The Murdoch Mysteries (2004) s15e19 Episode Script

Brother Can You Spare a Crime

Hello? Is anyone there? Someone home? What's this? The bullet entered her shoulder, but it did not exit.
I imagine it is lodged somewhere in her chest.
No other injuries? Not that I can see, no.
Seems the bullet wound is what killed her; arterial bleeding perhaps filling the lungs.
Of course, I will do a full postmortem.
As soon as you can, please, Mrs.
Gentlemen? Mm.
Bit of a mess.
Possible indication of a robbery? Perhaps she interrupted the intruder, he panicked, fired? All for a bit of silver.
Oh, I beg your pardon.
Terribly sorry for your loss.
May I please speak with your daughter? What? Now? I promise I'll be brief.
Terribly sorry for your loss, Miss Chambers.
I'm Detective Murdoch.
Can you tell me what happened? I was out to dinner with Albert.
And when I got home that's when I found Opal just lying there.
Albert? A gentleman friend.
Was there anyone else home when you returned? No one.
My brother, Eugene, came in shortly after me.
Opal wasn't even supposed to be home.
She was supposed to meet with her best friend, Henrietta.
And she had cancelled this date? I haven't any idea what happened.
Where were they meant to be? They were going to the moving pictures.
She was so looking forward to it.
Isn't that quite enough, Detective? I just have a few more questions.
No, there's no need.
I know who killed my Opal.
- You do? - Of course.
Who? One of those vagrants out there.
Ever since they've come, we haven't had a peaceful night.
Just last week, our neighbour's home was broken into by a vagrant.
Jewelry was stolen.
I trust they called the police? Of course.
They did nothing.
I'm sure they looked into it thoroughly.
"Looked into it.
" Some help that is.
These are dangerous men, Detective.
They come in on trains, cause trouble.
They are no good, none of them.
The the back door's been broken into, have a look for yourself.
It is obvious one of them did it.
And have you yourselves had cause to interact with any of them? Only Opal.
She was a bleeding heart for the less fortunate.
She'd volunteer her time feed them One of them must have - I told her it was a bad idea! - Mother, sit.
Do you know if anything was taken? Uh, not that I'm aware.
There was this, on the sideboard.
It's obviously not one of ours.
If I could ask that none of you touch anything.
Our constables will be taking fingermarks.
One of the frames is gone.
The one that held the photo we took on our trip to Niagara Falls.
Oh, no.
I adored that frame.
It was a gift.
It was real sterling silver.
Anything else? Well, uh, we'll have to look more thoroughly.
They killed our daughter for a picture frame.
You best take care of this, Detective, before another decent person is hurt.
And living in the park makes these people indecent? No.
It makes them indolent wastrels.
I know these probably won't be up to your standards, but I hope you like them.
Oh! I'm sure they're wonderful.
So What do you want to talk to me about? Oh! How are you faring? Fine.
Why do you ask? No reason.
Ah The seasons are changing.
It can lower one's spirits.
I I know for myself, in times of unrest, there's nothing worse than staying home alone.
Oh, well I don't I have plenty of social engagements on offer, should I choose to attend them.
And have you been choosing to attend them? I didn't ask you here to talk about social calendars.
I have a proposal for you.
- Oh? - Well, a favour of sorts.
As you know, I work at the Dispensary, a medical clinic for women.
And, well, in my condition, I simply can't work the hours I used to, and so, well, the long and the short of it is I need help.
You want me to help you at a clinic? Nothing you wouldn't know how to do.
Organizing files, helping with new mothers, women who are with child.
You do have expertise in those areas.
I suppose I do.
It it would be a volunteer position, of course.
You can work as little or as much as you'd like.
What do you think? Well Yes.
Yes, I think I'd like that.
Oh, good! That's wonderful.
Nobody home? Uh, apparently not.
- Problem? - No, just having trouble reaching a friend.
Maybe your friend doesn't want to be reached.
I considered this.
But, firstly, nothing seems to have precipitated such a change in attitude, and secondly, one cannot tell who is telephoning when one's telephone rings.
- I'm sorry I asked.
- Then again, perhaps he's chosen to relieve himself of the burden of his telephone altogether.
Sir! I've spoken to the next-door neighbour.
Ah, she witnessed a vagrant going door-to-door at around 8 p.
Right then.
Let's have a sketch of this man made up straight away.
Uh, she didn't get a good look at him, sir.
Vagrant, was it? There seems to be an encampment near the Chambers home.
It's been giving the neighbourhood some trouble of late.
That place has been a thorn in the city's side for months.
Let's pay them a visit.
Good day.
Detective Murdoch, Toronto constabulary.
I wonder if you could answer some que I beg your pardon.
I'm Detective Llewelyn Watts.
I didn't do nothing.
I'd just like to ask you a few questions.
- could answer a few - I got nothing to say.
Oh! Hello.
Not exactly forthcoming.
These type of people don't care for the law.
Can I help you fellows? You lost? No.
We're police.
What do you want? Detective Murdoch.
We're looking for someone who visited a home last night, just over there.
Why? It was the scene of a murder.
A murder? That's a hell of a thing.
And since we're down on our luck, one of us must've done it, is that right? What's your name? Hank Herman.
I'm sort of in charge around here.
Oh, is that right? So, you can make these people talk to us, can you? No one around here is talking to any coppers.
We believe the killer may have stolen some items from the scene of the crime, most notably a sterling silver frame.
Don't know anything about that.
Do you know of anyone here in possession of a gun? I don't allow guns in here.
And these people listen to you, do they? Damn right they do.
We need to toss this place.
Let's get back to the station and get the lads.
Well, that will hardly endear us to the community.
They're criminals.
They don't need to like us! Their only crime we can prove is being without shelter.
One of these people has bloody killed someone, Watts.
I'm not going to wait around until they decide - to turn themselves in.
- Sir.
The woman looks familiar.
I think she works at Scott's Diner, - if I'm not mistaken.
- Think you're right.
Adelaide? Waitress from the diner? Yes.
Yes, I am.
Not been fired, have ya? Ah, no.
No, I still work there.
- Ah.
- Every day, actually.
So, uh what are you doing here? Volunteering, I suppose.
I, um I lost my home.
The diner doesn't pay enough.
But the people here are quite kind, so it's not so bad.
We'll search every tent until we find those missing items.
Are you sure we want to do that? Have you got a better idea, Watts? This is like searching every house in a neighbourhood.
We have no cause to search any individual unless they are under suspicion.
The killer is a vagrant.
- They're all under suspicion.
- Believed to be a vagrant.
Perhaps the threat of a widespread search will motivate them to speak with us.
- You agree with this? - Well, no, Watts.
- But it's a means to an end.
- Sirs? Henrietta Stiles is here.
She's the friend Opal was going to see the night of her murder.
Miss Stiles? You and Opal Chambers were good friends? Best.
I've known Opal my whole life.
She was so kind.
Always willing to help others.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
This never would've happened if she'd just met with me that night.
So, you never did meet up with Opal? We were supposed to meet at seven.
Just as I was heading out, she telephoned and cancelled.
- Did she give you an explanation? - No.
And your whereabouts that evening can be verified? Oh, yes, of course.
I was at home with my grandmother finishing my crochet piece.
Did Opal have a paramour? Was anyone courting her? Nobody that I knew of.
And did you know of anyone who might wish her harm? Never.
Opal was the kindest girl.
I can't imagine anyone holding a grudge against her.
But she did frequent the vagrant encampment, correct? Yes.
She used to say they were good people, just a little down on their luck.
Did she mention anyone in particular? Anyone she felt might be dangerous? Only in good faith.
She was so trusting of them.
Look where it got her.
Right then, lads.
Let's get in there and flip every tent until we find the missing items.
We're looking for a sterling silver frame, gold-plated comb and some silver cutlery.
And if they resist, sir? We hold them back and then we search them.
Let's get to it.
Constable, go easy on the young lady.
What is the meaning of this? I've tried to talk to you already.
We need to find those missing items - so we know we're on the right track.
- Please, stop.
I I know where that frame is.
- I know who took it.
- Oh, do you now? So, who was it? I'll show you.
Just call off your men.
Stand down, lads! Stand down! So, who am I looking for? Eddie Stone.
He's known to be violent.
I saw him trying to sell a sterling silver frame.
His tent's over there.
You'll find him if you're lucky.
Uh, hang on, sir.
Niagara Falls.
"To Mother with love.
" Sir, this is the frame we're looking for.
Hey! Hey! Get him! Someone stop him! Stop! Stop! Get him! We got the guy, eh? What do you want from me? Seems there are quite a few things we want from you.
- You leave my things alone! - Your things? You stole this.
- You took it from a murder scene.
- I did not! Just look on the bright side, sunshine.
At least tonight, you'll be spending the night with a roof over your head.
This was found in your possession.
Now, how did you acquire it? How am I supposed to know? I've never seen it before in my life.
You claimed earlier that these were your things.
Stone, I believe you stole this from the Chambers home just near the camp.
And after stealing it, you murdered Opal Chambers.
I didn't steal anything.
And I definitely didn't murder anyone.
All right.
Where were you two nights ago? Saturday? I got in a bar fight.
What time? I don't know.
Like, eight? Nine? You can ask the copper who arrested me.
You were arrested? Spent the whole night in the cells.
I can confirm this by telephoning the station house.
Go ahead.
Then you can strip me down and I'll show you my bruised ribs.
It's the only reason I didn't put up more of a fight.
It's true.
He was in jail all night.
So, we have the wrong person then? How did he come by that stolen frame? He says he has no idea how he got it.
Perhaps he stole it from someone else and doesn't want to admit it? Stole it from someone in that camp.
Someone in there is our killer.
Did you check Stone's fingermarks? They aren't a match for any of the ones - found in the Chambers home.
- What about the glove? I haven't been able to link it to anyone in that camp.
Whoever dropped it likely disposed of the other one.
There is another possibility.
Someone may have intentionally placed that frame in front of his tent.
You mean he was set up.
Well, he's a known criminal.
Easy to convince us someone like him would be guilty.
Herman is the one who led us to Mr.
You should have another word with him.
- Margaret.
- Oh! This is all the paperwork for today to get through.
I didn't realize you were so busy.
You're going to be a great help to us.
You must help me.
I've been up all night.
She hasn't been feeding and she won't stop crying! There must be something wrong.
All right.
We'll run some tests and we'll see what's going on.
She'll be okay, won't she? I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, and we'll feed her some formula in the interim.
Lying to the police is no small offence.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Stone was in jail at the time that that picture frame was stolen.
Meaning there's a good chance that frame was placed amongst his belongings.
And given that you pointed us to him, it's either quite a coincidence, or you set it up yourself.
It's time to tell the truth, Mr.
That man is violent.
Rolled in on the rails a few weeks ago, nothing but trouble since.
He attacked a man just last week, nearly killed him! If you're looking for a murderer, he's your man.
So, you presume him to be guilty based solely on his character.
We are good people here.
Except for him! So, you did place that picture frame in front of his tent? I just wanted him gone.
Where did you get it? - What? - The frame! A man named Reed.
He buys and sells all sorts of things - outside that old butcher shop.
- Uh-huh.
So, like a pawn shop? Yes, except without the shop.
And when I saw the frame in his possession, that's when I got the idea.
Well, we'll speak to him.
But, regardless, you falsified evidence in a murder investigation.
You're coming with us.
How long does it take to toss this place and arrest somebody for murder? Please, let me do my job.
Well, you're not doing your job fast enough! My Opal is dead.
And whichever one of these no-good vagrants did it is running around free.
- Is this the one who did it? - He's only a witness.
How do you know the killer didn't hop on a freight car out of town? We don't.
The best thing you could do at this time is go home and let us determine who did it.
Donuts? Excuse me? - Do you run this place? - Yeah.
Did someone take your order already, sir? I'm not here to order.
I'm here to discuss the kind of wages that you pay your workers that they can't even afford a roof over their heads.
And who said something like that? Never you mind.
Well, that's not my concern.
I have mouths to feed at home.
So, you don't care that the very people you employ can't even afford to eat at the diner that they work at? It doesn't matter if I care.
I can't afford to raise their wages and that's that! Mr.
Reed, is it? Uh, who's asking? Detective Llewelyn Watts and Detective William Murdoch - of the Toronto Constabulary.
- I-I don't know anything, so I didn't ask you anything.
Actually, we'd like to know where you got this.
It does look familiar.
Uh Um Yeah.
Yeah, that's mine.
Someone must've stolen it.
Just tell us where you got it.
Oh, yes.
It was, uh Morris Graves.
I gave him a pair of boots for it.
Got quite the deal.
And where might we find this Mr.
Graves? Uh, usually stays by the alley, uh, behind the grocers around the way.
- Right.
- Wha ? Uh, now hold on! Th-that's my frame.
I traded for it fair and square! Mr.
Graves? Listen, if this is about the vegetable stand, I only took what rolled onto the street.
This is about a woman named Opal Chambers.
Do you know her? No.
You recognize this? No.
It was stolen from Miss Chambers.
And shortly thereafter, it came to be in your possession.
I didn't take it.
That woman gave it to me.
You're telling us that a woman simply gave this to you.
She said it'd be more useful to me than her.
Nice girl.
Did she give you anything else? No.
Where exactly did she give this to you? At her house.
You were inside of her home? On the 18th? I don't know.
I guess.
How did you come to be inside her home? I went looking for food and clothing, going door-to-door, like I always do.
That woman just happened to open the door to me.
All right.
What happened next? She gave me the frame and I left.
She was still alive when you left? What? Miss Chambers was murdered.
We believe whoever took this frame from her is her killer.
She she's dead? Look, I don't know anything about any murder.
I didn't do anything! Let's take him to the camp and search his things.
No, you guys have the wrong guy.
I didn't Well, then, you have nothing to worry about.
We found these items in the tent of a Mr.
Do you recognize any of these? I don't know.
Mother? No.
Those are not ours.
- Miss Chambers? - No, I I I'm sorry, Detective.
She's rather overcome with emotion.
And, uh, you are? Albert Jones, Vera's companion.
That's her brush.
It's all right, it's all right.
Her hair's still in it.
Are you quite sure? Yes.
Uh, this means it's him.
You you've found the man who did it.
Well, we can't be certain of that just yet.
He's the thief, he's the killer.
I gave this to her on her 16th birthday.
I should have been there.
I I should have saved her.
It's all right, Father.
It's all right.
These cuffs are too tight! You'll have them off in a moment, soon as you're in the cells.
Morris! Mr.
Chambers? - If you can't do it, I will.
- No! Hang on! Someone get a doctor! - Right, sir! - What have you done? He's dead.
Why would you do this? Can you really say you wouldn't have done the same? I absolutely would not have! You cannot take the law into your own hands! You have to do right by your family.
We were bringing him in! You were just going to ask him a few more useless questions.
- Building a case.
- And then? What if you couldn't prove it? Now he's paid.
Now it's over.
You'll likely hang for this, Mr.
I don't care.
It will be hard to convict him.
He'll have the sympathy of a jury.
He shot a man in public with no remorse.
A man who killed his daughter.
The type of man that everyone fears.
Still, there are questions that remain unanswered.
Such as? We've found no murder weapon.
So, he dumped it somewhere.
No one recalls him having a gun.
It hardly changes anything.
Go figure it out and close the case.
Your resistance will not help your case.
Take your hands off me! I am not going anywhere.
Oi, Higgins.
What's occurring? This woman was caught stealing from a fruit cart, sir.
Is this true? I got fired.
Boss says I was causing trouble.
I had to eat.
I-I promise, I won't do it again.
Bloody hell.
Take her to my office, Higgins, give her something to eat, then let her go.
Right, you lot, listen up! As of today, no one from Station House Four will be seen entering Scott's Diner.
Uh, sir, it's Turkey Tuesday.
No one.
Understood? Sir.
I'm afraid your baby isn't taking the formula.
She's at danger of becoming malnourished.
What do I do? Well, she has to eat, so we may need to feed her forcibly.
You haven't held her in a while.
Would you like to before we feed her? It's fine.
Just, please, help her.
The bullet pierced his heart, killing him instantly.
Thank you, Mrs.
You're lucky you weren't injured.
Slip of the hand Yes, I suppose both Watts and I have had our share of close calls.
Anything else? Nothing that struck me as odd.
He was fairly healthy, had all his teeth intact, a few scratches here and there.
I did notice a red stain on his shirt.
I thought he had a pre-existing injury, but it was just a food stain.
What kind of food? A sauce of some sort? Maybe a soup.
Soup? If I were to guess, I'd say tomato.
A soup stain on Mr.
Graves matching the kind of soup - that was set out at the Chambers home? - Yes.
Meaning? Meaning he may have had soup in their home.
So what? It's a bit unusual, sir.
A man robbing a house sits down to a bowl of soup.
And he claimed she gave him the picture frame.
Along with other items.
So, it's possible that it is true.
She invited him inside.
Eating soup is not a tell-tale sign of innocence.
He could have killed her and then helped himself.
His fingermarks were found here, as well as on the dining table.
What about the hallway where the shot came from? Uh, no.
Is this really necessary? I've lost my daughter and now my husband.
Please! I just want peace.
This won't take long, I assure you.
We're very sorry for your loss.
The kitchen counter and then again here on this moulding.
The front door? Fingermarks were found on the outside doorknob and the inside doorknob.
Nothing else? No.
If someone were to break in, it would be presumably because the door was locked.
- Hm.
- They would've smashed the glass, reached inside, - and Mr.
Graves' fingermarks - Should be on the deadbolt.
- They are not? - They are not.
He didn't break in, the window was broken.
That could also have happened after the fact.
So, you think that she let him in, gave him some soup and then handed him a pillowcase full of silver - and sent him on his way.
- Well And then somehow she ended up being shot and the window ended up being broken.
How do you explain all that? Well, sir, I I can't, yet.
You really believe that someone else killed her? Possibly.
Maybe they have the gun, because we still don't even have a bloody murder weapon.
Detective? I think you'll agree something is missing.
So, I decided to revisit our evidence.
And? I had a thought.
- About the murder weapon.
- We still haven't found it.
But we do have this.
The gun Mr.
Chambers used to kill Mr.
Chambers' gun.
Ergo, it would have been inside Mr.
Chambers' home.
At the time of Opal's murder.
But you don't think The calibre was the same in both shootings.
Let's imagine, just for a moment, that Mr.
Graves did not break into the Chambers home and did not commit the murder.
Would it then be possible That the killer used the same gun.
I need you to have a look at the striation marks on these bullets.
Yes, it's a match.
Same gun was used to kill them both.
The killer is in that house.
One of their family did it? We believe so, yes.
I still think the vagrant could have come in the house and found that gun.
It is possible.
It would've still been in the house at the time.
Sir, it was hidden out of the way in a drawer.
Now, Mr.
Graves' fingermarks were found all over the main floor, but not on the drawer in question.
Now, it is possible that he was invited inside, for a time, but that the murder took place after he left.
Whose fingermarks were on the drawer then? It was smudged, but only family members.
I was going over the evidence and noticed something.
What looked to be a pendant that Opal Chambers wore around her neck is really a locket.
- What's significant about that? - Well, lockets usually have something inside of them.
This one has the letter "A" inside of it.
Who does that stand for, then? - Her father's name is Arnold.
- Oof! Bloody hell, Murdoch, it's a locket.
- More likely a paramour.
- Thank you, Watts.
Her friend stated that she wasn't courting anyone.
- Huh.
- Maybe her friend lied.
Inspector! I'm so happy to see you here.
I'm not here to dine.
I'm just seeing if any of my men are wasting their money in this establishment.
Well, you can rest assured they haven't.
Since my regulars stopped coming in, it's hurt my business tremendously.
It's not a nice feeling, is it? I'll hire Adelaide back, all right? She shouldn't have been fired in the first place.
You're right.
My men will return on one condition.
- What? - You raise Adelaide's wages.
- Agreed.
- And the rest of your staff, as well.
- I don't think - I don't negotiate! You're not paying your workers enough that they can put a decent roof over their heads.
It's not right.
- It's a deal.
- Good.
And good day to you.
Miss Stiles, the last time we spoke, you weren't entirely honest with me.
I am a very honest person.
My family can attest to it.
Who is "A"? "A"? This belonged to Miss Chambers.
It could be anybody, really.
Well, I guess, as a best friend, Miss Chambers didn't really tell you everything.
I know that if I had an enemy, or a secret lover, I surely would reveal that to my closest friend.
If you really are to know The A is for Albert.
That Albert.
Vera's lover.
Miss Chambers was seeing Albert behind her sister's back? I swore I wouldn't tell a soul, but she's gone now.
You were with Vera Chambers the night of the murder, correct? Yes.
Yes, we were at Parkwood Bowling and Dining, on the east side of town.
Did you visit anywhere else that night? What do you mean? Did you meet with anyone else? No.
No? Not Opal Chambers? Why would I be meeting up with Opal Chambers? That's, uh it's just silly.
Perhaps because you were seeing her.
Behind her sister's back.
I don't know where you heard that, but I can assure you it's a lie.
Jones, we know it's true.
I was in love with Opal.
So you did see her that night? I called Opal earlier in the evening told her to meet me at the park about 7 p.
I wanted to break it off with her because I just I couldn't do this anymore.
I I love Vera.
You said you loved her sister.
Well, I love them both.
I Obviously, I had to put a stop to it.
So, instead of meeting with Henrietta that night, it was you she went to see? Yes.
After I broke it to her, then I went to meet Vera.
Opal was so distraught.
She ran home crying.
I And you followed her? Follow? Why would I ? If you're suggesting I had anything to do with her death, you you're mistaken.
Perhaps she threatened to expose the affair? - You couldn't let that happen.
- No.
No, no, no.
She didn't.
She was heartbroken, but I I could never hurt Opal.
Please, I I swear to you.
I I don't know what happened after Opal got home that night, but I I wasn't there.
I know this all seems quite overwhelming, but it really will be a quick - Is she feeding? - She is, indeed.
Thank you.
I was losing all hope.
She's looking healthier already.
Some babies don't take to the bottle.
They need the human touch.
Would you like to try holding her? She cries when I hold her.
I don't know what I'm doing.
You're her mother.
You're all she needs.
Trust me.
You'll be just fine.
Good girl.
These are the days you'll never forget.
Treasure them.
Was it the two-timer? His alibi suggests he wouldn't have had time to follow Miss Chambers home and kill her.
They were confirmed attending Parkwood Bowling and Dining.
Well, it was someone in the house.
What about fingermarks on the gun? Mr.
Chambers used it to kill our suspect subsequent to the initial murder.
We only found his fingermarks.
- Maybe we check again? - No, we were thorough.
Any previous marks were smudged or wiped off completely.
We checked the gun for fingermarks, but not the bullets.
Well? All of the fingermarks on these bullets are Mr.
No surprise.
Perhaps he's the killer.
Except for this one.
Oh? Whose is it? Vera Chambers.
Opal's sister.
Miss Chambers.
We'd like to speak to you about the murder of your sister, Opal Chambers.
What's going on? What are you doing here? We found your fingermark on a bullet casing in your father's gun, the same gun that was used to kill your sister, Opal.
You fired it once, killing her.
Then put it back in the hallway table drawer, but not before replacing the fired bullet so no one would be the wiser.
Lies! Why are you doing this? My daughter's innocent.
- Let it be, Mother.
- No! It was bound to come back to me eventually.
- Vera! No! - Mother.
Th th this isn't proof.
Just because she touched a bullet? You believe someone else fired that gun? They must have! It can't be her.
I agree.
Miss Chambers was seen in the company of Mr.
Jones at the time of the murder, and she didn't return home until at least one hour after it happened.
- So it was him, it was the vagrant.
- Yes! Possibly.
But I doubt very much he was able to find that gun where it was hidden.
Furthermore, I don't believe Miss Chambers helped him find it.
Of course she didn't help him.
What are you talking about? You didn't fire that gun, did you, Miss Chambers? But you did replace the one spent bullet.
You were protecting someone? What are you saying? - Who killed my daughter? - Who are you covering for? I I don't know what you're talking about! - Vera? - I It was me.
It was me.
She was covering for me.
Tell us what happened.
That night I came home early.
She wasn't supposed to be at home.
I heard noises.
I thought a vagrant was robbing us.
I got the gun.
With the neighbours' recent break-ins, I was frightened.
I was sure! I I just I just wanted to stop him! When I finally went over to the dead body, I realized it was Opal.
I didn't even have time to think.
Until Vera arrived.
We tried to make it look like a break in.
She was just trying to protect me.
I'm sorry, Mother.
You really do seem to have the magic touch! Ah! It's not magic, just experience and common sense.
- Well, thank you, Margaret.
- Mm.
Poor woman seemed unable to even hold her baby before you helped.
And to think I was about to perform a rather harsh medical procedure.
Uh, it was my pleasure.
I have to admit, I'm rather afraid of when this baby comes.
I know how to be a doctor, not a mother.
Oh! Well, no one knows what to do.
You just do it.
I suppose so.
Well, if you need any help, I'll be right here.
Thank you, Margaret.
Thank you.
Looking for Mr.
Strange, are you? That's right.
I haven't been able to reach him.
Took off couple of days ago.
Took off to where? Don't know.
Him and his friend loaded luggage into a carriage and took off.
His friend? Sure, friend.
Young man.
Younger than yourself.
Thank you.
Ah, there you are.
All's well that ends well.
I can't thank you enough.
I may be able to save enough to get my own place soon.
It's the least you deserve.
- The regular? - Oh, yes, please.
It's been a while.
- That'll be 25 cents.
- Twenty-five cents?! Wages go up, prices go up.
- It's the way it works.
- Mm.
Topping of jelly.
- On me.
- Ah! - This time.
- Hm.

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