The Morning Show (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

The Pendulum Swings

A state of emergency has been declared in California.
Just outside Los Angeles several fires are wreaking havoc, destroying homes and sending residents fleeing to safety.
The biggest blaze is the Huntley Fire just outside the wealthy community of Malibu which authorities are now likening to a war zone.
Fire crews are battling flames in three different counties.
residents who were in tears as they were unable to return Destroying everything in its path.
It's happening as tension rises and tragedies mount.
Hey, Fred, we're evacuating.
It's mandatory.
Make sure they get all the animals.
- The horses, the little burro.
- Get the fucking animals.
On it, boss.
I did not need this.
TMS should go to LA to cover this.
Get those fucking women to stop talking about Me Too for five minutes.
Hey, Cory.
Listen, I got an idea.
Can you get ahold of Bradley? You know, we're staying in the same hotel, so let me see if I can connect with her.
All right, I'll call Chip on the way to the airport.
Get the girls to LA to cover these fires.
What is happening right now? Um, Lucky Lindy landed safely in Paris, maybe? - [CHUCKLES.]
- Whoa.
Yes, I know my face can be startling in an intimate setting.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I feel so awful.
- I'm so sorry.
I was a fucked-up mess.
- Oh, no.
No, no.
Please, don't be.
We laughed, we cried, we ate grilled cheese.
It was all good.
I actually did sleep in the living room.
I was a little concerned you might choke on your own vomit.
The grilled cheese didn't go down so well.
Please just shoot me.
- Hey, Bradley.
Bradley? - What? - What? - Bradley? It's really all good.
I was glad that I could be here to help.
I wouldn't have wanted you to be alone last night.
Thank you, Cory.
Being alone is highly overrated.
You're awfully nice for the head of a President of a network.
Yeah, I'm actually really not.
I just like you.
Here, have some toast.
- Hey, you got me toast? - Mm-hmm.
- And coffee.
- Oh, I got coffee.
Thank God.
- Yeah, there you go.
- Thank you.
In other exciting news, we're gonna be covering the wildfires in LA.
So I need you to get on a plane ASAP.
Chip has been calling your phone.
Oh, my G Holy shit! Yeah.
But don't worry.
He doesn't know that I'm here.
Um, you can call him from the car.
Even though I feel like crap, this is great news 'cause I just need to get boots on the ground.
That's what I'm good at.
I actually have to go back to LA.
Pilot business, you know.
Upfronts are biting at my heels.
So I'll go up.
I'll pack.
I'll get you some Advil.
And then I can take you to the airport with me.
Thank you.
That is so nice.
But wouldn't it be a little bit strange if we came to the airport in the same car? That's a good point.
I'll get you some Advil, put you in a cab.
- To LA! - LA! Open space and Santa Anas and wildfires.
Anything can happen! Especially when it's burning down! [SIGHS.]
Oh, my God.
It's the grilled cheese.
You know it's Sunday, right? Hey, good morning.
We gotta go to LA to cover these fires.
YDA is fucking killing it with Jimmy and his tearful nonnies.
Chip, Chip, please.
It's really early.
Just slow down.
Oh, it's early? I'm sorry.
Yeah, we're all hungover.
But I gotta get you on a plane in a few hours.
Come on.
Seriously? Fires in LA.
That sounds a little desperate.
It's not like it's 9/11 or something.
No, no, no, no.
You don't get it.
This is massive, okay? We got multiple fires raging here.
We've got evacuations, homes lost.
People are dying in their fucking cars trying to escape the fires.
Oh, Jesus.
Besides, the show could use a little narrative shift.
Come on.
Let's do this.
These orders are coming straight from the fucking Death Star.
Chip, I'm not I'm not covering a fucking fire, okay? Just send Bradley.
Get her off my ass for a few days.
I am trying to reach her.
But, come on, Alex! This has got to ha Hold on a second.
What are you Yes, yes, I know I'm not supposed to enter here unannounced.
Just give me that.
All right, fuck you too.
I can't do this anymore, Alex.
I was up all night after you abandoned me, left me to host your fucking fund-raiser.
Look, I I was upset Yes, but you're always upset or stressed, and I just cannot take it anymore.
Okay? I love our daughter.
But years of having a relationship with a charming narcissist is fucking killing me.
You're not in love with me.
And And I am not in love with you anymore.
And? I want a divorce.
Well, no.
It's not entirely up to you, believe it or not.
Jason, this is why we are separated.
Because Listen, we don't have to do the family calendars.
- No, no, no.
- You don't have to host - my fund-raisers with me anymore.
- No, Alex.
We separated We separated because we argue constantly just like this.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yes, we do.
And because, deep down, I am furious with you for never putting me first, and you are furious with me because I am angry about it, and because you believe you have a God-given right to always have the most important problem.
Alex, I swear to God, if you answer that, I will never speak to you again ever.
Okay, um, look.
We can't get a divorce.
- I'm already on thin ice with America.
- Oh, God.
A divorce will just put me over the edge.
And I can This is happening, Alex.
We have to tell Lizzy, you have to tell your PR people.
Because like everything else in our personal life, it needs to be fucking handled.
But make no mistake, this is happening.
I've spoken to my lawyer.
I'm gonna drive and tell Lizzy tonight.
If you wanna come, you should.
- No, I No! No! - I'll meet you at 5:00.
We'll go together.
No, Jason Jason, I'm sorry I did that.
I'm sorry I left you at the party alo - We cannot tell Lizzy.
- Why? Because.
Because I have to go to California today.
We're covering the fires.
That's why Chip has been calling me.
Jason, peoples' homes are burning to the ground.
- Bodies are being pulled out of cars.
This is important.
We'll tell her when I get back.
As soon as you are back, we will tell her.
But I am not fucking around, Alex.
I'm not gonna cool down and suddenly change my mind.
I'm not I'm not thinking that.
I just have to cover the fires.
It's not my fault.
I didn't light them.
- [SIGHS.]
Yes? Hey, so sorry.
I was sound, sound asleep.
Um you're right.
It's It's important.
Of course, I'll be there.
Thank you.
Plane can leave at 11:00.
Okay, I'll see you then.
Oh, um, don't bring Bradley.
You just fucking told me to bring You know what? It doesn't matter.
She's already going.
Fred wants her there.
You're both going.
It's gonna be a ratings bonanza.
Pack your stuff.
Car's coming in an hour.
Oh, fuck, fine! [BASS RHYTHM STARTS.]
All right, I'm here.
Let's go.
Copy just came in.
Oh, thank you.
I'm glad we're getting out of town for a few days.
Yeah, we could definitely all use a change of scenery, even if it's a deadly fire.
Which is saying something.
I'm glad you were there last night.
- You were? - Yeah.
I also didn't know half the staff doesn't trust me.
Do I smell like tequila? Let me smell.
Oh, wow.
Nah, I'm just playing.
You're fine.
Look, the staff, they barely know you.
It's only been a week.
Give them some time.
Okay? You're pretty likable.
I need some coffee.
You want some? Nah, I'm all good.
It's the travel booker.
What? Apparently most of the hotels near the fire are full because of the mandatory evacuations.
And the only one that's available doesn't have any suites.
Well, can't they kick out some of the displaced families? I do need room for my diamonds.
- So that's a "yes".
Got it.
- Jesus.
Who's telling people that I need all these things? Hmm? This is why celebrities get really crappy reputations.
And by being difficult to work with.
It's been two days since the Ashley Brown interview.
What's your point? What are we doing? You have to talk to Bradley at some point.
Or Or make some eye contact.
Chip, I don't give a fuck.
Just leave me alone on it, all right? I have this other natural disaster I have to deal with.
I'm sorry.
I'm just [MALE PILOT.]
All right, folks, we have just about another hour to go before we touch down in Burbank.
I hope you guys are having a good time back there.
It's been a pleasure serving you.
Let's go, come on.
Hold my hand.
Don't let go.
Water Here if you need 'em.
Sorry this took so long.
Any port in a storm, huh? You sure about that? Okay, guys, clock's ticking.
Let's get set up.
Yanko, can you meet the helicopter, please? Yeah.
- Alex Levy? - Hi there.
Thank you.
We're working on the press conference with the Malibu fire chief.
Then we have the children who survived in the swimming pool.
The climate change expert.
Do we have anyone from the hospital yet? The nurse is a little skittish.
I'm working on her.
I'll have a backup too.
We still need an upbeat story to wrap up with.
I'm leaning towards the Good Samaritan who rescued all the dogs.
Oh, uh don't you think that's a little bit soft? I mean, I like dogs.
But just to end the show? Well, maybe one of the dogs had an abortion.
Um, what'd you have in mind, Bradley? I don't know, maybe something about the allocation of firefighting resources, how they prioritize which homes they wanna save.
- Hmm.
- The numbers seem to show an imbalance towards richer neighborhoods over poor neighborhoods.
And maybe that's an unconscious bias, and maybe it's outright corruption, but either way, it's wrong.
Claire actually found a video on Twitter.
Some celebrities hire private firefighters to protect their mansions.
Oh, that's kind of an interesting take.
All right, can you send me the link? [HANNAH.]
All right, it is interesting.
Um it might look like we are denigrating first responders.
Uh, so I'm not sure it's the right tone for us.
I mean, we're a news program.
I think our tone is the truth, even when it's ugly.
Oh, my God! Are you going to do this every day? Do what? This I'm-so-down-with-the-people, superior journalist bullshit.
- It's really obnoxious.
- Wow.
You have no respect for our show or the work that we do here.
Well, I don't need to lie to myself about the quality of the show that you've been producing for 15 years.
Okay, respectfully, we are the number-one morning news program in the country.
Which is why you're an incredible platform to open people's eyes to what's really happening in the world instead of force-feeding them a bunch of glossy garbage that sedates them into thinking their lives are great 'cause they saved some dogs.
Why? So we can all just fucking kill ourselves? - [CHIP.]
Okay, all right.
- Let's give that to the people! - [CHIP.]
Okay, look.
- Jesus.
We're all a little tired, a little hungover.
You cannot begrudge people for wanting to feel better.
It's part of the job, truth teller.
Like it or not.
- Well, with all due respect, Alex - Mm-hmm.
I think you and I have different ideas about what this show means.
Okay, I think that we're gonna run with the dog story for today.
We will dig in deeper on the private firefighters for tomorrow's show.
Great, thank you.
Okay, great.
We gotta get home base locked up.
Let's get moving, everybody.
Thank you.
Just try to get some rest.
We're gonna need a bigger trailer.
We're gonna shoot the whole show out here, whole show.
Well, you can see the devastation.
Just miles and miles of scorched earth and remnants of homes.
And this, by the way, is only miles away from the terrible Woolsey Fire from the fall of 2018.
And meanwhile, the Santa Anas are They're relentless, and the blaze is only 10% contained.
Hello, Mrs.
Rosen? Wait, I lost you.
Hello? Hello? Mrs.
Rosen? Oh, fuck.
Oh, there you are.
Yes, yes.
We were so deeply moved by your story.
We would love to Mrs.
Rosen? Are you still there? If winds pick up, there's a chance we'd have to drop signal and go to New York.
Uh, how big of a chance? In the mythology of most ancient cultures, fire was imbued with magical properties.
It's referred to as a creature to be tamed.
You understand that when you see a fire like this, I mean, the way it moves, it seems deliberate, like it's something with a mind that can think and plan.
Are you just telling me about the mythology, or you want that in the copy? No, I'm not just telling you, Joel.
I want that in the copy.
Claire, give me the keys to this thing.
- Yeah.
Will do.
- Mrs.
Rosen! I won't pretend to know the pain you're feeling right now.
All I wanna say is, I think your story could bring awareness, so that no other family ever has to suffer the way that yours has.
Yes, please take your time to think about it.
I'll check in with you soon.
Keep that area clear.
God, how are you so good at that? Speaking to people that have had these terrible traumas.
You basically just don't avoid the pain.
My mom died when I was ten.
It was pretty sudden.
I guess you could say I'm smart at tragedy, which helps booking a morning news show.
But there's basically nothing anyone can say that makes it better.
Just a lot of things you can say that make it worse.
I just try not to make it worse.
By the way, we're about to be up for the next 30 hours.
I have Adderall if you want some.
Also, remotes are a good opportunity to make an impression on higher-ups.
Smaller crew, more face time.
People are jacked up.
There's an excitement in the air.
Stuff happens on remotes.
Man, I wish this wind would die down.
- [SIGHS.]
Yes, we're on our way.
We'll be there soon.
It doesn't work.
I think they did a great job of Putting what was on the page up on the screen.
That is an accurate representation of what was on the page.
And it doesn't work.
But you greenlit the pilot.
That's true.
I did.
So why would you do it if you hated it so much? You follow baseball, Kate? Do I look like I follow baseball? Yes.
We're talking baseball.
Sometimes a guy, he bounces around the minors, he's barely hitting his own weight, and everybody has called him a washout.
But you, you see something in him, so you empower him.
You call him up to the majors, and the first fucking pitch he sees, he crushes a 500-foot towering home run over the center-field wall.
It's beautiful.
He's a gamer.
So when this guy or gal makes good, it renews your faith in the game.
And in news.
And in life.
It puts a spring in your step.
It makes you wanna come back to the park again 'cause it may happen again.
And guess what? It does happen again, and everything is right in the world.
Famine, poverty and pestilence are a thing of the past.
A tree grows in Brooklyn.
Rainbows Are we still talking about the pilot? What else would we be talking about, Kate? Sometimes, you give a guy an at bat to show him that baseball is just not his sport.
You knew it already.
But he didn't know it.
He got a big head when he was putting up decent numbers in Triple-A.
And what do you know? He strikes out on three straight pitches.
And then it happens again.
And then it happens again.
So now he knows.
He's just not a big-league hitter.
But more importantly, the scout, who had been championing this guy from here to kingdom come knows it too.
And that's money well spent.
So, no, I'm not picking it up.
And I'm okay with it.
Charlie Black just showed up.
He wants to talk to you.
Class dismissed.
What's up? What can I help you with? It's a little weird seeing you here with your other hat on.
Well, hats look weird on me in general.
I get it.
In addition to which, my heart is fully in the news division right now, for better or worse.
Well, good luck with that.
She can be a cruel mistress, as they say.
Um speaking of which, um look, you know, I do understand what's happening here.
You know, if push comes to shove, I'm gonna be the first one to die.
You're not wrong.
And maybe I shouldn't be bringing this to you, but I have very few options and increasingly less to lose.
So, fuck it, here goes.
Look, TV, at this level, is It's like the Mafia, you know.
Um We got a don in a precarious position, and, as a result, he's gonna have me whacked.
And, you know, I need protection.
So you're coming to the underboss to propose a coup? [CHUCKLES.]
Somehow, you have come out of this pretty golden.
And I am sure it has crossed your mind that, uh, Fred's left holding the bag, and you're kicking ass, then you could quickly find yourself in Fred's seat.
Crossed my mind.
So here's the thing.
I wanna help put you there.
How would that happen? To be honest, I've never done anything like this before, okay? But these things have a way of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.
You know, they People hint at a shake-up.
They hint that young hotshot Cory Ellison is going to succeed Fred Micklen.
And before you know it, you know I like your chances.
We are the press.
You know? And while I can't have the story placed at our show, obviously, I've been around a while, I do have clout, I do have credibility.
And I got a lot of political capital saved up, and I can spend that shit getting the story placed at any number of outlets.
It's intriguing.
But I don't see Fred getting taken out unless something specific comes out on him.
- Like what? - I don't know, Chip, like what? [CHUCKLES.]
I gotta be honest with you, man, I don't know.
I'd have to think about that.
Organized crime is harder than it looks, isn't it? Yeah, it is.
Think about it.
All right.
Um Thank you for talking to me.
Good luck with that moral compass of yours.
- [MIA.]
Copy that.
- [YANKO.]
That's on the C block.
That's C block.
You don't have to wear the mask, but you have to take it.
- Just take it.
- Yeah.
Oh, I'll help.
Take these and pass them out.
Hey, can you give one of these to Bradley? She's in her trailer.
Then we can put that in.
That'll fit.
Does that work for you, Yanko? It's not about me.
- It's about the fires.
- Apparently you minded about What? - [MIA.]
That looks good.
I like that.
- [YANKO.]
All right.
That's all I can do.
Um, Bradley, I'm supposed to give you a mask.
It's network policy.
Oh, hey, thanks.
Did you find this article about the actor that hired the private firefighters? Yeah, that was me.
This is great stuff.
This is fascinating.
Really fucked-up, but fascinating.
Yeah, if you find another fucked-up story like this, don't hesitate to bring it to me.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- I will.
- Thanks.
- Claire? - Yes.
What are your goals around here? Oh, uh, well, to be completely honest, I'm still feeling it out.
I mean, I'm fascinated by so much of it.
Like, maybe on-air, maybe an EP.
I mean, also I can just see myself running an entire network.
Okay, well, um, I've been interviewing assistants.
How's that going? You know, to be honest, not great.
They just keep sending me the same cookie-cutter, Ivy League Hire me! I'm extremely smart.
I'm incredibly hardworking.
I already know everything about the show and how to get shit done.
But mainly, I really want to learn from you.
I realize you maybe weren't remotely going to offer me the job, and I apologize if I just mortified myself.
But I really do mean all of that.
Did you see how many bridges I burned last week? Yeah, and I really admire it.
You're funny, and you have questionable taste, but I like that you just come out and say what you want.
So I think I wanna offer you the job.
- Really? - Yeah, if you want it.
Yes! Should I just start now? I would pass out the face masks, then come back and we can start talking about work.
Thank you.
I will not let you down.
I know you won't.
- Guess what? - Hey.
I just got promoted.
What? You did? You are now having an affair with Bradley Jackson's executive assistant.
Come on, Claire.
Come on.
Look, it's great news, no, but use your head.
I understand.
I do.
I'm proud of you.
Me too.
You look very sexy out here in the wild, you know.
It's unbearable.
- Go away.
Look up.
Close your eyes.
Look, Alex, I get that you're upset at me ever since that Ashley interview.
Oh, God, Bradley.
My life is not all about you.
I'm sorry if what I asked you was rude.
- [MAN.]
Guys, I got Mike from an old - Rude? Rude? [GREG.]
Clear the set, please! Implying that I'm part of a conspiracy of silence? How could that be rude? Fine.
I got all heated up.
It was a question.
My journalistic instinct told me to ask you.
Oh, that's so grand.
Your curiosity just thrills me.
And I'm in awe of your instincts.
Can we just be honest? Please.
- I don't like you, and you don't like me.
- I like you.
Oh, come on.
Why? Why are we p Stop pretending.
Because we have to work together.
Yes, I know we are in this mess now.
But doing this job well requires us to act like best friends for exactly two hours a day.
The rest of the time, we just have to be professional adults who can tolerate being in the same room.
And I think we can both handle those boundaries.
I know I can.
See if you can.
Come on, Greg! What's happening? Yeah, we're live in 30 seconds, everyone.
Quiet on the set.
Okay, come on, sound, mikes, let's go.
Who's taking my coat? We're live in ten.
Jesus, you can't buy this kind of production value.
Holy shit.
Which camera do we start with? - Standby, two.
- [ALEX.]
Oh, my God.
- Take it, two.
Cue her.
In three, two Good morning, and thank you for joining us.
We're coming to you live from both coasts this morning with special coverage of the Huntley Fire that has devastated California this week.
Alex, Bradley.
Good morning, guys.
Bradley and I are currently standing in the Santa Monica Mountains near Huntley Canyon, where the blaze began, and the destruction is devastating.
Here's what we know right now.
Seven people are confirmed dead and dozens are injured, including four firefighters who are being treated in area hospitals.
At least 40,000 acres have burned, and local officials estimate that close to 1,500 homes have been lost.
And those numbers are still going up as the fire continues to rage, only 10% contained at this hour.
100,000 residents have been forced into mandatory evacuations.
It's difficult to wrap your mind around the human toll.
It really is, Alex.
It's It's harrowing.
So awful.
Well, we hope that both of you are staying safe out there.
Thank you, guys.
It's intense being here in the middle of all this, but we're watching out for each other.
Yes, we are.
Now let's go to a live news conference with Los Angeles County Fire Chief, Captain Graham Sealy, for an update on the rescue effort.
- And we're out.
- All right.
It's good.
- Oh, thanks.
- You okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
It's just the smoke.
It's It's the smoke.
I'm fine.
All right.
Uh, dog guy's on next, all right? Five minutes.
Oh, come on.
You gotta really get there, okay? [GREG.]
All right, everyone, we're live in five, four We are here live with Tim Eavers.
Welcome to The Morning Show, Tim.
Thanks so much for being here with us today.
Oh, it's my great pleasure.
I've been watching you for the past 15 years through every major emergency, and, uh, I'm a huge fan.
I watched your daughter grow up on the show.
- Oh, that's great.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
She's quite the grown woman these days.
- Color me an empty nester, you know? - [TIM CHUCKLES.]
So, Tim, this is an incredible act of heroism.
How many dogs have you rescued altogether now? - Uh, eighteen.
And two cats.
- Wow.
That's incredible.
So, Tim, take us back to that moment.
So once I realized that my wife had picked up my daughter from school, and they were safely situated in a motel, - I went home to get treasured items - This guy Tim is great.
And to pick up our, um our two family dogs, Marge, who's an old Lab, and Tilly, who is her own puppy.
Oh, that's so sweet.
So you kept the mother-daughter relationship intact.
Oh, yeah, you don't wanna be busting up a family.
The smoke is really Excuse me.
What What was that? Yes, there is a lot of smoke out here.
So, Tim, once you got the dogs in the car, then what happened? Uh, well, so at that point, you know, the fires were pretty close, so there was a lot of sirens.
And dogs were just barking everywhere.
And that's when I realized, man, there was a lot of people like my wife and my daughter - who were at work and at school.
So I just started driving around the neighborhood and checking all these different yards and finding all these dogs that got left behind.
Oh, hey, Greg, let's move on to the strays now.
Okay, and now the strays.
So, Tim, we have four of the dogs here today that you've rescued.
Let's Tell us a little bit about these big guys.
Okay, so these guys are from a family who, sadly, their home burnt down.
I know that nobody likes feeling alone, you know? So, if someone out there is suffering or in emotional pain, or needs a family, they might want to adopt one of these little angels.
I wanna give you a home.
Greg, what the fuck is happening right now? She's about to lose it.
It looks like this one might have found a home already.
- Isn't that right, Alex? - It's just so emotional, everything today.
What you're doing, it's just it's beautiful.
- We're gonna get through this together.
- Mm-hmm.
- And God is gonna help us.
- Donny, no more close-ups on Alex.
- Go right to Bradley.
Stay on her.
- And cut off her mike.
Wrap it up, now.
Wrap it.
If you're interested in adopting one of these incredible dogs, you can find all of that info on our website.
Unless Alex beats you to it, of course.
Stay with us for more special coverage of the Huntley Canyon Fire, here on The Morning Show.
Okay, and we're clear.
We're clear.
Thank you.
Uh, excuse me.
She doing okay? - That was great, okay? Thank you.
- Can I get that Can I get that picture with her, or - What's going on? - [CHIP.]
You gotta get in there, - you gotta do something.
- I think she just needs five minutes.
- I don't have five minutes! - Where is she? She's in the trailer.
- Jesus.
Alex, open the door.
I literally need her on camera in, like, eight minutes.
I'm fine.
What is the problem? - You think she's fine? - She said she was fine.
No, she's not fucking fine.
- I'm going in.
- Wait, you're going in there? Yes, trust me.
I am very well-versed with people on the verge.
Oh, my God, what is wrong with you? Honestly.
I don't want you in here.
I don't want anyone in here.
What are you trying to prove? Jesus.
Oh, Jesus.
I got you.
I got you.
Just let it out.
It's okay.
Come here.
Come here, come here.
Come here.
- Okay.
- [SOBS.]
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
You'll be all right.
Okay, breathe.
Just breathe.
You can go now.
I'm fine.
You can go now.
All right, I'm just gonna stick around for a minute.
No, no.
Bradley, please.
I want you to leave now.
Okay? You got to see that.
You got to see me break.
Whoo-hoo! You got a really great show.
All right? So, come on.
Please, just go.
Please, get out of here! Okay.
All right.
Yeah, I und I need somebody on standby, so Hey, uh, what's going on? She's calming down.
Just give her a few minutes and then send in hair and makeup.
I'll go cover the next segment.
Beyond that, I don't know.
Um thank you.
Of course.
- Hey.
- [ALEX.]
Oh, yeah.
What the hell? [GROANS.]
Jason and I are getting a divorce.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
No, you know, it's been coming for a really long time.
We haven't been in a good place for years.
But just It's Lizzy.
That's my family, and I don't know what else I have.
Anyway, I'll handle it so that it doesn't hurt the show any more than it has to.
I'm sure there's gonna be some fallout, of course, but, you know, we were America's family.
Fucking bullshit.
That's good.
Push that.
Hey, uh, the press is putting out all kinds of feelers about the Alex meltdown from this morning.
Do not let them make a big deal out of this.
Alex Levy is not having an emotional breakdown.
She is simply moved by the fire and the victims and all the sweet puppy dogs.
- Stick to that.
- Right, copy that.
- [SIGHS.]
Oh, shit.
Hey, Fred.
Goddamn it, Chip.
Why the fuck is my property manager telling me that there are investigators from TMS trying to interview the hired firefighters working to save my home? Yeah, that's a story that Bradley's doing tomorrow.
We didn't know one of the locations was your property.
Fred! Fred, Loki's been burned.
I'm in hell here.
My home might burn down.
I gotta find somewhere to put Geneva's fucking horses.
Kill the goddamn story.
Oh, Jesus.
Everything I brought smells like smoke.
I know.
It's sexy, isn't it? [BOTH LAUGH.]
Oh, my God.
Fires take it out of you.
I just gotta see what Chip wanted then I'm gonna pass out.
- [MIA.]
Good night.
I hear you.
It's not my decision.
But you're the producer.
Yeah, but it's Fred's network.
There's very little I can do here.
What kind of news organization is this? I don't fucking know, to be honest with you.
I wish I had a good answer for that.
But I I I know I'm an annoying pain in your ass, okay? But if it makes you feel any better, I've been an annoying pain in the ass to pretty much everybody I've ever worked with.
I push.
It's just my nature.
And, and Jesus, I wish to God sometimes it wasn't.
But I've realized I can't change it, and I guess I just I learned to just lean into the fucking turn.
Look, I get it, okay.
You don't have to apologize to me.
I'm not apologizing.
I was just explaining it.
I understand, okay.
I see you in that room today, pitching me that story.
- It's a fucking good story.
- It's a great story! It is.
And I'm the fucking asshole who has to shut you down.
And I used to be you.
That's what I used to do.
I used to push.
But now I'm in this position where I can't push anymore because I have to hold the middle from being pulled to the other side and keep the whole fucking thing from falling down the mountain.
And then you wake up one day and you're like, "Did I used to push? What direction did I push in when I was even a pusher?" I don't know why I keep saying pusher right now, but it's fucking Let's just be clear.
You're not talking about drugs, right? Oh, no, I was a drug dealer.
That's what I was trying to tell you.
You're pretty funny for a broken person.
That's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me.
- Well - I want that on my tombstone.
- That's Wind's shifted, guys, and we need to pack up the site and move.
- Right now.
- Okay, okay.
Right now.
Come on.
Cars are waiting outside.
- Hey, Bradley.
- Yeah.
What if we said, "Fuck Fred" and ran the story anyway? Can you be ready in time? Yeah.
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
Excuse me, guys.
Sir, can you talk to me for just a second? I'm with The Morning Show.
How long have you and your team been working here to save this private estate? Since last night.
And do you think it's fair that certain wealthy people can afford private firefighters to save their homes while others are forced to brave the elements? There is no "fair" here.
People are desperate to save their homes.
You can't blame them for doing what they can.
On the way here, I saw a whole neighborhood very close by was burned to the ground.
Small homes, there weren't nearly as many firefighters.
People picking up the pieces of their lives.
What do you think about that? I wish everybody had extra money to hire extra help.
We're just doing what we can here.
This is America.
Money matters.
Thank you, sir.
From Malibu, I'm Bradley Jackson.
Fuck you, Fred.
You felt too far away.
What are you doing? [KNOCK AT DOOR.]
Um I just wanted you to know that I know that I've been really erratic today.
Um There's more, um Also, the reason that I lost my shit earlier is that, um I'm getting a divorce.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'll live.
Is there anything I can do? No, don't No.
It's just, uh my daughter.
I don't want to lose her.
I know she is gonna blame me, and she's going to blame my job.
And I just can't stand the idea of my daughter thinking badly of me.
That's a lot to carry.
Okay, good night.
- [SIGHS.]
Alex! - Hey.
- Yeah? Uh Look, life is messy.
Everybody's life is messy and complicated.
Parents and kids, it's a lot.
And my my mom is a fucking mess.
I don't know what to do with her half the time.
And it's probably because my dad was a real bad drunk, and and one time he was driving the car, and he killed a kid.
And I only say that because I was furious with my dad.
And I pushed him out of my life.
But I never stopped loving him.
And that's just how it is with parents and kids.
And I guarantee, no matter what you didn't do for your daughter, that you think you didn't make some perfect life, whatever the fuck that is, for her, she loves you so much.
Thank you.
You're actually pretty lovable when you're not acting like a wet cat.
And I want you to know that you can trust me.
You can tell me things.
You can be vulnerable.
It's okay.
Thank you.
- Night.
- Good night.
Hey, Cory.
It's Chip.
What's up? I think I'm ready to talk.

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