The Name of the Rose (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 "Libera me Domine de morte aeterna in die illa tremanda.
" "Quando coeli movendi sunt et terra veneris iudicare saeculum.
" "Tremens factus sum ego et timeo, dum discussio venerit et ira.
" - Father.
- I brought you here only to learn how to fight.
He is already dead.
Let's go.
"Having reached the end of my life as a sinner" "I leave testimony of the admirable and terrible events" "that I witnessed in my youth.
" "I was a Benedictine novice" "in the Monastery of Melk" "when my father," "baron of the Sacred Roman Empire" "had ordered that I fight" "with him in Italy.
" Adso, take her.
"He said it was a just war," "but no war is just.
" "The world does not change by killing.
" "At the time I was 17 and my life was about to change forever.
" When you will leave the earth, you will not take with you anything that you received, but only what you gave.
We are all children of God.
We are all brothers.
The world is a big book.
Let's learn to read it correctly.
There is only one way to fight ignorance and hatred using knowledge to improve the human race Come, brother.
Come and join us.
- Come.
- Don't touch me.
You are welcomed here.
"I was pushed by a desire for truth" "and by the suspicion that the real one" "was not the one that up until now I had been told.
" "The words of that Franciscan" "friar impressed me more" "than my father's words" had ever done.
" Why are you following me? - You are interesting.
- That is not a good reason.
I fear I must continue by myself.
William of Baskerville, the emperor thanks you for your services.
- Baron.
- Sit down.
The results I hope you will obtain from the Dispute.
The Pope was defeated by the sword.
Now it's your turn with words.
I am leaving to serve and protect my Order.
You support us Franciscans to use us against the Pope.
- He wants to destroy you.
- Mmh.
In accepting our protection, you are giving us your support.
Men of faith would like to ignore politics.
It is not possible.
Religion is politics.
I tried to have my son understand that, but uselessly.
He wants to be a monk.
- I am certain he has his reasons.
- And I have mine.
He is a hard head, stubborn like his mother who is dead.
Maybe he is just a coward.
Why are you a Franciscan? I heard about the story of Giovanni di Bernardino a rich, young man, and his conversion.
He denied his father and mother.
He took off his precious clothes and threw them at his father's feet.
He said, "These belong to you.
" "Take them.
Now we are even.
" As you know, he is the man who became Saint Francis.
May I ask you the name of your son? Adso.
Why do you ask? Curiosity.
- Do you know him? - No, I don't think so.
Why did you come to see that bastard? In studying philosophy, I doubted that the world had an order.
Now I find comfort in discovering that essential connections exist in small areas of the ways of the world.
Follow me, if you want.
- My name is Adso.
- Yes.
Your father told me.
"We walked for days," "from sunrise to sunset" "often in silence.
" "We were heading north" "to a Benedictine abbey" "on the Alps.
" "I did not know what William's mission was during the whole trip.
" While we were dreaming of a better world, he said to me "Blind rulers" "are leading blind populations" "towards the abyss.
" The figure of Christ has a purse on one side.
He reminds everyone that our Lord did not idolize poverty not even on the cross.
A Church with beggars has no future.
It is the ruin that the Franciscans want to drag us to.
Your Holiness, that is not ruin, according to the Franciscans.
For them, it is the true rebirth of the Church.
In Florence I put a follower of Dolcino on the stake.
The stake! The stake! The stake! I am Brother Bernardo Gui, Dominican inquisitor entrusted by the authority of His Holiness, the Pope sentence the prisoner a follower of the heretic sect of brother Dolcino a poisoned fruit of the Franciscan order, to death.
You are the Anti-Christ! I see God everywhere, except inside of you, bastard son of Satan! Dolcino told you when you tried to destroy us! Saint Francis was just the beginning! "Penitenziagite!" William of Baskerville was present, too.
I saw to it that he meet the heretic before the sentence.
He must renounce, and you can help me.
Why do you believe that I can convince him? Because you are brothers.
The same tree.
With a blatant gesture, typical of his hypocrisy, he said "How can I judge my brother?" The emperor chose Baskerville to conduct the Dispute.
- What is it? - An astrolabe.
It is an instrument that captures celestial bodies.
It gives us a map of the sky.
Astronomers and sailors use it to measure the position of the bodies in the celestial sphere, day and night.
To help us see what is visible, and what is invisible.
Yes, that is so.
She seems to be starving.
I don't Take it.
She's Occitan.
The king of France is at war with her people and as many others, she is running away from her land.
It is useless that we wander like a flock of sheep.
Three or four of you, take that trail and the others May your day be blessed, Franciscan friar.
And yours too, young brother.
I am the storage room keeper.
We are looking for The horse passed by here and took the trail to the right.
- It must not be far away.
- Did you see it? No.
Right, Adso? - If you want Brunello, it's surely there.
- How do you know his name? You're surely looking for Brunello, the abbot's favorite horse.
Dark colored, a sumptuous tail, small and rounded hoofs, a steady gallop, a small head, thin ears, big eyes.
It went to the right.
You should hurry.
Have we ever met, brother? Not that I remember.
I find a sinful pleasure in acknowledging that I saw correctly.
Is it noticeable? Come on, Adso.
You must have seen the horse's footprints too.
He broke those branches and I found these.
The trail on the right leads to the cliff.
I noticed it coming up.
- And the detailed description? - I imagined a horse.
I'm not sure that's how it looks, but it's how the monks see it.
They would be so anxious only for the abbot's horse.
I made the ideal description that a good Benedictine would give of the prior's horse.
- And the name? - May the Holy Sprit sharpen your mind.
What other name could it have? Brunello, "brunus".
- Latin.
- Certainly.
- There you are.
How did it happen? The abbot will be forever grateful.
He loves this horse.
- You're William of Baskerville.
- So you know me.
Not exactly, but the abbot told us a lot about you.
He was waiting for you to come, but not so soon.
This explains everything.
Our dear brother Adelmo died last night.
We still don't know how, nor why he died.
I will call a gathering of the monastery after the reading of the Sixth psalm.
Brother William of Baskerville is here.
Maybe you, Berengar, will want to prepare the body for the burial? William of Baskerville.
What an unfortunate moment.
God wanted to put me on trial.
It is a relief to know that when you were inquisitor you often decided that the accused was innocent.
Often the inquisitors, to show their zeal, pull out a confession at all costs.
An inquisitor can be pushed by the devil.
Having left that noble activity I now dedicate myself to other things.
I could deal with the one that torments you if you want to talk to me about it.
In the darkest hours of the past night, Adelmo da Otranto.
, one of our best illustrators, must have fallen during the snow storm that blew from the west.
May God take pity on him.
Because of the blows his body received, it is not easy to determine where he fell from.
Certainly from one of the windows on the side of the tower.
I understand.
Your problem is the following.
If that unfortunate young man had committed suicide you couldn't take him in the church and a window would've been open.
But they were all closed, without a trace of water on any of them.
- Who told you? - You did.
If the window had been opened, you'd have thought he jumped.
As far as I can see, they are big windows.
In constructions such as these, they are rarely man-size.
Even with an open window, it would’ve been possible to lean out and lose his balance.
Suicide would have been the only explanation.
But you will give him a Christian burial, so the window was closed.
If it was closed, it is not suicide, but someone pushed him.
You are wondering who could have not pushed him in the abyss, but raised him up to the window sill.
Yes, that is so.
How do you know there was no water in the windows? If the wind blows from the west, water does not reach the windows that are open on the east.
I'd heard about your intelligence, but rumors don't do you justice.
It is exactly as you have said.
- Nobody commits a murder without a reason.
- Mmh.
Perverse as it may be.
- Nothing else? - Nothing that I must say to you.
- Nothing that you're allowed to say.
- Brother William.
Help me find the murderer before the delegation arrives.
If the Pope knew that here, in the house of God - Who has access to the tower at night? - Nobody.
- It is forbidden.
- Who has the key? Only the librarians, Malachia and Berengar.
Will I be able to question the monks? You can.
May I freely go about the abbey? I will grant you that possibility.
I confess that I had a great desire to visit the library that everyone talks about, with great admiration.
I cannot allow you to go inside.
Nobody must, nobody can.
Even if you could get inside, the library defends itself.
It cannot be deciphered, just as the truth it preserves.
It is as deceiving as the lie it conceals.
It is a labyrinth.
You could go inside and not be able to find the exit.
Only the librarians have access.
- It's always been like that.
- A Crete labyrinth hides a monster.
There's no monster in our library, just books, and more books.
How can I reason on this story of Adelmo's death if I don't see where perhaps it began? Brother William, you described my Brunello without having seen him, and the death of Adelmo without knowing anything.
You should be able to reason on places you don't have access to.
As you wish.
You are wise and severe.
If perhaps I am wise, it is because I am severe.
Why is the Pope sending a delegation here? - You were talking about protecting the Order.
- Of Saint Francis.
The people the Pope sent have to do with my coming here, and with the future of the Church.
They're killing a pig.
When I was a child, my father forced me to do it, to teach me to be a man.
I was to stick a knife in its heart while keeping a knee on its neck.
I couldn't hear for days.
There must have been a landslide caused by the night storm.
The land moved, dragging the body under the east tower where they found him, devastated.
The more I think of it, the more I'm convinced Adelmo jumped voluntarily from the walls' parapet.
Are you sure? If he had fallen from the tower, it means he entered the library and someone struck him.
This person would have had to climb up to the window with a dead body on his shoulders, open it and toss out the monk.
With my hypothesis, Adelmo and a landslide is enough.
Everything is explained by using fewer causes.
Why would he have killed himself? Was there something perturbing Adelmo? Why this question? You were his confessor.
You can tell me his state of mind.
I don't think I want to continue this conversation.
He could have taken his own life.
I am Malachi da Hidesheim, the librarian.
It is an honor to meet a man of your fame.
- Have you been librarian long? - 30 years.
A librarian is chosen by his predecessor when he becomes an abbot.
When an abbot dies, the librarian takes his place.
So you are the future abbot.
- May God give our abbot a long life.
- Naturally.
The kitchens are over there.
From here, to the scriptorium.
This is the heart of the abbey.
The most precious gems of the world's culture are born here.
Meaning, our books.
Bent over on their work, here are our translators, copyists, designers, miniaturists.
On the page, they concentrate, in the tiniest painting possible, an elaborated and magnificent image.
He is Berengar of Arundel, my assistant.
Here we have Venantius of Salvemec, excellent scholar of Greek.
He is doing a magnificent job on Aristotle.
He is Aymaro, the copyist teacher.
- How do the monks have access to the books? - There are catalogues.
If a monk is interested in a book, he asks me or my assistant.
The books are arranged in an order known only to the two of us.
Only we can go through that door.
It is a labyrinth.
Whoever goes there, gets lost.
Bencio of Uppsala.
He studies Rhetoric and Art of Writing.
- Where did Adelmo work? - Down there.
Nothing has been touched.
His desk is as he left it.
- Did you see him go out last night? - Certainly.
As we all did.
- He was at dinner with us.
- And in church for evening prayers? A new invention.
It enlarges images for those whose sight has weakened.
- Poor Adelmo.
- Lately he got lost in his bizarre imagination.
At times I thank Heaven that I am blind.
I am not obliged to see such nonsense.
Jorge of Burgos, one of the most learned monks of our abbey.
You will agree, venerable Jorge, that not seeing things doesn't stop them from existing.
- He is William of Baskerville.
- The Franciscan.
- Mmh.
So now we'll preach to the birds, we'll sing and dance to show the love we have for the world.
Adelmo so enjoyed the monstrosity he was drawing, that he lost sight of the truth.
He didn't design nonsense.
God reveals himself and shows the truth through absurd things too.
Jorge, you know that Adelmo had not lost his faith.
While we were discussing it, I reminded I don't know what you're talking about.
- Malachia was here too.
- Jorge says he doesn't remember.
But you remember, Berengar.
You paid attention to the discussions on your dear friend.
- Venantius! - We lost a brother.
He was much loved by all of us.
He was here, as all of us, to live, praying and glorifying the Lord.
I've always desired reading "Apologeticum" by Tertulliano, but I never had the good fortune of finding it.
It is here.
I have it.
- It will be a pleasure to find it for you.
- I will be grateful.
Yes? So you are the novice of William of Baskerville? Could someone have had any resentment against Adelmo? Not at all.
He was a kind boy, had a passion for his work.
Don't let your teacher lead you to a wrong road.
We live in an age that is much more frightening than a miniaturist can imagine.
"Penitenziagite!" Watch out for the dragon that comes "in futurm" and eats the soul.
"La muerte è supra nos!" Pray to the Holy "Pater".
Do you like necromancy? "Libero nos a malo" and from all sins.
Beautiful, huh? But Salvatore "non supidus".
"Penitenziagite!" You're the Rhetoric student, huh? Yes, of course.
I very much like poetry, too.
I read many pagan poets.
- Their words reveal the truth, too.
- Right.
What was said when you talked about Adelmo's paintings to Berengar, Venantius, Malachia and Jorge? I am working on an investigation requested by the abbey.
Jorge said that it is not licit to use monstrous paintings to illustrate books that contain the truth - Venantius mentioned other books and Jorge was upset.
- Which ones? I don't remember.
What matters which books were discussed? Here we are trying to understand what happened among men who live with books, for books.
Their words on the books are important.
Yes, it's true.
We live for books.
A sweet mission in a world dominated by decadence.
What did they say? Venantius said that when dealing with undecipherable mysteries, nobody is better than the African poets.
And then? Then something happened.
I didn't quite understand.
Berengar began to laugh.
He said, "In looking among the Africans," "we would find more mysteries.
" Jorge was furious, and said that it didn't seem wise to consider them as a model.
After that? Malachia was furious and sent Berengar to his chores.
Later I saw Adelmo asking Berengar something.
In the evening they were in the cloister whispering.
That's all.
What did he mean by, "looking among the Africans"? I know only one thing.
Whoever browses through the catalogues will find, among the titles that only the librarian knows, one that says, "Africa".
I also found one that says "Finis Africae" the end of Africa.
That is all I know.
Investigate on Berengar.
William dangerous! "Je ne l'aime pas, mala bestia est.
" I know.
- You must not tell him anything.
- Nothing.
We Italians in here are victims of foreigners.
They are all led by Malachia and Berengar.
Now they have even begun to kill us.
It's a nest of serpents.
What did he want? He wanted to present himself.
"In speaking too much, we cannot avoid sinning.
" "Death and life are in the power of the tongue.
" "I put a brake to my mouth" "and became mute.
" "We condemn vulgarity" - Why did such a man choose you? A handsome young man may offer something for his knowledge.
Shame on you only for thinking it.
I sent a too weak delegation to face the Franciscans.
I know that William of Baskerville reached the abbey before their General Father.
- Has your delegation arrived? - Not yet.
- Call it back.
- I can't.
I have a pact with the emperor.
- The Dispute will be held.
- Can we trust the abbot? I hope so.
They say that Baskerville is fascinating.
Fascination is not a virtue.
Don't forget that as a good, pure Franciscan, he hates you.
The violence of the Dispute has put the unity of the Church at risk.
On one side there is the emperor against the Pope, on the other, the Pope against the Franciscans who agree with the ideas on the poverty of Christ.
Why does the Pope want to destroy the Order? Because we think that the Church, and above all the Pope, should imitate the life of Christ.
- Isn't that the aim of every believer? - It should be.
I will do my best for it to happen.
I will exhibit the point of view of the emperor's theologians.
- And if you lose? - I never lose a dispute.
Never? I cannot even think of losing this Dispute.
I would be the last pope in history worthy of this title.
I may have been naive, and underestimated my enemy.
Once, but amends will be made to this error.
You, Bernardo, will leave right away, and head my delegation.
I am honored, Holiness.
I will give you armed bodyguards.
My nephew, Cardinal di Pouget, will join you there.
He's the man who wiped away the smile from those cursed Italians.
Traitors, all of them, in mass.
The objective of this Dispute is to exterminate the Franciscan Order, once and for all.
Oh, Lord, I pray to You with all my heart.
If I no longer find joy in Your law, I will die of sadness.
Help! Run! Help! Pull him out of there! Right away! - Another corpse.
- Who can it be? Drowned.
Oh, my God! It's Venantius!