The Mentalist s02e15 Episode Script

Red Herring

Welcome to the 23rd annual Westing Resort Best Chef Challenge.
I'm Bertram Duesterberg, your host.
Our competing chefs today are, first, from Restaurant 182 in Sonoma the youngest winner ever of the Schilling Palme d'Cuisine Chef Hannah Diaz.
From San Francisco where they host the acclaimed public-radio show Two Top Chefs Arliss and Julia St.
Jeff, you want the mousse? - Jeff? - Yeah, yeah.
Trained in Paris, he is executive chef at La Petite Maison Chef Adrien Ludo.
Where are my chives? Let's go, people.
And first up before our judges today Okay, let's move.
Come on, go, go.
Hurry up, people.
- Jeffrey Barge.
Thank you.
My Ahem.
My first dish today is Is a Oh, my goodness.
- Jeffrey! Call the doctor! - Is there a doctor in the house? Help him.
Somebody call 911.
Jeffrey! Jeffrey! Somebody! Jeffrey, say something.
Can you hear me? Jeffrey.
Doctor, he's not moving.
Jeffrey? Anything from the coroner? - He can't tell us anything yet.
- Tell him we need to know.
If this guy died of natural causes, we're going home.
- Why so grumpy? - I'm not.
Why are we here? We don't know if it's a murder.
One of the chefs called her daddy who's a state senator, who called the AG who called the assistant AG, who called me.
So we're here.
I hate politics.
This might go quick.
Victim had a fistfight with the event organizer.
- Happy days.
I wanna be very clear.
What happened was sheerest accident.
I did nothing wrong.
Let's just stick to the facts, Mr.
You said you had a fight with the victim.
About what? - Truffles.
- Truffles? - Yes, they're very pricey fungus.
- I know what a truffle is.
Jeffrey ordered a bundle and he paid for them himself.
A few hours before the competition he couldn't find them.
He demanded replacements which would have cost thousands.
I said no.
He started yelling and then shoving.
Naturally, I defended myself.
Very gently, of course.
And then he fell on his head? Something like that? - It was an accident.
- Oh, we'll see.
Jeffrey sounds like a scrapper.
Quick with his fists? No, not really.
He was He was a genius.
Genius can be noisy, but he's never laid hands on me before.
Genius? Really? Hmm.
- Hey.
Is he good for it? - Not sure yet.
What's that? Some hors d'oeuvre they're handing out.
Want one? No, thanks.
I don't eat anything I can't identify.
Excuse me, is this the victim's dish? Yes.
Excuse me.
No genius there.
Way too much salt.
Steiner, long time.
New threads.
Yes, the move from Sacramento's been quite pleasant.
Fine wine, lovely weather, no Patrick Jane.
Or so I hoped.
Have you checked his mouth? For a possible head injury? I don't think so.
Don't be alarmed, I am going to touch you.
Jane, please.
I am in the Lisbon.
Excuse me.
What made you think to look there? Well, bad-tasting food means bad taste buds.
So much for the head wound.
Duesterberg's off the hook, he didn't die from a fall.
- Let's huddle, divvy up the interviews.
- What did kill him? Poison.
Preliminary tests came back.
Deputy Coroner says the poison is probably ricin.
Victim ate it or drank it.
If it was airborne, people would be dropping like flies.
Ricin's easy to make.
Grind up castor beans.
- Makes for a broad suspect pool.
- They tested the food.
No sign of it.
Ricin takes hours to work.
Must have been ingested a while ago.
No need to get your stomach pumped.
- Search the room.
- Test any liquid or food that you find.
Yeah, you got it.
- The victim's wife just arrived.
- I'll handle it, you talk to the other chefs.
Duesterberg says that the winner of the contest gets a hundred grand.
What are you doing? Oh, um Trying to get the taste of salty food out of my mouth.
Pot de crème.
It's basically, uh, pretentious chocolate pudding.
- Very nice, you want some? - No.
We have to go and talk to the victim's wife.
Oh, maybe she'll want some.
Comfort food.
Jeffrey was a dear friend.
We'd known each other for years.
Which is why I had my father bring you on.
We want to find out who did this.
Interesting you called us before anyone knew it was poison.
- Know something everyone else didn't? - No.
I just knew something was wrong.
You're all in competition for a large cash prize.
- Helps that one of you is dead.
Helps? We eat together, we work together.
- We're comrades.
Something to add, Miss Diaz? Dude, if we're all such comrades, why'd you try and steal Jeff's sous-chef? Not true.
Inquiries were made, that's all.
- Heh.
Yeah, right.
- How'd you feel about the victim? I hated his guts.
Egotistical, manipulative, maybe half as good as he thought he was.
Which would make him twice the chef you are.
- Why don't you go get another tat? - Bite me.
Delivery guy left Jeffrey's truffles on his station this morning.
Then they vanished.
So who stole the truffles? - Stealing makes one of us a murderer? - It's a start.
What? That is exactly the kind of thing he would do.
He and Jeffrey never really got along.
- You fat bastard.
- Truffles are expensive, aren't they? You wouldn't throw them out.
Where does he keep his food? Down on the left side of the pantry.
You know who would stop at nothing to win? Those two.
Ask them about the book deal they've been chasing.
A competition prize would help that, no? Okay, fine, arrest me.
But I didn't steal the truffles, okay? I rescued them from a terrible, terrible fate.
I see.
Did Jeffrey have any problems that you knew about? Personally, or at work? Well, um We were a problem.
We're separated.
I haven't spoken to Jeffrey in months.
What was the breakup about? Oh, God, what wasn't? Um Drinking, mostly.
Occupational disease for chefs.
It's the pressure, it wants a release.
- That, and, um - Don't listen to her, whatever she says.
- She hates Jeff.
- And you are? Victim's brother.
Cheek bones.
Come on, you could see that.
- Kevin, why don't we talk later? - Yeah, I don't think so, Abigail.
My brother was a frigging genius, all right? You think anybody in my family taught him how to cook? Please.
He wanted to be a great chef, and that's what he was.
Did it all by himself.
And you, you were perfectly happy to spend his money, weren't you, Abigail? Your brother was a great man.
He elevated himself, didn't he? But you didn't.
That must have been cause for some friction, I would think.
Did he leave you anything? Or did he leave it all to the hated sister-in-law? - The money, restaurant - Why don't you step back? - Kevin, that's enough.
- No, you don't tell me what to do.
As you can see, drinking, it runs in the family.
See, that's how wrong you are actually.
Jeff was sober.
- He was in the program for two weeks.
- I've heard that before.
That's probably why he called.
- You said you hadn't talked to him.
- I didn't talk.
Whoa, two weeks sober, that's impressive.
And what else are you hiding from us? Look, he called last night at 12:30.
I hung up.
What'd he say? He said He said he was sorry.
A test for ricin.
Yellow means positive, nothing means nothing.
- This place is quite a mess.
- What do you think the intruder wanted? Nobody was looking for anything.
Jeffrey did this himself.
And you know this how? The punched-in mirror is an act of self-hatred.
Plus, all these drawers are closed.
A thoughtful ransacker would close maybe one, but all of them? No.
Anyway, room's clear.
- No poison.
We're moving on.
- That's nice.
Except you're not.
What's up? Jeffrey was recently sober, but acting erratically.
Demolishing his room, picking fistfights calling his estranged wife in the night.
Know what that's called? Relapse? And an addict on a relapse will hide his stash.
What better way to poison a drunk than through his drink? - Let's check it out.
- Let's.
- Here we go.
- Hold the applause.
Poison gin.
A smart way to eliminate a rival.
But not the act of a gentleman, is it Monsieur Ludo? - Are you joking? - Rigsby, take him in.
This is not right.
I have done nothing.
I have done nothing.
- Hang on.
- Come on, let's - She's the one we need to talk to.
- Me? Wha? You should've seen your reaction when I accused Ludo.
Pure relief.
Oh, come on, please.
At least attempt denying it.
- I didn't do it? - She's the one.
Thank you.
Why would I wanna kill Jeffrey? Winning a contest like this would do a lot for a young woman.
I don't have anything to prove.
You're a good cook.
Making ricin out of castor beans wouldn't be hard, would it? - No.
But I didn't.
Take a look at this, Hannah.
That's your credit card statement.
You bought gin.
- I'm over 21.
It's not a crime.
You just happened to buy the same gin we found in the victim's room? - Look, can I go or what? L - Hannah.
We have enough to charge you with murder.
You need to talk to us, tell us your side of the story.
I'm 28, I run my own kitchen.
I don't have any Food Channel connections no cookbook with my name on it.
The Westing is my way up.
Jeffrey was the one to beat.
We all knew it.
So I figured, get him a drink.
Why not? Level the playing field.
So, yeah, I bought him the gin.
But I have no idea how the ricin got in there.
I just tried to get him drunk.
That's all.
No poison.
Without anything else, we can't hold her.
What have you got? Jeffrey's phone records.
Confirmed the call with his wife.
- How long did they talk? - About five seconds.
Guess she did hang up.
But there's a second call at 2 a.
That one lasted over an hour.
- Who'd he call? - His restaurant.
Barge, you have a minute? - Yeah, sure.
What's up? - Money troubles? - How'd you guess? - It's a restaurant they always have money troubles.
- Well, this restaurant's drowning in debt.
Jeffrey was driving this place off a cliff.
It was all about the food.
This is Eliza Greene, Jeffery's sous-chef.
She's keeping things afloat while I get my bearings.
- Now that I own a failing restaurant.
Ha! Oh, sorry.
Um, people would say that the place is failing and, uh, Jeffrey would say, "Yes, but failing with style.
" You're the one the others wanted to hire.
You must be very good.
- I guess.
I wouldn't know.
- False modesty.
Jeffrey called the restaurant last night at 2 a.
- Do you know who he spoke to? Me.
He was considering changing the menu for the contest.
Wanted to talk about it.
Couldn't that have waited until the morning? That was just Jeff being Jeff.
He's always after perfection.
Irritating getting a call like that when you're on your way home.
Not at all.
If you wanna make something great, that's the job.
You should really get these deposits posted or the checks are gonna bounce.
Thanks for your time.
Thank you.
- Night.
- Bye.
Where are my keys? You picked my pocket? - My turn to drive.
- Jane.
Oh, don't be such an old lady.
Get in.
- Your fears are groundless.
- You're right, the car has airbags.
Oh, no.
A bad move.
The victim's brother? - Kevin.
I can't tell you how happy I am that wasn't my car.
You're out of your freaking mind.
I would never ever harm my brother.
You assaulted and robbed a girl, Kevin, who ran your brother's restaurant.
You don't think that makes you a little suspicious? That had nothing to do with what happened to Jeff.
I don't believe you.
I can tell you why I went after the money.
- But I'm gonna need some guarantees.
- Oh, so we're negotiating now, are we? I have valuable information.
I can help you solve Jeff's murder.
But you're not gonna tell us anything unless we cut you a deal? We're talking about your brother here, Kevin.
That's pretty low.
You're going to jail.
You'll have plenty of time to think about how you could have done things differently.
Sean Horlick.
Jeff owed him money.
He needed it for the restaurant.
Guy's a loan shark.
I actually put them in touch five months ago.
I get a call yesterday from Horlick and he says unless I wanna end up like Jeff I better get him the money he owed.
So you rob your dead brother's wife.
She was always trying to turn Jeff against me.
Said I was a bad influence or something.
Imagine that, huh? Crazy.
I knew their deposit schedule, and they don't keep a gun.
I figured she screwed me before, I screw her back.
Sean Horlick.
What else do you know about him? Fraud, racketeering, extortion, a couple of violent crimes sprinkled in.
Charges never seem to stick.
Horlick's smart.
- Track him down.
Take Rigsby.
- Okay.
Cho, look into Jeffrey's restaurant, the financial records.
See who else he owed money to.
I'll come with.
I'm a mite peckish.
What does that mean? It means I'm hungry.
I can't read this.
That says, "March '09, accounts payable.
" This, this is just ridiculous.
This is delicious.
Thank you.
Let's hope you can keep the quality up with a new boss.
Abigail seems more concerned about money than the menu.
Won't be a problem, I promise.
- For God's sake, did you try this? - You don't like Abigail much, do you? Do it over.
You're obviously very talented.
You should've struck out on your own a long time ago.
Unless there was some reason to stay.
I did try to strike out on my own, actually.
Couple months ago.
- Failed with style? I wish.
State wouldn't grant me my liquor license.
No license, no investors, so Luckily, Jeffrey took me back again.
So why not hook up with him? He was separated, available.
I've never liked waiting in lines.
Excuse me, I got prep work to do.
Thanks for lunch.
Didn't see other loans on the books.
That's a good thing.
Jeffery wasn't even taking a salary.
He wasn't? Hmm.
We're gonna have to make a stop on the way back.
Magic brownies.
This is more clean-cut than I expected.
Yeah, medical pot, it's a growth industry.
First timers, huh? I'll tell you the same thing I tell all the newbies.
Go for today's specials.
They're a couple bucks more but between you and me, it's the freshest herb we got.
It's locally grown.
Who doesn't wanna support local farmers? CBI.
Where's your boss? Uh, Mr.
Horlick? I couldn't say.
But our permits are up to date, by the book, 100 percent.
Horlick's a suspect in a murder investigation, Josh.
So if you know where he is, you should tell us right now.
Is, uh, there a problem here? We're here about Jeffrey Barge.
Who? Oh, yeah, yeah, Jeff, sure.
What about him? Jeffrey died yesterday.
Yeah, I know, I saw that on the news.
Wow, heavy.
I mean boom, he's here, he's gone.
- How about that? Life, huh? - We know you lent him money, Horlick.
Well, how do you know that? I mean, who says? - I'll take that as a yes.
- Frosty one, aren't we? - I like.
- You like jail too? That's right.
Kevin told us everything.
It's about time you did as well.
I called him about the money.
Obviously he drew some sinister and incorrect implications from our conversation, but it was all a big misunderstanding.
Chalk it up to my poor communication skills.
- I think you communicate very well.
- You do.
You have "sleazebag" written across your forehead.
Why would I kill Jeff? You don't off someone who can pay you back.
I mean, the guy practically lived at the Ritz.
What are you talking about? Jeff was broke.
That's what he wanted me to think too.
But I got a buddy who works security at the hotel.
He saw the deadbeat staying there a bunch of times.
You don't stay there unless your pockets are padded.
I'd like to take you sometime.
Thaw you out a little bit.
Yeah, that'll happen.
We got something.
Jeffrey stayed at the Ritz a dozen times the past two months.
Paid in cash every time.
Looks like an affair, but Jeffrey and his wife lived separate lives.
Why would he care if there was a record? - Maybe his partner cared? - Because she's married.
She had money, she paid.
But she paid in cash so her husband wouldn't find out.
Keep digging.
Find out who the woman was.
Next round's tomorrow, huh? Keep working.
You'll get there.
Arliss! Careful, careful.
Oh, that smells good.
What is that? Knock yourself out.
It's not for the competition, it's my lunch.
I'd advise against that.
Don't listen to him, he's a coward.
- Is he? - It's the Red Savina pepper.
It's kind of spicy.
Kind of? It's the hottest pepper known to man.
Trust me, leave it alone.
It's good on everything.
Meat, fruit, soups.
Not that any of these people would know it.
Oh, I'd love a little try of that.
Jane, our chefs are extremely busy.
Would you mind coming back another time? You're quite the ghoul, aren't you, Duesterberg? Dragging on this meaningless contest after a man's been killed? This contest, Mr.
Jane, is an affirmation of life.
It's a testament that appetite still exists even in the face of death.
And you need the money.
- It's time for you to go.
- Fine.
I have all the information I need, thank you very much.
He lies.
He hasn't asked one single question.
Why would I? I can learn everything I need to learn from watching you all cook.
You, for example use lemon to the point of excess.
Tart, aggressive flavors.
Sublimated aggression toward an important figure in your life.
Obviously you're a daddy's girl, so I'm gonna go with mother.
No, let me correct that.
You were adopted, no? No.
I wasn't.
Took a shot.
Moving on.
You were having an affair with Jeffrey, weren't you? - What? - You can tell all this by the food? They cook together every day, yet their kitchen rhythms are off.
They're bashing into each other, getting in each other's way.
You're not paying enough attention to her, Arliss.
- No wonder she strayed.
- That's nonsense.
Really? Then why did your wife have her father put the state's best police force on this case? Look at her, Arliss.
She's made no attempt, no attempt at all to deny it.
Is it true? I take it you know about Julia's affair with the victim? Roger that.
Jeff and I got together about five months ago.
After he separated from his wife.
But he ended it.
- Yes.
- When? The night before he died.
I went to his room at the resort.
He was drunk.
I thought he was trying to get sober, but I guess not that night.
Jeff didn't handle stress well.
Must have made you angry.
I accepted it.
I loved him, but he was a drunk.
Better left alone.
Wise of you.
I asked for a glass of water.
I'm sure it'll be here in a minute.
You think I'm entitled and snippy and rich.
My father's a senator.
I don't have to take crap from people like you.
I'm just trying to figure out who killed Jeffrey Barge, that's all.
- I didn't kill him.
- I don't believe you, Julia.
Not yet.
I really need that glass of water.
I'll get it.
We still have a few more questions for you.
Julia, can you hear me? Are you on medication? Come on.
How many fingers am I holding up? Julia.
I know.
Attorney General, sir I understand completely.
I will.
She's straightening.
- Straightening her desk.
- Uh-oh.
Coroner's Office says it was ricin poisoning.
Just like Jeffrey.
I guess they were both poisoned at the hotel.
Oh, crap.
Is she straightening? Victim was a senator's daughter.
AG must be livid.
It's not our fault.
Ricin takes hours to kick in.
Tell it to the AG.
- What's going on with the search? Local sheriff's on it.
Taking every food off the resort to be tested.
The resort, the contest, it's all been shut down.
News flash.
The AG wants this case closed now.
We got two dead married lovers.
Odds say the killer's a spouse.
Let's start with that.
There he is.
Cinnamon, sage and coriander.
A squeeze of lemon, then butter.
No, no garlic.
Not at all.
Your wife just died and you're talking about recipes? - What would you have me do? - We'd like to discuss your wife's estate.
Yes, sorry.
- So Julia had money.
So what? - You stand to inherit it, isn't that right? - Yes, so? - Your wife and her lover are both dead.
Killed the same way.
That makes you our number one guy.
Number two I'd say.
- Have you talked to Abigail yet? Why? Ask her about the fight she and Jeff had at the Fairplex Market two weeks ago.
- Quite a scene.
- You didn't think to mention this earlier? Interrogation focuses the mind, what can I say.
Except you're lying.
Jeffrey hadn't seen his wife in months.
If Abigail said that, she's the liar.
The market clerk confirmed the story.
You were in contact with Jeff and you were fighting.
I did not kill Jeffrey, if that's what you're getting at.
I didn't even know about this thing with Julia.
- What were you fighting about? - You've really changed your look, Abigail.
Haven't you? Not that you don't look lovely now, it's just this old look, uh, accentuated your assets.
My husband just died, okay? You're still putting in time with the makeup, though.
So appearance is important to you.
- What are you getting at? - Put on five or six pounds.
Doesn't fit into the sleek outfits anymore, so she wears this.
She's pregnant.
First trimester? Jeff's child, right? Right? A few months ago, he came by to pick up some stuff.
Things happened.
And two weeks ago, I took a pregnancy test.
How did he take the news of impending fatherhood? Okay.
That's what you were fighting about.
I don't know why I didn't tell you.
I've been confused.
My parents don't even know.
Do us a favor, Abigail.
We're gonna need to search your house.
Save us all some time and grant us permission.
Did you know a full-grown elephant can eat up to 495 pounds of food per day? Could you at least pretend to be helping? Got something.
Found this in the garage.
Nice work.
And we care about a bag of beans why? Castor beans.
They're used to make ricin.
Ah! Of course.
Naughty Abigail.
We found traces of ricin in Julia's favorite red pepper.
Her death was not accidental.
Both her and your husband were specifically targeted.
Together with the castor beans we found, it's not looking good for you.
My client denies any involvement in these killings.
She bore no malice towards her husband or Miss St.
No malice toward her alcoholic and fiscally irresponsible husband and his lover? - She was not aware of that relationship.
- Nor did she ever set foot in the resort.
- Which you can't prove.
- I didn't do th - How do you explain the castor beans? - She had no knowledge of them.
- That's convenient.
This is a grieving widow.
A pregnant, grieving widow.
You think that a jury is going to convict on this circumstantial treif? We can make this stick and you know it.
Believe me, you will feel much better if you Would you excuse me? What? What emergency? - Follow me.
Jane, I don't have time for this.
I was working on getting a confession.
- This is far more important.
- What is? Agents, welcome.
It's such a relief to know the killer has been caught.
Just doing our job.
And thank you for coming to this little memorial dinner.
Dinner? - Honoring Jeffrey and Julia.
We're having dinner? Gotta eat.
I certainly hope you enjoy yourself.
It should be delicious.
Excuse me, those serviettes are horrifying.
You have five seconds to tell me what's going on.
First we need a drink.
Is it that bad? It's lovely.
Finely chopped.
Okay, I'm on it.
Not bad, Ludo.
Can we get the bowls ready? You shouldn't be here.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Are you gonna make me leave? - I hope not.
- Excuse me.
Oh, excuse me.
I thought you'd be a little more grateful.
I did just catch your friend's killer.
We're grateful.
Just a little busy.
Is that it? - That smells good.
Not now, s'il vous plaît.
Okay, okay.
Whoops! Oh, oops! Fire! Fire! Fire! Quick.
I'm just gonna leave you guys with that.
All right, everyone, please.
Lift your glass.
To Jeffrey and Julia.
Friends, colleagues, titans in the culinary world.
You will not be soon forgotten.
- Cheers.
To begin, we have a melon soup.
Prosciutto di Parma, mint and basil.
A reinterpretation of one of Julia's specialties.
Bon appétit.
Thank you.
Come on.
Don't let your, uh, Midwestern taste buds hold you back.
Chef what is the spice? Spice? I like a little heat, but this is overpowering.
It's We didn't add any heat.
That would be me.
I'm sorry.
Fire! Fire! The Red Savina pepper.
I got it from Julia's pantry.
I thought it would be appropriate.
And I'm just mad for heat, so Obviously I was a little heavy-handed, uh, my apologies.
What's the trouble, Eliza? I don't, um I don't feel well, I should go.
What's the problem? - Uh, the pepper, it doesn't go down well.
- Pepper? What's wrong with the pepper? If you don't want to talk we can take you to headquarters.
- How long can we keep her? - Forty-eight hours.
- That's a stretch of time.
- I have to leave.
- I have to leave right now.
Would be rude, I don't think so.
What is wrong with you? We all have to go to the hospital.
- Right now.
What for? The pepper I think it was poisoned.
I saw Ludo putting something into it.
- I did not.
How dare you.
- Maybe you're just cramping a little? - Just a little - All right, I poisoned Julia's pepper.
Jeffrey's gin? - Yes, yes.
- Just bring me to a hospital.
- No, hospitals.
Terrible germ factories.
- You don't want to go there.
- Are you insane? Relax.
We knew about the ricin in the pepper.
- We didn't know who put it there.
- I don't understand.
Are we poisoned? No.
I switched the peppers.
How clever of me.
Okay, so we know that your restaurant didn't fail, Eliza.
Jeffrey and Julia, they killed it.
We did some digging on Julia's father.
He's the one who squashed your liquor license.
Jeffrey was a drunk.
He needed you in his kitchen.
So he asked his lover if she could have her big, powerful daddy do her a favor.
He didn't call you that night to talk about recipes, did he? - He called to apologize.
I am so sorry.
For sabotaging your liquor license for ruining any chance you had at opening your own place.
But I I am trying to become a better man.
I am.
He told you what he did and then you decided to take your revenge.
So you got some castor beans, mixed up a batch of ricin and went to the resort to find him.
I went to his room.
Oh, Jeff.
I accept your apology.
Let me just wash up.
He was such a fool.
Like I was gonna let that go? Like we were just gonna make up and all be friends again? That's, ha ridiculous.
Then you went to the pantry and you found Julia's pepper and you dosed that too.
One time, I was cleaning shrimp for Jeffrey.
There were, like, 40 pounds of it and it was still half frozen.
But that was the job.
I couldn't feel my hands, it was so cold.
I realized I was cutting the flesh off my own fingers.
Carving it off.
And I didn't mind because Jeffrey had a vision.
I had a vision.
And he said, "Go, babe you deserve your own place.
" But he was lying.
Him and his rich bitch girlfriend.
Like I was gonna let that go.
He said, "I'm sorry.
" I'm sorry.
I'm sorry? What good is that? Agent Lisbon.
A word? - How can I help you? - You framed me.
You put those castor beans in my house.
Ma'am, on my word of honor I did not know that those beans were planted.
Jane was responsible, I should have known.
I should have stopped him and I didn't.
And for that, I am really sorry.
Why? He thought that in order to catch the killer somebody else had to be suspected of the crime.
He was probably right.
I know you must be angry.
I'm trying to leave the anger behind.
Though that's pretty much impossible, isn't it? It's hard.
Anyway, thank you for being honest with me.
Tell Mr.
Jane he's a mean, irresponsible sadist.
Oh, I will.
Miss Barge.
Living with an alcoholic is hard.
Some never change, they don't even want to.
But your husband checked into treatment two weeks ago.
Right after you told him about the baby.
I think he wanted to be there for you and your child.
That's why he ended the relationship with Julia.
For what it's worth, it seemed like he wanted to change.
Thank you.
It's okay.
She's gone.
- Who's gone? - Oh, please.
Your guilty conscience is obvious and well deserved.
Eh, justice can be a harsh mistress.
Omelets and eggs, ends to means, all's well that ends well.
A glib answer's no excuse.
Oh, and Abigail said to tell you that you are a mean, irresponsible sadist.
That's pretty accurate.
You okay? - No point denying it to me.
- I'm fine.
Good night.

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