think to look.
- Hidden in plain sight.
- Yes.
That's my involvement.
I have no idea where he actually hid the money.
- I see.
Don't wanna go losing that, now, do we? What do you make of it? Think he knows where Jim hid the money? He knows the general whereabouts of the money but he doesn't know exactly.
And the devil is in the details, isn't he? Here's what happened.
I'm all ears.
Two weeks ago, you took the locker key from around Jim's neck when he was sleeping and replaced it with an identical one so Jim was none the wiser.
Then, when you tried to open the locker at the gym, the key didn't fit.
So the money was hidden somewhere else.
Last Friday, you got impatient and you pushed Jim to tell you where he'd hidden the money.
Jim wouldn't tell you, you got mad, and you killed him.
You probably didn't do it on purpose, did you? - It was an accident.
- It wasn't.
I didn't do it.
Sad thing is, with all your skills the answer was right there in front of you.
You just didn't see it.
You didn't do enough research.
You're playing me.
You don't know either.
Jim's security systems were all designed by the same man.
- Stuart Hansen? - Him.
He suggested where to put the money.
You could have squeezed the truth out of him very swiftly, I imagine.
Putty to a woman like you.
But instead, you had to kill a man.
I wouldn't do that.
You don't know me.
Lindsey Smith from San Diego.
Father, Ryan, a salesman.
Mother, Debbie, homemaker.
Two Miss Teen Temecula County titles.
Varsity softball.
Church-choir soloist.
Then you disappeared off the records for a couple of years.
And when you came back you're a con artist with two fraud convictions.
- What happened? - Nothing happened.
I like money and I'm easily bored.
There's gotta be more to it than that.
It's a cold, hard Ionely life you lead.
What is it that drives you? Passion for excellence.
Relax a while.
An agent will be in here to run you through the formal charges against you.
Run away.
Good luck, Lindsey.
And to you.
Any luck with Harper? There's no luck involved.
- Outcome's a given.
- Is that so? Yeah.
It's all applied psychology and Newtonian physics.
Excuse me, can I see some ID, please? You call that a uniform shirt? It's filthy.
- Well, I tried to clean it - Filthy.
No excuses, Stiles.
I'll address this matter with your captain at my earliest convenience.
- Really? - Yeah.
I'm gonna make up a list for you.
She on the move yet? She made one stop and hasn't left her motel room since.
- What did she stop for? - Chocolate.
And thank you.
- For what? - For just letting us play it out like this.
We would have had to let her go anyway.
Nothing to keep her on until we get proof.
Besides, this is a simple plan.
It's when you start getting costumes and props that I get nervous.
Trick plays like this? My dad calls them chewing-gum plays.
Sometimes, you fool the other guy.
Sometimes, you get gum in your hair.
She's moving.
Train station.
It had to be a train station.
What's wrong with a train station? People, noise, tunnels, trains.
More people.
Her vehicle is stopped outside the station.
Hold your positions until I give you the word.
Yes, boss.
Standing by.
Copy that.
South to Flagstaff is now boarding.
All set.
Chewing-gum plays.
I can see my hair with a big chunk out of it.
You'd look good with short hair.
Choppy, all kind of Peter Pan.
- Good for the eyes.
- Okay, heads up.
She's in motion approaching the station now.
Cho, do you have a visual? Affirmative.
She's exiting the vehicle now.
She has Stuart Hansen with her.
She has a gun.
Be advised.
Brooke Harper is armed.
Rigsby, Van Pelt, what's your status? I have Harper and Hansen in sight.
Van Pelt, she's moving your way.
Got them.
Looks like she's headed to the commuter lockers.
I'm on it.
Thirty-six San Diego local will not be stopping in Santa Barbara.
It's the gate.
I'm stuck.
All right.
Don't move.
Don't do anything.
Don't say anything.
This better be the right place.
She opened a locker.
I think she has the money.
- Okay - Wait.
Just wait a moment.
Oh, my.
Don't move or I'll kill you.
Don't move.
- Don't even think about it, Hansen.
- I got it.
It's cool.
You're under arrest, again.
Come on, let's go.
- You good? - Yeah.
Jason Bradshaw.
Jason Wade.
Anthony Wade.
Anthony Samuels.
The list goes on.
All aliases you've used in scams ranging from identity theft to Ponzi schemes.
- You're quite the virtuoso.
- Thank you.
But this one, this would have been your most daring and successful crime yet.
Ten million dollars of Jim Gulbrand's money.
Gulbrand was the perfect mark.
Rich, liquid and unconventional.
I bet he didn't even check your references.
Nothing says trustworthy like a wheelchair.
You convinced Gulbrand that the station was the genius place to hide his money.
Screw orthodox wisdom.
Think sideways, right? Right? And he ate it up.
He ate it up.
Why wouldn't he? Then you simply needed to get the key.
You went to the yacht that night because you knew he'd be alone.
You also knew he kept the key with him.
You did what needed to be done.
You killed Jim Gulbrand and you got rid of the body.
But you didn't count on Brooke Harper.
You couldn't have known she swapped the real key with a look-alike.
You didn't realize anything was wrong until you tried to open the locker.
It wasn't until we came to Gaia Matrix with a real key that it dawned on you what she'd done.
I can only imagine your surprise.
Six months of living in that chair.
Six months and no one ever questioned me about it.
Why did you? When I meet someone in a wheelchair I check the bottoms of their shoes.
The bottoms of your shoes were scuffed.
I've been checking shoes for years.
This is the first time it's ever paid off.
That's gratifying, man.
Very, very gratifying.
He's a pistol, isn't he? Sorry about the cuffs.
- My own fault.
- Oh, yeah.
I wish I could let you go again, but, you know I understand.
That urge you have to get one over on people the need to be smarter than the next guy? - It'll keep biting you on the ass.
- So my butt'll hurt occasionally.
I'll still be smarter than the next guy.
Brooke Harper? No.
Jessica Waters.
That's Harper right there.
Agent, this is Harper.
- Worth a try.
- Of course.
Brooke Harper, I'm Agent Fred Hayes.
I'll be in charge of transporting you to the Federal Detention Center in Davis.
Let's go.
See you around, Patrick.
I doubt you'll being seeing much of anybody for a few years.
I don't know about that, Agent Hayes.
She's very good at what she does.

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