The Murdoch Mysteries (2004) s17e02 Episode Script

Do the Right Thing: Part Two

- No, you you can't
- No!
I don't think your aunt is sick at all.
Can you tell him that
George Crabtree called?
The detective and his
wife have gone missing.
(JULIA): We have a child at home.
(MATHILDA): As long as you cooperate,
your child will remain safe.
(MURDOCH): What do you want from us?
(JONES): I need to save an
innocent woman from the noose.
Hilda Fanshaw.
You're convicted of
your husband's murder.
The courts believe I did.
We need to get that woman out of jail
and deal with the consequences later.
(WATTS): "What you are
witnessing is retribution.
The deaths of Robert Foster
- and Ned McGuire have been avenged."
- (CRABTREE): Good lord.
(WATTS): "Three dead, the next to go,
the butcher, the baker
and the candlestick maker."
You know what this means.
These two murders are connected.
(MURDOCH): What can you tell
me about this Rachel Wiggins?
(FANSHAW): She killed my dear Frederick.
She was innocent.
I don't see how that
matters. She's dead.
Forgive me.
Nothing you can do can hurt her now.
But you can help me.
And your child.
- (BRACKENREID): You found him?
- (ROBERTS): Yes.
Our killer is on this boat.
The Young man, Trevor,
seems very morose since
the murder. The trollop
- Yes, the redhead.
And what about the other two?
- Penny and Caroline?
- The two fought constantly.
I think they're sapphists.
- (BRACKENREID): And what about the captain?
- I don't think so.
- Why?
- He's the captain.
(FANSHAW): I should
like to propose a toast
to Detective William Murdoch
and Doctor Julia Ogden.
I am a free woman today,
thanks to them.
Bloody 'ell, Margaret.
You best not be snooping around.
Help! Help!
I know I should care about
these terrible murders,
and I do, but right now, all I
want to do is find the Murdochs.
I know, George. But
your job is important.
I don't care about my job right now.
- What
What was that?
- What was what?
- Shh.
Oh, dear lord.
Susannah. Susannah.
- Oh, my goodness. Susannah.
I know. I know. You're all right.
(FANSHAW): As I said:
A woman of my word.
Your child is safe.
By all accounts, she is an
inquisitive little thing.
You're both very lucky people.
- If she's been harmed in a
- I can assure you she was not.
And I'm to believe a murderer?
(SCOFFS) But I'm not a murderer.
Rachel Wiggins is.
She killed my dear husband
and then took her own life.
You and your husband proved that.
And, as I cannot be tried
for the same crime twice,
I am now a free woman.
For which I thank you most sincerely.
Now go home,
before I change my mind.
It's a nasty blow.
We need to get her up
and keep her conscious.
What do you know about it?
I trained to be a
nurse and I know people
who suffer this type of head injury
need to stay awake
or they may slip away.
So, let's get her up
and into the fresh air.
Gently, gently, gently.
Come on, Margaret.
We're going to get you up, darling.
Come on. Help us.
One of you lot did this.
And when I find out who it was
Everything's gonna be all right.
Do you believe Hilda
Fanshaw killed her husband?
Yes, I do. And the maid.
I very much doubt she killed herself.
My feeling as well.
She was killed.
Under the direction of Hilda Fanshaw.
- William
- I know.
We can't let what we've done stand.
We can't go to the police.
We've compromised evidence.
Hilda Fanshaw has
gotten away with murder.
And we're responsible for that.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) But our child is alive.
I can't let what we've done stand.
we can't risk Susannah.
Then we won't.
- No one saw anyone bring Susannah in?
- No.
- Where is she?
- She's fine. She's with Effie.
But still no word on the Murdochs.
- What do you have?
- Constable Tucker is keeping close
to Paul Young of Young's Bread.
- You know, it's a shame. I liked that place.
- Yeah.
I sent Higgins to keep an eye
on the butcher, Gilbert Ward.
Oh, his meat packing plant
has a terrible safety record.
- Do I want to hear the details?
- Ooh, likely not.
I'm working on identifying
our candlestick maker,
though I haven't had much luck yet.
A business owner with
a spotty safety record,
- that's for sure.
- Indeed.
Apparently, Young's workers
walked off the job a year ago
claiming unsafe conditions.
None of them were hired back
and now injuries among
the new, untrained workers
are at an all-time high.
It's shameful. And these
are the men we're protecting?
Well, they're also
the men getting killed.
Inspector George Crabtree.
Inspector now?
Well, things certainly have changed.
Sir! It's sir! It's the detective!
- Oh!
- Ah, sir.
What a relief to hear your voice!
I have to admit I was starting to think
you and the good doctor were dead.
Oh, no. We are very much alive.
Ah, George,
was Susannah delivered
to the station house?
Yes, just this morning.
A-And is she all right?
- Sir, picture of health.
- Very good.
Very good. Uh, George,
you mustn't let Susannah
out of your sight.
Sir, no worries there.
Effie's fallen quite in love.
All right. Uh, and Bethany?
The nanny?
Uh, no sign, I'm afraid, sir.
Are you coming home?
Yes, Doctor Ogden and
I are on our way home,
but we have something to tend to first.
Well, sir, hurry if you can.
There's more than a little
trouble happening here now.
Where am I?
Margaret, you'll be all right.
You suffered a blow to the head.
Did you see what happened?
They came at me from behind.
The redhead saw me go into the cabin.
You need to let her rest, sir.
- Oi!
- We'll talk later.
What do you know about this?
What? Nothing.
My wife said you were watching her.
- Is that a crime?
- Why?
I wanted to know what she was doing
snooping around my husband's cabin.
Your husband?
You seem surprised.
I would say so, the way that
you two have been carrying on.
Oh! And you find that shocking?
I was a police inspector,
very little shocks me anymore.
My husband and I are what
some people call libertines.
Ah, they have a name
for it now, do they?
Mm. In truth, it's a convenient
arrangement for both of us.
Being together suits us,
but it does not complete us.
Monogamy is a very dull
state, wouldn't you say?
No, I would not.
Mm. Then you're cheating yourself.
The world is a banquet
and both Charles and
I indulged ourselves.
For a woman who's just lost her husband,
no matter what the arrangement,
- you don't seem very affected.
- Oh, I am.
I will miss Charles terribly.
Despite his faults.
Why the secret?
I get much luckier when
I pretend that I'm single.
Imagine how it's going to
be now that I'm a widow.
You, madam, are Arctic cold.
Hm. I assure you, sir,
I am the furthest thing from the Arctic.
- Come with me.
- Where?
To the Equator.
- Ha! I jest.
My late husband's cabin.
I want to show you something. Hm.
You do not have to be here!
You are wasting your time and mine.
We believe you may be
on the killer's list.
Why would someone be after me?
You run an unsafe
business, according to him.
That's ridiculous!
It's not my problem half
the workers here are idiots.
Be that as it may,
I've been told to place
you under police protection.
This is my protection.
Much more effective than you, I'd wager.
I'm just trying to do my job, sir.
Well, if I'm going to be
burdened with your presence,
you can make yourself useful. Come on.
Give me a hand with this.
- Oh, really?
- It'll just take a moment.
No one's supposed to be here.
Well, the door didn't
close by itself. Hey!
Open up! Police! Open up.
- (WARD): Hey, let us out!
- Open up! Police.
- Open up! Let us out!
- Open up right now! Police!
- Hey!
Are you sure about this, William?
We need to be able to
live with ourselves.
And for that to happen,
she cannot go unpunished
for what she's done.
You're right.
Bring it 'round to the front.
What on earth do you think you're doing?
My job. Up.
You can't do this.
Let's go, Julia.
Wherever we're going,
my men will find us.
Get in.
- (JONES): They have Mrs. Fanshaw! Stop them!
Tell our friends in Toronto
that they have taken Mrs. Fanshaw.
(FIONA): Uh! It's ah!
Oh! It's wedged in there pretty tight.
- Do you need a hand?
- No. No, I think I have it.
Not the time or the place, Inspector,
but I'm sure that could be arranged.
Okay. Ah
- Darn.
- What's wrong?
Well, Charles always
travelled with money.
There was at least $10,000 in there.
Who else knew about that?
Only me. Or so I thought.
Although Charles did mention
that Trevor was badgering
him after that incident
during the card game.
Perhaps he caught wind
of the money somehow.
(SIGHS) Charles did
have a tendency to brag.
Nothing untoward at the bakery.
Constable Paul is there now.
Want some?
Do you know how many workers
were injured making that?
Mr. Young insists he
runs a safe operation.
The list of people maimed
at his factory belies that.
I don't know what to tell you.
Mr. Young's a liar. Three
people died there last year.
And so I throw this bread out
and that all goes away, right?
All right, that's it.
Tucker, that's enough.
Let's hope Higgins has
come up with something.
Save your strength.
There won't be anyone
here 'til tomorrow.
I can't believe I'm going
to die in this damn place.
We are not going to die in here.
Oh, we are.
Someone deliberately closed
this door, didn't they?
It wouldn't have closed by itself.
And there's no other way
out of here, is there?
Are you thick?
Of course not.
You know, I'm not a monster.
I'm just trying to run a business.
People don't want to work
here, I'm not forcing them.
Well, you could have
treated your workers better.
If you had done that,
we wouldn't be here.
(WARD SIGHS) I'm their boss.
Not their benefactor.
People want a free ride;
They're not getting it from me.
(BANGING) Open up!
(TREVOR): What are you talking about?
(BRACKENREID): The dead man was carrying
a considerable amount
of money. Now it's gone.
Well, I didn't take it.
Look in my cabin all you want. How much?
That's none of your business.
Look, sir,
I need to get home. My mother is ailing.
He pointed a gun at
ya. He humiliated you.
My life has been a
series of humiliations.
Everything I've ever
done has turned to dust.
And now I get to go home
and tell my dying mother
that I am a failure.
So, you could use some stolen money.
And I am telling you that I had
nothing to do with any of it.
Is that all?
For now.
He's not the only one
that needs to get back.
This line has a schedule to keep.
- With one ship out of commission
- If we go back,
I'll have to throw the lot
of you in jail when we dock.
Certainly, you don't mean me.
You were on this ship
when the murder happened.
That captain's hat doesn't
excuse you from suspicion.
I had nothing to do with this.
And, apparently,
neither did anybody else!
But somebody on this boat did.
Now, I don't care how
many bloody days and nights
we sit here in the water,
I'm going to find out who it was.
(MURDOCH): See that a guard
is posted at all times.
I have been forcibly
abducted by these two.
- I demand
- You would be well advised to stay quiet.
I insist on calling
my lawyer, immediately.
Mrs. Fanshaw
- Your concerns are not ours.
- (CRABTREE): Sir!
George! (LAUGHING)
Good to see you, sir. Doctor!
I'm so relieved to know you're safe.
Thank you, George. Where is Susannah?
- Right this way.
I'm so sorry to have left you.
Thank you so much.
My pleasure. She's an
impetuous little imp.
So, sir, you were
captured by that old lady?
Oh, she is much more
dangerous than she appears.
- Oh.
- Are you still acting inspector, George?
I am, sir. Until Inspector
Brackenreid returns.
You should know, sir,
that he left England
the minute he found out yourself
and the doctor were missing.
Oh, I see.
Uh, well, then, as acting
inspector of Station House Four,
will you accept my request to
return to my former position?
Sir, I was hoping you would ask.
Request granted.
Felt quite naked without this, actually.
Now, you say there's been trouble here?
And plenty of it, sir.
Well, then, let's get to it, George.
- Right.
And you are a very brave little girl
and I love you.
- Yes, you are.
He was hanged.
Bruises around his wrists and mouth
suggest he was also bound and gagged.
And the second victim?
Oh, it was quite nasty, Detective.
He was killed with a sandblaster.
So, no trace evidence to be found?
Nothing usable.
And the first victim?
I preserved what I could,
but as you can see from my report,
the cause of death seems clear.
Hm. Indeed.
Did you retain in your
possession the victim's clothing?
From this victim, yes.
From the first victim, some
blankets, and from the second
Just the tarp he was covered with.
Could you retrieve them for me, please?
Of course.
I don't know, Inspector.
There are very few businesses
that fit the description
of candlestick maker.
It has to be a metaphor of some sort.
- Mm.
- Where
Where's Higgins?
I haven't seen him.
I haven't seen him since I
sent him to the butcher's.
- Will you check on him?
- Of course.
I was in fear every day.
- If anything had happened
- Thank God it didn't.
You all right?
We broke the law.
William and I.
And it didn't matter.
We would have done anything
to keep her from harm.
Is that why you brought
that woman back with you?
Her name is Hilda Fanshaw.
(SCOFFS) We got her out of jail
and set up another
woman for a murder that
I am sure she committed.
What happened to that woman?
I think Mrs. Fanshaw had her killed.
And, Effie
- I wrote a false confession.
- You had to protect your child.
Yes. I had to save my child.
Why did you bring Mrs.
Fanshaw back with you?
We're charging her with
kidnapping us. And Susannah.
We're going to make sure she
never sees the light of day.
Well, I do have some friends
at the crown attorney's office.
Thank you, Effie.
I have another favour to ask.
Of course. Anything.
Would you take Susannah just
for a little while longer?
I hate the thought of letting
her out of my sight but
there are some loose ends
that I need to tie up.
Of course. We'll go to the park.
Before we go,
I have a bit of news.
It's more like gossip.
Miss Hart is broke.
- What?
- Arthur Carmichael's family
sued for his fortune and the
judge ruled in their favour.
She's lucky she didn't get jail time.
- Are y-you pleased?
- No.
It just seems that Miss
Hart and I are peas in a pod.
Ah, the ammonia please.
Would you care to let me in
on what it is you're doing?
According to George, the victims
were all owners of factories
that suffered a number
of industrial accidents.
Now, if the killer
visited these factories
or worked in one of them,
it's possible that he
transferred trace amounts
of chemicals to the victims
when he confronted them.
Mm-hmm. The second tray, please.
Mm-hmm. And the third victim.
There you have it.
There are traces of arsenic
with all three of the victims.
- Meaning?
- It makes possible
that their assailant also
had a large amount of arsenic
on his clothing.
Where would that have come from?
Arsenic in large amounts
is used in metal refining.
The candlestick maker?
- Possibly.
- Detective.
It's good to have you back.
Oh. Strange as it may
seem, I am glad to be back.
- Sir.
- What have you?
The woman you brought into the cells
is in a highly agitated state.
She demands to see you.
Does she now?
She's causing quite the commotion.
What do you want?
Out, obviously.
You let me go, and
you'll never see me again.
That will be happening, regardless.
You'll be tried
and jailed for the rest of your life.
How much will it take for you
to open that door and walk away?
There isn't enough.
You are a murderess.
How many years would it
take for you to earn that?
I've never been motivated by money.
You should know that.
I can double it.
Seeing you back here behind bars
is all the compensation I need.
You are making a terrible mistake.
Help me get these two out of here.
- How're you feeling?
- Mm.
My head aches
and I just want to sleep.
- You can't.
- Mm.
Did you find out anything about
the person who did this to me?
- No.
- (PENNY): It was that woman, wasn't it?
I don't think so.
What is it?
One of the lifeboats has gone missing.
Keep an eye on her and
let's get everyone on deck.
- Mm-hmm.
- Show me.
You'll be all right, Mrs. Brackenreid.
But take this as a lesson:
Many people prefer that
their affairs remain private.
And you didn't see anything?
Just noticed it had gone
missing after I'd done my rounds.
What about the young lad, Trevor?
On the lifeboat, I'd imagine.
I'd say we found the killer,
but we failed to capture him.
Would he have known how to
detach one of these boats?
Apparently, he did.
In broad daylight?
Well, you were in your cabin.
I was on the bridge.
Wouldn't have taken more than a moment.
Mrs. Griffith and the other lady
were taking the sun on the back deck.
Notify the authorities on shore.
Will do. And?
Let's get back to Toronto.
Right away.
- Can I help you?
- No.
Well, you can't be here. This
area's closed to the public.
Thought you were the police.
- Yeah?
- So, that means you work for us.
Why don't you get out
or I'll lock you up.
Keep your pants on. I'm going.
(WATTS): Inspector Crabtree?
Henry! Are you all right?
Oh, yes. Never better.
Someone tried to kill the butcher.
Uh, me, as well.
Sir, you're alive!
- Yes, it seems we both are.
- Yes, barely.
Gentlemen, I-I may have something.
Sir, we can use the inspector's office.
Or my office.
Uh, George?
Yes, sir, I know. I've been busy.
Williams Electroplating.
They deal largely in
residential products.
Uh, electroplating?
It's a process of covering
an object in metal.
- Right. Like silverware.
- Like a candlestick.
The candlestick maker.
And likely our target.
I checked the hospital records.
There wasn't any mention
Yes. Because victims
of arsenic poisoning
go largely undetected.
They are assessed at the
hospital and then released.
But I checked the mortality rolls,
and look at this.
Two men in the last 18 months.
Both worked for the Williams Company.
So we put them on our watch list.
More than that.
Watts, could you post yourself there?
- Of course.
- Anything else, sir?
Yes. The two men that died
whilst in the employ of Mr. Williams
died of arsenic exposure during
the process of electroplating,
and they were related.
But a third man, a Blake Redmond,
complained of similar symptoms.
And he was let go
from Williams' Company three months ago.
It says here his chances
for survival are unlikely.
Hm. He is the son
- of one of these two dead men.
- Uh-huh.
- Well, that's worth a conversation.
- Indeed.
Watts, anything untoward happens
at that electroplating
facility, I'd like to know.
Ah, so you're here to do
what your husband won't?
(CHUCKLES) And what is that?
Let me out of here.
How could you do what you did?
Threaten a child.
I wanted my freedom.
You don't deserve freedom.
Well, that's not how I see it.
Some of us are above the law:
Kings, queens, nobility,
captains of industry.
We have made the world.
Laws are for lesser people.
No one is above the law.
Don't be naive. It doesn't suit you.
My husband was a horrid man.
He deserved punishment
and I administered it.
You're going to die in jail.
And that you deserve.
- How are you faring?
- Oh, much better, thank you.
Do be sure to visit your physician.
- Make sure you're not concussed.
- All right. I will.
(CAROLINE): You must
pay us a visit sometime.
Oh, please. We would love
to have you and Thomas.
Oh! Of course. I'd
love to. It would be
(SCOFFS) If you'll excuse me?
- Of course.
- Thank you. Thomas!
He wants two dollars to take us home!
Thomas, look!
That woman has an
extra piece of luggage.
- How can you tell?
- I saw her board.
She had two pieces of fine luggage.
Not that ratty old thing.
- Are you certain?
- Oh, I'm positive.
You were in your cabin.
I was on the bridge.
Wouldn't have taken more than a moment.
Mrs. Griffith and the other lady
were taking the sun on the back deck.
He knew.
He knew what?
He knew that Charles Griffith
and Fiona were married.
The way those two were carrying on?
Forget about that, Margaret.
Are you interested in another mission?
You know I am.
(KNOCKING) Driver, follow that cab.
Come on!
Operator, Station House Four.
Excuse me.
Ah! What a coincidence
finding you two here.
- It is indeed.
- Huh.
It's nice to be off that boat.
Oh, yes, indeed.
You two seem to be bearing
up well after your loss.
Well, I do hope that your husband
will be able to find the
man who killed Charles.
Oh, as do I.
Captain Roberts. Fiona.
Please allow me to buy you lunch.
- Uh, that's not necessary.
- Oh, I don't mind.
I've recently come into a
considerable amount of cash.
That is Charles' money.
Found in your possession.
So, I'm assuming that Trevor
had nothing to do with it.
What did you do to him? Kill him?
He needed off the boat,
I let him go.
And turned him into a suspect
for something that you did.
- His choice.
- Is that so?
I tell you what:
Why don't we continue this
back at the station house?
I suggest we skip lunch and proceed
straight to the cells, shall we?
We'll do no such thing.
Oh, yes we will, sunshine.
What was that for?
Hitting my wife.
I didn't do that. She did!
- Finally!
Sir, call Inspector Dawkins
at Station House Two.
Get him down here immediately.
I'm not ruining my homecoming
with these two lowlifes.
- What a woman!
(MAN): It'll be over soon.
No. No!
Let me guess: Arsenic.
Who are you?
Detective Murdoch, Toronto Constabulary.
Put the syringe down, Mr. Redmond.
No. I'm almost finished.
If you do that, you
will be facing the noose.
I'm already a dead man.
You can get help.
There's no hope for me.
He killed my uncle!
My father.
No! No! Let me go! Let me go!
Sit down!
You're under arrest.
He deserves it.
They all deserved it.
They all treated us like
we were less than people,
the men and women who
filled their pockets.
- What do you want?
- Where are the cells?
Are you hard of hearing?
Where are the cells?
I trust you are aware
of what this can do.
So, answer the question.
- They're back there.
- Get her.
- What's going on out here?
- Ah-ah. Stay where you are.
Mrs. Fanshaw. You're well?
You took your sweet time, didn't you?
Where's Murdoch?
I don't know.
You. Where is he?
I don't know.
Give him a taste.
All hail the conquering hero!
Sir? You're back.
And you're alive.
What's happening?
There's armed men in the station.
With some old woman.
Hilda Fanshaw. She's my prisoner.
Well, she's not a prisoner anymore.
Take this man to Station
House Number Three.
Let them know that I've
charged him with murder.
I'll be in touch shortly.
And tell them to send backup.
We need more men, armed men.
- Sir?
- McNab, can't you see that I'm busy?
- It's from inside the station.
- Give me that.
Doctor Ogden?
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
What's the situation?
There's at least four men,
all armed with William's
weaponized capacitor.
Both George and Henry are being held.
And one of the men is the man
who kidnapped us, a Quinton Crisp.
(BRACKENREID): Stay right where you are.
Oh! I don't think so.
- Murdoch, where are you going?
- I'm going inside.
- Stay put. That's an order.
- I thought you retired.
And I heard you quit.
I suppose things change.
Make sure he doesn't go anywhere.
- We're going outside.
- Are you sure?
There's very little I
do that I'm not sure of.
Bring him.
This will not end well.
Let us pass.
I don't think so.
Safe passage or this man dies.
You have five minutes
to clear your constables.
She's the one who's taken
over my station? Bloody hell.
More coppers out there now.
They'll back away.
Shoot the stupid one.
(CRISP): Which one is that?
(SCOFFS) You decide.
You don't even know me.
You have two minutes to clear your men.
You're surrounded. Surrender.
Your choice.
- Higgins.
Next time I'll be
dialing it up to eleven,
and I think you know what happens then.
You, give me a hand with Higgins.
- The name's Tucker.
- I don't care what your name is.
Just give me a hand.
McNabb, you all get around
the back of the station.
Our automobile's out back.
Mrs. Fanshaw, you should take it.
We'll delay the police.
Your best option would be to surrender.
And who asked your opinion, pray?
Take me out there with you.
I'm the station house inspector.
I can order those men to back off.
Get Mrs. Fanshaw to the automobile.
I can take care of myself.
who's going to bother
with an innocent old woman
out for a pleasant
drive in her automobile?
I'll meet you three
back at the safe house.
Grab him.
Here's your chance.
Get your men to back off.
And Quinton?
No need to be gentle with this one.
(CRISP): My thoughts exactly.
you doing, Higgins?
I feel all tingly.
Stay there.
Sir! There's a prisoner
escaping out the back.
Just remember:
It didn't need to end this way.
Truer words were never spoken.
- The old lady went out the back.
- Yes. Have you seen Julia?
Start, damn it.
Start, why can't you?
(JULIA): I think you'll be needing this.
Oh. I see.
Get out of the car,
or I will drag you out!
It's over, Mrs. Fanshaw.
You see the fireplace?
We missed you around here when
you were a little bit sick.
Can we put this on your toe?
No? You don't want it on your toe?
I can honestly say, sir,
I've never been so happy to lose a job.
Ah, you would have
grown into it, Crabtree.
Although, you were left with
pretty big shoes to fill.
How's the missus and the
little one faring, Murdoch?
I suspect it will be difficult
to pry the two of them apart
for the foreseeable future.
I can see why.
Susannah's a lovely child.
- If she ever needs minding
- Oh.
(CHUCKLES) What do you say, bugalugs?
Seems like someone's got the itch
and you're not getting any younger.
Well, sir, we have talked
about starting a family.
Talking's not the action
that's required, is it?
(LAUGHING) Thomas!
- Apologies.
- (HIGGINS): Hello, everyone.
- Uh, George?
- Higgins.
You need to see this.
(MURDOCH): What is it, George?
My father. Uh, sirs
A-A moment, if you don't mind.
Yourself as well, Effie.
- Excuse us.
- Of course.
- when was your father last seen?
- Uh
Sir, the last I
The last I heard from
him, he was in Winnipeg.
Do you think him capable of murder?
Sir, I shouldn't think
so, but I don't know.
I know some men at the
Winnipeg constabulary.
I'll see what I can do.
Sir, give me a leave of absence.
- George?
- Effie, you saw the poster.
Dead or alive?
I have to find him
before somebody else does.
Go. Find him.
all the time you need.
Thank you, sirs.
I-I'll be back,
regardless of the outcome.
Those shoes might need filling someday.
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