The Mentalist s06e07 Episode Script

The Great Red Dragon

Previously on "the mentalist" She told me red john has a tattoo On his left shoulder-- three dots.
That's my leverage.
Gather all five suspects together At the same place, same time, And then start checking for the tattoo.
How do we do that? Meet me at 8:00 on Thursday night.
Thursday night at 8:00.
I'll need your help.
Well, then you've got it.
If you don't show up, he will assume you're red john.
If I do this, will you and jane drop The whole that "I'm red john" business? For once and for all.
You really think you've got him? I do.
I want to be there when you end this.
I was hoping you'd say that.
Red john.
Nothing would give me more pleasure Than to be with you there tonight.
Red john Has a tattoo.
Three dots on his left arm.
And you all Are gonna show me Now.
Let's go.
Come on.
That's it.
Take it off.
It's not what you think.
You got it wrong.
I'm not red john.
Patrick, wait.
Patrick! Look Here.
On your feet.
Over with those two.
Oh God.
You stay there.
Okay, you three Over against that wall-- now.
Aah! Aah! Call the fire department and e.
Let them know that there's multiple casualties, And set up a perimeter.
Give me your flashlight.
I-I'm going in.
Agent smith.
Agent smith, it's teresa lisbon.
Are you okay? What happened? There was an explosion.
The e.
S are on their way.
They're gonna help you.
Don't move! What? Put your hands in the air, or I'll shoot! Do it! Whoa, whoa, whoa-- Okay, listen, I don't know what you're talking about.
You're clearly making a big mistake.
Aah! Which way did smith go? Oh, my god, lisbon.
We have to find smith.
He's red john.
Ah I'll get help.
Jane? Can you hear me? Jane? Come on.
You okay? I'm fine.
The doctors say jane's stable.
There's no major trauma or anything.
He's just not awake.
They found the remains of three people.
Positive I.
S for bret stiles, ray haffner, And thomas mcallister.
Are you sure? I would think Bret stiles would survive a nuclear attack.
The bodies are all burnt to a crisp, But the crime techs did spot d.
Coroner's office checked it against medical records.
Stiles, haffner, and mcallister are all positively dead.
Uh, what about smith? Any sightings? Not yet.
Rigsby and van pelt are on it.
Sir? Ah, thought I might find you here.
Are you all right? Uh, I'm fine.
I could use a cup of coffee, actually.
Would you go and get me one? We're just about to coordinate the manhunt for smith.
Well, you should just go and get him.
Well, I'd like to stay here, sir.
Well, are-- cho and the team-- they can handle it.
Are you refusing a direct order? Well, no.
No, I just want to stay here with him.
Wh-why don't you listen a little more closely? I am ordering you to get out there, Put your team together, and get smith.
Jane? Jane? Where's the damn call button? I'll--I'll get the nurse.
Our working theory is that red john brought in the bomb To kill jane and the other suspects.
Okay, but how? Chances are, red john snuck the bomb in on his person.
Crime techs have pulled fragments of the bomb casings From the walls-- very small fragments.
This tells us that the explosive was dense, high-powered.
That doesn't sound homemade.
Military grade's my bet, Which means it could be traceable.
These are the most likely sources.
Check for any recent thefts Of missing explosives from any of them.
All right, will do.
Got something? Yeah.
Lisbon wounded smith before he escaped.
He's walking around with a bullet.
Well, hospitals have to declare gunshot wounds, So he can't go to an e.
Right, so he needs a doctor who'll keep quiet.
Smith's based here in sacramento, So I looked into some of his old cases around town.
He was part of a task force that arrested Dr.
Alek lavrov last year in south sac.
A dr.
Feelgood writing illegal oxycontin scripts.
So? So the case went bad, Evidence was lost, and lavrov walked.
So smith knows exactly where to find a doctor Who won't talk to the cops.
Okay, let's go check it out.
It's not what you think.
I'm not red john.
Patrick, wait.
Welcome back.
There was an explosion at your house.
How long have I been out? Reede smith is red john.
I saw the tattoo on his shoulder.
He's not the only one.
Mcallister has one, too.
He's dead.
So are stiles and haffner.
And bertram.
Bertram? He has the tattoo as well.
Oh, my god.
He was just here.
He was standing over you.
He--he was trying to get me to leave.
He was gonna kill you.
Where are my clothes? Slow down, okay? Just-- no, it's okay.
We don't have time.
Where are my clothes? This is teresa lisbon.
Put out a statewide alert for the apprehension Of reede smith and gail bertram.
Yes, director bertram.
Approach with caution.
They're considered armed and dangerous.
One of them is red john.
Aah! Move along, ma'am.
Police business.
Aah! God! Yes.
The bullet is still inside you.
No crap! Get it out! This is going to hurt.
Are you sure you won't take something for the pain? No No.
I gotta stay sharp.
As you like.
Aah! God! Tiger, tiger.
Tiger, tiger.
Smith in there? Yeah.
He's screaming his head off.
He won't be a problem.
How you wanna do it? I just got word from inside cbi.
Couple of agents are coming here right now looking for smith.
So what do we do? We hurry.
You go get him.
I'll run interference if cbi shows.
You got it.
Take him out the back.
Do it there.
Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! He made me do this.
I'm innocent.
Shut up.
I would have called the police as soon as he left.
I don't want any trouble! Quiet! You association? Tiger, tiger.
Why didn't you call us? Funnily enough, I got trust issues.
Hey, you gotta trust your friends.
I'm here to help you.
Can you walk? I need to sew him up.
He'll bleed.
Ah I can walk.
Aah! Detective cordero, right? Agent rigsby.
How are ya? He's, uh, sac p.
Worked the kirkland shooting.
This is agent grace van pelt.
What brings you to south sac? We're chasing up a lead on reede-- reede smith.
Looks like we beat you to the punch.
One of my guys is in there getting him right now.
You want us to cover the back? No.
No, we got it.
You sure? Hey, we might not be cbi, but we know what we're doing.
Excuse me.
Yep? Rigsby, where are you? Outside the doctor's office.
Looks like smith's inside.
Are there policemen with you? Yeah.
Why? Okay, listen carefully.
Do not trust anyone in law enforcement.
Anyone at all.
Do you understand? You got it.
Let's, uh, go take a look around back.
Wait a minute.
Car's back this way.
Everything's taken care of.
We got a safe house nearby, fresh clothes, a doctor A trip out of town.
A safe house, huh? You know, I said that to someone once.
Yeah? What happened after that? I shot him six times in the back.
Come on.
Ah Damn it.
Drop your weapon! Stop! You all right? Yeah! You good? Yeah.
Smith got away during the fight.
So did the detective.
Boss, they were trying to kill smith and us.
Why? I don't know.
Check the shoulder.
What? Ask him to check the left shoulder.
Have rigsby take his shirt off and look at his shoulder.
Lisbon wants you to check his left shoulder.
What the hell? He's got it.
He's got the tattoo.
Boss, what's happening? All right, bring him in And don't let anybody else get to him.
Bring him in.
What do we know about the cop who attacked you? This is the one we caught.
Officer paul wiehagen.
Six years on the force.
Exemplary record, A couple of commendations, no real discipline problems.
What about the other one-- detective cordero? Put a call in to his captain.
Said he called in sick an hour ago.
And still no sign of bertram.
Let's focus on the one we do have.
Maybe jane will figure it out.
Did someone send you to kill reede smith? I got nothing to say.
Why were you gonna murder him? What about the tattoo? What's it mean? You're not a big talker.
I get it.
Loose lips sink ships and all that.
The bad news is, you have a lousy poker face.
So we're gonna play a little game of show-and-tell.
I'm gonna tell you something, and you're gonna show me With your face whether I'm right or not.
That sound fun? You ever steal anything? Did you ever cheat on your girlfriend? Hit her? Do you like causing pain? I never hit a woman in my life.
Do you belong to a secret organization of cops And other government officials? Yes.
You've committed crimes On behalf of that organization before.
Right? Agent smith is a member also Right? The organization sent you to the doctor's office To kill him Right? Cbi director gail bertram is also a member.
You don't know.
Too low on the totem pole, huh? Agent reede smith is red john.
Don't know.
Gail bertram's red john.
Don't know.
That tattoo on your shoulder is the membership sign.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Right again.
There's a password, too-- Something you say as a greeting or a Distress signal.
"tiger, tiger.
" Get out of my head.
A secret society of dirty cops.
And red john's a member.
He said "tiger, tiger" to me right before he died.
He was asking for help In the hopes that you were a member.
But if he had a tattoo, It would have been in the autopsy report.
Well, you can't trust a file.
We have to see it.
I'll have cho track down the body.
But partridge could be buried by now.
Well, have cho bring a shovel.
The team's looking for smith, bertram's on the run.
So who's red john? Is it bertram or smith? I need to look them both in the eye.
Yeah, the coroner released his body, like, two days ago.
Murder victim, huh? Yeah.
I figured.
That's why we held him for so long.
Good thing you got here today.
Tomorrow there won't be much left of him to look at.
Here we go.
Brett partridge.
Give me a hand, huh? He's all yours.
Give me your knife.
They dress 'em before we burn 'em.
Don't ask me why.
Cho sent a picture.
What does it mean? What do you think it means? What happened with smith? They almost got him at his doctor's office.
That cbi team showed up.
Smith's in the wind.
That's a good place to be.
I've got some business in here, So wait for me.
Thank you, mr.
We haven't seen you for a while.
It's nice to see you.
Smith could be anywhere by now.
I tried to trace the g.
Signal on his cell phone.
It's been dead for hours.
A dirty f.
Agent like him has to have a burner.
Lavrov says he didn't get the chance to sew smith up.
He's still walking around with a bullet wound.
So he's in a bad way wherever he is.
He'll get picked up by someone eventually.
Yeah, but any cop who finds him This is scary.
We can't trust anyone.
Agent van pelt.
You gotta help me.
Agent smith.
They're gonna kill me.
I wanna surrender.
Where are you? Downtown.
Call cho.
He should be close.
Okay, we're on our way.
Smith reached out to cbi.
He used the burner the association gave him.
We were listening.
He's turning himself in.
That cbi team is on its way to get him now.
Well, we can't have that.
Where is he? He's in an alley not too far from here.
Our good luck.
Does he know who you are? Nah, he didn't see me at the doctor's office.
All right.
You are now a cbi agent.
You want to come along? Could be fun.
I have some other business to take care of.
We'll meet up later.
You got it.
Can you get it right this time? Aah! Mm Agent reede smith? You out there? Agent van pelt sent me.
Who are you? Agent oscar cordero, cbi.
I'm here to take you in.
You gotta keep me safe.
They're everywhere.
We are.
God Back of the car now.
You didn't really think you could get away from us, did you? You're a big boy.
Do me a favor And get in the trunk yourself.
Just give me a second, will you? You'll have a second in the trunk.
Now don't make me do painful things to you.
Get in the car! I'm gonna need a deal.
Full immunity.
I'm not saying a word unless I can walk.
So walk.
What? Get up off your ass and walk.
But, hey, good luck getting out of the building Before your friends catch up with you.
If you tell us everything we need to know, I promise we will put you in a federal prison Far away from california.
Someplace that you'll be safe.
Five years ago, I hurt my back.
I was helping my cousin move a stupid couch.
Doctor gave me some pain pills.
Turns out I liked them.
I got hooked before I even knew what was happening.
So? So I'm chasing a gangbanger down an alley In carson springs, and I'm out of it.
I mean, way out of it.
I thought--I thought I was being followed.
I shot a little girl.
A 12-year-old girl.
Local cops took my blood.
They had witnesses.
They had me cold.
And then this detective, He reaches out to me and he says They can make it all go away.
And they did.
The blood tests, the witnesses--all of it? Hell, when they got done fixing it, The f.
Gave me a medal.
And exactly who are "they"? We call ourselves the blake association.
Why? "Tiger, tiger.
" "Tyger, tyger burning bright.
" From the poem by blake.
Someone's a big fan of his, I guess.
Well, who else is in the association? Cops, judges, f.
Anyone in law enforcement that needs a secret covered up.
Like your drug habit.
You need a favor, you ask for it.
You get asked to do something, you do it.
"tiger, tiger.
" Yep.
Well, is there somebody who's in charge? Must be.
But I don't know who.
I just know my little group.
That's it.
But I'm guessing There must be hundreds of us, maybe thousands.
And nobody knows about it? Bob kirkland knew about it, didn't he? Go ahead, just say it.
Unburden yourself.
He knew too much.
So I killed him.
Do you know that red john's a member Of the blake association? Are you sure? Red john had a follower.
Rebecca anderson.
Killed some of your guys about four years ago.
Yeah, sam bosco and his team.
Someone asked me to get f.
Credentials So that they could access cbi.
Red john or someone who worked for him Snuck into the cbi and poisoned rebecca.
And you helped them? I mean, that's when I knew.
I'd--I'd done a favor for a serial killer.
Who asked you to get the credentials? I don't know.
It was a phone call.
That's the way the association works.
You never know.
You You're gonna be able to keep me safe, right? That depends.
Did you murder my wife and daughter? I did not murder your wife and daughter.
I swear on my mother.
Do you believe him? He confessed to murder.
Red john would never break like that, not even as an act.
Well, if smith isn't red john That means we have work to do.
And we need help.
Who took over from brenda shettrick? In media relations? Why? Thank you for coming on such short notice.
We have cbi consultant patrick jane here, Who is here to report a development In the red john case.
Thank you.
Ten years ago, The serial killer known as red john Killed my wife and daughter.
Uh, we've been hunting him diligently ever since.
Today we're pleased to announce That we--we finally have a name, a face.
The director of the division of law enforcement, Gail bertram, is red john.
He's armed and dangerous.
If you see him, do not approach him.
Call the california bureau of investigation at once.
Thank you.
One question at a time.
So are we gonna talk about this? Talk about what? Bertram is red john.
Looks like.
And if jane finds him, he's gonna kill him.
And we're good with that? Killing the boss? I am.
Just as long as we're on the same page.
It's just weird, is all.
Does bertram smoke? No, I don't think so.
People get them as gifts sometimes.
Van pelt.
Hmm? Hmm.
A flash drive.
Let's take a look.
There's only one file on the drive.
It's password-protected.
I'll have to brute-force it.
I've been wanting to use my new f.
Your what? Trust me, don't ask.
And We're in.
It looks like a list.
Names, maybe? Can you decode it? I can try a few things But decoding is jane's department.
I'll send it to him.
Here you go.
This one isn't messing around.
Lots of peat.
Yeah, that's pretty good.
Can you put some rocks in it? Are you sure? This is some fine scotch.
Yeah, I'm sure.
I need a ride.
We're en route to the bar now.
Highway patrol shut down the freeways, So if he runs, we've got him, but what if he hides? Bertram killed the bartender in citrus heights.
He's got an aunt with a house there.
You think that's where he is? She moved into a retirement home about six months ago, So her place is empty now.
Sounds like a good place to hide.
What's the address? We're on our way.
Get cho and r.
There now, And let the choppers know.
Is he here? He's in there.
I got karl and a few guys in the back.
He's not going anywhere.
Do we trust them? I asked to see their shoulders and their tattoos.
What are you doing here? I didn't call sac p.
Well, someone asked for us.
Let's set up a command center right here! Listen, everybody, I'm in charge! Who authorized that? We're primary on the scene.
They came from northern district.
That's way across town.
What the hell is going on? He did it.
He called them in.
Well, why would bertram call s.
To his own location? He didn't call in one s.
He called all of them in.
This is a madhouse.
There's a whole 'nother unit setting up out back.
We've lost control of the scene, boss.
He's one of them.
Bertram is one of them.
He's getting away.
We gotta shut it down.
Nobody leaves! No one leaves! You're clear.
Yeah I need something to eat.
How about chinese? I know a great place.
Yeah, sounds good.
They found bertram's clothes inside the house.
Looks like someone planted a s.
Team outfit In the house before he got there.
And then called every s.
And r.
In the area.
Any leads about who made all those calls? Somebody who could pull a lot of strings at once.
Blake association.
May I have your attention, please? Put down your phones and step away from your desks.
I'm special agent in charge teresa lisbon.
Who the hell are you? F.
Supervisory agent dennis abbott.
Now I repeat, stand up And stand away from your desks Please.
We're in the middle of a manhunt For a dangerous fugitive.
Now if you would like to assist-- The head of this alleged law enforcement organization Is a murderer, And a member of a massive criminal conspiracy.
Which included f.
Yes, and that's why the bureau sent me here From the austin, texas, office.
To clean up the mess.
I am holding in my hand A writ from a federal judge.
The f.
's closing down your organization right now.
All of you Are relieved from your active duties As of this moment.
You can't do that.
I'm here to collect evidence.
Don't get in my way.
Let's go to work, fellas.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's going on here? Dennis abbott, f.
You must be patrick jane.
They've shut us down.
We're gonna need to interview you at some point, But it can wait.
We're gonna be here for some time.
Just don't leave town.
We have a killer to catch.
Oh, well, that's our problem now.
You had your chance to catch him and you blew it-- If you were really trying.
That was my favorite cup.
Okay, well, you see in the funny pages.
What now? I don't know.
Van pelt found some coded files in bertram's office.
Should we get started on those? No, it's a waste of time.
We're done.
There's nothing more to do here.
Just go home, get some rest.
You're not quitting.
I don't believe it.
No, I'm not quitting.
Uh I'm letting go.
It's out of our hands for now.
But I'll be in touch.
Okay? I'm sorry.
For everything.

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