The Mentalist s02e22 Episode Script

Red Letter

You know, it poses quite a I do believe that's the case.
- Where the hell is he, Stace? - Don't worry, Mr.
He'll be here.
Yeah, well, this is ridiculous.
I mean, he goes on in less than five minutes.
- All right, he's here.
- Get him up on-stage.
- I'll tell everybody he's on his way.
- Okay.
Brava, I'm afraid we need to hurry.
Brava, no advance copy of your speech has been released.
- Why the secrecy? - Hear it and you'll know.
Can you tell us anything about what you're going to say? You want a sound bite? Fine.
People who traffic in humans are cockroaches hiding in the dark.
- You have to expose them to light.
What do you mean, expose? Will you be naming somebody? - Mr.
Can you explain the major theme - Wait here.
- Mr.
I'll be right back.
Brava? That was Hector Brava keynote speaker for the Human Global Conference Conference will be starting in 5 minutes.
Please make your way into the convention hall.
Brava? We really have to Help me, somebody, please! Andy Burnside, Kane County Sheriff.
Teresa Lisbon.
This is Patrick Jane, our consultant.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So the victim's name was Hector Brava.
He was a do-gooder.
Ran an organization called the Sheltering Light Foundation.
They fight human trafficking.
There's a conference going on.
He was supposed to give some kind of a speech.
- So you're the psychic, huh? - No.
There's no such thing as psychics.
All right.
Cause of death was blunt-force trauma to the head.
My men found a fire extinguisher with blood on it over there.
No usable prints on it, though.
If he was here to make a speech, what was he doing back here? This.
It's a text message.
"Meet me through the staff door.
" Tracking the sender now.
How many Carmens have you ID'd at the hotel? Two employees at the hotel, another two were attending the conference.
They all have alibis, though.
We're gonna keep looking.
He had his wallet, credit cards, a lot of money.
You can rule robbery out.
Where's the speech? Hmm? Brava was on the way to deliver a speech.
Wouldn't he have that speech on his person? Or notes, at least.
You find anything? No.
- Find what you can about the speech.
- You got it.
What? There's a contradiction here.
The murder itself feels improvised.
Fire extinguisher, semi-public location.
But the setup, the text message was planned.
No robbery to speak of.
No assault other than the blow to the head.
It doesn't feel like an anger killing.
It feels more like an act of desperation.
The murderer wanted to keep Brava from doing something.
Or saying something.
That's just what our psychic said.
- Your psychic? - Kristina Frye.
You're kidding.
What, you've heard of her? Heh.
Don't force the memory.
It'll come, and the details will emerge.
How much you paying her, sheriff? - None of your business.
- Oh? That much? I'm working for the wrong people.
Hi, it's nice to see you again.
You too.
Thank you.
We'll talk later.
So you got the sheriff wrapped around your finger.
Sheriff Burnside is a man with an admirably open mind.
He's also a man that likes to watch television with a cat asleep on his lap while his mother sits next to him and knits.
But I'm sure he'd prefer that to remain a secret.
I thought you said you weren't psychic.
Oh, he is.
He's just not ready to accept it.
Actually, it was the cat hair on your pants lack of wedding ring, and your general live-with-Mom vibe.
But if you wanna believe that his dead Uncle Harry came down and whispered it, be my guest.
- Ever get tired of your own cynicism? - Oh, weary as hell.
But what's the alternative? Why don't we give them a little bit of time to catch up? Sorry about the mom thing.
I have a question.
What are you doing working with the cops? I thought you were a spiritual psychoanalyst.
Patients catch on to you? I still have my practice.
Why, you looking for a therapist? Uh Let me think about that.
I heard psychoanalysts are a disease that present themselves as a cure.
And on top of that, you add in ghosts.
Reflexive mockery.
Sign of a troubled soul, Patrick.
You got bored, didn't you? Got too easy taking their money.
I think our gift obliges us to help other people.
Is that what you think? Our gift gives us an obligation to help.
I like that line.
I'm gonna use it.
Van Pelt says there's a problem tracing the text message.
- What? - Trail leads to an electronic dead drop.
No way to trace it.
Gonna look at his other phones, run those calls.
What about the speech? No word whether he had it on him or not.
But we haven't talked to the wife yet.
She's inside.
Hector and I knew something like this might happen.
He said there was too much at stake to worry.
What were you worried about? The traffickers.
People who profit from the enslavement of others.
Hector was tireless in his pursuit of them.
Anyone you can think of who wanted to kill him? Agent, my husband's received half a dozen death threats since Christmas.
If you're asking for names, well, we didn't make a habit of filing the notes.
He was gonna give a speech.
Did he have it on him? Yes.
Why? Oh, there was some secrecy surrounding it.
- Know what he was gonna talk about? - No, I didn't.
That wasn't unusual.
Hector rarely shared the details of his work.
It was his way of protecting me.
The person you need to talk to is Russell Bigelow.
He did research for Hector.
Ilsa you've been told who I am and what I do? Yes.
My communication with the other side is like a phone call with a bad connection.
So often the messages I receive are meaningless to me but not to those with ones who've passed over, okay? I'm really not big on this supernatural stuff.
You're not alone.
Your husband wants me to remind you of something that will make you smile.
I'm getting an image of cherry blossoms? Does that mean anything to you? Yes.
We were married under a cherry tree.
How could you know that? He can recall foliage from his wedding day, but he can't tell you who killed him? Crossing over to the other side can be confusing.
A bit like waking up from anesthesia.
Sometimes it can take a while to get real clarity.
That makes sense.
Does the name Carmen mean anything to you? The opera.
Why? That's pretty.
My turn.
Ilsa, did your husband ever cheat on you? Did you cheat on him? Why would you ask that? You're very noble and dignified.
Very stoic.
A Jackie-O thing going on there.
Maybe you don't give a crap.
Maybe you're happy he's dead.
Or maybe not.
I'd like you to leave now.
Good idea.
Come on, let's go.
Thank you for the tea.
Very tasty.
Nice work.
She's hiding something.
Wanted to see what it was.
What did you learn? - That's early days.
- She's got a good arm.
Did learn that.
I'm not so sure this is such a good idea I talk about this stuff.
I'm just a researcher, you know? Mr.
Bigelow, we understand you're frightened.
We need to know what was in the speech.
You don't understand.
Trafficking generates billions.
There are governments behind this stuff.
They get to anybody.
Hector's death proves that.
We can offer you protection, Russell, but only if you tell us what you know.
If you don't help us, all the work you've done to stop these guys, be for nothing.
Traffickers use quasi-legit businesses to launder their money around the world.
I watch audit trails.
We made a connection.
- That's what's in Hector's speech.
- What connection? Ever heard of the World Anti-Trafficking Coalition? One of the backers of the conference? - Yeah.
A major charity.
It's run by a guy named Christopher Lynch.
They assisted us in shutting down a bunch of networks.
But the trafficking continued.
The money just went someplace else.
It took a while to trace it, but we found out the Coalition is a front for a trafficking group.
They used us to shut down their own competition building themselves a monopoly.
- Here.
- That the speech? Our copy.
Why didn't you notify authorities once you figured it out? Because Hector said that he wanted to denounce Lynch himself, in public.
I said it was too dangerous, but he just wouldn't listen.
Did Brava ever mention anybody named Carmen? No.
No, not to me.
Why? So Bigelow's saying the people fighting human trafficking were traffickers? - Apparently.
- All right.
You and Cho talk to Lynch.
See what he has to say.
You got it.
Are you guys joking? Because your humor is in bad taste.
Hector was a close colleague and a good friend.
Planning to give a speech identifying your coalition as a front for human traffickers.
- He names you specifically.
Look, someone is leading you down the garden path, gentlemen.
Hey, there's no basis of truth in this.
You can see that it's in the traffickers' interest to split us up get us suspecting each other.
- Brava went past suspecting.
Hector saw conspiracies everywhere.
- He liked being in the spotlight.
- Speech makes a convincing case.
Okay, look, we're gonna clear this up right now.
I will have my lawyers give you access to all our records.
You will see the Coalition has nothing to hide.
- The name Carmen mean anything to you? - No.
Anyone who would want to kill Brava? Oh, yeah, maybe only a few hundred people.
Wait a second.
One thing.
Second night of the convention, I saw Hector having an argument with a man named Tariq Sharif outside the hotel bar.
And for my money, the argument was about a woman.
- You could tell? - I know them.
They definitely weren't having a discussion about immigration policy.
How's it with Lynch? Says a man called Sharif was fighting with Brava.
Checking for an ID on Sharif now.
Looked at the records Lynch's lawyer e-mailed.
Couldn't find anything supporting Brava's accusations.
Checked Lynch's phone records.
Made a call right after we left to a disposable cell.
- Where did it originate? - Weird thing: Call ends at a cell tower, middle of nowhere.
- That is weird.
- Figure we'll check it out.
- All right.
- Here we go.
I got him.
Here's Tariq Sharif.
I'll see if anybody has seen Sharif.
Excuse me.
He's by the pool.
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
- Mr.
Sharif? - Yes? We're with the CBI.
Agent Lisbon, Mr.
Won't you sit down? Well, don't mind if we do.
I was just telling Mr.
Sharif that his spirit is troubled.
There is a wrong that he burns to rectify.
Hector was an old friend.
I pushed him to take up the trafficking problem.
Naturally, I feel responsible.
They're great glasses.
Could I try those? - No.
- Okay.
Sharif, why don't you take off the sunglasses? Now.
Oh! You got a Owee.
It was a misunderstanding.
He was drunk.
It didn't have anything to do with llsa? It was nothing like that.
It was exactly like that.
You have a strong connection with llsa.
A bond.
See? Llsa and I were very close.
By chance, we found ourselves alone the first night.
I expressed my deep admiration for her.
She returned my feelings but was afraid to act on it.
Hector found out.
Hypocrite that he is, he attacked me.
- How was he a hypocrite? - Because he was unfaithful to her.
- Hmm.
I did say.
- You did.
Sharif, you were saying that Mr.
Brava was unfaithful? I'm a pacifist, not a coward.
You don't strike me without repercussions.
I went to his suite the night before he died to confront him.
A woman was leaving.
It wasn't Ilsa.
Was it someone from the conference? It wasn't that kind of woman.
She was young, pretty.
Cheap clothes.
I assume she was a prostitute.
This is the only structure within a half-mile of the cell tower Lynch's call stopped at.
- I don't see anything.
- Nope.
Not a thing.
- They have dogs? - Probably.
Hey, listen.
You have misread the situation, agents.
I am entirely ignorant of whatever it is that you are accusing me of.
You're lying.
We've got the phone records.
Your goons locked those women up so your guys could escape.
I'm sorry, goons? What goons? And records can be faked.
Those women in the truck, that was you.
Hector Brava was you too.
You're wrong.
I weep for those poor souls you found.
And as I said, Hector was a dear friend.
- What about Carmen? - Who's Carmen? And where's my lawyer? - Tough.
- Sociopath.
Wolf among the sheep.
He's a caught wolf now.
Phone call's enough to connect him to 20 different charges not even counting the homicide.
He's going away for a long time.
- She likes you, that one.
- Which? - The blond one.
- What? And you like her.
Wha? I'm not so sure I know where this is headed.
You know where this is headed.
Do you ever consider dating again? Do you? - How'd we get to this point so quickly? - It would be a good thing.
- What would? - Charging Lynch with Brava's murder.
How close are we? A confession would help.
Why not ask one of her spirits? I'm sure they'll provide evidence that's needed.
Where are you going? This case is solving itself without me.
I have errands to run.
- Lisbon.
- Yeah.
Christopher Lynch didn't kill Brava.
The emotion he was trying to conceal was contempt.
Lynch didn't consider him worth killing.
A deeply evil man, but not one who committed this crime.
Thank you.
If I didn't say "spirits," if I said "instincts," would you accept that? Oh, well, maybe.
- They're telling me to come with you.
- Are they? Why? Last time you spoke with llsa, she threw a teacup.
It was a saucer.
And who said I'm going to see llsa Engels? Tell me that you're not.
She thinks well of me.
And I can communicate with her husband.
And she'll only talk to you if I'm there.
I guess I have no choice but to bring you along with me.
Think you manipulated me into coming with you? No, I don't.
I think you manipulated me into thinking I manipulated you to coming with me.
Okay, I'm just gonna come straight out and say I'm sorry for the obnoxious infidelity remarks earlier and I humbly beg your forgiveness.
Would you mind talking to us a little bit about Tariq Sharif? He was drunk.
He said things he shouldn't have said.
And I excused myself from his company.
Then your husband punched him? I didn't tell Hector to hit him, if that's what you're asking.
I won't pretend I'm particularly sad that Hector punched him.
He said things that he He acted like a pig and an ass.
A pig and an ass.
That can't be good.
We need to ask you again about the night before Hector died.
I had a department meeting.
I stayed up in Berkeley.
And is there any chance that a woman could have been visiting with Hector that night? If Tariq said that, he's lying.
He wouldn't dare say that if Hector were still alive.
- It's disgusting.
- Disgusting.
Well, I guess I should go.
Well, I still have some business to attend to here, so - Yeah, I'm gonna catch a cab out front.
- Okay.
Nice call on the cherry blossoms, by the way.
- How so? - The wedding photograph.
March '97, D.
March through to April is the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in D.
Patrick, you credit me with far too much cunning.
You're very good.
Very compelling.
Thank you.
- I'll see you later.
- Bye.
Lisbon? Meet me at the hotel bar.
Oh, sweetheart, there you are.
Join us.
I've got us a room.
And our friend here Novella.
- Novella, she's gonna help us explore some boundaries.
No, she's not.
Work with me, Teresa.
You're pretty adventurous, right? Because my lady, she gets a little out there at times.
Getting there now.
Let's go upstairs and see.
You just have to work things out with Howie.
- Barkeep.
- How can I help you? Another bottle of the good stuff? No, thanks.
You're the pimp? Hey.
Not nice.
Business manager, then? - Concerned friend.
- Whatever.
We'd like to take our little soiree upstairs to a more private location.
Novella says that we have to talk to you.
If it's gonna be the two of you, it's gonna be extra.
She's paying.
I should probably tell you that I'm an agent for the California Bureau of Investigation.
- Oh, wow.
- She has a gun too.
And handcuffs.
Whoa, this is entrapment.
I want a lawyer.
What you want is to look at this picture and tell me if you recognize this man.
Never seen him.
But that guy, him, I recognize.
He was in here getting a girl just the other night.
No way.
Look, I might not be Denzel, but I do okay.
Besides, I couldn't afford a prostitute on my salary.
Not for you.
For your boss, Brava.
Is that something you did a lot of? Procuring women for him? The man's dead.
You'll drag his name through the mud like this? I'm not looking to destroy anybody's reputation.
I just need to know what happened.
Ilsa was back in Berkeley.
He called me and said he needed me to do him a favor.
He couldn't go down to the bar himself, because somebody would recognize him.
Somebody could have recognized you.
Nobody did.
I was lucky.
It was hard for you.
Sure, it would have been easier if he didn't do it at all, but Look, all I could do was just keep him from getting caught.
Is there anything you can tell us about the girl? I think her name was Claret.
It's French.
What did Brava mean when he said he wanted to make it regular? I mean, not like actually regular, because he died and all.
But every Thursday afternoon, it was gonna be.
- Had a place up in Oakland, he told me.
- Have an address? Sure.
And a key too.
- Think it's this one on the left.
- Yeah.
So would you ever? You know.
Pay for sex? No.
Yeah, it's weird, right? Weird, no.
Check this out.
" Hmm.
What do you got? We tracked Carmen's phone number.
It's an apartment rented to a Sally Alvarez.
Carmen was just a name she used for work? Alvarez has been picked up for soliciting, possession.
She skipped on that apartment.
Her PO gave us an address that was good as of last week.
Tell Burnside we'll pick her up.
Hey, boss, there was a Carmen Reyes who called Brava on his hotel phone.
Twice, the night before he died.
Left her name on the hotel system.
No record of Sally Alvarez calling the hotel, home or cell.
Where did it originate from? Sunset Horizon Motor Court in San Desidera.
A Carmen Reyes checked in.
She's still there.
- We got two locations to look for her at.
- Or we have two Carmens.
Two Carmens? Two Carmens.
- What does that mean? - It means things are getting interesting.
Oh, as long as it's interesting for you.
I'll go with Van Pelt.
There's just something about motels.
Old-fashioned and illicit, both at the same time.
Is that an invitation? Whoa.
Well, look at you, just showing up like a bad penny.
I had a premonition you'd be here.
Really? No.
Lisbon told me.
Grace, you know Kristina? - Yeah.
- Hi.
Psychic powers tell you to come? I had an instinct you're about to get a break in the case.
Oh, I think you might have just made Agent Van Pelt's day.
We're looking for Carmen Reyes.
We have two addresses for her.
This is just one of them.
Her real name is Sally Alvarez.
Wait a second.
Sally Alvarez? I know that name.
She communicated with me a short time ago.
She's passed over.
I'm pretty sure she's still in there.
Sally? - Sally? Open it up.
Step back, sir.
Thank you.
She's down.
Hey, Cho.
We found Sally Alvarez.
Dead for about six hours.
Blunt-force trauma to the head.
She's dead? Oh, my God.
That's amazing.
- Why? - Kristina Frye said Sally passed over.
- She predicted it.
- She did? - Yes.
- Could I have that? Thanks.
Cho, please, do not believe this mystic mumbo jumbo.
Gullible Grace buried the lead.
I was right.
- There were two Carmens.
- There were? That's right.
We have the real one right here.
Carmen Reyes.
She claims to be Hector Brava's daughter.
A year ago, my mother was diagnosed with cancer.
It got bad very fast.
She was gone in less than a month.
Before she died, she told me Hector Brava was my father.
And after the funeral, I wrote to him.
I never heard back.
I thought maybe he'd forgotten her.
I wrote there was nothing I wanted from him only to meet the man who was my father.
He still didn't answer? I saw somewhere that he was delivering a speech here.
I thought I'd go confront him.
You were angry.
- I wanted to talk to him.
- Did you? When? The morning he died? The night before.
I went to his suite.
What happened? He let me in.
He was friendly until I told him I was his daughter.
He got very upset and angry.
He said I could not be his daughter.
He said he already met his daughter, and what kind of scam was I playing? He turned so pale and shook all over.
He threw me out of the room and locked the door.
So I left.
That was the last time you saw him? On the news, it said what happened.
I didn't know what to do.
What about the text message? Did you send that? I don't have a phone.
So is she telling the truth? I'm not sure.
Brava's spirit is deeply conflicted.
I can't get a clear reading.
What are you using, dial-up? My question is if she's telling the truth why was Sally Alvarez pretending to be Carmen Reyes? Bigelow kept a record of all work correspondence but had nothing to do with Brava's personal letters.
- No way to know if her story checks out.
- Lf Brava's her father she's got motive.
- She's not the only one.
I could never have children.
Is it true? Is she really Hector's daughter? We don't know, ma'am.
She agreed to take a paternity test.
I think she might be telling the truth.
She might be the one that killed Hector? Well, maybe.
Maybe it was you.
I have to say, ma'am, it's pretty hard to believe that you didn't know about his behavior.
Yes, I knew.
Hector was a heroic man who devoted himself to helping others.
His flaws were correspondingly oversized.
And his behavior was okay with you? I accepted it.
The good in him outweighed the bad.
If he'd told me, maybe I could have done something to prevent it.
- Maybe I could have saved him.
- What for? How could you not want to get away from his serial philandering? - The prison of your loveless marriage? - That's not true! I loved my husband and he loved me.
Maybe we can get in contact with him now.
- You could do that, couldn't you? - Certainly clear up a few things.
Would you do that? - Would you talk to my husband? - Yes, llsa.
- What are you doing? - What does it look like? Okay.
So Van Pelt is bringing Carmen.
Rigsby's gonna bring Richard Bigelow.
Cho is gonna pick up Tariq Sharif and Stacey.
So we're all set.
What's all set? For what? We're all set for Kristina Frye to contact Hector Brava's spirit.
I need everybody connected with his passing.
Well, I guess Just make sure Brava's spirit thirsts for revenge.
He wants to put some kind of a curse on the killer.
Then I'll take it from there.
- I can't do that.
- Yes, you can.
It is a necessary lie.
I can only contact Brava's spirit and speak as he wants me to.
To do otherwise would be to abuse my gift.
- Everything okay? - Yep, everything's good.
It's perfect.
Are we starting now? Almost.
I'll just get the door.
Come on in.
Thanks for coming.
It was your husband's request that Sharif be here.
Your husband's daughter.
Thank you all for coming.
Patrick will be assisting me.
So in order for this to work, I need everybody to be calm and focused.
I want you to look at the candle in the center of the table.
Focus on the flame and concentrate on Hector.
He's here.
I can feel him.
Hector who do you wish to speak to? The killer's here.
Know this: Hector Brava says vengeance will come.
Your blood will spill before the rising sun.
I sense him.
I can almost see an image.
It's hazy.
Oh If I could just Hector, Hector, wait.
Don't go.
Show us who the killer is.
There it is.
A door.
Employees only.
And an empty hallway.
I see you.
I'm sorry.
Man, you scared me to death with that.
It's okay, you can relax, Bigelow.
It's over.
I know it was you that did it.
What, because I got frantic and fell? You managed Brava's correspondence.
You were the first to read Carmen's letters, yes? You set Brava up on a date with Sally and had her pretend to be Carmen.
And then you told Brava that he'd had sex with his own daughter.
- Lord.
- And then the real deal showed up.
So you faked Carmen's message.
And when Brava walked through that service door, you killed him.
And you killed poor Sally Alvarez to cover your tracks.
And now you'll pay for the crime you committed.
Your blood will spill before the sun rises.
That part I'm not so sure about.
It came in the mail.
Just out of the blue.
Just a letter describing an affair Brava had 20 years ago.
Naming the woman and place.
And that came from Carmen Reyes.
The real Carmen.
That gave you all the facts you needed.
Things about the affair that only Brava and Carmen's mother would know.
- Right? - Yep.
So why'd you do it? Why put a man through that kind of suffering? Was it the money? Or did you just like having Brava in your power? Do you know I've been running numbers on trafficking for Brava and setting him up on his dates for like five years? And do you think that he ever, ever thanked me? Said, "I'm sorry"? Said, "I'm gonna make this up to you one day, Russell"? I knew Sally from a whorehouse up in northern California.
I told her if she pretended to be Carmen, we'd blackmail Brava, split the money.
The letter just gave us everything we needed to make Brava think that she was the real deal.
And he was not one for asking a whole lot of questions, so - Then the real Carmen showed up.
- Yeah.
He called me as soon as she left his room.
So I played dumb.
But then the next morning, he called me and he said, "We need to talk.
" Pretty clear he figured it out.
So you went to the hotel and texted Brava from the service hallway.
I just wanted to keep him quiet.
And Sally Alvarez.
You had to keep her quiet too, right? You know, I was a really good researcher.
I bet.
Come on.
Agent Van Pelt, you wanted to see me? Yeah.
Hi, Carmen.
Just wanted to go over a few things in your statement.
Let's go in the kitchen.
So nice working with you.
You were good there.
Almost had me with the whole: "I can't misuse my gift for fear of what might happen" bit.
I did what I said I would.
I spoke the words the spirits told me to speak.
Nothing more.
Really? Don't you know me by now? Don't you know I wouldn't lie about that? Ms.
Thank you so much.
Couldn't have closed this without you.
Well, that's debatable.
You're welcome.
I have to say, it looks like the spirits got it wrong.
I guess being dead doesn't make you infallible.
What do you mean? The killer was caught and justice was served.
Sure, but no blood was spilled.
He's right there.
- Hey.
Murderer! Easy! All right, all right.
Oh, come on.
That was pure luck.
Admit it.
- Lf you say so.
- Oh, I know so.
The dead are dead.
You can't talk to them.
And yet I do.
Yeah You're very good.
- I go this way.
- Okay.
- It was nice seeing you again.
- You too.
- Kristina.
- Yes? - That's with a K, right? - Yes.
You want to go get a coffee? I'll drink tea, but you can drink as much coffee as you want.
Yeah, I'd like that.
I can't right now, though.
I have to be somewhere else.
- Maybe some other time? - Some other time.
Sorry, not maybe, definitely.
Sometime soon.
Call me.

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