The Mentalist s05e20 Episode Script

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I just have a couple more questions.
Where's Lisbon? She's in court.
You know, you're late.
Yeah, I must have turned my alarm clock off.
I overslept.
Hot date? What are you talking about? Oh, you know.
Duncan? From L.
A? Heh.
Wayne, it's not like that.
Oh, right.
You mind finishing up these interviews? Hi.
- That's it, sir.
- Thanks.
Van Pelt's here now.
Is Jane coming? I don't know.
Call him.
Hey, Rigsby, what's going on? Uh, you know we have a case, right? Yeah, I heard.
I'm kind of busy here, so I'm not going to make it.
He's not gonna make it.
But I'm happy to help.
Help how? Well, you two talk to me and I'll listen.
You'll be my eyes and my ears.
Okay, I'll put you on speaker.
Cho, tell Jane what we got.
Housewife, Missy Roberts, 32.
Maid found her shot in the bathroom.
There's bullet holes in the hallway and one in the closet door here.
Looks like a fight started elsewhere, she ran to the bathroom.
Forensics recovered 9 mm casings.
Eh, forensics.
Tell me about the body.
Well, she's lying here on the floor in gym clothes.
She's been shot in the chest, once in the foot and there's two bullet holes in the ground.
We're not dealing with an expert marksman.
Well, maybe, maybe not.
What about the husband? Yeah, husband.
Name's Kip, runs a high-end home electronics company.
He left town two days ago on some boondoggle whitewater rafting trip to Tahoe.
- Interesting.
How did he take the news? - Hasn't gotten it yet.
His office says the rafting group will be out of range for another day.
Describe to me the bedroom.
- Why? - Well, I want to understand the relationship.
A bedroom says a lot.
All right, it's cold, impersonal tightly-made bed.
- No pictures.
- Mm.
Let's try the kitchen.
Okay, what am I looking for? Tell me what's in the fridge.
Butter, milk, eggs, baking stuff.
Which makes sense, there are these awesome-looking cupcakes on the counter.
They're red velvet, I think.
Yeah, what else is in the fridge? Uh, a bunch of diet shakes and soda.
Is the victim heavy? - Oh, no, she's very thin.
- What about Kip? Eh, I guess he's kind of chubby.
But it looks like he sees a personal trainer though.
Ah, this is not a happy marriage.
Kip's portly, but fights it.
Missy is naturally thin and a gourmet baker.
He views her hobby as sabotage and resents it.
She views his dieting as a lack of interest in her personal outlet.
You need to talk to Kip.
He wants us to talk to Kip.
We can't.
Not until tomorrow.
This is the last guy who'd go on a whitewater rafting trip.
You don't hire a personal trainer because you like strenuous activity.
You hire one because it's the only way to get yourself to do it.
- You think he lied about the trip? - I'm almost certain.
If he's not rafting, where is he? Well, I don't know, but I'm sure you two will figure it out.
And Rigsby put the cupcake back.
Lisbon, I can hear you skulking around out there.
What is it? We've got a case.
You can deal with Red John later.
Yeah, Missy Roberts, I already broke that wide open.
Yeah, I heard.
The old rafting trip gambit? Yep, exactly.
Except for Kip Roberts texted a picture of himself to Missy right before she died.
He's holding a paddle next to a river with a raft full of bozos.
Eh Trick photography.
Tahoe cops are gonna pick him up.
In the meantime, let's go talk to the victim's sister.
Jane, I need you.
It's nice to be needed.
Anything for you, Lisbon.
We're very sorry for your loss, Emma.
Were you and your sister close? Missy was like a second mother to me but now we're just in different places in our lives.
I just hadn't seen her in a while.
Did she say if she was having any problems recently? I knew that she was tired of staying at home, and, like, not feeling useful.
I think that that was why she started volunteering at the bakery.
- Where? - Um, the OG Bakery.
It's this non-profit where they teach ex-cons new skills.
You know, like, baking.
She started there a few months ago.
Was anybody giving her trouble there? Not that I know of.
Were Missy and Kip trying anything to save their marriage? About a month ago, they went on this radio show with this love doctor guy and I think they were seeing him privately.
- A love doctor, huh? Some Buddy something, I don't know.
Um, Henner, or? Buddy Hennings? He has a talk radio show.
Prescription for Love with Buddy Hennings.
What? I've listened to it in my car a few times.
All right, I'll go talk to Buddy Hennings, the love doctor and you check out the shady bakery.
Van Pelt and Rigsby can handle that.
I'll go to the radio station with you.
Uh, that's because you're a fan.
I am not.
I just think he's a viable lead.
It's all right, Lisbon.
We all have our guilty pleasures.
Oh, this must be very exciting for you.
That's enough.
Hey, Van Pelt.
What'd you find? Turns out one of the ex-cons at the bakery was selling drugs.
A girl named Monica Suarez, 20.
Missy found out, reported her to the supervisor.
- What's Monica's deal? - Been in the system since she was 14.
Vandalism, assault, dealing, she just got out of Chowchilla six months ago.
Huh, a real sweetheart.
Yeah, that's what the supervisor said.
After Missy reported Monica, Missy's tires were slashed.
She said she saw Monica following her.
- All right, you and Rigs go pick her up.
- All right.
Hi, we need to speak with Buddy Hennings.
If you want to be on the show, you have to fill out this form and take it to couples intake.
Oh, we're not a couple.
What she means is ours is more of a platonic love.
Buddy Hennings, please.
He's on the air.
Talk to his producer.
She's a huge fan.
She's a little Very excited.
Sean, what I'm hearing from you is that Lisa has become sexually cold ever since the baby was born.
Excuse me, this isn't a good time.
Can I help you? I'm Agent Lisbon with the CBI.
- This is Patrick Jane.
- Hi.
We're investigating the murder of Missy Roberts.
I'm sorry about that, but we're live here.
Come in, please.
You'll have to excuse our producer, Gary.
He's a bit of a control freak.
Thinks everyone's out to ruin his show.
Just because he's paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get him.
Who are you? I'm Elizabeth Hennings.
I'm Buddy's wife and manager.
We heard about Missy, it's just awful.
We need to talk to Buddy.
Okay, well, it's gonna be a while.
We're in a segment, then we shoot a promo for a webcast.
That's all right, we like to watch.
Don't we? - Look at this.
- Please don't touch.
I won't.
Thank you, Mr.
Monica's parole officer said it's the right address.
So we keep waiting.
Stakeouts are the worst.
Wayne, is something wrong? No.
There's nothing wrong.
I've been feeling weird since you've been back.
Yeah, you've been acting weird.
What's up with that? It's just, when you were in L.
, I had time to think.
About you.
- About us.
- Hm.
And? Well, I mean, did you think about me at all? Of course I did.
Wait, is that her on the left? Yeah.
Come on.
Monica Suarez? Hey! CBI! Get out of the way! Police! Police! Get your hands off me! I got nothing on me! Yeah, because you threw your stash in the dumpster.
- You good? - Yeah.
You? Yeah.
- Talk to me about Missy Roberts.
- Who? She was murdered last night.
First I heard of it.
But you messed with her when she got you fired? I was still on parole, I needed that job.
So you slashed her tires, stalked her? I just followed her around to freak her out.
Oh, yeah? You see anything interesting? Not really.
She went shoe shopping and got mani-pedis a lot.
You know, rich lady stuff.
Where were you last night? I was at my cousin's quinceanera.
All night.
All right, come on.
Let's go.
This is Buddy Hennings with Prescription for Love.
We'll be back in 10 minutes right after the news.
Buddy, these people are from CBI.
They're, uh, here about Missy.
Buddy Hennings.
Glad to help any way I can.
Buddy, we have a call with the publisher in a half hour, so if you all don't need me Oh, by all means.
I know you're a busy man, we just have a few questions.
Missy and Kip, they were on your show a while back? Yes.
Good people, both of them.
Some of the couples we get in here, they're really just here for their 15 minutes but I had a feeling Missy really wanted to work on her marriage.
- That's why I offered to see them privately.
- When was the last time you saw them? Last week.
They were supposed to come in this week, but she called to cancel.
Didn't give a reason.
You know what, I have to take this.
Excuse me, I'm sorry.
Well, listen, Buddy, while we're just chatting, just you and I here hanging out do you think Kip could have done it? - No.
Absolutely not.
You said Missy wanted help with the marriage, not Kip.
Well, I think in the beginning, he was going along to get along but he turned a corner.
- How so? Well, in the first few sessions he was very distant, uncooperative both with me and with Missy.
But after a couple of sessions he developed an attentiveness and a warmth that I hadn't seen in him before.
- He really changed.
- Maybe.
You don't agree? Maybe he was covering.
He felt guilty for something.
Like having an affair.
I saw no signs of an affair.
Oh, come on.
The recent drive to get in shape suddenly doting on his wife he'd been neglecting for years.
Well, I would like to think that he was responding to the treatment.
Um, would you mind giving us a minute alone? I'm sorry.
Sure thing.
The cops finally tracked down the rafting group.
It turns out Kip skipped out after the first night.
- Mm.
Hate to say I told you so.
- We still don't know where he is.
Last credit card charge was yesterday.
Gas station outside of Tahoe.
The attendant remembers him being with a blond woman.
- The plot thickens.
- Mm.
Or should I say thins? Let's go back to the CBI.
I'm gonna put out a BOLO.
We need to reach a wider audience.
And how do you propose we do that? Welcome back to KZHC where we play the smooth sounds of the '80s and the '90s.
I'm Patrick Jane from the California Bureau of Investigation.
Yes that is something that does exist.
And we're throwing a contest because we need your help to find a car, a very important car that will help us break a very important case.
We're looking for a silver Mercedes S-Class, license plate KIPMAN7.
The first person to call in the location of this car will receive $10,000 cash money.
Yes, folks, we're talking ca Wait.
I just got word from my producer that that is not the amount of the prize.
It is actually $20 and the chance to guest DJ here at the radio station day and date of your choosing.
That's right, folks.
Guest DJ spot during drive-time.
And in case you missed it, I'll put all the details up on the CBI website.
Do we have a CBI web? Yes, that nice CBI website.
Now, let's see those phone lines light up.
Talk to me.
Talk to me, people.
Come on, Sacramento.
- Uh, when did they check in? - Yesterday, Room 311.
Under her name, Rosie Dunlop.
Is she fit? Muscular? - Yeah.
- The personal trainer.
If you're gonna be like that.
Roberts, this is CBI, open the door.
Roberts, we're coming in.
- Jane? - Please, don't shoot.
Oh - Please.
- Kip Roberts? Uh-huh.
I'm Agent Lisbon with the CBI.
Jungle theme.
That's classy.
Who are you? What's going on? Are you being held against your will? No, not at all.
No, we're consenting adults.
You gotta believe me.
Oh, I believe you.
Missy was kind and selfless but she wanted kids.
And after a bunch of miscarriages, we drifted apart.
It's my fault, I know.
You cheated on her.
I never meant to hurt Missy.
And Rosie's the only one, I swear.
I'm not one of those guys, you know? How long was the affair going on? A few months.
I mean, I tried to stop, but I struggle with willpower.
And there were certain things about Rosie that I liked.
Things that were maybe missing from my marriage.
You mean Rosie gets rough with you.
You like that.
Do you think Missy knew about the affair? I don't know.
It was weird.
She called me while I was driving up to Tahoe.
Said she wanted to make it work, that she never gave up on us.
That she would always love me.
And that's weird? It was the most intimate conversation we'd had in years.
I vowed to myself that I would break things off with Rosie as soon as I got to the hotel.
- Did you? - Yes.
But Rosie is a very passionate woman.
And when I try to break things off, she hits me and when she hits me, I get turned on.
The heart wants what it wants.
Do we have any closer photos of Missy's closet? Um, I don't know.
There's a whole other stack of pictures.
Just finished with Kip.
He seemed genuinely upset about his wife.
- Then again, he was cheating on her.
- I talked to Rosie.
She said her and Kip were at the hotel bar at the time of Missy's death.
She has every reason to lie.
Hold on to Kip and her - until their alibis check out.
- Was Missy's home very neat? An everything-in-its-place type of house? Yeah, why? I'm going to the radio station.
I need to take a look at that webcast thingy of Missy and Kip.
- Why? I need to see Missy's feet.
Hello, KZHC.
Let me check.
- Hey there.
- Hey.
Oh God, you gave me a start.
What are you doing here? Oh, you know, investigating.
Well, I'm sorry I was late, I had an appointment.
You found Kip Roberts, I presume.
Oh, yes, yes, it worked like a charm.
In fact, it worked so well, I'm gonna ask you for another favor.
I need to see Missy and Kip's episode of your show.
Do you have a copy around here anywhere? Well, I sure don't but I'll bet Gary could help you.
I mean, Michael and I have been together six months but sometimes I feel like we're missing a deeper connection.
Buddy will get into that with you on the show.
- You agree with Shana? - One hundred percent.
Really? A hundred? Not 98 or 99, the full, even, hundred percent? Wow, Buddy's not gonna have much to work with here.
- Mr.
- Hi.
- What a pleasure.
- Yeah.
I need to see the webcast of Missy and Kip's episode.
Could you get that for me, please? - Sure, but it'll take a minute.
- Good.
Time to make a cup of tea.
So, Missy and Kip, why don't you begin by telling us a little bit about your marriage? - Is this the only angle? - We've been married 12 years.
- I'm a homemaker, Kip runs a business.
- It's a webcast, not Steven Spielberg.
We're here because we're just not as close as we used to be.
- Of course.
Thank you.
- I appreciate your honesty.
And I know it's scary, but it's like I always say, if nothing changes, nothing changes.
Rigsby, it's Jane.
I need you to go back to Missy Roberts' house.
For what? Sexy gold sandals.
I didn't see them in her shoe rack but I need you to look everywhere.
- Copy that.
Just so that we're clear how would you define sexy? You'll know it when you see it.
Hey, these are gold.
Not sure how sexy they are.
They're not sexy.
And they're beige.
Hey, you know that Van Pelt's dating someone? - Yeah.
- We sort of talked about us today.
Not really, but kind of.
It was weird.
What do you think? I think we need to call Jane.
They're not here.
Hey, Cho, any luck? - They're not here.
- Well, as expected.
Oh, there is one more thing.
- Ask Rigsby what size shoe Van Pelt is.
- What size shoe does Van Pelt wear? Uh, I wanna say an eight, a seven and a half if they run big.
- Eight.
- Excellent.
The hotel bar has video surveillance.
Kip and Rosie's alibi check out.
- Back to square one.
- Don't be so sure.
I have a very exciting assignment for you.
You do? Cool.
What is it? These are for you.
Try them on.
- Nothing for me? - Trust me, you won't like them.
- They're really high.
- Try them on.
Go on, take them for a little spin.
That is what I'm talking about.
Right there.
- How do they look? - Mm.
Jane, you wanna tell me what's going on? Let's just say the game is afoot.
Two feet.
- So, what's your play here? - No play.
- I'm going to help them.
- Right.
Michael, Shana.
- Hi.
- Hold on a sec.
Patrick, I met you yesterday in the studio.
- Excited about being on the show? - Yes.
Can't wait.
- Totally.
- Yeah, sure.
Shana, why don't you go ahead, there's just one thing I wanna go over with Michael.
I'll wait over there.
Hey, are you still there? Look at that, huh? Yeah.
All right, listen, Michael, you don't have to go on the radio.
Of course I know that.
I want to go.
Well, you can lie to me, I don't care, but don't lie to yourself.
I know you think Shana's out of your league, you don't wanna rock the boat.
You agree with everything she says.
Okay, that's just not true, okay? I just think that she's right.
A lot.
When was the last time you were honest with her? Last time you disagreed with her on something important? Um Okay, all right, fine, maybe you're right.
- I don't want to lose her.
- I get it.
I get that.
You're gonna go in and tell her, "Hey, babe, I don't wanna go on this show.
" I mean, who in their right mind wants to air their dirty laundry on the radio for other people's entertainment? It is a terrible idea.
And she will respect you for making a stand.
- You really think so? - Oh, yes.
Women love a strong man.
Besides, have you listened to the show? It's crap.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
- Right? - You're right.
- That's right.
- I'm not gonna do it.
- You're not.
- Not.
That's it.
- Done.
That's it, man.
- Thank you very much.
All right.
- Pound it.
Oh Oh, thank God, there you are.
What's the matter? Tonight's couple, Shana and Michael, just canceled.
Fifteen minutes out.
Well, there's a young couple there in intake.
They're nice-looking kids.
Can you prep them in time for the show? I'm gonna have to.
Excuse me.
Okay, change of plans, guys.
You're going on in five.
- That's great news, isn't it, babe? - Sure is, sweetie.
Okay, stay there.
Thanks for listening, I'll be back Four o'clock.
We're up.
Howdy, everybody, this is Buddy Hennings on Prescription for Love.
Coming to you live from KZHC here in Sacramento.
And right here in the studio with us today we have Dwayne and Stace.
Welcome to you both.
- Hi.
- Hi.
We're happy to be here.
Long-time listeners, first-time guests.
Why don't you begin by telling us a little bit about why you're here? We're having some communication issues.
What does that mean exactly? You know, we're having trouble, like, talking to each other.
Dwayne, how about you not pee on my head and call it rain? Excuse me? If you wanna get better, you're gonna have to get real for me.
So why don't you begin by telling me something I don't know? We have kind of a rocky history.
We've been on and off for about five years.
Mostly off.
We met on the job.
There was a no-fraternization policy, but we, um, fraternized.
A lot.
Well, now we're getting somewhere.
How's the sex? Um, ahem, well, it's been a while.
But when we have it, it's good.
- Yes? - Yes.
We should not be listening to this.
Oh, come on, Lisbon, don't be such a prude.
Too soon in the game to be calling a time out.
There's just a lot of baggage left over from all the off periods.
Why did you break up? Well, I think we broke up the first time because you decided the job was more important.
Right? Wasn't that it? Yeah.
Well, then you got Sarah pregnant.
Yeah, after you got engaged to a maniac.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We don't use exaggeration here, it's no help to us at all.
Maniac, no.
Maybe you didn't approve, that's fair game.
Let's go back to the baby.
- Is that true, Dwayne? - No.
Yes, I had a baby with someone else.
But we were off.
Totally off.
What about the engagement? - Didn't work out.
- Because he's a homicidal maniac.
Relationships can be brutal.
But for the record, I'm not angry about the baby.
I never thought you were angry, but you sound angry now.
I thought it was weird you would have a baby with someone you barely knew.
- Tell me what you really think.
- But But what? What else is there? But I love that you're a dad.
You do? When we got together, we were kids.
I was a young, naive girl.
I wasn't ready to commit to you.
It wasn't about the job.
At least, that wasn't all of it.
But things have changed since then.
We're not the same, and that's okay.
I like who I am now.
I like who you are.
You're a man.
You guys are fantastic.
So real.
Before we go, is there anything you two would like to say to each other? No.
Just I'm sorry for a lot of things.
I care about you and I never meant to hurt you.
All right, your turn, anything? You know how I feel about you.
It's the same way I've always felt.
It's never changed.
Since the first day I met you.
Well, then my work is done here.
Thank you for listening to Prescription for Love, this is Buddy Hennings on KZHC Talk Radio.
- That was a fantastic show.
- Thanks.
That was really helpful.
Yeah, it was.
Thanks, doc.
Excuse me.
- Hello? - Great job, Rigsby.
Oh, hi, boss.
Tonight? Really? Uh Yeah, I'll be right there.
Uh, I'm so sorry, babe, it's the Carson job, I have to go in to work.
- You okay to take a cab home? - Oh, sure, go.
I'll see you later.
- Thanks again, doc.
- My pleasure.
Don't you worry.
We'll take good care of her.
Stace, you know, you have a natural presence on radio.
I mean it, you are a natural.
Are you saying I have a face for radio? Oh, no, no, not at all.
You are definitely drop dead gorgeous.
You know, I think maybe you two could benefit from some private sessions.
- Would you be up for that? - Oh! Thank you.
That's so nice of you.
My pleasure.
Just make sure you call my office.
- Can I call you a cab? - No, no, no, I'll take care of it.
Thank you for everything.
I'll see you soon.
Do you mind if I? Heh.
Ah Okay, see you later.
- What happened? - Ow.
My heel broke.
I think I twisted my ankle.
That does look bad.
All right, we'll get you to my office and we'll get some ice on it.
Come on.
Come on.
How's it going? Perfect.
The heel thing worked a treat.
Van Pelt is now alone with the killer.
There we go.
- That should help with the swelling.
- Ah! That's cold.
May I? Sure.
How does that feel? It feels pretty good, actually.
He's really into feet.
How did you know that? - It was kind of obvious, don't you think? - I wouldn't be asking if it was.
Well, she was shot in the foot and her shoes were missing.
The shoes that she wore the first time she met Buddy.
- That's it? - Well, no.
He also has a large picture of a woman's foot in a ballet shoe en pointe in his office.
He gets manicures.
At the salon.
- He likes to watch women get pedicures.
- Gross.
Yeah, are we listening here, folks? My ankle is actually feeling better, but don't stop.
You have amazing feet.
- I do? - Yes.
There's nothing sexier than an amazing foot in an amazing shoe.
Yeah, those were my favorite pair.
What am I going to wear home? Well, I think I may be able to help you with that.
- Yeah? - Hold on.
Don't go anywhere.
You're about a seven and a half, eight, right? Yeah.
Well, I think these should work out.
Yes, I think that will work just perfectly.
Ah, these gold sandals are gorgeous.
I love them.
That's our cue.
Let's go.
Put the gun down.
Don't shoot.
Ah, wasn't expecting that.
You talk to people for a living.
But you couldn't talk to me.
Tell me what you needed.
I wanted to be enough for you, but I cannot compete with That.
Elizabeth, please, sweetheart.
Please, please, put the gun down.
Just relax, take it easy and nobody will get hurt.
Really, sweetie? Because you should see what I did with the last one.
Elizabeth, no.
Oh, please tell me you didn't.
What choice did I have? You weren't going to stop.
You're not going to stop.
Don't move.
Put the gun on the table.
Do it.
Hands behind your back.
You're under arrest.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Thank you.
I had some trysts a few years back.
When the show hit big, I knew I'd have to control myself.
I love Elizabeth.
Why Missy? I don't expect you to understand this.
She had the highest arches I've ever seen.
The Ballistics report proves the bullets came from your gun.
He was sleeping with her, you couldn't stand that.
Grace, is it? You're a pretty young thing.
But it won't last forever.
You think he's still going to want you when you're my age? Of course I couldn't stand it.
He was lying and sneaking around like a horny teenager.
With her.
She called me to her house to end it.
She said she felt guilty, taken advantage of.
They wanted to make the marriage work.
- You try to change her mind? - Oh, yeah, but it didn't work.
She wouldn't take me back.
That's when I asked her for something to remember her by.
That's when she gave me the shoes.
Just to get rid of me, I guess.
I just wanted to scare her a little.
Tell her to leave him alone.
But then she had the nerve to call him a creep.
Like she was too good for him.
I lost it.
And then I still had all this rage.
And I have to admit it felt good.
Your brow is furrowed, you have that squinty look in your eye.
You want to talk to me about the whole foot fetish thing but the Catholic school girl in you tells you that it's not necessarily appropriate.
You're right, I don't get it, I can't wrap my head around it.
Well, I mean, "fetish" is a strong word, but everyone has that thing.
- It's just human nature.
- I don't.
Oh, come on, Lisbon.
Don't deny yourself that freedom.
There's definitely something out there that works for you, that flips your switch.
- Like turtlenecks.
- You're right.
It's inappropriate.
- Good night.
- Turtlenecks it is.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's up? Yeah?
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