The Morning Show (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

The Interview

You ever wonder why they call it that? El Niño.
It starts with something so small and so insignificant: an anchovy.
See, the anchovy, it prospers most in temperate waters.
So when equatorial trade winds, when they brought cold water westward, it slowly broiled under the beating sun.
And by the time it reached Chimbote, Peru, which is the anchovy capital of the world, the warming waters were completely uninhabitable for the anchovy.
That's so sad.
Oh, no.
Gets worse.
The economy suffered.
I mean, everything suffered, not just the fish.
The aquatic seabirds that fed on the anchovies, from the gannets to the cormorants to the pelicans, they all died.
And then so did the animals that fed on them.
And because this phenomenon would, without fail, coincide with the celebration of the birth of Christ, they called it El Niño de Navidad.
"The Christmas Boy.
" Come on.
You gotta hand it to the Peruvians.
I mean, something so destructive in such harmless packaging.
"El Niño de Navidad.
" I mean, this thing that seems so insignificant, winds that make the water too hot for this tiny little fish to live, but no.
It's a harbinger of something that throws everything out of whack.
I mean, droughts, floods, storms.
I mean, huge global events.
But there's nothing you can do to stop the wind from blowing.
So what can you do when you see all these little anchovies belly up in the water? You just keep on moving.
And you brace yourself for the shitstorm.
Come on, pal! Hurry up! Hello, everyone.
Come on in.
Thank you for coming.
I ordered some food.
Hope you like Thai.
- Alex Levy.
- Oh.
Nice to meet you.
I'm honored.
Oh, that's nice.
Meeting you to discuss taking over The Morning Show is the highlight of my career.
Well, you're too kind.
Please, come on in.
It's an amazing place.
It's all part of the same bullshit.
Fred knew.
We would drink together and play golf and hang out and just reveal the most personal aspects of our lives, and he fucking knew everything.
Look, we know that he knew, but we're talking about proof here, okay? You said you had evidence, someone who could corroborate Fred's direct complicity.
So here we are.
We're listening.
What, who is it? Hannah.
Shoenfeld? Fuck, Mitch.
When did you sleep with her? In Vegas.
- Did you know about this? - [CHIP.]
No, not explicitly.
I mean, look, Fred, he pushed me to promote her and to fucking fire Jared, which I thought was a little odd, but I didn't Didn't want to question it 'cause that's hard to do, right? Why don't you go fuck yourself, Mitch? We're not talking about any of this if it wasn't for fucking you.
Let's take a time-out here.
Chip, let's keep our eyes on the prize, please.
I understand you worked with Charlie a long time.
And I want you to know I think he's a great guy.
I have a lot of respect for him.
I do.
But here's what I think, Alex.
Sometimes people outgrow each other.
You can stop seeing someone clearly when you're with them for too long.
And I'm seeing you pretty clearly right now.
And I think The Morning Show needs to show America a new Alex Levy.
Alex Levy 2.
I thought that maybe what had happened between us was just human, but it wasn't.
I didn't realize she was working me.
You're a real victim, Mitch.
Does she know anything about this, or that I'm the one who's doing it? I only said someone was doing a piece on it.
All right.
You guys, this is not ready for air.
This is too delicate and too important to rush it.
There's no rush.
We're ready.
- We got these fuckers dead to rights.
- Mitch, this is my interview, not yours.
We have no idea when they're gonna fucking drop this internal investigation bullshit, but when they do, I'm done.
I'll never work again.
Chip is right about this.
This has to happen as soon as possible.
There are four of us in this room right now who all know about this super-top-secret plan to take over the airwaves of one of the four major networks during its most profitable show.
And you did tell Alex that you met with Mitch, - I know.
- so she knows and she isn't happy.
So with every day that goes by, the odds that somebody else is gonna find out about this increase.
So this has to happen now or it's not gonna happen at all, and we'll all end up in the gulags for our trouble.
But I have to talk to Hannah.
None of this lands without her story.
So unless I get to a place with her that we need to be at, it's not happening.
- Maggie.
- Hey, Fred.
So good to see you.
Thank you for taking time to meet with me.
What do you want? - I'll have a vodka tonic, please.
- Okay.
- Scotch and soda.
- Thank you.
I always have time for you.
You know that.
You know, I've been worried about you.
I heard you got evacuated.
Did you come through it all okay? Yes.
Yeah, thank God.
Although, uh, I got some heat from my neighbors about a piece that TMS ran on hired firefighters in wealthy neighborhoods.
I saw that piece.
I'm impressed you didn't try to stop it.
It's very self-aware of you.
News is news.
I'm here to help deliver it, not stop it.
I'm glad you feel that way.
Feels like there's more to that thought.
I'm down the road on an investigative piece looking into the upper levels of UBA.
Really, Maggie? I'm sorry, Fred.
Off the record.
You're stabbing me in the back? You of all people? My goal is not to stab you at all.
But if I do, I don't want it to be in the back, and I don't want it to be a surprise.
Maggie, haven't I done enough for you? I always had your back, always supported you.
And I've always supported you, Fred.
Look, if it's not me, it's gonna be somebody else.
A 30-billion-dollar media conglomerate in distress over its handling of sexual misconduct? [CHUCKLES.]
These stories don't stay buried anymore.
I threw it away over a dozen times.
But it always found its way back to the foot of my bed, a little bit riper each time.
At least you know I'll be giving you a fair shake.
I'm not interested in your fair shake.
I'm interested in you doing right by me.
I'm writing the piece, Fred.
Whether it's good for you or bad for you, I don't know yet.
But there's nothing you can do about it either way.
History's already been written.
All that remains is to commit it to the page.
I'll be in touch.
Take care, Fred.
Jesus, Vicki.
How did you miss it? Maggie Brener, for fuck's sake, is doing this story.
Yeah, um, I'm at the It doesn't fucking matter.
Just wrap up your little investigation.
Deliver your findings to me by Tuesday morning.
Yes, absolutely.
That gives you a day and a half to write something I could've written for you on day fucking one.
I can't really eat that anymore.
- Hey, hi.
Good morning.
- Hi.
So, Isabella made some calls to The Rock's people about promoting the new movie.
He'd like to get on the phone with you and just talk to you about a few things he wants to bring up.
What? Um Okay.
I just need a minute.
Will you just give me a minute? I'll be right there.
Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing.
- I have no answer for that.
- Really? That's the question that's gonna foil your never-ending quest for truth? Um I'll see you out there.
- Oh! Sorry.
- Sorry.
- Did you have a good weekend? It was fun? - Yeah.
You? Good? - Yeah, same stuff, yeah.
It's good.
- See you later.
- I've got Cory for you.
- I gotta call him back.
I gotta give these to Joel, so - Joel.
- Yeah? Oh, perfect.
- This is for today, right? - Yeah.
I was thinking this would work well tomorrow.
Can we just get through today before we worry about tomorrow? Okay.
Hannah Shoenfeld.
Hi there.
This is Derek Colby.
I'm the EP of UBA 365.
Oh, hi.
I know you're busy, so I'm gonna get right to it.
We have a producer leaving, and UBA HR is recommending you for the job.
Now, we work out of LA, so obviously you would need to move, but we're very excited to meet you.
This is an upper-level position.
It's an exciting opportunity.
Thank you so much for considering me.
Um I'm in the middle of something.
Can I call you back? Yeah, yeah.
Of course.
My assistant is gonna e-mail you my contact info, - so let's talk soon, okay? - Okay.
And then we go [MIA.]
So we're pushing up the hazing tragedy.
- Okay.
Thank you so much.
- Hey.
So the last thing is the cooking segment with Emeril.
Oh, um, what's he cooking? Oh, geez.
Let's see Can you excuse me just a second? - Hannah - Okay.
Can I talk to you maybe after the show? I just wanna run something past you.
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay, great.
Uh In my dressing room? - Okay.
- All right.
- Anything up? - Oh, no.
Just something personal.
But you were saying something about Emeril? He's making carbonara.
- Oh, great.
The carbonara.
- Have a great show.
- Bradley.
- Hi, Alison.
- Hi, Daniel.
- Hey there.
How you feeling? Me? Never better.
Same here.
We're live in 30 seconds.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- You need water? - No.
I'm good.
Does she know? - Soon.
Okay, we're live in ten seconds.
I revised your copy.
- Thank you, dear.
- Yeah.
Okay, people.
Quiet, please.
And in five, four, three, two [THEME MUSIC PLAYS.]
Good morning, everyone.
So glad you could join us.
And here's our top stories for this morning.
- Yeah.
- Is now a good time? - Hey.
Come on in.
Is anything wrong? - No.
Um, do you wanna have a seat? - Sure.
I just wanted to talk to you about something.
What? So, I I'm working on an interview with Mitch.
And it's about the culture at this network that allowed his sexual misconduct to go unaddressed for so long.
Uh, wait.
You mean this interview is happening on this show? You're doing it? Well, first of all, none of this is happening without your consent.
I want you to know that.
And now you're talking to Mitch.
And you're all having conversations about me behind my back? No.
It is not all of us.
It's only me.
You can't use my name.
Well, I would make sure that you were kept anonymous.
Something's happening.
First, Mitch comes to me.
Then Maggie Brener magically got my number - What? - and wants to talk to me.
And someone from UBA 365 all of a sudden is offering me a job in LA.
Can I tell you the truth? I'd like to get the fuck out of here, leave all this behind me.
Wait, wait, wait.
UBA is offering to move you and promote you? Holy shit! Yes! I'm telling you, there's a hurricane swirling around me, and I don't know why.
Why now? But I don't like it, and I don't want it.
I don't want any part of it.
Hannah, I understand.
I would feel the exact same way.
But UBA is trying to silence you here.
And we have the opportunity to change that.
You know what? That's not my fucking job.
My life is not a tool to service your agenda on your schedule.
Maybe you're comfortable stabbing people in the back, but I'm not.
I just wanna fucking live my life.
I don't wanna be the poster child for your cause.
Leave me out of it.
Charlie Black's office.
Fred wants to meet Chip at 4:00 p.
He's got something at 4:00.
Can we do it another time? Rena, I think what Fred wants to meet about is going to be clearing up his schedule.
I'm sorry.
Come on, Chip.
It wasn't that bad.
Really? You think that wasn't sloppy? Then we got a real fucking problem.
Okay? 'Cause I'm gonna notice this shit when this happens next time.
And everybody else is gonna notice, and we are not gonna be the fucking sloppy show.
And who the fuck took my coffee? And why why are you hovering? What? What are What? [WHISPERS.]
Meeting at 4:00 with Fred.
So, I wanna nip it in the bud because you guys are my guys, and I You're my unsung heroes, and that is my fault that you are unsung, and I'm sorry about that, but I am not a fucking singer.
And it it doesn't mean that you're not my guys.
Do you know what I'm saying? Let's say it was an off day.
You know? 'Cause you guys aren't sloppy.
And I'm looking at you, Rich.
I know that you know that the word "pushy" has an H in it and not two S's.
So, next time, on the teleprompter, please.
Thank you.
I'm sorry I yelled.
I was laughing on the inside.
Um The thing is, guys Well, you got this.
You know? You're my guys.
Thank you.
So, what made you change your mind? Guilt, I guess.
- Thinking of other people in my position.
- Well, I appreciate it.
- Yeah.
- Um Do you mind if I record this? It's only for me.
I guess.
So, what do you wanna know, exactly? Well, let's start with your experience with Mitch and the aftermath.
When the Vegas shootings happened, I was at the studio while they started putting the team together to go cover it.
Chip told me to go.
I was a junior booker at that point.
I was thrilled.
It was hard.
Tough thing to be in the middle of.
I was getting in a very dark place, so I went for a walk on the strip.
I ran into Mitch.
He was kind, and he cheered me up.
We walked and talked a while.
It felt very comfortable and familiar.
And it actually distracted me, 'cause I felt really special to be walking and chatting in public with Mitch Kessler.
Like I really landed on the planet.
It was incredibly special.
He invited me up to his suite to watch a comedy.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Now when I look back, I don't know what I was thinking.
We watched the movie for a while.
And then I just started thinking about everything in Vegas and my mom.
And I was remembering so clearly when she died.
Where I was, what I was wearing, how it felt.
I couldn't stop thinking of it.
Tears started falling out of my face.
I said I should probably go.
Mitch came over and hugged me.
He seemed so kind.
Paternal, really.
I needed some parenting.
I hadn't had any in a long time.
Then he said he liked me and put his hand between my legs.
Uh, I don't know what happened next.
I was on the bed, his head was between my legs.
I didn't know what to say.
I figured I'd just do it.
It didn't kill me.
I saw him at work when we got back.
He barely acknowledged me.
I don't know what possessed me.
This is so unlike me.
But I just exploded inside.
This wasn't okay.
I barged into Fred's office, and I told him.
He offered me a promotion.
Said I'd been doing a great job.
He had no idea who I was.
I'm so sorry you had to relive that.
Like I said, I lived.
But I'm pretty tough.
You are tough.
Um Can you talk a little bit about how this affected your job, your your self-image, your life? [SCOFFS.]
You don't want too much, do you? I just don't want this to happen to other people.
Are you getting any help processing this, Hannah? No.
I I don't need any help.
It's done.
It's over.
Is it? What are you getting at? I'm not Ashley Brown, okay? I'm not gonna give you some tearful "I'm so broken" reveal for your fucking interview.
How am I? I'm fucking fine.
Fucked-up shit happens to people all day, every day that they don't know how to deal with.
Why dwell on it? You got what you needed.
You got something on the head of the network.
I'd just like to accept this new job before you do this interview, okay? [STAMMERS, PANTS.]
- I wanna get out of New York.
- I understand, Hannah.
Take a breath.
Quit telling me what to do, how to feel! I'm done.
How do I get you to leave? What do I have to say? I was violated? I was scared? I was powerless? That I think about it every day hundreds of times every day? That this is what has defined me, how I got a promotion, who I am? How it feels to have someone you love and respect and look up to on top of you using you, using your body and wanting you and not caring about you all at once? Wanting a parent and having a cock shoved up you, and then living with that eternal noise in your head for the rest of your life, the noise that says you are dirty, you caused this, this is your fault.
To see people lose their jobs and worlds fall apart because I couldn't find the words to say no.
- Okay, Hannah - Get away from me.
I'm just I'm just I'm I'm I'm worried about you.
Don't be.
Like you said, I'm tough.
This was a mistake.
I'm sorry.
I don't have to go through with it.
Do it.
It's important.
Do it.
Do what I couldn't.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Please call me anytime.
I'll have my phone right by my bed.
I'm fine.
Do what you're gonna do.
You know this wasn't your fault, right? You know that? With all due respect, Bradley, please just take your rhetoric and just fuck off.
How'd you like him? He's great, right? Um Yeah, he's good.
He's good.
He sure is passionate.
- And Marlon loves you.
- Oh, yeah.
I mean, he loved you before.
He called me after the meeting.
Said he loved you even more.
Well, that's the passion I'm talking about.
Just gotta give me a minute, all right? This is gonna take a little getting used to.
Well, I hope you two hit it off, because you say the word, and his deal is closing.
I know, I know.
Look, I know it's gonna take some getting used to, that there will be a "getting to know you" period.
But Greg will still be your guy.
You'll have the full support of the network, including a huge fucking contract to prove it.
After all the back-and-forth a couple of weeks ago, you're even getting coanchor approval in writing.
Right? You win.
Oh, I really just wish I could close my eyes and blink and the last three weeks would just go away.
Alex, these pieces were set in motion years ago.
There's no amount of wishing or maneuvering that can change that.
Chip made his bed, and Mitch fucked the whole office in it while we obliviously stood outside the bedroom door.
Fuck Mitch.
There's gotta be a way that we can put Chip on an administrative leave.
Hire Marlon temporarily, and then when this all blows over, we bring Chip back.
Absolutely not.
- "Absolutely not"? - We have to send a message that this behavior will not be condoned at UBA or on The Morning Show.
We have to show that there are consequences for our actions.
You said it so eloquently, as a woman, there often aren't enough of them.
How did you say it? "I am proud to be on a network and live in a country that upholds consequences.
" You are the truth teller, Alex.
Oh, God.
Wonderful! Done.
And I hope you don't feel so bad about fucking Bradley Jackson.
I mean, she's getting a hell of a payoff for a lunatic who put in a couple of weeks' work trying to kill our brand.
Yeah, okay.
Well, that might be the case, but whatever happens to that girl for the rest of her life, that's on me.
Okay? I plucked her out of obscurity, and I tossed her right into infamy.
- God.
- It's 3:55.
The meeting starts at 4:00.
Thank you.
All right.
I gotta go.
I gotta figure out a way to tell Bradley that Daniel's coming in.
This is all good, Alex.
All of it.
For the show and for you.
Have a seat.
I'm good.
Stern and Young has returned its findings in their internal investigation.
Well, don't keep me in suspense.
They found you responsible for the permissive environment.
There are pages and pages of evidence that back that up.
You must've had some pretty good fiction writers put that together for you.
A little better than the people who write your prime-time lineup.
Have some decency, Charlie.
This is a serious matter.
Oh, it's serious something, Fred.
For sure.
You know it gives me no pleasure.
It gives me no pleasure to know that someone that worked for me for years exhibited such gross negligence and endangered my employees.
Are you fucking kidding me? You better get this over with fast before I lose it and drop-kick your ass right on Fifth Avenue.
Have it your way.
You're fired effective immediately.
We're announcing it officially when the report's released tomorrow morning.
James has a box for your things outside.
Take what you can carry.
The rest we'll have sent to your home.
Is that all? No, one more thing.
Fuck you for not killing that private firefighter story like I asked.
That fire came a pussy hair away from my house.
Yeah, my show bought you that fucking house, and I will burn it to the fucking ground if I feel like it! Fuck.
- Hey, Bradley.
- Hey, I just talked to Hannah.
It was really hard.
I'm sorry.
Did you get enough for the interview? Probably, yeah.
Okay, good.
We do it tomorrow.
Tomorrow? That's fast.
It has to be tomorrow, early in the show.
Okay, good.
I'll let Mitch and Cory know it's on.
I'll let Hannah know.
They offered her a job in LA.
They're fucking shameless.
I'll start working.
You've reached Hannah Shoenfeld.
Please leave a message, and I'll get right back.
Hannah, it's Claire.
Look, I I feel awful.
I'm really sorry that I got so upset with you.
I think that it all just took me a bit by surprise.
And I know that you were probably just looking out for me.
Can we talk? I will not take no for an answer.
If you don't call me back, I will wait outside your building, and I'll follow you to work in the morning.
I will stalk you until you accept my apology.
I'll bring coffee.
Please, Hannah.
I'm really sorry.
Okay, bye.
Are you getting any help processing any of this, Hannah? [HANNAH.]
I don't need any help.
It's done.
It's over.
Is it? [HANNAH.]
What are you getting at? I'm not Ashley Brown, okay? I'm not gonna give you some tearful "I'm so broken" reveal for your fucking interview.
How am I? I'm fucking fine.
Fucked-up shit happens to people all day, every day - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
- that they don't know how to deal with.
Why dwell on - Hey.
- Hey.
Come in.
I'm glad you're here.
I could really use your help.
You wanna have a seat? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I'm not gonna lie.
I'm getting kinda nervous that this is actually happening.
Yeah, I get it.
It's a nail-biter.
So, look, uh, before we get started, I have to tell you something.
- What? - I'm not gonna be there tomorrow.
What are you talking about? You have to be there.
Bradley, I got fired today.
- When? - Right before you called.
You're gonna announce the internal investigation findings on air tomorrow.
Marlon Tate, the new EP, is gonna start tomorrow.
Well, I guess we're done.
No, no, no.
Bradley, this is all still doable.
"Still doable"? I'm supposed to be sneaking somebody into the studio, hijacking a segment without Alex knowing, and doing that without your help.
How's that doable? That's what we're gonna figure out.
But you have to do this.
In part because nailing Fred's ass to the fucking wall is the right thing to do, and in part because this is gonna blow up the broadcast tomorrow, okay? They're gonna have to pull the plug at a certain point, and through all of that fallout, those fucking bullshit investigation findings - will never get released 'cause - That's what this is about for you.
You wanna bury that investigation.
Okay, nobody's motives are 100% pure, okay? You know that.
Let's be honest, okay? If you get this right, you're gonna be an iconic part of history.
That's a huge part of why you're doing this.
Really? Part of history? Maybe.
Maybe not.
But that's definitely not why I'm doing this.
More likely is I'm just trying to blow up the only decent job I ever had because I'm a fucking destructive maniac.
Jesus Christ.
Who fucking gives a shit, okay? Is it selfish? Is it altruistic? We'll fucking figure that out in the old folks home later.
Right now, we have a chance to attach ourselves to a fucking moral cause, okay? We have to do this.
We have to.
" You keep saying "we.
" But this is basically me, okay? You're not there anymore.
You got fired.
- I'm the one putting my ass on the line.
- Okay.
Just That's fucking insane.
It was insane before, but now it's off-the-chart batshit nuts.
- You get that, right? - Yes, I hear you.
You want me to do this by myself, and I'm not even qualified to do this.
I don't even know how I got this fucking job.
I mean, I certainly didn't earn it.
- And I'm pretending half the fucking time.
- Calm, calm.
And I'm just doing the best I goddamn can, but I feel like a reality television show in a goddamn pantsuit.
- It's okay - And let me tell you something, that I dragged this girl into this, and she's breaking.
I mean, she's she's really suffering, and Mitch is telling the truth about Fred, - but nobody cares! - You need to fuckin' breathe.
Nobody cares that this poor girl is feeling broken inside! Hey, Bradley, you need to relax.
God damn it! Please don't hug me right now.
What the hell is that gonna fix? - I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I Can I get one of those? - Here.
- Thank you.
So, how are we doing this now? Oh, now that, uh, Chip is fired? Well, leave that to us.
You just show up looking pretty.
Thanks for coming over to tell me that.
Oh, no.
I came by to tell you not to mess with Bradley.
What are you talking about? I saw the way that you spoke about Hannah playing you.
So, I'm still not confident that you get it.
So, I'm talking about things including, but not limited to you getting on air and acting like you're the innocent victim and making Bradley seem like she's the enabler.
Well, I gotta get to work then.
I have to figure out a way to manipulate Bradley tomorrow.
You know, Mitch, if I was you, I might be thinking of tomorrow's interview as the beginning of my road to redemption comeback tour.
And if that is in fact the case, it's time for you to hange your fucking set.
Full disclosure, I've never been a big fan of your stuff.
It was It's really more my dad's cup of tea, and he was a dick, and he's dead.
Truth be told, when that genre of music comes on, I gotta change the channel for fear that I might break the fucking radio.
But you're a smart guy.
A really smart guy.
So, you might find yourself a new audience.
So, make sure you don't blow your first show back.
And, if I could extend the metaphor, if everything goes as planned, in about three days I think I'm gonna be running some of the biggest concert venues in God's great Earth, and I plan on playing the music that I want to hear.
What the fuck are you talking about? Tomorrow is your shot.
Confess, or you're done.
Hi, this is Hannah Shoenfeld.
I've been thinking it over, and I'm actually very interested in coming to meet you in LA about the job.
Please give me a call back.
Thank you.
So, look, I wanna ask you to do, uh, one last thing, but it's it's a thing.
Um I want you to sneak Mitch into the studio today.
Bradley's gonna interview him live on air.
Alex doesn't know about it.
Oh, my God.
You've fucking lost it.
I get why they fired you.
Mitch has evidence that Fred has been covering up sexual misconduct at the fucking network level, and we're gonna expose his ass live.
- Holy shit.
- Yeah.
Look, I'm gonna be honest with you.
You might wanna start looking for a new job.
I've been looking for a new job for years.
How is this happening? At 7:40, Alex is gonna rush downstairs to do the taxi-versus-ride-share segment.
As soon as she gets in that elevator, you rush down the back stairwell, open up the loading dock door.
Like when we snuck Jagger in for Alex's birthday.
You'll come upstairs, deliver Mitch to Bradley on the stage.
Alex is gonna do her segment as planned, but we are not gonna broadcast it.
That is exactly when Bradley is gonna be interviewing Mitch.
Cory's gonna take over the control room, make sure the camera's pointed exactly where we want it, at least until UBA freaks the fuck out and shuts the whole thing down.
You really trust Cory? I don't I don't know.
But I I have to.
Well, then I guess I'll have to trust him too.
I'm sorry I had to drag you into this.
I would've been insulted if you hadn't.
Better get in there.
Hey, Rena? Sic semper tyrannis.
Questionable reference.
But, yeah, I get your point.
Sic semper tyrannis.
I'm not really sure how long it's been.
Could you just get down here? Yes.
Yes, it's 103 Wooster Street.
Please stay on the line with me until they arrive.
This is a first for me.
What's happened? You know her? I was supposed to meet up with her last night.
I know her.
It's always difficult to lose someone with whom you've worked so closely.
I know that's all of you.
Chip's strength was how hands-on he was.
But being so hands-on also means, as we have sadly come to learn, he was aware of Mitch's reprehensible behavior, and he allowed it to continue.
That is inexcusable.
Now, Chip didn't corner the market on great producing.
You will come to find that out very soon.
- But this is about more than a job - [PHONE BUZZES.]
or making money for the network or broadcasting the news.
This is about your well-being.
And Marlon Tate is someone under whom you can feel safe coming to work every day.
Thanks, Fred.
That's right.
I was a PA once myself on Rise and Shine Seattle.
So, anything that I ask you to do, I've done before myself.
Then after Seattle, I had this epiphany.
I said to myself, "Marlon, dreams" Hey.
What's wrong? [CLAIRE.]
- I - Claire, what's the matter? I have to tell you something.
I don't know how to say this.
It's Hannah.
She's dead.
She's dead.
She overdosed.
There wasn't a note.
Maybe it was an accident.
I don't know.
Bradley? I'm still gonna come into work.
Just do what you have to do.
People let's take a moment to honor and remember Hannah our dear colleague.
We have We have some bad news.
About Chip? No.
What? Hey.
So, we're good to go.
You know, Rena's gonna help Mitch, and [BRADLEY.]
The interview's off.
What are you talking about? We have to do this today.
This is not an option.
No, Chip.
Hannah's dead.
She OD'd.
This is our fault, Chip.
I can't.
I can't go through with it over her poor, dead body.
I just can't.
I understand.
I'll let Mitch know.
Thank you.
- I just need a minute, please.
I need to talk to you right now.
What are you Where are you going? I'm leaving.
I don't know where the fuck I'm going, but I'm leaving.
I was gonna interview Mitch behind your back, on air, today.
Even though you told me not to.
Actually, especially 'cause you told me not to.
Wh What? And Mitch was gonna tell me what happened after his night with Hannah.
Hannah? Hannah? Yeah, Hannah.
Fred promoted her to protect Mitch, to keep her quiet.
Quiet from what? What do you think, Alex? So I went to her apartment to corroborate Mitch's story.
To get the truth.
But that wasn't good enough for me.
So, I wanted to annihilate Fred.
I wanted to blow up the fucking network.
I wanted to do anything to get the best story I possibly could.
And I could see she was avoiding it, but I pressured her.
Because I'm a special kind of asshole.
And I made her relive every minute of it.
And it opened up something in her that she couldn't handle, and she killed herself.
I might as well have just taken a gun and gone in and shot her.
- So, I'm leaving.
- Bradl - [DOOR OPENS.]
Oh, my Oh, no.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
No, no.
Bradley! Bradley! Bradley, come on.
Slow down, please.
Bradley, this is not your fault.
You cannot take this on yourself.
You had the best intentions.
I know you did.
Fuck me and fuck my intentions, Alex.
Part of my intention was to blow you up in this process.
Okay, well, you know what? Maybe I deserve to be blown up.
'Cause you know what I just did, 'cause I'm this kind of an asshole? I basically just went to Fred, that asshole Fred, and I begged him for help.
Specifically to to get you fired.
So, that's what I did.
That's the kind of asshole that I am.
Well, I'm sorry you lowered yourself to beg the patriarch, because I'm leaving.
No, but you can't.
- Bradley, please don't leave.
- Yes, I can! Watch me! No.
You can't.
Please don't leave.
We have to fix this problem.
Oh, please.
Fix this? How are you gonna fix this? Bradley, I did not know about Hannah, I didn't know about Mitch, and I didn't know about Fred covering.
I didn't know What about the boys' club that you told me would never change? What about that? I don't I don't know.
I didn't I said it.
I didn't realize how fucked up I just - Goodbye, Alex.
- No.
Bradley, I cannot do this.
I need you to get me through today.
- I just need you.
- I can't do it.
- I just need you for today.
- Hey, Morning Show! - Can I take a selfie with you? - It's not a good time.
I'm sorry.
Hey! Fuck off! - I said no! Give me your fucking camera.
- Alex! Give it to me, you fucker! What, do you think you own me? You think I'm available 24-7 because I'm in your living room every morning trying to make you feel better about this miserable world? Well, I'm not! Guess what? - Alex.
- I'm empty! This is empty! - Stop it.
- I'm empty! You know what empty looks like? It looks like this.
When I say "no," it means no.
- Alex! Will you just calm the fuck down? - What? I will go upstairs if you shut the fuck up and just give him his phone back.
- Yes.
- Give him his phone back! Here's your fucking phone, sir.
Come on.
Come on.
- Piece of shit! - Leave him! Jesus Christ.
Just today.
I'm doing this for just today.
- I know.
Just today.
I know.
- Come on.
Alex, Bradley, where you been? We're cutting it kinda close here, guys.
I got Alex.
She's fine.
- You're staying, right? - Sure.
You missed the announcement, but I've arranged to have grief counselors available.
Hey, where're you going? I'm out of this place.
I'm done.
Listen to me.
I understand how horrible this is, but you can't walk off the show.
Can't you just let me go? I can't sit next to her.
I can't pretend anymore.
I just You have evidence against the guy who's the head of this company, and you're gonna walk out? You cannot keep yourself pure just by moving on every time someone disappoints you.
You think people in one town over are gonna be any better? No.
Human nature, it's surprisingly universal, and it's universally disappointing.
So, you might as well stay and fight the fight, Bradley Jackson.
No, no, no, no.
I didn't need a personal escort.
We're not doing this.
Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, but you're not EP anymore.
Mitch, Hannah's dead.
She OD'd.
What? After she told Bradley about what happened with you and Fred.
You wanna say something now? You wanna You wanna justify You fucking Fucking asshole! Fucker! It was me.
I was the one who leaked it to the Times.
So fuck you, Mitch! Fuck you! - [YELLS.]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Come here.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, Alex.
Uh, it's me.
Um You're probably gonna hear something soon.
They were investigating Mitch, but they were getting rid of you.
Leaking to the Times, it it was a last resort.
I didn't know what it was gonna do.
I just knew that if they didn't have Mitch, then they needed you.
And I needed you.
Um Anyway, it was always for you.
Thank you.
- Thank you for staying.
- Mm-hmm.
And we're live in 30 seconds.
I can't imagine how hard this is for you, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your professionalism.
Let's do this one for Hannah.
Get the fuck out of my face.
- Oh, my God.
- Thank you.
Add a little up there.
Are you okay? Yeah.
No, I'm good.
It's good.
No, leave it! Who gives a fuck? We're just gonna do this.
Five, four, three, two [THEME MUSIC PLAYS.]
Welcome, everyone.
Thank you for joining us.
In our In our top s story today - Bradley, can you take this one? - Yes.
Of course.
A Papua New Guinea-bound Golden Trident Cruise luxury liner carrying over 5,000 passengers is in its fourth day of quarantine.
Over two-thirds of its passengers and Alex, you okay? [DIRECTOR.]
Stay on three.
Stand by, one.
What the fuck is she doing? - I don't know.
Stay on copy, Bradley.
The ship sits moored more than 600 nautical miles from Honolulu.
A rescue ship is expected to arrive this afternoon - with antibiotics - Fucking people.
and medical supplies to treat the sick passengers on board.
A spokesperson for the cruise line says that they are working day and night to get all of the infected people back to the safety of their homes as soon as possible - What's your name? - and that they are, quote - Joe.
- Joe? Fifteen years, I never met Joe.
- Oh, my God.
- What the hell? All of the ship's passengers will get a full refund due to the outbreak.
Stay on three.
Stand by, one.
What do you wanna do? Just get her ass back in the chair! I Alex, what - Alex, please sit down.
- Nope.
I don't wanna sit down.
I'm not sitting down.
- Oh, wow.
- Fuckin' jerks.
- Its estimated time of arrival was - Listen.
Can I interrupt? Yeah.
We haven't been honest with you.
I mean, not, like, with the news.
I'm not I'm not talking about that.
I'm actually talking about ourselves.
What the fuck are they doing? Get ready to go to tape early.
- Ready tape.
- We don't tell you everything, even a little bit.
I mean, this whole place This, uh It's really different than what you than what it may appear to you.
And there are some really bad things going on here.
Some really bad things.
Some really bad There are bad people and Are we doing this? Yeah, you wanna? We should tell the truth quickly.
They're gonna cut us off.
- We have one minute.
- Yes.
Let's do it.
- Roll the fucking tape.
- Ignore that, Donny.
Do not roll tape.
- Stay on the teacup and get everything.
- [DONNY.]
Push in, Gene.
Get it all.
We would like to share some information about our network.
We believe Fred Micklen to have been central in creating an environment - that silenced women who came forward - No.
- to complain about sexual misconduct.
- Those motherfuckers! No! [BRADLEY.]
UBA is about to release an internal investigation saying that they have been cleared.
This is not true.
It is mostly bullshit.
It is all bullshit.
It's bullshit, and I'm not gonna lie to you anymore.
None of us are gonna lie to you anymore.
Because I'm as culpable as anyone in terms of not calling out or helping to end the sexual misconduct that goes on in this fucking building.
On October 1, 2017, Mitch Kessler traveled to Las Vegas to cover the horrible massacre.
While he was there, he slept with a female colleague.
She was young.
He was her boss.
Corporate culture comes from the top down.
And Fred Micklen dictated a culture of fear and silence and paranoia and pain.
And it permeated everything, including The Morning Show.
I saw it.
I saw how it affected the women, and I never stopped it.
'Cause I was succeeding.
And I know that it's not enough but I apologize to many people.
To one person in particular I was so unfair to you, and I am deeply sorry.
And I will do everything that I can to make it right.
The abuse of power, the corporate corruption, it has to end.
We cannot accept a culture of silence, here or anywhere.
Come here.
Camera two, get over here.
Come closer.
Donny, I want a tight two-shot.
Come closer, please.
As many Fred Micklens are out there, there are billionsmore people like me, and like Bradley, and like you.
So get loud.
We hope the Freds and the Mitches [STEADY TONE.]

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