The Mentalist s03e09 Episode Script

Red Moon

Don't move.
Does it bite? - He could've killed me.
- Shh.
- CBI? - Yes, sir.
What took you so long? I understand this is a tough situation for you.
Tough situation.
This is Deputy Nelson Capel, been with me 15 years.
Got three kids.
He answered a 911 call last night at 10:23 from a local girl Keeley Farlowe, on her cell phone.
She gave her location here and the line went dead.
This is Deputy Lance Connor.
Five years in.
His dad was at high school with me.
That EMT captain you see there, crying like a baby that's my nephew, Todd.
The reason he's crying? That's his fiancée.
Throat cut.
So, yeah, tough situation.
Go and look at whatever it is you wanna look at.
Let me know when you're done so we can take these folks someplace decent.
This is trouble.
Interesting though.
Three different methods of killing.
Why is that? It's always bad when local cops are personally involved.
- Think the feds want this? - Bodies have been arranged.
Not in an ostentatious way, but there's a definite aesthetic at work here.
He took his time.
Yeah, it's a truly complicated maniac we're dealing with.
- Yes, I think I will call the feds.
- No, don't do that.
I don't know why, but I want this case.
Or vice versa.
All right.
But I have a feeling I'm gonna be sorry.
You people done yet? Sheriff Mullery, just so we're on the same page in cases like these, we, the CBI, have sole jurisdiction.
Your department would have a strictly advisory role.
- That's-- - Have all the jurisdiction you want.
I swear to God, the man who did this will not live to see a courtroom.
You didn't hear that.
I'm already sorry.
- What's your password for Wi-Fi? - Say? One-two-three-four.
- Of course.
- So CBI.
- Top guns.
- Not really.
- I'm Agent Grace Van Pelt.
- Bob Woolgar.
Number two round here.
That's Hobbs.
Sir? May I help you? May I please speak with whoever's in charge of the murder investigation? - Why's that? - I'm sorry, are you in charge? - No, but I-- - I thought no, heh.
Sir, I'm with the CBI.
We're in charge of this investigation.
If you have information, I'd be happy to help.
No offense, you're far too young and pretty to have any authority in the matter.
I shall wait for your chief.
If you're media, keep moving.
Put the weapon down right now.
All right, no problem.
No need to shout.
- And you are? - I'm Joe Hunnicker.
Keeley's my granddaughter.
I live here with her and Todd.
Come on in.
She was a good girl.
If she and Todd hadn't brought me in here, on my VA check I'd be in a hostel somewhere.
Hey, Todd.
Lisbon, Jane.
Oh, hey.
We met.
Really, I apologize for my outburst there.
I was a little crazy, you can imagine.
I'm calmed down a little now.
Rest assured, I won't be pulling any vigilante nonsense.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
And I'm glad you see it that way.
There's no upside to taking the law into your own hands.
- Revenge truly doesn't work.
- That's a sweeping statement, isn't it? I'm sure we can all think of examples where revenge has worked.
- Thanks for your input.
- Just saying.
Tell us about Keeley.
I don't know what to say.
I love her.
We're getting married.
We were.
- Parents? - Auto accident about five years ago.
Drunk driver.
Both dead.
When was the last time you spoke to her? About an hour before she was due home.
I called her and I, ugh-- I asked her to bring home some beer and chips.
Me and Hunny were playing gin rummy.
I could've picked her up.
I often do when it's raining or whatever.
But last night, I was just lazy I guess.
It's basically my fault that she's dead.
Don't-- Don't say that, son.
Don't take that on yourself.
Please find who did this.
I just wanna know why.
Why? Keeley worked the late shift for the last year.
- Four to 10, as reliable as clockwork.
- Great kid.
Everybody loved her.
- Always had a smile for you.
- She thought the best of folks.
- Kind of naive that way.
- Meaning anyone in particular? No.
Just, you know, in general.
- What time did she leave work? - Ten, as always.
On that so-and-so bicycle.
I told her it wasn't safe.
But she said it saved money and kept her skinny.
Did anything unusual happen during her shift? Not that I saw.
There was this trucker tried to pick her up.
Come in a few times now.
Always left her like a 10-buck tip.
He was in here yesterday around closing.
You remember him? She used to love to show her engagement ring to guys, shut them down.
- This guy was like, "I don't care.
" - Did you get his name? Says "Greg" on his shirt.
You remember him.
Big old greasy fella.
Can't say I do.
He drives this truck with this big smiling orange on the side.
With arms, like, "Hi, I'm an orange.
" Examples where revenge worked splendidly.
I was just teasing.
Little hypocritical of you to lecture him on revenge.
How's that? Uh, all these years you've been helping me seek revenge.
Well, that's different.
- How's that? - I'm in control of the situation.
Oh, really? She must've been abducted somewhere along this stretch of road.
- Strange we haven't found her bike.
- Maybe she didn't head straight home.
What do you mean you're in control of the situation? When we find Red John, I'm gonna be there to stop you from doing anything foolish.
- We're gonna put him in front of a judge.
- You believe that? - Yes, I do.
- Really? I just assumed you took that stuff with a grain of salt.
Well, you assumed wrong.
No salt.
You know the reality will be different.
Red John is mine.
And I will exact my revenge on him.
I think when the time comes, you'll see that violence is not the answer.
I had no idea your naive idealism was so deeply felt.
- Hush.
- Hush.
Excuse me.
You are Agent Teresa Lisbon? - Yes, I am.
- Good evening, ma'am.
My name is Ellis Mars.
I understand you are leading the Keeley Farlowe murder investigation.
- Yes.
- Ah, poor girl.
I often saw her around town.
So fresh, innocent.
Yes? I have information.
The killer is going to strike again.
- Soon.
- And how do you know that, sir? Well, it's hard to explain.
Some call it a third eye or ESP.
I think of it simply as my gift.
Not interested.
Thanks though.
I've been waiting here for several hours, ugh.
Perhaps you are more broad-minded, sir? Ah, don't get me started.
I forgive your brusqueness.
I can tell that you have been visited by great tragedy.
- Oh, really? - I'm sorry, I did not mean to offend.
I just, uh, saw it in your eyes.
Goodbye, Mr.
If you do need my help again, please call me.
I'll happily come back, heh.
Cho and Rigsby have gone to pick up Gregor Hobart drives for Happy Citrus Farms.
Seen talking to Keeley as she left work.
- Forensics? - They put a rush on the report.
Be here in the morning.
I booked us rooms at the nearest motel.
Reasonable price.
Deputy Hobbs says it's clean.
It's been a long day.
You all right, Jane? Oh, small-town motel, gas-station pizza, what could be better? Heh.
Tiger, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? - Gregor Hobart? - Yes? Don't run.
- Wasn't going to.
- You had that look about you.
No one calls me Gregor.
- What's this about? - Keeley Farlowe.
She's dead.
Oh, no.
- You were fond of Keeley, were you? - Yes, I was.
- Did you ever tell her that? - Sure.
- I asked her out.
- What was her response? Uh, I think she was intrigued.
She was engaged to be married.
We're all sinners, brother, even nice girls like Keeley.
- And when did you last speak to her? - Yesterday, uh, when she left work.
- When she left work? Where? - Uh, outside the diner.
In the street.
She was unlocking her bike.
That makes you the last person to see her alive.
- Hmm, apart from her killer.
- Right.
So you said hi.
I said hi, she said hi.
She was upset and so I tried to make her feel better.
I told her a joke.
- This goat walks into a bar-- - What was she upset about? Cook at the diner was hassling her on the sly.
Grabbing at her, you know.
Secret lech.
They had a tussle just before I saw her so she was upset.
So anyway, I made her laugh, she rode off happy.
- And that's the last you saw of her? - Yeah.
The strange thing? When she was leaving, the moon was coming up over the hills and it looked like she was riding to the moon, you know? I was admiring how pretty she looked and at the same time, it gave me a bad feeling.
Like an evil omen.
We hear you were harassing Keeley Farlowe.
Putting your hands on her? - No.
- We hear you had a fight with her.
It's hot in here.
Roll up your sleeves.
That's okay.
I'm not hot.
Uh, a cat did this.
There is no cat, Rusty.
And Forensics will find your skin under Keeley's fingernails, won't they? I want a lawyer.
Leave him alone with me for 10 minutes.
I'll get a confession.
- That's a great idea.
- That's not the way we work.
Don't worry about it, little lady.
Go get yourself a latte.
Check your e-mail.
Won't take long.
Sheriff, we have some cultural differences here.
We'll take this gentleman to Sacramento, question him there.
Avoid friction.
Come on.
You had her at "little lady.
" My aunt had a cat.
Little Charlie Manson with fur.
Percy he was called.
Get it? - Purr-cy.
- Interesting anecdote.
Just trying to keep our friend at ease, right? - Hey.
Hey! - I'll kill you! You're a dead man.
Relax, sir.
Relax and the pain will stop.
Tell me why I shouldn't charge Todd Johnson with assault.
- I think you should.
- But he's a good kid.
He just got carried away.
Are we gonna ruin his life with a criminal record? Hasn't he suffered enough already? Vengeance is not legal.
People need to know that.
I have justice and humanity on my side and Lisbon has a teachable moment.
Let me talk to him.
I'll persuade him to drop the notion of revenge.
- Put him on the right path.
- You think you can do that? I know I can.
I've been there.
Go do that.
And if he says the right things, and I believe him, then he can walk away.
Yes, ma'am.
Have a seat.
You just tried to kill an innocent man.
Very lucky you failed.
I didn't fail.
I mean, I wasn't thinking, I don't know what I was doing.
- You're sure he's not the guy? - He's not the guy.
Trust me.
CBI Chief wants to charge you with assault.
I guess I got it coming.
Unless you're willing to swear you've learned your lesson and you won't pursue personal vengeance.
I can't do that, Mr.
I find who did this to Keeley, I will kill them.
I can't swear to do otherwise.
Todd, you repeat what I tell you now, and I will deny every word of it.
If you truly want revenge, you have to be hard.
You have to be dishonest and devious and cold.
You can't let people see what's in your heart.
So anyhow, I'm very sorry.
And I swear it will never happen again.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
And I'm glad to say that you can walk out of here a free man.
- No charges.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- That was all BS, right? - Well, it sounded pretty sincere to me.
- I hope you know what you're doing.
- About 78 percent sure.
- Grace, what is it? - The ballistics report came in.
Deputy Connor was shot with the same .
45 caliber handgun - used in the Howard Ortiz murders.
- Oh, crap.
Howard Ortiz murders? Two months ago, Sac P.
Officer Jeff Ortiz was shot dead by a passing motorist.
Then, exactly one month later, CHP Officer Rance Howard was shot dead with the same handgun.
Both incidents occurred late at night on country roads.
Howard used to work here before your time.
San Francisco has the case.
You talk to them? Yup.
They're sending a copy of the files.
A serial killer of policemen.
Very interesting.
This is not a fascinating puzzle.
It's a media crap storm.
San Francisco basically has nothing on the Howard Ortiz murders.
No forensics apart from ballistics, no witnesses, no leads.
Rusty Moore was on vacation in Florida when the first murder occurred.
Hobart's company log puts him out of range in both instances.
We can discard both of them as suspects.
Forensics found no suspicious DNA on Keeley or the two deputies.
The tire tracks at the scene were standard make.
Over 5 million sold in California alone.
We got nothing, basically.
Except a monthly pattern, a .
45 caliber handgun and a grudge against the police.
- But why Keeley? She's not police.
- Why not Keeley? He sees her riding along.
It's easy to knock her off her bike.
Now he has bait to lure the deputies into a trap.
The killer's gotten more elaborate.
Started with a simple drive-by.
Now we have multiple victims, staging of bodies, arson.
He's beginning to enjoy himself.
Spreading his wings.
I'm reading your interview with Hobart, the poetical trucker.
He says that when Keeley rode off, and I quote: "The moon was coming up over the hills and it looked like she was riding to the moon.
And I was admiring how pretty she looked and at the same time I had a bad feeling about it.
Like an evil omen.
" - Moon rises in the east.
- So she was riding east.
- Her route home is west of the diner.
- She wasn't headed home when she left.
We've been looking for the abduction site on the wrong road.
Yep, that's Keeley's bike.
We're gonna have to cordon off this whole area.
I'm gonna call Forensics, get some techs down here.
Where does this go? Where was she headed? Hmm, about half a mile down there's a make-out spot the local kids use.
After that, nothing till you get to Gainersville, 20 miles away.
I got something.
Looks like a button from a pea-coat type of thing.
- Like sailors wear.
- Sailors and, uh.
We're investigating the murders.
Need a list of firefighters that weren't on duty the night before last.
And anyone who was supposed to be, but didn't show up.
- Okay.
- You look troubled.
Yeah, actually, I mean, there was one guy didn't show up that night.
But there's no way.
He's not that kind of guy.
What's his name? Kitchen.
Ben Kitchen.
And where can we find Mr.
Kitchen? Yo, Kitch.
Get out here.
These detectives wanna talk to you.
- Okay.
What'd I do? - How'd you lose your eyebrows? Barbecue accident at home.
Why didn't you come in the night before last? Stomach bug.
Might be it was the barbecue.
- What's this about? - Your lack of eyebrows.
I know what she looks like.
I didn't kill her.
I was home, like I said a million times now.
- You say that, but you have no proof.
- I don't need proof.
You need proof.
You have a bad attitude.
- What's the matter? - My face hurts.
You don't like policemen? Don't love them.
It's nothing personal.
It's a firefighter's tradition.
- Sheriff Mullery? - I hear you got a suspect in custody.
He looks pretty good for it.
- Hmm, firefighter, huh? - Yeah.
Ben Kitchen? Yeah, I know him.
Look, I'm on my way to the office now.
That's all right, sheriff.
It's early days yet.
- We don't know if-- - Don't worry.
I won't interfere.
I learned my lesson-- Hello? Sheriff? Sheriff Mullery? Hello? Hello? Waiting for confirmation but the ME took what looks like a .
45 slug from Mullery.
Same caliber as the previous murders.
Same m.
So we have to assume it's the same shooter, only a different schedule.
Three days from the last murder instead of a month.
Why the change? Because he had to kill Mullery.
Because Mullery discovered something.
Why did Mullery keep it quiet, then? And how did the killer know that he had discovered something? Good questions.
Sir, I don't care, you're not allowed in.
- Please, deputy, I am trying to help.
- Hobbs, it's okay.
I'll deal with him.
- What brings you back here, Mr.
Mars? - I'm sorry, I never caught your name.
- Patrick Jane.
- Patrick.
Patrick, I don't mean to be self-serving but I did tell you there would be another killing.
Yes, you did.
Poor Mullery.
Lisbon was actually on the phone with him when he died.
- I suppose we owe you an apology, but-- - No, no, no.
Without doubt there can be no faith.
All I ask is that you'll listen to me now with, uh, an open mind.
Now that you know what I say is true perhaps you can imagine how helpful I can be to you.
Can you imagine that? - Are you trying to hypnotize me? - No, heh, Patrick, of course not.
- Felt a little weird.
- Ah, no.
Ha, ha.
Trying is nothing.
Doing is everything.
And all I'm doing is asking for you to let me help you.
Hmm? I can help you.
- You can help us.
Come on in.
- Thank you.
Lisbon, sheriff, you remember Mr.
- Yes? - He can help.
- Really? - He can? I know you're skeptical, but hear him out.
I think you'll be impressed.
I need to run to the store.
Then we take him to Keeley's to look around.
I'll be right back.
- I sense that you're upset.
- Oh, really? Oh, yes.
I see.
You were the last person to speak with Sheriff Mullery, weren't you? Yes.
Oh, I see you right there when he died.
No, wait.
There, but not there.
You were on the phone with him when he died.
How did you know that? A psychic? You're kidding me.
- Come on.
- This guy's good.
- What room is that? - It's the bathroom.
So, what's the gag? This appears to be an absurd waste of time.
Yes, it does, doesn't it? Wait a bit though.
You'll enjoy the next part.
The mark of a good psychic is the ability to improvise to use to your advantage whatever props might come to hand.
What is it? A tooth? A wolf's tooth.
Where on earth would a wolf's tooth come from? The killer must've left it here.
It's a sign.
As a clairvoyant, a man of clear sight, if you will it's my opinion the killer has a strong lycanthropic complex.
He believes he's a werewolf, or a wolfman "were" being an Anglo-Saxon word for "man.
" Hence, the monthly pattern of his crimes.
His behavior is driven by the phases of the moon.
You're saying there's a killer who turns into a wolf? Uh, no, no.
No, I'm saying there's a killer who believes he turns into a wolf.
And so he is a wolf and behaves like one.
The mind is a powerful machine.
It can create reality.
Now I think I know what your game is.
- Really? - Hmm.
- I'd be very surprised if you did.
- Ouch! Of course, you're right.
The killer's driven by the phases of the moon.
That is brilliant.
How did you work that out? Simple deduction.
And the last killing didn't break the pattern at all it simply initiated a different lunar cycle.
- Exactly.
- So tonight, uh, it's a big night, huh? - Tonight? - Moon's at its apogee.
I'm no astrologer, but, uh, isn't that a highly charged moment? It can be.
It depends, heh.
Yes, and serial killers always have a very strong urge - to return to the scene of their crimes.
- Oh.
I wouldn't wanna be up in those hills tonight.
Werewolf stuff gives me the creeps.
It's, uh, easy to be scared of the unknown.
- Would you excuse me? - Of course.
Uh, oh.
- Ah.
- Hmm.
Heh Mr.
Mars, can I get one of those? - Here.
Have one of these.
- Thank you.
Sheriff Woolgar.
Do you have any deputies watching the original crime scene? - No.
Why? - Well, I've been thinking about all this wolf stuff.
It occurs to me it's very likely the killer will return to the scene of the crime.
- Why? - Serial killers do, don't they? Well, some do and some don't.
Someone that thinks they're a wolf will almost certainly return.
Wolves always return to their kills.
They do? I'll put some men up there.
That's smart.
Good evening.
Get in.
What on earth are you doing out here? I was waiting for the killer, but he saw me.
He chased me.
That wasn't the killer.
That was the police.
And now they probably think you're the killer.
Oh, my God.
- This is your fault.
- Excuse me? How so? Did I tell you to go out there in the middle of the night? No, I did not.
I'll go to the police, I'll explain.
They'll see it's a misunderstanding.
They'll only keep you locked up a couple of days.
As long as no angry cops try to take revenge, you'll be fine.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Don't worry.
I'll help you.
We can fix this, okay? Just trust me.
Todd, it's Jane.
Meet me at the sheriff's office.
Lisbon, get dressed.
I have an excellent play in motion.
- What is it? - Uh, get dressed.
I have an excellent play in motion.
Huh? We're about to crack the biggest case in a long time and we are running out of time.
I want him flagged for arrest at all the airports in the area.
- What's happened? Found someone? - Ask Sheriff Woolgar.
Well, let me talk to someone who can, for crying out loud.
- Yes, I'll wait.
- What's the rumpus? Bob, I promise, I won't do anything crazy.
I just wanna know.
My guys spotted Ellis Mars creeping around the crime scene.
He ran off when challenged, left his car.
We found dried blood and a long dark human hair on the back seat.
- It's on its way to Forensics.
- That doesn't make sense.
We should've realized before.
He knew Lisbon was on the phone with Mullery when he died.
- Psychic powers, he said.
- He knew that? How could he know that? Exactly.
He's not psychic, he was there.
Yeah, but he's been helping you guys.
It's a common psychopathic profile, classic almost.
They seek a part in the investigation, seek the spotlight.
- Where is he now? - We don't know.
This is Acting Sheriff Woolgar, Vineland Township.
Count to 10 and meet me outside.
Well, what the heck do I have to do to get people at the airport? Yes, now.
Get in.
- Where are we going? - You'll see.
Get in.
Ellis Mars is in Room 21.
Consider it a gift from a brother in arms.
I hope someday someone will do the same for me.
You're messing with me.
I'll show you.
See? - Oh, my God.
- Go ahead.
What are you waiting for? This guy cut Keeley's throat and watched her die.
- I didn't.
- Don't bother lying to us.
We found Keeley's blood and hair in your car.
That's impossible.
What's going on, Todd? I'm not gonna shoot this guy.
That talk was just hot air? You don't have the guts? Oh, I got the guts all right.
- I just don't know for sure he did it.
- We have hard evidence against him.
Yes, you do.
And I don't understand that.
I guess you're framing him for some reason, but why? And why would you want me to kill someone who didn't really do it? What's your game? Huh? You're setting me up, aren't you? Or I'm simply telling you the truth and Mars is guilty.
No? And you're sure? Yeah, well, you're right.
Mars' only crime is foolishness and fraud.
I set him up.
Get out of here.
What's this about? See, the thing is, Todd there's only one way you can be so sure of his innocence.
It was you that killed Keeley and Mullery and all of those cops.
- You're nuts.
- Don't bother with a song and dance.
I'm satisfied you're guilty.
A garden-variety psychopath.
Probably been killing random people here and there for years.
I'm not sure why you turned on cops all of a sudden but I'm sure you have good reasons.
- Your dad was a cop, right? - Yes, he was.
He was mean to you, made you hate policemen maybe? No.
He was a kind and gentle man.
Then who made you this way? Please don't say your mother.
That'd be too clichéd.
No, my mother was a saint.
You're mistaken about me.
Really? Oh.
Well, let me run it down for you.
You killed Keeley because she was getting too clingy.
She was asking too many questions about your other life.
She bugged you.
Mullery died because he recognized that button as yours.
And he asked you about it, you stalled him.
Then you had to kill him, quick.
Broke the monthly pattern, which wasn't about the moon, of course.
Once a month, Hunnicker got his VA check goes on a binge, drinks till he blacks out.
Gives you an alibi.
How am I doing so far? - You're very clever, Mr.
- Thank you.
I must confess, I underestimated you.
- More like you overestimated yourself.
- No.
You say that because you don't see the big picture.
There's a reason for everything I've done.
- What's the big picture? - You'll never know.
There's no big picture.
Oh, trust me, it would blow your mind.
No firing pin.
Of course.
Cho, Rigsby! - Drop the weapon.
- Hands on your head.
Ah! You're under arrest.
What is it? I've changed my mind.
I wanna talk.
- That's a smart move.
- But I'll only talk to Mr.
Why's that? We have a connection.
Maybe he doesn't wanna talk to you.
Tell him I have a secret.
A secret only he will understand.
- A secret, huh? - That's what he said.
That you were the only one who would understand.
- That you and he had a connection.
- Nah.
He's just trying to lend an air of mystery to his sad little story of madness.
The case will go a lot easier if we can get him to talk.
I have spent enough time with that creep.
Staring into the abyss.
You know, it's not healthy.
Just hear what he has to say.
He's right downstairs in the holding cell.
PSU is starting an investigation.
They figure it's somebody getting revenge for Officer Howard.
They'll need to speak with you later.
Doctor says his systems are shutting down.
That he won't regain consciousness.
Okay then.
I'm gonna go finish up the paperwork now.
Tiger, tiger
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