The Naked Director (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Shake Things Up

TOKYO 1982 Stupid machine.
I keep losing.
This looks better.
Sorry, coming through.
This one's free.
Pardon me.
Come on, get up.
What? I can take these? Thanks! I have to get ready for work.
You're in my way.
I hate that noise.
Why is everyone so obsessed with that toy? Hey, it's been a while since you started crashing here.
That's not what I mean.
I don't mind at all.
I don't care who you are or what you've done.
So don't leave me.
I'm off.
Toru Muranishi? That's not funny.
Chairman, you look well.
Where's the money? The locker, as usual.
We've managed to keep the company running, but the cops won't leave us alone.
We're losing customers.
- Sorry for the trouble.
- It's okay.
Can you still come in three days? The branch managers are on edge because of your long absence.
A visit from you would help.
I'll go to Hokkaido.
Is it cold up there? I can't remember anymore.
Oh? Where are you going so late? I may be gone for a few days.
I see.
Come back anytime.
I think I've fallen for you.
They could've used a better picture.
Let's go.
WANTED REWARD: ONE MILLION YEN Chairman, it's so nice to see you.
Chairman, it's been a while.
You must be tired.
We booked you a room.
Are you stupid? We'll draw attention here.
Let's go outside.
- Please.
- Please.
- Kitamori.
- Yes.
Is it that hot? What? No, I'm just - Toshi, run.
- What? Catch them! Stop! You son of a bitch! Stop! WEDDING AFTER PARTY Don't lose him! One, two, three, four! Oh, Jackie! Muranishi! Get it together! Muranishi! Muranishi! Muranishi! Muranishi! Muranishi! Muranishi! Welcome to the Sapporo Tour.
My name is Yasuko Kitamura.
I'll be your tour guide today.
- Hi, Yasuko! - Thank you.
Boys, you're in our seats.
You're on the wrong bus.
Check again.
I checked it carefully.
I've always wondered If you know that soy sauce makes the best broth, why make any other kind of ramen? I've never been a fan of Sapporo's miso ramen.
Small things can sometimes go mainstream.
What the hell! Get up.
That was a long game of hide and seek.
Thanks for the help.
You traitors! Get in.
You too.
What's so indecent about showing people as they are? I'll tell you something.
It's not indecent because it's pornographic.
It's indecent because the government says so.
Get in.
You're a worthless son! Kill him! Just put him to death for me! Don't die on me.
I need your money to survive.
Are you okay, ma'am? We're not family anymore.
I'll raise Mayumi and Daisuke.
You fool! Let's get you some air.
You'll be okay.
Higher on the left and a bigger loop on the left, too.
The angle of the left hand is completely different.
That's crucial.
The position of the hand makes all the difference.
- Hirata.
- Yes, sir.
Change the covers.
The color is wrong.
Yes, sir.
Her left hand isn't hiding her privates.
She's playing with herself with her fingertips.
You see, the ring on her pinky is made of a hard material to emphasize the woman's soft figure.
- You guys understand? - Yes.
The rose in her right hand represents eternal love and devotion.
The angle of her hand, the placement of the objects, the composition All of it! Everything is meticulously calculated.
In that lies the answer to its beauty.
Your visitor is here.
Tell him to wait.
Sir, it's Mr.
Are you sure? Just tell him to wait.
Thank you.
Here's some tea.
We appreciate your hospitality.
One of my employees has a family who runs a tea farm back home.
His parents send this tea every year, and it's wonderful.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Indeed, this is very good.
Apparently, even tea farms face intense competition these days.
The same goes for us in consumer electronics.
Our format war with Betamax has reached a climax.
The fate of our company rests with you, President Ikezawa.
That's a little over the top.
- Bring it.
- Yes, sir.
Excuse me.
No need to repay us.
We only ask for your support in helping us win the video format war.
Please help us! You're right that the days of adult magazines are over.
- Bring it in.
- Yes, sir.
Offer this as a complimentary gift to customers who buy a VCR.
It's our first title.
- This is great.
- Yes, definitely.
- Mr.
- Yes? Let me make a prediction.
Your company will eventually monopolize the VCR market thanks to my adult videos.
Thank you very much! Thank you, sir! PARADISE VIDEO RENTAL What is this fake bullshit? Membership card, please.
Membership card.
- Thank you.
- Bye! - Come again.
Take care.
- I sure will.
I have to get back to work.
You're from Fukushima, right? How did you know? Your dialect.
I'm from Fukushima too.
Is that so? What a coincidence.
Well then here.
Pickled herring, a taste of home.
Maybe I'll join my fellow Fukushima native for a drink.
Thank you.
Well, a toast to two lonely souls.
Thank you.
It's been a while since I've drunk this much.
Excuse me.
Let's get you some water.
But I'm having fun.
Easy, easy.
You handle your liquor well.
Your husband worked for the national rail? Yes.
He sold bento boxes at Sapporo Station.
It's freezing.
Here I am.
My toes are cold.
Your face You're not drunk.
I drank so much tonight.
Hey Stand up.
Do it standing.
Madam Did you do it like this with your husband? Yes, we always did it standing.
More! Walk around! Yes! Bento for sale! - Delicious bento for sale! - My Darling! Darling! Delicious bento for sale! Crab rice bento, squid rice bento, we have it all! My darling! Delicious bento for sale! Call my name.
It's Yoko.
You're awake.
This is beautiful.
Thank you.
Hey, man.
Sorry I got out first.
It wasn't much of a difference.
I suppose.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
What's next? If we're teaming up, - it has to be porn! - It has to be porn! What do you think? I want more variations from a different angle.
- A different angle? - Yes.
Let's suspend the slave.
All right.
Excuse me.
I'm leaving for an office retreat tomorrow, so no rope burns please.
Oh, the public baths, huh? - Let's use candles instead.
- Okay.
- No ropes? - No.
- Sorry, I know I'm the slave - No worries.
Let's finish up and get a drink.
You're here! It's been a while.
So you're out.
What are you shooting? A gig for S&M Eyes.
- The S&M thing suits you.
- Yes.
Can you quit this job? Yes, of course.
What are we doing? We're going to Tokyo.
- Tokyo? - Yeah.
Let's go.
Well, that sounds interesting.
TOKYO 1984 Mr.
Muranishi, you should be president.
It should be you, Mr.
You're better than an ex-con.
All right.
I'll do my very best.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
But you know, bini-bons were one thing, but the adult video industry's already established.
Revolution, guys.
We'll shake things up.
Revolution? From pornographic magazines to videos.
Oh, I wasn't expecting you! It's surprisingly spacious, no? I appreciate the hook-up.
Don't mention it.
I made a fortune selling your magazines.
The washed-up yakuza is making a comeback, huh? Hey, watch your mouth.
It's fine.
Give them the paper.
- What's this? - A Kabukicho turf map.
Learn it and watch where you step, or you'll regret it.
First, get yourselves something good to eat.
Sweet, thanks! You shouldn't.
Call me if you need help.
Check this out.
What the heck? Say, Megumi.
We can't see it, huh? I hear they charge extra for that.
Quiet down.
- Really? - What? Stay focused, everyone.
We're running out of time.
Focus! The tomato sauce is nice.
Let's order dessert as well afterwards.
Not dessert, dolce.
That's what they call it in Italy.
You're so well informed.
Mother, I want to study abroad in Italy one day.
I want to pursue painting.
Thank you for waiting.
Here is your red snapper acqua pazza.
Please What's the matter? Are you okay? I want you to stay by my side always.
I'm sorry.
- I love you.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
- I lost 20,000 yen! - Hey, losers.
Damn, it's filthy.
What a dump.
Perfect for sewer rats.
We need to keep a close eye on nasty criminals like yourselves.
The public demands it.
What do you want? Shut your stinkhole, perm-head.
What? You got a perm, too.
Mine is better.
I use a better curling iron.
- Your curls are weak.
- That's my style.
Hey! What the hell, PL High School! Sports gambling? You've got some nerve.
I've got my eyes on you around the clock.
Who the fuck are you? The president of this company.
All inquiries go through me.
If you say so.
Next time you visit, bring a warrant.
I missed the best part of the game because of them.
Please take a look.
BUSINESS PLAN KYORITSU BANK You want to borrow money to make porn? That's right.
May I ask if you own a VCR at home? I do.
My family enjoys watching foreign movies.
Did you know that the most popular genre in the world is porn? You can watch naked bodies in action as much as you like, so it isn't surprising.
The proliferation of VCRs is fueled by porn.
What do you think? You watch porn, don't you? Indeed.
You horn dog.
Here we are.
How do you like the ride? I bought it cheap off a guy who was trying to skip town.
They're our new foot soldiers.
Introduce yourselves.
I'm Mitamura.
Why join us? - I want to be the next Akira Kurosawa.
- Kurosawa? We only make adult videos.
Oh my.
- But Toshi said - Don't worry about it.
The big guy is Goto.
I'm Goto.
I played back position in an amateur rugby league.
- My nickname was Gotchi.
- We'll call you Rugby.
- Rugby, sir? - Sounds good to me.
Then call me Rugby.
Alright, hurry up and pile in! Let's go! - What'd you do before this? - I was on the school baseball team.
- No, not sports.
- Well - Before coming here.
- I took a bath.
Is this okay? Yes, now add potato starch.
Right, the starch.
- Don't put too much in.
- Okay.
- Use the yolk to adjust the color.
- Okay.
Is this good for the genital guard? It should be less than 3.
5 centimeters.
Just enough to hide the genitals.
Roger that.
Look how cute you are.
Makeup is a woman's prerogative.
It's done.
How is it? Thank you.
- Please put this on.
- Okay.
- It's on.
- Okay.
This goes in front.
- Okay.
- I'm going to tug a little.
- Good, you're done.
Stick this in front.
- Okay.
So everything we see is fake.
Of course.
The semen is fake.
- Is this okay? - That's fine.
The genitals are covered.
The sex is fake.
Show me.
You're good to go.
I don't want to do this.
I don't want to be in a nasty video.
Listen up.
The crew is waiting for you.
Hurry it up.
I don't want to.
You better reimburse everyone, then.
Hey, you can't threaten her like that.
Stay out of it.
It's not your problem.
It'll affect the shoot.
It's only porn.
We're only here because our film got canceled.
Let's get this stupid job over with.
Come on.
What a shitty script.
What is this, amateur hour? Is this nuts or what? Hey, here they are! Come! This way! Closer! All right.
Good, stop! Call me when you're done.
Hey, there you are! Our star of the day.
Here, your script.
What is this? "Kokoen"? Is that the name of a BBQ joint? Teach her how to pronounce it.
Stop being a nuisance! Stop.
She's obviously scared.
Did you trick this girl? Of course not.
I have her consent.
You can leave now.
- I can't do this! - Wait.
What? Hey.
Hey! Wait! - Hey! - Hey! - What's going on? - Goodness.
You want to be a hero? You can leave, too.
Who does this newbie porn director think he is? We usually shoot real movies Listen, asshole.
People will choose my porn videos over your shitty movies any day! This is bullshit.
We're leaving! You heard me! We're leaving! Will you stay? Yes! I'm Junko Koseda.
Nice to meet you.
Welcome on board.
- Nice to meet you, I'm Naoko! - Nice to meet you.
- Okay, make her beautiful.
- Okay.
- Work your magic.
- Okay.
There we go.
- Rugby, operate the camera.
- Okay.
I'm Naoko.
- The camera? - Yes.
- Mitamura.
- Yes? - You're on lights.
- Lights? - Toshi! - Yes.
You're on sound.
- Sound? - Yes.
No! Stop it, stop! - Stop! Someone help me! - Toshi.
Toshi, Toshi! Take me to Koshien Stadium! And then, die with me! Alright.
Let's go over the story again.
You played varsity baseball until that accident mangled your leg.
You're living in despair.
Then you hijack this baseball tour bus.
On the bus, you find this angel in a mini-skirt.
You feel both life and death.
Then you fuck the angel on the baseball field.
Got it.
You press the angel up against this ugly piece of metal.
Devour her cute ass like a beast.
- Can you do that? - Yes.
Okay, let's roll.
- I'm fixing her makeup.
- Okay.
- Take positions.
- Okay.
Rugby, you got this? - Get everything on tape.
- Yes, got it.
- Everything.
- We're ready.
Let's go.
Roll camera.
- Rolling.
- Rolling! - Embody life and death! - Got it! - The despair! - Got it! - Fuck with your souls! - Okay! - Be a beast! - Okay! Ready! - Miss Tour Guide.
- Stop.
The Koshien Tournament was my dream.
Shit! If it wasn't for that accident! Stop! You still have a future ahead of you.
Miss Tour Guide.
No Stop! Die with me! No, no! - No! - Hands against the bus.
Yes, now look over here.
That's sexy.
Now slowly spread your legs.
Ever so slightly.
- Stop! - Oh, nice and taut.
Very nice and taut.
Spread your legs wide enough to show your panties.
Nice! There we go! Oh yes, it's riding up! It's way up! So beautiful! Don't hold back.
Be as loud as you want! That's right! Yes! That's hot! So hot! You slutty angel! - There are students watching.
- Give it to me now! Great! Let them watch! It's educational.
Hurry, put it in.
You heard the lady! Go! Beautiful! - You're holding back! Be a beast! - It feels so good.
- Feel life! Feel death! - So good.
Rise from the brink of despair! No Watch your shadows! - Film her expressions.
- More.
- Find your rhythm.
- More.
- Don't just take it.
Want it! - Oh my god.
Oh yes, that's beautiful.
No Cut! Wonderful! That was beautiful.
Hey man, the sun's setting.
Don't worry.
The climax is going to be epic.
It's going to be a work of art.
Without further ado, fuck to the death, you sad beast.
Ready? Roll camera! Start moving! Start! I'm going to come! I'm coming! I'm going to come, Miss Tour Guide.
I'm coming! Fuck the Koshien Tournament! Fuck the Koshien Tournament! No, fuck you, asshole! Good work today, everyone.
- Cheers.
- Cheers! - Good job! - Cheers! That was brilliant! - Seriously! - You were amazing today, Naoko.
I was moved by your tears in the last shot.
It was absolutely brilliant.
Good job.
Hey, why are you crying? I Honestly, I only came for the money.
But I'm happy.
I'm not used to compliments.
Director! I want to work with you again.
Pinky promise me.
Pinky promise Cross my heart, hope to die Stick a needle in my eye - It's pig's feet.
- They're my favorite! - Me too.
Eat up! - Here you are.
You guys are so feisty.
- Wait! Are we only having pig's feet? - What is this? - Yes.
- What? It's 1,100 yen for sirloin, 900 yen for ribs and 660 yen for pig's feet.
For ten people, it's all we can afford.
Seriously? Really? Oh my.
Oh my.
How delicious.
So, what are we going to do about Muranishi? Well then I can whip up some fake charges and arrest him again.
The more productions, the better.
The bigger the porn video market gets, the bigger my dream will get.
Really? Well, I better make sure I get a cut of that dream.
- Hello, Chairman.
- Hey there.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I hope we can stuff ourselves with steak one day, man.
We will, soon.
Is that so? - Mitamura, have some more.
- Help yourself.
Okay! Eat up, Rugby.
Yes! More, please! Good evening.