The Mentalist s03e07 Episode Script

Red Hot

Helicopter company.
I see no yellow tape, no solemn cops.
Why are we here, Lisbon? I don't know.
All I know is the director called me at 4:30 a.
m and asked me to handle this personally, whatever this is.
And you do whatever the director says, no questions? - Uh, he's the director.
- Okay.
- Well, call me when you figure it out.
- Hey, wait.
He asked for you too.
I take this nap for freedom, Lisbon, for every little guy who has a dream.
Nap later.
Now, we fight crime.
- No.
I'm napping now.
- Agent Lisbon.
- Mr.
- Hi.
Garth Drucker, head of security for Mr.
Guess I nap for freedom a little later.
Our CEO, Yuri Bajoran, received a call just after midnight.
It was a computerized voice telling him to put his affairs in order and that he'd be killed in the next 24 hours.
Hang on.
A death threat? Usually we only get the case once there's actually been, uh, a death.
Your boss, Mr.
Bajoran, has obviously pulled some strings to get us here.
No, no.
Bajoran didn't want the police.
He was adamant.
Well, someone asked for Agent Lisbon and me specifically.
And that someone must be very powerful, probably very rich.
Someone like, uh-- Walter Mashburn? Thank heavens you're here, Patrick.
- And Agent-- - Lisbon.
Lisbon, right.
Good to see you.
- Did you bring us here? - I did.
Poor Yuri's in danger.
I'm acquiring his company today.
I can't have him expire before he signs the contract.
You know them? Oh, it was a little misunderstanding last year.
For a brief moment, uh, Walter was a murder suspect in one of our cases.
Didn't do it.
Mashburn, we're sworn officers of the law.
We're not your own personal private investigators.
Well, when I heard Yuri was in trouble naturally, I wanted the best in law enforcement.
I take the threat against him very seriously.
Right, Yuri? Let's sign the contract, Walter.
I wanna start spending my new fortune.
Yuri Bajoran.
Don't make yourself comfortable.
You won't be here long.
I'm Agent Lisbon.
We're here about the threat.
Forget the threat.
It's a prank, a scam.
I'm wealthy.
I get threats.
End of story.
Mm, nope, he's worried.
It's fascinating how this man can read people.
Like magic really.
I wish I had the skill.
I doubt the insights of a state employee are all that remarkable.
Let's go, Walter.
Uh, you're former military, uh, ex-special forces from some Baltic nation.
Possibly, uh, former KGB.
But in short, you're just a thug in a rug.
I apologize, sir.
He doesn't-- Despite your impatience, the last thing you feel like doing is this deal because you don't like Walter, and Walter doesn't like you.
- Is he great or what? - You've wasted enough of my time.
Sign the contract now, Walter.
Drucker, with me.
Don't be such a baby, Yuri.
I'm sorry.
Ah, looks like I might get that nap sooner rather than later.
Shall we? Let's do the damn deal, Walter.
Teresa, hey, while you're here maybe you and I could get together sometime soon-- Ugh.
Lisbon? Help! Help! Check on that right now.
Ow! Ow, ow, ow.
Oh, stop it.
You're fine.
He's fine, right? He will be.
And that guy's got a pretty bad laceration, but he'll live.
I'll live, Teresa.
Did you hear that? I'm alive.
It's fantastic.
Yes, it is.
Enjoy the adrenaline while it lasts.
Hey, boss.
So I spoke to the Arson Unit commander.
He said it was a massive subsonic explosive device, C4 or Semtex.
A giant bomb, Rigsby.
Just say it's a giant bomb.
Yeah, or a giant bomb.
Blast seat was under the table.
- Made a crater the size of a minivan.
- If I hadn't left when I did-- - Yeah, you'd be vaporized too.
- Flirting with Lisbon saved him.
- He wasn't flirting with me.
- I wasn't flirting.
Any indication of terrorist involvement? Uh, no.
It was a very specific targeted detonation.
- To kill Yuri? - Yeah.
And they succeeded.
Forensics found enough remains to identify Bajoran and his head of security.
Poor guy.
I told Yuri we should move the meeting to my office, but he refused.
Stubborn old bull.
Someone threatens Yuri, wanting to frighten him before killing him.
- Who hated him that much? - Oh, oh.
I know that one.
Eh? If I killed them, Teresa, why would I call in the CBI? You like games, thrills, Mr.
"Walter," please.
Mashburn is my mother.
I almost died myself.
Yeah, but you escaped at the very last moment.
That was lucky.
I guess I do look suspicious.
Sit down.
Don't take this personally.
I have to ask these questions.
Do you have the knowledge and the resources to build a bomb? Yes.
But you know that already, don't you? My first company, Mashburn Avionics, made high-tech weaponry.
But I started out with cherry bombs in the toilets at reform school.
- You went to reform school? - My teachers thought I was incorrigible.
But you know that too.
Have you visited Bajoran's helicopter plant - or solicited anybody to go there? - You mean to plant a bomb? - No, ma'am.
Never have.
- The threat to Yuri Bajoran was made from a disposable phone that was purchased at a store in Marin County.
- Where I have a place.
- Mm-hm.
Along with 250,000 other people.
Look, Teresa, I didn't need to kill Yuri.
I'd already done worse.
- I destroyed him.
- By taking over his company? His flagship.
Yuri and I had been at each other for years and I had finally won.
Don't you see? I'd forced him to sell me his baby.
Although he died before he signed the contract.
I know, the bastard.
It's like he reached out from the grave to deny me one last time.
I beat him.
And I wanted him waking up for the next 30 years thinking about that.
You hated him so much, you wanted him alive? Exactly.
Yuri Bajoran was a bad man, Teresa.
- So who wanted him dead? - Who didn't? Aside from me.
His widow? Marie? No.
Fair point.
She seemed to love him for some reason.
You know her? I was engaged to her, actually.
Years back.
She married Yuri instead.
Great lady, despite that tragic lapse in judgment.
- A great lady.
- How was their marriage? You'd have to ask her.
So, Teresa, I'm tired of doing this whole suspect thing again.
Not fun at all.
How about I play detective this time, give you and Patrick a hand? Not a chance.
- Never say never.
- Never, Walter.
Never ever.
That's a maybe.
So you were engaged to Walter Mashburn before you married Yuri? That was years ago.
- Why would you ask that? - Eh.
Did you dump him or did he dump you? And why? It's none of your business.
I fell in love with Yuri is all I'll say.
I know what people said about him, but they were wrong.
He was a wonderful, loving person.
Interesting woman.
Didn't kill Yuri.
Um, I'm sorry, where's the bathroom? - This way.
- Thank you.
Sorry for your loss.
- Who is that man? - It's a long story.
Bajoran, who would want your husband dead? Yuri was a powerful man.
Powerful men have enemies.
This takeover by Mashburn, is it true - your husband didn't wanna sell? - Walter tricked him.
- It wasn't right.
- Tricked him how? He approached someone Yuri thought was a friend and got him to secretly buy up enough shares - so Walter could force the takeover.
- Name? Markham Shankar.
Software mogul.
Turns out he'd secretly hated Yuri for years.
Some ridiculous business dispute he wouldn't forgive.
Ma'am, you have a lovely home.
It's very, uh, cozy.
Thanks for having us.
Cho, we should go.
Thank you.
Been a pleasure.
Thank you.
According to the Marin DA's office Markham Shankar had good reason to hate Bajoran.
Six years ago, he claims Bajoran cheated him out of a couple million bucks.
Even tried to get the DA's office to file fraud charges.
- Did you talk to him yet? - I can't even find him.
No one's photographed Shankar since 2002.
Guy's a recluse.
His office won't even admit he's in the country.
Keep looking into it.
- And you? - Hello, Lisbon.
What a great day to not be blown up.
- Give it up now.
- Give what up? What you took from Bajoran's house.
The toupee, Jane.
The housekeeper called.
That's just gross.
Why would you take it? - Evidence.
- Of what? Bad taste.
Let me explain something.
You don't mess with super-rich people.
They're like kids with machine guns.
- Super-rich like Mashburn? - What about Mashburn? Oh, my God, you're just so obsessed with Mashburn.
- You brought him up.
- What is it with you and him? Got something.
Whenever Shankar's in San Francisco, he likes to stay at Chaparral Glen.
- What's that? - Country club.
The most exclusive in California.
It's 100 grand to join.
They've got a 2300-acre campus in the woods.
Shankar likes glamping.
You know, glamorous camping? - You made that up.
- Did not.
" I like it.
Lisbon, shall we go and talk to some more super-rich people? - Do something with that.
- Ew.
I'm sorry, agent, but I can't tell you if Mr.
Shankar is here.
Unless you have a search warrant, I can't allow you on the grounds.
Our members are concerned about privacy.
- I'm concerned about a double homicide.
- Hey, Walter.
- Hey, Patrick.
- Walter's a member here.
I thought we might need his help.
Trevayne, my friends Patrick and Teresa will be joining us.
Sir, that won't be necessary.
We have your card on file.
What's the limit on that thing? I don't know if there is one.
Shall we go find Shankar? - Let's.
- Never say never.
Shankar's campsite is right up on that ridge.
- You can see the valley from there.
- His campsite.
- You want it.
You wish you owned it.
- I do.
How'd you know? - Pupil dilation.
- Pupil dilation? Yes.
When someone sees something that they want, their pupils dilate.
Pupil dilation.
- Fantastic.
- Yes, it is.
Thank you.
Tell us about Markham Shankar.
Is he still mad at Yuri about the fraud? You bet.
Angry guy, Markham.
When I offered him the right incentive, he was happy to betray Yuri.
What incentive can you offer a rich man that he can't buy for himself? A propeller from a Beech Bonanza airplane.
- Come again? - The only remaining piece of the plane Buddy Holly died in.
Markham's obsessed with celebrity deaths.
- Has a huge collection of memorabilia.
- How intriguingly creepy.
- Eh.
Poor Markham's bored.
- What about you, Walter? Last year, you said you'd do anything for a thrill.
What do you have in mind? - Get down! - Whoa! Unh! Thrilling enough for you, Walter? - Are you guys okay? - I'm fine, thanks.
We're fine, but Shankar might be mad at Mashburn and Yuri.
- Did you find him? - Nope.
No sign at Shankar's cabin.
Place is like Buckingham Palace.
We searched those woods.
The dogs couldn't pick up a trail.
- You guys ever been to an auction? - What? I'm gonna call Immigration, see if Shankar's left.
See where he parks his boat or his plane or whatever.
But, boss, he's got no record.
We didn't see anything that'd tie him to this.
- Nothing.
Maybe he was never there.
- And why would he wanna kill - both Yuri and Mashburn? - He doesn't.
- No one wanted to kill Yuri.
- What are you talking about? What if Walter were the intended target all along? He was supposed to die in that explosion, but he didn't.
So the killer follows him to Chaparral Glen to finish the job.
But the death threat, it was against Yuri.
Ah, yes.
Very clever.
Completely threw all of us.
Well, almost all of us.
Sorry, Walter.
I have a favor.
Could I borrow that, uh, fancy credit card of yours? Yeah, yeah.
What for? I thought I'd find Shankar.
Thank you.
What's going on? Did Markham Shankar have a reason to be angry with you? Ugh.
Walter? The takeover of Yuri's company.
Markham may have been under the impression that he'd receive shares in return for his help.
If it was him wouldn't he have hired better assassins? Is there anybody else who might wanna kill you? I have lots of enemies, Teresa.
You'd be surprised to hear this, but some people find me annoying.
Yes, my pupils are dilated.
That's not what I was wondering.
Fair enough.
Look, I'll give you a list of all my non-friends.
None of them has the stones to kill me, I promise you.
We'll look into your phone records and see if anything else comes up.
- Teresa.
No-- - What? You have a-- It's a bullet hole.
It was close.
Really close.
Usually I can buy my way out of trouble.
- Ask my ex-wives.
- Mm.
Don't worry, we'll keep you safe.
It's procedure to assign an agent to protect you.
- Oh.
- Agent Cho will be here shortly.
Hello, and welcome to Ogilvy.
The auction begins with Lot 1 a full suit of 16th-century jousting armor.
Let's start the bidding at $30,000.
Do I hear 30,000? And 30,000 is bid off to my left.
And 31.
How about 32? Thank you.
Thirty-two thousand on the right there.
Got 33.
Got 34.
Bid's all the way to 34 with the lady in the front.
Going 35 if you wish.
Thirty-five is bid.
And 36.
New bidder at $36,000.
Do I hear 37? Oh, hey, boss.
Markham Shankar has a yacht.
Coast Guard says he sails tonight.
Leaving the country.
Camp out on the dock.
Do not leave until you've questioned Shankar.
A possible suspect Mashburn forgot to mention: - His ex-girlfriend Elsa Struven.
- Huh.
- When did they break up? - Two months ago.
Apparently she wasn't happy about it.
According to reports, she threatened him with violence.
Reports? He filed a complaint? Uh, no.
Published reports.
In the media.
Okay, the tabloids.
She's a German supermodel.
Of course she is.
- Talk to her.
- Okay.
If I have to do an LBO, I will, Denise.
But all that debt, it could crush you.
I'll tell you what, I'm willing to pay an extra eighth a share if we ink it by month's end.
Just think about it.
Love to Larry and the kids.
- Do a lot of business on the phone? - I do a lot of business.
Phone, texts, e-mails, doesn't really matter.
- Threats work better on the phone.
- That wasn't a threat, Agent Cho.
That was a negotiation.
Mm! Hey, I know.
We could go to the track, race bikes for a couple hours.
- Motorcycles? - Yes.
- No.
Too exposed.
- Then we'll take the Lambo for a spin.
- It's not safe.
- It has airbags.
- Is it bulletproof? - Can I at least shoot your gun, then? Patrick.
Thank God.
What are the chances of you putting a party together in, uh, five hours? Mm.
Could do.
Sounds fun.
Invite all your friends.
Get the word out.
You're celebrating, Walter.
You're celebrating.
I am? Great.
Celebrating what? Oh, I gotta go.
Gotta go.
Uh, uh, ninety.
That's 90,000 for Lot 10.
And I see 100 from the woman in red.
One ten? Do I hear 110? One ten? And 120.
One twenty.
- Thank you.
One twenty.
- One fifty.
- Never was any good at math.
- I've got 150 from the gentleman.
How about 160? One hundred and sixty thousand dollars? One sixty is bid, how about 170? I've got 170 and 180.
The gentleman in the front row, You've got the bid at 180.
Can we move this thing along? Two hundred.
And 200 from our enthusiastic friend in the back.
Do I hear 210? - Nice day for it, huh? - Ah, yes.
Whose interests do you represent? Well, that's supposed to be confidential, but what the heck? Walter Mashburn.
- Two thirty if you wish.
Two-thirty? - Two thirty.
Two hundred and thirty thousand.
- Do we have 240? - Uh, sir? - Do we have 240? - Two forty.
Two forty.
We have 240 right here.
And we also have 250.
I know that because I am bidding it.
Do we have 260? Do we have 260? - Wait, wait.
- Come on, ma'am, you can do 260.
- I know you can.
- Uh, sir? - Let's go.
What about you, sir? - We have 250.
No, I want the thing for 260.
Can I have it? - Yes.
- Thank you.
Hey, boss.
- Hey.
- I got something.
Uh, so I go to the ex-girlfriend's penthouse.
She's not there.
But the roommate lets me in.
And I find this on the bedroom wall.
Yep, she's for real.
Mashburn called the police to his house twice to break up fights between them.
I asked him point-blank if there was anybody else who might wanna hurt him.
Why didn't he mention her? Sir? - Oh, please.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What's going on? It's called a party.
Perhaps you've heard of them.
You should get yourself a drink.
I need to talk to Mashburn.
It's here.
It looks great, don't you think? Still need to speak to Markham Shankar? Yeah.
Rigsby says he's nowhere to be found.
Why? - No reason.
- Teresa.
- My heroine.
- I need to talk to you.
This woman saved my life.
Nearly took a bullet for me.
What the hell is that? Oh, that's, uh, fragments of the Porsche Spyder James Dean died in.
Congratulations, Walter.
You're the owner.
You son of a bitch.
You outbid me, and now you're flaunting it, you bastard? - Please step back.
- Meet Markham Shankar.
Uh, I apologize.
My bad.
I really needed to talk to you.
- You're a hard man to track down.
- You lured me here? - Well, yeah.
- Who the devil do you think you are? - The police.
- Talk to Shankar.
I've got Mashburn.
Did you pull that stunt--? Ladies and gentlemen, quick announcement.
Give a warm welcome to Walter's new girlfriend, number one, Teresa Lisbon.
Hi, Teresa.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you, Teresa.
Oh, I'm gonna kill him.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
You too, heh.
- Sir, we just have a few questions.
- Yes, we certainly do.
Marie Bajoran, what's her favorite color? Now, how would I know that? - Mr.
Shankar, do you own a rifle? - I heard about the attack on Walter.
It was a terrible thing.
So hard to find a good club these days.
And, yes, I do own several rifles.
What of it? If I were to kill him, I'd do the civilized thing and hire a professional.
What kind of music does she like? - I have no idea.
- Did you believe Mashburn cheated you - in the takeover of Bajoran's company? - Yes, but helping to destroy Yuri was its own reward.
Anything else? Does she prefer Chinese or Italian for dinner? Personally, Kung Pao chicken.
Although I do like a sweet-corn ravioli with a white-wine sauce.
Very nice.
Ha, ha.
Is this man on medication perhaps? No, I'm not.
You weren't having an affair with her? Ah.
Yes, I see.
Now, why would you not simply ask that to begin with? Fun.
The answer is no.
I do enjoy seducing other men's wives, but Marie and Yuri were madly in love.
Not exactly a target with much potential, now, is it? No.
Yes, thank you.
Uh, Cho, all this talk of food, I'll be at the oyster bar.
Shankar, where were you yesterday between 3 and 5 p.
? Drink? So my friends say, because you saved my life, that means you own me.
- They have a return policy? - Oh, come on.
Why so cranky on such a beautiful night? Well, Walter, remember when I asked you if there was anyone who wanted you dead? Anyone else who might've been mad at you? - Elsa Struven maybe? - Elsa? Oh, yeah, she was mad.
- Why didn't you tell me? - Well, it's not exactly breaking news.
My girlfriends are mad by the time we break up.
Can't imagine why.
- Hey.
You have to be nice to me.
- No, I don't.
- I'm a citizen.
You're a public servant.
- I'm off duty now.
- I upset you, don't I? - Upset me? No.
- Irritate me a little? Maybe.
- Why? You're egotistical, you're arrogant, you're entitled, and rich-- When do we get to the bad stuff? - Walter, no! - Elsa.
What, are you nuts? - I guess this means we're even.
- Yeah.
Okay, enough.
Elsa, calm down.
Some people never change.
Modeling pays well.
You could've hired someone to blow up Mashburn.
And assassinate him at Chaparral Glen.
Your guy failed, so you took it upon yourself to kill him with this.
Hurt Walter? I would never hurt Walter.
I love Walter, and he love me.
It was you I was going to kill, you little slut.
Excuse me? - You kissed him.
- I did not.
I didn't.
- You were about to.
- I did not kiss him.
None of my business.
You're totally wrong for him.
So little and bony.
Well, she does have a damaged intensity that some people might find attractive.
Elsa, you've admitted to assault with a deadly weapon on a cop.
You could get 10 years if you don't cooperate.
Now, who did you hire, and are they still after Walter? Cooperate, so you can tell Walter what a hero you are.
How you save him from me.
Then he kiss you again, huh? That is what you want, bitch? No.
Go suck your own face.
I don't cooperate.
What are you doing? Getting familiar.
You were at Walter's to watch over him, weren't you? To keep him safe from women like Lisbon.
- Yes.
- Yeah, that's okay.
You're very well-groomed for a crazy person.
Not a hair out of place.
You document his protection, don't you? To show him how much you love him and how wrong he is to not love you back.
Probably keep an album somewhere.
No, not an album.
Where's her cell phone? Oh.
So Elsa has over 300 photos of Mashburn on her phone.
Mashburn on his yacht.
Mashburn at a charity event.
Mashburn having lunch with some guy.
Mashburn having drinks with another guy.
Hang on.
Go back.
- That's Garth Drucker.
- Yuri Bajoran's head of security? What the hell is Drucker doing having drinks with his boss's archenemy? Jane, do you mind? Uh, Rigsby told me about Walter and Drucker.
Mashburn's been deceiving us from the get-go.
It should've been obvious that they knew each other.
Garth Drucker's bank records.
For the past six months, he's been receiving payments of $50,000 from one of Mashburn's holding companies.
Walter's a bad boy.
So what? Corporate espionage happens all the time.
He said he'd never been to Yuri's company.
He was there a few days ago.
Drucker let him in.
This is from security footage.
I found it at Drucker's house.
Must've been keeping it as insurance.
- Mashburn could've planted that bomb.
- Cool photo.
- Is this funny to you? - No, not at all.
How do you explain the sniper, then? Is that a mislead? Exactly.
Mashburn makes us think he's the target.
He's smart.
Maybe he's that smart.
- Tell me I'm wrong.
- You're wrong.
- Why? - The sniper very nearly killed you.
Walter wouldn't let that happen.
I believe that he wouldn't let that happen.
And on the other hand, we have the problem of motive.
Walter made a good case from wanting to keep Yuri alive to humiliate him.
- What's his motive to kill? - Not "what.
" "Who.
" - Is Walter still in love with you? - What? You wouldn't talk about it before.
It's about guilt, isn't it? You broke his heart.
- Why does any of this matter now? - Please.
It's important.
Do you think Walter may have been jealous of you and Yuri? Walter was different back then.
Sweet, heh.
The night I gave back his ring and told him about Yuri I could see something crack inside him.
He spent the next half-dozen years dating, and often marrying, the most dreadful bimbos.
He does have questionable taste in women.
Some men are like that with that first great love.
Their heart breaks, and the pieces never fit back together quite the same way.
I'm-- I'm very sorry I hurt Walter.
We think that Walter may have been involved with the bombing.
I-- I don't believe that.
Well, it's quite simple really.
I mean, you stage an attack appear to be the victim.
No one suspects the victim.
You have something to add? That night, Walter said he'd win me back no matter how long it took.
Bajoran, I have a plan, but I'm going to need your help.
- Of course.
- You're gonna confront Walter.
And when he looks into your eyes if he did this for you, he won't be able to hide it.
I wanna talk to him first.
Uh, she's-- She's gonna talk to him first.
You can have the car, Markham.
What am I gonna do with James Dean's car? Yeah, I'll send the paperwork over today.
You make the check out to my favorite charity, okay? Yeah.
I gotta go.
Teresa, pleasure.
I would've been happy to come to your office.
- Could've watched you work.
- That would've been awkward.
If this is about last-- It would've been awkward because I was investigating you.
I know about you and Drucker.
Look, that was industrial espionage, pure and simple.
Did you kill Yuri? Hang on.
We're back to that? You think I did it? If you did, I gotta hand it to you, it was smart.
You sure fooled me.
You're wrong.
Look, Teresa, I know you have trust issues-- You don't know anything about me.
Sure, I do.
You were raised in Chicago.
Your mom was a nurse.
Your dad was a fireman.
You have three brothers: - Thomas, James-- - You checked me out.
Listen to me, I am this close, this close, to arresting you for murder.
You know what? I'm gonna go inside.
I'm gonna make myself a stiff drink.
And I really hope you'll join me so we can talk about this.
If you did this thing, we'll find the proof.
You know we will.
And it's just a matter of time before I put you away.
I'd expect nothing less, Teresa.
Hey, Lisbon.
- Where's Walter going? - In the house.
I'll go get him.
I can't believe Walter did this.
- I'm sorry.
It's a lot to handle.
- It's all right.
You're upset.
So are you, Miss Lisbon.
Why is that? Lisbon! Help! Hey.
Oh! - Jane, you all right? - He hit me.
He hit me.
- Did Mashburn say anything to you? - That he'd never risk going to jail.
He has money in overseas accounts, and he'd be happy to live there.
He hasn't left.
We've frozen his accounts.
- Every cop in the state's looking for him.
- Thank you for coming.
Have a seat.
No sign of Walter yet? Just his car.
We found it abandoned a few miles from his palatial mansion.
We'll find him, I promise.
And you can help.
You know Mashburn better than anybody.
We found this on the seat of his car.
Do you know what it means? "G-F-M-C-A-1710.
" I don't know.
An address of some kind.
- Address to where? - I don't know.
I'm sorry, Agent Lisbon.
It's been too long.
I don't know Walter anymore.
That's obvious to me now.
Walter, turn around.
I win.
Not so much, Yuri.
Drop it, Bajoran.
Jane, you can come out now.
Yuri Bajoran.
You're looking delightfully not-so-blown-up-by-a-bomb.
Very clever of you, I must say.
No one suspects a dead man.
Well, almost no one.
You staged all this.
Mashburn running, just to lure me out.
Well, not bad for a state employee, huh? Ah, consultant, really.
Walter finally beat you.
He was gonna take over your company.
Your ego couldn't handle that.
So you put that military experience to use.
Kill Mashburn, and Drucker who betrayed you.
Leave the country with Marie.
Mashburn ruined it for you.
You didn't know he used your fake death threat as a reason to call in Lisbon and myself, and you were stuck.
It was my last chance before signing that damn contract.
Had to do it then.
Let's do the damn deal, Walter.
Oh, yeah.
And everything was in place.
The bomb and, what, a little DNA sprinkled everywhere to prove you died in that explosion? Hey, Teresa, while you're here.
You set the timer and got out of there.
Timed it almost perfectly.
But Walter escaped.
And then you missed him again at Chaparral Glen.
Mashburn's a cockroach.
He wouldn't die.
Now I have a question for you, Mr.
How did you know? Yuri's toupees? Yes.
In his bedroom, he had five heads and only two toupees.
Fine, he was wearing one.
That leaves still two missing.
And only one person would have, uh, such a need for such a personal object.
- Yuri took them? - Yeah.
I guess, uh, you find a good rug, you, uh, get very connected to it.
Thank you for your help in catching him.
Not at all.
It was fun.
- Mm.
- Sorry.
It was your idea.
Though I still can't believe that Marie wanted me dead.
You have a knack for picking them.
Almost forgot.
Your credit card.
Thank you.
Patrick, hang on.
One question.
Do you think Teresa believed it? That I was the killer? Yeah, she did, for a minute there.
But I wouldn't think anything of it.
- We caught Lady Macbeth? - At the Canadian border.
I was just gonna tell the boss.
- Where is she? - Don't know.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
I'm very glad you came over last night.
Me too.
I'll call room service, order some breakfast.
No, no, I can't.
I'm late.
What can I say? The bastards keep killing people.
When am I gonna see you again? - Aren't you going to Europe tomorrow? - Ugh.
- Two months.
Board meetings.
- Well, there you go, then.
It was nice seeing you, Walter.
Can't believe I'm a one-night stand for Dirty Harry.
Yeah, well, I'd leave you cab fare, but you probably got that covered, right? - Bye, Teresa.
- Goodbye, Walter.
Okay, liaise with Costa Mesa P.
Put a lid on the crime scene.
You and Cho start canvassing.
It's a crowded neighborhood.
Somebody saw something.

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