The Mentalist s05e07 Episode Script

If It Bleeds, It Leads

Oh, wow.
- I'm just exhausted.
- That was something, huh? - Good ride, boys, good ride.
- Look at that.
- Oh, man.
- That is gorgeous.
It's beautiful.
- Well done.
- Let's get a picture of the group.
That's a great idea.
- Where do you wanna? On the rock? - Um, there.
I think - I'll come over here.
- Come on, everybody.
Get tight, we'll get back on the road and ride.
- Ready? - How's my hair? - Okay, one more.
- Heh.
- Got it.
One more vertical.
All right? - How's my hair look? Get out of the way! What was that? - Oh! - I don't see anybody.
Anybody moving down there? - That was crazy.
- Came out of nowhere.
- Did you see? - What? Oh, my God.
- Somebody get help.
- Who is this? - Call 911! - 911.
Okay, I got it, I got it.
I'm getting my phone.
Help me.
- Help me.
- It's gonna be fine, you're gonna be okay.
It's all right.
Hang in there.
I have a question.
Theoretically if you wanted to break into a maximum security prison, how would you do it? You mean to get past the razor wire perimeter fence, the roving patrols closed-circuit camera surveillance? - Yes.
Ah, theoretically, I don't think you can break into a maximum security prison.
Hmm, hmm.
I have things I could be doing, Lisbon.
I don't know why you brought me.
It's good to get out in sunshine and fresh air.
You've been holed up for weeks, obsessing over Lorelei Martins.
Martins is the closest we've gotten to Red John.
It doesn't bother you that the FBI took her away? Of course it bothers me.
But there's nothing I can do.
- Nothing you can do.
- How long is this gonna take? Ah, it's jurisdictional.
No more than a couple of hours.
- Jurisdictional? - Vehicular fatality.
In a state park.
Rangers aren't equipped to deal with this.
That's why we're here.
Let's get on with it.
Shall we? You guys must be CBI.
It's about time.
- Sign here.
- All right.
Just my luck.
Damn it.
What? Get your yellow tape out.
It's a crime scene.
Say what? It's a murder.
Do whatever it is you do when it's a murder.
Murder? What, heh? No, it was an accident.
Oh, really? Well, why weren't there any skid marks? Well, but Damage to guardrail indicates the car went through at a high speed.
Means the driver never engaged the brakes, never touched the steering wheel.
So then it's a suicide.
She was halfway through a cheeseburger.
She just had her car cleaned.
Where's her handbag? A woman like this would have a handbag.
Unless you have it.
Do you have her handbag? - No.
- Then it was stolen.
Probably by the person that pushed her off the road or tampered with her brakes.
- Wow.
- Yes, wow.
My work is done here.
Forensics confirmed.
No way those brakes failed on their own.
- Definitely murder.
- Poor kid.
What've we got so far? The victim was Cassie Flood, doing human interest stories.
- I recognize her.
Uh, she did that story about the baby tiger at the zoo, right? Probably.
The last story she did was on space travel.
And ordinary people like me will be able to fly into space on this? Just walk up and buy a ticket? There are no ordinary people, Cassie.
We are all of us extraordinary in our own way.
Heh, how much is it gonna cost to get on this? First flight? A quarter of a million, thereabouts.
Wow, that is quite an expense, heh for a 60-minute flight, heh.
It's not the flight you pay for.
- It's the landing.
- Well, there you have it, heh.
- Now back to Ed Hunt - Okay, well, she's very telegenic.
She ever do any hard news? - That would've made her enemies? - Maybe.
Months ago, she did a piece on the Bells Glen Speedway.
Started as a human interest story about cars.
Ended up exposing a black market of stolen cars and parts.
This guy, Dickie Yuntz, set to be indicted any day.
You and Cho follow up.
Grace, this was originally treated as an accident.
Reinterview all witnesses from the report.
See if anyone remembers anything suspicious.
Will do, boss.
So it's murder, is it? It is.
Let's go to the news station the victim worked at.
Uh, I'm kind of busy.
Maybe later.
That's not how it works.
We have to do ourjobs.
Well, I think you can do it.
You're very capable.
I'm not kidding.
Come on.
Let's go.
Okay, I'll go to the news station with you, get you started then you're on your own, all right? I am not in sixth grade.
That doesn't work on me.
I can't promise I'll always be around to help, Teresa.
There will come a time when you might have to do all this on your own.
- And I want you to be prepared.
- I'm prepared to punch you all on my own.
And that's the weather.
Ed? Next up, did the vice president really say that? Right after the break.
Okay, cue up the veep gaffe for when we're back and get ready to go to sports.
So, Mr.
Kasmir, did Cassie have any threats directed against her? Maybe after the Bells Glen Speedway story? Uh, the first note came a week ago.
Saying Cassie should leave town, not come back.
The second note arrived yesterday.
Uh, you didn't think this was worth mentioning to the police? We get crank letters all the time.
We don't call the cops every time one comes in.
Go with this version.
Cassie was a valued person here.
She was a part of this team.
We cared about her.
Don't mistake our commitment to news for a lack of feeling.
Oh, we're not here to judge.
I promise you.
We're just trying to find Cassie's killer.
Same as you.
You guys are great.
Uh, tough, uh, good-looking, sincere.
Let's put you on the air.
Ask the public for information, you know? Blah, blah, blah.
That's not how we work.
- It could be good for your investigation.
- Maybe later if things don't work out.
If you used one word to sum up Cassie, what would it be? - Promise.
- Promise.
- She had great promise.
- Great word.
Just the other day, I was telling her she had, uh, the anchor chair in her future.
I don't wanna force you, but public attention is good.
Bottom line, it could help you solve the case.
Do you, uh, get more of these letters? Have to check with my intern.
- But why don't I get you on the air? - Hmm, not gonna happen.
- You sure? - Absolutely positive.
I don't belong on television.
Excuse me.
We're looking for Richard Yuntz.
Over there.
Police! Stop! California Bureau of Investigation.
You're under arrest.
All right, all right.
Damn, I was just going to take a leak.
- Changes.
- Oh, Thanks.
Where are my glasses? Tara, did you move my glasses? I've told you before, do not touch them.
- No, Ed.
I didn't touch your glasses.
- Well, where are they? You lost them, Ed.
Like you always do.
Then you blamed me, like you always do.
And now I've called for the PA to bring you another pair, like I always do.
Oh, thank you, Erin.
Um, could you get me some chamomile tea for my throat? - Sure thing.
- Thank you.
Listen here, young woman, I have three Emmy nominations.
I've worked with Brokaw and Blitzer.
Show a little respect.
Three Regional Emmy nominations.
I'm Ed Hunt.
Say, you're the lady from the television.
The weather, right? - Uh, Tara Skye? - That's right, yeah.
- Is that your real name? - Yes, heh.
- It's very convenient.
- Uh.
Uh, what can I do for you? Autograph? No, no.
You've probably heard about the murder? Cassie Flood, yeah.
Oh, isn't it terrible? - You with the cops? - Well, I'm a consultant.
You worked with Cassie so you may be able to tell me the truth.
I've asked around about her.
Everyone just tells me what they think they should.
- Know what I mean? - Ah, totally.
- Hmm.
- What do you wanna know? Oh.
If you were to describe Cassie in one word, what would that word be? She was sleeping her way to the top, if that helps.
Well, that's a little more than one word, but I'm intrigued, go on.
The minute she got here, she jumped in the sack with Ed Hunt.
And lately, she started seducing Ryan Kasmir.
- Heh, I don't want to speak ill of the dead.
- They don't care.
They're dead.
Lisbon, ah, there you are.
Uh, I've found a real journalist to tell us a story.
Tara, this is Teresa Lisbon, with the California Bureau of Investigation.
- Hi.
- Tara was just telling me the truth about Cassie Flood.
- Really? Hmm.
The day she died, I overheard her making plans to meet with someone in secret.
Really? Who was it? Did she tell you where she was going? Or did you hear? No, but she was conniving, and used her sexuality to get ahead.
So you know.
- You think she was meeting a lover? - Yeah.
- Sly minx.
- I know, right? Everyone treated her like this perfect little angel.
- That must have been very frustrating.
- Heh, I'd been here for 16 months before she showed up.
In all that time, Hunt and Kasmir never even gave me the time of day.
But her, with her east coast journalism degree ah, they were falling all over her.
There she was, worrying about journalism while you were throwing yourself at Hunt and Kasmir.
- And she ends up with the anchor chair.
- Yeah.
I mean, no.
- I mean, what? - Hell hath no fury like a slut outflanked.
- You must've felt like killing her.
- Yeah.
Wait, no! - No? Ow.
- No! How dare you.
She's a definite maybe.
Should give you enough to work with, though.
- Don't you think? - I hope that hurt.
It did.
Tara Skye resented Cassie Flood both romantically and professionally.
And she's got no alibi.
The producer Kasmir says he had no romantic relationship with Cassie.
And he says Tara Skye is a backstabbing bitch.
And he's got an alibi for the night of the murder.
What about Ed Hunt? - No alibi.
Says he was at home.
- Hmm.
Yuntz has motive and a weak alibi.
Plus an understanding of cars.
Uh, what about the witnesses from the accident site? Did they have anything useful? Oh, they all mentioned the driver who stopped, helped and made sure EMTs were called.
Everybody talked about him.
I could never find him.
Never spoke to him directly.
- Get a description? - Thirties, balding, white guy, average height.
No plate.
I'm having a sketch done.
Uh, we can try a public request.
Maybe somebody'll come in.
In the meantime, I'm gonna go talk to Ed Hunt.
All right.
Hey, Lisbon.
Uh, don't tell me you've finished your case already.
We need to go and talk to Ed Hunt.
Uh, I'm not really available at the moment.
Uh, if you leave a message after the tone Uh, Cho told me you asked him how to break into a high security prison.
Purely theoretical.
And by the way, he was no help whatsoever.
You're banging your head against the wall.
I'll be back soon.
You can catch me up on your case then.
I gotta go.
- I have a meeting.
- Gonna have to ask you to turn around, sir.
- But I have an appointment.
- No.
You do not have an appointment.
- You don't even know my name.
- Nobody has an appointment.
This is a federal prison.
We all know this money is well-pledged, don't we, folks? Hmm.
The environment, global warming, these are good causes.
And not just from the perspective of beachfront property values.
But our host and primary backer's commitment to these causes is no joke.
A man I have the honor of calling a friend Tommy Volker.
But he's not just about saving the planet.
There's also adventure, and, uh, plenty of the good things in life.
But most importantly, there's this, ladies and gentlemen.
A seat on the maiden flight of the Volker Intergalactic.
The hardest ticket to get in the whole world.
Bidding starts at 200,000.
And remember, you can write this off.
Thank you.
Thanks for being here.
Appreciate it.
Thanks for being here.
Uh, Mr.
I'm Teresa Lisbon with the CBI.
Can we talk? Yeah.
Cassie was a great gal.
She was a real asset to the team.
It was a tragedy to lose her.
I was told you had a relationship with her.
I have a relationship with all my colleagues, um.
But I'm guessing that you mean something more.
Yeah, I mean something more.
Is that a common occurrence with younger reporters? Or did you pick Cassie specially? Tara Skye's been filling your ear with poison, has she? The truth is, Cassie and I were the best of friends but we were never exclusive.
- So you don't deny the affair.
Ooh, affair, that's an awfully big word.
We had a moment, then we both moved on.
No hard feelings.
I wonder if Cassie Flood would agree with that, if she were here to answer.
Here, look.
I got a picture of us at the museum's opening of the new Asian wing two weeks ago.
Does that look like people who don't get along? - Is that Tommy Volker? - That's right.
That was the night Cassie convinced him to do the interview, heh.
Oh, uh, how well do you know Tommy Volker? We're old friends.
We run in the same circles.
Dakar, Baja.
We both like adventure challenges.
Could you introduce me? Sure.
Come on.
I got people will say you told them you had plans to spit on Cassie Flood's grave.
And yet the best alibi that you can offer is that you were at the movies.
By yourself.
What can I tell you, heh? I might have whacked her if I knew what story she was planning.
Make me look so bad.
But I didn't.
So I didn't.
No point killing her after the fact, right? Indeed.
No point.
Uh, Agent Rigsby ah, if you believe and have evidence my client has committed a crime, charge him.
Otherwise, we're done.
We're done.
- For now.
- Always a pleasure.
I gotta get across town.
Nice talking with you, Agent Bigsby.
Hey, Tommy, got someone I want you to meet.
Agent Lisbon, Tommy Volker.
Tommy, Teresa Lisbon.
From the CBI? Oh.
Would you excuse us for a minute? Agent, it's a pleasure.
What brings you here? I'm looking into the death of a young journalist, Cassie Flood.
She interviewed you? Uh, excuse me.
Yeah, I heard about that.
It's, uh, a terrible thing.
How can I help? Anything come to mind that might be useful for our investigation? She was, uh, poised and charming for her age.
She had a wicked sense of humor as well.
I doubt that helps much.
What a senseless tragedy.
I'm sorry.
Volker, we have to go.
You're being conferenced to the Mumbai meeting in 20 minutes.
Sorry about this, Agent Lisbon.
If there's anything I can do to help your investigation, I will.
Uh, here's my personal number.
Call me anytime.
And I mean that.
- Yuntz lawyered up? - Yep.
We're getting nowhere.
Well, maybe not.
Look at this.
The Tide's Edge Hotel.
The only access is from the road that Cassie was on.
Not only that, Cassie Flood rented a room on her credit card.
When I called, front desk told me Mr.
Flood is still there.
She's single.
- Nice.
I'll get Cho.
We'll go pick him up.
- No need.
CHP is bringing him in.
Should be here any minute.
This is an outrage, ugh.
Since when is California a paramilitary state, huh? Ow! You're hurting me.
Are you planning on coming to work any time soon? Oh, yeah, soonish.
Uh Oops.
I still got a few things to, uh, figure out.
Why? Is there a break in the case? - As a matter of fact, there is.
- Really, what? I've got somebody who says Cassie Flood was murdered by Tommy Volker.
Berman, you can take a seat.
Or should we call you Mr.
Flood? All right, look.
Cassie Flood was gonna publish a takedown piece in my magazine showing billionaire philanthropist Tommy Volker to be a sleazy criminal who just talks a good game.
And Cassie Flood brought her story to you why? Because of the wide readership you receive? Cassie and I went to journalism school together.
And she knew that I publish a highly respected investigative monthly.
Opinions differ.
Some think you publish a lefty rag that sees conspiracies under every rock.
- I won a Polk Award.
- Yeah.
And you were sued for libel.
Any good journalist gets sued.
It's part of the job.
Cassie came to me.
She knew I'd have the courage to run her story when nobody else would.
Which was? Volker had a geothermal project in the Amazon rain forest which was going to double his presence in emerging markets.
But when an indigenous tribe claimed the land sacred it threatened to kill his deal, so he made them disappear.
The whole tribe.
A whole village, found in a mass grave.
The killing was blamed on fighting between drug traffickers and leftist rebels.
A terrible tragedy that just so happened to remove all opposition to Volker's project.
Come on.
Nobody could get away with that.
Volker did.
Look, he's smart.
Does anything possible to keep his hands clean.
He'll get other people to do his dirty work.
- But, Cassie, she caught him anyway.
- How? She had an inside source in Volker's organization.
That source gave her audit trails.
Audit trails never lie.
Cassie was bringing me the hard evidence when she died.
Audit trails.
You follow the money, you always get to the truth.
Cassie was a top-notch investigative journalist.
And she was wasted on television.
Hence the missing bag.
Grace's Good Samaritan was there to get evidence.
Show Volker this sketch and watch his face.
- I know what to do.
- I know you do.
You go girl, huh? Thank you.
Agent Lisbon.
Something wrong? What's the matter? I'm sorry to blindside you but I have some questions I need to ask you.
- Mr.
Volker's flying to New York.
- Of course.
As I said before, whatever I can do to help.
The thing is, we found out where Cassie was going the day she died.
Really? Where? - She was going to meet Steve Berman.
- You think Berman killed her? We don't know, but he told us some pretty strange things I wanted to run by you.
All right.
Did Cassie ask you about the Amazon rain forest when you and she spoke? The Amazon rain forest? No.
Did she ever mention a geothermal project that you have down there? Heh, good Lord, no.
Cassie and I talked about my, uh, self-consciousness growing up with a stutter and my feeling that I needed to give something back because of all I received.
That's all? No.
We also bonded over having been raised by grandmothers.
We swore we'd both remain committed to making the world a better place for our having been in it.
Amanda, you were there.
Did, uh, our Amazon project come up? No.
The Amazon was never mentioned.
She never mentioned a village being massacred? Ha, ha, good Lord, no.
What a bizarre question.
What village? What massacre? I'm just following a lead, sir.
You know, perhaps I should give you an alibi.
That's all right.
I wouldn't expect a man in your position to do the dirty work himself.
I'm sorry.
No offense.
Cop humor.
By the way, do you recognize this man? No.
Why? Just following a lead, like I said.
Agent, I know you're under a lot of pressure right now.
People want you to solve this case yesterday.
I know what that's like.
I appreciate that.
So I don't want you to worry that you've offended me in any way.
- You don't, do you? - No, if you say I haven't.
Heh, well, that's a relief.
Now I really must be going.
Amanda, call me from the office.
There's some things I need done before I land.
We'll talk again, I'm sure.
Please, feel free to drop by anytime.
Lisbon, what gives? This has gone on too long.
I need you to accept the fact that you cannot break Lorelei Martins out of prison.
Yes, I know that now.
Thank you.
You were right.
You've come up with some plan you don't want me to know.
An interesting theory.
I can see by your face that Volker yielded nothing but you still like him for the murder.
But he's tight as a drum.
His assistant's looking very promising.
I'm gonna try to talk to her alone.
- You want me to come with you? - Don't bother.
I can manage.
You haven't really worked on this case anyhow.
- Uh, then why are you here? - Why are you here? Repetition is the lowest form of repartee.
Please, we can do a little better than that.
Okay, Lisbon, I will get on the case.
I promise.
See you later.
Amanda, it's Agent Lisbon.
I need to speak to you.
- I don't think that's a good idea.
- Amanda, listen to me.
I know you think that Volker killed Cassie Flood.
I think you're very afraid right now.
I can help you.
You can't say things like that.
That's not true.
You could get me in serious trouble.
Well, why, if it's not true? Look, Volker was in San Francisco at a charity event with 300, 400 other people.
I was there with him.
He couldn't have killed Cassie Flood.
We both know he wouldn't have killed her himself.
No, I don't know that.
Amanda, if you keep silent, you are just as guilty as he is.
It's the same as if you killed those people.
Not just Cassie Flood, but every person in that Amazon village.
Women, children, babies.
You don't know what he's like.
What he's capable of.
Amanda, I promise, nothing is gonna happen to you as long as you do the right thing.
I don't know.
You don't want this on your conscience.
Any of it.
You can't.
After the TV piece she came back and she was asking questions about the geothermal project and the massacred village.
And he told her that the stories weren't true.
But I could see that he was angry and lying.
That's all I know.
That's not enough to prove anything, is it? No, no.
But it helps.
Thank you, Amanda.
You are doing the right thing.
One last time do you know who this man is? No.
- Who is he? - We're still trying to figure that out.
What will I do now? Nothing.
After we arrest Volker, you're gonna need to come and testify as to what you heard.
Until then, just keep quiet, carry on as normal.
Let us take care of everything.
I'm scared.
Do not worry.
When it's time for you to speak, we'll protect you.
You have my word.
Sounds like it's gonna be a hot one.
You're not wrong there, Ed.
But beautiful.
Anybody who can, it'd be a great time to visit the mountains or the beach.
Heh, well, not so easy if you're a working man, Tara.
Or a woman, Ed.
- Right, heh.
- Heh.
Hello, Lisbon.
How do you do? She cracked.
Volker's our man.
She doesn't have enough to press charges.
We need the actual killer.
Hmm, funny you say that.
I just had an idea.
Uh, what kind of idea? Come by the newsroom tomorrow and I'll show you.
Oh, and bring Cho.
- Good night.
- Oh, wait, uh, what kind of idea? Jane? Hello, Lisbon.
You at the newsroom? Uh, yeah.
Where are you? I'll be there in a minute.
I need to see an optometrist.
- What? - I'll be with you soon.
- You're doing what? - I'm going on the air.
Kasmir convinced me it's the right thing to do.
- Ed, wind it up and go to commercial.
- We'll be right back, after this.
I have to look at the list of questions.
Don't need to worry about that.
I've taken care of that.
Ed, when we come back, we'll go to an update on progress in the Cassie Flood murder case.
- Okay.
Is Mr.
Jane here? - Coming right in, okay? Come on.
- Show time.
- Let's go get you prepped.
- Give him some lipstick and some blush.
Tara, did you move my glasses? - Tara? - No.
- Tara.
Earth to Tara.
- No, ahem.
- Did you move my glasses? - Nope.
All right, there.
I will lay out the progress of the case thus far and then I'll go to you.
All right, Ed.
And I'll bring it home by telling you how we caught the killer.
- You caught the killer? - Yeah.
Well, that's That's great.
Who is it? Whoa.
- What was it that, uh, led you to him? - It was all about the car, in the end.
- The car? - News to me.
So we're just gonna blow off the weather? And we're live in three, two, one.
This is Ed Hunt with a special report on the Cassie Flood murder case.
Patrick Jane is a consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation.
- Hi, Ed.
- Mr.
You've got shocking new information in the Cassie Flood murder, is that right? Yes, I do, Ed.
Now, Cassie's car was tampered with but earlier here at the station we received a note that was connected to a story of Cassie's about the Bells Glen Speedway? Are these things connected? Well, that was an early avenue of investigation.
You're right there, Ed.
But turns out that's not what I'm here to talk about.
- Um, you're You're not, heh? - No.
What the hell is he doing? Is he going off script? Yeah.
He does that.
Uh, Tara, tell me, do you know Tommy Volker? Uh, no.
Uh, I mean, I know of him.
Uh, Ed, you know Tommy Volker, don't you? Agent Jane, you were going to tell us about the Bells Glen Speedway, heh.
Cassie Flood told you she wanted to do a story on Tommy Volker and a massacred village in the Amazon, right? Okay, okay.
Let's, uh Let's cut this.
This is great television.
Keep rolling until I say stop.
Ed, you and Tommy are old acquaintances, aren't you? You do, uh, these adventures together.
Like the Dakar Rally.
You're adventurers, right? Mr.
Jane, um, these are not the questions we discussed.
The Dakar Rally is an endurance car race.
You and Mr.
Volker must know a lot about cars.
All right, we've had enough.
Do you deny you competed in the Dakar Rally with Mr.
Volker? - Of course not.
- And you don't deny having the, uh, necessary knowledge to tamper with Cassie Flood's car? Yes.
- No.
- No? Do you deny that these are your glasses? Uh, well, they do - They look like mine.
- Hmm.
Aha! We found them in the wreckage of Cassie's car.
Heh, well, that's impossible.
I wasn't wearing them.
I did not leave those in her car.
But you do admit to tampering with Cassie Flood's car? No.
As God is my witness, no.
I think that counts as an admission of guilt, don't you? Go get him, Cho.
We'll be right back after this short commercial break.
I had no idea she'd be driving on a road like that.
You've gotta believe that.
I only meant to scare her.
Just to get her off the air.
That's why you sent the notes.
To make her leave town.
Ah, I thought if she believed Yuntz was out to get her, she'd leave the station go someplace else, take somebody else's job.
- Not mine.
- Instead, you ended up killing her.
It wasn't my idea.
Volker, heh, put me up to it.
He had you to tinker with her car.
We used to, uh, joke about doing it during the Dakar as a prank on somebody.
So Volker told you to use it to take care of Cassie.
It was more of a dare.
I couldn't back down without looking like a coward.
A dare.
That was enough to convince you to murder Cassie Flood.
It wasn't supposed to be a murder.
So you were manipulated into a murder beneficial to Tommy Volker and admit you have no evidence that could implicate him at all.
Is that about right? This guy's a fool.
But this Volker seems formidable.
As smart and as careful as I thought.
I don't know.
How could he be sure she'd be killed? Looks like he was just lucky.
No, no.
He always had a plan B.
The Good Samaritan wasn't just there to get the evidence.
He also made sure she was dead.
Volker's not gonna get away with this.
I'm gonna get him.
If not for murder, then whatever Amanda Shaw can give me.
Tax evasion, fraud, unpaid parking tickets.
I'm gonna bring in Amanda and lean on her.
Look at you.
So tough.
I'm getting goose bumps.
It's been 10 hours since anybody's heard from Amanda.
We need a warrant to get into her apartment right away.
Thanks, judge.
Let's go.
Ah, damn it.
Let's get her down from there.
She left a suicide note, you know.
Via e-mail.
Laying blame at your feet.
You will not get away with this.
I promise.
You have no idea what's happening at all, do you? Enjoy yourjob while you still have it, Teresa.
Agent Lisbon? It's "Lisbon.
" Lisbon.
Pardon me.
Bob Kirkland, Homeland Security.
We don't know each other but we need to talk.
- Well, how can I help you, Mr.
Kirkland? - Call me Bob.
What is it? Volker.
You need to stop worrying about him, okay? Stop worrying about him.
What is that supposed to mean? I'm telling you, off the record, that it's being taken care of.
Trust me.
You should take a step back.
Uh, so you can take credit for the arrest? Not a chance.
No, it's not like that.
You know, Volker is He's a very powerful man, agent.
A big contributor to a lot of campaigns.
Is that supposed to scare me? No.
You just need to watch your step.
Can I buy you a cup of coffee sometime? Sure.
- Sorry, Mr.
- Oh, excuse me.
Do I know you? No.
But I know you.

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