The Morning Show (2019) s02e10 Episode Script


Breaking news. After days
in limbo, a cruise ship
with at least 21 coronavirus
patients has finally docked.
All on board are facing
federal quarantine.
Washington state announcing five
new deaths just today,
all associated with nursing homes
and long-term care facilities.
The CDC now says
there are more than 420
confirmed cases nationwide
New York State sets up
a containment zone,
and more schools across the
country send students home
Alex is taking a personal day today.
We are aware of her statements
made at Mitch Kessler's memorial.
We are also aware that they
were filmed surreptitiously
and without consent.
We have heard the public outcry
and appreciate your concern
on behalf of Alex's coworkers
who had contact with her
following her return from Italy.
UBA will be investigating.
If we can get the eyeballs,
I'm telling you, this event
is going to blow minds.
Uh, the point of the event
is getting the eyeballs,
getting the subscribers.
Do we have any idea what
it would cost to postpone?
- Jesus.
- We're not postponing.
This is a launch event,
and we launch tomorrow.
I am asking what will it cost
to postpone the whole launch?
If you want those numbers,
we'd have them get into
Actually, can you all give
Cybil and me a minute alone?
We are not gonna postpone
the event. We are not.
Cory. We see the iceberg.
It doesn't make you brave to
steer the ship right into it.
We're not the Titanic, Cybil.
We're not a luxury liner
across the Atlantic.
We're a rocket ship to the moon, okay?
We're Apollo 13,
if they hadn't whined to Houston
and just landed on the damn moon.
Don't you think you're
more Icarus than Tom Hanks?
We have Tom Hanks.
Why are we gonna cancel the
event? Do you want me to fail?
No, of course not.
I just think you will fail.
The market seems to agree unfortunately.
- The whole market is down.
- Not as much as we are.
People are opening huge short positions
against us. But I am pulling for you.
Then just let me get
this off the ground.
If we postpone the launch
and postpone the launch event,
who knows when we'll
have another window?
Let me ask you something.
Is this about the streaming service?
Or is it about you?
They are one and the same.
- You're leaving?
- I shouldn't have come in at all.
I'm not gonna risk getting sick
just because our prized
feminist morning anchor
was horny for Chester the Molester.
Not blaming you. You didn't know.
Do we know everyone who
came into contact with her?
It's gonna be everybody
on my show basically.
They're all waiting to hear what to do.
I mean, if Alex even has COVID,
which I'd like to point out
is statistically unlikely.
We've got people threatening
advertiser boycotts.
I'm not sure what to say to anyone
because it's not like it's just
one thing she can apologize for.
Well, after speaking with Doug,
it looks like Alex is
gonna leave on her own.
So Oh.
Actually, can I have everyone hold on?
Hi, Alex.
Is your head feeling any better?
Um, you know what? Thank you.
I'm actually I'm okay.
I'm I'm home. Um
But I tested positive for COVID.
Get everyone home, all of us. Go.
Stella? Did you hear what I said?
I'm so sorry. That's awful.
Uh, is there anything we can do?
I'm I don't think so.
Um, but do, uh Do
I have to announce this?
We need to let people know
that they've been exposed,
but we won't tell them that it was you.
I hope you feel better.
And also, I
I gotta go, but we
need tests for everyone.
See what's even possible right now.
Stella! Hey, hey! We have to
maintain employee privacy!
What the hell can be going on?
Hi, everyone.
Uh, come come
together. Can we, please?
Thank you. Quickly, quickly.
All right, yep. Thank
you. Thank you so much.
Quickly, quickly. Thank you.
Thank you for your patience. Um,
you should have received an email
- Someone's got COVID?
- Yes, unfortunately, and we're
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
- Oh, holy hell.
Does someone have COVID?
Or does Alex have COVID?
We can't divulge private
employee health information.
Alex wasn't in today.
- Bradley wasn't in today.
- It's not Bradley.
Did she have a head injury, or was
she hospitalized because of COVID?
Or did she hit her
head because of COVID?
I can't believe she would do this.
- It's pretty damn careless.
- It's not careless. It's malicious.
- We're gonna
- Are we not asking very strange questions?
Do we not want to wonder
if Alex is gonna be okay?
- Did you know?
- I'm sorry?
Guys, guys, guys!
I see that you have strong
emotions, but for your own safety
and the safety of everybody
who wasn't around this person,
I need for you to go home.
We don't yet know enough about
how this thing is transmitted.
Those of you who can work
remotely, that's what we'll do.
- What does that mean for me?
- We're figuring that out.
We will have a show, but we
don't have all the answers yet.
But this is really about your health.
So for now,
I need for you to go straight home and
wait for further instructions, okay?
Hey, Daniel. I need you a second.
You're going to anchor
TMS for the next few weeks.
From home, at least at first.
No, I'm not. Is Alex fired?
Daniel, I can't speak to that.
Or are we waiting for
someone to die first?
Actually, let me put it this way.
If Alex wasn't a pretty white woman
Daniel, look at me. Look at me.
I see you, Stella.
I get that you'd like me to
pick up the pieces for you
because everybody else fucked you over.
But right now, I gotta
take care of my own.
My grandfather is in a home.
He's not safe.
I need to go get him out of
there and bring him back with me.
I gotta find a way to get to LA and
make sure I don't catch this thing,
which means no planes, no hotels.
Do you get the picture?
And good luck to me, a Black
man sleeping in his car.
But I gotta do it.
We can help. Let us help.
But I need you here.
Daniel, I know you felt
sidelined, and that's not okay.
Show us how wrong we were.
If you don't know already,
then you're never gonna know.
And I'm done trying
to prove myself to you.
It's not about proving yourself.
You were in China, use your expertise.
This could be one of the biggest
news stories of our lifetimes.
You're the right person
at the right place.
- People need the news right now.
- Okay, this This is the news, okay?
Everyone's carrying around the news.
We're just the news for
people who have too much time.
Daniel, you can't just
leave. You're under contract.
So So everybody else
can just do what they want,
but I'm under contract?
Well, not anymore.
I quit.
And by the way, my grandpa
thinks I do have the "it" factor.
You didn't.
- Does Cory know about Alex yet?
- Shit.
Would you consider upping
the trial to six months free?
What about six years, Glen?
Kyle, what's the rest of my day?
Uh, last thing you have is, uh,
Paola Sorry, I can't pronounce
her last name, in an hour.
- Who?
- Uh, filmmaker. It's a favor to Alex.
I don't have time to do Alex a favor.
Just apologize, get a reel, take a look
at it and let me know if it's any good.
- Got it.
- Thank you.
Cory, I think we've
built something special,
but we knew another streaming
service was gonna be a tough sell.
- What is your point, Glen?
- Maybe we should push.
People are gonna be glued to
the news. News is not UBA+.
- Hey, Stella.
- What up?
You, uh, ready for the news onslaught?
Oh, yeah. I was born ready.
I'm excited for Plus. Yeah.
- Good, good.
- Yeah.
We should talk about, um, uh, doing
a collab on a docuseries maybe.
Mmm. Mm-hmm. Yeah. That's a great idea.
Let's set up a meeting
in the next little bit.
Glen, uh, would you give Stella and I
a minute alone, please? Thank you.
And would you mind getting
the door? Thank you.
Oh, my God.
Well, Jesus. Is she okay?
I don't I I think so.
I mean, she sounded okay.
God. If anyone has ever
dug their own grave
- She dug a triple wide.
- Made space for us.
- Yeah. And I What?
- Uh, Stella, are you
- Are you a little close?
- Am I What?
Are you a little close? Right now?
- Oh, my God. Fuck. Shit.
- I know. I don't know.
It feels better.
Okay, so, uh, I guess we have
to scrap another statement
and move on to version three of our
response to Alex face-fucks us again.
Who else knows?
Mia knows. HR knows.
- All right.
- Yeah.
We're gonna do that, um
We're gonna do the contact
tracing, whatever that is.
- Is that something we do?
- I don't know!
I don't know what that
What's a contact trace?
Who the fuck knows what
that is? I don't know!
Trying to do all of this by
myself. Nobody knows anything.
Stella, we need to sit on
this news as long as we can.
Yeah. Okay.
I told the whole staff and crew
that we had a positive test.
Everybody assumed. The
whole world will assume.
Reasonable doubt.
She got back from Italy,
uh Almost 14 days ago?
If she got it there Reckless fool.
But if she got it here, then she is, uh,
an unlucky grieving woman
who deserves our sympathy.
Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
Oh, God.
Oh, shit.
Oh, God.
Okay. Gary.
Good afternoon, Ms. Levy.
Gary? Gary, how'd my dog
get here? Where was he?
Charlie Black dropped him by.
He took him home when
you went to the hospital.
You feeling okay?
I'm feeling okay. Better, thanks.
But it's ready to go, right?
There cannot be any
outages on launch day.
Yeah, okay. The rest
we can figure out later.
I'm signing off for tonight.
Call me if anything comes up.
It's Dr. Botz. How are you doing, Alex?
I'm just awful. I feel awful,
and I don't know what this is,
and I think I should go to the hospital.
Are you having trouble breathing?
No, not really.
Okay. Not really, or no?
- No.
- Then you should stay home.
I am literally on fire
from the inside out.
And for the breathing, get a
spirometer. It'll help you know.
But if you can breathe,
don't go to the hospital.
All you'd be doing is
putting more people at risk.
There are no treatments yet.
There's not really anything
they can do for you,
unless you need to be intubated
and put on a ventilator.
But you should keep those
available for people who need them.
You know you called Chip, right?
I know.
Alex, I heard.
I'm gonna die.
You're not gonna die.
You don't know this.
And I don't wanna be alone.
Okay, well, let's just keep talking.
But I should be sleeping. And I can't.
And I can't. Talking
is It's too hard.
Then we don't have to.
Put your phone on a pillow or
something right next to you, and
we can just leave it open.
Oh, I see.
Oh, God.
I don't know if I'm gonna
get through this, Chip.
I really don't know if
I can get through this.
Okay, well, you know, you just
You need something to focus on, okay?
Can you focus on something else?
Do I focus on my eyes being on
fire or that I'm getting canceled?
It's all I got.
Alex, if I didn't cancel you,
you've at least got a
chance with everyone else.
Did they fire me?
Can you fire a person with COVID?
Well, if I infected everybody
I mean Oh, my God. Who the hell am I?
Alex, do not go down this road, okay?
I promise you, you're just gonna
end up back at original sin.
Look, just close your eyes.
No. No.
It's gonna be okay.
I don't think I'll be able to
close my eyes, but I'll try.
All we can do is try.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm right here.
Yes, I know. I
D Detective Grant, I get that.
But isn't the first 48
hours the most important?
Sure, it's obviously better.
Yes, the trail can go
cold after a few days,
but he's a person, not a statistic.
Not yet. Thanks a lot for your time.
loudly enough or clearly
enough or often enough,
all countries can still change
the course of this pandemic.
Some countries are struggling
with a lack of capacity.
Some countries are struggling
with a lack of resources.
Some countries are struggling
with a lack of resolve.
And that is your eight o'clock news
update for Wednesday, March 11th, 2020.
I never thought that would be
something I'd ever have to say.
"The WHO declares a pandemic."
And today finally marks
the launch of UBA+.
All your favorite shows
and stars, new and classic,
coming to you this evening at 8:00
p.m. Eastern, 5:00 p.m. Pacific.
You'll be able to stream everything
Cory, I gotta talk to
you about something.
- Good God.
- Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
You want me to reach for the sky?
No, I wanna pitch you a show with,
uh, this stupid bandana on my face.
- Can we schedule this?
- It's kinda time-sensitive.
I got a lot of time-sensitive
stuff going on right now, buckaroo.
There's no instruction manual
for doing what I'm
doing during a pandemic.
Nobody knows what's going
on or how to handle this.
That's what this show is.
All right. What, what,
what? What is the show?
Look, a few hundred people have COVID.
A lot more people are gonna get it.
What could be more informative or
more comforting to a scared nation
than watching Alex get through it?
What if she doesn't get through it?
Cory, she's gonna get through it.
So, I'm guessing this is a
limited-run series, either way?
I mean, she's sick. Now's the time.
And you know what?
It's already being politicized,
and Alex appeals to everyone.
Alex is kinda persona non grata, Chip.
No, no, no. Alex is everyman.
She doesn't always get it right,
but at her core, she's a good person,
and she wants to get it
right before it's all over.
This I mean, what is
more relatable than that?
This makes it real. Someone
that they know has COVID.
Just give her an hour on
UBANC tonight. She needs this.
But we're not telling
people she has COVID.
We're trying to protect her.
What are we protecting?
She's got COVID. She's
She's practically canceled.
This is only going one way for her.
- I'm going in. I'm going in.
- Oh. Okay.
- What the
- Yeah.
- Are you kidding me?
- Yeah, it's, um, you know, to
- Fucking kidding me? Who's your guy?
- You know. HR insisted.
- I mean, when's the feeding?
- For the You know. You don't
Do you want my routing number?
- I mean, sorry. I'm just This is
- Just Back, back.
Sorry. This is This is
This is insane. This is crazy.
Um, look.
You want me to clear an hour
of prime time tonight, for Alex?
I do. The money is
already spent on Alex.
Stella, let's try to
get something out of it.
Cory, you're going to lose
sponsors if you put Alex on UBANC.
It doesn't matter if it's
for some altruistic reason
like, um, informing
the country about COVID.
Okay. It'll go on UBA+ then.
No sponsors to lose there.
You're not worried
about losing subscribers?
Nobody has subscribed.
So, I'll put on what I
wanna put on. It's Cory+.
I subscribed.
- Anyway.
- Kyle, we got one, okay?
Put it on the Big Board.
- Yes, sir.
- Thanks, Stella.
Lizzy, you cannot be in here.
- It's Chip.
- Oh, God.
- Why do you keep thinking I'm a woman?
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, Chip.
I I I have COVID. Are
you out of your fucking mind?
No, Al Alex. Alex, it's
okay. I have COVID.
- Oh, no.
- Sorry, I should've called first.
No, no, no.
- I'm sorry. Oh, I'm so sorry.
- No, no, no, no, no. It's okay. It's okay.
No, no, seriously. No, look, look.
- This This is fine. I'm fine.
- How do you feel? How are you feeling?
- I actually don't feel that bad, okay?
- Really?
Seriously. I might
be asymptomatic, okay?
- Oh, I hope so. I so hope so.
- Yeah.
I swear I was I thought that's
what it was for me too at first,
but then it just This It hits you.
It's so awful.
But we're gonna We'll
help each other through.
Yes, that sounds really good.
I also have some good news. The
network wants you on the air tonight.
Are you joking?
- I'm sick.
- I know. That's the point.
What, so people can
just watch me suffer?
Uh, I mean, sort of, but
without the sadistic overtones.
No. You know
- I'm barely hanging on right now.
- No, no.
Like, I'm barely
I'm barely hanging on.
I I understand.
But that is the point.
You need something to focus on,
like we discussed. Alex, this is it.
I'm feeling sick.
Alex, I know. But this
show will matter, okay?
Hopefully, show people they
need to take it seriously.
Keep them from getting it. Or if they
do, at least help them get through.
We can help people.
I know. I know.
It sounds a little preachy,
and I don't like doing
the whole rah-rah thing.
It's a
Ugh. Save some for the big show.
- It's not funny.
- Sorry.
Oh, God.
Thank you.
Okay. Okay.
You're gonna have
to leave at 2:15 to ring
the bell at the Stock Exchange at 3:00.
You've got a phoner with Wired at 6:00.
- Your car's picking you up after that
- What are you looking for?
to head to MSG for the
event. Denzel's office called.
- He left it here. His favorite
- Excuse me.
Uh, can I help you?
You canceled our meeting yesterday.
I spoke to your assistant.
He was very rude.
- I just said
- No.
He said you had to cancel and
to send a sample of my work.
I said I cannot do that,
but I still would like a meeting
before I go back to Italy.
He said no, you're too busy, to
call when I'm back in New York.
So I drove to New
Jersey, and I came back.
Well, I don't know what
to tell you. I'm on my way out.
Oh, I I brought a sample.
I thought you said you
didn't have a sample.
Yeah, that's what she said. She said
No. I said I didn't have
a sample I could leave.
- I have to stay and watch it with you.
- He has to leave.
Please, just watch two minutes.
- Do you want me to get security?
- Oh, shut up.
Alex Levy got me a meeting with the CEO.
I never even had a meeting.
So now I want you to watch my work.
Look, I need you to
watch this because, uh
because it's really good.
I watched it again last
night, and I was blown away.
Oh, you were blown away?
You're damn right.
And why can't you just leave it?
I can't let it out of
my hands. I promised.
Two minutes.
One year ago,
Mitch Kessler had an
audience of six million.
The last two weeks of his life,
he had an audience of one.
I didn't wanna be this person.
I didn't wanna hurt anyone.
I didn't want people to think
I was the kind of person
that could hurt someone.
And now one of those women
is dead. Hannah Shoenfeld.
Hey, Alex. How are you?
Well, you know
I'm so sorry to hear that.
It's okay. It's a step up from dead.
It's actually not why I'm calling.
I wanted to say thank you.
I asked you to keep your distance from me,
and you certainly did not do that.
And I just Means a lot to me.
You can't worry about that right now.
You need to focus on getting better.
Why did you do it?
Because I gave you the job?
No. No, Alex.
I did it because it's true.
And relationships don't
have to be transactional.
I I I did it
because we're friends.
Not good ones, but important ones.
But good ones isn't out of the question.
I'd like that.
I'll do better.
You're too good for me, Bradley.
Please, I'm just as disappointing
as everybody else.
What do you mean?
Well, when I I dumped
my brother off at rehab,
I told him that I was done with him.
I He wasn't going in, and I
I said, "Go in if you want to."
But I left him there,
and and now he's missing.
Well, where is he?
Alex, I don't know. He's missing.
He came back to the city
a couple of days ago,
and I just don't know where he is.
And I don't even know if he's alive.
Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
I've been off social for
obvious reasons, but it
Do you need me to retweet anything?
Um, I didn't post about it.
I know, I-I know. It's just
Look, you weren't there that
My My brother is
My brother's having a really hard
time, and and it's my family.
Oh, come on, Bradley. Stop it.
Families are fucked up.
You know why they're fucked up?
Because they're full of people.
If you wanna cut somebody off,
then just cut them off
and be done with it.
But if that is not an option, then
you've gotta own them.
I mean, I think it's
why you stuck up for me,
because you're owning me and my shit.
Don't let your shame of what
other people think run your life.
I know. You're right.
I'm always right. God.
All right, I have to go. I just
wore myself out yelling at you.
Well, thank you for using
your energy for that.
And listen, I'm not
gonna stop calling you.
I'm really worried about you.
Thank you.
My brother, Hal Jackson, has
been missing for two days.
Uh, he was last seen
somewhere in New York City.
Uh, the New York police
know. They're aware.
Um, but I've been looking
in all the hospitals,
and I just I haven't
been able to find him.
Um, I've just been exhausting myself
trying to look for him, and I
It's really, particularly concerning
because of everything that's
going on in the world right now.
His safety is just the most
important thing to me right now.
This is what he looks like.
If you see him, will you
tell him that I love him,
and I just want him to come back safe?
I'm Um Or Or you can also DM me
if you have any information.
There's a hotline below.
Uh, just please please let
me know if anybody has seen him.
I, um
He's just a really
He's a really good person.
He's just really struggling
right now. So, I need your help.
And I really hope to see you soon
at The Morning Show again.
And I want everybody to stay safe.
Please, everybody.
Uh, this really is, uh, very good.
That's what I said, isn't it?
You did. Congratulations.
I just want a job.
Documentary, doing
news pieces. I'm open.
I understand, but I think there may
be an audience for your documentary.
Oh, I'm sure there is,
but, um I'm not gonna betray him.
I I do not think you
would be betraying him
I promised him.
I could have done something
that good before I met him,
but I didn't.
So I owe him.
- Cory, you
- Uh, Kyle, I need another minute.
Okay, but you have to go
back to the Archer Gray,
and if you don't go now, you'll
be late to Madison Square Garden.
Okay, got it. Thanks.
Mitch didn't say anything in there
that doesn't make me think he wasn't
Uh Well, I'm just
gonna say it, a scumbag.
But maybe, maybe, the very
existence of your documentary,
and what it did for you
is a living monument for
humanity's capacity for good.
Anyway, food for thought.
I gotta go.
You've got my number.
Mamma mia.
Oh, my God.
Ow, ow. Ow.
Vitamin cocktail goes here.
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Please, Chip.
- Sorry. Sorry. What?
Oh, there's nothing taking this away.
- Streaming in three, Chip.
- Oh, shit.
Okay, Alex, we are live in three
minutes. Come on. Let's do this.
- Good to go here.
- Ready.
Oh, shit.
- What do you mean, "oh, shit"? What?
- Take that shit. Fuck.
What I-It's not that bad.
Don't tell me you're not
up for this, please. Please.
No, I'm not, but isn't that the point?
Ch Who's gonna be watching this,
by the way? Oh, what do I mean?
Everybody's gonna wanna watch me die.
No one wants to watch you
die. Just sit. Nope, nope.
Oh, you have no idea how mean
people are, Chip. Swear to God.
- What they say is unbelievable.
- Gonna put this wire on you.
- Hands are a little cold. Sorry.
- I love the cold.
Please, cold. Love it for a second.
- Two minutes.
- I can't even I'll show you my tweets.
- The people say things
- Those people are mean.
- We don't care about them, okay?
- All right.
- They don't know you.
- Well, neither do I.
- Oh! Shit. That's not helping.
- Yes, you do. And you're gonna tell them.
Guess what? You got this, okay?
- Jesus, relax.
- Okay. Come on!
Okay, give me a quick
level check, please.
Oh, God.
I hope I don't die doing this.
Okay, level sounds good.
Also, you're not gonna
die, not right now.
Chip, honestly, I really feel
like I'm having trouble breathing.
It's just nerves. I get it. It's fine.
It's not nerves. It's fucking COVID.
Alex, you're gonna have
to trust me on this.
Read the copy I wrote. Be
yourself. You're gonna be great.
One minute, we're live.
Wh Wh Wh
Hey, no, no, no, d don't
drink that. Don't drink that shit.
Excuse me? Do you want
me to get through this?
Because I need help. And saying,
"Just be yourself" is not doing it.
There she is, America's sweetheart.
- Cue the music. Roll A.
- All right, here we go. Here we go. Ready?
- Oh, God.
- Ten, nine, eight, seven, six.
It's gonna be awesome. Four, three
Oh, God. Hmm.
Good m Welcome.
I'm so used to saying, "Good
morning," but it's not morning.
Or maybe it is where
you're watching this.
That is the beauty of streaming.
But actually, for the last day or so,
time has had no meaning at all for me.
One moment, 2:00 in the afternoon.
Next moment, 1:00 at night.
I find myself on something
of a strange journey.
A journey that, unfortunately,
many people either have already
or soon will embark upon.
Because I learned the
difficult news yesterday
that I tested positive for
the n novel coronavirus.
I hope you'll join me from
a safe and streaming distance
as we talk about it.
You got it. You got it.
Just follow the script.
I wish I could tell you
I wasn't scared, but I am.
Already my symptoms
are more excruciating
than anything I've ever experienced.
And I don't say that I really
don't say that to scare you.
But if that's what it takes for
people to take this seriously,
then I'm happy to scare
the hell out of all of you.
But my main concern is what I may
have put my on my coworkers.
That is hurting me more
than anything a virus can do.
Really, I'm very sorry for
how this all played out.
But in my defense, and
maybe it doesn't matter,
I was tested after I returned from
Italy and received a negative result.
But they're telling us that the
incubation period is up to 14 days,
and I really I don't
know if I even got it there.
I don't I don't know.
But I have to take
responsibility nonetheless.
I owe a particularly big apology
to my producer, Charlie Black,
who has tested positive
for COVID himself.
But he's a fighter who
most definitely has a spine.
One of the best spines out there.
And I know he's gonna make it through.
You're listening to 96.8 WLFN,
Cincinnati's only all-music,
all the time station.
I'm Dennis. I'll be spinning
until the sun comes up.
Here's Mark Mallman.
Hey, Mia.
Hey! How's your grandfather?
One of the nurses is sick.
- Don't know with what.
- So sorry to hear that.
How long until you're, um
A few days. I'm only in Ohio.
Well, uh, about yesterday
Honestly, I really don't
wanna talk about it.
I'm really not at peace
with the situation,
but I'm at peace with my decision.
Daniel, I hear that.
Um, but I wanna talk about
what went down. It was
Mia, can we just be friends and
not talk about work for once?
How you holding up?
Uh, Daniel,
all I do is work. I don't have things
to talk about that aren't work.
But having you here
makes it bearable, so
I really need you to come back.
Okay. Well, that's very sweet,
and very stupid,
and very much appreciated, but
I quit.
I'm not coming back.
Is it that you can't,
or you don't want to?
Both. Not the way things are.
I gotta start building
my own opportunities.
Otherwise, I'll just keep languishing,
waiting for a seat at their table,
when I can make a table of my own.
Otherwise, we'll all
just keep languishing.
Okay, Daniel. Here's my pitch.
I get why you left The Morning Show,
and if you come back
it's not gonna get easier
because The Morning Show is broken.
I get that.
The night before Maggie
Brener's excerpt came out,
I didn't sleep. I
thought I did the math,
and I figured out that it doesn't
matter where you go as a Black person.
You're gonna deal with some bullshit.
It's fucked up, but it's true.
And you could leave, but right now,
right now, so many people will benefit
by you sitting in the chair
that Alex Levy takes for granted.
Your face as the lead anchor on the
most valuable news
asset at UBA will mean
more than you could ever imagine.
No one is offering me that seat.
You think it's gonna be
different someplace else?
It's fucked up everywhere.
We are here now.
We can keep pushing.
We can keep pushing.
Please don't give up on that.
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.
Tomorrow will come, someday.
Well, that remains to be seen.
Thanks, Mia. I'll call you.
Wait. Wait. I wanna hear from Grandpa.
Okay. All right. Bye.
And thank you, Mia.
It means the world to me.
Right now, I feel like, um
Like I'm cooking, you
know, from the inside out.
In my body trying to kill this
virus, it's gonna kill me too.
And the hotter I get, the
The more I feel out of my body.
A million more symptoms, but I'm
not gonna get into all of them.
And at this point, there's
really no treatment.
I called my doctor, a great
doctor, Dr. Vincent Botz,
and he told me to get a spirometer,
and that he said, uh, unless I
really, really can't breathe that
I just have to stay
home and suck it up.
So in short it's hell.
Cory, it's Glen. I have Brian
conferenced in with me here.
Hey, what's going on?
I just got word from Australia.
Tom and Rita have COVID.
Oh, shit. Oh.
Fu All right, um
Okay, so what do we do?
Well, we could go on from
our other locations,
but people are getting skittish.
He's being kind. People are freaked out.
For Christ's sake, it's
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.
If they can get it, no one feels safe.
Brian, tell him what
Peter Bullard said to you.
He said there was no way
in hell he was coming.
They just canceled
the Jazz/Thunder game.
My buddy in Adam Silver's office says
they're shutting down indefinitely.
Is it safe to do this event?
I don't feel comfortable.
All the people gathered
at these places, I mean
Shut 'em down.
Glen, you'll put out a release.
Of course.
Hey, everybody. I know
that you haven't seen me
for the past couple of
days on Morning Show.
Um, and, you know, we we try to share
as much of our personal lives as we can.
And so now, that spiky little fucker
- Can I say that?
- You just did.
That spiky little fucker i-is in a
race with you, the American people,
to see who can cancel me first.
You know where my money is?
My money is on the
spiky little fucker, that
Whoo! Corona piece of shit.
Because they're real.
That's real. That's ver
- Hey.
- Hey.
I s-saw your post. I'm here to help.
Oh, y yeah. I Shouldn't
you be at your event?
You didn't hear? Canceled.
Um, I-I was getting ready to go now.
I'll join you.
But the legions of people who
want me gone? They're not real.
Those people are not real.
Maggie Brener's book is
gonna sell what, like
I don't know, 40 30,000,
40,000 if she's lucky.
But I'm meant to believe that
the whole world is gonna be
outraged about my behavior.
Right! I believe that.
Okay, we're cuing Fauci clip.
That was really, really fucking good.
what you see now
in an uncontained way,
and although we are containing
it in some respects
getting people coming in from
the country that are travel related.
Oh, shit! Chip.
- when you get community spread
- Fuck.
it makes the challenge much greater.
Oh, God.
- Chip, I'm gonna need a fan.
- I'm on fire.
Can you elaborate?
The seasonal flu that
we deal with every year
Hey, this is Charlie Black.
Hi, Charlie. This is Marcy
from Titanium Health.
We finally got a new
batch of COVID tests in.
Or did you find one somewhere else?
Uh, no, I didn't.
Oh, great. Let me schedule one for you.
Uh, actually, you know, I
I-I-I don't need it. Um
Uh I'm confused. Did you get tested?
Yes, I did. I'm negative.
At least, I was.
Thank you anyway.
brings the mortality rate
down to somewhere around 1%,
which means it is ten times more
lethal than the seasonal flu.
Ten times more lethal than the flu.
Yes. What Dr. Fauci says
seems to be accurate.
You never like to say this,
but many people will die.
Are you afraid of dying?
Afraid of dying from COVID?
No, just afraid of dying.
COVID, heart attack,
hunting accident, anything?
I think it's natural
to be afraid of death.
No. Are you afraid? You
personally, are you afraid of dying?
I wouldn't say "afraid," no.
As a doctor of infectious disease,
you learn to come to terms with death.
What do you think
happens when we die?
You kn Do you believe
that we carry on in any way?
Well, medically, it's currently unknown.
But I do have faith, and I
believe this is not the end.
Yeah, see, I don't think we go anywhere.
I mean, if you have faith,
death shouldn't be scary.
What I think when we
die is that that's it.
Oh, that's so scary, you know.
It's scary to be faced with something
that is just beyond
the mind to understand.
What does it feel like to
not even know nothingness?
But you can't even feel that
because it's just, like
it's the absence of of anything.
The world does go on.
I don't think so.
I think the world will
stop existing when I die.
I know everyone already thinks that
I'm self-centered, and, yeah, I am.
Is there anyone out there
who is perceiving the world
from somewhere other than
inside their own body?
Beyond that, it's a matter of faith
for me to even believe that you exist, Peja.
I-I Well, I do exist,
Alex. I mean, this I know.
I don't know, Peja.
I hope you do. I really do.
I think all you can do is act like
you believe it matters.
You know, treat people like
you'd like to be treated
and hope that it matters.
Hope that you're wrong about there
being no next plane of existence.
Hope you can reach enlightenment
and know the unknowable.
And stop being
Excuse me. I'm sorry. Have
you seen, uh, that man?
- Have you seen this man? He's my brother.
- Okay.
If you see him, will you call the
number on the sheet? Thank you.
Excuse me. Have you seen this man?
Cory, I don't know what
to do. He's not here.
I feel like I've looked in every alley,
every street. I don't know what to do.
- You'll find him.
- I'm starting to get hopeless.
Don't. Don't, don't, don't. Don't.
- It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
- Fuck.
- Just take a breath, a big br
- God.
- Laura's in Montana? Okay, super.
- Yes.
- Right.
- Shit. It's probably best she's not here.
She thinks my family's crazy.
She just doesn't like chaos.
Um, and I don't know.
I I miss her though.
I wish she could help. I
Fuck, I
Bradley, I have to tell you something.
This is ba terrible timing.
- I have to tell you something.
- What?
It's just It's been eating
at me. It's something that I did,
and I feel, uh I'm
not happy that I did it.
It seemed like a means to a
justifiable end at the time.
But now this pandemic has hit,
everything seems totally different.
All the things I thought
were really important, the
You know, like
I had things I had to win
at or die trying, you know?
I may have just lost a company
a billion dollars. Oops.
It all seems irrelevant, and I
just feel like I have this need
That I gotta go to, uh, confession
and get my soul straight
with you about this
- You don't have to confess to me.
- It's about you.
I trust you.
Wh Y
I love you.
It Um
I don't know what that means really.
I had this feeling, uh
I'm not able to identify it exactly,
you know, or give it give it a name.
But I I have this sixth
sense that it is, uh
I love you.
Um So, you know, do
with that, uh, what
You know what? Fuck it.
I want that recorded
in the annals of time.
I don't know what's gonna happen, okay?
Now the universe knows that I said that.
I really love you.
I love you.
Um Oh, shoot.
Hi, this is Bradley.
Hello. I'm a nurse at Antioch Hospital.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I shouldn't be doing
this, but I saw your post.
We have a patient without ID
who I think is your brother.
You should get down here soon.
- Oh, my God. Okay, thank you.
- What?
Come on. We gotta go.
They found my brother.
During the course of this broadcast,
my fever has gone up quite a lot.
And I know there's those of you out
there who would be
saying I deserve this.
"You deserve this, Alex Levy."
And, you know, you might be right.
I don't know. You probably are.
But my response to you is,
what's what's your point?
Is it that if I deserve it, it allows
you to enjoy someone else's pain
while feeling morally righteous?
And by the way, the world's not
fair. Fair is just a man-made concept.
So why why do you have this opinion?
Why do you have an opinion on this?
Mind your own store.
Did I bring this scrutiny on myself
by putting myself in the public eye?
I mean, I You know, I-I, uh
I know that makes sense
to some of you, but
Just remember
I was a kid like anyone else.
I took my first steps like anyone else.
Had my first love, my first heartbreak.
I just had the audacity to wanna be on TV
and try to entertain and inform you.
What? Why would So stupid.
I didn't realize
when I made that choice
that the thing people would find
most entertaining is not even
the thing that I do that I'm good at.
That I'm have risen
to the highest levels of.
I didn't realize that the most
entertaining thing about me would be
just batting me around
like a freaking piñata
while digging around, asking
questions about my sex life.
God, why do I even
bother doing the news?
Who's your tailor sleeping with?
Is he a good guy?
Does it matter if your pants fit?
I'm done apologizing for myself.
Either get on the Alex Levy
train, or just stay at the station.
Can I get some assistance, please?
- Yes, what?
- Man, what's with the wait?
- I mean, come on.
- Yes.
Would I be waiting this
long if I had insurance?
I told you that has nothing to do with
the wait time. We're
grossly understaffed.
- Sorry, we need your assistance.
- I'll be with right you.
- I was here first.
- I-I understand.
She needs to find her brother.
We have new visitor restrictions, but
I will help you when it's your turn.
I don't think you understand.
Somebody called and said
he's in the emergency room,
and I don't know if it's him.
I have to see him to
see if it's really him.
I need you to wait. Wait or leave.
Those are the choices.
Hey. If If my wife didn't have
COVID before, she probably has it now.
I mean, we've been here forever!
- This is ridiculous!
- Sir, I will get to you
- Excuse me. What are you doing?
- I'm looking for my brother.
No, you can't be here. You have to leave.
- Get security!
- Oh! Hal!
I didn't use. I swear to God,
Bradley. I didn't use.
Thank God you're okay.
- What happened?
- I got in a fight.
I got beat up.
I'm so mad at you, but I'm
glad you're okay.
- I'm so sorry.
- I'm not gonna leave you, okay?
I promise.
I love you, B.
Oh, you motherfucker. You
scared the shit out of me!
I think we can all agree that
the world seems to
be at a turning point,
and, uh, life right now is
presenting me with some adversity.
I'm I'm looking
inward and asking myself
who is it that I actually wanna be?
And then I'm looking in the mirror,
and I'm asking if
that's actually who I am.
I think a lot of people
are going to be doing that.
At least, they should be.
The world's never gonna
b be finished piling on.
Shit's always gonna be coming at you.
But life is, um It's life, you know?
And I'm alive.
I mean, at least I think I'm alive.
I really
Stay tuned.
Um, and if You know, if you're
watching this and, uh
Maybe I hope you're alive too.
I mean, I really believe we won the
cosmic lottery, you guys, you know,
just to be here right now, you know?
And I hope I hope we figure
it out, whatever "it" is.
You've all meant a lot
to me over the years,
and I wanna thank you for that
from the bottom of my heart.
So stay safe and stay sane.
And, um, I'll
see you later.
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