The Mentalist s06e09 Episode Script

My Blue Heaven

Lisbon It's over.
It's done.
I just want you to know I'm okay.
And I'm gonna miss you.
And that's what police do.
We help people that are in trouble, And we stop people from making trouble.
It's a hard job sometimes, But I think it's the best job there is.
What about you? Does anybody want to be A police officer when they grow up? Well, there's time to think about it.
Any questions? Ooh, ooh, ooh! Ooh! Ooh, ooh! Did you ever shoot somebody? Well, actually, yes.
Did they die? Point is, there are bad people in the world.
Not all, but some.
And sometimes you have to do things You don't want to do To make sure worse things don't happen.
Was there lots of blood? I'm afraid that's all the time we have.
What do we say? Thank you, chief lisbon! Hey, henry, what's up? There's a man here wants to speak with you.
An agent abbott, Uh, with the f.
Abbott? That's what he said.
Send him in.
Yes? Do you want me to send him in now? Yes.
Hi, lisbon.
Well, you Have a nice place.
Hmm? You've been here, what, Have you heard from jane? Nope.
Nothing? No e-mail, no phone call? No.
What about rigsby or van pelt? Have they heard anything? I'm having dinner with them tonight.
Why don't you join us? You could ask them yourself.
And cho? Haven't heard from him in ages.
I don't know where jane is, and frankly, I don't care.
No? Well You two were so close.
It was a long time ago.
When are you guys gonna give up chasing him? Oh, we're the f.
We don't give up.
That is a nice shell.
It's a cowrie.
May I? Sure.
You know, they say a shell always carries around The sound of the ocean with it.
Dear lisbon, I hope this finds you well.
All's well here.
Weather's turned a little cooler.
It's not cold.
Still, the weather's warm and, uh, There's a gentle breeze on the beach.
Yesterday I saw a pod of dolphin Frolicking by the shore So close I could almost touch them.
Hmm Hmm Unbelievable.
Cheaper than yesterday, but more expensive than last week.
Patrick! Patrick! Oh, really, guys? Ahh Very persistent, I must say.
Very persistent.
Huh? What have we got here? Yeah.
¿donde esta? Hey! Uhh! Hey! What are you looking at? Nothing.
Buenas dias, victor.
Ah, señjane.
Buenas dias.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Cha Charre-- charreteras? What--uh Charreteras.
Come estas.
Sí? Ah.
Sí, sí.
Ah! Hey, hugo.
How you doing? Alfredo Ah! Hi.
From the u.
? You weren't fooled by my impeccable spanish? No.
Anyway You're reading.
Thing is, uh, I miss speaking english.
Roger's the only other english speaker, And he's--well, he's not a great talker.
Turns out being understood is an underrated pleasure.
I can imagine.
I'll leave you alone.
No problem.
Looks like you're nearly finished.
Do you want it when I'm finished? I wouldn't mind it.
It's not easy to get books in english around here.
Is it any good? You like murder mysteries? Not really.
Then you probably won't like it.
Well, I'll take it anyway.
Beggars can't be choosers, can they? No, they can't.
Do you want to join me? Sure.
So you're from the, uh, southeast? Virginia? Good ear.
You? Well, I-I lived all over.
Right now I live here.
I was on the other side of the island, But people told me the beaches on this side were better.
That's true.
You here with your wife? No, just me.
Oh, yeah, no.
My wife, uh Uh Not married anymore.
You? Me? No.
I mean, it's great if you If you like not being married-- Being single.
I do.
Ah, muchas gracias.
De nada.
I came here to get away, think about things.
What are you thinking about? I've been offered a promotion at work, But I'm not sure I want it.
Why is that? Oh It's more work.
It's more hassle.
Eh, more money, but is it worth it? Well, sounds like you're asking yourself The right questions.
Must be strange to live here.
It's so beautiful.
I I think if I were here full-time, I'd feel like I was living In some kind of dream world, you know? Ah, sometimes it's like that.
There's nothing wrong with dream worlds, right? You're here to stay.
Man of mystery.
Really? I don't mean to be mysterious.
My wife died.
Some things happened, I did some things, and I don't really know how to talk about it yet.
I guess that's why I still wear the ring.
I'm just Not ready.
I think I understand.
Anyway, that's why I'm here.
It's not a bad place to be.
Right? It's beautiful.
It's paradise.
Do you speak english? Yes, sir.
I speak very good, sir.
What's your name? Morales.
Franklin morales, sir.
Morales, huh? Mm.
Have you seen this guy? No, sir.
Okay then.
If you see him Mm-hmm.
You'll tell me, yes? Yes, sir.
All right.
Muchas gracias.
All right, fellas, let's get settled, Then we'll go get something to eat.
Hey, roger, what's up? Gracias.
Roger, kim.
Kim, roger.
My eyes were Fluid cobras.
Good to see you.
How long has he been here? Uh, not sure.
Long time.
You can tell.
Un momento.
Uh, excuse me.
Hello? It's franklin.
Hey, franklin.
What's up? Three big american police checked in.
Looking for you.
They're there now? Yes.
Okay, well, see what else you can find out.
I'll be in touch, okay? Yes, of course.
Is everything all right? Uh, yeah.
Uh, just some-- Some people who want to meet with me.
Listen, I have to head back up to town.
Do you want to come with me? Sure.
See you around.
I'm sure I will.
That's a nice shirt.
Well, this was nice.
I know you have people to see.
Yes, uh, unfortunately, I do, yeah.
No problem.
Hey, um, but I was wondering-- Do you, uh, know a good place around here for dinner? Are you asking me out for dinner? Yeah.
I figure you'll know a good place where the locals go.
Yeah, uh, I do.
Um Yes, I do Know Well, why don't we meet here at, uh Oh, I don't know 8:00? Deal.
See ya then.
The man who asks about you is abbott.
That is the name on the register.
Where is he now? Eating.
The other two men are with him, But they leave.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Who's that guy? Danny otero.
Sells drugs.
Comes here to buy heroin from vietnamese.
Bad business.
How you say? Um Lousy tipper.
Lousy tipper.
Lousy tipper.
How the heck are you? And here we thought we were gonna have to turn over Every rock on this island to find you.
I heard you were here.
Well, it's only polite to stop by and say hi.
Oh, how was the flight? Bumpy.
Pretty confident of you to front up like this.
The extradition laws are on my side.
I know you can't touch me.
Who said I wanted to touch you? I'm here to make you an offer.
The powers-that-be Decided that you could be valuable to the f.
The bureau is willing to drop all the charges against you If you come and work for us.
For the f.
? That's right.
There are the terms.
You know, I want to be very clear.
I don't like this deal.
If it were up to me, you would be headed home In a cargo plane with a sack over your head.
But, hey, I'm just the messenger.
Interesting proposition.
I'm not buying it.
No? Whatever my feelings are about it This is a good deal, jane.
You really need to consider it.
I am done with that life.
I did what I had to do, And I've moved on.
That life was a job that you were very good at.
If you come back, you can help a lot of people.
You have a gift.
It's not a gift.
Whatever it is, it'll get you off this island, And you can start your life again.
I have.
Thank you.
We'll be here for another day if you change your mind.
How'd you find me? The letters to your girlfriend lisbon.
You know, it was pretty smart To send them to your carny friends And have them sneak them over to her.
Just not quite smart enough.
So I finally managed to hack through the firewall, And it turns out the cyber mastermind Stealing credit card numbers is an 11-year-old from minneapolis.
What? Yeah.
He was selling them to his friends So they could buy limited-edition sneakers.
Did he get arrested? I don't know.
We turned the information over to the minneapolis p.
Actually, they did.
I checked.
And he's gonna be tried as a juvenile.
Oh, well, there you go.
So the digital surveillance company is going well, huh? Yeah.
We've been up and running now For, uh, 15 months, and Already turning a tidy profit, believe it or not.
How are things here? Same.
You know, it's mostly d.
S, stolen bikes But I like it that way.
It's nice and quiet.
It's the babysitter.
Excuse me.
Hello? Maddy's got a slight fever.
Grace worries.
I try and tell her it's nothing, But first baby, you know? Sure.
Can I ask you something, wayne? Mm.
Do you ever miss the cbi? Hmm.
I mean, grace and I are so busy, I don't really have much time to think about it.
Things are so hectic.
I used to miss it, but not anymore.
Everything here's good.
You know, it's just-- it's good.
That's great, boss.
I am not your boss anymore.
She says her fever's up to 102.
I'm sorry.
We're out of here.
I'm so sorry.
No, it's fine.
But I'll walk you to your car.
So Those people that wanted to meet with you, Did you meet with them? Yeah.
How'd it go? Uh, it was interesting.
They made me a job offer.
Hmm? Basically, if I go and work for them, Then I can go back to the u.
Sounds good.
Not really.
I've kind of moved on.
It would be going backwards.
And I don't think that's healthy.
What is it that you Do, anyway? What do I do? Yeah.
I, uh I look for people.
Sounds intriguing.
It is.
It was fun.
Still, you get to go home.
Aren't there things that you miss? Sure, of course.
Thank you for this.
I needed the company.
I didn't think I did, but, uh Ah, it turns out that I do.
Who doesn't? You want to go dancing? Yeah.
It's a beautiful night.
It is.
I feel like somebody's following us.
I'll just go and talk to them.
No! Patrick, come on.
No, it's okay.
It's fine.
I speak the lingo.
It's Excuse me.
Uh, hey-- I don't want trouble-- Oh, my god.
Mind your business! Patrick? Ahh That feels good.
You smell nice.
You should see a doctor.
No No.
You could have a concussion.
Nah, I just Just need to rest.
I was very, uh, drunk last night.
What happened? You got beat up.
Thank you.
Oh, that is so good.
How are you feeling? Better now, after this.
You make good tea.
Thank you.
I got a text this morning.
My work.
I have to go back today.
I have a midday flight, and I have to pack, and Yeah, I understand.
You got to go back.
Oh, no, it's-- it's fine.
Thanks for everything.
Oh I really had a wonderful time with you, patrick.
Anyway Hugo! Alfredo? What happened? Pow.
I was hoping I'd find you here.
I wanted to give you something.
Oh, thank you.
No, thank you-- for dinner and everything.
I You're right.
Being understood is an underrated pleasure.
Let me give you my home phone number In case you ever make it back to the states.
You never know.
You might wanna give me a call.
I might.
Good-bye, patrick.
Good luck with your decision.
You know, one thing-- Going back doesn't have to mean going backwards.
It can mean moving on.
Hey, g-man.
I'm ready to come home.
That is good news.
But on my terms.
Is that clear? And when we get back to the u.
, I want a meeting with whatever powers-that-be To make clear that those are the terms.
I'm sure we can work out something like that.
And I want lisbon there.
Why? Lisbon's there, or I don't do it.
And if you say she's gonna be there and she's not, I will make it clear to your bosses that I will work With any f.
Agent except you.
You'll have done all the work to get me, And get nothing for it.
Do we have an understanding? What time do you want us to pick you up? I'll let you know.
I got something I got to do first.
Franklin? Patrick? How are you? Good.
I'm very good.
Uh, I need your help.
You said that danny otero was buying some heroin From some vietnamese dealers.
You should have nothing to do with danny otero.
Me? No, of course not.
I'm not going anywhere near him.
Do you know if he's already made the buy? No.
No, vietnamese guests only check in this morning.
I need you to find out three things for me.
I can find out anything.
First, when will the deal happen? Second, what room will they be in? What else? Uh, yes.
Uh, when the vietnamese will be eating.
No problem.
They never eat.
Always in the bar.
Excellent, franklin.
You're very good.
Very, very good.
Thank you.
No, just Good afternoon.
Sorry for the interruption.
Uh, I assume one of you speaks english.
I do.
Patrick jane.
Pleased to meet you.
What's this about? I know you're drug dealers.
I don't judge.
I'm wanted for homicide myself in the u.
What I want to discuss is a mutual acquaintance-- Danny otero.
What about him? Well, I thought I should warn you.
He's flipped.
He's working as an informer to the police.
He's teamed up with an f.
Agent named abbott.
How do you know this? Well, I'm working with abbott myself On a different deal.
That's how otero's name came up.
If you have any business with danny otero, Word to the wise-- You might want to be careful.
See ya.
I'll be in room 1443 in 15 minutes.
Here in the hotel? I'm having a little good-bye drink With some friends.
Just identify yourself at the door, And they'll come get me.
Yes? Abbott.
Excuse me? Abbott, f.
Didn't patrick jane tell you I was coming? One moment.
Did you sell us to the police? What? Did you sell us to the police? No, no, no-- The feds are right outside.
You think you can get away with this? The hell with this.
All right I'm telling you, I'm not-- f.
! Don't move! Don't move! Put your hands on your head.
Put the gun down.
Dejo esa.
Good job.
All right, Now everybody get down on the ground.
Down on the ground.
Al suelo.
En el estómago.
Huh? Ah, that's nice.
Very nice.
The only question is Where's patrick jane? Abbott, what happened? You set this up.
You're the one who knocked on the door.
My terms.
I need you to read them and sign it.
We can work with this.
Sign it, please.
All right.
Five more copies.
Sign those, too, please.
They're for you.
I keep the original.
All right.
Let's go.
Ah, one second.
Now we can go.
Jane! Jane.
Ha! You never cease to amaze me.
I got him from here, guys.
So you joined the f.
, huh? Yeah.
Finished training at quantico five months ago.
Look at you.
It's this way.
Where are your socks? Uh I don't know.
Did they put a chip in your neck? Not that I know of.
Why do you ask? Ah, you just don't seem too happy to see me.
I am happy to see you.
I just wish it was under different circumstances.
Why is that? I don't think you and the f.
Are gonna get along very well.
I don't think they really understand how you operate.
They'll loosen up once they get to know me.
Second door on the left.
Nice beard.
Thank you.
Thank you for the letters.
Oh, I missed you.
I missed you, too.
What's going on, huh? Why am I here? You'll see.
It's gonna be great.
What? Trust me.
All right, let's get this started.
Jane These are the charges Pending against you-- Homicide, obstruction of justice, Aggravated assault, grand theft auto, etcetera.
You're looking at 20 to life.
But all of that can go away if you agree To serve as a consultant for the f.
For at least five years.
You will be under my supervision, On federal parole, Which may be revoked at any time at my discretion.
You screw up, run away, do anything that I don't like, And you'll be in the jailhouse.
Sign, and we have a deal.
As you're aware, You have already agreed to some terms.
I didn't agree to those.
I signed indicating that I read them.
Same difference.
No, it's not, believe me.
Firstly, no parole.
I'm a free man.
And secondly, lisbon has to work with me.
Hey, hello? Well, you won't need lisbon.
I've already assembled a team to work with you.
Oh, that's not negotiable.
I have a job, okay? I'm not gonna drop everything Just because you suddenly decided to come back.
W-we'll talk.
There are some other stipulations-- Easy stuff.
I'm sure we can figure them out.
But none of this applies.
This-- I don't think you're hearing me, jane.
You are on u.
Soil now, I am the federal government, and I am telling you That that is a napkin.
This Is the deal.
Take it Or leave it.
I'll leave it.
Oh, that's too bad.
You made a mistake, but, hey Kim? Agent fischer.
Kim? Agent fischer.
Agent fischer.
Jane Will be going to a detention suite.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I'll make the arrangements.
Oh, yeah, I'm not fussy.
If you have one with a view, I'll take it.
If not, uh, whatever, As long as I can make some tea.
Who is she, and what is a detention suite? Don't worry, lisbon.
It's all under control.

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