The Mentalist s03e11 Episode Script


Stay on it! Yes! Hit him! Hit him again! Kill him! - Kill the son of a bitch.
- Uh, can we just--? Yeah! Break his face! So you must hit a lot of guys, huh? Well, I'm a cop, so comes with the job sometimes.
It's only ever self-- That is so hot.
I would love to see you hit someone.
Oh, uh.
All right, let's fight.
Woo-hoo! Charlotte Mitchell was her name.
She was a book writer.
Writing a book.
Got control of the crime scene.
Gonna be a wide suspect list.
Get statements from the guards, vendors, attendants.
- Find out who could get backstage.
- It's gonna be in the hundreds.
Look, uh, just to be clear, I don't own this arena.
I simply promoted the fight.
I have no liability here.
What was Charlotte's connection to you? She was writing a book about this fight.
About my guy Manny Flacco and Rowdy Merriman.
She said it was a microcosm of whatever.
I-- I figured any PR for my boy Manny is good PR.
That's the kind of kid he is.
Got the initial report from the M.
Shot twice.
Close range.
Had a purse.
Money, jewelry all intact.
- 8:30-9 p.
- That was in the middle of the fight.
- Excuse me.
When was the last time you saw Ms.
Mitchell? We were supposed to sit together during the fight.
She didn't show up.
Sir, why are you staring at me like that? I was staring? Oh, I'm so sorry.
My mind was elsewhere.
That's Charlotte Mitchell, right? And you're, uh-- And you're Leonard Artash, promoter.
- Let's go talk to the fighters, shall we? - Really? Well, Rigsby just told us it wasn't a robbery.
We know it wasn't sexual.
It looks like it was in cold blood, so not a crime of passion.
What's that leave? I'd bet your pension this has something to do with the fight.
But Manny and Merriman were in the cage when she was shot.
- Are you a detective? - No.
Well, then.
Manny Flacco, you're the man.
You were fantastic in there.
Messed him up like he was dog meat.
You're gonna be champion of the world, you hear me? Champion of the world.
- You gotta deal with this now? - Yes, ma'am, we do.
What's the problem, Bea? Who are those guys? - They're cops.
- Oh, come on now.
Can it wait? Talk to him after he checks in with the doctor.
- I don't need the doc.
- Better safe than sorry, right? - Manny's got nothing to do with this.
- To do with what? Charlotte Mitchell was murdered this evening.
- Charlotte, murdered? Oh, my God.
- Stay cool.
Don't get excited.
She was found shot to death in a service corridor under the arena.
Happened during your fight.
- You knew and didn't tell me? - We're trying to protect you.
- I didn't want to spoil your night.
- Who did this? That's what we're looking to find out.
You liked her a lot, huh? This lady, uh.
What's her name? - What's her name? - Charlotte Mitchell.
Yeah, I liked her.
Everybody liked her.
She was good people.
- Yeah.
- Yes, she was.
Well, thank you.
Uh, where's Merriman's room? - Oh, so we're done now, are we? - You have some questions? - Yeah.
- She has some questions.
You don't wanna go back there.
These aren't the droids you're looking for.
Tough night, huh? Uh, listen, consolation-wise, you know what Nietzsche said.
Man, who the hell are you? I don't even care, get your butt out of here.
I'm CBI.
I'm investigating a murder.
- You're a cop? - Well, not officially.
Screw murder.
I got a robbery to report.
Flacco wouldn't have won dip if he didn't have the ref in his pocket.
Son of a bitch was head-butting me the whole night.
- Who got murdered? - Charlotte Mitchell.
No kidding? The book writer? Damn.
That's messed up.
Ain't gonna be no book now, I guess.
They rape her as well? She was kind of hot.
Hello? Either you're a genius manipulator concealing your complicity in the case or you're a dimly-lit clown.
Which is it? - You were right, big man.
- Say that again.
Get back here and see where running your mouth's gonna get you, punk.
Leave him alone.
He's a cop.
I'll get back to you.
Ballistics came back.
Nine millimeter weapon.
Rifling patterns on the bullets indicate the gun used to kill Charlotte Mitchell was also used in a murder back in 2001.
The weapon was never recovered.
Killer was a man named Joe Reyes.
Got out eight months ago.
Early release.
Cho's working through suspects from the arena.
Take Rigsby, talk to Reyes.
Find out what happened to that gun.
I'm gonna talk to the victim's father.
- Rigsby's busy.
- With what? - Mr.
LaRoche is interviewing him.
- Oh.
A man named Todd Johnson was murdered while in CBI custody.
Cop killer.
Burned to death in his cell.
I just wanted to get your opinion on some things.
You were an arson investigator before coming to CBI, right? - Yeah.
In San Diego.
- Yeah.
Are you familiar with - pyrophoric igniters? - Sure.
Liquid or solid? Used in conjunction with a xylene accelerant? - Overkill, I'd say.
- Really? And the fire safety system here in CBI? Easy to access and deactivate? Top-of-the-line ESFR system? No, bypassing that took real know-how.
You could deactivate it, couldn't you? Yes, I could.
Are you accusing me? Are you confessing? Your father is Steven Robert Rigsby? Yes, he is.
What has he got to do with the investigation? Used to be affiliated with the Iron Gods motorcycle gang, yes? - Well, you know he was.
- Yes.
I have his sheet here.
Robbery, narcotics assault, manslaughter.
- Quite the rascal.
- I have nothing to do with my father.
Nothing at all? No card at Christmas? No.
We don't talk, I don't know where he is.
LaRoche, you're supposed to inform me when you talk to one of my people.
That's not a right.
That's a courtesy we extend on occasion.
Well, in the future, I'd like you to extend that courtesy to me.
Thank you, Agent Rigsby.
That should do it.
Till every foe is vanquished And Christ is Lord indeed Amen.
We have newcomers, brothers and sisters.
Make them feel welcome.
Joseph Reyes? My gun.
- A woman was killed with my gun? - Same one you used back in 2001.
You just cannot escape the sins of the past.
All you can do is ask the Lord's guidance and keep on, man.
Did you know Charlotte Mitchell? No, ma'am, I did not.
And I don't have that gun, either.
Got rid of it back when you shot that guy? What did you do with it? I gave it to a lady friend of mine at the time.
What did she do with it? I don't know.
I haven't seen her since my arrest.
- What was the lady's name? - Uh.
Dawn May.
Address? Don't know.
Like I said, I didn't look for her when I got out.
After finding my faith, I realized I had to turn my back on all my evil ways and all the people that could possibly lead me back there.
All right.
Thanks for your time.
Why did you kill that man back in 2001? If you don't mind my asking.
I don't know, ma'am.
It was foolishness.
Look, I did a lot of bad things back in the day.
That was just the one they caught me for.
This is God's plan.
- I found it.
- Good.
- Okay, hold it up.
- Dad, heh.
No, come on.
Hold it up.
Higher, higher, higher.
- Okay, that's good.
- It's just a town hall report.
- No, it's your first newspaper arti-- - Heh.
She was a good girl.
A fine human being.
We're sorry for your loss, Mr.
Thank you.
Would you mind if I just took a little look around? Uh, no, uh, not at all.
The kitchen is there and her office is this way.
These are her notebooks.
She kept good notes.
I taught her that.
I apologized to her only last week for teaching her a dying profession.
Journalism's dying, you know.
All this Internet.
Maybe we should go in the living room, Mr.
Huh? Yeah.
I'll take those.
I'll be right there.
Just try and relax, sir.
Can I get you something to drink? Some water, maybe? Yeah, that would be very nice.
Thank you.
--newspaper article.
No, I've been published in real newspapers before.
- Those were not real newspapers.
- Yes, they were so.
No, they weren't.
Now, okay.
All right, all right.
Now, I want you to read from it.
- Come on, read from it.
- I'm reading it.
- Oh, ha, ha.
- Heh, heh, heh.
Out loud.
Go on.
Grove Park Interim Mayor Joyce Franklin presided today over the opening of a brand-new senior center named for retiring councilman Sam Chapin.
- There.
- No.
Read the whole thing.
The center will serve the Grove Park community Jane.
Jane! Get in here! Heart attack.
Mitchell? Stay with me.
A heavy right by Maravich.
Let us know.
The doctors say Tom Mitchell had a major cardiac arrest.
Hmm, I could have told them that.
They were able to stabilize, he's unconscious.
They're gonna keep him in ICU until he wakes up.
Poor man.
Ooh! - Went down and stayed down.
- Oh, yeah.
Been looking through Mitchell's notebooks.
Aside from stuff about the dangers of Mixed Martial Arts fighting and blood markers, she was looking for a fight fixing angle.
- What do you think? - Merriman took a fall? I can't see it.
It's worth killing over, though.
A lot of money to be made on a sure thing.
We should talk to the promoter, Artash.
See what he has to say about fight fixing.
A 60-40 split.
And an option for his next three fights.
Hey, alternatively, go eat a shoelace.
I want the deal done by Friday.
Call me back.
We got it.
Manny fights for the title, six months time.
Two-million dollar purse.
Heh, can I pick them or what? You see that kid with the long hair? He's gonna be my next champion.
- Mark my words.
- Fight fixing.
What can you tell us? No.
That doesn't happen.
The board finds out, everyone involved is done, forever.
And you need a fighter willing to take a dive, which Merriman isn't.
- No? - Egotistical jerk like him? Come on.
Stick the jab and shoot it.
Stick and shoot.
Get off the ropes.
Your fighter looks stronger.
Shouldn't he be winning? He's slower and dumber.
You're Floyd Benton, aren't you? Didn't you train Manny Flacco? Used to.
Until he got too big and smart to learn.
Come on, son of a bitch.
Stick and move.
Come on.
- Police, aren't you? - How'd you know? Police and fine women think they got a right to be where they're at.
And you ain't no fine woman, huh? I'm here about Charlotte Mitchell.
Poor girl.
- You think it was about the fight? - What do you think? I think if it wasn't about the fight, you wouldn't be here.
What aspect of the fight do you think would motivate murder? You're the detective.
What, am I supposed to do your job for you? What if I do your job for you? Is that a fair exchange? - Shoot.
- Artash's prospect has a tell.
He taps his forehead before he throws a right uppercut.
When he does that, your guy should step to the right and throw a hook.
Damn if you ain't almost correct.
- You got a good eye.
- Well, thank you.
Now it's your turn.
Charlotte Mitchell.
Who killed her? Don't know.
But I will say this, there's more to Manny Flacco than meets the eye.
And what's that? Just a vibe I get.
Does that vibe have anything to do with the fact the he fired you as his trainer? I'm a bigger man than that.
Okay, listen up.
Come here, come here, come here.
Listen, your man there.
There she is.
Joe Reyes' old girlfriend.
Keep on going.
All right.
- Come on now, keep moving.
- Dawn May? - We need to talk.
- What's this about? Remember Joe Reyes? We need to know what happened to a gun he gave you.
Can you guys keep it down? People here might get upset, they knew about my past.
The gun.
What'd you do with it? I gave it to my cousin Bobby.
I don't know what he did with it.
- Where's your cousin Bobby? - Dead.
Got blown up in Iraq.
- Excuse me.
- What's this all about? - Hello.
- Am I in trouble? Agent Rigsby.
This is J.
Where are you? We need to talk more.
- I'm working a case.
- When are you coming back in? I couldn't say.
It's an active case.
I could ask Agent Lisbon to bring you back.
Should I do that? I'll be there in an hour.
Two kids I'm trying to raise who don't know the life I used to lead.
- We won't speak to your children.
- Ready? Yeah.
Thank you.
We'll be in touch.
Thank you.
Says she was at a parent-teacher conference.
Should be easy to check.
- Anything wrong? Who called? - Nothing.
You said there had been no contact but phone records show six phone calls from your father between June and July of 2008.
What does this have to do with someone burning a cop killer to death here? Nothing, directly.
But it does speak to character.
You're questioning my character? Did you know there are criminological studies that posit criminality as a heritable trait? Like eye color, or a baritone voice.
- What? - I just mean it may not be your fault, Agent Rigsby.
You may simply be predisposed to criminal behavior.
- Scientifically speaking.
- Look, my father called me about a mix-up with his parole officer.
Was I supposed to ignore him? And did you forget that conversation? Or you chose not to--? I forgot.
Are we done here? I think we're done.
I got something.
A security guard had a run-in with Charlotte before the fight.
Trying to get into the dressing room.
Didn't have the right kind of access laminate, so he wouldn't let her in.
She got agitated, made a scene, and he threw her out.
- This was at approximately 6:30.
- Six-thirty? That puts her in the arena an hour before the M.
's estimate.
And that means Flacco and Merriman both had opportunity.
- They're suspects too.
- Bring them both in.
- See what they have to say.
- Okay.
Merriman, your associates are gonna have to wait outside.
- They're cool.
- They're cool outside.
Hey, Flacco, you little punk.
You used plastered wraps, didn't you? I know a little punk like you don't hit that hard.
and Mrs.
Flacco, why don't we talk in my office? - Come on, Bea.
- Now you running away, Manny? Just like you did in the cage, huh? Two million people saw me kick your butt.
Live with it.
Oh, hell no.
Come on.
Control yourselves.
Both of you.
Either of you try anything, I'm gonna put you in cuffs.
So let's just calm down and get back to business.
I think you like getting beaten up.
Little masochistic streak there, huh? Thanks for that.
Break it up, guys.
That is enough.
Hey, take it easy! Take it easy.
- Break it up.
- Come on! Come on, knock it off! Break it up now.
What is going on? Do you know what you're doing? - Sit down, Mr.
- Not until you tell me why you set Manny up to get jumped.
How we interview is not your concern.
It is if it endangers my fighter.
Manny shouldn't have been called in here anyway.
We need to ask him a few questions.
Please take a seat.
Why? You got the man you want already.
- Rowdy Merriman? - He doesn't like it when he doesn't get what he wants.
He didn't get what he wanted.
- And what did he want? - Guess.
No, I didn't kill the writer lady.
Why would I? I've looked at your rap sheet.
There's a history of violence against women.
Pfft! Man, if I slap a bitch, it's because she asked for it.
Bitches like to get slapped.
Don't ask me why.
- Did Charlotte Mitchell ask for it? - No.
But I asked her, though.
You know? Heh.
Ew! You know, I disgusted her, man.
- Nice clean college lady.
- She rejected you.
How'd that make you feel? Like I had to call another bitch to break me off a piece.
Which I did.
She was researching you and Flacco.
Maybe she found out something you didn't want anybody to know.
I got nothing to hide.
I'm straight up thug and proud of it.
What they gonna say about me that ain't already been said, huh? Now, Little Mr.
Perfect, he's the one got secrets.
What's he got to hide? He was knocking boots with that writer lady.
- Dogging on that nasty wife of his.
- You have proof? Proof.
Man, ask the punk.
Dude, he'll be like: Yeah, go ask him.
Flacco, do you want your wife present during our interview? Normally we do this alone.
I need her here.
I got no secrets from Bea.
What was your relationship with Charlotte Mitchell? She was writing a book about me and Rowdy, about the fight.
- Which started when? - Since I started training for the fight.
Six months ago.
And how about when you weren't training? What does that mean? She wants to know if you're sleeping with her.
What? No.
- Look at me when you say that.
- Honey, I wasn't sleeping with her.
Honey? Heh, please.
- So he's sleeping with her.
- Bea.
I don't wanna hear it now.
We been together since I'm 13.
Married since 17.
Four kids.
You think I don't know what's going on? He's a professional athlete.
I blame it on the women.
Men don't know any better.
- Baby, I never-- - Manny's good.
He doesn't go crazy.
But we do have the nurse at the physio clinic the two waitresses in Vegas, the girl at Len's club-- Where were you the night of the fight, Ms.
Flacco? Backstage.
I can't take it when Manny's fighting.
I wait until it's over.
- Was anybody with you? - Yes.
Plenty of people.
There's always people around.
But yeah, you know what? I could've sneaked off and killed the lady.
Only I didn't.
We done? For now.
- Bea, come on, don't be mad.
- No, no, no.
Not here.
You wanna talk to Floyd Benton.
The lady was gonna write about how he dopes his young fighters at his gym.
That's why we took Manny out of there.
- Where were you the night of the fight? - At the fight.
I had to buy a ticket, you believe that? Charlotte Mitchell asked you about steroid use at your gym, correct? Beatriz Flacco.
She hasn't liked me since she was a little girl in pigtails.
What's Beatriz Flacco got to do with this? She told you that crap.
We heard from numerous sources that Flacco fired you as his trainer - because you pushed steroids on him.
- No one was pushed.
But there was steroid abuse, and Charlotte found out about it, right? Big scoop.
Athletes get juiced.
- Steroid abuse is a crime.
- Ha, ha, ha.
So arrest me.
I won't resist.
I've done far worse things than abuse steroids.
I wouldn't hurt a lady over picayune nonsense like steroids.
They all had motive and they all had opportunity.
What about the notebooks? I read her last six months of notes.
- Nothing useful that I could see.
- Could I look? Be my guest.
- Excuse me, agent.
- Mr.
What brings you here? I just saw on TV that that lady who died, her father had a heart attack.
- Now, is he gonna be okay? - Uh, not sure yet.
He's in ICU.
What's up, Mr.
Reyes? Look, I lied before.
Take a seat.
Go ahead.
When I told you I don't see Dawn anymore.
Well, I do see her every now and again.
You know, for old times' sake.
Why not? You got me thinking about that gun and the mess it's caused, so I went to see Dawn and she told me she told you she gave that gun to her cousin who passed.
That's right.
We can't track the gun past him.
Yeah, well, it's not true, what she said.
She didn't give that gun to Bobby, God rest his soul.
She just said that because Bobby's dead, he can't deny it.
- She didn't wanna get in trouble.
- What did she do with the gun? Frank Lopez.
We need to talk to you.
I never been questioned by the CBI.
Thank you.
What you got? Ten years ago, Dawn May gave you a 9 mm handgun.
- She did? - You still have the weapon? - Why do you ask? - The gun was used in a murder.
Dawn May.
The name's not ringing any bells.
What kind of gun was it? Nine millimeter.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, it was a nice weapon.
A Glock.
Yeah, Dawn.
Skinny, crazy girl, heh.
What happened to Dawn? Oh, she's fine.
And the Glock? - Oh, I lost it.
- You lost it? Yeah.
Four years ago.
At a club called, uh, Narcissus.
You know it? There was a scuffle.
I had to run after some punk next time I look, the nine was gone.
It was a nice weapon - but what can you do? - Uh-huh.
And, uh, where were you two nights ago? I was here.
Any one of these guys will tell you.
You don't believe me, you can lie detect me.
I ain't worried.
- What'd you get? - That guy LaRoche.
He wants to talk to me.
Wants me to come in.
What'd he talk to you about? Okay, look, uh, I have to tell you something.
I should've told you before, but I didn't.
Two years ago, my dad called me.
And he was getting hit with a parole violation.
Seen consorting with known criminals.
And he was looking at a full 20-year bit in Folsom.
- So you alibied him out.
- Yeah, I said he was with me at the time.
But I'm family, so the parole officer wanted to know if there was anybody else there, you know, who could verify it.
And I said you.
- What? - It just came out of my mouth.
I swear to God, if I could've taken it back I would've.
They never checked with you, so I just forgot about it - until LaRoche started questioning me.
- You involved me in perjury and now PSU is investigating it.
- If LaRoche finds out, my career is over.
- Yeah, it is.
- Unless I lie as well.
Back you up, right? - I'm sorry, man.
I put you in a bad spot.
I've been a cop close to ten years.
Never lied to another cop.
Not once.
I'm not asking for you to lie now.
I just-- I want you to do what you think is right.
So, what are you gonna do? I'm not lying for you.
Manny Flacco will be fighting for the middleweight crown on Cinco de Mayo.
It will be a second American Revolution.
What a country.
Where else could a kid from the barrio and a son of Armenian immigrants come together to make this happen? Me, a guy who five years ago owned a few parking lots, a couple restaurants nightclubs and a kid who never graduated high school.
But we had a dream, and today that dream is a reality.
God bless America.
- Anything on Mitchell's notes? - Not a thing.
Manny Flacco is challenging for the middleweight crown.
- Len Artash just announced it.
- What are you doing? Going to talk to Len Artash.
You coming? Pull the guard.
Reverse, reverse, reverse.
Watch the guillotine.
Artash, got some questions for you.
You were born in America, yes? - That's right.
- Your parents are Armenian.
- Yes.
Why? - What was your father's name? - Arik Artashian.
- What's your father's name? - Floyd.
- Uh-huh.
And your mother? Nancy.
What is this about? Nancy.
Doesn't sound like an Armenian name.
No, it's not.
It's what she called herself when she got here to America.
- What was she christened? - Nargiz.
- Do you have a--? - Nargiz.
I bet that means something beautiful.
It's a flower.
Either of you recognize this? No.
What is it? It's Charlotte Mitchell's notebook.
You know what that says? - What about you? - No.
What do you think it is? I don't know.
Some kind of coded shorthand, most likely.
Doesn't matter.
Uh, I'll bet her father knows what it says.
Doctors say Thomas Mitchell has taken a turn for the better.
Uh, expected to regain consciousness in 12 to 24 hours, right? - Right.
- There we have it.
Thomas Mitchell will tell us what this says and I'll bet we will find out what Charlotte learned that got her killed.
I went through that entire notebook.
There wasn't any shorthand in it.
Really? How weird.
I wonder where it came from.
You served in the military, didn't you, Agent Cho? Yes.
Rangers, was it? - Special Forces.
- Ah.
So you understand the concept of honor.
That's an affidavit that Wayne Rigsby signed saying you and he spent an afternoon with his criminal father.
You remember that day, Agent Cho? Agent Rigsby initially claimed to have no contact with his father then became evasive when confronted with his falsehood.
Looking into it, I discovered that Wayne provided an alibi that kept his father out of jail.
And you were part of that alibi.
I just need you to confirm on your honor that you were indeed there that day.
Yes, I was.
I was there with Agent Rigsby and his father.
What did you do that afternoon the three of you? Give me some details.
I don't recall.
Nothing at all? Strange.
I was there.
I'll swear to it.
You need me to sign something to make it official? No.
That won't be necessary.
That'll be all.
Thank you, agent.
I told him I was with you.
We've gotta get to the hospital.
Jane and Van Pelt are already there.
Are you guys okay? Let's go.
I'll explain on the way.
All clear in Mitchell's room.
Hallway's clear.
All clear here.
Wait a minute.
I think I saw Reyes.
He's headed your way.
I see him, Cho.
Cut him off.
- Mr.
- What are you doing here? - Um, I was just coming to pay my respects.
- You can't be here.
You have to leave.
- I didn't mean anything.
- Don't argue, Mr.
This way.
Lima, put your hands on your head where I can see them.
Mitchell left the ICU yesterday.
But I'll be glad to pass on your best wishes.
You got nothing.
That notebook shorthand crap won't fly in court.
True enough.
I happened to write that notebook shorthand crap myself.
If Charlotte was murdered because she discovered a secret I simply had to convince the killer that the secret didn't die with her.
And voilà.
And this should fly nicely in court.
- You got it all wrong.
- This is the gun that was used to shoot Charlotte Mitchell.
And you're the one who killed her.
You can have these back now, Mr.
I, uh-- I'm sorry, but I scribbled in one of those.
That's, uh, how we caught the man that shot your daughter.
- I hope you don't mind.
- No.
That's okay.
So, um, it's over? You solved the case? Yes.
Now we're just tying up some loose ends.
I never would have figured Suge Lima as a murderer.
It's terrible.
- Shocking.
- Yes, it is.
What for? Why'd he do it? So, uh, is there anything I can do to help? There is, actually.
Your mother's name? The, uh, flower? Yes, Nargiz.
Which means "narcissus.
" Same name as your club.
- Named it after your mom.
- Yeah.
Club Narcissus, where Frank Lopez lost Joe Reyes' gun.
- The one he got from Dawn May.
- That one.
Who? What? You don't know the guys but we know how you got the gun Lima used to kill Charlotte.
And you're under arrest.
Stand up.
The only thing we don't know is why you had to kill her.
That's what we're gonna find out.
Flacco do you remember around a year ago, giving blood to be tested? Sure.
Results came back, said I was healthy as a horse.
Suge told me.
Suge lied.
He and Artash submitted the samples under Suge's name instead of yours, just in case.
Markers showed a high level of protein that indicates cranial bleeding and spinal leakage.
Oh, my God.
Charlotte Mitchell figured out the switch.
I know that blood sample is Manny's, not Lima's.
If Manny gets in that cage, he could die.
What the hell you talking about, lady? And how'd you get your hands on those tests? Stop the fight, Len.
Or else.
All right, all right.
I'll stop the fight.
Calm down.
We got a problem.
Those sons of bitches.
They risked Manny's life.
No MMA authority would let him in the cage if word got out.
It's one doctor's opinion.
He looks fine to me.
Do you really think you'll get away with this? I'm will tell everyone.
Let go of me.
Let go of me.
Let go of me.
It's gonna be fine, baby.
We're gonna make it through this.
You gotta feel for the guy.
He lost his livelihood.
A life of getting hit in the head.
Got his marriage back.
- Seems like a fair trade to me.
- Aren't you the romantic? Makes the world go round.
Hey, Cho.
Thank you.

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