The Mill (2013) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Sir, I don't want to be separated from my sister.
I'm sorry, you were judged unfit for work.
But I'm going to let you escape.
How can you support the Abolition Of Slavery Bill when your family work English children until they drop? Tommy's hurt! Mr Greg wants me to design and build a loom that turns a skilled man's job into something even a pregnant woman can do.
And there's to be a demonstration, the biggest the country has ever seen.
I'm not interested! I just want to earn a living! Look, I'm 17 and I'll prove it.
I'm going back to Liverpool.
You'll never make it.
You will if I come with you.
Help me find my certificate and I'll help you find your sister.
Right! Come on, you idle lot, get to work! Move! Esther, Lucy! Where've they gone? Where have they gone?! I know where they'll be heading.
We must be halfway by now.
Only halfway? I'll have to sit down again soon.
Shh! Let's try and get a lift.
Esther Oh! No! You can't outrun a horse! Whoa, whoa! Stand.
Get on! Do you know what you're doing? No! Oi, Mr T! Not smiling now! Hey, if you can't outrun a horse! Sorry, did I disturb you? What's wrong with you today? Esther's run off with the new girl because someone told her she could find her baptism certificate.
Might find, I think I said.
As if it mattered.
What's this? Where did you get it? One of the carters.
There'll be big trouble if Master Robert sees this.
You'd best give it back, then.
They could hang us for this.
It's theft.
We can't go back now.
I don't care.
We can sell it, live on the money till we get jobs.
So you don't need your baptism certificate any more? No, I do.
I need to see it.
It doesn't matter how old you are.
It'll help me find my family.
Let's find your sister first.
How long since you were here? I don't know.
They won't recognise me.
Look, I'll be your older sister, say I've come for Catherine because I've got the means to support her now.
Timperley will expect me to come here, you know? We're a long way ahead of him.
Esther? Thank you.
I think it's about that big meeting that you went to.
"Roberts Greg's mother, the hypocrite, Mrs Hannah Greg" What's a hypocrite? When you don't practice what you preach.
Campaigns for the abolition of slavery.
"But as she stood shamelessly on stage "beside the estimable Mrs Prince, she" She's not a hypocrite, and she was ashamed.
"Seemingly unaware that her own family own and run" What's going on? We found this in the privy, Master.
Well? Privy's where it belongs.
Get back to work.
Yes, Master.
What did I tell you? He's been trying to make the slave driver accusations stick for months and you've just handed it to him on a plate.
All your meetings and petitions may stem from the most honourable of motives, Mother, but until this battle with Doherty is won, they have to stop.
I'll ask Mrs Moore to take over as chairman.
Thank you.
I know it's close to your heart, Hannah, but it won't be for long.
The Abolition Bill is scheduled for the same week as the Factory Act.
The business is in good hands with Robert, isn't it? 1,700 inmates, you can't expect me to recall them all by name.
What did she do? Talk back.
Where's Esther? In there? Where is she? Tell me the truth or I'll snap your neck.
She's gone to find her baptism certificate.
We split up.
Can you prove you're her sister? Well, why would I offer support to a stranger? She's not here.
She's been apprenticed.
Quarry Bank Mill.
You're thinking of my other sister, Lucy.
No, no.
Both of them.
I remember now.
Catherine and Lucy Garner.
Catherine was sent back here.
Not according to my records.
Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! Oh! Lucy! Published in Manchester, by your old sparring partner, John Doherty.
I've no truck with him any more, you know that.
He prints thousands every week.
They pass from hand to hand.
They've never found their way here before.
Perhaps he's redoubling his efforts on account of the Ten Hour Bill.
I will not allow his cancerous philosophy to take root here.
I'm asking all my men to sign this.
It's a pledge of loyalty.
By signing it, you promise not to join a trade union or any other such combination.
You're an enlightened employer.
Why do you need this? Because, as you just said, Doherty's redoubling his efforts.
I need your name.
I need it too.
You feel that strongly? I'd rather go back to jail.
Well you can't very well form a union on your own.
As long as all my other men sign it, I suppose I can allow you to be the exception, for now.
Thank you.
When I became an apprentice, it was against the law for working people to combine.
If they acted together, for whatever reason, it was criminal conspiracy.
Now unions are legal, but you're dismissed if you join one.
But there are no unions here, so why do you care? Daniel, if he didn't make you sign, why does it matter? Oh, he needs me now.
But he'll make the others sign.
And what happens when the loom's adapted and can stop automatically? Yeah, well, that could be a while yet.
Daniel! Let's take a walk Sunday.
I want to show you something.
I can't.
I wouldn't be allowed.
Steady! Come on, get down.
Come on, get down.
Come here! Seven days' lost labour and expenses to be made up in overtime.
Good riddance to her partner in crime, I'd say.
I think we'll all be glad not to clasp eyes on that hellcat again.
What kind of an example would that set? Find her.
Out! No, nothing.
It could be P-R-Y-C-E.
Maybe I am only 15.
Try 1818.
Drop your sack carrier off there and get them sacks moved through there.
Yes, sir.
Any work, Mister? What can you do? Anything! I haven't eaten for days and my guts are cursing me teeth.
Around here, there's only one trade open to a girl like you.
I'm not that hungry.
Spare a farthing, please? Oi! Oh, I was just begging.
You dirty mare! No, I'm not like you, I'd never do that! I'll go somewhere else! You do the crime, I do the suffering.
Where's the justice? Push it back and the fingers'll close.
That's it! Now, you'll never thread shuttles, piece yarn, but at least you'll be able to do a basic grab.
Let's try it! Yeah! Grab that pan.
Bring it back to close.
That's so clever.
Yeah? Let go, let go, let go.
Whoa! Look, Daniel's brought me a new hand.
He'll need to practise.
And why have you brought this into my kitchen? I wanted your permission to ask Susannah to walk out next Sunday Oooh! .
if she's willing.
Oh, she's far too willing, as well you know.
A ploughed field's easier to dig, is that your thinking? No! If you'd prefer a chaperone It's a bit too late for that, isn't it? So do we have your permission or not? No.
A walk this week, it'll be Sodom and Gomorrah next.
Let her go, Mrs Timperley.
She'll be leaving the 'prentice house when the child's born.
It's good she's making a life for herself.
Now! Schoolroom, boys.
It seems we have her blessing.
That job, what does it pay? You used to be a lot pickier about the work you'd do.
What does it pay? You'd be half the price you were.
Sit down.
Did you try the workhouse? They'd send me back.
I haven't found what I'm looking for yet.
What's that? Just get on with it.
Have you done this before? Not today.
I could fix you a lift to one of the cotton towns.
Might find work more to your liking.
I'm staying here.
That good, was it? Think I'm in love.
Where did you learn to write, child? I worked in a cotton mill, learnt there.
Do you keep baptism certificates? I've had several Prices in my parish over the years.
Really? I'd have to dig around.
Why don't you come back in a couple of days? Where we going? You'll see.
What is this? What's it for? The Ten Hour Bill.
And they'll have to pass it after this.
How can they not? We may not have the vote, but we have a voice.
This'll go down in history.
Where are we? Wibsey.
Welcome back.
Is it true Robert Greg's introducing the document? We're getting the upper hand and he knows it.
Keep in touch, Dan.
Who's he? We used to work together.
Come on.
Parliament calls for us to concede.
We cry? No concessions! Has anyone ever seen such a show of unity and strength? No! Do you think they'll hear us in parliament? Yes! They'd better! Why do the masters fear effective regulation? Why should they be free to do as they wish while the rest of us suffer? Many of these greedy speculators are launching a counterattack and forcing their men to sign what they call "the document".
- No.
- Never! But we will not sign away our God-given rights that we fought so long to regain.
The right to assemble and combine like this.
The right to speak our mind and put our case and fight for a better future for our children! Ten hours! Can you imagine that? That's more than half a day to yourself.
Do you really think that he can win? It's not "he", it's "us".
He can't win, but together, maybe we can.
Cor, he was amazing! Wasn't he? He's just one man.
Put your faith in one man and you'll be disappointed.
This is bigger that John Doherty.
I can see that.
And I saw the real you today.
There was a light in your eyes.
That was the company.
What now? Dunno.
I know what you want to do.
What? Persuade the other men not to sign Robert Greg's document.
What if I'm the only one who doesn't? Well, then you'll be one man, "he", not "we".
You'd better go.
George! Your sister's back.
Think she is carrying twins.
Come on, you idle brats! Get to work, move! Your time's up and if you ever, ever come up here up here again Ah, good.
You're here.
Did you find anything? I did.
Follow me.
Is it my certificate? Come to the office and I'll show you.
Now, why don't you sit down, and I'll show you what I found.
Gotcha! Didn't expect that, now, did you? The Greg family are well known in this city.
And useful employment in an honest profession is the best possible deterrent to idleness and vice.
I've done you a big favour.
Thank you, Reverend.
What's the matter? The loom's stopped.
Automatically! It works! The mechanism works! We've done it, we've done it! We've done it! Sorry.
Come on you, down.
Put your feet down there.
Stand up.
Come on.
Daniel! Daniel, don't interfere.
Things have changed now.
Once Master Robert finds out you've completed the loom, he'll have less need to retain you! Stand up! Come on! What is that?! Where do you think you are?! She can run faster that I can.
You're meant to be her guardian! Hey! Have you no shame?! This isn't one of his slave plantations! This is England! Stop it! You can't, you can't talk like that.
Not now.
I'll take those off you.
Did you hear that, Master? Did you hear him? I heard.
I'll deal with him after I've dealt with Esther Price.
Mr Henshaw, take her to the apprentice house and wait for me there, please.
I hope you won't rely on the beak for punishment this time, sir.
No, I won't.
Come through, please, Mr Timperley.
Sit down.
Is anything wrong? The irons were an unfortunate necessity.
You know what she's like.
It's your wife, John.
She's passed away.
I'm very sorry.
She How? She was climbing stairs.
Had a seizure.
'Come in.
' Take them.
Take them! Now, cut off her hair.
No! No! Get off me! You need to learn.
Actions have consequences.
Cut off her hair.
No, no! I'll do it! This is justice, not revenge.
Cut it! Cut her hair, or I'll cut yours.
All of it.
Sharpish! She was left to run a house for 60 ungrateful urchins without her soulmate to share the burden.
I missed her final moments because of you.
Ten days is not enough and this will grow.
Are you going to move her? I'm waiting for the undertaker.
You lay a hand on her sainted body and I will break your neck.
You're starting your confinement.
I've got weeks left yet.
Come on, we've a long way to go.
Am I going to Wilmslow? Alternative arrangements have been made.
Nothing to worry about.
I need to pack my things.
It's done.
Can I not at least say goodbye to my brother and my sister? They're working.
I'm not leaving without seeing them! George! Miriam! I'm going.
You're interfering with production.
Come along, we have to leave now.
Come along.
Come along.
Everything all right? Get back to work, come on.
I love you! Susannah? I'm going, I'm being taken.
Have you gone into labour? Get out of the way! Where are you taking her? She's starting her confinement.
Daniel, he's lying, it's too early.
Why is this happening now? Mr Greg wants her to complete her indentures in Lancaster.
He can't do that, he made me a promise.
His family own several mills, he can send you to any one of them.
She's not going! That's Mr Greg's decision.
There's nothing you can do.
Marry me, Susannah.
If Mr Greg allows.
Susannah, will you please do me the honour of becoming my wife? You made me a promise.
Yes, that was before you went to Wibsey Moor.
We had Mrs Greg's permission.
To join a mob 100,000 strong? To come back here and spread their propaganda? If Susannah goes, I go too.
We go together as man and wife.
You're laying claim to another man's child? No child should belong to any man.
My views are a little more paternal.
I love her, and I'll bring up her child as my own.
We don't want to go.
I want to stay here and Daniel wants to finish your loom.
And we'll not cause you any further trouble.
Sign that.
Sign it, and I'll allow you to stay in the village as Mr and Mrs Bate.
Happily ever after.
You planned this.
You don't have to do this.
Don't do this for me.
Help! Help! There's a ghost, there's a Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Help! Please! It's all right, Esther.
It's all right, it's all right.
I've got you now.
I wish I'd never gone.
Now I've seen what it's like outside, I know how lucky I am to have you as my benefactor.
But please, please, please, please, don't let me go back in that room.
I'll speak to Robert.
You want her to get away with this? I'm sorry for you, Mr Timperley, truly sorry.
But this poor girl has suffered enough.
Now, when was the last time you had anything to eat? I don't remember.
Come on, let's get you something.
She's on our side.
She'll make him listen to her.
Don't worry.
Are you glad to be back? Glad I got to see the fat cow gone, we'll get bigger portions now.
What was it really like out there? One thing better than a bowl of scouse - the taste of freedom.
But it's inhuman, Robert, and it's not the way we do things here.
I may have overreacted but I haven't broken any laws.
Where have you been? Apologies, ma'am, been quite a day.
Have you had any runaways lately? Yes, we did, but they're all accounted for now.
We've just picked up a girl in a field.
Not much left of her but bones and half a comb.
It just occurred, she might have been one of yours.
Leave it with me, Mrs Greg.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
Esther don't worry.
I'm not.
I got away with a haircut.
Hey, did you hear Susannah's to wed Daniel Bate? Shush! She doesn't want to hear about that now.
I want this done with dignity and respect.
My watchwords, Mr Timperley.
Nice firm grip, now.
After three.
One, two, three! Down, down, put her down.
You go this side.
Listen! They're moving her! Press her thigh, give it a good tuck! If my wife needs a tuck, I'll do it! Did you get to see Catherine in the workhouse? No.
She wasn't there.
Well, do you know where she is? Go! Go, go, go! Who's got the weight? I have! How about a breather? How about a pulley? Where is she? Did they say? Tell me! Do you know what's happened to her? Don't drag her! I'm not dragging her! That comb you have did your sister have the other half? Yeah? Why? Watch her! Gentle, gentle! We need to use gravity to our advantage here, Mr Timperley.
All right.
Dignified dragging.
A big, fat arse dragon, I'd say! I think he killed her.
I think Timperley killed your sister.

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