The Mentalist s02e03 Episode Script

Red Badge

We do this too, you know.
- What's that? - Silence as a weapon.
Make people uneasy, make them talk.
I get paid whether you talk or not, Teresa.
CBI's been paying you for five weeks now, doctor.
This was supposed to be routine.
Routine, like you have to see me after a shooting, sure.
Not routine, like I have to sign off on you.
I didn't even pull the trigger on Tanner, Jane did.
You signed off on him after one session.
He has good mental health.
Now I want to see your license to practice.
- Ha, ha.
- Ha, ha.
I've got six open cases, I'm testifying in two more And it's not as if you have anything to talk about.
Mom dead when you were 12, three younger brothers abusive alcoholic dad, now dead also It doesn't say "abusive.
" But he was, yes? This coffee tastes like crap, seriously.
- Are we done? - No.
Let's talk about what you wanna talk about.
- What do you do for fun? - Fun? That thing when you're not working.
L What does this have to do? Lisbon.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
Duty calls, I get it.
Carmen? Why won't you sign off on me? Because there's something you wanna tell me first.
I'll see you next week.
- How'd we catch this one? - Got an anonymous call saying there's a dead body, it's two blocks from us.
- There's just one problem.
- No body? - No body.
- Oh, not the dumpsters.
Please not the dumpsters.
Look around for the body, see what you see.
- Shrink day, huh? - No.
You have the line between your eyebrows.
He annoys you.
And besides, you smell a little of his cigar smoke.
- I'm annoyed because I forgot my phone.
- Oh, right.
- Cho, anything? Nothing.
Did you know that if you weighed every living thing on planet Earth a quarter of that biomass would be just ants.
- That's a lot of ants.
- It is.
- Cho, anything? - No sign of a body.
All right then, look in the dumpsters.
Let's get out of here.
I did it last time.
Oh, man, I just got this suit.
All right, Rock, Paper, Scissors on three.
Ready? One, two, three.
Been dry this fall, huh? No rain.
Like tinder.
That why those ants are looking for moisture wherever they can find it.
Then why aren't all the ants in the wet, stinky dumpsters? Exactly.
Because they've found somewhere else where there's a little more, mm Uh Rigsby? - A little help here.
- Oh, please.
Looks like three to the chest, point-blank.
Perfect triangle formation.
No brass.
The shooter took the shell casings.
- Pro job.
I can't find any ID.
- I'll call Forensics, run him for prints.
- Who is he? Name's William McTeer, from San Francisco.
Serial child rapist, served six years at Pelican Bay.
And you know this how? - I'm the one who sent him there.
- Ah.
We're near Marie's Do-Nuts.
Anyone wanna go for a bear claw after? Can't say I'm hungry.
Jane, we have a case.
You think I have time for games? Life is a game, you have plenty of time for that.
Shh! I'm gonna read your thoughts.
I want you to take a deep breath in.
And out.
Will you concentrate? Name as many 20th-century presidents as you can.
Uh, Coolidge, Wilson, Roosevelt, um Eisenhower, Truman, Kennedy, Nixon, LBJ.
Take another breath in.
And out.
Concentrate on which mug it is under.
I am listening to your thoughts.
Don't shout.
I can hear you.
Open your eyes.
Well, you did have a 25 percent shot.
We could do it all day and I would get it every time.
Give me that.
How'd you do it? You told me, Lisbon.
Our minds are in sync.
In fact, right now, I'm feeling something.
I'm getting it right here.
It's a It's a nickname.
"Saint Teresa.
" How come you never told me how you know Agent Bosco? Look.
Another one.
Lisbon was like a rock star for a while.
What's with her hair? - What's wrong with my hair? Nothing.
The McTeer case made your career and you never said a word.
You're like a superhero with a secret identity.
You wanna know the deal? Fine.
Uh McTeer hit the Bay Area for 18 months.
He attacked seven girls between the ages of 6 and 9.
I was the S.
Inspector who caught it I inspected, took McTeer down.
- Now, what do you got? - Found the shooter's gun a block away in a trash bin.
Running it for prints.
"Inspector Lisbon's actions were lauded as heroic by city officials and her S.
Said her supervisor Lieutenant Samuel Bosco" "Inspector Lisbon did an exemplary job in tracking down and arresting this animal" Well, that's pretty good.
You should get an act.
Can you do Streisand? Don't tempt me.
So I heard about McTeer.
Weird, huh? Here we are again after how many years? Too many.
Have you spoken to Dreyer? He'd be my favorite.
Dreyer Whelan, father of the last victim, Katy, 7 years old.
Promised to kill McTeer on release.
I called him, he's on his way down from Marin.
You're all over it.
Let me know if you need any help.
For old times' sake.
Old times' sake.
Here's McTeer's address.
Parole officer says he's got a girlfriend.
Talk to her.
He has a girlfriend? - I'll go with her.
- Good idea.
Rigsby, check McTeer's friends from the pedophile world especially those who might have moved from San Francisco to Sacramento.
- Sure, boss.
- Cho and I have a trial meeting with the deputy AG.
Not if I throw myself into oncoming traffic first.
Miss Derask, what was your relationship with McTeer? He was my fiancé.
You have a problem with that? She just can't see how a woman could fall in love with convicted pedophile.
Not the best husband material.
Bill was a good man.
A good provider.
And he treated me like a queen.
And those charges in San Francisco were totally bogus anyway.
That bitch cop had it in for him.
A vendetta is what Bill called it.
Gotta learn to clean that trap, Tanya, that's where the clog was - Hey.
- Hey.
It's the police, about Bill.
My brother came over to fix the sink for me.
- David.
- Patrick.
- Hey.
- That's Grace.
David, you know William McTeer? I met him a couple of times.
Treated Tanya good, so you know Anyway, I just gotta reattach it and you're all set, T.
- Nice to meeting you guys.
You too.
Do you know anyone who would wanna harm William? Well, it's probably nothing but he had a fight with his boss last week.
Came home all moody, said the guy was out to get him.
Who's his boss? Some pipsqueak, I don't know.
Uh, XXXYZ Incorporated is the name of the place, I think.
It's, uh, over on Winley, near the highway.
- Hey, Mommy.
- Hey, Emily baby.
How was school? - I can multiply my sixes.
Want to hear? - Wow.
Maybe a little later, okay? Bill wasn't who you think.
Hi, Emily.
- I'm Patrick.
How are you? - Good.
- Good day, huh? - Mm-hm.
Six times tables, huh? Wow.
Why don't you go into the kitchen and help your Uncle David? It's okay, sweetie.
See you.
I don't think McTeer touched Emily.
See? I told you.
Because he was still grooming her.
You don't know what you're talking about.
You met Bill at a shopping mall, didn't you? Near the video arcade or the movie theater.
Emily was with you.
- He worked there back then.
- Yeah.
Real gentleman.
Not like your other guys.
He never pressured you to have sex.
Wasn't love at first sight, but he was good with Emily.
He listened to her.
Nobody listened to you like that, growing up.
Bill wanted to be a father.
My girl doesn't deserve a father? Lately, he'd been asking if he could take Emily away on an overnight trip maybe camping, a little father-daughter bonding.
He'd been pressuring you to say yes.
Just a little.
But just enough to start to nag you.
A tiny, little, scratching nag that maybe what you felt deep down was right: William McTeer was too good to be true.
You deserve a good man, Tanya.
If you can't believe that for yourself, then just pretend for Emily's sake.
Are we done here? Can? I gotta eat.
I'm starving.
All right.
You are the state's key witnesses in a few cases this month.
Lisbon, you've got Howard and Eng.
Cho, you got Ringman, Daly and Freed.
Freed bit me.
Be sure to mention that on the stand.
Teresa, you remember Howard.
He stole a hundred million dollars from online accounts of thousands of people.
Then he stashed the money, killed his partner.
- I remember him.
- The guy's going to prison thanks to Agent Lisbon and her cool, calm expertise.
That's me.
Cool and calm.
So glad this isn't a Jane case.
You've got to tell him he cannot threaten people with bombs to get a confession.
No rubber masks, no Hey, we have a problem.
Got a print off the gun that killed McTeer.
- And that's a problem.
- Yeah.
Boss, the print is yours.
Your fingerprint is on the magazine of the murder weapon.
Tell me why I shouldn't be throwing up in the bathroom right now.
It's a lab error.
It must be.
They're overworked and underfunded.
This happened last year with the L.
Just have them retest it.
Come on, you don't think I did this.
What I think is I'm up to my asterisk in political quicksand.
You and your team are off the McTeer case.
I understand.
- Are we throwing it to the FBI? - No.
Hey, Lisbon.
How about this, huh? - Bosco.
- He knows as much about the case as you do, it makes sense.
And yes, I had to pull some strings.
Thank you.
I guess.
No, no.
Don't misunderstand me.
If you're guilty, I want you nailed.
I just don't want Feebs strolling around my offices asking impertinent questions.
I have to ask you some questions now.
Nothing personal.
Hi, everybody.
Bet you wish you wore some gloves, huh? - You have some input here? - No, just nosy.
- It's okay.
He can stay if he wants to.
- I'll stay.
Where were you Tuesday night? I was at home watching television, nobody saw me.
- What'd you watch? - Some reality show.
Which? The cooking show, with the man.
- Oh, yeah, that one.
The angry man.
- Oh, yeah.
I know.
It's good.
- Yeah.
- Cooking show.
Tuesday nights.
- Yeah.
Angry man.
So I can, uh, set up a time for you to take a polygraph? No.
I didn't kill McTeer.
Nobody said you did, yet.
Yet? What the? Good luck with the case.
Having lunch? - A discussion about Lisbon's situation.
- You say work the McTeer case hard screw Bosco and Minelli, you disagree, and you're not so sure.
I'm just saying maybe we should let Bosco do his job.
He's a good cop.
Is anybody gonna go as hard after this case as us? Don't think so.
You're assuming Lisbon didn't kill him.
What if she did? What would you do? What would you do? Me? I'd walk away.
But I ain't the law.
- Yes.
We walk away.
- Yeah.
I disagree.
- McTeer went after little children.
Hey, maybe he deserved to die.
But if Lisbon has the guts to kill him, she has the guts to serve her time for it.
- I'm gonna talk to McTeer's boss.
I'll come.
Okay, okay.
Look, Lisbon didn't do it, anyhow.
I mean, right? She's not capable of that.
Not so sure.
What's up that we couldn't talk inside? I'm busy.
Thought you might wanna be outside so you could express anger without constraint.
- Why? I know you lied about the alibi.
I didn't lie.
I don't know what you did on Tuesday, but you weren't watching TV.
I didn't lie.
He made risotto.
You know, this is insulting.
You gonna continue lying to me? I can't remember.
I can't remember what I did on Tuesday night.
It's weird.
Thank you.
But it's okay, the memory's there.
We can get it back.
- Lf I put you in a light trance - Like that's gonna happen.
Stop trying to hypnotize me.
What if something traumatic happened and you're blocking it out.
I didn't kill McTeer.
Well, let me hypnotize you so we can be sure.
- No.
- Why not? Because I don't want you inside my head.
Turns out you're not quite done with the McTeer case.
- Funny.
- It's not my choice.
- He'll only talk to you.
Who? - Agent Lisbon.
- Hello, Dreyer.
Thanks for coming in, Mr.
So you guys are still working together? Still a team? We're both handling this interview at your request, Dreyer.
We have a couple questions for you.
Just one, in fact.
Did you kill William McTeer? I didn't.
Glad to hear it.
How's Katy doing? She's well.
Doing well.
Healing better than I am, according to our therapist.
Where were you Tuesday night? At home.
Katy spent the night at a friend's.
- And what time? - You let him hurt her.
- Excuse me? - I recently read the incident files.
The internal S.
Files? How'd you get those? You could've taken McTeer down the Friday before, a whole week earlier.
That was not the case.
I didn't have it.
I didn't have In the meantime, he attacked Katy.
You could've saved her.
If I'd arrested him on a hunch, he would've been acquitted.
- He would've walked.
- But Katy wouldn't have been raped.
And that is your fault.
- What? You swore you'd spend your entire fortune in the service of killing McTeer.
Why didn't you? I couldn't.
What if I'd been caught? I couldn't leave Katy alone.
My take: Maybe you just didn't have the guts.
Go to hell.
Both of you.
Don't worry.
He's angry.
Anger turns you.
Yes, it does.
I wanna take the polygraph.
Raise your arms.
How long had McTeer worked for you? Uh, couple months.
- His record didn't bother you? - No, freaks work harder, you know? They're grateful for the gig, you know? - Not McTeer, though.
- Is that why you two got in a fight? Me and him? Heh.
No, we didn't get in a fight.
He got in a fight with his jackhole buddy, Dog.
They got in a fight here in the middle of the place, busted it up.
So I fired his twisted ass.
I mean, that's Management 101, you know? No fistfights.
- I booted him.
- He come back at you about that? No.
He knows better than that.
He knows I'm connected.
To whom? Ah People.
So, what was it about? McTeer's fight with Dog.
I don't know.
Could've been about a million things.
Dog was a utility idiot.
He's dumb in 10 different ways.
- Dog have a real name? Everybody does.
I don't know what his was.
Oh, those are on special.
Buy one, get one free.
No, thanks.
People v.
Milton R.
Case Number 97T03254, come on down.
Agent Lisbon, we have to talk.
How about you give me a confession, Howard.
Agent, I didn't do these things they said I did.
- Okay? You have to hear my side of it.
- I'll see you inside.
- Agent Lisbon.
- Virgil, talk to her after.
We're up.
- Agent Lisbon will not be joining you.
- Is somebody hurt? No.
You failed the poly, Agent Lisbon.
Significant indications of deception, they say.
You're relieved of duty, agent.
Report to Admin for processing.
- Boss.
- Don't.
Signature on the bottom, gun and badge in the tray.
Here's your receipt.
Have a nice day.
Teresa Lisbon in my office talking.
You must be desperate.
I failed the polygraph.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Well, reading polys is more art than a science.
Ask to retake it.
I can teach you how to relax.
My father used to have blackouts when he drank.
One time, he beat my brother half to death and he didn't remember a thing.
The whole way to the hospital, he couldn't believe it was him who did it.
Are you drinking? Is that why you're talking blackouts? What I need to know is is it possible that I killed McTeer and blotted it out? You can't remember the night of the murder? Well, don't panic.
There could be lots of reasons.
Stress, or Cops can become killers.
It can happen.
It's ridiculous.
You didn't even know McTeer was in Sacramento.
His parole officer called me last month.
- Courtesy heads-up.
- Well Can memory loss be a result of trauma? Sure.
Your mind shields you from the awful thing you did or even what someone else did.
Child molesters don't get better.
The killer saved a child's life, whoever it is.
How do I unblock my memory? Maybe it will come back on its own.
- Give it time.
- I don't have time.
You're useless, you and all your talking.
I'm sorry.
Until you remember, I don't know how to help you.
Oh, hey, Lisbon.
I imagine you want me to hypnotize you now.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hm.
Nothing in McTeer's parole files about any "Dog.
" No known associates either.
Black widow.
- Dead one.
- What the hell do you think you're doing? - Killing a spider.
What are you doing? - You're interfering with my case.
- You're talking to witnesses.
- You hear wrong.
- You gonna lie to me now? - What's the problem? Drop the McTeer case or you'll be on guard duty at the state capital, saluting tourists.
Is that right? Yes, it is.
- Nice comeback.
You told him.
He knows the score.
May I? Thanks.
My guy at Pelican Bay came through.
McTeer had a cellmate for two years nicknamed Dog.
Hey, we know this guy.
That's the brother of McTeer's girlfriend.
David Charles.
It's kind of a mess.
Not at all.
It's nice.
Like those pictures.
Those are mostly from the last tenants.
Where are we gonna do this? Ahh.
- Interesting.
- Let's just do it.
Let's go.
- No.
- No? No.
I'm not gonna hypnotize you, Lisbon.
You're too stressed.
- Are you kidding me? - No, it's okay.
All right? I'd have to make all the stress leave your body maybe have you count down from 100.
Ninety-nine, 98.
We'd go round and round.
Ninety-four, 93.
Listen to me, Lisbon.
All the stress would have to melt away.
You have to feel calm and relaxed and very safe.
It's just about impossible.
I am not hypnotizing you, Lisbon.
It's not gonna happen, so you can just relax.
You are not falling into a deep, relaxing trance state.
All right.
So you're going down the steps relaxing with each step and now you reach the bottom.
The very last step.
The ultimate place of calm.
How you feeling? Good.
You're gonna remain in this relaxed trance state while we think about Tuesday night.
But first sometimes you dance to that Spice Girls CD, don't you? Yeah.
I thought so.
Now, Tuesday.
You can watch the whole day like it's a movie.
Every detail is in focus.
You can zoom in to any moment you want.
You can fast forward, rewind.
You are in total control, okay? Okay.
What do you see? I'm finishing up the Form 41s on the Milbank case.
I feel hungry because I skipped lunch.
The new guy in the mailroom is hot.
- Is he? - Yeah.
Let's fast forward a little.
Later in the day, you're about to leave CBI.
Van Pelt's working late.
She's a hard worker.
She might do well if she manages not to sleep with Rigsby.
Where do you go now? I I Home? Do you? Where do you go, Lisbon? I'm in my car.
It's low on gas.
It's okay.
You're in a trance state.
Everything is okay.
- I can't - What do you see? Where do you go? I I don't know.
It's blank.
- I just see a blank screen.
- It's all right.
It's all right.
I don't I don't know where I went.
I can't remember.
- I don't know where I went.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- I can't remember.
- That's a little weird.
I thought you were the best.
I want my money back.
Why can't I remember? - It's interesting, isn't it? - Yeah.
- Yeah, it's interesting.
- Hm.
Well, you know, thanks for trying.
- You probably have somewhere to go.
- Well, I'm not gonna give up that easily.
I can count on you not to tell anybody about this, right? On the team.
Oh, Lisbon.
Jane, I just need you to leave, okay? - All right.
- Could you please go? It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be fine, all right? I promise.
- Okay.
- Mm.
Tanya? I got your text.
It said 911.
What's going on? Hey! Help, police! Relax, David.
All clear.
- You good? - Yeah.
- You fought McTeer.
He beat you.
- Must have been humiliating.
You lured him and killed him.
- No.
I didn't kill him.
I didn't.
- You did kill him, David.
You killed him but it's our friend on the hook for it.
Jail's gonna be better than what you get if you keep lying to us.
Look, your friend the cop she paid me to bring McTeer to the alley.
I had no idea she was gonna shoot him, I swear to you.
I never would've taken the money.
Agent Lisbon? She's the one who paid you? It had to be her, didn't it? I heard you already arrested her for it.
But you're guessing, right? You never actually saw her.
I didn't see anybody.
It was all texts.
Deal was, I got Bill drunk.
We went into the alley to take a pee, then I split.
I heard those shots.
I just started running like hell, man.
Next day, there's 10 grand in my checking account.
Ten grand? Ten grand, Sam.
- I heard.
- Ten grand to lure the vic in.
Not even kill him.
This is somebody with resources.
Not Lisbon.
Where's she gonna get 10 grand? No offense.
I'll have Van Pelt track the texts.
Cho and I will talk to the bank.
Lisbon, get this through your head.
You're relieved of duty.
You're not supposed to be in the building and you clowns are way out of hand.
Let me deal with this.
Come here.
Lisbon, look at me.
Look at me.
I'll handle it.
Will you please trust me? I'm sorry.
You don't understand.
Later, you will.
Are you medicated or something? Okay, I'm all right.
I'm fine.
What the hell is everybody looking at? I'm fine! Just stay the hell away from me! I'm done with this crap.
I am done.
Get out of my way.
I'm sick of everybody.
What was that? Lisbon? - She's freaking out.
- Oh, come on.
It's just Lisbon.
- She's a little stressed.
- What is going on? Sorry.
- Why is this happening to me? - It's all right.
- Let's go home.
- I'll take her.
Leave me alone.
The 10 grand paid to David Charles came from an account owned by a shell company in the Caymans.
- Good.
- The day after it paid David the account paid $1 million to someone else.
That's for the shooter.
Can we trace the payment? I'm trying, but It dead-ends in a blind account that was closed yesterday.
Okay, we are working the case.
- We just wanna - Forget about it.
How's Lisbon? She's fine.
- She's fine.
- Well, what did she say exactly? Well, I didn't actually talk to her.
She wouldn't let me in.
You're worried about her.
- Think she might do something stupid? - Suicide? No.
If she did, she wouldn't blame the Bureau.
That's not my concern at all.
I should have taken her off-duty weapon.
I'm sure she'll be all right.
Minelli asked me to drop by.
Well, ordered me to drop by, actually.
- Can we talk? - Minelli? He's worried about you.
- We all are.
- Because I had a meltdown? Got perp-walked out of the CBI? Or because I killed a guy? You killed McTeer? How the hell would I know? Maybe.
Teresa, you wanna put away your Glock there.
Very good eye, doctor.
The Glock 9 mm.
The safety's in the trigger.
How stupid is that? I mean, it's kind of like not having a safety at all.
How about you give it to me.
Don't look at me like that.
Don't look at me like that.
This is your fault.
You unlocked too many things in my head, and now I can't remember.
My head is messed up and it's your fault.
Teresa, put it down.
You need to be calm and put down the gun.
You were right, doctor.
There was something I wanted to tell you.
I act calm on the outside but on the inside, I'm so angry sometimes I think I'm gonna explode.
All the misery and the pain that I see every day makes me wanna scream, but I lock it down.
I lock it down because I have to be calm and rational because that's my job but I wanna pull this trigger.
- I wanna kill.
- You're angry.
I hear that.
I think I did it.
I think I killed McTeer.
Teresa If you did it, that's okay.
He was a bad man.
No reason for you to hurt anyone else or yourself.
- I still can't remember.
- You can, and you will.
And when you do, Teresa, when you push through to the truth all this weight and worry will come off your shoulders.
I want you to visualize that scene for me.
Relive that moment.
You went into the alley after this terrible man.
Can you see him? No.
Well, yes.
Yes, you see him.
You see the dumpsters and the trash and the crumbly old brick and you see McTeer.
- Yes.
You see him there, this monster who destroyed so many lives.
It's too much.
See it, Teresa.
Live it.
The reek of the garbage, the filthy alley walls the faded cross there.
God might have mercy on William McTeer but you sure as hell wouldn't.
He deserved to die, but you're still a good person, Teresa.
You can get through this.
A cross? A What? The cross, Roy.
How did you know about the cross? It was inside the door.
Only the killer saw it.
Well, Teresa, you told me about the crime scene.
No, I didn't.
Oh, beautifully done.
Lovely work, Lisbon.
- What are you? - Of course.
The cross.
You couldn't resist the imagery, could you, doc? Lapsed Catholic, perhaps? - What's going on? - Surrender, Dorothy.
We got you.
Brilliant, though.
Made Lisbon come back week after week so you could get her prints off your mug and dose her up with, uh, lorazepam? Double dose for Tuesday to cause the memory loss.
Memory loss you knew Lisbon would conceal which made her fail the polygraph.
Quite the, uh, student of human nature, doctor.
Well done, really.
Your breakdown in CBI, that was fake? And how good was that, huh? What about that? After that, all I had to do was get Minelli to get you to come around here.
- I been waiting for you all night.
- There was one little thing.
Just one little thing.
The lorazepam, maybe that went a little too far.
When Lisbon couldn't remember the night of the murder even under hypnosis, I knew she'd been drugged.
The rest of it, spot-on.
Very, very impressive.
- Thanks.
- Not at all.
You're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say or do can and will be used against you.
You have the right to an attorney.
So this guy who gave you the million bucks you ever met him face to face? - You want him? I want a deal.
A good one.
What I got is worth it.
- Two to five, minimum security.
- Oh, there won't be a deal.
We know who he is.
Just curious if you knew.
It took us a while but we traced the shell company back to you, Howard.
You paid Dr.
Carmen and David Charles to frame Lisbon for McTeer's murder.
These cash transactions prove it.
Discrediting a cop is so much smarter than killing her.
We'd have been all over that.
But this way, her testimony dies along with her career.
How about you give us a statement, maybe help yourself.
How about you kiss me? You're pretty.
So are you, compared to most state-prison inmates.
I hear Minelli's billing you for the glass.
It's only fair.
You know, for a cop, you made a very convincing lunatic.
Jane must be proud.
Maybe it's not good policework, but I have to confess, I enjoyed it.
Letting loose for once.
Look, I'm glad you got cleared.
I'm sorry we couldn't let you in on the plan.
You could have, but you didn't.
You should know that if it turned out to be you - I know.
- Just so you do.
Enough said.
- I'm not interrupting anything, am I? - No.
Good night, Lisbon.
Night, Sam.
Donuts from Marie's.
I didn't see it.
Of course.
What? He's in love with you.
Don't be silly.
I know, hard to fathom but there's no accounting for taste, is there? Hush.

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