The Murdoch Mysteries (2004) s17e13 Episode Script

Train to Nowhere

Beautiful day, isn't it?
Gorgeous landscape!
Have you ever seen so many trees?
Where are you headed?
- North.
- Ah, myself as well.
Spent much time up here?
Fair bit.
Not me.
It is a long ride, isn't it?
Very long.
- I'm so pleased you're here, Julia.
- Hm.
You haven't been to a suffrage
society meeting in quite some time.
Well, one does get discouraged
after years of protest
result in no change.
You seem in high spirits this morning.
I spoke with George last night.
He got a tip about his father from
one of George Sr.'s associates.
Is his father still wanted for
murder by the Winnipeg police?
Yes. But George hopes
to get to him first and,
with any luck
He'll sort it out and come home to me.
Well, I wish him the best of luck.
Hello, Mary-Ann.
Good morning, Julia, Mrs. Crabtree.
I, uh, I trust you're both ready
for the march on the legislature?
Yes, of course!
Oh! And since yellow is
the colour of the movement,
I thought perhaps we could wear
daffodils to the demonstration.
Ah. A fine idea.
Is everything all right, Mary-Ann?
Would we be able to have
a word after the meeting?
I'm embarrassed to ask for help, but
I don't know where else to turn.
I'm looking for my fath
I'm looking for a friend
Looking for my
friend. He's a wonderful chap,
but hasn't been in touch in a
while and I-I worry about him.
Let's just say he can get
into a mood now and then,
and when he gets into a mood,
he tends to get into a scrape and
I'm hoping I find him soon.
Timing couldn't be worse.
- My wife and I just bought a house
- Listen, friend.
Best to keep your mouth shut
on this train.
Good lord!
Oh, my God.
- Winnipeg.
- Porter!
A moment please?
(GASPS) Good God!
Is is he dead?
I'm afraid so. He's been
stabbed through the heart.
Do you have a passenger list?
No. No-not on this train.
This man's with the
Winnipeg police force
and his killer's aboard this train.
Look, I'm a member of the
Toronto Constabulary myself.
- I can offer assistance.
- No, no, no.
I'll inform the local
officials at the next stop.
All right. Well, we
can't leave him here.
This lavatory needs to be closed off.
Do you know if he had
any luggage with him?
I think he had a small case
at his seat. I can get it.
No, that's all right. I'll manage.
You should get back to the passengers.
Excuse me, sir?
Did you see the man who
was sitting here earlier?
Could be yes. Could be no.
Well, which is it?
The last I seen him he was
heading for the back of the train.
Is that the baggage car?
- Could be yes
- (BOTH): Could be no.
I understand you could use
my help, Mrs. Shainsworth.
Humiliating to admit, but
My husband has deserted our family.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Thank you.
It's not that I miss him.
I must say I don't.
But the children and I
will lose our lodgings.
In cases like this,
sometimes an intermediary
can work out some kind of arrangement.
And your husband has definitively stated
that he will not support
you and your children?
Well, I'd ask him, but he's disappeared.
And you believe he's at this men's club?
Yes. I-I have a photo, if it helps.
She's already tried his place of work.
He's a stockbroker at the exchange.
Would you be kind enough
to check his men's club, Detective?
I'll do what I can.
Good morning.
Detective William Murdoch,
Toronto Constabulary.
Are you Herman Shainsworth?
The man himself.
Some might consider it a tad
early in the day to indulge.
Some might pity the poor saps
forced to hew to a
conventional schedule.
Know I do.
Sir, I understand you have
decided to desert your family.
I'm not paying.
Are you saying that you
refuse to take responsibility
for the welfare of your
wife and your children?
Why should I pay for the privilege
of being henpecked day
and night, year after year?
Herman. Some decorum?
Apologies, Mr. Mupps.
Sir! You're not permitted in there.
Isn't it just the baggage car?
Yes, sir, but there are
no passengers allowed.
For your safety.
I understand. Apologies.
Yes? Everything all right?
Excuse me.
Hello. Do you need assistance?
Can I see your tickets?
- Sir!
You're not allowed to go back there!
- Sir! Open the door!
- Open this door now!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
How was the delegation
to the legislature?
The premier refused to receive us.
We only made it as far as the foyer.
But we did force him to
listen to our demands!
Ah, well, he listened and
He'll do nothing.
I met with Mr. Shainsworth earlier today
and he refuses to pay
- to support his children.
- You couldn't convince him?
He seemed quite defiant.
I did, however, obtain his address
and I've passed that
on to Mrs. Shainsworth.
- Really?
- Apparently, a lodging house nearby.
Detective Murdoch.
All right.
What's going on?
I'm afraid Mr. Shainsworth
has been found murdered.
Calm down.
Look at him.
Rubber of whist to pass
the time, is it, folks?
The game's full up.
That's some, uh, lively
stakes you're using there.
I raise.
Did anybody notice there
was a lawman on the train?
Most of us don't take kindly to lawmen.
If you know what I mean.
Yes, that's why I say. To be
To be aware, on guard, if you will.
Is that why you're back here?
'Cause the porter's
paid to keep people out.
Well, as I said, I'm
looking for a friend.
I call.
Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep.
Surely we're not there yet.
This is my stop.
Say, why don't you come along?
I have a feeling
I can help you find
who you're looking for.
This is one trip ya gotta pay for.
Well, I did pay! I
could show you my ticket.
I'm not talking about the train.
I'm talking about the trip to Nowhere.
Looks like your trip
- Ends here.
- (MAN): Bryllis!
Leave off.
- Fa
- Name's Forge!
And don't you forget it.
Now, shut the hell up and come with me.
What's your interest here?
I don't like mess.
And I don't like cleanup.
And don't forget the rules.
All right, Forge.
I can respect my elders.
- Forge?
Forge Farrar,
the Iron Scourge, they call me.
On foot from here.
(BRYLLIS): You heard him. Get the boxes.
That's a girl
I think I can talk now.
- What are you doing here?
- I came looking for you.
Listen! A lawman was
killed on that train
and he had this on him.
That's not good.
There's no time to lose if
the police are this close.
What are you doing here?
I have to clear my name, George.
I'm tracking the man who killed
my business partner, Sidney McCrae.
- So, you didn't do it.
- Of course not!
Sid was a friend!
A banker who was staking my new project:
A healing spa,
little Manitou Lake in Saskatchewan.
That's your new scheme?
A spa? In Saskatchewan?
It's the dead sea of Canada!
The minerals in the water,
lithium, sulphur, magnesium,
they're therapeutic for all manner
of ailments of body and mind.
- It does sound nice.
- It's an incredible opportunity!
Sid was helping to raise more capital.
It's dreadful what happened to him.
What did happen to him?
Starting to think you
two know one another.
This the friend you were looking for?
Why didn't you say so?
Move along. Nothing to see here.
A grim place to breathe one's last.
I was with Mr. Shainsworth
only this morning.
He was in high spirits of a sort.
Murder weapon doesn't appear
to have been discarded here.
His trousers are unbuttoned.
I believe he may have stopped
to relieve himself in this alley.
He was staying just next door.
A predilection of the
inebriated, I'm afraid.
Yes, well, I can attest he
began drinking early today.
All right, then. He
Had his back to his attacker
When he was struck.
And if he was intoxicated, his assailant
would have had the advantage.
I'll pay a visit to his club
to reconstruct his movements.
His wallet is here.
It's empty. Do we believe he was robbed?
Although I wouldn't
rule out the possibility
- of a more personal motive.
- Hm.
Welcome to Nowhere.
What is this place?
A group of prospectors set it up
when they hit a vein of silver,
or thought they had.
This is mining country up here.
Precious metals are
magnetic for big dreamers.
I'm surprised the Iron Scourge
is so fond of flights of fancy.
You'll find I'm full of surprises.
Most of them nasty.
Good lord.
- What happens now?
- We gotta meet the mayor.
He decides on who stays and who goes.
Frank Henshaw.
- This is Buck.
- Buck?
Got a last name?
Uh, Buck Huck.
Uh, Huckles Hucklesworth.
Hucklesber Huckleberry.
- Well, Mr. Huckleberry
- Just call me Buck.
Buck, most current folk who live here,
ghosts, I call 'em,
are retired, or reformed,
or plain need to disappear
for one reason or another.
And there's rules, too:
No real names,
settle your own scores,
but no killing allowed.
Well, I think I can handle that.
Someone's gotta vouch for you.
That'd be me.
Sign here.
Son, you don't know what
you've walked into here.
But I'm touched you came looking.
Well, of course I did. I was worried.
Why do the police think you
killed your business partner?
We'd argued. Publicly.
Sid was wavering on our project.
His colleagues were pushing him into
investing in local real estate instead.
- So, he was backing out?
- Not at all!
In fact, I was going
to meet him to confirm
our deal on the day he was killed.
But he was dead when I got
to his office, bludgeoned.
And the timber bonds he'd
promised to invest were gone.
Why did you run?
You must have known how that would look.
I panicked.
I'd been seen on the way in.
So, I slipped away.
Since then, I've laid low and
traced the bonds to this
Strange place.
Is that the whole truth?
Well, I know you struggle
with these dark moods.
It isn't like that.
I've taken the waters
all over the continent
and it has changed my life.
I am changed.
Then what about the McCrae file?
The detectives found
your cane in the room
along with your fingermarks
on the murder weapon,
the, the, the stone paperweight.
Well, certainly. I'd
handled it on many occasions.
Tyndall stone,
full of fossils.
A remarkable specimen.
Yes, well, remarkably
deadly, as it turns out.
There was another set of unknown
fingermarks on the weapon.
Perhaps we could use that
to identify the real killer,
- if we can even find ourselves a suspect.
- No need.
I've found an ally here.
The manager of the local drinking hole.
Polly has promised to help
me find the man I'm tracking.
You're going to love her!
- I'd like you to meet Polly.
- Ooh!
- Dorothy?!
George? (LAUGHING)
- Father, that's Dorothy Ernst.
She's a murderous psychopath.
She's using you to get to me!
Well, there's no need to overreact.
Neither of us knew each
other's true identity.
Every Ghost in Nowhere has an alias.
I don't believe you. You always said
you weren't finished with me.
Maybe I'm interested in starting over.
Amelia's gone.
And though I blame you, George,
the fact is my sister was very troubled,
and I've put it in the past
and I am committed to helping Forge.
Maybe she deserves a second chance.
I'm terribly sorry for your loss.
The finality of death
can sometimes summon
unresolved feelings.
I know my feelings for my miserable
louse of a husband very well.
I'm only worried about
telling the children
that they no longer have a father.
If I may,
where were you earlier today?
I was at the suffragist
rally that I helped organize.
I've campaigned for years
to get women the vote
and it can't happen soon enough.
Too much in this world
depends upon the whims of men.
Feeling better after a night's sleep?
Listen, we cannot trust Dorothy.
She is a criminal and a liar.
So is everyone else around here.
Besides, Polly at least
already knows who we are,
and she wants to help.
Help us into an early grave, more like.
- Ah.
- Look, we could leave this place now.
You could turn yourself in.
Effie would help plead your case.
George, no one will believe me innocent.
I'm a fugitive.
And I'm the only one who's
absolutely certain I didn't do it!
I need to find the real killer.
There's another clue in the McCrae file.
He had a meeting scheduled right
before he was to meet with you,
a man by the name of Eugene Flett.
The police ever interview him?
No. They couldn't find him.
Oh. Seems like a reasonable suspect.
That's the spirit!
Between the three of
us, we'll get our man.
The three of us.
Running a successful
establishment in a town
that does not exist
is harder than you might think.
Well, it's a shame
about your business woes.
What about the help you promised us?
Young Buck.
Ghosts who've arrived
in the last three months.
This is Clutch!
He used to be a thief.
Clutch, this is Forge and Buck.
They have some questions for you.
Mayor says we're to have
no truck with questions.
Yes, and as the mayor's right hand,
I am telling you to answer anyway.
Have you spent any time in Winnipeg?
What about timber bonds?
Have you seen any
circulating around Nowhere?
If I had've, I would've
stolen 'em for sure.
That it?
Well, that wasn't terribly enlightening.
My whip!
I told you he was a thief.
Well, now.
If it isn't Forge and his best bud.
Just, uh,
cleaning some bullets, are we?
Polly said to help you.
- So start talking.
We're wondering if you've
spent any time in Winnipeg,
or do you know if any
of the other Ghosts have?
No indeed.
But then I don't ask a lot of questions.
I like living too much for that.
I like your hat.
Popular style out west.
Shot a man for it.
Perhaps he was from out west.
What about Eugene Flett? Do
you know anybody by that name?
What a coincidence.
That was the name of
the man with the hat.
Hello there.
- Are you Yankee?
- (MAN): Yeah.
I hear you're a former pickpocket.
Sure. I been a dipper.
- What of it?
- I've always admired fine finger work.
You know,
real hard to make a living
once the coppers know your face.
You're always running.
I wondered did you
know a friend of mine,
name of Sid, out in the 'Peg.
Nah, I ain't never been out west.
(BOTH): Terrific.
(LAUGHING) Marvellous!
Would you show me?
Well, you must have dipped some
interesting things here in Nowhere.
Nah. Not much scratch
around these parts.
Though I, uh, almost lifted some, uh,
funny-looking paper money
from Mayor Henshaw this week.
Lumber bonds, or some such.
Thank you so much.
So, we know that the murder occurred
shortly after Mrs. Shainsworth
learned where her husband was staying.
Julia told me that Mrs. Shainsworth
did not meet up with the
suffragette delegation,
even though she was meant to lead it.
But she was seen at the men's club.
Apparently, she pushed past the doorman
and argued with her husband
before being ejected.
Shainsworth himself
left shortly thereafter.
Perhaps he went straight
back to his lodgings
where he was accosted
by someone in the alley.
A someone named Mrs. Shainsworth?
Let's see what Mayor Henshaw has
to say about these timber bonds.
I don't see how Henshaw
could have killed Sid.
I thought he'd been here for years.
Mayor Henshaw!
- He's dead.
- What?!
What did you do to the mayor?!
Hey! Hey, they killed 'im!
You'll pay for this.
I thought there was
no killin' in Nowhere!
Hey! What the
That's Forge's whip around his neck!
This is what Mayor Henshaw didn't want,
another lawless town of
bandits settling scores.
You're making a mistake.
We're innocent and we can prove it.
He's the one who stole Forge's whip.
Nah. We got eyes, we see what's what.
I'll show you what it
means to be a Ghost.
Wait! Wait! Wait a minute!
Wh-what about the rule?
- No killing in Nowhere!
- Hey! Hey!
Hands off these two!
By order of the mayor.
You're welcome.
Let's go. Inside.
She planned this.
She planned to kill Henshaw
so she could blame us.
It seems sheer luck that you
were after the same person.
Polly couldn't have overpowered Henshaw.
Anyone here could have done it!
Have you ever considered
she might truly be reformed?
Father, you don't
understand the half of it.
This woman is rotten to the core.
The things that she has done to me!
The things she has done to my wife!
Her brain i-i-is broken.
Is that what you think of me?
People can heal.
They can learn.
Are you honestly telling me
you think people are
incapable of change, George?
I was going to fingermark that whip.
- I know you're behind this.
- It is flattering
how much credit you give me!
Now, Polly was with us
nearly the whole time.
Nearly being the operative word.
I'm not guilty of anything.
Have a look around.
As much as you like.
Please tell me where you went
after you confronted your
husband at the men's club.
Did you wait for him
outside of his lodgings?
No. I went home alone
to see which of my belongings
I could sell to make up the rent.
I hope for your sake that
you're telling me the truth.
But I have a feeling
that you haven't finished
lying to me yet.
May I have a moment alone
with my client, please?
Is there something
you're not telling me?
Be honest so I can help you.
I can't.
It's not a match.
Mayor Henshaw's fingermarks
don't match those
on the paperweight that
killed Sidney McCrae.
So your friend's killer
is still out there.
Then how did Henshaw get
hold of the timber bonds?
Maybe Yankee lied to us.
At Dorothy's behest.
If Polly Dorothy
really did kill the mayor,
then I've put you in terrible danger.
- You should go.
- I'm not leaving you.
I don't deserve your help.
I should have listened. I
should have believed you.
It's not your fault.
She's fooled many people.
And I came to help you whether
you were innocent or not.
That's what family does.
You'll make a fine
father one day, George.
The kind I wish I'd been for you.
Thank you.
We have the fingermarks
for whoever killed McCrae.
If there was just some way
to check them against
every suspect in town.
- I've got an idea.
You must be preoccupied
with mayoral matters now.
It's a shame you're tied
to the bar all night.
It's impossible to find
good help around here.
Well, I'd like to buy
the entire bar a drink!
I'll play barman for the evening.
I am grateful that you
came to our defense earlier.
I'll help, too.
I'm going to need a new
trade if I stick around.
- Wait! You're staying?
- Yeah.
Well, it suits me fine. Just, um
Make sure you water down the drinks,
or else it'll cost me in chairs.
There you are, sir.
- Thank you.
- Sit with us, Forge.
Don't mind if I do.
What are we celebrating?
Ah, there's a mill next railway town.
Shut down without
enough folks to run it.
I thought we could get it going,
get some jobs for folks around here.
I'm done messin' with the law.
I just want to live in peace.
- As do we all!
- I hear ya.
You know, the first of us in Nowhere
were cons runnin' off from work gangs.
- Escaped prisoners?
- Forced to build the railway.
Nowhere is a fascinating experiment.
Freedom, self-governance,
and a potential means
of peaceable industry
and rehabilitation.
Whaddya know about all that?
I've dabbled in city planning myself,
imagining new ways of living
and bringing people together.
Of course
I had to cut down any
bureaucrat that got in my way.
If they said, "show me your permit,"
I said, "permit me to introduce you
- to my business partner, Mr. Colt."
Please tell the detective
what you just told me.
I didn't kill Herman.
But there is something
I haven't confessed
Our marriage wasn't legal.
Mr. Shainsworth walked out on
his previous wife years ago.
But he didn't divorce her.
And with Herman dead, I
stood to collect nothing,
not to mention the
damage to my reputation.
Why did you persist in the arrangement?
I was young, and I
fancied myself in love.
And before long, I had
children to protect.
I'll look into who else may
have had motive to harm him.
Perhaps someone at his work?
I've heard the stock exchange
can be a cutthroat business.
It's true.
But Herman had a talent for
making enemies everywhere.
Imagine a saltwater lake,
fed by an underground spring.
The water is full of minerals.
Have you ever been swimming
in a saltwater lake?
You actually float!
It's a bit of heaven on earth.
I found a match. It's Bryllis.
He's the one who killed McCrae.
He's gone.
We can get him in the morning.
I'm afraid I've
I've had a few too many sips tonight.
I thought you only
ever pretended to drink.
There's no fooling this crowd.
Good night.
She's known all along.
She knew. Contrary to what she told you,
Dorothy Ernst has known who
you really are all along!
The woman who I spoke
to on the telephone,
she said she was your assistant.
She said her name was Aileen Smart.
Aileen Smart?
I don't know anyone by that name.
I never told a soul I was coming.
This is the last time you threaten
me or anybody I care about.
What are you so worked up about,
George? I'm not threatening anyone.
I'm working.
You lured me here. To Nowhere.
Weren't you looking for your father?
Weren't you concerned for him?
I could have hardly have
given you my real name;
you would not have believed me.
- Don't
Don't twist things around.
What are you going to do?
Are you going to kill me?
Of course not.
But I am going to bring you to justice.
- Ah!
- Ah!
Sorry, Daddy.
Too late.
How long have you known who I really am?
A few weeks.
I knew Bryllis killed
your partner in Winnipeg.
His real name is Eugene.
He was trying to sell
land to your friend.
And Sid didn't want it.
Oh, if it even existed.
Bryllis went in with a con;
Saw a chance to score.
All those bonds.
You see,
I know everything
That happens in this town.
Including the fact that
there's silver to be found.
I thought there was no silver.
Well, the first prospectors
gave up too soon.
This town
(LAUGHING) Has the potential
to be something!
And I'm going to be in
the centre of it all.
Is that why you killed Mayor Henshaw?
He wouldn't step down for you?
Oh, you know me so well, Georgie.
But, no. I did not kill
Henshaw. Bryllis took care of it.
Did he kill the Winnipeg
lawman on the train, as well?
Probably. He is a bit of a brute.
(CHUCKLING) But really!
The nerve of Henshaw
trying to cling to power
and refusing my generous
bribe of timber bonds.
Bryllis shared everything
when he fell in love.
I'm a little bit like George, you see.
I have a gift
For making people obsessed with me.
- You still with that lawyer?
- Don't even say her name.
Oh-ah! Effie! Effie! Effie!
It's a shame she won't be
here to see me kill you.
Your father will just
have to watch instead,
which is also a shame.
'Cause I really liked
you, me old George.
humour me, Dorothy.
Why don't you two take this outside?
Make it a real duel!
It's almost dawn.
Give the boy a fighting chance.
Aren't you the mayor now?
Show these Ghosts your power!
And your fairness.
That is an amazing idea.
Pistols at dawn!
I will reload the weapons.
(LAUGHING) You will, will you?
Dueling rules still apply, after all.
I am the only second here,
but you can watch me do it.
I can't shoot the woman in cold blood.
Maybe not, but one chance
is better than none.
I truly admire your vision for Nowhere.
I've always been one
for building things.
The world never goes easy on dreamers.
And even harder on women, I'd guess.
You know what to do, my son.
if you think of anything.
I managed to find a broker
who recognized the photograph.
He says Shainsworth was
dismissed from his firm
weeks ago and he asked if
he owed me money, as well.
- Shainsworth had other debts?
- It appears so.
Some of his creditors came
calling and they weren't happy.
So, he had other
enemies beside his wife,
and if his creditors came
looking for him here
That means they didn't
know where he was staying.
Who else knew of his
temporary lodging site?
Mr. Mupps.
You keep showing up here.
Looking for a membership sponsor?
Oh, I don't think this is
a club we'd care to join.
I understand you like to extend favours
from time to time, Mr. Mupps?
You loaned a great deal of
money to Mr. Shainsworth.
(SCOFFS) What of it?
He'd lost money on the
market, including mine.
He said with some more,
he could get it all back.
But he didn't.
You wanted repayment.
You overheard me trying to get
funds out of him for his family.
And you feared Shainsworth
would soon be repaying
other debts before yours,
and tried to move to
the front of the line.
- No. No, sirs.
- Ah!
Perhaps you lost your temper
when you learned there was little hope
- of getting your money back.
- No!
You overheard where he was staying.
You waited for him
outside of his lodgings
and when he stepped into
the alley, you attacked him.
You are under arrest, Mr. Mupps.
I will drop this kerchief
on the count of three.
That will be the signal to fire.
- Two
- Ha!
No! No!
No! No! N What about honour?!
You're looking in the wrong
place for that, Dorothy.
- This is Nowhere, remember?
- No, no, no.
- Tie her up.
- Wha ? No!
Oh, my God.
You were never in any real danger.
You took her bullets using
Yankee's sleight-of-hand trick.
I'm a man of many talents.
Right now we have to get to the train
- and get Dorothy to justice.
- What about Bryllis?
We'll have the
authorities return for him.
Right now, the most important thing
is to get this menace
of a woman behind bars.
- Agreed.
- Thank you, lover!
- We have to get out of here.
- Just leave her. Go, go!
- The wagon!
- I'll buy us some time!
- Pardon me.
Go! Go, go, go!
What a terribly terrific escape!
The town is completely deserted.
Anyone that was there is long gone.
But they'll find them.
Thank you, Detective.
And I appreciate you liaising
with the Winnipeg police force.
Well, the evidence of
the fingermarked glass
and the sworn affidavit of
one Constable George Crabtree
was what was needed to convince them.
I've even communicated with the bank
that issued the timber bonds,
and Sid had already put them in my name.
So he truly did believe in the project.
Of course. And there's
still a good sum remaining.
I'm off to Saskatchewan
to take the waters
and to get this spa off the ground.
Well, best of luck.
I suppose it'll be a while
before I see you again?
Hard to say.
We Crabtrees could hardly
be called predictable.
(GEORGE): You keep yourself
out of trouble, now.
I'll take that as a solemn order, son.
- Farewell.
- George!
Perhaps we should leave these two alone.
I am never letting you
out of my sight again.
Oh, don't worry. I'm not going nowhere.
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