The Murdoch Mysteries (2004) s17e06 Episode Script

Dying to be Enlightened

(JULIA): The Society
of the Flourishing Self.
It's an unusual name
for a health retreat.
Trust me. You're going to love it.
(CHUCKLES) I'm certainly curious.
I have to say, though,
place like this, Effie, it seems
like an unusual fit for you.
I'd have said the same a month ago.
It's hard to describe,
but ever since I started
coming here, I just feel upbeat!
Well, it could be partially
due to being out of the city.
I believe some of it's
due to the country air,
but it's mostly this teacher
and the practices he's invented.
I wouldn't trust 'em if you asked me.
Oh, why do you say that?
They ain't very considerate
neighbours, for a start.
Oh, you live around here?
- Next property over.
- Oh.
Them folks ain't nothing
but a bunch of misfits.
The Society is a bit unorthodox,
but, uh, the practices
speak for themselves.
Come, Julia.
I fear we may be overdressed.
Yes, the attire does
require some getting used to.
- Detective Watts?
- I didn't realize you were a member of the Society.
- Well
- I've never seen you here before.
I'm not a member, though I
have visited a number of times.
I'm intrigued by the teacher's
idea of a unified self.
What exactly is that?
A self with no secrets.
Good morning, everyone!
My name is Setia.
I'm Serigalo's assistant.
A welcome session with the teacher
will begin shortly in the
hall, but in the meantime,
non-residents should
change into their whites
and choose seeker names.
Non-residents? People live here?
Those who require a
more intensive experience
- can stay as long as they like.
- Like a sanatorium?
No, like a retreat.
And what exactly is a seeker name?
A word you choose that embodies
what you're looking to gain here.
It's how the teacher and
everyone else will refer to you.
How fascinating.
I never thought I'd miss
the structure of a corset.
It does take some getting used to,
but you'll be grateful for the
freedom of movement once classes begin.
Thank you.
He's here.
Oh my.
Yes, he cuts quite a figure, doesn't he?
What on earth is he wearing?
Serigalo says it's a
Traditional garment from India.
It is hot there.
I suppose it's designed
to keep them cool?
My dear Joy. Welcome back.
And Harmony.
Wonderful to see you.
- The pleasure is mine.
- And you are?
- Oh! Dr. Julia Ogden.
Oh. I mean your seeker name.
Oh! Uh
Come, Julia. You get to choose a name.
Oh, oh, well. Uh, I'm-I'm here
Ah! Seeking presence in the present.
(SCOFFS) A lofty aspiration.
And welcome, seekers.
I am Serigalo.
I founded this society after
traveling the world for many years
in search of a means
of unifying my heart
and mind,
which were often at odds.
The teachings I offer
are practices I created,
which gave me the
unification I was seeking.
- Movement to strengthen the body.
Guided contemplation
to centre the mind.
To unleash the spirit
and unbosoming
to know the heart.
Learn these practices
and I promise you, too,
can be unified.
(JULIA): Dear God!
Setia, get help.
She's not breathing.
Dear God.
- She's dead.
I'm so sorry that such
an upsetting occurrence
has marred your first
visit to the Society.
Had she been ill at all?
Not that I know of.
And what was her legal name?
- So many questions.
- What are you? A detective?
Yes. Outside this community,
I'm a member of the
Toronto Constabulary.
Oh! I see.
Do you suspect foul play?
I'm just gathering information
to help local authorities.
Her name was Alison Becken.
When was the last time
either of you spoke to her?
Uh, this morning.
She was planning on foregoing
the welcome ceremony to
practise her breathwork.
And what exactly is breathwork?
It's a form of deep and rapid breathing.
It's beneficial for self-awareness,
emotional release and clarity.
Speaking of, we need to
plan for the rest of the day,
considering what happened.
You'll call the police?
I will.
Though I doubt anyone
will make it out today.
Then I suppose it's
up to us to determine
what happened to Miss Becken.
I'm curious about this breathwork.
It sounds akin to
controlled hyperventilation.
Mm. I've tried it once or twice.
That's a fair definition of it.
Well, it sounds like
it could be dangerous.
N-No, not at all.
Serigalo would never teach
something that would cause harm.
Well, perhaps not knowingly,
but bodies can react in surprising ways
to extreme experiences.
I'd like to do a more
thorough examination.
In the meantime, I'll ask around,
try to get a sense of Alison's
movements this morning.
I think we should inquire into
her state of mind, as well.
There must have been a
reason why she chose to do
this breathwork instead of
attending the welcome session.
How long did you know Alison?
Six weeks.
We've shared a cabin since I arrived.
Did you get on well?
We were very close.
The Society is like a family.
And how did she seem this morning?
She'd returned to the cabin
after I'd gone to
sleep last night and
Was up and out when I woke up.
Is that unusual?
She'd been having extra
sessions with Serigalo.
What-what kind of sessions?
I wouldn't know.
How long had she been here?
Seven or eight months, I think.
(JULIA SCOFFS) That's a long
time to be removed from the world.
May seem so.
But it can be necessary for
a sensitive soul like Oneness.
That's why I created the Society.
To give people solace.
Society has changed my life, Serigalo.
Ah, but what is the goal?
Do your teachings
strengthen these sensitive souls
so as to return to the real world?
You don't think this is the real world?
- Well, uh
- That tells me that you're not yet present
in the present,
the man I wanted to see.
Morning, sir.
- I just came by to get this.
- Is that right?
Yes. Julia is at a health
retreat in Huntsville,
so I thought I would
take the opportunity
to give my bicycle a tune-up.
That'll be quick work.
You'll have more than
enough time for this.
Nathaniel Ryther, 3 Gracevale Street.
What's this about?
Ryther is a friend of
mine from the Masons.
His wife's disappeared.
You're to find her and
bring her home discreetly.
Is there a problem, Murdoch?
Not at all, sir.
Good. Because Ryther's
expecting you in half an hour.
- Good luck.
Are you all right?
As long as we live, we are blessed.
But I must admit I am feeling
the loss of Oneness very acutely.
Perhaps you should try some stretching?
As you said, intentional movement
- is a good way to process
- Process emotions. Yes.
How wonderful to have your teachings
reflect back from your students.
That's a beautiful ring.
Is it significant in some way?
It is a reminder
of why I-I do this work.
Freedom will miss sharing
a cabin with Oneness.
Perhaps you could stay with her?
She could use your energy.
Hm. You've gotten right to it.
(SIGHS) I didn't intend on doing
an internal examination, but
- once I found this
- What's this?
It's a mix of blood and saliva.
I found it in the
victim's mouth and throat,
which got me curious.
It suggests she died of asphyxiation.
She choked on something?
That's the interesting thing.
I found no signs of a
foreign body in her windpipe.
I believe the asphyxia
was due to poisoning.
Poisoning? By what?
The spasms before she died
suggest some kind of paralytic,
perhaps water hemlock, or strychnine?
Neither of which is something
someone would ingest willingly.
Well, exactly. Meaning
this was a murder.
Eleanor took a trip to Niagara Falls
a month and a half
ago but never returned.
May I ask, Mr. Ryther,
why you've waited until
now to look for her?
I presumed she'd come home eventually.
But something's changed your mind?
A wire transfer withdrawing funds
from our household
account earlier this week.
And you took that as a sign
that your wife wasn't
planning on coming home?
I took it as a sign Eleanor's
being held under duress.
She knows better than
to make a transaction
like that without my permission.
Very well. I'll do my best
to get to the bottom of this.
Yes, see that you do.
Here's a photograph of
Eleanor for your reference.
Thank you.
I'll begin by having a
detailed look at this room.
Do as you please.
- (EFFIE): Someone poisoned her?
- Keep your voice down.
We're alone in the woods, Julia.
Well, be that as it may,
we don't know anyone here
well enough to know who we can trust.
I spoke to two people
who said our victim
had an argument with
Serigalo last night.
You're not suggesting
he killed her, are you?
I'm not suggesting anything.
Well, this Serigalo does have
an intense sway over people.
That's not evidence of wrongdoing.
True, but it's not very healthy,
especially for those
susceptible to undue influence.
People believe in his teachings.
That doesn't mean he's bewitched them.
Well, I didn't say that it does,
but if he fought with Alison, then
And what was this supposed fight about?
We don't know, as of yet.
Then I suggest we not
get ahead of ourselves.
Forgive me, Effie, but I'm not
sure you're entirely objective
when it comes to the matter of Serigalo.
Excuse me?
I've seen the way you look at him.
And what is it you're suggesting, Julia?
- Movement class begins in ten minutes.
- Oh.
Thank you, Stillness.
Think I'll go and freshen up first.
Surely you see it, too.
She's enamoured with him.
She was rather
passionate in her defense,
but it's George she's
truly enamoured with.
Well, George is away
and we all have moments of weakness.
This will be a nice step up
from the tent we were meant to share.
Well, I sincerely hope you don't think
Serigalo's undue influence had
anything to do with me agreeing
to room with Freedom.
I didn't mean to suggest that
you would really let
your fondness for him
blind you. I-I
I should hope not.
I just wonder
Whether you've come to the Society
seeking to fill the hole
left by George's absence.
This has nothing to
do with George, Julia.
This must be Freedom's.
What is it?
- You don't think ?
- What are you doing in my things?!
Those are mine.
Strychnine is quite poisonous.
Not according to my doctor.
He gave these to me as
a tonic for my nerves.
Not that I need them
now, thanks to Serigalo.
Did Oneness ever have any
of those tablets, Freedom?
Of course not.
A nerve tonic was the
last thing she needed.
She wasn't an anxious person?
The farthest thing from it.
Why are you asking these questions?
Oneness was poisoned.
Possibly with strychnine.
And you ?
You think I did it?
Well, I'll have to test
these tablets to be sure.
Do you really think she
could have poisoned Alison?
Luckily, there's a
simple way to find out.
Strychnine is insoluble in water.
The more this tablet dissolves,
the less strychnine is present.
It's disappeared completely.
Freedom's tonic doesn't contain
enough strychnine to harm anyone.
Then I believe an apology is in order.
I assume you are familiar
with this room, Miss ?
Franklin, sir.
And I am. I've been with
the Rythers for two years.
Does anything appear to
be missing or out of place,
as far as you can tell?
No, sir. It's just as it was
when Mrs. Ryther left on her trip.
And you've kept up your
cleaning duties of this room
while the lady of the
house has been gone?
I dusted just the other day.
Well, if that is the
case, Miss Franklin,
then perhaps you can explain
to me the significance of this.
Something has clearly been removed
from this mantle since you last dusted
- just the other day.
- Oh.
- How strange.
- Hm.
Perhaps we should ask
Mr. Ryther about it?
And arms wide as if to capture the sun.
And release.
Bringing your hands
together and clasp
in the centre.
And breathe.
May peace be in your mind
and in your hearts.
For those of you here
for the first time,
recordings of Serigalo's
guided contemplations
are available for
purchase in the office.
How entrepreneurial.
Our apologies, Calm.
He's still working on
coming into alignment
- with his seeker name.
- Clearly.
I noticed you two were late to class.
- Did you find something?
- Yes.
Some tablets in Freedom's room
that contained strychnine.
- Oh?
- But not enough to kill anybody.
- So not her.
- No, but I'd still like to search the area
where Alison does her breathwork.
Perhaps there's something there?
I want to speak with Serigalo,
find out what he and Alison
argued about last night.
I really don't think th
You know what? Never mind.
You'll realize eventually he
has nothing to do with this.
Joy. Here.
Sorry for interrupting you.
No, not at all. Please, sit.
I understand this is where
Oneness did her breathwork this morning.
Yes. I was hoping to
feel some of her energy.
I also understand that you two
argued last night.
We had a constructive
conversation rooted in passion.
And what was this constructive
conversation about?
Oneness had plateaued.
That's why we were
having private sessions.
She struggled
With not progressing more quickly.
I bet you had some wise words for her.
No, actually.
When in a moment like Oneness was in,
all a teacher can do is
listen and be supportive.
Pushing only causes more pain.
Speaking of teaching,
ah, are you about to start
another breathwork session soon?
- Not for a few hours.
- Oh.
Well, in that case,
would you guide me through
a breathwork session?
Of course.
It isn't what you think, Detective.
I didn't steal, or anything.
(MURDOCH): But you do
know what's happened
to the missing item from the mantle.
Miss Franklin, my duty
is to locate Mrs. Ryther.
I've no wish to bring you any trouble.
Swear you won't tell Mr. Ryther?
That depends what you tell me.
It's a vase
What's missing.
A very valuable one.
Mrs. Ryther asked me to bring it down
to Crawford's Pawn Shop to be sold.
You've had contact with her?
A telephone call the other morning.
I think she waited until she knew
Mr. Ryther would be at work.
What happened to the
money from the sale?
She asked me to leave it with the clerk;
said she would pick
the money up herself.
I know how it sounds,
Detective, but it's the truth.
I swear!
- Did you find anything?
- Possibly.
There's a ledger in the office;
students are donating
large sums to the Society.
Even Alison?
She gave five hundred dollars.
That's a lot of money.
Especially to learn teachings that are,
when you look closely,
nothing but a mishmash
of traditions from other cultures.
Well, yes. I suspect Serigalo
invented unbosoming
after reading Dr. Freud.
- Hm.
- But if you know this,
why do you still come?
Serigalo's idea of the
unified self is intriguing,
regardless of where his
teachings originated.
Are you still
Trying to reconcile your private
proclivities with your work?
And you think Serigalo
can help you with that?
Ah, I'm willing to give him
the benefit of the doubt.
Well, maybe not everyone
feels the same way.
What are you suggesting?
Well, what if Alison discovered that
she'd paid to learn something
that she could find
for free in the library?
Serigalo might do a
lot to keep that quiet.
Did you find anything of note
where Alison was practicing breathwork?
- I did.
- Mm.
What if Alison didn't ingest strychnine,
but inhaled it?
From the incense, you mean?
Wouldn't she have realized?
Not necessarily.
Strychnine burns
colourless and odourless.
We need to find out where
that incense came from,
and I have an idea where to start.
And relax.
Wonderful work.
How do you feel?
I-I feel
I feel like there's a
A storm in my heart and
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
I'll give you time to process.
This might help.
Light this
Practise your contemplation.
And we can speak later.
If Serigalo gave Alison
the incense that killed her,
there may be remnants
of strychnine in here.
I believe this is strychnine.
We may have found our killer.
And he's with Effie right now.
Wh-what? What? Ow!
(COUGHING) What's going on?
- Take deep breaths.
- We'll explain later.
- Where's Serigalo?
I don't know. I, he (STAMMERS)
(COUGHS) He left five minutes ago.
Just breathe.
Why would someone attack you?
I don't know.
Vengeance is an obvious motive.
What? No! I can't be held
responsible for what happened.
Oneness' death was clearly an accident.
Uh, no. It was incense
laced with strychnine.
Presume this is yours?
Yes, but I-I-I share that with others
who need extra support.
Such as Oneness?
Yes. And Joy, earlier.
Why do you think that
I need extra support?
Your heart and mind are at war, Joy.
You love and yet you despair
and you want to escape those feelings
by any means necessary,
but I did not know that
incense was laced with anything!
Please, try to sit back.
If that's true,
the killer could have been
targeting you all along.
(PANTING) I heard what happened.
We must send everyone
away to protect Serigalo.
I don't think that's advisable.
If someone's targeting him,
everyone here is a suspect.
We need to keep them in our sights.
My mala, where is it?
Ah, it was broken in the attack.
- No.
- Judging by the marks on your neck,
the attacker may have tried
to strangle you with it.
I must have the ring that
was strung upon it back.
I'll try to find it for you.
And how do you plan to ferret out
the scoundrel trying to kill Serigalo?
For starters, I'd like to know
if anyone might have had motive.
Yes. Our neighbour, Percy Delwyn.
He hates us.
Then I'll speak to him first.
Wait! I may have more luck.
He drove us in from the train station.
Here. Apply pressure
until the bleeding stops.
Very well. I'll check alibis
of the other fellowship members.
Setia can do that with Joy.
Please, stay here.
I need you to keep me safe.
- Mr. Crawford.
- Detective Murdoch.
- Can I help you?
- I have a few questions.
I believe a woman came in a few days ago
looking to collect
some money for a vase.
Perhaps you recognize
her from this photograph?
I'm afraid I can't help you. (CHUCKLES)
One of the chief reasons for my success
is the discretion I show my customers.
I happen to be familiar
with the owner of said vase
and I suspect that he
would not appreciate
knowing that you purchased it
without proper
documentation of ownership.
Vase? Hm. What vase?
I don't know anything about a vase.
Mr. Crawford, I-I just need to know
if you recognize the
woman from the photograph.
She was in a few days ago.
How did she seem?
Not under any duress?
None that I saw.
She was in a real hurry, though.
Did she say why?
Something about a train.
She had to get back to a social
something-or-other in Huntsville.
Might she have used the word Society?
Yes! That was the exact word!
You should be a detective.
That's a list of everyone here.
Should make checking the alibis easier.
Thank you.
Have you found the teacher's ring?
No, no sign of it.
That's a shame.
Well, everyone should've
been doing their chores
when Serigalo was being attacked.
Sorry to bother you.
Not at all.
Thank you, Freedom.
You go by Calm, is that correct?
- Yes.
- A and your legal names are
Your legal names are Nora and David.
- Is that right?
- That is.
What of it?
Were you working here
together all afternoon?
We have been.
What's with all the questions?
If you must know, we're
looking into the
Joy was just helping me to confirm
everyone's set up with chores.
There was no need to lie.
And even less need to worry
those who are innocent with the truth.
What on earth?!
Apologies. Ah, I didn't
recognize you in that getup.
That is no excuse.
Sure it is. I don't let
any of that Society lot
trespass on my property.
It's not my fault you
got indoctrinated so fast.
I did no such thing.
In actual fact, I'm quite
suspicious of the whole thing,
especially that Serigalo.
Is he the one that runs
around in his underthings?
Actually, it's traditional
undergarment but
that's beside the point. Uh (SIGHS)
You said that you don't trust the group.
What do you think's going on over there?
Ol' underthings is nice enough, I guess.
- It's that lady I don't trust.
- Setia?
What has she done?
She's buying up all the land,
blocking my access to
my best fishing spots.
She's a bully and she's a criminal.
Criminal? Why would you say that?
I got proof. I'll show you.
(SIGHS) To know someone
thinks me a fraud.
It's devastating.
But perhaps not entirely wrong?
What do you mean?
You're charging students
handsomely to teach them
little more than adaptations
of ancient practices.
I know nothing about the money.
- Setia handles all that.
- Hm.
And your teachings?
If you are familiar with
them, why are you here?
That's not relevant at the moment.
Oh, please.
Humour me.
Very well.
I've been searching
for a means of unifying
the public and private parts of myself.
Thought you may have something to offer.
A unified self does not
necessarily present itself
in its fullness at all times.
I'm not sure I follow.
You can be unified within
Without sharing that
fullness with others.
For example,
I am Serigalo, the teacher.
But outside the Society,
I am simply Steven Lukas.
- So, you admit you're a fraud.
- No.
I believe in my teachings.
And I am Serigalo,
but it's not my whole self.
It's a persona I adopt to
Encourage my followers to
believe in my teachings.
Does that make it any less a lie?
If it is a lie,
then it is a useful lie
for those I serve.
the only thing that
matters is that you know,
and are comfortable with,
your true self.
That's what frees us
and truly unifies the heart and mind.
Lovely garden you've got here.
Oh! Yes, it is.
I can't take credit for
it. I'm just in charge
of pulling the weeds.
Have you been working out
here alone all afternoon?
Yes! My own personal bit of heaven.
Setia and Serigalo saw what I needed
when I came a few months back.
It's been a balm.
Your name's Joseph, correct?
And you go by the seeker name Peace?
I came seeking it after the
loss of someone close to me.
Have you found it?
I'm working on it.
You go by Joy?
Have you found the joy
you're looking for here?
No. I-I think I'm
Beginning to understand why that is.
Where did you get this?
Percy Delwyn, the man who
lives on the next property over.
Apparently Setia is a confidence woman
by the name of Alice Shen.
Says here she was
jailed for several months
after attacking someone
who found her out.
Do you think this could be related
to the attempts on Serigalo's life?
Perhaps he uncovered her past
misdeeds and wanted her out?
She does handle all
the financial dealings
for the Society, and judging by the sums
in the ledger, she had a lot to lose.
Does she have an alibi
for the time of his attack?
I didn't even think to ask.
I think it's time we did.
Setia! Stop!
He attacked me!
(PANTING) She's blackmailing me.
- Blackmailing?
- How?
I'm leaving the Society
and she won't give me back
- the money that I paid!
- No, those were donations!
Donations for living expenses
that I no longer require!
What does this have
to do with blackmail?
She has recordings of
my unbosoming sessions
and she said if I went to
the police about the money,
she's going to give that to my family.
Is that true?
Does Serigalo know?
No! He would never.
Please don't tell him. I beg you.
You're exploiting
someone's innermost secrets.
You deserve no favours.
Well, it turns out that you
were right about Serigalo,
and I owe you an apology.
You were right, too.
About me using this place
as a way to fill the
hole left by George.
You shouldn't feel badly about that.
It's a completely understandable
reaction to missing someone.
I'm just so worried about him.
And angry! He left without
so much as asking me!
He'll be back before long,
safe and sound. I'm sure of it.
(MURDOCH): Julia?
(JULIA): William?
Thank you, Julia.
What on earth are you wearing?
Well, uh, hello to you, too.
The more pertinent question
is what're you doing here?
Oh! The inspector has me
looking for his friend's wife
that's gone missing.
You think she might be here?
I do.
Do you recognize her?
Oh, that's Freedom!
Freedom, you say?
Ah, well, it's the name
that she goes by here.
And where might she be?
Recording unbosoming sessions.
And blackmail.
So you didn't know?
Of course not.
Were you aware of this?
Setia had told me that she
had turned over a new leaf.
Clearly, that's not the case.
- May I speak with her?
- Yes.
For all her many faults,
it seems as though
Setia isn't our killer.
How can you be sure?
She has no motive. Serigalo
knew about her past.
But the-the blackmail
and the recordings?
Were both news to him.
She may have attacked
Calm to keep her secret,
but she had no reason to kill Serigalo.
Then who in heaven is trying to?
Something tells me those
recordings may give us a clue.
Strange. It's already unlocked.
Good lord! There must be
two dozen recordings in here.
Blackmailing students.
I can't believe you'd do such a thing.
I was trying to protect you.
And the Society.
In case we were ever
faced with questions.
You've been making them that long.
Ever since Well began to struggle.
I was worried that something
terrible would happen.
And I was right.
I'm sorry.
Who is Well?
Uh, Joey Knight,
former student.
He killed himself six months ago.
Those initials, JK,
it was his ring on your mala?
And his ring that disappeared
when you were attacked.
The two things must be related.
Perhaps there's something of interest
on one of Well's recordings?
But one of them is missing.
None were missing earlier.
I checked before I spoke to Calm.
Which means someone's
taken it in the last hour.
Is anyone currently at the
Society connected to Joey?
- Ah, I don't believe so.
- Hm.
None of the current students
were here before he died.
It's Peace.
- How do you know?
- His legal name, it's Joseph.
He did arrive shortly after Joey died.
And he told me that he
came here seeking peace
after the loss of someone close to him.
I've an idea where to find him.
to let go of bad thoughts,
but they just come back stronger.
It's as though there's a monster
- Peace.
- Inside of me
telling me I'm worthless.
I never meant to hurt Oneness.
I know.
The incense was intended for Serigalo,
but when that failed, you
tried a more direct attack.
He pushed my son to take his own life.
He deserves to be punished.
But not by you.
I know I'm going to jail,
but please
Just give me
(SNIFFLES) One more minute
To hear my Joey's voice.
This was recorded just
a few days before he
not trying hard enough, Joey.
If you wanted to be
free of these thoughts,
you would be!
(JOEY): I don't know what to do!
- I am
- (JOEY): Please.
- Help me, Serigalo.
- So terribly sorry, Peace.
I won't have peace until
you pay for my son's death.
Hey, hey. Hey, hey.
You came all this way to find me?
At your husband's request.
Nathaniel does nothing for six weeks,
but the minute I touch
the household accounts
Why didn't you tell your
husband where you were?
If I told him,
he would probably have had me committed.
So you wish to stay?
I do.
I finally know what
it is to be at peace.
I'd like to keep it that way,
if you'll keep my secret.
Seems you're losing some students.
Well, even if only one remains,
that's reason enough to carry
on the work of the Society.
- You plan to stay on?
- Of course.
And I hope to see you
both back sometime soon.
Oh, I-I think it's time that I
Return to being just
But you're still so
conflicted. I can see it.
I am, but
I think it's time that I learned to face
the despair I'm feeling rather
than chase some impossible joy.
That is so brave.
Thank you.
And Harmony
Will I see you again?
I don't think so.
Though I am grateful for
what you've taught me.
I used to believe I was lying
if I wasn't bringing my full self
to my job and my public life.
And now?
Well, our conversation
earlier made me realize some
separation between my
public and private selves
may be a benefit
To all parts of my life.
That is wonderful to hear.
(JULIA): Is that you, William?
It is indeed.
How did it go with the inspector?
believes Oh, I don't think he actually
that I haven't found Eleanor yet.
Am I interrupting something?
Not at all.
I'm just practicing the stretches
I learned at the Society.
It turns out I am a lot more
flexible than I imagined.
- Is that so?
- Yes.
I could show you if you'd like.
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