The Mentalist s05e09 Episode Script

Black Cherry

You've had your nose in that book for the last 10 miles.
What was the name of that redheaded security guard at the, uh, bioresearch lab? Hardin? - Harken.
- Harken.
Yes, that's it.
I hate to be a buzzkill, but even if you could remember everybody you've ever met, what if Lorelei Martins is lying? What if you've never actually met Red John? I haven't just met him, I've shaken hands with him.
And she wasn't lying.
She didn't realize what she'd told me.
Am I in that book? No.
She said it's a wonder Red John and I didn't become friends.
Now, what we have, I consider a friendship.
So, my friend, you are free and clear.
That's a relief.
Are you in charge here? - Uh, yeah, sure.
- I've been here several hours now.
I'm a busy man.
When can I leave? Uh, I don't know.
Who are you? Chip McGavin.
I found the body.
I told the officers what I saw.
They said I had to stay here and say it all over again to you before I could leave.
- Is that so? - Yes, that's so, Chip.
This is ridiculous.
Let me tell you something, Chip.
You're our number one suspect right now.
So I'd play it cool if I were you.
We'll be with you in a moment.
- What do we got? - You know what? Quit it.
According to his ID, victim's name's Lemuel McVie.
ME's putting time of death between 10 and 12 hours ago.
Looks like he was hit multiple times with some blunt object.
Not dressed for golf.
How did he end up in there? We found tire tracks by the water.
He was murdered elsewhere and dumped here.
- We need to find the initial murder site.
- His life had just begun.
- He's not that young.
- No.
His new life.
It's a new wallet and his driver's license and credit card were established only two years ago.
But look at his hands.
Scarred knuckles.
Evidence that this man had been in a scrap or two.
- From his old life.
- Yeah.
I'm running his license now.
- I do like that cuff link.
- Mm.
Very crafty.
Perhaps the other one was lost in the scuffle.
Why dump him on a golf course? Oh, this place goes on for acres and acres.
Multiple points of entry.
I don't think there's any cameras around here.
Seems like the perfect place.
Well, he was busted for marijuana possession four years ago.
And apparently, our victim is associated with a gang called the 10th Street Ghouls.
- Hmm.
- That puts a different spin on it.
Yo, Chip.
Front and center.
- I'm starting to resent you.
- Good.
- You a member of a street gang? - No, of course not.
- Really? Did you kill this man? - No, I did not.
I can see it in your eyes.
Arrest him, Lisbon.
- Wait a minute, you can't do that.
- Yeah, I'm just kidding.
But next time you come across a dead body, Chip, show a little respect.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Uh, Rigsby, would you interview Mr.
McGavin? Thank you.
McGavin, come here.
You can write my name in that book.
- Oh, come on.
No, come on, really? - Put me in it.
I wanna be in it.
Juliana, we're very sorry about Lemuel.
My brother's name was Lem.
Nobody called him Lemuel.
Uh, excuse me.
Do you have any tea? What? I'll just take a look in the kitchen.
Um, excuse me.
Uh, could you show me where the tea is in the kitchen, please? Thank you.
So how'd they do it? - Who do you think did it? - I don't know.
How did they do it? He was beaten to death.
Son of a bitch.
Do you think the 10th Street Ghouls had anything to do with this? No, he's been done with them almost three years now.
Is that when Lem got his driver's license and established those credit cards? - Yeah.
- You sure he was out? I'm positive.
He jumped out as soon as they tried to recruit Noah.
He wanted to set a better example.
So he got a good job and he even helped me pay for nursing school.
Lem stepped up.
He did right by us.
Not a single tea drinker in the family.
That's interesting.
But you do have cocoa.
You want a cup of hot cocoa? I'm pretty handy with a kettle.
You should trust me.
Where was he working? Wintergrove Realty.
He was a salesman there.
What about yesterday? Was there anything that he said or did that jumps out at you? No.
Just that he didn't come home last night.
Your parents are gone, aren't they? You have custody of Noah? I know what it's like to be the one to keep the family together.
It's a tough job.
Don't make it tougher.
If you know who did this, tell me.
I don't know who did this.
It's tough when you lose somebody.
But you still carry them with you.
In your memories and the choices you make in life.
You made him those cool cuff links, didn't you? At school in crafts.
I gave them to Lem for being promoted.
He said a man should always dress like the man he wants to be.
Sounds like a good brother.
That's a sweet ride you two have there.
Cherry on cherry.
- Lem let me choose the stripes.
- Great.
It's got a four-barrel carburetor, dual exhaust and Edelbrock intakes.
Get out of here.
Nanobrock intakes.
- You ready to go? - Sure.
Yeah, Noah was just telling me about Lem's car.
- Was he driving that yesterday? - Mm-hm.
- You mind if I take a picture? - No.
Let's go.
Keep your chin up.
Here's the picture of the victim's missing car.
- '68 Olds.
- I put a BOLO out to surrounding agencies.
I'm also checking impound lots.
Was there any sign of the car at the course? He was dumped from a different car.
Tracks were from a car with a smaller wheelbase.
Lem McVie's car was pretty distinctive.
Maybe he was carjacked? They would've left him in the street.
This feels planned.
Dumping the body like that feels like a gang hit.
His sister was adamant he was done with that life.
- Maybe that life wasn't done with him.
- Go upstairs, talk to Gangs.
See if they can shed any light.
Rigsby, keep checking his cell phone and his credit card information.
- Van Pelt, stay on the car.
- No problem.
Jane and I are gonna go to the real estate agency he worked at.
- Agent Wade.
- Come on in.
So, what do you have on Lemuel McVie and the Ghouls? Ah.
Looks like your guy's dad helped start the Ghouls.
Got stabbed while serving a life sentence in Lompoc.
Lem had some clout.
He was selling drugs from at least a 10-block radius at one point.
You don't get to that position unless you know how to hustle.
But we heard he jumped out.
Seems like it.
He hasn't come up in any of our sweeps for a couple of years now.
What about gangs that have a beef with the Ghouls? - Anybody looking to make a statement? - No, nobody.
The Ghouls cleared everyone out years ago.
Corner shot assault rifle.
Didn't realize Gang had those resources.
For the Rapid Response Team we're creating.
CBI personnel, SWAT tactics.
It's a good idea.
You mind? I haven't seen one in years.
Go for it.
- You a vet? - First Group, Special Forces.
You? Marines.
You better put that thing down before you shoot someone, doggie.
Thank you.
Dilmer's waiting for you in his office.
Any interest in doing a tour of model homes after your business is done? - You serious? - Interest rates couldn't be lower.
- It's a great time to buy.
- Pass.
I'd like to take a look.
You can count me in, Tiffany.
Dilmer? This is Agent Lisbon from the CBI, and this is Mr.
Oh, of course.
Nathan Dilmer.
- Thanks, Tiffany.
- See you later, Mr.
Jane? Mm.
Before you go, did either of you see Lem leave last night? I did.
I was heading out for a mixer, and I saw him leave at the end of the day.
- It was about 6:30.
- In his car? - Yes.
- When I left a little after 7, his car was gone.
- Well, thank you, Tiffany.
- Mm-hm.
What a tragedy.
I worry about how everyone's coping.
Oh, they're just anxious about who's gonna get Lem's leads.
That's not how I run my office.
I've worked hard to foster a cohesive and dynamic community here.
We just got back from our annual office retreat, in fact.
Lem was family.
- Put another one on the board for me, Dil.
- Oh, yeah, Victor.
This is Agent Lisbon from the CBI, this is her associate, Mr.
Victor Phipps, my top man.
- Uh, poor Lem.
- Hmm.
That champagne must have a bitter taste to it.
Nolo contendere, detective.
But it's just a sales prop.
The show must go on.
Victor was Lem's supervisor.
They made an outstanding team.
He was a good kid.
Good salesman.
You saw something in Lem you recognized.
Because you both had a different life before real estate.
- Different kind ofjobs.
- That's right.
You're a disbarred lawyer.
You reading my mail? Heh.
No, heh, but you just said nolo contendere.
And you wouldn't be working here if you weren't disbarred.
No offense.
Uh, corporate litigation, 14 years.
Partner the last six.
I took the rap for a client.
What we were is not who we are.
That's my motto.
We're big on giving people second chances here.
So you knew about Lem's gang situation, then? Oh, he came to us through a program for ex-gang youth.
An office full of second-chancers.
And you're head of the office.
Are you a saint or another reformed sinner? Aren't we here to talk about Lem? Oh, you strike me as the consensus-building type so I'm gonna guess that your crime was fraud.
Ponzi scheme, perhaps.
I have paid back society for the errors in my judgment.
My mistakes do not define me moving forward.
Another one.
Can either of you think of anybody Lem may have had a problem with? A coworker, a client? Actually, he did come to work a bit banged up about a month ago.
I'm sorry, banged up? A black eye.
He tried to cover it up.
I asked him if he needed any help.
He said that he could handle it.
What do you got? I got back the preliminary autopsy report.
Lem was struck with several objects but the x-rays showed some older fractures.
One couldn't have been more than a month old.
His boss said he came to work pretty banged up a month ago.
Well, based on that, I did some digging.
Lem visited the emergency room three times this year for various injuries, all listed as accidents.
It says here his sister, Juliana, signed him out.
She signed him out every time.
Why didn't she tell us that? You don't know where Juliana is and you haven't heard from her? She's just out.
Anything else you want to tell us? - Nothing.
- The way you're clenching your fists suggests that you do have something you want to tell us.
We can't talk to you.
Y'all can't do anything.
I know Lem would never want you to be afraid to look another man in the eye, right? She told me to stay strong.
No matter what happens.
You are being strong, but you know your sister needs help.
Where'd she go? Hey.
Where's Shade? Where is he? Is she serious? You better get out with all that.
You see where you at, right? Go home, man.
Tough guy.
I said, where is Shade? You think it's funny? Sacramento Police.
- Put your weapons down.
- What? Put the weapon down now.
Put your hands up.
Police! Drop the weapon! Everybody, hands in the air! Stay where you are.
Juliana, put the gun down.
They're over here hanging out and laughing.
They just killed my brother.
Like it was nothing.
Put it down so we don't have to use ours.
Juliana please.
Put it down and let's talk.
Get away.
Up against the fence.
Let's go.
Turn around.
Up against the wall.
Where's Noah? He's never been alone all night.
Sit down.
Noah's fine.
He spent the night with your neighbor Yasmin.
We brought him here this morning.
Where did you get the gun? Lem had it hidden for protection.
You think the Ghouls are behind Lem's murder.
Anyone in particular? Yeah, this dude named Shade.
Lem used to work corners for him back in the day.
Is that who fractured Lem's rib earlier this year? Shade was hella pissed when Lem quit.
But he had to take it.
Lem jumped out.
Then he just started going in hard on Lem this year.
Why now? Shade wasn't making enough money selling drugs as he was with Lem so he felt like Lem owed him.
And Lem just let him do it? Yeah, Lem said eventually Shade would move on.
And I thought he was right.
And then Shade came back.
The night Lem died.
Shade came to the house banging on the door like 8:30 mouthing off about how Lem was gonna get his.
And I called Lem, but he never answered his phone.
Juliana, you should have called the police.
And tell them what? - A Ghoul was looking for an ex-Ghoul? - They could have helped.
Lady, my mother was shot in broad daylight.
Three years later, they still don't know who did it.
Cops? Please, y'all just show up to collect the bodies.
Are we done? I need to get my brother home.
Juliana, you discharged an unregistered firearm.
You're gonna be arrested.
Arrested? Well, what about Noah? You're not gonna put him in foster care, are you? If there's no immediate family that can take custody, that's what happens.
I'm sorry.
You can't do this.
- Hey, boss.
- JeRon Slaughter.
Receiving stolen goods, armed robbery, attempted murder.
A real charmer.
He's in charge of enforcing discipline.
Beats down crew members when they step out of line.
- We have a location? - Maybe.
He hangs at one of their stash houses.
- Go and pick him up.
- House is fortified.
Barred windows, steel doors.
- We could use the Rapid Response Team.
- Coordinate it.
- I need to call Child Services.
- You got it.
Nobody's telling me what's going on.
Do you know where my sister is? Yeah, she's just down the hall.
She's okay.
How are you doing? I'm okay.
Hi, Noah.
- Listen, we have a situation here.
- Lisbon, I have a great idea.
A brilliant idea.
Excuse me.
One second.
Come here.
What brilliant idea? Uh Well, um there isn't one.
I just don't want you to send that kid to a foster home.
- I don't have a choice.
- There's always choices.
Okay, like what? Let them go home.
You don't have to charge his sister yet, do you? Just think about it for a while.
She broke the law.
I already called the DA and Child Services.
Just let them go home.
I got Lem's phone records.
He had two calls from a disposable phone.
One at 8:15 p.
And one at 9 p.
- The call at 9 is within our murder window.
- Must be our killer.
Try and track down where the cell phone was sold.
They ever find the other cuff link at the country club? No, they went through the water with a sifter, came back with nothing.
- Where are you going? - Back to Wintergrove.
I have an appointment to look at a model home.
Do you wanna come with? Or stick around and do the right thing? Jane.
I trust you'll make the right choice, Lisbon.
Damn you, Jane.
Tell Juliana McVie she's free to go for now.
Tell her we'll be in touch about the charges.
- Really? But we - I know, I know.
Just do it, huh? I gotta go call off Child Services and the DA.
Wintergrove in the woods.
Is this a company retreat? Did you go? Up in Carrington? No.
That's strictly for the top salesmen.
I see Lem was there.
He was always running behind the big dogs.
Big dogs? The top salesmen in our company.
Dilmer, Phipps and Bosh.
Are you ready for the tour? Can't wait.
Tiffany, we, uh We doing a tour? Yes.
I was just about to take Mr.
Jane to see the models.
She's got pluck, this one.
I'll take it from here.
Why don't you input the day's contracts? Of course, Mr.
Jane, Quinton Bosh.
Ah, you're one of the big dogs.
Heh, well, that's what they tell me.
So, Mr.
Jane, what are you looking for in a home? What's that place over there? - Oh, the Catalina.
- Yeah, that looks interesting.
I need a large square footage.
Four bedroom, three and a half bathrooms.
The place oozes with charm.
Shade's been in there about 40 minutes, so he's nice and tucked in.
Alpha to Wade.
Three entered the side of the house.
More at the party.
I'm thinking front door is the best point of entry.
You take two side.
We do our thing, we'll hand him to you.
Copy that.
Okay, ladies, time to move.
Hey, yo.
Get down, man! CBI! Hands in the air! Cho, we got a runner.
He's headed your way.
I got him.
Give me your arm.
Get up.
Let's go.
Hey, you found our victim's car.
Well done.
Now, the living room is the centerpiece of the Catalina's Now, over here, we have slab granite countertops and your gourmet kitchen.
Nice flooring.
Very solid.
Nothing but upscale to the max in a Wintergrove home.
Not really feeling it, you know.
I gotta feel it.
Let's go take a gander at the other model.
- The Catalina II? - Yeah.
It's the exact same layout except for the extra bedroom and decor theme.
- Sounds good.
So this is Catalina II.
It's a whopping - Uh, Mr.
Can I help you? - Uh, Mr.
Jane is with me, Phippsy.
I got it.
Sure, Bosh.
Let me show you the garage.
Ample space for three cars.
Well, as I said, the living room's exactly the same.
Well, not exactly.
- I like it.
- Good, good.
- Let's take a look at the extra bedroom.
- No.
No need.
I'm really feeling it here.
I think I need to be alone with the house for a moment.
You know, just to check out its aura.
- Aura? - Yeah.
Well, I'm not gonna buy a house unless we have compatible auras.
Of course.
Ten minutes.
Good, I'll, uh I'll be right outside.
Thank you.
- What are you doing? - Following a hunch.
Oh, you've been following it for several hours now.
Yeah, well, some take longer than others.
Playtime's over.
We found Lem's missing car.
Ah, that's excellent.
Because I just found the room where he was murdered.
Shade tell me how you ended up with a dead man's car.
- It settled a debt.
- A debt.
He cost me a lot of money when he jumped out.
I was cool, but he started flexing with a very nice ride this year.
See, he obviously forgot that I made him.
So, I'm like, "Yo, I'm gonna need a little more return on my investment.
" Is this when you bruised his sternum? Or when you fractured his ribs? Heh, you're funny.
Let's just say he agreed with me.
Up until two nights ago.
Look, I called to tell him I need a little extra.
Corners ain't doing what they should in this economy.
At 8:15 and 9 p.
M? On a disposable phone? Hey, it's cheaper than a plan, man.
Anyway, he tells me, "Go to hell.
" He ain't coming off no more cheddar.
We know you went to his house to find him.
He wasn't there.
Where'd you go? His job.
You found him at work? His car was parked in front of them fake houses, so I took it.
We found evidence he was killed in one of those homes around the same time you stole his car.
Why should I believe you didn't kill him? Because that wouldn't be necessary.
See, once I got the car, I was paid in full.
So Shade stole Lem's car, but why does my gut say he's not the killer? You have a very smart gut.
The one thing Shade's story does confirm is that Lem was over at the model homes after 8.
After his coworkers said he'd left.
Anyone could get into those model houses.
- What's the motive? - Remains to be seen.
I'll put in a request for CSI Catalina II.
I finished going through Lem's computer.
He recently set up news alerts for the Carrington Gazette.
- Carrington? - Town where they have their retreat.
According to the browser history, he recently read alerts about burglaries a missing hunter and a house fire.
- Hmm.
That's interesting.
Why set up a filter for a Podunk newspaper? I need Lem's car.
Hold off on that CSI team.
Let's keep the murder site under wraps for now.
What? Why? This is his car, right? Definitely.
How did it get here? - Should I call the police? - Yes.
We'd better call Dilmer.
- Hey, Sarah.
- Hey.
- How's life as an ADA? - Ah, I'm enjoying it.
I tried to reach you before you came down.
We'd like to hold off on charging Juliana McVie.
Just a beat.
- Why? It sounds like a dunk.
- Ah, this case is still developing.
And we're hoping to use her against some bigger fish.
- I'd like to have the leverage.
- Okay.
I read the file.
Don't give her a pass because she's sympathetic.
She broke the law.
You have statutory duties.
I hear you.
How's Ben? Oh, ha, ha, so wonderful.
Hey, keep me apprised on McVie.
It was parked here when we opened the office.
The note was already on the windshield.
"Bring 50,000 to the place where you killed Lemuel McVie at 10:30 tonight or I go to the police at 11.
" - This doesn't make any sense.
This car was stolen by the killer, wasn't it? - That's our supposition.
- So, what does this mean? I don't know, Mr.
Someone's playing games.
Or someone knows more than they're telling.
You guys don't have a clue.
Have you even figured out where Lem was murdered yet? Thank you for your assistance.
You can head back to work now.
Like I thought.
You don't know anything.
The hook has been baited.
So now we're breaking and entering? No, because, uh, I have the key.
Come on.
That was locked this morning.
A little bit easier.
No, it's just theft and illegal entry.
Ladies first.
What makes you so certain that the killer works at Wintergrove Realty? Lmagine, Lisbon, for a mere 20 percent down all this could be yours.
Fully furnished and lavishly equipped.
Lacking only one thing.
What? Well, isn't it obvious that there should be a lovely decorative rug right here pulling the whole room together? I mean, the other model had one.
So that's what the killer used to soak up the blood and get the body out.
- Precisely.
We should wait in here.
Oh, here.
You want a drink? That still doesn't prove that the killer's a Wintergrove employee.
Well, if it wasn't, why wouldn't they just leave the body here? - What's the motive? - Something happened at the company retreat.
- Something bad.
- What? We'll ask whoever comes through that front door.
- Down.
- Really? Come on.
- Hiding.
- Hide.
What? It's okay.
You were talking in your sleep.
- I was? - And drooling a little.
Well, what did I say? Look.
Someone's coming.
- Bosh.
That doesn't make sense.
- What? Why? He's lazy.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Traffic is crazy out there.
Didn't think I'd make it in time.
Phipps? He and Bosh hate each other.
- Did you get it? - Yeah.
Took some doing.
I got it all.
Cash is in the bag.
Then I guess we just wait.
- Dilmer? - Ah, the consensus builder.
- I don't like this.
I got a bad feeling.
- Stop your whimpering.
- You have a better idea? - Screw you.
Knock it off! Both of you.
We gotta stick together here.
No more squabbling.
Evening, gentlemen.
What are you doing here? Catching killers.
- But the letter.
- He wrote the letter, you idiot.
Ah, you're a quick study there, Phipps.
Quick enough to know there isn't a law in the land that's gonna convict us of murder based off of our compliance with a vague letter.
That is not entirely true.
- We have motive.
- How do you figure? You know Lem started reading the Carrington Gazette when he came back from the retreat? He was particularly interested in a story about a missing hunter.
But the hunter wasn't just missing, was he? He was dead.
- We don't know anything about a hunter.
- Okay.
Well, thanks, Bosh.
You can go.
We'll be in touch.
What? Thank you for your assistance.
We can handle this.
Wait a minute, you cut a deal? No.
I have no idea what they're talking about.
Then tell me why you get to go.
You really think Bosh is the kind of guy that's gonna take the rap when you two dopes are available? - Tell me you didn't sell us out.
- What did you say? He's messing with you, jackass! Correct.
I was just messing with you.
Lisbon, arrest these clowns.
Put your hands on your heads.
The wheelbase and tire pattern of your SUV matches the tracks at the golf course.
Tell me what happened.
It was an accident.
We were up in Carrington for the retreat.
Dilmer, Phippsy, Lem and I were out in the woods you know, drinking a little, shooting a little, blowing off steam.
- Did Lem go shooting with you? - No.
Said he'd used enough guns.
He drank up more than his share of beers, though.
Uh - Then Bosh - Sees this tree branch move 50 yards away.
Thinks it's a deer.
He starts shooting.
- Shh, shh, shh.
- I know.
And we all start shooting.
- Whoo! Whoo! - Yeah, baby.
All right.
- I got me a deer.
- I hit it.
Woo-hoo! We go to see what we got.
It was a man.
Everyone started freaking out.
Lem wanted to go to the police.
It was an accident, he reasoned.
But I know that wasn't a real option.
I'm a lawyer.
I know what happens.
We'd be in for years of legal hell.
- Millions in lawyers' fees.
- So Lem agreed to hide the body? We all agreed.
- As a team.
- As a family.
It was the best thing for all of us.
But when we got back, Lem pulls me aside.
He says he can't go through with it, tries to convince me we can salvage this thing if we all just come clean.
He was gonna confess to the cops.
So I agreed with him.
Told him I needed a little bit of time to get some things in order.
But instead, you planned how you were gonna get rid of Lem.
That night.
I asked him to open Catalina II to meet with some late-arriving clients.
It was scut duty for the junior salesmen, so he didn't think anything of it.
We did it together so that we'd all be equally guilty.
We were gonna dump him and the car but when we got back out of the house, the car, it was gone.
That's what screwed us.
I still don't understand what happened.
Who took the car? His car was parked out in front of them fake houses, so I took it.
Where'd you guys get it? You can read about it in the paper.
Nice digs down here in Major Crimes.
Agent Wade.
This is my partner, Wayne Rigsby.
Rigsby, this is Wade.
She's heading the new Rapid Response Team.
- Oh, nice.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Likewise.
That's actually why I came to see you, Cho.
- What's up? - I haven't selected an agent from Major Crimes for the team.
Wouldn't interfere with your duties and I cleared it with Lisbon, so if you're interested we'd love to have you on board.
- Sure.
Oh, and, uh, end of shift a few of us are hitting the range, if you wannajoin us say hi to the team.
- I'll see you out there.
Agent Rigsby.
Lem's killer has led the police up in Carrington to the body of the hunter they killed.
Poor guy.
- Teresa, hey.
- Hey, Sarah, thanks for coming by.
I wanted you to meet Ms.
McVie before you made a decision about the charges against her.
This is Juliana and her brother, Noah.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Sarah works at the DA's office.
She just had a baby boy last year.
Yes, I did.
Lisbon, do you wanna make? I was gonna tell them that their brother died because he was going to do the right thing.
He's kind of a hero.
Well, yeah, I guess you could say that.
And I was gonna say that given the extenuating circumstances maybe the CBI and the DA's office would consider dropping the charges against Juliana because it's the right thing to do.
Nicely played, Teresa.
You owe me one.
Good to meet you, Juliana, Noah.
Charges dropped.
I see what you did there.
Thank you.
I really appreciate it.
No problem.
Oh, wait.
These are yours now.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.

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