The Mentalist s05e12 Episode Script

Little Red Corvette

Get up, we're not dragging you.
You heard him, get in there.
- Where do you want to put him? - Right there.
I won't say anything.
What are you waiting for? No.
No! Charles.
- A word when you're finished.
- Yes, Mr.
I'm on my way now.
The reservation's at 8.
Come on, grab his feet.
- Got it.
- Man, he's heavy.
You've got the light end.
I'm trying, I'm trying to get him in there All right.
Let's get out of here.
- Listen, you around tomorrow? - Yeah, why? Might have anotherjob for you.
You hear that? Hello? Someone there? Come out of there.
What do we do? No choice.
He's a witness.
Take care of it.
What've we got? Victim's male, 30s.
Still working to ID him.
Based on decomp, coroner thinks he's been dead two months.
Oakland P.
Says that's when the building was boarded up.
Cause of death? Because of marks on the victim's neck, the coroner's thinking strangulation.
- Dried blood? - Looks like.
The victim was killed here, then moved there? Yes, but no drag marks.
And he looks to be at least 200 pounds.
Think there's a second killer? Big guy like that? Be tough to carry on your own.
Rigsby, did anyone else have access to this building? Not since it was boarded up.
Say there was no sign of forced entry when the demo crew found the body.
- Hmm.
Excuse me a minute.
It's a remote-controlled car.
I found it just there.
Odd, don't you think? Okay, have an ID on the victim.
His name is Horatio Jones.
- Horatio Jones? - Yeah.
You know him? I know of him.
Horatio Jones, he was a geologist for an energy company owned by Tommy Volker.
He was set to testify before a grand jury against Volker two months ago.
And then he disappeared.
I always thought Volker was behind it, but now I know it.
Volker did this.
Coroner found tissue under the victim's fingernails.
Headed to the lab.
Make sure the M.
Gets me the results from the autopsy as soon as possible.
- I wanna move quickly on this.
- Yes, boss.
Volker wouldn't have killed Jones himself.
He never gets his hands dirty.
I'm thinking it was Charles Milk.
That would be helpful if only Charles Milk hadn't been killed last week.
Forensics thinks they have something.
It might even tie Volker to the crime.
You think he was here? He gets off on this, watching his victims die.
- I need Volker's DNA.
- Well, just ask him for it.
- You think he'd give it to me? - Yes.
Volker's arrogant.
Likes to pretend he has nothing to hide.
Lisbon, answer me this, who would leave this here? A small child? - Yeah, like 9 or 10 years old.
- Something like that.
- Most likely a boy.
- Yeah.
That hasn't been here in two months.
That's when P.
Said this place was boarded up.
What are you getting at? Well, no self-respecting kid would leave this behind.
Other than dust, it's practically new.
Which means he left it for an urgent reason.
He witnessed the murder.
Or it's just a toy car.
It's thin, I know.
If there was a boy and he witnessed a murder, he would've come forward months ago.
Not if the killer found him.
If that was the case, we would've found his body with Jones', don't you think? Yes, one would think.
I'm going to go talk to Volker.
You go and look into this theoretical kid.
- You don't want me to come with you? - No.
I'll meet you back at the office.
The maiden voyage of Volker Intergalactic has been set, it's been publicized, we're not postponing.
Can't find a solution, find anotherjob.
Agent Lisbon.
I have to admit, I'm surprised to see you again.
Surprised but pleased.
We found your missing employee.
Employee? Horatio Jones.
He'd been missing for two months.
He worked for a company you own, VNX Energy.
We found his body earlier this morning.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Did you know him? Oh, I have thousands of employees, agent.
Unfortunately, I don't get to meet each one.
That's odd because Jones was deposed in a grand-jury inquiry into your activities.
I said I didn't know him.
Not that I didn't know about him.
Jones was working in the Amazon as part of a geothermal energy project I was developing.
A project that ran into problems when a local tribe claimed the site as sacred ground.
Weeks later, the tribe was found dead in a mass grave.
This again.
I see we've come full circle.
You were implicated in a crime.
In fact, a grand jury was convened to investigate your involvement.
That investigation was dropped.
Only after two people who were gonna testify against you were found dead.
Cassie Flood and Amanda Shaw.
Jones makes three.
Tragic loss, but again, territory we've covered.
Jones was on his way to turn in evidence against you when he went missing.
Excuse me, when he was murdered.
Do you enjoy this, Agent Lisbon? Hmm? Wasting your time in this fruitless effort to persecute me? Is that really why you're here? Actually, I came to get a DNA sample.
Unless for some reason you'd rather not? And what reason would that be? I know you had Jones killed.
Just like Cassie Flood and Amanda Shaw.
And this time, I'm gonna prove it.
Best of luck to you, agent.
All right, here it is.
A complete list of children reported missing two months ago in the Oakland area.
- How many are there? - Twelve total.
Let's cut that down.
We know we're looking for a boy between the ages of 9 and 12.
Old enough to be out, but young enough to be playing with a remote-controlled car.
- Okay.
That got us down to five.
- All right.
The boy was playing alone in a bad neighborhood.
Probably from a low-income, single-parent family.
- Two left.
- Which one lived closer to the crime scene? Um Marvin Pettigrew.
His home is half a mile from the warehouse.
- Marvin Pettigrew.
Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
How'd it go with Volker? Good.
He gave up his DNA just like you said he would.
- He's behind this, Jane.
I know it.
- But? When the investigation was dropped Volker's lawyers had all evidence and court documents sealed.
Including Jones' deposition.
There's something in there Volker doesn't want us to know.
- Lf I could just get my hands on it.
- Why can't you? They're sealed documents, Jane.
It's against the law.
If you wanna get Volker, you can't let that stop you.
What do you suggest? Ardiles is a deputy DA.
He's gonna have the deposition.
Ardiles is not gonna stick his neck out for me.
Of course not.
He's a smart lawyer.
You have to get something on him that will make him help you.
- Blackmail the deputy district attorney? - Sure, why not? How could I get dirt on Ardiles? Ask yourself this: Who makes it their business to know everyone else's? Well, I have to hand it to you.
You get right to the point.
It's actually refreshing.
- Will you help me? - Maybe.
- What's your problem with Ardiles? - I don't have a problem.
- It's about a case.
- What case? I can't tell you.
I don't know, Teresa.
Brenda, I'll owe you.
One day you will need a favor, and I will owe you.
I can't give you any specific details.
But if you were to mention the Ferland case to Ardiles you might find him compliant to your request.
- Thank you.
- Teresa.
This is murky water you're swimming in.
Whatever this is about, I hope it's worth it.
It is.
Marvin went missing 61 days ago.
His teacher watched him leave the school.
That's the last time anyone saw him.
I found a toy car at an abandoned warehouse.
I just wanted to Just wanted to know if it If it belonged to your son.
That was his birthday present.
He'd wanted it for months.
You say you found this at a warehouse? About half a mile from here.
I know the one.
Marvin used to walk past it on his way home from school.
I told him not to play there.
That warehouse was the scene of a crime.
A man was found murdered there.
Jane is my boy dead? I don't know.
I don't know.
- Ardiles.
- Lisbon.
Thanks for coming by.
- Can I get you something to drink? - A drink? No.
I gotta be back in court in 20 minutes, so, what's this about? Two months ago there was a grand-jury investigation into Tommy Volker.
A witness was deposed by the name of Horatio Jones.
The documents were sealed.
And? I need that deposition.
The deposition was sealed by a grand jury.
Two witnesses against Volker have been found dead.
We found a third this morning.
I'm sorry to hear about that, but I'm not gonna break the law.
I understand you're under a lot of pressure.
Maybe it's the job, maybe the Ferland case.
- What do you know about the Ferland case? - Not a lot.
But I will if you don't get me those depositions.
You'll have them within an hour.
Hey, boss.
How's it coming? Nothing so far.
We already know everything that's here.
What about you? - Find anything? - Maybe.
In the deposition, Jones mentions that a friend from college visited him in Brazil.
Annabelle Sugalski.
It's a shot in the dark, but maybe Jones talked to her about Volker.
- Bring her in.
- Okay.
I knew Horatio worked for Volker, but that's it.
He never really said much about him.
Did he mention work? The project he was on? Briefly.
Um - It was an energy project, right? - Yeah.
In the Amazon.
All he said was they were having problems.
Did Horatio say anything about a mass killing? No.
You're certain? Yeah.
Of course.
Has anyone else talked to you about this? What do you mean? Has anyone asked you to withhold information from us? Heh.
God, no.
Look, I was in Brazil on vacation.
Horatio and I only saw each other a couple times.
Dinner, drinks, that's it.
Sorry I can't help you.
I wish I could.
So, what did you tell them? Exactly what you told me to.
And they believed you? Every word.
And the voice mail Jones left for you? I deleted it.
You can check my phone.
You know, you're quite the liability.
And I hate liabilities.
But I like you, Annabelle.
And I would hate for something to happen to you.
Please, I won't tell anyone, I promise.
I'm leaving the country tonight.
You'll never see me again.
That's a shame.
Good night.
Any luck finding the kid? We gave his name and photo to local police and the FBI's Department of Missing Persons.
But it's like finding a needle in a stack of needles.
- I heard you talked to his mother.
- Yes.
She thinks the worst.
Hard not to agree with her.
What about you? Burning the midnight oil, I see.
There's gotta be something here.
Jane, Amanda Shaw was my witness.
I gave her my word that I'd protect her, and Volker had her killed.
- Done with this? - Mm-hm.
Morning, boss.
I just got word.
Annabelle Sugalski left the country last night.
- Flew out on a red-eye to London.
- He got to her.
Damn it.
In Jones' deposition, he said he gave evidence against Volker in written reports.
I saw that, but none were found.
- What if Jones gave them to his employer? - VNX Energy? Let's go check it out.
That was the M.
With the test results from the autopsy.
DNA identifies Charles Milk as one of the killers.
The M.
Also found a second DNA.
A strand of hair.
I was hoping it was Volker, but no such luck.
Volker's far too careful.
So far no match in the federal database.
Does prove there was another person present at the murder.
Question is, who was it? Hi, we need to speak with the manager.
- Is everything all right? - Just have a few questions.
Let me get him.
- Come on.
- We're leaving? Volker has been a step ahead of us this entire time.
He finds out we're looking into VNX Energy any chance we have of finding that evidence is gone.
"It rained for a week, night and day.
During the week, the fish were in their houses keeping nice and warm.
When it finally stopped raining, all the fish went outside and saw Spike in a small puddle growing gills.
The fish yelled, 'How's life in the water? ' And Spike yelled back, 'Great! Come on in! ' And that is why fish live in water.
The end.
" What do we say to Mr.
Volker for sharing his time with us? Thank you, Mr.
You're very welcome.
- Thank you.
See you again.
Bye, kids.
Uh, Mr.
Patrick Jane.
I work with Teresa Lisbon.
Ah, yes, Mr.
Jane, nice to meet you.
Any friend of Teresa's.
She's a fascinating woman, isn't she? Certainly.
Well, that was impressive.
Not only are you a super-successful businessman but you're quite the vivid storyteller.
For a moment, I was splashing around in that puddle with Spike, growing some gills.
- Was there something you needed? - Need, no.
I just wanted to meet you while I have the chance.
- Are you going somewhere? - No.
But you are.
After your arrest, things are bound to get hectic.
And I won't have the chance to introduce myself, so here I am.
Very droll.
But you and I both know that I'm not gonna be arrested.
You sure about that? - Are you finished? - Yes.
Gray suit, salt-and-pepper hair, 6 feet tall.
- He's coming out now.
- All right, got him.
Good evening, Agent Lisbon.
I'm sorry to bother you, Your Honor.
All right.
Let's see it.
- So how are Emily and Ruth? - They're good.
- Emily's at Santa Cruz, right? - Santa Clara.
Yeah Is this all you have? Yes, but it's clear that Tommy Volker is a very dangerous man.
Well, that may be true, Agent Lisbon.
- But this is not enough for a warrant.
- Your Honor You have no proof that evidence against Mr.
Volker is inside VNX Industries.
I'm sorry, I can't sign it.
Yes, Your Honor.
Good evening.
Hello, Lisbon, what's up? I just left Judge Davis' office.
She won't sign the VNX warrant.
- Are you asking me what I would do? - No.
I already know the answer.
Good night, Lisbon.
I am sorry.
But that was my office.
We got it.
Confirmation that there's evidence against Volker inside the VNX Energy offices.
- What kind of confirmation? - A coworker of Jones' who still works there.
I can get you a transcript of the questioning in the morning.
But time is of the essence.
Got something.
Don Clyde, 48, no priors.
Looks like he was a ward of the state when his mother died.
Spent six years as a security contractor in the Middle East.
A mercenary.
Does he have any family? Uh Yep, younger brother, John Clyde.
- But he's in Lompoc on a battery charge.
- Hmm.
All right, I want this to be careful and methodical.
I don't want anything to slip through the cracks.
Oh, no.
- Volker.
- How did he know? - I'll take the two on the end.
- I'll take this one.
I'm looking for Agent Lisbon.
What are you doing here? Such hostility.
- Here I thought we were mending fences.
- Answer the question.
I came to ask you to drop this ridiculous investigation.
I hate to see an officer of the law humiliated like this.
Cho, will you show Mr.
Volker out of here? Gladly.
I'm only looking out for your best interest.
No, you're not.
You want us to think that you're gloating, but you're not.
You're afraid.
Afraid? Heh.
Well, this certainly is a strange way of showing it.
I can see right through you.
We were close, searching your offices like that.
Too close.
You want us to think you're in control, you're untouchable.
But you're not.
You're afraid of us.
And you should be.
So you think Don Clyde helped kill Horatio Jones? Yeah, I'm sure of it.
Well, fairly sure of it.
- But we have no proof.
- Correct.
So if we bring him in, we won't have leverage.
If we keep digging, Volker might find out and make him disappear.
So bring him in and fake the leverage.
Get out.
Hands in the air.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Turn around.
- Whoa.
- Turn around.
Do it now.
What's going on here? Come on, what is this? - What's going on? - Get in.
Oh, man.
What'd I do? We know you work for Tommy Volker.
You were working for him the day that you and Charles Milk murdered Horatio Jones.
Volker was there, wasn't he? I don't know what you're talking about.
We can help you, but you're gonna have to work with us.
Something just occurred to me.
You haven't asked for a lawyer.
Why? A man in your vocation wouldn't that be second nature? - Only guilty men need lawyers.
Nice try.
But that's not it.
We'll go back to that.
I just wanna run a theory by you.
You see, we know someone saw you kill Jones.
A boy.
Marvin, he saw what you did, didn't he? Yes.
So you killed him.
I would never kill a child.
You wouldn't.
You didn't choose this life.
You were forced into it.
A ward of the state with no options.
You don't enjoy what you do.
You're not a sociopath like Volker or Charles Milk.
So you let one of them kill the boy.
- No.
- No? Unless Unless he's still alive.
He is, isn't he? You couldn't kill him.
But you couldn't let a witness to a murder that you committed go free.
So you took him.
You gave him up to someone you trusted.
The boy would be safe and any talk of murder would fall on deaf ears.
What'd you do with him, Clyde? Where is Marvin Pettigrew? If I talk, I'm a dead man.
If you don't, it's just a matter of time.
Think about your situation here.
We are going to start actively looking for Marvin Pettigrew.
When Volker finds out you let a witness go a witness that could tie him to the murder, what do you think he's gonna do? You know his methods better than anyone.
I'm not saying another word.
- So, what now? - We have to let him go.
Volker will go after him, like you said.
Yes, but not today.
Volker's not that good.
- Ah.
Meanwhile Clyde'll lead us to Marvin.
- Exactly.
I like it.
Rigsby, I'm releasing Clyde.
Drop him off a couple miles away.
- Volker can't know he was here.
- Sure thing, boss.
Cho, I need you to tail him.
Maybe he'll lead us to Marvin Pettigrew.
You got it.
All right.
Get out.
My apartment's half an hour away.
Call a cab.
Yeah, can I have a cab? Hey.
- Oh.
Is that diet? - Yeah.
It's like a week old.
Why didn't you tell me? You didn't ask.
Hello? How is Agent Lisbon today? I don't know what you're talking about.
You're lying to me.
You're a dead man.
What's he doing? I don't know.
- No.
- Right there! - Oh, no.
- What is that? You said there was something else? Yes, but There's no need to be worried about it, Brenda.
- What is it? - Please don't make me do this.
Make you? - You entered into this relationship willingly.
- Not this.
I didn't agree to this.
Give me the envelope.
- Who is he? - They think he's a witness to Jones' murder.
- Where is he? - I don't know.
I said, where is he? I don't know.
I swear.
I have ajob for you.
Did he say anything? No, he made a call, dropped his cell, and walked into the street.
- Last call was from Volker's office.
- We need to find the boy.
- And hurry, Volker knows about him.
- How? You think Clyde told him? - Someone's feeding him information.
- Who? Not sure.
But that's how he knew about Annabelle and the search warrant.
That's how he knew about Clyde.
It's only a matter of time before he finds Marvin.
Van Pelt, you get a print out of Clyde's cell contacts? Yeah, right here.
Here's how we do this.
Split up the list, see if we can figure out who Clyde left the boy with.
We'll need background checks on everyone.
Someone close to Clyde, but not immediate family.
A cousin, childhood friend, ex-girlfriend.
Most likely a woman that doesn't have children of her own somewhere between 25 and 50.
- Someone who would want to be a mother.
- Exactly.
All right, we're on a clock.
Let's move.
I think I got something.
Anita Doty, 33.
She's the ex-wife of Clyde's brother.
She has an arrest for check kiting.
Single, no dependents.
- Clyde sent her money last month, $500.
- Mm.
That's her.
- Do we have an address? - 225 B, Cedar Street, in Hayward.
All right, if we can find her, so can Volker.
Cho, Rigsby, let's go.
Yeah, right behind you.
It's apartment B.
What's this? It's the job.
What do you want me to do with him? What do you think? I can't do that.
What do you mean? Get up there now.
No kids.
Never killed a kid.
I'm not starting now.
I will bury you for this.
You hear me? You do what you have to.
But I'm not killing a little kid.
- Hey, Cho, what's up? - We're at the apartment.
No one's here.
The door's broken open.
There are signs of a struggle.
- Do you think he took Marvin? - Can't be sure.
Damn it.
- Hang on a second.
- Check this out.
- Boss, I don't think Volker has him.
- Why? Because Marvin's on a field trip.
He's at the city zoo.
Get Oakland P.
We're on our way.
Hey, Marvin? Marvin Pettigrew? I'm with her.
Do you see him? No.
Marvin? Marvin Pettigrew? It's, uh It's okay.
I need you to come with me.
I'm gonna take you to see your mother.
But Anita said that my mother was dead.
No, no, that's not true.
I'm gonna take you to see her.
Just come with me.
Come with me, Marvin.
- Let go of me.
- Come on, kid.
- Let go - Shut up.
Let go.
Help! It's Volker.
He's here.
- Help! Help! - Shut up, kid, shut up! - What you doing? - He's taking me! Hey, let go of that kid! Get him to stop! Hey.
Drop it! Lisbon, you all right? - Yeah, I'm all right.
- I'm gonna find the kid.
You're under arrest.
- Unh! - Relax, Volker, it's over.
- Call up dispatch.
- We're heading over now.
Be right there.
- Marvin! - Mom! Oh, God.
Oh, God.

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