The Most Hated Man on the Internet (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Who's gonna stop me now? ♪
Who's gonna tear me down? ♪
Remember this is my game ♪
Yes, it is ♪
In the spring of 2012, I was asked
to write an article on Hunter Moore
by Rolling Stone magazine.
Say what you're doing ♪
His website had been taken down,
but he had this huge following
of adoring fans.
Who's gonna stop me now? ♪
Who's gonna tear me down? ♪
Remember this is my game ♪
Yes, it is ♪
Who's gonna stop me now? ♪
Who's gonna tear me down? ♪
Remember this is my game ♪
Head up, we got the same reason ♪
When the website ended,
it created a bigger Hunter.
You're seeing this guy, you know,
who got away
with all this crazy shit on the Internet.
And now he was kind of traveling
around big cities and DJing.
He's getting paid
to get drunk and party with people.
So it's looking pretty promising for him.
It looks like at the end, he won.
Hunter was doing an East Coast tour.
And I went on the road with him.
This was the first article
I was asked to write by Rolling Stone,
uh, so it was a huge deal.
I was very excited.
Better get ready
I'm coming for it all ♪
Better get ready
Up against the wall ♪
A Hunter Moore party,
you were in Boston,
doing New York City a couple times.
What can people expect from you?
There's a lot of drugs
and drinking involved, so yeah.
You know, we've had girls
poop phones out on stage.
Like, it's pretty gangster.
It's literally mayhem.
Ready or not ♪
I don't think anything
could have prepared me
for what actually went down on that tour.
I mean, first of all, he was doing coke.
He's drinking a lot.
But women were just lining up
outside the green room
to sleep with him.
It wasn't just about having sex.
It was about what he could do
for shock value to post online.
So he was having women
do lines of coke off of his penis.
He was drinking vodka
out of their vaginas.
It was like Howard Stern
meets Jackass every single night.
When it came to writing the piece,
he was like,
"You can shut the site down,
but you can't shut me down."
"And I am now the brand."
The impression I got was that
he was escalating and escalating.
And he even said to me, like,
"What more could I ask people to do?"
"How do I get more debauched than this?"
Even though the site was down,
there was still no stopping Hunter Moore.
It had been months since
the Hunter Moore investigation started.
At this point,
we know the identity of the hacker,
Charlie Evens.
But we needed hard evidence
there was a conspiracy taking place,
uh, and that Hunter Moore was part of it.
He was playing, like, Mr. Innocent,
and "I didn't do anything,
and I'm not hacking,
and I'm on the up-and-up,
and everything's fine."
He really thought he was untouchable.
It was definitely apparent
that Charlotte and Kayla
wanted to see resolution very quickly.
For the FBI,
there's no quick fix for this.
We have to do our investigation
and gather evidence.
And if they really wanna see Hunter
in jail, they need to give us some time.
One of the best ways to proving there was
a connection between Charlie and Hunter
was to get a court order to look
for email information between the two.
But I'm only seeing
the time they were sent,
who they were sent to,
and who they were sent from, nothing else.
This ended up being thousands of emails
that I had to comb through.
But finally,
we had a huge breakthrough for the case.
As I'm looking through these emails,
some of the patterns I'm seeing
are right after a conversation
between Hunter and Charlie,
victims are appearing on Hunter's website.
It was kind of an aha moment for us.
There was the connection
between Charlie and Hunter.
We're finding evidence that Hunter
likely knows what's going on at a minimum.
But it really solidified
what we had believed all along is that
Hunter and Charlie are working together.
When Jeff discovered
that Charlie Evens was communicating
by email with Hunter Moore,
that was an important piece of evidence.
But we still needed to know
what they were communicating about.
We really needed
the content of the emails.
And if the emails were
on any computer devices that Hunter used,
the better it'd be
for taking the case to trial.
FBI surveillance confirmed that Hunter
was residing at his parents' house
in a suburb just outside of Sacramento.
We executed the search warrant
first thing in the morning
around 7:00 a.m.
He seemed nervous, um,
and a little anxious
about what was going on.
We were looking for computers,
storage drives, USB devices.
We would then conduct
a forensic examination,
looking for the email content
as well as the photos that were exchanged
between Charlie Evens and Hunter Moore.
Hunter admitted to knowing Charlie Evens
and communicating with him,
but was not forthcoming about knowing
and being aware of
the hacking that was going on.
He was not like he was on TV.
He wasn't yelling at us or trying to be
rude or mean. He was very compliant.
But whichever Hunter Moore
was the real Hunter Moore
didn't matter to the investigation.
Uh, the crime that took place
was what mattered
and the effect on these victims
and these people around him.
The day that Hunter got raided,
I was actually at school.
And it was a call from his mom.
I had never spoken to her before.
She was crying on the phone.
She didn't give me a lot of information
'cause she didn't know a lot.
And she didn't understand
what was going on.
It was hours later
that Hunter was able to contact me,
because the FBI took everything.
He was just scared.
I could hear it in his voice,
'cause whatever comes next
after that isn't good.
So I was sitting in my office
and monitoring Hunter's Twitter feed,
and he made a post
that said that he had to get
all new electronic equipment,
a new phone, a new computer.
And I said to myself,
"Clearly, he's been raided by the FBI."
It's the only reason he'd be getting
all new electronics. They confiscated it.
An FBI raid
is a pretty fearful thing.
I mean, that was a tremendous moment,
and also a moment that that says to you,
"You're gonna get prosecuted, mate."
He was going to be held accountable
for what he did to me
and to all the other victims.
It finally felt like
the tides were turning.
Charlotte called
and said that the FBI had
finally raided Hunter's house.
That was my go signal to publish a story
I'd been working on about the hacking.
So I had spoken to a number of victims
who independently corroborated
was the email that was left behind
after they'd been hacked.
You know, that's not a coincidence.
That's evidence of something.
Before I published my article,
I called Hunter
and asked him point-blank
about the FBI allegations and hacking.
It's safe to say that
he wasn't happy about it.
Hunter's exact words were, "If you write
anything about an FBI investigation,
I will fucking burn down
The Village Voice headquarters."
I was not gonna be bullied
by Hunter Moore.
The reporting was solid.
The story was true.
Nothing was gonna stop me
from publishing that story.
The Village Voice article
was kind of almost a vindication,
because, finally,
the hacking came to light.
Now it was there for the world to see.
But Hunter was not staying quiet.
He became more notorious, in a sense.
But then what I discovered
confirmed my suspicions.
He was planning something
even more dangerous for his victims.
The creator of IsAnyoneUp
is working on a new website.
It's called huntermoore. tv,
because his name is Hunter Moore.
He just told Beta Beat
that the concept is the same.
You upload a compromising picture
of someone with their name and profiles,
but now there's gonna be
an address field and a map.
Here's a cute quote. "If someone killed
themselves over being on IsAnyoneUp,
do you know how much money I'd make?"
Hunter announced
that he was going to launch his new site.
He put it all over the press.
And he said he was going to bring back
the same photos,
which, of course, meant
my daughter's picture would go back up.
He said he was going to include
the address of the victims
along with driving directions
on how to get to their houses.
It just felt re-traumatizing for me.
He was a danger
to everyone that he victimized,
came into contact with,
took photos from.
He didn't care. He felt like
he could still do whatever he wanted.
He needed to be brought down.
This was, like,
shocking to everybody.
You know, all of the victims
I had spoken with, they thought,
"Oh no, our pictures are going back up,
and we're gonna go through this
all over again."
IAU2 is launching, so
Yeah, okay, what is IAU2 gonna be?
It's, uh, basically gonna be
the scariest thing on the Internet,
to be honest with you.
And the best.
It goes beyond nude pictures.
I mean, yeah, so
- Don't piss anybody off.
- Shit's about to go down then.
Yeah. It's gonna be awesome.
Our investigation
was making progress,
and we kept a very close eye on
Hunter Moore and all of his activities.
But in terms of the new site
being a revenge porn site,
my hands were tied
when it came to investigating it.
The malicious activity,
the illegal activity was hacking,
and so we had to focus on that.
And he obviously felt invincible.
"Ah, the FBI aren't gonna get me. No one's
gonna get me. I can do anything I want."
You know, "I'm Hunter Moore."
I felt that the fact that
he was going to bring back his site
with the victims' addresses
was horrifying,
so I was gonna give him
a taste of his own medicine.
I was gonna tweet his real home address.
He was putting a lot of incorrect,
you know,
fake information out there about himself,
and for me to put his address on Twitter
was like revealing who he really was
so people could find him and locate him
and serve him with legal papers.
I didn't want her doing that.
This is just opening the door for her to
be attacked.
It's just dangerous.
You don't wanna play with fire.
I mean, no one told me it was a good idea.
I thought that it was important
to let him know
the victims were now gonna fight.
We're gonna fight harder than ever before.
Then, like, bam!
All the vitriol
and all the hatred towards me,
all the comments started flying
from Hunter.
He said, "By the way,
when you and your daughter
get my dick out of your mouths,
you will realize
how hard I can troll you."
Then he said,
"Posting your daughter's nudes tonight.
I am the Internet genius
and will ruin your life
and your daughter's the fun way."
And then there were a bunch of posts
from people in The Family, his followers.
One of them,
"How about we shoot you in the head?"
Another one, "What a worthless cunt."
"Hope you and your slutty daughter
die choking on a big fat cock."
I didn't regret tweeting his home address,
but I was completely exposed.
You have no idea who these people are.
It's really, really scary.
My mom was trying to,
you know, make things right,
and they weren't having that.
They all blamed me,
saying that I'm a liar
and that I'm a whore.
The fact that my mom was scared,
scared me.
Then things got even worse.
And I got a phone call on my landline.
I picked up the phone,
and a voice said,
"We know where you live," and hung up.
I got another phone call
that said that,
"We're gonna rape and kill you."
"We've ordered a body bag
in size Charlotte."
Hang up.
So I felt like everything had really been,
you know, ratcheted up,
you know, with Hunter Moore, and I felt
like they're really coming after me now.
The house didn't seem like a safe place
to me, so I went to the hardware store,
and I got locks
and put those locks
on the side gates of my property
so that nobody could get
into the house from the back.
I was so worried
that someone might come in
in the middle of the night
and try to attack us or,
who knows, rape us.
We put metal rods under my bed
and under Kayla's bed.
In case an intruder
were to come into the house,
we'd have a weapon to fight them off.
It's really all we knew to do.
We just knew
we needed something to protect ourselves.
I never thought it was gonna come to this.
I never thought it would go this far.
It was like a war, you know, between me
and Hunter, it felt like, at that point.
But Hunter had all of his Family,
all these unpredictable,
anonymous people who were on his side,
and I didn't know how to calculate that.
I didn't know what they could do,
what they were capable of.
I refused to believe
that what he was doing was wrong.
For people who have been in love,
or that crazy first feeling,
you know, I was holding onto that so hard.
Hunter called me
and told me about Charlotte Laws.
Basically, everything
that she was doing against him
was the absolute worst.
The things that he
and all of his followers
would say about her online
were absolutely
It scared me, honestly,
to see that it had come that far.
Charlotte Laws got under his skin
because he wouldn't have attacked her
that way if she didn't.
If he feels threatened,
if he feels scared by somebody,
he won't let it go.
A few months after
we purchased IsAnyoneUp
and was redirecting to BullyVille
I was sitting at dinner with my family.
My wife was pregnant
with our second child at the time.
And, uh, my phone basically almost melted
'cause there were
so many inbound texts coming in.
And they all had the same preface,
which was, "Hunter is on Twitter right now
and he is tweeting some horrific stuff
about you, your wife, and your kids."
"You need to go look right away."
What Hunter had tweeted
was along the lines of I was a pedophile,
that I had child porn on my computer.
That he was gonna rape my wife
while my kids watched.
I absolutely wanted
to kick the shit out of Hunter Moore
at that very moment in time.
To be a survivor of child abuse,
to be called a pedophile
is the worst thing imaginable,
and it brought back a lot of memories,
and it just made me really hate him
and realize that I'm going to do
everything legally possible
to completely destroy this guy's life.
You know, people say
"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."
I wanted all of his fuckin' teeth.
After Hunter said
he was gonna bring back his site,
and I was getting abused,
harassed, and bullied,
I was hunkered down in my house.
I looked at Twitter,
and there was a message
from someone who called himself Jack.
And he said he wanted to phone me.
And that's when he told me
that he was from the group Anonymous.
He planned to go after Hunter.
He said, "Don't worry."
"We know what he and his followers
have been doing to you."
"We're gonna protect you."
I didn't really know
if Jack was the real deal or not.
It was kind of more of a hope he was real.
But the following day,
Anonymous went after Hunter Moore.
Greetings, citizens of the world.
We are Anonymous.
This is a call to all Anonymous worldwide.
Hunter Moore, founder of previous
revenge pornography site,
is coming back stronger than ever
from the shutdown of his previous website.
This time he is taking it a step further
and plans to list physical addresses
next to the victims' pictures,
along with a map to their house.
We will prevent
the stalking, rape, and possible murders
as byproduct of his sites.
This is a call to all of Anonymous.
We will hold Hunter Moore accountable
for his actions.
I have quite a few friends
in Anonymous, and
they became aware of not only Hunter Moore
talking about launching his new site,
but also for going after my family.
So they wanted to help
to try and get this piece of shit
completely off the Internet.
Anonymous is the real deal.
I mean, they're the hackers
who paralyzed PayPal
when they stopped payments to WikiLeaks.
These guys took down government websites
in Egypt during the Arab Spring.
They've exposed pedophiles
on the dark web.
Anonymous, as a collective,
is an organization
you just do not fuck with.
And now their sights
were set on Hunter Moore.
We knew that it was
a very volatile situation with Hunter,
but we have to prove to the jury
beyond a reasonable doubt
that the crime was committed.
And that's a very high standard
to get the evidence that we needed.
The FBI investigation
is a very, very long process.
So now, luckily,
I had Anonymous on our side.
And I felt like,
"Okay, I've got some backup here."
It was really great.
I was absolutely thrilled.
I mean, Anonymous are the cowboys
in the white hats.
So it was a great day for Charlotte.
This had been a lonely battle for her.
We will protect anyone
who is victimized
by abuse of our Internet.
Operation Anti-Bully,
Operation Hunt Hunter engaged.
We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Hunter Moore, expect us.
They took down Hunter Moore's servers.
They wiped out
all the data on those servers.
They wiped out
all the backups to that data,
so he couldn't even restore from anything.
They wiped out his Social Security number.
They made sure that there was no way
he could flee the country.
If he had an active passport,
that was no longer active.
They hacked into his bank account.
Any money he had in there was allegedly
transferred to a women's abuse shelter.
They shipped
hundreds of dildos to his house.
They declared him dead
in the state of California.
Hunter Moore didn't even exist
for, like, a month. He was dead.
They wrecked every aspect of his life.
Now, I can't say that I'm in agreement
with the illegal activities,
because everything
that was just mentioned is very illegal.
Although I can't say I agreed with it,
I enjoyed the shit out of it.
So Anonymous goes
and they hack my server, right?
I don't understand why
Anonymous chooses these battles.
What gain do they get out of this?
This will just put into reality
what a fucking joke Anonymous is.
They're all just 16, 17-year-old kids
just being fucking morons.
But, you know, if you wanna come over here
and deal with a real motherfucker, come.
I'll make a ton of money
if you beat me up or I beat you up.
That's content for me. But nobody's
ever came over here and nobody ever will.
Hunter was on Twitter
saying it was no big deal
and, you know,
he really wasn't affected by it.
Uh, let there be no mistake about it.
Hunter got trolled.
And actions speak louder than words
because, you know,
whether he said it affected him or not,
IsAnyoneUp2, that website never went live.
It meant so much that Anonymous
was willing to come help us,
and my photo wasn't reposted.
It was
a weight lifted off my shoulders.
Revenge is never pretty,
but when it's done intelligently,
meticulously, and psychotically,
it sure is a thing of beauty.
Everything was changing.
I didn't see the same person that I met.
One day, I came across
Facebook message requests
that I hadn't seen.
I had no idea that Facebook had a way of
hiding messages from people
who weren't your friends.
And there was so many.
I found death threats.
"Tell your boyfriend
if he doesn't contact me
about my wife's porn
both of your lives will be ruined."
There was one message.
It's heartbreaking to see, honestly.
"Miss, I'm not trying to disrespect you
or your boyfriend."
"I'm just running out of ways
to contact him and get through to him."
"I have a page up on the site
and I have never been filled
with so much humiliation
and self-disgust in my life."
"Is there anything you
can do to get through to your boyfriend
to please remove my page?"
"I'm not sure how much more
of this mental pain and suffering
I can withstand."
And he sent that same message five times.
And then imagining the amount of messages
like that that were sent to Hunter
that were completely disregarded.
I couldn't live with myself if
those were constantly coming in. There's
I feel
ashamed and upset.
I just wish I had known better
at the time.
And it's, like,
one of my biggest regrets
is not speaking up when I had a voice.
I was done.
I woke up in the middle of the night and
just bought a one-way ticket to New York.
I couldn't handle the threats.
I couldn't handle the messages.
It got too much.
I just wanted to get out.
It still took us quite a while
to go through the content of the emails
on his computer, on his phone
between Hunter and Charlie.
But it was definitely worth the wait.
The email showed the conspiracy
started around October 2011,
and it started when Charlie
actually hacked into Hunter's account.
Once Hunter found out,
he wasn't upset with Charlie.
He reached out to Charlie
and then began asking Charlie
to work for him
to get photos from other people's accounts
he hacked into.
We saw a pattern, um,
where Charlie would send photos
to Hunter for payment,
and usually right after
or within a day after,
Hunter would send money
from either his PayPal account
or his bank account over to Charlie.
The photos would then
appear on Hunter's website,
In one of the email conversations
between Charlie and Hunter,
Charlie points out to Hunter
that this hacking is illegal,
but Hunter doesn't seem to care
and is undeterred.
Based on all the evidence that we saw,
it would clearly establish a conspiracy
between Hunter and Charlie.
We were now in a position to be
able to arrest both Hunter and Charlie.
It feels good.
I mean, you know these victims.
They're finally gonna see
some public end, um, to this turmoil
they've been going through.
They're gonna see these people,
who've hurt them and damaged them,
arrested because of the investigation
and because of us.
It had been two years
since all of this began.
And then one day,
I got a call from Jeff of the FBI,
and he said in a very coy way,
"So, how are you doing?"
And then he told me that
they had arrested Hunter and the hacker.
And so Kayla and I were elated.
Hunter Moore
needed to be punished.
And he needed to be put in his place.
I was so happy.
Tonight, two California men
face federal prison
after they were arrested in connection
with running of a revenge porn site.
Hunter Moore, someone you might recall
as "the Most Hated Man on the Internet,"
has been nabbed by the FBI.
Hunter Moore is the man who created
the revenge porn website IsAnyoneUp.
A California man
known as the king of revenge porn
is under arrest this morning.
Two California men
accused of stealing naked photos
from hundreds of hacked emails
He was taken into custody
along with Charles Evens.
He's a 25-year-old.
They were arrested in connection
with running a revenge porn site.
Kayla Laws is one of
seven victims named in the indictment.
Hunter, what do you have to say
about the accusations against you?
- Watch out, motherfucker.
- Any comment?
He left the police station,
and Hunter was released
to his parents on a $100,000 bond.
Watch out.
Hunter, you have anything to say
about the accusations?
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, man, come on!
It was amazing because he was
leaving with a jacket over his head.
He was trying to hide his identity.
He didn't want photos,
and these reporters
are trying to snap shots of him.
Just thought it was ironic that
he didn't want his clothed picture
to be taken,
and yet it was perfectly acceptable
to put nude pictures
all over his website of everybody else,
but that was just not reasonable
to take a clothed picture of Hunter Moore.
Hey, Hunter, pretty quiet.
Where's all the mouth, all the talk?
Hunter and his attorney
kept pushing the court date.
They don't wanna go to jail,
so they just keep postponing
and postponing and postponing.
It was frustrating
because we had waited such a long time
and we'd been through so much.
My God, how many years do we have to wait
for Hunter Moore to get his comeuppance?
And then we were informed
that he had taken a plea deal.
The operator of a revenge porn website,
who posted stolen nude photos online,
has agreed to plead guilty
to the charges
of hacking and identity theft.
You have anything to say to those people
whose pictures you posted online
without their permission,
nude, and ruin their lives?
Ultimately, Hunter and Charlie
ended up pleading to one count
of unauthorized access
to a protected computer system
to obtain information
and one count
of aggravated identity theft.
I was happy with the plea agreement.
There's more victims out there, yes.
But in this case, the number of charges
doesn't necessarily determine
how much jail time you're gonna get.
Hunter Moore's sentencing
took place on December 2, 2015,
at the United States District Courthouse
in downtown Los Angeles.
It had been nearly four years
after Kayla's picture was posted.
Kayla and I went to the courthouse,
and the fact that Hunter Moore
was so arrogant still
I guess made me feel a little insecure.
We arrived at the courthouse,
and I remember feeling super nervous.
We weren't sure what was gonna happen.
At sentencing,
Hunter's attorney went first,
and his argument on behalf of Hunter
was that Hunter had changed by then.
He's learned from his mistakes
and is now a different person,
all the while continuing
to deflect blame onto Charlie
and that Charlie
was really the bad guy here.
He was a prolific hacker.
There's no concern regarding the victims.
There's no apology to the victims.
He was not remorseful or contrite.
After the defense attorney
made his statements and his arguments,
then the judge called Kayla up
to the podium
to make her impact statement.
It allows victims to relay to the judge
the impact on their lives
that the crime has had,
not just the facts of the case
that we've presented to them.
Kayla Laws was the only victim,
uh, who decided to do this and gave
a statement in front of the judge.
I was really apprehensive
to make a statement at first
because there were a lot of emotions
confronting someone
who does something like this to you.
What changed was
me thinking about all the women out there
and men who had been affected by him,
so I wanted to speak for everyone,
not just for myself.
Where did you get that strength from?
My mom.
I got that strength from my mom.
It was very bold of her to do this
because she had been hiding
when this first happened and never wanted
to come forward, and now there she was
in court showing her face, being bold,
and she was in tears as she read it
because it was so traumatic
and so difficult,
reliving everything she had been through.
"My privacy was violated by Hunter Moore,
a guy I did not know, a total stranger."
"He called himself
a professional life ruiner."
"And that's exactly what he did to me."
"I found out my photos were online
while at my then-waitressing job."
"I felt exposed, ashamed,
and broke into tears."
"I was hoping no one would see it."
"But within a day,
I lost a role in a film,
not to mention
the tens of thousands of strangers
who saw, commented on,
or even possibly saved the photo."
"While trying to remove
the photo from the Internet,
my mom received threatening phone calls
and tweets from members
of Hunter Moore's cult."
"Some people said they would kill her."
"This terrified me."
"I will carry the trauma
of this experience with me
for the rest of my life."
One thing that happened
that I will not forget is
Charlie Evens turned around to me.
He said, "I'm sorry."
And Hunter Moore stood there
looking unremorseful,
like he was hot shit,
and that he didn't have
a care in the world
about what was happening
right in front of him.
So after Kayla
did her impact statement,
then it was up to the judge
to make a decision
about how much prison time
Hunter would get.
It's prison time for a man
who created an infamous revenge porn site.
Hunter Moore, also known
as "the Most Hated Man on the Internet,"
has just been sentenced
to 30 months in prison
for his role in acquiring
pornographic images for his website.
His accomplice, Charlie Evens,
was sentenced to 25 months.
Moore paid Charles Evens of Studio City
to hack into women's computers
and steal their naked pictures.
I thought it was a very light sentence.
But the positive was he was
off the street. He was going to prison.
He wasn't gonna be able
to continue to victimize women.
Hunter was banned from social media
as well by the judge.
If you take social media
away from Hunter Moore,
there's nothing there. It's like
cutting off his head, in a sense.
That's who he was. Social media was him.
He was his Twitter page
and had been his website,
so it really was a huge blow.
The Family was never the same
once Hunter went to prison
and Hunter wasn't,
like, actively online anymore.
Everybody just kind of got bored.
There's, uh, no one here
posting weird shit, you know,
and telling random bullshit stories.
It's gone.
Hunter thought
he would capitalize on IsAnyoneUp
and become a TV show host
or a podcast host.
But the one thing he didn't anticipate was
that there would be somebody
like Charlotte Laws.
He anticipated everything else,
but he never expected an angry mother
to be his undoing.
The Internet
is pretty much a lawless world.
It's like everybody's a cowboy out there,
and you can do whatever you want
without rules and regulations
for a large part.
It took a lot of effort.
It took years,
but we were able to bring Hunter Moore
to justice in the end.
You know, it felt like finally a victory.
Hunter Moore,
he went through so many people,
hacking so many people,
posting so many people,
but then he got to me.
And along with me comes my mom,
and my mom is not a person
you wanna cross.
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