The Most Beautiful Flower (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

The First Time

Five pesos?
Sorry, but this unique piece
isn't worth five pesos,
it's worth at least
Mich, it's stained, it's broken.
-I was going to throw it out. Really.
Sorry, but you're wrong. This is a symbol
of Xochimilcan counterculture,
it's like something by Tamayo, or Kahlo.
Throwing it in the trash
Okay, how much will you give?
For this unique piece?
At least five thousand pesos.
Which I don't have, but
Let's go, Mich.
You shouldn't even be here.
Mom grounded you.
You can only go to The Flower and school.
You paying her with your scruffy sneakers?
They're not scruffy, they're vintage.
I'm going to go barefoot
as an act of penitence.
Lend me money for the painting.
I'll pay you back later.
Here. Don't think I'd steal from you.
It's broken.
You can take a piece, you choose.
-I spend the whole damn day
-Excuse me!
I need to get my friends back!
What are you looking at?
It's a long journey.
-Mich, put that down.
You didn't need
to come barefoot to school.
Or bring chewing gum on your foot.
Yes, I did.
It's my penitence.
-It's my pe
I was
very selfish.
And I only thought about my problems.
And Alice, and my love octagon.
And I neglected both of you,
whom I love with all my heart.
I regret it so much, because you didn't
deserve to be treated that way.
Friends, I really miss you.
-Don't cry!
Hey, you get extra points
for rescuing my painting.
I owe Gil ten pesos.
I know you only just forgave me, but,
if it's not too much trouble,
can you paint my face again?
I think it was very pretty
and I don't understand contemporary art.
Give it here.
Thank you.
What is it?
Dani and Majo broke up.
So? How does that make you feel?
Bad for Dani, but
I'm in love with Majo.
And with Mati too.
Hey, I thought you'd forgiven me.
No, you've got a slug on your foot!
I told you already, I'm clean.
Come with me to the office.
No, someone planted it there.
-It's not mine.
-Suspended until further notice.
-I don't even
-We'll see how you explain this.
One Alice less.
You're good at tipping off
the principal anonymously.
And I got the best weed.
-Strawberry Cough, 2000 harvest
-That's enough!
Tell me later.
You're becoming a total bitch.
It's for her own good.
-Obviously not.
-Obviously yes.
It's not good for them to be understudies
because the best shows
are obviously for me.
Look, another Alice. Go.
I've got something else to do.
-Hi, Majo.
You broke up with Dani, right?
I've got some candies.
They're my favorites.
To sweeten this time for you.
Hey, that's cool.
No, eat them.
Try them, honestly, they're healing.
In a bit. Bye.
Why'd you break up with Majo?
Why not?
Because she's pretty.
But don't tell anyone I said that.
And it's the best way
to make Mich jealous.
-I thought we had a plan.
Stop telling me what to do, okay?
My body, my choice.
You can't use that phrase!
-Oh, Jesus.
Do you want to go out with me?
Yes, thanks, my slug.
Thanks for helping me
No, Mich. You were totally right.
I really like you. I don't want
to hide in the closet anymore.
I want everyone to see us together
as a couple.
You and me, holding hands at the fountain.
Reported for kissing at recess.
-Expelled for
-Yes, thanks, the teacher
I get it.
Where are your shoes?
Things happen.
Paula, let me see you.
No, try this.
I don't like how that looks on you.
This is Majo's.
As you all know,
dress rehearsals are in two days.
I'll watch what happens on stage
and decide how many performances
you each get. Okay?
In 15 minutes I want you all on stage,
dressed and ready so I can see
Costume, young lady.
I'll see you on stage.
-Need help? Sure?
-No, I can do it.
Fifteen minutes, no more.
Did you find what you were looking for?
With Dani.
-Oh, that's not
That's not important.
You spent a lot of energy on that.
-No. What? What are we talking about?
-We're the same, then.
I'll fix your dress.
I'll help you too.
how do you feel?
About what?
The Dani thing.
Oh, that I broke up with him?
It wasn't going to last.
We have nothing in common.
I like someone else.
Someone else?
Alices to the stage!
I'll be late again.
See you upstairs. Yeah.
-Cool. Again?
Thanks, Mr. Fero.
-Hi, Mich.
-Hi, Mati.
Why are you kneeling?
Is it kneeling day or something?
It's a joke, right?
Are there hidden cameras?
I'm sure they're three sizes too big,
but I can't let you go barefoot.
-What about you?
-I have two pairs of socks on.
-I'm glad I saw you, I want to talk
I'm ready.
Right, you're back together.
Actually, we never broke up.
-We did take a break for a bit.
But that's not important.
What's important is
I'll deliver this and then we'll go?
Yeah, sure.
Well, bye, Mich.
-Nice sneakers.
-They're your boyfriend's.
Bye, Mich.
Bye, Mati.
Majo told me she liked someone else
and it's not me.
Accept it, I'm going out with Dani.
And you accept that you don't want to.
Mich, I'm not going to defend
a straight, white, cisgender man,
but you're using him.
And he's using me. So what?
He even invited me to a hotel. Look.
He won a raffle.
An all-inclusive night
in the best hotel in Xochi.
And there, friends, I'm going to
Too easy.
Hide somewhere harder.
Now you count and we'll hide.
Jessi, I'm tired of being your slave.
Can't I relax for one minute?
Either play with me or I'll tell Dr. Hilda
that your friends came over.
And that you kissed Mati.
Okay, fine.
19, 18, 17
My first time is going to be
with the school rock star!
Do you know what he likes?
Have you prepared something?
Oli, my ex
ex doesn't matter, also went out
with Dani and told me he loves toys.
Oh, these toys.
Well, I don't want to judge Dani,
or what he likes
or doesn't like,
but I think what's also important
is what I like, right?
Of course.
Hey, how long
have you been bringing Yadi here?
-I didn't bring her.
This is her thing.
Yadi did some research and found
the only sex shop that admits minors.
Correction, it's the only one
that accepts my fake ID.
Did you see?
Strawberry flavored lubricant.
I prefer chamoy mango.
It's not like there's a mollete flavor.
Mich, come here.
This one is powerful.
Take it.
-It's heavy.
-That's why it's powerful.
This one is affectionate,
and this is what you'll use on him.
What? Does that go on?
Okay, I have everything now.
I'll buy it online and it'll
-Oh, sorry.
-With what card?
It's my mom.
Over there.
Okay, ready?
-Hi, Mom!
-What's going on?
Are you making
a model of the digestive system?
-Of course!
-The human body is impressive!
-What's that behind you, Mich?
It's an esophagus!
-It looks like a
-It's connected to the stomach.
To digest food.
-And the gastric juices.
-Juices, yes.
And the bolus is made.
The marvelous bolus.
It looks strange. Send me photos. Okay?
And as soon as you finish
come home because you're
-Grounded, yes, Mom. I love you, bye.
Honey, I can't connect to the internet.
Help me with that devil's box.
It's around here.
What's this?
What is this?
It looks like my facial cleanser.
Use it for more fun things.
Which shall I get?
Fluorescent, textured, flavored
The normal ones.
Just use them to protect against
Sexually transmitted diseases.
Genital herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea,
human papilloma virus,
HIV, crabs.
Contagious mollusk.
No, forget it, cancel everything.
I don't want anything.
No, come on.
You want to do it with Dani, right?
And Dani wants to as well, right?
And you're already seven 18!
Eighteen, here it is.
Yes, 18 and you already know how
because you're 18.
Get rid of your patriarchal prejudices
and whatever you do, use these.
One at a time, from start to finish,
and if he says "it doesn't feel the same,"
call us and we'll come get you, okay?
It's that easy.
Super easy.
Bren, darling!
Honey, guess what?
I got a message.
-A divine one?
-No, don't be ridiculous.
No, a WhatsApp message.
About a global conspiracy that
You wouldn't understand.
But I'm going to a global meditation
to save the world.
I left pizza for you there, sweetie.
I love you.
Change of plans!
The world doesn't need saving anymore?
It always does, honey.
But I'm going to get hungry while I do it.
I'll be back late.
Go have dinner with your grandma
because there's nothing left.
-More agua de jamaica?
-No, thanks, Auntie.
-You don't want more?
-You know my mom is
No, thank you.
-Brenda, did I tell you that on the trip
-Fine, I've put it on.
I saw Mich checking your profile
every five minutes.
Typical Mich, she always scans me.
Nice hearts.
You finally found a look that suits her.
Yes, thanks.
It's to cover the pimples on her nose.
And her whole face.
Laugh, or else.
-What's wrong, Mich?
-She's so funny.
Look at that face.
I'm glad Mich and Jessi are friends now.
They've been joined at the hip all week.
There's more.
I'm going to cut her hair tomorrow.
No, no way!
Mich needs her hair long
to enter The Most Beautiful Flower.
Right, honey? Are you finished?
No, thank you.
And you, Brenda?
Oh, no. I didn't sign up for The Flower.
Of course not, I know that.
But what's new with you?
How are things with your boyfriend?
Mich is dying to know.
It's amazing.
I really want to be with him forever.
If he follows me to Iceland, of course.
More juice, now.
-These glasses are hard to dry inside.
-Hard to dry?
They're not hard to dry. With my
foolproof technique you'll dry them all.
Put the towel in,
then start to move with each turn.
And what do the hips bring to it?
What do they bring?
They bring everything, Mich, look.
-I want to help!
-You're a visitor. Our guest, right?
-Of course, whatever you want.
The water, then homework.
Yes a guest.
-Sing it.
-That's it, with the hips. On the side.
What's that face, Mich? What's wrong?
Tania's digestive system broke!
No, sorry. The model we're making.
I know I'm grounded, how awful.
But I have to go to school.
-I want to go and help, sorry.
-Mich, you can't go out.
-Yes, homework comes first.
-Mich, you're grounded, your mom
Where's Michelle?
You came!
I'm really nervous.
Me too.
-Come on, let's go.
You've no idea what I bought
with Yadi and Tania.
Wait until you see
what Axel helped me carry up.
Boards, cables, cloth, nails
Oh, and a drill.
-A drill.
A fake one, right?
No, a real one. It has like seven speeds
and bits this big.
That's very big!
But no problem.
It's not as big as this room.
That was a good raffle.
-It's incredible, Dani.
-Let's go straight to the room.
-Yes, let's go.
-Yes, come on.
Okay, I also brought something
affectionate and powerful
depending on what you want for
A set!
You used the drill to build a set!
What did you think we were going to do?
Something just as intense, but different.
If my bag vibrates, it's my phone.
Thanks so much for doing this, Dani.
It's incredible, I love it!
Andrés, what's that doing there?
I don't know.
Can you help me take it down?
My dad mustn't see it
Why didn't you tell me you like to paint?
You're really good, honey.
Hey, are those?
Right. So
How do you use them?
They're easy to use, right?
How do you think I use them?
-Use your imagination.
I mean
Ew. No, pervert.
Yadi, sorry.
speaking of which, when are we going
to take it up a notch, something crazier?
You know?
I have an idea.
-I'm listening.
You're going to
download this app.
And I'll use this.
And you'll control the intensity remotely.
You mean
We're going to do it?
-No, yeah, of course.
-Remotely, yeah.
Should I leave?
-Okay, I'll leave.
-Okay, then.
-I'll message you in ten.
-Or maybe in six. Yes, in six.
No, in three.
But, Mad Hatter,
I'm afraid I'll never see you again.
My dear Alice. I'll see you in the gardens
of memory, in the palace of dreams.
That's where you and I shall meet.
dreams aren't reality.
Who's to say which is which?
-Dani, the song.
-Oh, the song. The second one?
The night is full
Of beasts and promises
I don't worry anymore
About being everything they expect
I'm still in my world
With all of my quirks
It doesn't matter what they say
I won't waste my energy anymore
No, every day
Yeah, I go on with my life
Always convinced
That I'm my own heroine
No! Dani!
But it's a dream, not a reality.
Good, you know it all.
My turn to be Alice.
You need to resign from Alice in Xochiland
before the dress rehearsal.
-No, dude. We agreed
-We already discussed it.
You can't humiliate yourself like this,
being an understudy.
You deserve a lot more.
Besides, there's only one Alice. Me.
But you'll do great as the cat.
It's a really nice role.
Yeah, it's fine.
Just give me
ten mentions on Instagram
and 500 contacts.
Now, watch and learn
how I help the other Alice understudy.
Hi, Auntie. Sorry it's so late.
Mich told you we had
some anatomy homework, right?
Well, no. They didn't give us any.
Cris has chicken pox.
Mich typical her,
she gets tired of it and gives up.
She probably won't come.
Poor Cris. Another Alice has left us.
And Mich has to fight
against her own demons.
If she isn't at the dress rehearsal,
she's out of the show.
So you two, be ready.
How's the audio coming along, guys?
Isn't it strange?
Karen was found with weed.
Cris has chicken pox,
but she was fine before.
And now your cousin, Mich.
How strange.
And you could be next.
If you cry, they come off easily, slave.
Use the stapler, I don't care.
Fer's looking for you.
He wants to give you some lemon balm.
do you know why I punished you again?
Because you think I was with Majo.
But I wasn't.
Because you lied to me again.
Can't I trust you anymore?
How can I not lie to you?
You don't let me do what I like.
-That girl Majo, I think
-Alice, Mom.
I'm talking about Alice in Xochiland.
I was rehearsing last night.
And today's the dress rehearsal
and if I don't go I'll be kicked out.
I can't do this, Mich.
Is this gringo thing really what you want?
Is that your dream?
It's not gringo, Mom.
-It's English, I told you that.
-Oh, yes.
And my dream is to be Alice
and see you in the front row
clapping, proud of me.
And then go to Toño's Pizza
and order the pepperoni we like.
Without Jessi.
Oh, honey.
If that's what you want, go.
Go on, before I change my mind.
Hurry. Just one thing, Mich.
I don't want to say "I told you so."
I don't want you, when you're older,
to see the photos of your great-grandmas
and your grandma on the wall
and regret yours not being there.
The family tradition ends with you, honey.
Do you understand?
It's your decision, okay?
All right.
-I love you.
-Thank you, Mom.
Off with her head!
-I'm here!
-What? Where are you going?
You're late.
-I'm late because of you.
-This is my show, I'm Alice.
-I'm Alice too. I also got through.
-It's my play. You're jealous.
-Jealous of you?
-You're jealous.
You're going to end up alone.
Big mouths end up alone.
Who was born a model
Diva and superstar
She leaves the world less beautiful
When she goes
Because my soul weeps in complaint
She's a warrior
She has an arsenal
To beat anybody
She likes to travel
Stuck by my side
She has the pedal
Whenever she wants, she accelerates
Addicted to the fight
She's a warrior
So, that's agreed.
-Very good.
-Thank you.
Mich. Congratulations, it was incredible!
Mrs. Juana just gave me two performances.
One at High School 4 and the other
at "Baby Axolotls" Kindergarten.
You're not going to be Alice here
at our school?
It's fine, I'm not complaining.
Sometimes there are muggings
at High School 4,
but at last I'll be Alice.
Thanks, Dani. Thanks a lot!
I have to tell you.
Brenda got Karen suspended.
Then, I don't know,
she talked to Cris and got her out.
She tried to give me something in candy.
-She's crazy.
-Yes, she's crazy.
A lot of water I'm going to the bathroom.
Uh someone's waiting for me.
Now you did it to me.
You don't want us to be seen together.
What are you talking about?
Don't worry.
Look at us.
I was wrong. Terribly.
You were too.
But here we are.
You shouldn't care what other people say.
I love you.
Subtitle translation by: Bridget Ochocka
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