The Murdoch Mysteries (2004) s17e15 Episode Script

Murdoch and the Treasure of Lima

I didn't think you were the type.
We are all full of surprises, Mrs. Pym.
until I tell the ladies at church.
Well, perhaps you could install one
in the front hallway
for the other tenants.
I shouldn't think so!
They're not policemen.
What would they do with it?
- Well
Oh. Who would be out
on a night like this?
Llewellyn Watts.
In the flesh.
Fantastic. I've been
searching for you for ages.
My name is Dr. Aldous Hardy,
Professor of South American
Civilizations at Columbia University.
- Mrs. Pym.
- Wha ?
(CLEARS THROAT) I'll see myself out.
And what can I do for you?
(SIGHS) I'm searching for
the lost Treasure of Lima.
Well, it's not here.
No, no. It's oh! Ha. Very good.
And what exactly is this treasure?
In 1820, the Catholic Church
loaded all of its Incan gold
and jewels onto a ship bound for Mexico.
The Peruvian War of
Independence was brewing
and they wanted to
keep their riches safe.
But they weren't.
- Haha! Precisely.
- Ah.
Captain William Thompson turned pirate,
took the treasure, fled to Canada,
buried the treasure and
entrusted the map to his sister.
This is all interesting, but
what does it have to do with me?
Well, she married Elmore Wattenberg
and though the map was lost,
an heirloom has been passed down.
Wattenberg? That was my family name.
Captain Thompson is
your great-grand-uncle.
- Huh.
- And I found Thompson's map.
Here! And X marks the spot.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, no. (CHUCKLES)
As a good friend of mine wisely says,
X never marks the spot. No. Look here.
"Be on time."
Your father ever give you an heirloom?
Perchance, a watch?
As a matter of fact he did.
Ah-ha! Haha! Well, bring it out, man!
Let's have a look at it.
That watch is the key
to finding the treasure.
He gave it to me before
he died, a long time ago.
Might take me a while to locate it.
Well, it's a shame.
Why don't we meet tomorrow morning?
I'll look for the watch and
if I find it, I'll bring it.
Scott's Diner, nine o'clock?
Scott's Diner, nine o'clock.
Oh, uh
Scott's Diner.
- Nine o'clock.
- Nine o'clock.
But I waited for an hour
and he never showed up.
And you believe he
was telling the truth?
I contacted Columbia University.
He is indeed Dr. Hardy.
- Interesting.
- Good morning, gentlemen.
Miss Hart, what do you have for us?
Male, approximately 55 years of age,
was found in his room at the
Hoysten Hotel earlier this morning.
- Why weren't we called in?
It was believed to
have been an accident,
- but Miss Hart feels differently?
- Mm.
Well, that explains
why he never joined me.
This is Dr. Hardy?
Yes. That's the name
that he gave the hotel.
Were any of his belongings
brought in with him?
Just his suitcase. I put it over there.
Have you ascertained the
cause of death, Miss Hart?
One single blow to the head.
I believe the time of death was
around five o'clock this morning.
It's missing.
The map Dr. Hardy had
last night isn't here.
Perhaps he was killed for it?
It seems someone else is
after the Treasure of Lima.
And now they have the map
and know where to find it.
Well, not without this.
My father told me to never fix the watch
and that maybe I'd understand one day.
I always thought it was
some kind of metaphor.
There appears to be a second face
underneath the top one here.
But the numbers aren't sequential.
Please put that down.
I've been working to refine that device.
It's not very accurate at
long range, but at short range,
it's terribly effective.
I've found a map of Ontario in 1820.
- What do you need it for?
- Incan gold.
(LAUGHING) You're crackers.
What, you think the Incans
came up here on a field trip?
- No, but perhaps pirates did.
There is nothing in Ontario
apart from rocks and more rocks.
And treasure. Could be
Right there.
On top of a mountain north of Sudbury?
Incan gold? (LAUGHING)
Longitude and latitude.
I beg your pardon?
The numbers on the watch
face could be map coordinates.
Ah, 473967
Well, that would be right about
It's close to the first spot.
The treasure could be deep
in a hill there, in a cave.
The point is moot, gentlemen.
If Dr. Hardy's killer has this map
and is also a treasure hunter,
then he'll be going here.
(BRACKENREID): So that's
where you're headed, then?
Yes. To catch the killer.
But I think we are
the only ones who know
the coordinates hidden in the watch.
This could be the true
location of the treasure.
This isn't a treasure hunt, Watts.
We're looking for a killer.
But treasure could be
involved and we could find it.
Consider it a
two-birds-one-stone proposition.
Well, gentlemen, happy hunting.
Maybe you'll bring back a ghost,
or maybe even a leprechaun.
Nothing along the road.
You see anything under there?
I didn't see a large bolt,
if that's what you're asking.
Must've dropped out a while back.
How did that happen?
Could be a number of possibilities.
- General wear, or
- Sabotage?
Hello, there!
Looks like you could use a hand.
- We lost the king pin.
- Ah.
Hell of a thing.
Where are you headed?
- Well
- Lady Evelyn Lake.
- We hear the fishing's quite good there.
- Ah.
You heard right.
Name's Leopold Hudson.
William Murdoch. Llewellyn Watts.
Do you live around here?
Oh, I live wherever the wind takes me.
I'm bound by nothing and no one.
Sounds like a good life.
I know a place where
you can spend the night,
just a half-mile walk up this way.
Follow me.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
You didn't tell him we're policemen.
Well, it's possible there are
things he didn't tell us, either.
Let's unhook the horse.
Come in!
- Inspector.
- Ah.
Have you seen Detective Murdoch?
Uh, I have the post-mortem
results for Dr. Aldous Hardy.
Ah. Murdoch's out in the
field today hunting his killer.
- Can I be of use?
- I told Detective Murdoch
that Dr. Hardy died
from a blow to the head.
But you found he didn't.
- Before the blow, he was poisoned.
- With what?
I'm having trouble identifying it.
I do need to conduct some more tests.
I don't know much about poisons.
Look, uh, it's deadly
dull around here today.
Do you mind if I sit in? I
could have a nice cup of tea
- while you cut your cadaver.
- Ah! Certainly.
I do have some Red E Coffee.
It's an instant powder
and it's all the rage.
Well, let's see if instant coffee
trumps steeped tea, shall we? After you.
Any luck?
Well, we've secured
two rooms for the night
and they found us another horse.
Mm. Very good.
You two can be off on your fishing trip.
Mr. Hudson, why don't you tell us
why you're really out here.
Sure. Why not?
What if I told you
There was Incan gold
buried somewhere near here?
We would be inclined to believe you.
I I suppose you have a
map to lead you to this gold?
My friend does. He's in Toronto.
What might your friend's name be?
Professor Hardy, but I call him Doc.
I'm sorry, Mr. Hudson. We have
some bad news about your friend.
Dr. Hardy was killed two days ago.
And how would you know that?
Mr. Hudson, please sit down.
I'm Detective William Murdoch,
this is Detective Llewellyn Watts
of the Toronto Constabulary.
We are searching for Dr. Hardy's killer.
Did you find the map with Doc?
I saw it before he died.
He was looking for something
and came to me for help.
Obviously, the killer
stole the map from Dr. Hardy
and we assume he'll be
headed to the marked location.
- But X never marks the spot.
- Hm.
Doc said there was
something else on the map,
some kind of clue.
Let's hope they don't know that.
Doc didn't deserve that.
He was a good man.
I'm handy in the woods if you need help.
We'll take you up on it.
Well, been a good long week
since I've been on the road.
Think I'll go wash away the grime.
Do you think he had something to do
with the death of Dr. Hardy?
I'm not sure.
But I'd prefer to keep him
in my sights until I am.
I saw that your husband's old
restaurant had closed down.
Oh, I never liked the
food there, anyway.
Is this that new instant stuff?
- It is.
- Oh.
Ooh! I'll tell you what:
You can't beat a cup of
good old Yorkshire tea.
Any luck?
I've narrowed it down
to an organic compound
similar to strychnine but different.
Strychnine is easily found anywhere.
I'm not sure that's
quite a good enough lead.
I know what this is.
It's called curare.
It's a paralyzing agent
from South America.
Are you sure?
(CARMICHAEL): What have you
done to me? I can't move.
I did say it was 99% pure.
The one remaining percent was curare.
Hence your lack of mobility.
Have you seen this poison before?
Yes. Once.
But I know there's only one man
in Toronto who has access to it.
Well, we'll have to
have a word with him.
Do you think they have
a Bordeaux in this place?
(LAUGHING) I very much doubt that.
(SIGHS) I'm not surprised
to see you here, Hudson.
But I thought you worked alone.
Oh, this is William and Llewellyn.
They're on a fishing trip.
- Is that what you call it now?
- Hm.
This is Dr. Wilks, sent
over from my museum.
I've heard a lot about you, Mr. Hudson.
Oh, is that right? Hm.
Dr. Fekete is from the Oxford Museum.
Expanding your South
American collection?
Leopold has been regaling
us with tales of Incan gold.
I hope you're not getting any ideas.
(SCOFFS) Miranda is of the mind
that all artifacts
should be in a museum.
Specifically, her museum.
Shouldn't all artifacts be in a museum?
Perhaps we should ask the
people they were taken from.
You wouldn't have Thompson's
map to this treasure, would you?
Thompson didn't act alone
when he turned pirate.
- Hm.
- His mate, John Wilhelm,
marked his own map, and I
managed to track it down.
Could we see this map?
So you can lift the
treasure out from under me?
I don't think so.
Do you think she really has her own map,
or does she have Dr. Hardy's?
Why don't you two be honest with me?
Why did Doc show you the map?
There's something you're not telling me.
We're here to bring a
killer back to Toronto.
That's it.
I sure hope so.
We'll see you folks in the morning.
You think he knows about the watch?
- Hard to say.
- But let's keep that between us for now.
That's probably wise.
It certainly will be an early morning.
I think I'll stay for a bit.
This wine is surprisingly passable.
Suit yourself.
Looks like your partner's
trying to get a head start.
Detective Watts is very particular.
He wouldn't leave
without his belongings.
- So, you're saying
- He didn't go willingly.
No one saw Detective
Watts leave last night,
much less who he was with.
I'm telling you, it's gold fever.
He wants the gold, and he
wants it all to himself.
He's not like that.
Shoot me straight.
How did he see Doc's map?
Dr. Hardy came to see Detective Watts
the night before he was killed.
- Why?
- Apparently, Detective Watts
is the last known relative
of Captain Thompson,
and he has a family heirloom
that is the key to the precise
location of the treasure.
Well, maybe somebody else
knew about this heirloom
sand has taken him to find it?
(HAND THUDS) We'll beat
the bushes to find him.
You will not.
The sandhill cranes pass by
here for only a brief time.
You cannot disturb them.
- Are you birdwatchers?
- I prefer amateur ornithologist.
Is that so?
Then where is your shotgun?
I am a devotee of Edmund Selous.
I would rather capture them
with silver iodine and collodion
than slaughter them.
"Lay down the gun and take
up a pair of opera glasses."
Were you engaged in this
pastime earlier today?
We were. But we were greatly disturbed
by the appearance of a
dishevelled man and his companion.
Uh, can you describe the companion?
A bald crown,
- eyes like an eagle
Jorg Holstrom,
an amoral and ruthless treasure hunter.
Your friend is in grave danger.
That's mine.
It's mine, now.
Who are you?
Jorg Holstrom. You may have heard of me.
The Forbidden Palace jewels?
Ah. Still no.
You will know of me when I
find the Treasure of Lima.
- Do you have Dr. Hardy's map?
- Dr. Hardy was here?
I am on the right track.
He was killed for that map.
I haven't seen Hardy since
- Santa Rosa.
- Why should I believe you?
It doesn't matter to me if you do.
What matters is if someone
killed Hardy for that map,
we're not the only ones
looking for the treasure.
Well, uh oh! All right. All right.
- Thanks for the watch.
I should have kept on my own trail.
Holstrom would just be after me.
I've known Detective Watts to
get out of far worse before.
I'm telling you, gold
does things to a man.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Watts! Are you all right?
Oh, all things considering.
- What happened?
- I was taken at gunpoint
last night by a man named Holstrom.
- Ah!
- But I escaped.
Did you tell him anything?
I didn't tell him anything.
He knocked me out and took my watch.
Was that the heirloom you told me about?
It has the precise coordinates of
the treasure written on its face.
So, you are looking for
the treasure, after all?
We're looking for the
man who killed Dr. Hardy.
Well, then, lucky for us, they'll
likely be in the same place.
- Do you recall the coordinates?
- I do.
We continue due north about an hour.
How do you know this Mr. Coffrey?
Well, I made a personal
study of certain toxins.
Mr. Coffrey was amenable
in private sales.
So, you bought some of
this curare from him before?
Ah, this must be it.
There he is.
Mr. John Coffrey?
I'm Inspector Brackenreid
of the Toronto Constabulary
and this is Miss Violet Hart.
Yes, we've met.
I'm not sure we did.
Oh, come now, Mr. Coffrey.
I'm not interested in your side dealings
with the university's materials.
Someone in Toronto used curare
on an individual recently,
and I need a name.
- Curare?
- Yeah.
That's unusual stuff.
Who did you sell it to?
The last person I sold
any to was you, Miss Hart,
about two years ago.
And now that poison is
in a dead man's body,
and you are the only known supplier.
I don't like what you're implying.
You could be implicated in a murder.
Where were you the day before last
at five o'clock in the morning?
Sleeping in my bed!
My wife can attest to that.
Well, if you remember anything else,
pop down to Station House
Four and have a word with me.
Good day, Mr. Coffrey.
There to the left.
- (LEOPOLD): Whoa, whoa, whoa.
This must be it.
I don't see Holstrom anywhere.
Perhaps we've beat him to it.
Or perhaps he's already inside.
Let's find out.
I think we're going to have to crawl in.
(WATTS): There aren't
any dangerous snakes
in Ontario, are there?
The massasauga rattler.
Be very careful.
(WATTS): Wait, wait! I
think I see something.
(MURDOCH): Oh, very
good. It's an entrance.
- Ah!
Good God!
It would appear we aren't
the first to come looking.
There's another cavern down here!
Perhaps we should consider
I don't think he heard you.
- Another poor unfortunate.
- Hm.
Over here.
Looks like there's an opening here.
- Oh! Snakes.
Ah. Allow me.
I've been bitten by everything
that crawls and flies.
Oh, ah, uh!
Where's the gold?
This is all that I found.
Not the most impressive treasure trove.
Is that writing on the base?
Yes. It looks vaguely Aymaran.
- I learned a little in Bolivia.
- Oh, let me see.
I've made a study of linguistics.
- If we can decipher it
- It'll lead us to the treasure.
We are getting out of here now.
Miss Hart.
Miss Hart!
Miss Hart!
What happened?
I don't know.
I was working and then
I was hit from behind.
- Did you see who hit you?
- No.
Come on. Let's get you up.
My post-mortem report for
Dr. Hardy was right here!
Now it's gone.
Cold storage door is open.
Dr. Hardy's body is missing.
It must be that Mr. Coffrey.
Perhaps. But he didn't kill Hardy.
I checked Mr. Coffrey's alibi.
He was definitely home the
night that Hardy was killed.
But he would still be
worried that there was proof
that he sold curare to a murderer.
Violet, you sure you're all right?
I'll be fine.
Let's get you sat down
with a nice cup of tea.
Oh, no.
The rope!
(LEOPOLD): It's gone!
Hello, Leopold.
Haven't seen you in a while.
Damn you, Holstrom.
Throw down the rope!
once you give me the treasure.
You still have that map?
(LEOPOLD): I would never
just hand it over to you!
(JORG): Of all the wondrous
places you've been
Can I see it, please?
Oh, of course.
(LEOPOLD): Do you
really want to do this?
Leave us down here to rot?
That's your choice, not mine!
All right, fine.
You can have this. But
throw down the rope.
- No!
- A sensible man.
Here. Catch.
You've got the figurine,
now throw down the rope.
Of course.
Until next time, Leopold.
Well, I suppose we should
have seen that coming.
I did. Look.
Holstrom just gave us our way out.
(LEOPOLD): I should have shot
that man when I had the chance!
(WATTS): What good would that have done?
We'd still have that figurine, for one.
Well, you brought your capacitor.
- Watts, be careful.
- Right, right.
- Careful, careful.
Why'd you bring it on our expedition?
This is not an expe
I thought I might have
time to work on it.
But as it turns out,
it may just be the thing
to help get us out of here.
No, Margaret. I can't do that right now.
I've already told you!
Both my detectives are out
searching for treasure, that's why!
And I'm practically Manning the
station house on my bloody own.
Look, something's come
up. I have to go. Bye-bye.
- Miss Hart?
- I may have found Dr. Hardy.
- Where did you find this?
- The High Park Sanatorium.
The caretaker found human remains
in the incinerator
before he began his shift.
Why do you think it's Hardy?
The mandible is still intact.
There are gold teeth on both sides,
just like Dr. Hardy.
Coffrey. He dosed Hardy.
He knew where the body was.
So, he destroyed the
evidence of his involvement.
- Well, fortunately for us, he failed.
There should be sufficient velocity
to get this to the top of the cave.
Any other ideas?
Mr. Coffrey. Planning a trip?
What do you want?
I want to arrest you for assault, theft,
and desecration of a corpse.
Oh, and, uh, murder as well.
I don't know what you're talking about!
You stole the post-mortem
report and Dr. Hardy's body.
Now that I know what you're capable of,
I'm beginning to think
you killed Dr. Hardy.
I didn't kill him! I never met the man.
Well, when he was alive.
As there's no other suspects,
and you sought to destroy evidence,
you're looking quite guilty.
The idea is sound.
It's just the execution that's lacking.
Right. Seventh time's a charm.
- Impressive!
- All right, who's first?
- Not you.
- You don't trust me?
- No.
Probably a wise decision.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
I don't intend on being down here
a moment longer than necessary.
What if I were to tell
you there was someone else?
It might matter if it's the truth.
I received a letter last
week. Monday, I think?
Someone wanted to buy a vial of curare.
He enclosed $50 and an
address I was to send it to.
What was the address?
If I give it to you, would
you two leave me alone?
We won't leave you alone,
but at least you won't be
dangling from the end of a noose.
Now, after you.
No sign of the horses that
damn Holstrom cut loose.
He'll be miles ahead of us by now.
With that figurine gone, we don't
know where the treasure is hidden.
I know! We're not here for treasure.
Perhaps this will ease
your disappointment.
I took a pencil rubbing
of the inscription.
- We just need to decipher it.
- Let me see!
You are a most resourceful man.
You should come on my next expedition.
What are you two doing here?
Very much the same thing
as you, I'd imagine.
Roaming through the wild,
hoping to stumble upon
the Treasure of Lima?
So it would seem. Have you had any luck?
We would hardly tell you.
if we rest here a while?
Suit yourself.
They might be able to
aid in the translation.
But then they would also know
the location of the treasure.
As would we.
We could use your
assistance in a matter.
What is it?
This is the map that led us here.
Where we found a figurine with
that inscription at the bottom.
- Where's the figurine?
- A man named Holstrom took it.
Jorg Holstrom is here?
Do you two grave robbers
show up everywhere?
We're not grave robbers.
We're searching for
antiquities, just like you.
- To sell to the highest bidder.
- Let me see that.
The language is Quechuan.
Can you translate it?
I-I think so.
"Over water
Right of sun set."
Over water could mean
Falls. There's falls
about six miles from here.
"Right of sun set" could mean
to the south side of the falls.
(WATTS): Anything else?
The last sentence reads
"Within rock."
Perhaps the treasure
is hidden in a cave,
- or in a rock cairn.
- Hm.
And Holstrom has a head start.
Only if he can read Quechuan.
- Well, let's hope he can't.
- All right.
- We'll leave in the morning.
- Hm?
- How 'bout now?
- It's too late.
Why risk breaking our necks in the dark?
We move out at dawn.
- Whisky?
- You don't remember?
I never touch the stuff.
Your loss. I live off it.
- Watts! Wake up.
- Ah!
- They're gone, aren't they?
- Oh, yes.
Leopold as well?
I knew we shouldn't have trusted him.
- Six miles to the falls.
My feet are in agony.
I've never had so many blisters.
How much further?
We've been walking
for an hour and a half,
and in these woods,
we're covering a mile
- every 20 minutes
- A short answer would suffice.
About an hour.
Perhaps to pass the time by
more quickly we could sing?
Perhaps we won't.
There it is.
We've landed on the
south side of the falls.
Look for a rock formation.
We might be on the wrong side.
Damn! It's Holstrom. On the north side.
Dr. Wilks must have
mistranslated the inscription.
By mistake or on purpose?
- Ah!
Good lord, he's been shot.
- Can you see anyone?
- No.
Watts, we need to get to the other side.
The river narrows just a ways back.
- How far back?
- About a mile and a half.
And you are sure this is a two-man job?
Ah. No sign of the treasure.
Who do you think did this?
The only person I saw with
a weapon was Leopold Hudson.
Dr. Fekete or Dr. Wilks
could have a gun, as well.
They could have worked together.
We won't find out sitting here.
We'll come back for Holstrom later.
Let's get back to Toronto.
- Let's go, Watts!
Ah, Murdoch.
Miss Hart found poison
in Dr. Hardy's body.
We managed to identify
the poison and find the man
- who supplied it to the killer.
- Very good.
That man gave us an
address to a post office box
registered to one Dr. Wilks.
- Wilks?
- You know him?
He told me he was
from the Oxford Museum,
but given this information,
I doubt it was true.
- Well, we'll find him.
- Another man was killed
while we were out
there, a Jorg Holstrom,
so we're now looking for
two additional suspects:
A Dr. Fekete and a Leopold Hudson.
I'll get every available man on it.
Thank you.
Mr. Hudson, I have half
my men out looking for you.
I have a lot to tell you, William.
Why don't you start by
telling me why you left
Detective Watts and
myself at the campsite?
I woke up in the middle of the night
and Fekete and Wilks had already left.
- I followed them.
- You didn't wake us.
Well, I thought it would be
too dangerous. And I was right.
Holstrom was shot right
in front of my eyes.
- What happened?
- I saw Dr. Wilks shoot him.
I couldn't see Dr. Fekete anywhere.
I took off after Wilks, but he got away.
You must believe me.
My coroner has just telephoned me
to tell me that the bullet
that killed Mr. Holstrom
came from a 1910 Glisenti,
not your Browning.
What happened after you chased Wilks?
I lost him. I
He must have doubled back and
found the treasure off Holstrom.
- Then you came back to Toronto?
- Well, I found Miranda.
And she called the museum
and they didn't send
Wilks. He was a fraud.
I've been informed that it was likely
- Dr. Wilks that killed Dr. Hardy.
What can I do to help?
I have an alert out for Dr. Wilks.
But I also need to
speak with Dr. Fekete.
Of course. I'll bring her in.
We have a lead on Dr. Wilks.
I heard you found Dr. Wilks.
Yes, and here he is.
With a bullet to the chest.
And you saw no one come in or out of
- This room?
(CONCIERGE): No. No one.
No sign of the treasure.
You don't think Leopold had
any part in this, do you?
Well, he is a treasure
hunter, after all.
Two people were drinking whisky.
Sir, where is your telephone?
Oh, right this way.
Station House #4, please.
Yes, this is Detective Murdoch.
Listen to me very carefully.
Oh, hello.
I see you found your
previously dishevelled friend.
Wha ah, yes, yes.
Where are you off to now?
The High Arctic.
I hope to capture the Arctic tern.
On film, of course.
Well, safe travels.
Dr. Miranda Fekete. Where
is your travel companion?
Hardly a companion. He
was a fraud and a thief.
Birds of a feather, so it would seem.
What are you insinuating?
Dr. Emmett Wilks
was found dead just a few hours ago.
And the stolen treasure? Missing.
I-I can't believe it.
Did Leopold kill him?
Were you hoping to make it look
like Leopold had been there?
Don't you remember?
- Whisky?
- I never touch the stuff.
(MURDOCH): He doesn't drink whisky.
No. But you do.
You found Dr. Wilks
and the Incan treasure.
And killed him.
Likely killed Dr. Hardy as well.
I had nothing to do with
Hardy. That was Wilks!
Miranda, how could you?
He was going to melt
it for money! I had to!
- You are under arrest
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Though I will not be doing your
job for you in the future, sir.
you're coming with me
to the station house.
It's been a pleasure, Leopold.
Pleasure's all mine. Maybe I'll
stop by Toronto again sometime.
I thought it seemed a little lighter.
Not exactly Incan treasure, now, is it?
Leopold must have switched the suitcases
when we weren't looking.
And the lost Treasure of
Lima is once again lost.
Good morning, Watts.
Good for some.
I've just arranged
for Holstrom's remains
to be sent to his people in California.
He lived a dangerous life.
And an exciting one.
Like Leopold Hudson, bound
by nothing and no one.
Yes. Have you heard anything
about Leopold Hudson?
Not a thing.
He was a charming enough man,
hard to believe he was a thief.
All treasure hunters are
thieves in their own right.
Oh? How so?
They steal precious
artifacts for their own gain.
It hardly matters if
they end up in a museum,
or a private collection.
That seems a progressive opinion.
(CONSTABLE): Morning post.
Oh, thank you.
It's postmarked from Peru.
Take a look at this.
That's the Incan figurine from the cave.
Leopold is a surprising man.
I have a postcard from Peru.
"Apologies for the deception.
I took the case to Lima,
where I gave the treasure
to its rightful owners.
It doesn't belong in a museum.
Until next time, Leopold Hudson."
it appears I'm not the only
progressive thinker in this case.
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