The Mentalist s03e20 Episode Script


Stay where you are and put your hands in the air.
My safe.
Did you open my safe? Stop! Hands behind your back.
- On your feet.
- Get up.
- Thanks.
- Just a couple bucks, buddy.
- Help a guy.
- I need to know if you saw anything.
Anything at all.
I don't know.
Maybe if you tell me what you're looking for, I could help you out.
I don't know.
Loud noise, gunshot? Did you see anyone unusual? Anyone acting unusually? Maybe I did.
Or maybe I didn't.
You give me a couple bucks, maybe help me remember better.
- You got 2 bucks? - Nope.
You? Looks like a robbery gone bad.
Victim's name was Ted Fisher.
He owned the place.
Something's off here.
The alarm was set off and the killer still took the time to tear the place apart? Watch the blood.
Rug's pretty soaked.
If the killer broke the door entering, why is the victim here with his back turned? - Something's off here.
- Very astute.
- There's more here than meets the eye.
- Where have you been? I was out back checking escape routes.
- Really? Any clues? - Only that the murderer didn't find what he was looking for.
And how do you know that? Because this whole room has been torn apart.
You find what you're looking for, you stop.
- Part of this room would be untouched.
- Unless he found it - in the last place he looked.
- Do you know the probability of finding something in the last place? It's extremely improbable.
- I'll see you two back at the office.
- Why are you in a hurry? Well, as much as I enjoy these lovely surroundings, Lisbon we have a job to do.
Am I wrong? - Bye.
- Bye.
Hey, sir.
What are you doing here so late? My house was burglarized.
I caught him red-handed.
- Want my people to question him? - Sac P.
can handle it.
It's a slam dunk.
Come Monday, when court opens the man who broke into my house will be very sorry that he did.
Donny Culpepper, what a surprise to see you here.
Monday I go before a judge.
You got till then to get me out of here.
Yeah, well, um that could be problematic.
Otherwise I will tell everyone how you hired me to rob your boss's house.
Well, that's just snitching.
Isn't that against your code of honor? No.
I paid you very well on the understanding you wouldn't get caught.
Did you at least get what I wanted? Nope.
I looked everywhere.
Got into his safe.
Just some old coins, a watch and a Tupperware-like tub thing.
Did LaRoche say anything when he found you? - He wanted to know if I got into the safe.
- What'd you tell him? Nothing.
I threw something at his head and took off.
You really blew this.
- I thought you were professional.
- Don't talk down to me.
If you don't get me out of here, you're the one who's gonna have to pay for it.
- Trust me.
- Trust.
We're really off on a good foot with trust, aren't we? - Hi.
- Where are you? I thought you wanted to get working.
I do.
I just ran across the street to the, uh, fruit place.
Very good for logical reasoning and visual memory.
Very interesting.
Get here quick.
I'm on my way.
The clock's running, starting now.
You, close your eyes and count to 100.
Thank you.
Fisher owned the repair shop about a year and a half.
Seemed like a good citizen.
Volunteer work with underprivileged kids and the homeless.
Dig a little deeper.
Find out what he did before he bought the shop.
Will do.
Just talked to Fisher's girlfriend.
She was at the morgue ID'ing the body.
Kind of upset, but she agreed to meet us.
- All right.
Let's go.
- Okay.
Agent Lisbon, a word.
I just discovered that you investigated my burglar for a murder about a year ago.
Donny Culpepper.
- Culpepper? - I remember him.
- He threatened to kill me.
- Narrow it down a little bit more.
The jewelry store case.
We picked him up.
Found him in a hot tub.
- I wonder if there's a connection.
- He's a criminal.
He does wrong things.
Probably just a coincidence, then.
Yeah, probably.
I'll let you know.
- Is there a connection? - No.
Absolutely not.
Oh, damn.
I forgot something.
- I'll meet you there.
- Forgot what? Uh, my, uh "frumbahollymorgansterning.
" Ms.
Blue? I'm Agent Lisbon, this is Agent Rigsby.
We're really sorry for your loss.
We just have a couple questions for you.
- Okay, sure.
- Just a few small things.
- Where were you last night? - When it happened? Home, asleep.
I had the early shift at the animal shelter.
Do you mind if we talk inside? Okay.
Did your boyfriend, Mr.
Fisher, work that late very often? Sometimes, if he had a big project to finish.
But it's not like work was his life or anything.
He was in balance.
And, uh, how long ago did you meet him? Um, about a year ago.
We met at yoga.
That's weird.
I'm sure I locked that.
Stand back, ma'am.
Looks like somebody wanted something Fisher had.
Call it in.
Put somebody in to watch the shop.
- If Jane's right, maybe they'll go back there.
- Okay, you got it.
I can't believe this level of hostility.
- There's nothing here worth stealing.
- Nothing? Ted and I weren't really into material stuff.
I mean, he spent eight years in the Peace Corps.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Ma'am, can I ask you a question? I'm sorry, I don't mean to be intrusive.
I live upstairs.
There was a break-in.
Did you see or hear anything? No.
A break-in? I was at the market.
Did they steal anything? Thank you.
Uh, if you think of anything - you can call me at this number.
- All right.
Okay, thanks.
Sac P.
put men on the store.
Check on the girlfriend.
She's got no real alibi other than being a hippie.
- Something bugging you, boss? - Behind us.
Dark, late-model sedan.
I'm pretty sure I saw it outside the repair shop.
I think it's following us.
Got it.
And there he goes.
It was probably nothing.
Just a look-alike.
Run the plates, see if you find anything.
You're new to me.
Uh, who are you, now? Detention Enforcement Officer O'Donnell.
Guarding the prisoner up to and until transport.
Gung ho.
Good to see.
Well, welcome, O'Donnell.
I'm Patrick Jane.
I work with the CBI.
- Okay.
- No worries.
Uh-- Did you lose this? A quarter? I don't think so.
Well, it's less of a quarter and more of a good-luck piece, really.
I mean, take a closer look.
Look at the way the light hits it.
It shines and gleams like liquid sunshine.
Keep looking at it.
Kind of soothing the way it shines, isn't it? You can feel your worries and responsibilities just fading away.
You might even wanna close your eyes and just have a little sleep.
My uncle had a buffalo nickel.
He was gonna sell it and buy a ranch - but he lost it in a poker game.
- So not yours, huh? No.
Maybe check upstairs.
Will do.
Thank you.
Checked up on the girlfriend.
She seems clean.
No priors, committed pacifist.
People say she and Fisher were close.
- All right.
Let's keep an eye on her.
- Okay.
I pulled a message off the victim's cell phone.
Think you'll wanna hear it.
Fisher, you dog! You think you can get away with this? I find you, Fisher.
You gonna pay for what you done! You hear me, Fisher? You pay! - He doesn't sound very happy.
- What's the accent? I sent a copy to Pete in Forensics.
- He's a genius with accents.
- What time did the call come in? - Eleven forty-five.
- The time of death is between 11 and 2.
Bingo, maybe.
I'm getting the subscriber info from the phone company.
- Good.
- Boss, one more thing.
I've been looking into Fisher's past.
- Hit a snag with the Peace Corps.
- What kind? Well, they've got no record of Fisher being a member going back 10 years.
I'm having them check for a clerical error or spelling mistake.
Talk to the girlfriend, find out where he was stationed.
All right.
Are you taking a vacation from this case or what? Huh? No.
I put the license of the car you thought was following us in the system.
It was rented from the airport, corporate account to some shell company.
But I got a fresh hit.
Car was ticketed two blocks from the victim's shop.
Let's go.
Are you coming or what? - Are those bulletproof vests? - Yeah.
Uh, think not.
- Good luck.
- Okay.
No light.
Freeze! Drop your weapons.
Put your hands on your heads.
Hello? Okay.
So yesterday you were bumming change.
Here you are today with a $1000 handgun.
Nicely maintained.
You can understand our puzzlement.
Sir, my name is Cole Ruger.
I have a license for that and a carry permit.
Okay, Mr.
What do you know about the death of Ted Fisher? Nothing.
Fisher was a buddy of mine, that's all.
You and he were in the Peace Corps together? Heh.
We worked at Sagaris together.
What is Sagaris? A security firm.
We provide services the regular Army isn't equipped for.
You and Fisher are mercenaries? Private security contractors.
Where did you do most of your contracting? All over.
Mostly Iraq, Fallujah, Basra.
Where were you when Fisher was killed? Ted called me two days ago and said he was in trouble he needed help.
Whatever it was, he couldn't say it over the phone.
You dropped everything, no questions asked, headed here.
That's right.
Wouldn't you? Where were you coming from? I was overseas.
What did Fisher tell you when you got here? Nothing.
He was already dead.
I was too late.
You disguise yourself as a homeless man to get close to the crime scene.
I was trying to gather intel, figure out who killed Ted.
So you broke into his store with a loaded handgun.
I was staking out the place, I heard a noise.
The back door was open, I went in.
I encountered that woman.
She was armed.
So I drew my weapon.
Like I said, it's fully licensed and I have a carry permit.
Look, agent I wanna work with you guys to find out who killed Ted.
Whatever I can do.
- So as soon as you cut me loose-- - Cut you loose? Sure.
I haven't committed a crime.
Or should I call my attorney? Okay, obviously you're not the victim's neighbor.
And I need you to explain this.
My name is Vivian Griswold.
I had nothing to do with the murder of Ted Fisher.
A client hired me six months ago to observe Mr.
What kind of client? What exactly do you do? I work for a company providing corporate intelligence and covert surveillance.
A private-sector spy.
- Who's the client? - Mm.
Can't tell you that.
What I can tell you is that it involved a major theft from my clients overseas two years ago.
- And Fisher was connected how? - He was a person of interest.
Fisher left his job shortly after an investigation was launched.
His reasons for leaving were questionable.
You said you had Fisher under surveillance.
So where were you the night of his death? I had information that led me to believe that Mr.
Fisher would be at a different location.
Obviously, that was bad information.
I guess.
So how did you come to be in Fisher's locked shop carrying a weapon? I was surveilling the shop when I heard a noise inside.
The back door was open and I went in.
Finding an armed man inside, I drew my fully licensed and permitted weapon.
That's all.
Now my lawyer is already on the way over but wouldn't we all rather skip the formalities? You getting anything? Well, they're both professional liars.
Beyond that, I can't read either of them.
They're both good for the murder so each gives the other reasonable doubt.
We need to come at this from another angle.
Pete in Forensics says the accent - is Iraqi, probably Baghdad.
- Any luck tracking the caller? Prepaid cell phone, no subscriber info.
- Tried calling.
The minutes must be up.
- Great.
Agent Lisbon.
I just got a call from the State Department about your case.
- What should I know? - The State Department? What'd they say? Our victim Fisher was suspected of getting too close to shady Iraqi businessmen.
A theft may have occurred but nothing could be proven.
They would like to be kept abreast of developments.
We've got a threatening call from someone who may or may not be Iraqi and two suspects who've got experience with counterintelligence.
You have strong leads? Something for me to tell Washington? Nothing concrete, sir.
Early indicators say that it's revenge - for whatever happened in Iraq.
- Mm.
What about you, Mr.
Jane? What dazzling insights have you gleaned? - I've got nothing.
- Hm.
That's disappointing.
Off your game somehow? Distracted? No, not at all.
Sorry to interrupt.
I talked to the girlfriend, Heather Blue.
She's frightened.
Says someone was prowling.
Let's go.
I want to ask about that Peace Corps thing.
- Jane, are you com--? Damn.
- Problem? Not at all, sir.
- Keep me informed.
- Okay.
These people are lying to you.
Teddy was in the Peace Corps, I told you that.
We checked.
Ted Fisher worked for Sagaris Private Defense from 2000 to 2009.
Since he first got out of the Army.
He was a mercenary.
No, he wasn't.
Not possible.
Heather, you called us here because somebody frightened you.
Oh, wow.
I was watching TV when I heard the noise.
He was trying to come in the back.
When I yelled, he ran.
- Did you get a look at him? - I just saw the glint of the knife - he was using to cut the screen.
- Can't remember anything else? - Size? Hair color? - Um-- He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, I think.
A little taller than me, maybe.
Sure it was male? Could it have been a woman? I don't know, maybe.
God, my heart's going a mile a minute.
We've assigned you a protection detail.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
You really want me to believe Ted lied to me? The whole time, he was lying to me? I'm sorry.
- How goes it? - Fine.
Long as they keep bringing food every couple hours, I'm good.
Well, I brought you a chair.
It just opens up and.
- Great.
- It's my pleasure.
I'm glad to know we've got a man like you on the job.
Ease your way into it.
That's it, just ease your way down.
- There you go.
- Yeah.
Okay, fantastic.
- I'll check on you later on.
- Okay.
Whoever was trying to get into the apartment, it wasn't Ruger or Griswold.
They were only released an hour ago.
Maybe they have somebody else working with them.
Or the girlfriend is having some very bad dreams.
Okay, do you have any intention of actually taking part in this case? It's all under control.
You know who the killer is? The what? Oh, the killer? No, no.
I misspoke.
What's going on? You've been acting strange - since this case started.
- Strange.
Ha, ha.
Strange how? Strange like, "whee.
" Or: Boss, Rigsby's got something.
Oh! Got a call from Evidence.
Fisher's phone was ringing.
- Every half-hour.
- Where'd the call come from? - Same number, prepaid phone.
- I thought the cell angle was dead? He must've put more minutes on it.
This is Cho.
- We're set.
How are you guys? - Cho's talking to the phone company.
When the call comes, we can triangulate, figure out where the call came from.
Okay, I need you to keep him on the phone for at least two minutes.
Hi, this is Patrick Jane.
Listen, I know who you are.
Shut up! I'm coming to get you.
I don't know who you are but I will make you pay! You shut up.
I know what you want.
The only way you'll get it is if you meet me in person.
We got something to settle.
Outside the repair shop in one hour.
Be there, you get what you want.
If you don't, you'll never see it again.
Simple as that.
- What was that? - I said, two minutes.
- That was hardly 30 seconds.
- It's simpler to bring him to us.
Okay, thank me later.
Now, this strangeness we were talking about? - Never mind.
- Okay.
Hello? Oh, hey.
- Hey! - Agh, aah! Let me go.
Where is that bastard, Fisher? Unh! Let me go.
Where's that bastard, Fisher? Who are you? Come on.
My name is Omar Hassan.
Why were you so angry with Ted Fisher? My father worked for the Americans helping to establish a free and democratic Iraq.
- He and Fisher worked together? - Yes.
- Before my father was killed.
- How'd he die? Bomb.
Two years ago.
- Fisher was involved in his death? - No.
But when it became clear that my father's life was in danger Fisher promised he would take care of my family if anything happened to my father.
And Fisher told you this? After my father was killed Fisher quit his job.
He wanted no more of killing.
He promised to help get us to America and that the $2 million will be waiting for us when we arrived.
That's a lot of money.
State Department thinks Fisher was engaged in criminal activity.
Is that where the money came from? No.
It came from my father.
It was our family fortune.
Your father put a lot of trust in Fisher.
We believed he was a good man.
He stayed under our roof.
He broke bread with us.
So Fisher helped to get the visas necessary to come to America.
And your family arrived four days ago, is that correct? And what happened when you met up with Fisher? We were supposed to meet two nights ago, but he never showed up.
You thought he double-crossed you, that he stole the money.
That's why you cut the screen and tried to break into the apartment.
What about Fisher's friend, Cole Ruger? Did you ever meet him? Or did Fisher ever talk about him? No, I don't know him.
What am I to tell my mother? My sisters? I mean, we have nothing now.
It's a tough break.
I'll be right back.
The kid doesn't seem like a killer.
- I'm not sure the revenge motive works.
- Eh.
What are you doing? - What is that? - None of your business.
- Are you even listening? - Every word.
Let's catch this killer.
- How? - The killer was looking for the Hassan family's $2 million.
The rest is easy.
And now you want me to ask you what the plan you've worked out is? I want you to round everyone up, get them to the repair shop.
- Everyone? Who's everyone? - Uh, let me see.
There's the girlfriend, and Omar there, and, uh, Griswold and Ruger.
- I think that covers it.
- Ruger and Griswold have been released.
From what I've seen, we're not equipped to track them.
- Oh, no, no, it's gonna be easy.
- Easy? Ruger bought a plane ticket out of the country the second he left CBI.
Griswold disappeared even after we put a tail on her.
Ruger is not leaving the country.
He's after the money.
You heard Omar.
He'd never even heard of Ruger.
Ruger worked with Fisher, but I bet they weren't friends.
- Griswold? - After the money too.
I expect they're both trying to get into the repair shop as we speak.
You just round them up.
Call me if you need any help.
Wait a minute, you're leaving again? What is going on? When have I ever steered you wrong before? I mean, when have I ever really steered you wrong, where I've done something - that didn't work out? - Seriously? Fine, let me put it this way.
When have I intentionally screwed things up so we couldn't solve the case? - No.
Not that I know of, at least.
- Thank you.
Have a little faith, Lisbon.
Jane said they're here somewhere.
Let's take a look.
Probably not the homeless guy.
No, Ruger tried that one before.
How about the fruit guys? No, too short.
Gotta be the truck.
- That's it.
- Yup.
- Hey, guys, I got this.
- Yes, you do.
Hi, Mr.
How you doing? What do you want? - I'm not breaking any laws.
- Heh.
We just wanted to ask you into the repair shop.
It would be a big help for us.
All right.
No problem.
One down, one to go.
- See anything? - Nope.
Cho, how goes it? We found Ruger in a delivery van.
Griswold's nowhere in sight.
- Are you near the repair shop? - Yeah.
Right out front.
From where you stand, what is the best vantage point to see the shop? Look for the best observation post for watching the shop.
How about over there? - That building right across the street.
- There's a building.
Rooftop's good.
Do you have a pen? And some paper? What's up? What are you doing? Throw me a pen.
- A pen? - Yeah.
Nice catch.
Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.
Hey, O'Donnell.
Snack break.
- Ah, thanks, buddy.
- No problem.
It's about time.
Agh! Crap.
Now put this on.
We don't have a lot of time.
You're gonna use this to get out through the door.
- What are you talking about? - You asked me to get you out.
That's what I'm doing, helping you escape.
Escape? I'm not escaping.
Think I wanna spend the rest of my life on the run? No.
You get the charges dropped, that's the deal.
Hey, whoa, I'm not a lawyer.
I can't make charges just disappear.
But I can get you to Mexico, set you up with a little starter money.
Mexico? Who the hell wants to go to Mexico? You get me out free and legal or I start talking.
I'm pretty sure the dirt I got on you will be worth a "get out of jail free" card.
You're very annoying.
And you're running out of time.
Are they the ones? Are you going to arrest them? Oh, hi, you must be Heather.
Thanks for coming by.
Ted Fisher was a good man who kept trust with the Hassan family.
He was murdered over $2 million which is somewhere in this room.
Two million dollars? Ted didn't have $2 million.
Uh, yes, he did.
They could tell you.
- How do you know it's in here? - We checked every other location connected to Fisher, and so have you.
That's why you're here.
Hasn't this room already been searched? - By the killer and by the police? - Yes.
But they-- I'm sorry.
--weren't creative enough.
It could be in bearer bonds hidden in the bills, invoices, files.
Or more likely, in the form of jewels, hidden somewhere inside these electronics.
Whatever form it's in we're gonna find it now.
Come on in, folks.
These people will take everything, pull it apart until they find the hidden treasure.
Yes, piece by piece until we find it.
- Thank you.
- If everybody could step out and let these people do their jobs.
Thank you.
They didn't find anything.
No cash, no jewels, no bonds.
- Huh.
- What am I going to do? My family is ruined.
All my father did was for nothing.
What a waste of time.
I'd agree, except it's this kind of incompetence that makes people pay me to produce results.
These people have all been lying to you.
I was right about Teddy.
You were wrong.
I figured it out.
I know exactly where the fortune is.
Where is it, then? Where's the money? You're on top of it.
- Under the carpet? - No.
It is the carpet.
Touch it.
Pure silk.
It looks like a dirty old carpet.
Oh, yes, it's very old.
One of the reasons it's so valuable.
- Wow.
- I gotta phone this in.
Let's talk about this.
If you did call it in, the legal mess will take forever to sort out.
This carpet will end up in a government locker somewhere.
Yeah, probably.
What if we just took it? You and me.
We took the carpet sold it and divided the profits between us? Exactly.
That's a.
- That's a great idea.
- Isn't it? Fifty-fifty split? - Sure.
- Deal.
What did Ted say when you suggested that deal to him? Ted was a soft-headed fool.
So you knew about the money? You knew Ted wasn't with the Peace Corps.
- I didn't-- I didn't say that.
- Oh, yes, you did.
Which means, Heather, it was you that shot Ted.
He told you about his identity, about the money - and you shot him for it.
- No-- That's-- No.
Well, forgive me if I, uh-- I'm not quite convinced but I do have to phone this in.
Lisbon will be-- Stop.
Are you pointing a gun at me, Heather? The man I loved was in the Peace Corps.
He wanted to make the world a better place.
Ted wasn't who he said he was.
- He was a soldier, a killer.
- So you shot him? - That's a little counterintuitive.
- He lied to me.
This had nothing to do with the $2 million? You can't understand.
You see things from your bourgeois, capitalist mind-set.
Do you know how much good could be done with $2 million? - How many animals could be saved? - But you couldn't find the money.
The clock was ticking, you looked everywhere - and you couldn't find it.
- He caught me searching the shop.
He talked to me like I was some kind of criminal.
Well, eh.
- Pretty much what you are.
- No.
I'm blessed, is what I am.
The universe wants me to have this money.
I'm sorry, I have to kill you.
But I'm doing it from a place of love.
- Drop the gun.
Hands on your head.
- Aah! Oh, wow.
I'm gonna leave you with that.
You were right about Ruger and Griswold.
He's disappeared, she admitted she was working for the State Department, who suspected Fisher of smuggling and theft.
They agreed to recognize the Hassan family's right to the rug - so everything ends happily.
- Mm.
- Good.
- I waited for you to tell the Hassans.
- Come on.
- Oh, no, thanks.
- What do you mean, "no, thanks"? - Ugh.
You know, I don't have time for that kind of treacle.
I have to rearrange my sock drawer.
I have a serious problem to solve and don't have a lot of time to solve it in.
I knew something was going on with you.
What is it? The absolute truth, or I beat it out of you.
LaRoche has something I need, so I hired Culpepper to break into LaRoche's house.
If I can't get the charges dropped Culpepper is gonna tell on me.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, it's not good.
What does LaRoche have that you want? Hightower didn't murder anybody.
She was framed.
Red John has a friend inside the CBI.
The Todd Johnson murder.
LaRoche had a short list of suspects that led to Hightower.
You were trying to steal the list.
There were four names on that list besides Hightower's.
One of them is working for Red John.
- Did you ask LaRoche? - LaRoche? No.
Because if it's not one of those names, then LaRoche is Red John's man.
Why didn't you tell me about this earlier? I don't wanna put you in danger.
You're an idiot.
I will fix this but we are gonna have a serious talk after.
Been trying to fix it all weekend.
I had the perfect escape worked out.
Then Culpepper says, "I want the charges dropped.
" Yeah, yeah, let's go.
Open it up.
- He's in there with his lawyer.
- Perfect.
Lady cop.
Okay, I can get behind that.
A dumb cop who's pretty is better than a dumb cop who ain't-- Unh, agh! What do you think you're doing? You can't do that! That's a violation of due process.
You just got this case dismissed.
What were you thinking, Agent Lisbon? Due to your actions, a criminal is going free.
I'm sorry, sir.
- Frustrations of the job.
- Your apologies are of no import, agent.
Donald Culpepper can no longer be brought to trial.
Well, hang on, he didn't actually steal anything, did he? The one-week suspension is mandatory.
Also, six months - of anger management classes.
- Ohh.
Yes, sir.
- I thought that went well.
- You're gonna owe me, big-time.
Uh, for what, exactly? - Oh-- - Anger management.
Thank you.

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