The Mentalist s04e23 Episode Script

Red Rover, Red Rover

Used to be a fluorescent light bulb factory.
Now it's a hazardous-waste site.
There's mercury dust everywhere.
- Probably not too dangerous.
Long as you don't, you know, breathe.
Techs from the hazardous materials office came in to test the air.
They saw a lock on one of the lockers, busted it open.
That's when they found it.
How long has he been in there? With that level of decomp, at least six months.
- Could be longer.
- Handcuffs on the wrists, ankles.
- Clothes or personal effects? - This.
We found it inside his rib cage.
Probably something medical.
Have the coroner's assistant look at it.
Scratches on the doors.
Must be from his cuffs.
He was alive when he was put inside.
How long would it take to die in here? Six days? It's the right place for it.
No one in earshot.
Make sure the techs search every inch of this floor and the one above.
- What's up? Where are you? - Sorry, Lisbon, had my phone turned off.
We're in the middle of a toxic-waste dump.
- Oh, that sounds inviting.
See you there.
- Chop-chop.
Time's a-wasting.
Hello, Patrick.
- What's your name? - Hailey.
It's nice to meet you, Hailey.
How did you know my name was Patrick? Your friend told me it.
Which friend's that? The one who brought me here.
He gave me this.
He didn't do anything else, did he? He told me to ask you a question.
- What's that? - He said to ask you: "Do you give up yet?" Red John or someone pretending to be him lured the girl away from a nearby park about an hour ago.
She was on afield trip.
Doesn't look like she was harmed.
- The mother's on her way.
- Uh, where's Jane? Over there.
He hasn't said much.
I'm gonna run this note he left, check it for prints and DNA.
- You won't get any.
- I know.
It's worth a shot.
"Happy anniversary.
" Today's the day his wife and daughter I know.
Nine years ago.
Uh, would you excuse me, sir? Yeah.
Hey there.
Hey there, yourself.
Hailey, this is, uh, my friend, Teresa.
- Hi, Hailey.
- I like your hair.
Thank you.
Patrick is teaching me how to make a quarter disappear.
- The kid's a natural.
- No doubt.
My name's Agent Wainwright.
Your mom's gonna be here soon.
When she gets here, we're gonna talk to you about the man you met.
What man? The one who sent you to Mr.
Jane? Who drew the face on your hand.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Hailey, why don't you go show that policewoman your new trick? - Okay.
- Have fun.
Um, I don't understand.
She doesn't remember? You hypnotized her.
No, I just planted a suggestion for her to forget Red John.
Why would you do that? She could identify him.
He's white.
He wore a baseball cap.
He had an odd voice.
She might remember more if she were questioned properly.
Jane, she's, uh, a witness.
People who can identify Red John end up dead.
- I get that you feel protective.
- Do you? This is not your call.
- Yes, it is.
If you try to question her or talk to her I will hurt you badly.
Did he really just threaten me? Jane, I know it's hard, coming here.
Especially like this and I'm sorry.
I'm not gonna ask you to apologize to Wainwright.
But he's right.
The little girl is a witness.
We should interview her.
You know what Red John is trying to do, don't you? - He asked me if I'm ready to quit.
- He's messing with your head.
Don't let him.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
I appreciate your concern.
Your phone is ringing.
Hey, Rigsby.
That thing that we found was a surgical heart valve implanted in the victim.
We traced the serial number to a guy named Antonio Castro.
According to S.
, he disappeared 11 months ago.
Disappeared how? He sent e-mails from home the night of June 17th.
Next morning, gone.
Car in the driveway door was locked, no sign of forced entry.
Fiancé filed a missing persons report that afternoon.
- S.
find anything? - No.
No contact with the family, they're out-of-state.
No travel plans, no enemies, no money troubles.
- What did he do for a living? - Former military, two tours in Iraq.
For the past five years he's been a broker in a financial company, RF Victor.
Uh, Van Pelt, bring in all the S.
files and any physical evidence.
Cho, Rigsby, put together a timeline and a list of all contacts the victim had before he disappeared.
We need to interview everybody.
Jane and I will go talk to the people he worked with.
Jane? Anything to offer? Uh, well, there's not a lot to go off, is there? Your point being? No point.
Shall we go? Let's go.
- Jane seem off to you? - Always.
Oh, Dennis Victor.
Uh, you're from CBI? Hi, I'm Agent Lisbon and this is Patrick Jane.
You're absolutely positive that you found Antonio's body? Yes, sir.
It was confirmed.
We all knew this day could come.
Still, a shock.
He was engaged to my niece.
I feel it very personally.
This way.
Uh, what exactly do you do here, Mr.
Victor? We're a financial derivatives broker.
We offer exchange-traded derivatives options, futures, and a few over-the-counter products.
So basically, you're just thieves in, uh, ties and suspenders.
Ha, ha, that would be the popular view.
Not entirely accurate.
Up this way.
Agent Lisbon, Mr.
Ian Breitler.
He recruited Antonio to the firm and mentored him during his first year.
- Great to meet you.
- This is Ben Marx.
He runs the division Antonio was in, he was his supervisor.
- Welcome.
- Sit, please, sit.
- Ahem, Mr.
Jane? - Oh, I'm fine, thank you.
Uh, what did Antonio Castro do for you here? He was a broker.
Handled customer accounts.
How did he get along with people? Oh, he was universally loved.
- A leader in the company.
- Absolutely.
- You don't agree? - Who's universally loved? - He was popular.
- You know anything about his family? His mother's in a nursing home in Flagstaff.
His sister converted to Islam and moved to Indonesia.
- They weren't in touch.
- Did he have any problems at work? - Not that I was aware of.
- All of his performance reviews were exemplary.
Isn't that right, Ben? If there were any issues, I wasn't aware of them.
- Mm, interesting.
- Excuse me? He's telling the truth, you aren't.
Something going on with Castro.
What was the big secret? - There wasn't one, I assure you.
- There was.
- I'm afraid you're mistaken.
- No, I'm sure.
Just as I'm sure you're not fond of Mr.
Breitler here.
- I'm Marx.
He's Breitler.
- Whatever your name is boss doesn't like you.
Wouldn't be surprised if he canned you.
That's a very interesting observation, because, uh Ben here was made a principal in the firm last month at my express request.
- What's going on, Jane? - Nothing.
I'm a little out of sorts.
Nothing serious.
- You want to get something to eat? - I might take the rest of the day.
- You sure? - Yeah.
I'll get a cab.
See you tomorrow.
Hello, Mr.
Good to see you again.
- You too.
- Your table's ready.
Thank you.
- Your order will be right up.
- Thank you.
Security tells me the fire Jane started could've burned down the building.
I know, sir.
I could suspend Jane for this.
But I think what happened was a cry for help.
I just need to find out what the issue is.
Me too, sir.
If you don't mind, I think I should do the talking.
Jane? What's going on? Well I have a little hangover, ugh, if you must know.
Why did you burn your Red John files? Because he's right.
It's time to give up.
Seriously? What do you mean? Nothing's working.
It's just a game and he keeps winning.
The only way for me to stop him is if I stop playing.
Meaning what? Meaning I put it behind me.
I move on.
That's a big change, Jane.
Well, change is good, isn't it? So are you leaving the CBI? Of course not.
What would I do for amusement? Speaking of, isn't there some person or something we should be investigating? - The victim's fiancé.
- Let's go.
I strongly recommend you talk to one of our counselors about what happened.
I think it could help you.
Luther, there's no time.
I got perps to break.
Hey, how's the timeline going? Anything jump out? Yeah.
Castro did completely normal stuff, then disappeared.
He was at a charity event before he vanished.
What happened there? It was a fundraiser for the homeless.
Witnesses say Castro was calm, relaxed, left alone.
- We gonna catch any breaks on this? - I doubt it.
What's the package? It's a baby monitor.
It's got audio and video.
Plus, it's two-way, I can talk to Ben in his crib without leaving my bed.
- That should terrify him.
- Hey.
I've been going through stuff S.
collected at Castro's office It was stuck to a folder on his desk.
He was ex-military.
Could it be military time? No, there wouldn't have a colon between the nine and two.
It's something else.
Well, if you have any ideas, let me know.
I'm not finding anything else useful.
You know Jane told Lisbon he's giving up on Red John? - Yeah.
- It's hard to believe.
You think he's losing it? Like cracking up? - Nah.
- No.
Thanks for talking to us, Miss Victor.
Of course.
I would have met you at the office but I couldn't go in after I heard the news.
How long were you and Mr.
Castro engaged? Almost a year.
We'd been together about two years before that.
- And how did you meet? - Through work.
I'm with a PR agency that handles financial firms, including my uncle's.
Most of the guys that work in finance are overgrown frat boys.
But Antonio was a man.
Maybe it was his time in the service, I don't know.
But he was a great soul.
He was wise and kind.
I'm sorry, I thought I was ready for this.
Did he have any enemies? Antonio had a very strong sense of morality.
He believed in right and wrong, and would tell you which was which.
I loved him for that, but not everyone did.
Anyone in particular? I can't think of anyone offhand.
Uh, Lisbon, my head's a little foggy and drifty, so I'm gonna push it along.
What are you guilty about? I don't understand.
All the tears and talk about how wonderful he was.
He's been gone a year, you're behaving like he disappeared this morning.
- That's guilt.
- No, it's not.
It's not quite homicidal, there's something Were you cheating on him? No.
Not while he was alive.
But now.
That's it.
You've been sleeping around on the sainted dead fiance.
I haven't.
Tell us the truth.
It's complicated.
It's simple.
You've moved on.
It happens.
You don't want to admit it because you think it looks bad.
- Are you trying to make me cry again? - No.
I'm not.
I mean I'm not.
- But if you want to, then, please, cry.
- Jane! Jane.
Who is it, Marcy? Hey, Cho.
So Marcy Victor was sleeping with Ian Breitler.
Which Breitler conveniently forgot to tell us when we talked to him.
Pick him up, see what he has to say for himself.
Why did you hide your relationship with Marcy Victor, Mr.
Breitler? Antonio is a sensitive topic around the office, okay? Until you guys found him people were hoping he'd come walking through the door.
Since you're sleeping with his fiancé, I'm guessing you're not one of them.
I didn't think the time to announce we are a couple was when we had just found out Antonio was dead.
Hey, Cho.
Ian, what is that on your jacket? - What is it? - What? It's a hair.
That could be a clue.
It's my hair.
- Mm, fair enough.
- Ian doesn't think there's anything significant about his relationship with Marcy.
Yes, I'm inclined to agree.
Sleazy, maybe but motive? I don't think so.
I'm interested in Ian's other secret.
What's that? The one that you and Dennis Victor were keeping.
The one that has to do with Antonio Castro's work.
- Don't know what you're talking about.
- Ah.
You're tensing up, Ian.
And you have asthma, that's not good.
That kind of tension goes straight to the lungs.
Squeezes them.
Makes them get smaller and smaller.
Is there, uh, a question here? Your windpipe shrinks up and every breath you take is harder than the last.
Hard to breathe.
Last thing you wanna do is get upset.
- This is ridiculous.
- What're you looking for? What is it? Is it this? - Give me that.
- Tell me what I need to know.
- You can't do that.
He can't do that.
- He's doing it.
You're probably right.
Changed my mind.
Oh, for God's sake, heh, I'm calling my lawyer.
It'll only take him an hour to get here.
Castro was a thief.
He was stealing from the firm.
We didn't find out until after he disappeared when Marx took over his accounts.
Hey! Come on! - How much did Castro steal? - Breitler doesn't know.
Marx and Dennis Victor didn't share the numbers.
- Uh, why didn't they tell us? - Victor's order.
- No one was allowed to say anything.
- Let's sort it out.
- Sure.
- Hey.
How does Jane seem to you? Different.
I think he's in trouble.
Me too.
Where is he? Said he still had a headache.
Went out to go get some aspirin.
Beautiful cemetery.
You should be proud.
- So neat.
- Heh? Thank you.
Uh, what can I do for you, Mr.
Jane? Well, like I said on the phone, um, I'm with the CBI.
We're pursuing a particularly vicious killer.
Tough case, but with your help, we can crack it.
You're not using this grave right away, are you? No.
The services aren't until the day after tomorrow.
We'll be done by then.
What do you mean done? We need to run a small police operation here.
Nothing I can tell you.
But you can help us.
Help us remove a killer from the street.
You want to help us.
Don't you? You'll help us? Help Uh, yes, of course.
We'll need a coffin as well.
Nothing too fancy.
- A coffin? - Yes.
Down there.
After Antonio vanished, Ben here took over his accounts and four weeks in, he found something.
Antonio was stealing money from customers and hiding it with losses on fictional investments.
He'd been doing it for about six months.
- How much did he steal? Oh, we'll never be sure.
Somewhere between 7 and 10 million.
- Where's the money? - We have no idea.
Antonio's transactions were brilliantly complex.
- The money's essentially untraceable.
- Yeah.
Wasn't in any S.
Did you tell them? No, they didn't ask.
We didn't discover the theft until after they had interviewed us.
Heh, you could have picked up the phone.
Agent, because we discovered the theft internally we were able to make good on our customers' losses.
They don't even know they were robbed.
That cost my firm a great deal of money but it saved us major embarrassment.
And I couldn't see any value in publicizing what had been so fortunately hidden.
It was evidence in a homicide.
Well, we had to balance justice with self-preservation.
I think we found a very good middle course.
It's obstruction of justice.
I'll have you charged.
I'm sorry, you asked if we knew about anything Antonio had done at the time.
Right? We said we didn't know anything at the time.
- All true.
Tell it to your lawyers.
No need.
We are lawyers.
If there's nothing else.
- Jane? - What? I'm trying to figure out what this number on Castro's desk means.
Only thing I can find are a couple of references to some high-end social club.
Any idea why they'd name it 19:24? The Bible.
Matthew 19:24.
I say to you it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle Than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.
- Yes.
- That's weird.
Well, it's an ironic joke.
Since the rich won't get into heaven - they should enjoy life on Earth.
- But why did Castro care? He wasn't a member, far as I can tell.
Hmm, of course he wasn't.
Well, that clears things up.
Oh, guys.
Tell me about, uh, 19:24.
And don't deny you're members, because I can see it all over your faces.
Well, you know, it's a club.
Small, private.
For the filthy rich? - For people of means.
- Oh.
And no one is supposed to talk about it.
- First rule of Fight Club and all that.
- Oh, okay.
Who else is members? - Breitler? Your niece? - Both of them.
Lots of people from my firm, other firms.
So if your niece was a member, then surely, uh - Antonio Castro was asked about joining.
- Yeah.
Shortly before he disappeared.
And to become a member of this, um, fancy elite little club uh, I'm assuming it entails some kind of a hazing? Heh, yes.
Prospective members are tapped by current members and forced to do all sorts of embarrassing things.
Oh, ha, ha.
- Good fun.
- Sure.
Uh, this charity event Antonio Castro attended the night he disappeared.
Was that held at the club? As a matter of fact it was.
- Antonio was there as a guest.
- Mm.
You interested in membership, Mr.
Jane? - Me? - Yeah.
- Oh, uh, no.
Heh, no, not the club type.
- Oh.
Got an accountant looking at the trades - but he can't make sense of them.
- What else do we have? I talked to 13 people who met with Castro.
Nothing unusual or suspicious.
I've been through all the forensic evidence S.
got from Castro's apartment.
Nothing jumps out.
- Timeline? - Nothing that leads anywhere.
- We don't have anything.
- We have it.
- We just don't know what it is yet.
- I do.
- Let's go.
- Where? Uh, 19:24 Club.
I convinced Marcy Victor to throw an emergency meeting.
- What for? - To solve the case, of course.
Where did you get this? Have the exits covered? - Rigsby and Van Pelt are by the doors.
Hello, everybody.
Thank you for coming.
I'm Patrick Jane with the CBI.
As you've been told, we're investigating the death of Marcy Victor's fiancé, Antonio Castro.
What you haven't been told is that the killer is in this room.
All I need to identify him are the answers to a few questions.
What kind of questions? Very simple ones.
Uh, you, ma'am.
The frayed thread on your sleeve plus last season's shoes suggest money trouble.
True? No.
We're fine.
Heh, we're fine.
See? A lie.
Did you kill Antonio Castro? I didn't even know him.
And there's the truth.
When I watch you tell a lie it helps me determine if you're telling the truth.
For example, Marcy here is sleeping with Ian.
You're not committed to him emotionally and you don't think he's the man your fiancé was, do you? - No.
That's not true.
- A lie.
Thank you very much.
- Did you kill Antonio? - Of course not.
There's the truth.
- Ls this some kind of joke? Please be patient.
Take a seat, ma'am.
You're more than a little twisted in the bedroom, aren't you? Latex and whips are your thing, are they not? - Not at all.
- Did you kill Antonio Castro? No, I did not.
Uh, you, sir.
Heh, oh.
Think I'm saying a word without a lawyer on either side, you're crazy.
And any of you that put up with this is crazy as he is.
Ladies and gentlemen If everybody could just stay in the room, please.
I don't understand.
What were you trying to do? The plan was to scare the killer into making a run for it.
- You thought that would work? - Certainly had a fair chance, I thought.
I'm gonna go tell Rigsby and the others to stand down.
You stay here.
It was crazy.
I'll tell you about it when I get there.
- All right.
- Marx! Mr.
That didn't work out for you so well, did it? No, it went pretty much as planned.
- The case is cracked.
- Oh, yeah? - Is that your car? - Yup.
Wow, that's a nice ride.
Let's take a little drive, I'll tell you all about it.
- A ride where? - Oh, not far.
Don't you want to be the first to know who did it? Okay.
What's in the bag? Oh, uh, baby monitor, heh.
I'll explain later.
Turn right up here.
So how exactly did that mess back at the club work out for you, Mr.
Jane? I wasn't looking for a killer.
I was looking for a liar.
Someone that could answer an embarrassing question in public without getting flustered.
Why was that important? Castro's killer was a vicious sadist.
Someone that truly enjoyed watching other people's pain.
He can't show it.
Ergo a first-rate liar.
And you found him? Sure.
It was you.
Turn, uh, here.
Me? I noticed when we first talked you and, uh, Victor and Breitler said Castro hadn't done anything wrong.
I could tell the other two were lying, but you seemed to be telling the truth.
Not too many people fool me like that.
So I tested you again at the club.
- Oh, yeah? - Hmm.
How'd I do? Outstanding.
You're one of the best liars I've ever seen.
Explains your success in sales.
And, uh, the kinky sex life.
Just, uh, pull in a little up here.
None of that means I killed Antonio.
Sure it does.
- And I can prove it.
- How? Walk with me and I'll show you.
Castro didn't take the money.
Too much of a Boy Scout.
It was you that stole it.
Castro had figured out that someone was stealing so he, uh so he came to you.
Why? Because you were his boss.
What he didn't realize is that you were also the thief.
Something's wrong with the future tallies.
I just can't put my finger on what.
- Okay, I'll look into it.
- Then you had to kill him.
How exactly did I do that? Kind of brilliantly, I have to say.
The 19:24 Club was the ticket.
Castro was going to join.
Night the charity function took place you told him he was gonna be initiated.
But he had to be hazed.
- You ready? - Now? Shh.
It's supposed to be a surprise.
Get your car.
Meet me around the corner.
I'm gonna drive you there.
Don't tell anybody where you're going or what you're doing.
Exactly how embarrassing is this going to be? Awesomely, my brother, heh.
But I do have a little help here for you.
Make it go a lot easier.
Trust me.
So you took him to the factory.
You walked him downstairs.
To the basement.
He did everything you asked.
- Man.
- You'll be all right.
Drawers, too? - In the box? - Just get in the box.
You can do it.
All right.
You good? - Yeah, what now? - Just you wait.
Then you went to his house and sent e-mails from his computer so that no one could connect his disappearance through the club or you.
Mm, well, that sounds pretty cool.
Except Castro was the thief.
All the trades were on his account.
You had weeks to fake that data.
And I bet that wasn't very hard for you.
Oh, gosh, I must be a very bad man.
Vicious and heartless.
You gave Castro the most terrifying death possible.
You're evil.
Where's the proof? - You're gonna confess to me.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
- Why would I do that? What, you're gonna scare me into saying that I did it? That's your plan? Yeah, that's the plan.
- Hey.
- Good morning, Lisbon.
Got your message.
What are you doing here? Resting.
- Solved the case.
- Really? Yeah, it was Benjamin Marx.
He stole the money, killed Castro and pinned the theft on him.
- How do you know that? - He's gonna confess.
- Gonna confess? - Hmm, very soon, I think.
Where is he? Uh He's here.
Oh, sorry.
Ugh, somebody help me! God! Jane, help me, please! Yeah, he does go on.
You locked him in a coffin? Yeah, gave him a taste of his own medicine.
Where is he? How long has he been in there? We have to get him out.
He'll die.
- Not until he confesses.
- You can't do this.
Sure, I can.
Watch this.
- Marx.
Can you hear me? - Jane! Help me, please.
I can't breathe! No problem.
Just admit to killing Castro.
- Marx? - No.
Jane, tell me where he is.
I mean it.
- Marx.
You change your mind? - Oh, God! Aah! Jane! Okay, I'm gonna walk away from here and no one will ever find you.
Yes! I did it.
I killed Antonio.
You locked him in that box and you left him to die.
I did.
I did it.
I did it.
Please get me out of here.
You must have kept atrophy.
Where is it? Yes.
Okay, okay, okay.
His key ring.
His key ring.
There's an Army insignia on it.
In a box, okay? Top shelf, bedroom closet.
- Okay, please? - There you go.
He's, uh, over by that tree.
Right there.
I need an ambulance at the Willow Wood Cemetery as soon as possible.
God, Jane! What did you find? Okay.
Cho said they found the key ring in the exact place Marx said it would be.
Let's go see Wainwright.
Come on.
You know, I really can't see the problem.
I closed the case.
You solved the What case? There is no case.
No judge is going to let that confession stand.
They'll throw out the key.
- Marx is never gonna see atrial.
- Eh, let the lawyers sort it out.
Cho and the accountants have found evidence in Castro's accounts that it was Marx who stole money.
The DA is gonna charge him with theft and security fraud.
We can build a murder case on top of that - without the confession.
- See? I don't care.
You assaulted Marx.
- Sac P.
wants to arrest you.
- Marx had a gun.
That's self-defense.
I think a jury will believe me.
Jane is under a tremendous amount of stress.
- I'm fine, thank you.
- You tortured the guy for chrissakes.
Jane, you tortured him.
Do you have any notion how that makes the CBI look? I gave an evil psychopath justice.
Now, does anyone here think that Marx didn't deserve what he got? I think he deserved it.
Thank you, Grace.
Anyone else? Cho? Rigsby? No, I get it.
It's cool.
- You crossed the line.
- Of course I did.
I crossed the line.
I had to to get Marx.
It was the only way to get Marx.
If you don't get the bad guy then what's the point of all this? I'm not gonna apologize.
Maybe you should take a time-out.
You know what? That's a good idea.
You are suspended as of this moment.
You're not gonna come into this office.
Won't have anything to do with the CBI.
There'll be a hearing on your status in 30 days.
And I want you to know, I'm gonna recommend CBI discontinue you permanently as a consultant.
I understand that you're under some distress, Jane.
But you shamed us today.
I'm not going to let that happen again.
You're a pathetic little boy.
- Excuse me? - You're a child.
Daddy was mean to you, he thought you were soft.
- You're a mama's boy.
- I'm sorry, this has Oh, go home, little boy.
Go home to Mama.
Off to Mama.
- Jane, stop.
- Oh, come on.
He's a pathetic little mewling mama's boy.
He's still got her milk on his lip.
Look at him.
Huh? Heh.
- Take it easy! - I'm gonna kill you! Get off me! - Come on.
- Oh, you're walking away? Okay.
Okay, get off me.
Get off me.
On second thought you're not suspended.
You're fired.
Get out of here right now.
Jane, don't do anything rash.
We can work this out.
We'll fix it.
I doubt that.
I'll come by your place tonight, we'll talk it out, okay? You're sweet.
Let me help you.

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