The Murdoch Mysteries (2004) s15e24 Episode Script

Close Encounters

1 In any case, I'm looking forward to finally meeting your parents.
Hmm, we do have the Wexford Wonder, though.
- What's that? - My father believes it's evidence of creatures from another planet.
Oh, good Lord, not this again.
Maurice! What a lovely surprise! The man who was visiting you this morning, I'm not sure where I know him from, but I think he might be - a criminal.
- He also happens to be my father.
Do you have a guilty conscience? Goodbye, Mr.
- Llewelyn, we need to finish our discussion.
- Good.
Llewelyn! God, he's been shot! Listen to me: go up the street and turn left.
There's a police call box.
- We're getting you to the hospital! - No, no, call the station house.
Tell them to send constables.
I'm going inside.
- Llewelyn! - No, please! Please, just do it! Don't.
You're under arrest.
Good God, the readings! They must be nearby.
Maybe they're in there? - Yes, it could be.
- Hello? - What's that? - Millie.
- Hello? - She's in there.
- I'm going in.
- Help! Help! George.
Be careful.
Hello? Hello? Hello? Good Lord! Uh, I come in peace.
George! George, are you all right? Am I? I think I just met a creature from another planet.
William, are you sure it's wise to go to work? Someone is targeting us, Julia.
They put an explosive device in our home.
They may not stop until we're dead.
So, we stay in hiding forever? Our only hope is to determine who's behind this and to stop them.
Not a soul knows we're here, but but just in case, this is a wireless transmitter.
At any sign of trouble, press this button.
And I'll come running.
It's bidirectional, so I can send, as well.
Let's hope it doesn't come to any of that.
William, please be careful.
I will.
Nomi's doing well.
- She's enjoying Chicago? - Hm.
She says she's coming home for a visit soon.
- Ah, good.
- Mm-hm.
Afternoon, Inspector.
Oh, it's you.
Good afternoon.
You're not going to introduce me? Mrs.
Thomas Brackenreid.
- And you are? - Maurice Majors.
- Hm.
- Old friend of your husband's.
- Nice to meet you.
- Not exactly.
You still don't remember me? Surely, you looked me up.
I did.
And all I know is that you haven't run afoul of the law in Toronto, so you're free to go about your business.
How generous of you.
Now, if you'll just leave us in peace.
Should you really be the one making demands here? I'm the police inspector, Mr.
Don't I know it.
I just thought you might have a bit more consideration for your old friend after what happened with Milton.
Good day, Inspector.
Who is that man? I don't know.
Well, he certainly knows you, Thomas.
Hm? I'm fine, honestly.
You were bleeding a great deal.
You'll need someone to tend to that for you.
As you can see, I tend to myself quite well.
I thought you were dead, Llewellyn.
- When I saw you on the ground - You acted with great courage.
Thank you.
But you can go home now.
I'll be fine.
- You're sure? - I'm sure! The light was blinding, but I forged ahead.
Millie was calling out.
- You could hear her? - Clear as day.
- What happened next? - George ran into the barn.
I saw the creature emerging from the light, which was so blinding I could barely make the thing out.
But I'm telling you, I was so close I could nearly touch it.
Good Lord! - And then? - And then nothing.
It went dark.
And the creature was gone.
Do you think the portal is closed? I don't know.
If only I could have moved faster, but as I say, I was blinded.
- A telegram came for you.
- Ah.
Thank you very much.
- It's from Henry.
- Oh? What does it say? Apparently, Ruth refuses to leave the wellness centre.
He says he'll try to make it back for the wedding.
It's not exactly reassuring, especially coming from Henry.
Well, at least that makes your best man decision easier.
Yes, I suppose it does.
- Oh, Effie, I have some news as well.
- And that is? Your cousin, Gigi, will be attending the celebrations.
You're a barmy old egg, aren't you? Come on.
Let's get boiled.
Well, isn't that a lovely surprise? It's not too late to save your friend.
If you could hear her, she's still here.
- But surely the portal closed? - Well, then open it! The moon will remain in position for one more night.
All we need is the electromagnetic activity.
You two have got to save that poor woman! - Oh, Perry! Enough.
- Yes, dear.
Is it dangerous? Of course it's dangerous.
If you get too close, you'll get sucked in and the portal will scramble your brains.
You'll be nothing but an empty husk by the time you're deposited into their world.
Maybe that's what happened to Henry.
We caught the shooter and the rifle that he shot Watts with is likely the same weapon as used earlier.
- You could have been killed.
- I was lucky.
You were bloody brave, Watts.
Running in there after he'd already shot you.
Uh, I had to make sure he didn't flee.
Well, thank you.
He's under guard in the interview room, Murdoch.
Uh, where are you off to? To my favourite place, the records office.
Someone from my past is calling and I have no idea who it is.
Oh, and by the way: that ottoman is a family heirloom of Margaret's.
I don't know a damn thing.
Well, what I know is that you killed that man on a bicycle and you shot a police officer.
What I want is the name of the person who put you up to it.
I don't know.
You don't know? Someone wants to stay in the shadows, I'm not turning on the light.
Well, someone contacted you.
By telegram.
Since destroyed.
They paid you.
Money appeared in my bank account.
That's all I know.
Your job was done.
- Why not just leave? - I liked it here.
I had money to spend! Why did you shoot my detective? I don't know what to tell you, sir.
Sometimes a man just ends up on the wrong side of a gun.
Where can I find Constable George Crabtree? Pardonnez-moi, mademoiselle, but who might you be? I'm his Aunt Chrysanthemum.
If you are his aunt, then surely you know that Constable Crabtree is in Wexford.
- He is soon to be married.
- Married? - But he can't! - And why is that? It is hardly your business.
Just let him know he can't get married.
Hm! Excuse you! Hm! Who are you? Georges Fournier of the Montreal Police.
Is that right? Well, you'd better have a bloody good reason for being in my station house, Frenchie.
My share of the salon is now yours.
Your generosity is much appreciated.
And I can't wait to put my stamp on this place.
This was not part of our deal.
I did what I had to do.
Well, someone will have to put a stop to it.
You've seen how he is.
He'll take over this place and everything I've built.
And then, he's going to come after you.
Hmm, you know I'm going to turn this place into something special.
And you sure this will work? Your guess is as good as mine.
I'm just trying to give you a fighting chance.
Now, uh Muffs for the sound, mask for the light and those batteries are wired to your backpack.
Now, when you get inside, you let loose.
- Oh! Tingly.
- Oh, yeah.
Are you sure this is actually going to work? It's not much, but if it's localized at the site of the portal, the energy might be enough to close it.
Oh! One more thing.
Are you really going through with this, Fiona? My marriage? - Among other things.
- Of course! A rope? Tie one end to something and the other to yourself, just to avoid being sucked into the nothingness.
- Ah.
- Let's go test it! You're as much a fool as he is.
He's just like Father.
Don't make the same mistake I did.
What do you want from me? Retribution.
Perhaps an apology.
- It was a long time ago.
- How long? 20 years? Is that long enough to forget hanging a man for something he didn't do? - He was a murderer.
- He was my friend.
And you couldn't prove he did any of the things he actually did.
So, instead, you hang him for something else.
He got what he deserved.
Oh, I don't think your colleagues at the constabulary would agree with that.
Hell, you had a witness tell you he didn't do it, but you didn't care because you wanted him dead.
That's murder, if you ask me.
It's long forgotten.
You can't prove it.
I was that witness, Inspector, in case you've forgotten.
And you have no idea what I can prove.
You can't blackmail me.
Oh, but I am blackmailing you.
- You keep your mouth shut.
- Or what? I was able to locate the shooter's bank account.
- And? - Dominion.
The payment Everything all right, Inspector? Hm? Yes.
I was just filling in the detective on what I've learned.
Our sniper received a payment from an account at the Chemical Bank in New York.
Anything else? Money was also transferred from the Chemical Bank to an account at the Montreal Policeman's Credit Union.
A crooked copper? I am loath to say it, but there has been a Montreal policeman circling this case.
You think he's involved? I don't know, but he arrived shortly after the shooting and has been inside my home after arriving unannounced.
What? You think he planted the bomb? I don't know, but it's possib You'd best look into it.
Yes? All right.
A body on Wilton.
Then I guess I'll take it.
I understand you knew him? More than that.
He was my father.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- I didn't know him well.
Nonetheless, I offer condolences.
We can call in someone else to examine him.
No need.
I can do it myself.
No sign of foul play? Nothing to indicate cause of death to the body.
As far as I can tell, he was a healthy man.
Good day, Detective.
- Ready? - Who could be ready, Effie? Who among us could truly be ready to encounter - a creature from another dimension? - If anyone is, it's you, George.
- It's what? - It's you! Yes.
I agree.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- What? You're welcome! George? Ah! What on Earth! Hello? Hello? Millie! Millie, is that you? - Are you all right? - Effie? Don't worry, we're going to get you out of here.
Millie, are you all right? Can you hear me? I'm all right.
The well.
- The well? - The well They came from the well the creatures.
They tried to take me there.
The portal.
The portal must be inside the well.
George! George! This is the man I was looking for.
- He was murdered? - He was.
Do you know who killed him? Not as yet, no.
Well, let us join force, put our brains together once more.
The great Detective William Murdoch and Constable Fournier working together again.
Georges, this man was murdered as a message to me.
A message? How do you mean? He was dressed to look exactly like me.
- A coincidence? - Perhaps.
Perhaps it's also a coincidence that you happened to be looking for this same man.
And you also happened to arrive in Toronto on the very day that he was murdered.
I also believe that he was an associate of Frank Rhodes.
What are you saying? Maybe these things aren't coincidences at all.
You think I had something to do with this murder? The bank account that was used to pay for the murder of this man also made a deposit into the Montreal Policeman's Credit Union.
That has nothing to do with me! You were in my home when my keys were moved.
- Your keys? - Did you make an impression of my keys, break into my home and plant a bomb? Detective! Listen to yourself! How can I do this? You know me! I hardly know you at all.
Detective, I assure you, I had nothing to do with any of this.
You must believe me.
George! You can't go into that well! - It's too dangerous.
- It's all right, Effie.
I'll be careful.
I promise.
George! - Oh! - Oh! Are you all right? Good Lord! You should be resting.
Is this not rest? Let me take you home.
Why? When I saw you on the ground, Llewellyn I thought It changed things.
It changed what? Perhaps it made me realize just how much you mean to me.
All it took was me nearly dying.
Who cares what it took? I'm here now, telling you I don't want to lose you.
But you want me to be one of many.
I'm trying to say I'll reconsider.
I'll reconsider everything.
You could do that? Well I could try.
No need.
I don't want you to change.
I want you to be who you are.
Llewelyn? There's nothing else to be said.
I am needed at the station house.
Good Lord.
What do we do? Bet that's Billy Mumphries.
The aliens must have de-fleshed him! De-fleshed? Relieved him of his flesh, Effie, probably for food! Poor soul.
- It's a good thing we got to Millie in time.
- George, George! This is bad.
- Someone is really dead.
- I know.
- I have to go down there.
- No, George, you can't go down there! Who knows what will happen? Effie, there are creatures from another planet in that well.
If I turn my back on this discovery, I may well regret it the rest of my days! You stay here.
If I don't come back George, you're not going down there.
- Effie.
- You're not going down there because there are no aliens down there.
What? I have a confession to make.
Millie, could you give us a minute, please? Of course.
I'll see you at the wedding? I hope so.
You as well.
That was an associate at the Montreal Police Credit Union.
He gave me a name for the account in question.
It's not mine.
I told you.
Sir, you can trust me, please.
The account belongs to a Sebastien Port.
Sebastien Port.
- I know this name.
- Who is he? A prison guard that used to work at the Montreal Jail.
However, he moved to Toronto.
I believe he came here to work at the Don Jail.
That's where Frank Rhodes is being kept.
I'm going to pay him another visit.
I'm coming with you.
Well, what happened? Sebastien Port was escorting him to the clinic.
- And? - Sebastien Port is dead, sir.
So, Frank Rhodes has escaped.
Frank Rhodes has escaped from prison? How could this have happened? I don't know, but I will find him, Julia, I promise you that.
In the meantime, don't let anyone in, don't even answer the door.
And stay away from the windows.
- Please hurry, William.
- I will.
Georges? The warden just received a phone call from Station House Four.
One of your neighbours has reported a man breaking into your house.
There's constables on the way.
That's Rhodes.
I set it all up.
The aliens, Millie's disappearance, all of it.
You're telling me the whole thing was a ruse? Not a ruse, George! A gift to you for our wedding.
What about the footprints? I strapped some some spoons to some old ping pong paddles and I sort of And the electromagnetic activity? I used this magnet to lead you wherever I wanted you to go.
Effie, I saw the creature You saw Millie, George! Wearing this.
Oh, for Pete's sake! - Millie's in on this? - George.
What about your father? Was he playing me for a fool the whole time also? No, George! He really believes in all this.
I just I elaborated on his theories so that I could take you on an adventure, one that both of us could share.
Nobody thinks you're a fool, George, least of all me! And if you hadn't told me about this, you would have let me believe it for what? The rest of my life? - Well - Oh, Effie, that is a terrible wedding gift! When you put it that way, it does sound bad.
George, I wanted to show you that I believe in you; in your kindness and your imagination.
Your sense of wonder.
And I was scared that when you met my parents, you would see us.
The believer and the skeptic.
And I wanted to show you that you may be like my father, but I am nothing like my mother.
Effie, I know that.
I love who you are! With you, every day brings a possibility of magic and I think that we're going to have a marvelous adventure together.
I think so too, but I never would have thought otherwise.
Can you forgive me? Yes, of course.
I should be flattered, I suppose.
I should thank you for going to such great lengths to give me the worst gift I ever got.
The skeleton was a particularly nice touch.
But, the thing about that, actually, - is I've never seen that in my life.
- What? George, we've found a real dead person.
Ooh, kid's got some lungs on her.
Give her to me! Back to Mommy.
Who are you? Nice to meet you, Dr.
I was a friend of your husband's.
Name's Frank Rhodes.
Sure my name never came up? Shh, shh.
What are you doing in my office? Learning more about you than I care to.
What are you talking about? You ignored evidence that would have exonerated a man who ended up hanged? He was a murderer.
If I hadn't done what I did, he would have gotten away scot-free.
Well, you broke the law to get a conviction.
And I've never lost a night's sleep over it.
Who knows how many lives would have been ruined if I hadn't sent him to prison? You had him convicted under false pretenses.
Now, you've killed Mrs.
Hart's father - in order to protect your secret.
- I did no such thing.
How do you explain this then? I found it near Maurice Major's dead body.
I was there.
I confronted him.
But I didn't kill him.
He knew about this and you had to stop him.
Be careful what you say next, son.
I'm still your superior.
So, you expect me to keep your secret? I keep yours.
You're threatening me? We've all got secrets, Watts.
No one likes having them exposed.
I wonder how long he's been hidden down there.
Do you think it was foul play? Well I can't imagine the poor chap just crawled under the floorboards and passed away there.
One thing that I was right about: It was Billy Mumphries.
George, an engagement ring.
Check the kitchen and the furnace room.
Check the back entrance.
He was just here! Search the neighbourhood, now! Right away, sir.
Take this.
I need you to do something for me.
Can't you shut her up? She's ready for her feed.
She needs her bottle.
Just make it stop.
You really think I'm stupid? You really think you can sink a knife in my gut before I snap your neck? What are What are you doing? Ooh, what's this? Oh, your husband is such a smart fella.
Were you, uh, you trying to push this here button to summon him, come and rescue you? Well, that's perfect.
He's the one I want, anyway.
He's the one who needs to die.
Allow me.
That's the building.
I'll signal you when it's time.
And hurry! Ah, hm.
One of these days, I will checkmate you, - Mrs.
- Oh! Mm.
You lied to us! You told us you saw Billy get on that train! - Billy Mumphries? - Calm down, Fiona.
- You're clearly hysterical.
- I am not.
Then what's gotten into you? Constable Crabtree, I think you can take it from here.
Billy Mumphries' remains were found not far from here.
Billy's remains? His billfold and an engagement ring were found on his dead body.
Judging by the state of which, he's been deceased no less than a decade.
Oh, I I saw him board the train.
- I don't believe you did.
- Shall I fetch your handcuffs, George? Fiona Esmerelda Newsome! - Esmerelda? - It's a long story.
You're not seriously suggesting that I killed Billy, are you? What else are we to think? You lied about seeing him get on the train.
No! Uh I saw him at the station.
I was getting off the train.
I thought he was boarding.
Maybe Maybe he never got on? He and Myra were madly in love.
Why would Billy leave town without telling her? When I saw him at the station, he did tell me that Myra's father had just given him an envelope of money to leave - and to never come back.
- What? - Why? - He wanted Billy to stay far away from Myra.
I thought that that's what he was going to do, but maybe he changed his mind? Fiona, why on earth would I kill Billy? We were friends.
Are you comfortable? You're about to kill my husband.
You'll get over it.
How did you know where we were? I got friends.
Elsie? Who's Elsie? Relax.
You're gonna be fine.
So long as everything goes to plan, you and your little girl will be safe.
Just as soon as your husband walks through that door.
So, where is he? I don't know.
- He a coward? - Hardly.
Well, you better hope he shows.
Or he's going to be walking in to find a dead family.
At least turn off the damn light.
You're done, Mr.
Father, is this true? You paid Billy to leave me? He weren't no good.
How could you? He took the money, Myra.
He took the money; that proves he was trash.
Myra, you should know that when we found Billy, there was no money in his wallet, but there was this.
A ring? It seems he took the money your father gave him to buy you an engagement ring.
That's preposterous! The jewelry store's just across from the train station.
I'm sure there'll be a record of the transaction.
Myra, you don't believe these people, do you? I was at home that night.
I came to your aid when that scoundrel abandoned you.
It's true.
Billy stood me up for our date.
Father heard me crying, so he came out of the barn to comfort me.
He came out of the barn? Well, that's where we found Billy's body.
He was hidden underneath the floorboards.
Father forbade me from going in the barn.
He said the building was unstable.
You lied to me.
- Billy didn't love you.
- Billy did love me.
He loved me enough to defy you.
And you You killed him for it.
- I did it to save you.
- How could you? Operator.
Operator! Please connect me with the local constabulary.
My father died from a brain aneurysm.
A brain aneurysm.
Is that so? Blood vessel in his brain burst, causing severe bleeding.
He would have died quite quickly.
Was it precipitated by an act of violence? Not that I can ascertain.
I'm sorry for your loss, Mrs.
- Anything to say to me, Watts? - Nothing at all.
You don't seem too upset.
I had no relationship with him.
You didn't get a chance to make your peace with him? - He wasn't a peaceful man.
- Mm.
Father! It's so lovely to see you again.
We were just about to have some tea.
Will you join us? Uh, no, no.
I was just dropping by to say hello.
Father Rockford, uh, again, please accept my apologies.
Oh, no need.
To what do we owe the pleasure? - I brought a gift, ah, for Susannah.
- Oh! Oh, well, then you can give it to her yourself.
You know where the room is.
Your head is in the clouds.
Is something the matter? Do you remember that chap who was bothering us the other day? Why, yes.
What about him? - He's dead.
- How? I believe he was murdered, but Mrs.
Hart's findings don't bear that out.
Well, then, perhaps you should leave it be.
- Hello? - Is this the Murdoch residence? - It is.
- Oh, good.
I'm calling from the Church of the Holy Father.
I've been asked to step in for Father Harris.
Father Harris? I'm sorry, who is this? My name is Father Rockford.
How precious.
She looks just like you.
I believe she gets her good looks from her mother.
She's so young.
It's a shame she has to watch her father die.
What are you doing? You must have known it wasn't over.
Frank Rhodes is my brother.
You betrayed him.
He'll be fine.
Well, that's good.
But perhaps we should still fire the nanny.
I thought you said you weren't going to get married again? - I did.
- And what changed? George Crabtree is a wonderful man.
How so? - He listens.
- Mm.
He also talks a lot, but he does listen.
- That is a rare quality in a man.
- Hmm.
Ladies! Oh! Mrs.
Brackenreid! I can't believe you two.
Smoking and drinking? It's the modern age, Mrs.
Women can smoke if they like.
And drink champagne.
Well, let's hope you've had just one.
Oh, why aren't you wearing white? She's trod this path before.
This time it's the right one.
Honestly, have you seen inside? You would have thought the church would bring more flowers.
I hadn't noticed.
And what music have you chosen, dear? - I haven't.
- Oh, my.
I'll just have a talk with the pianist.
Will you be needing help with your veil? Oh, don't worry, Mrs.
I'll help Effie.
- Oh.
- I'm not wearing a veil.
Well, it's good you let me take charge - of the wedding luncheon.
- Mm.
Say what you want about tinned meat: Madison Meats is the best.
And it'll feed the throng.
Well, you are wonderful, Mrs.
Well, I do have a surplus of it.
One time, I was their spokeswoman.
- Tinned meat? - I think this calls for another glass.
Sir, thank you again for agreeing to be my best man.
- I do appreciate it.
- That's wonderful, George.
I think you and Effie will be very happy together.
- Where's the doctor? - Oh, she and Susannah have had a rough couple of days.
- I'm here! Don't worry! Don't worry! - Henry! I thought you were still in Michigan getting something done to your face? Ah, there was a volcanic mud scrub.
I'd really rather not speak about it, actually.
Uh, Ruthie decided to stay on, but I couldn't miss your wedding.
Being your best man and all, right? I am still your best man? - Well - Of course! George thought it best that we share the honour.
I did? Uh, yes, I did! Uh, best men, as it were.
Well, all right, then.
If you don't know what to do, sir, just ask me.
Uh, perhaps, Henry, you could help me find my boutonnière? - I think I've misplaced it.
- Ooh! Actually Think I've just pulled something on the run over here.
Would you mind, terribly, sir? Not at all.
- Thank you.
- My neck.
Just You look beautiful.
As always.
One would hardly know your father had died mere days ago.
Perhaps the sad event is a blessing in disguise.
I thought you might feel that way.
Least he went quickly.
Natural causes.
Oh? You've finished your post-mortem? Yes.
Except we both know it's not entirely true, don't we? Do you know who killed him? You know as well as I.
I've made one out of household adhesive strips.
Ah! Sir, brilliant! I love you.
Thank you, sir.
Have a great trip.
Thank you.
Uh, where you headed, friend? Uh, I was thinking New York.
That'll be 10 $.
Let's see.
Oh, oh.
Oh, thank you.
I, George Crabtree, take thee, Fiona Esmerelda Newsome, to be my wife.
And I do promise in covenant before God and these witnesses to be your faithful and loving husband.
In plenty and in want In joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live.
Should anyone know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.
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